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Purrfect Babies
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More Than a Feline
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Baby Boo Peekaboo
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Can You Guess the Meme?
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  • lily ocean
    lily ocean 4 seconds ago

    ryan beatty is 🥰🥰

    DEJEAN WRIGHT 8 seconds ago


  • Jameson Roddie
    Jameson Roddie 33 seconds ago

    Margot: I don’t think you could beat-*Harry Styles picture* Margot: oh...

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer 34 seconds ago

    What is that brown line on her face?

  • Jini
    Jini 46 seconds ago

    Wait, so Charlize doesn't know Macbeth was written by Shakespeare?! 😱

  • Smart Fart
    Smart Fart Minute ago

    Well she didn't specify the dog was a surprise...never ever give an animal as a gift or surprise. Its extremely irresponsible.

    DEJEAN WRIGHT Minute ago

    He sounds like trump

  • Lord Marsden
    Lord Marsden Minute ago

    Margot is really beautiful!

  • Skye
    Skye 2 minutes ago

    Ellen:Nicole dated Lenny (shocked pikachu face ) Strange how in the world she didn't knew about that

  • olivia15073
    olivia15073 4 minutes ago

    The show kind of presumes that everyone has interracial tastes. May not be politically correct to say it, but I don’t think everyone does.

  • Alex Mus
    Alex Mus 5 minutes ago

    Ten the number and Bacon ♡♡♡

  • b william
    b william 5 minutes ago

    Here comes all the girls saying they have depression and anxiety 🙄

  • Exposing Liars
    Exposing Liars 5 minutes ago

    This is so fake.

  • jack ripper
    jack ripper 5 minutes ago

    Energy of underaged girls. Oh korea..

  • James Jennings
    James Jennings 6 minutes ago

    When you look at it both are sexy guys

  • reynaldio babym
    reynaldio babym 7 minutes ago

    The flying of the accents.

  • Patra Thai in Us
    Patra Thai in Us 7 minutes ago

    Just kiss no feelings lol

  • Hello Hello 2019
    Hello Hello 2019 8 minutes ago

    I Agree, Single Men Only No Drama.. Relationships are Hard Enough.. Love Charlize.. Not One Match... !

  • Pimsy Potpie
    Pimsy Potpie 8 minutes ago

    Awww I just love Nicole! Such a beautiful woman both inside and out

  • Vuthisokunna Menh
    Vuthisokunna Menh 8 minutes ago

    Yoooo!! Hosting Oscar with style. Truthfully, I can watch Ellen host every year!

  • Shania A
    Shania A 9 minutes ago

    He’s wearing a you matter sweatshirt 😯😯😯🥰

  • jimin forever
    jimin forever 11 minutes ago

    😑👎👎👎 sólo son fanns de los grupo de los que vinieron? Lau de eso sus fan?

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 11 minutes ago

    I have a feeling that Ellen and her wife “sleep” with men on the low 😂

  • Sarah Mitchell
    Sarah Mitchell 11 minutes ago


  • Lee Benstead
    Lee Benstead 12 minutes ago

    Ewww fish breath

  • marcofthedead
    marcofthedead 12 minutes ago

    If it were guys doing this ?

  • Ana Guevara
    Ana Guevara 12 minutes ago

    59,000 Colombian pesos 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks like 20 dollars hahahahah

  • Hound19745
    Hound19745 12 minutes ago

    Charlize Theron was not into this at all

  • Claudia leal
    Claudia leal 13 minutes ago

    I wouldn't touch Howard Stern with a ten foot pole.

  • Lachlan Masters
    Lachlan Masters 14 minutes ago


  • v Happy
    v Happy 15 minutes ago

    Michael B Jordan is baeeee

  • Savanna Porter
    Savanna Porter 15 minutes ago

    this is my favorite masked dancer

  • DingusMcNally
    DingusMcNally 15 minutes ago

    Where’s my man Keanu Reeves!!!

  • dekdoc hottest
    dekdoc hottest 15 minutes ago

    NongTen Narak♥

  • C Y N
    C Y N 15 minutes ago

    We all know that 50,000 for Ellen is like 10$ right?

  • zph 12345678910
    zph 12345678910 15 minutes ago


  • Casey Jo
    Casey Jo 16 minutes ago

    One of the most wholesome videos ever. Thank you. 💜

  • Vessy N
    Vessy N 16 minutes ago

    I am goving hom the Oscar for JOKER right other noms....

  • unknown
    unknown 17 minutes ago

    The three most gorgeous women in Hollywood

  • Enceladus
    Enceladus 18 minutes ago

    After JOKER i think most women’s answer will be Joaquin 😁

  • libraviella xeralizy
    libraviella xeralizy 18 minutes ago


  • Chris W
    Chris W 19 minutes ago

    In Joaquin we trust.

  • Nataly Santana
    Nataly Santana 20 minutes ago

    I thought it was Blake Shelton😂

  • AuthenThicKurves’ YouTube

    Am I the only one who thinks her new look makes her look like Ruby Rose??

  • Emmanuel Martinez
    Emmanuel Martinez 21 minute ago

    Where did Charlize's Oscar go to at 0:36?

  • Jonathan Lanoy
    Jonathan Lanoy 22 minutes ago

    She said he was everything but good looking

  • hrddrvto
    hrddrvto 22 minutes ago

    Not sure if Kevin will see this but his story really hit me. I burst into tears listening to him because what he said resonated with me so much. it brought back so many memories of coming out to my parents. (By the way I read that you are the only son in your family. I am too. That was another level of pressure I felt when I came out) I honestly just want to thank you you for sharing your coming out story. And I wish you and your fiance all the love and much happiness in your future together.

