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Snow Thank You
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  • iluvkpop
    iluvkpop 20 seconds ago

    No Fanboys🥺

  • Priti Yogi
    Priti Yogi 28 seconds ago

    Ellen is such a be kind... Love you Ellen

  • Tenzin Chokey
    Tenzin Chokey Minute ago

    Mat is the guy who can act cute and cocky at the same time and i dont mind

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit Minute ago

    Very sad I cant be on the show, gonna suicide cause this world so cruel

  • Shata Lizer
    Shata Lizer Minute ago

    Love her.

  • Loving the Universe
    Loving the Universe 2 minutes ago

    Smoke alarms? How boring!

  • sohangini parmar
    sohangini parmar 3 minutes ago

    Nope I'm just gonna hit u with my nose😂

  • Mike Lamar
    Mike Lamar 4 minutes ago

    She also loved Michael Jackson more than anyone else.......20 years later “Surviving Neverland”

  • Bill Sye
    Bill Sye 5 minutes ago

    Trump 2020

  • Purple Jam
    Purple Jam 5 minutes ago

    I would like but it’s at 69🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Patrick O'Keefe
    Patrick O'Keefe 6 minutes ago

    She’s enjoying her fame, That’s for sure

  • Luis Falconi
    Luis Falconi 6 minutes ago

    I hope the Ellen show doesn't let rich people into the audience

  • Shogofa Fekrat
    Shogofa Fekrat 7 minutes ago

    Just loved it!!❤ Look at that beautiful smile in that innocent faces. I wish somebody do something for the school I graduated 14 years ago. Me and my friends and all the kids in our village had to walk more than 4 hours a day for 12 year to finish school. I wish someone get the children and the people in the village one or two buses to make the life easier for them.

  • nakaikid04
    nakaikid04 8 minutes ago

    The beautiful Shiprock in the background. Located in Shiprock Az, on the Navajo Reservation. Nizhoni!!

  • Elise E Bebey
    Elise E Bebey 9 minutes ago

    Instead of paying rent if I was you, I will look of a building and buy and then in the long run it will be for the community. Smart investment. Anyway that just my thought.

  • Sanath Ahmed
    Sanath Ahmed 10 minutes ago

    "Not today"... Man I miss GOT

  • Carl Muffly
    Carl Muffly 10 minutes ago

    Define love here people!

  • Aziza Omar
    Aziza Omar 10 minutes ago

    Gut❤Ellen❤😘😘😘👍💞 LOVE👏👏👏👏👏😍

  • Vickki Mj03
    Vickki Mj03 11 minutes ago

    I love u ellan

  • Sheriff beko
    Sheriff beko 11 minutes ago

    Wow her life performance was very impressive 😍😍😍

  • Aziza Omar
    Aziza Omar 11 minutes ago


  • Aziza Omar
    Aziza Omar 12 minutes ago


  • kev889 hen
    kev889 hen 12 minutes ago

    Kevin stories be funny af

  • Sanket Jadhav
    Sanket Jadhav 12 minutes ago

    I would flex way harder than him if I went to Harvard .

  • Dennis Rivas
    Dennis Rivas 14 minutes ago

    God bless you Ellen

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 14 minutes ago

    NICKole KidMAN is another secret Hollywood male to female Baphomet worshipping transgender, the Entertainment industry, Politics, Sport, and Royalty is full of these deceivers.

  • Gloria Henry
    Gloria Henry 15 minutes ago

    Cool! I love Under Armour! 😉👍

  • firoj mallick
    firoj mallick 15 minutes ago

    Sofia is so lovely....

  • Aziza Omar
    Aziza Omar 16 minutes ago


  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford 16 minutes ago

    We love you Eddy Murphy .

  • Elizabeth Marsh
    Elizabeth Marsh 16 minutes ago

    Yall are amazing and beautiful human beings. Thank you for sharing the love. As a stylist and a mom living pay check to pay check, seeing that we can always help out others even in small ways or big ways is inspiring. Blessings to you and yours.

  • texasman41
    texasman41 17 minutes ago

    Colorado borders AZ as well. He left that one out.

  • Funniest Video show
    Funniest Video show 17 minutes ago

    How kind kevin is 😍 I love him so much he's so funny and have a pure sweet heart ❤ and I'm so glad that he's okay

  • alix ali
    alix ali 18 minutes ago

    big star bog man big heart with great women in this planet

  • Kishan Raj
    Kishan Raj 18 minutes ago

    It's good to see Kevin back in the game

  • Emma Preston
    Emma Preston 18 minutes ago

    Love her music. And she sang live, unlike most singers today

  • haley vermillion
    haley vermillion 19 minutes ago

    This game is called telephone lol

  • Victoria Jones
    Victoria Jones 20 minutes ago

    he is starting to look like Sherman Klump in the face no more buddy love

  • Aziza Omar
    Aziza Omar 20 minutes ago

    Gut ❤Ellen❤Portia =LOVE🔥💞 😘😘😘😘😘😘👍😍

  • jqueen
    jqueen 21 minute ago

    1:24 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Archana bhatt
    Archana bhatt 22 minutes ago


  • Maïté Léo
    Maïté Léo 22 minutes ago

    its a pleasure to look at the pink stage and to hear this song!

  • Dess D
    Dess D 22 minutes ago

    I wish i could have been there, I need that gift card. Ellen is awesome man

  • Sheikh. A T
    Sheikh. A T 23 minutes ago

    Billie is Queen!

  • فرح كاظم
    فرح كاظم 23 minutes ago


  • alix ali
    alix ali 23 minutes ago

    THANK U ellen for making ur audience very happy, u are great person in this planet Ellen i love u so much

  • V H
    V H 23 minutes ago

    He is still handsome and special. What a classy guy! They don't make them anymore.

  • Seno Pamthied
    Seno Pamthied 23 minutes ago

    Kevin:"that's racism" 😂😂

  • Dear, Taylor Swift
    Dear, Taylor Swift 23 minutes ago

    In Ellen's show you play or don't play anything you still wins.🎁🎁

  • Unidentified Name
    Unidentified Name 23 minutes ago

    Yall taking about Martin's weight look att his channel he is trying to lose weight

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 24 minutes ago

    Some said conga line in the audience!

  • my life as you know it
    my life as you know it 24 minutes ago

    Love then 💕

  • Grace Mary
    Grace Mary 24 minutes ago

    That made me cry! So beautiful

  • Moon Bieber
    Moon Bieber 25 minutes ago


  • Abi Alston
    Abi Alston 25 minutes ago

    al pacino in the godfather is definitely the sexiest man alive

  • banana mcdonald
    banana mcdonald 25 minutes ago

    These are probably fake and they ask them to play them dumb

  • Moon Bieber
    Moon Bieber 25 minutes ago

    The best one

  • Manuel Diaz
    Manuel Diaz 26 minutes ago

    I'm in tears😢God bless Michelle and Ellen 🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Kyle Atwood
    Kyle Atwood 26 minutes ago

    "President seeming to mock this teenage activist" Idk that seems like a nice tweet by Trump. But then again can Trump tweet anything that liberals won't get mad at?

  • AKIL  N
    AKIL N 27 minutes ago

    The bears look like Hitchcock and Scully

  • Adam Claps U
    Adam Claps U 28 minutes ago

    I’m 11 and I’m 1,26... I feel kevin

  • Michael Beierling
    Michael Beierling 28 minutes ago

    What is Carol going to do with the five 65” TVs that she keeps getting?

  • Ria Chaouche
    Ria Chaouche 28 minutes ago

    Dearest Ellen, lots of love to you and yours!!!! 🤗🤗😘💞💞💞💞

  • Krystal Tomas
    Krystal Tomas 29 minutes ago

    Omg. That scared me.. don’t watch this at night and with loud volume on your earphones.. :(

  • iidow maxamed lays
    iidow maxamed lays 29 minutes ago

    Hi Ellen do u remember me it's me dj IIdle

  • E Mo Sokola
    E Mo Sokola 30 minutes ago

    Thanks Ellen for giving me an indirect happiness ❤️ 😊

  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 30 minutes ago

    A classic comedian

  • Olivia
    Olivia 30 minutes ago

    phoebe buffay vibes

  • Compa Mario
    Compa Mario 30 minutes ago

    G- easy in BROCKHAMPTON ?

  • TheeOriginalLolo
    TheeOriginalLolo 30 minutes ago

    Didn't she have a whole boyfriend before Shawn or am I mistaken...

  • Dilhani Dil
    Dilhani Dil 30 minutes ago

    Woooooooooooow wooow 💖😘💖😘👍😊🌷

  • soha javed
    soha javed 31 minute ago

    *racism has left the chat* Well,tbh it did not even enter lol

  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 31 minute ago

    One of my favorite actors😭👌🏼

  • CrazyFoolLive
    CrazyFoolLive 31 minute ago

    That was embarrassing

  • mark totton
    mark totton 32 minutes ago

    Shame Michelle is joining in the "let's all freak out because of Ellen" BS

  • blackeyes_7
    blackeyes_7 32 minutes ago

    I miss her so much. She was an awersome human beeing

  • רפאלה סלומון
    רפאלה סלומון 32 minutes ago


  • Sankalp Bansal
    Sankalp Bansal 32 minutes ago

    All this looks so dreamy I just wish i could be at your show at one of the 12 days. Guess i can't. Btw love from india

  • Yessica Schilling
    Yessica Schilling 32 minutes ago

    She just need to improve in her clothes and styling.

  • רפאלה סלומון
    רפאלה סלומון 32 minutes ago


  • Gloria Ruiz
    Gloria Ruiz 33 minutes ago

    For the people who won the trips to Abu Dhabi, make sure to read up on their laws before arriving...especially for couples.

  • alix ali
    alix ali 34 minutes ago

    i love u Ellen, u r great lady

  • Gapsong 56
    Gapsong 56 34 minutes ago


  • catty U.U
    catty U.U 35 minutes ago

    Kevin you are totally my best favorite actor.. he makes me laugh from the hart 😉 Really Love him and now my whole family do

  • Frank _D
    Frank _D 35 minutes ago

    I wish be on her Tv show, I've wanted since I crawled T-T

  • Alis Prospero
    Alis Prospero 35 minutes ago

    Helloooooooooo Chris!

  • Kindra Jordan
    Kindra Jordan 35 minutes ago

    I want to go to Ellen's gift give away show!!!! 😁😍

  • Rensy Liawis
    Rensy Liawis 35 minutes ago

    i have goosebumps wow

  • E Mo Sokola
    E Mo Sokola 35 minutes ago


  • Moon Bieber
    Moon Bieber 36 minutes ago

    I hope that girl is still a belieber

  • alix ali
    alix ali 37 minutes ago

    i love u Ellen

  • Moon Bieber
    Moon Bieber 37 minutes ago


  • Ria Chaouche
    Ria Chaouche 37 minutes ago

    I see Carol!!!! 💥💥💥🎊🎊🎊🎊

  • Jeremy Tay
    Jeremy Tay 37 minutes ago

    Kristen Bell and Anna Kendrick sound really similar

  • Ana Caroline Pra
    Ana Caroline Pra 37 minutes ago

    My queen <3

  • nuno gomes
    nuno gomes 38 minutes ago

    WoW 👌🏼

  • Game app Reviewer
    Game app Reviewer 38 minutes ago

    Nobody mentions the kids who are in the avatars.

  • kRionOfLaguna
    kRionOfLaguna 38 minutes ago

    Who cares about Oprah's feelings.

  • Julian Beltran
    Julian Beltran 38 minutes ago

    Anne Hathaway, one of the few actresses with common sense

  • nihad jay
    nihad jay 38 minutes ago

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