  • Jhanae Latoya
    Jhanae Latoya 23 minutes ago

    It should be 10 makes one team but it isn't

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn 24 minutes ago

    Portia and Ellen work in every way - beautiful!

  • Mika Dogs fun
    Mika Dogs fun 25 minutes ago


  • Romina Dominguez
    Romina Dominguez 25 minutes ago


  • Chickenman’s Reviews
    Chickenman’s Reviews 25 minutes ago

    Love the subtle callback to Trevor Noah’s “Who’d You Rather” game where Ellen tries to help him out, here she also tries to help him out 😂

  • Romina Dominguez
    Romina Dominguez 26 minutes ago


  • Mika Dogs fun
    Mika Dogs fun 26 minutes ago

    V peking haha

  • LAtisha Scisson
    LAtisha Scisson 27 minutes ago

    Anyone realized how he said quesidilla

  • Sothol Luy
    Sothol Luy 28 minutes ago


  • Melissa Eaton
    Melissa Eaton 28 minutes ago


  • Rafael artiga
    Rafael artiga 29 minutes ago

    Omg so cringey but in a cute fun way 😂

  • Hanzy Larkspur
    Hanzy Larkspur 31 minute ago

    Everytime I see Margot, I see Harley Quinn, like really. 😍👌

  • Ariya Santhosh
    Ariya Santhosh 31 minute ago

    "Guys, we should probably start with single men"!!! Yes! She is right.

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 31 minute ago

    Lol I would like to see the guy version of this skit.

  • Alecia Wilson
    Alecia Wilson 32 minutes ago

    Play one thing right on America's got talent

  • L M
    L M 34 minutes ago

    she's stunning & her sofia accent😍

  • Ishan Malhotra
    Ishan Malhotra 34 minutes ago

    All my fav ladies sharing the stage

  • Kate O
    Kate O 35 minutes ago

    Um... Brad Pitt all day. Hellrrr!! 😍

  • sedp13 drewde
    sedp13 drewde 35 minutes ago

    I feel sorry for her.

  • Aries
    Aries 36 minutes ago

    I think Howard just wanted to kiss Ellen tbh...

  • Chinoy Guo
    Chinoy Guo 36 minutes ago

    I hope this will be one of many episodes that the show is going to re-run.

  • Ms.Trish S
    Ms.Trish S 37 minutes ago

    That was so good..Loved it!

  • Sa Shananigans
    Sa Shananigans 37 minutes ago

    My family is Russian so for New Years we go up to my family friends cabin and go in the Бани then jump into the frozen lake so that’s like a normal thing for me

  • loveforeignaccents
    loveforeignaccents 38 minutes ago

    Charlize looking like Ruby Rose these days.

  • T Tagg
    T Tagg 38 minutes ago

    Don’t like he went there.. u learn the truth about Ellen hope Howard’s not involved... he must b awake about it.. if not really sad Howard WAKE THE ELLEN UP

  • Chad Michael
    Chad Michael 40 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie. That was the cutest kiss I've ever seen lol

  • Justice Betancourt
    Justice Betancourt 41 minute ago

    Interview the dachshund with Jesse of The Art of Defense. Danm it, animals are stars too!!!

  • Qayyim Hafidzi
    Qayyim Hafidzi 43 minutes ago

    Wow. Howard n Raj are a lot more smarter in real world

  • Honey_xx_comb
    Honey_xx_comb 44 minutes ago

    I just finished the whole season and I found this! 🤣

  • Mrsdamonsalvatore
    Mrsdamonsalvatore 44 minutes ago

    They literally picked for her the entire time lool. I wanted to see her type 😫

  • Rud 523
    Rud 523 45 minutes ago

    Howard has become so phony and this proves he lost all credibility and sold out. He use to trash Ellen now he might has we’ll be scissoring her.

  • Wendyl0v3
    Wendyl0v3 45 minutes ago

    I dont want to watch the whole thing... What was the point of the kiss?

  • Roxanne Vega
    Roxanne Vega 45 minutes ago

    He's Adorable!!

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 45 minutes ago

    My god, the level of hotness on that stage is.......

  • Shayla Le
    Shayla Le 45 minutes ago

    Ellen : *kisses* Portia : *am I a joke to you!?!*

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 46 minutes ago

    The guy is wearing one of the most expensive rolex watches, I think which was revealed at Baselworld 2018. Bless the man for his hard work and success! Wish him a speedy recovery as well.

  • Jon Lock
    Jon Lock 46 minutes ago

    Ellen at 3:46, we F***d up

  • Michelle-Michelle Farris
    Michelle-Michelle Farris 46 minutes ago

    You was in crib jail😅😆

  • Eduardo Leyva
    Eduardo Leyva 46 minutes ago


  • HPure
    HPure 48 minutes ago


  • Beth Berryhill
    Beth Berryhill 48 minutes ago


  • rominejoshua87
    rominejoshua87 48 minutes ago

    you’re looking for 3:10 :)

  • benjamin button
    benjamin button 48 minutes ago

    hey i thought charlize was dating chris pratt!!!!

  • rebecca seppanen
    rebecca seppanen 48 minutes ago

    I love Howard’s voice ❤️

  • Just Alisha Marie
    Just Alisha Marie 49 minutes ago

    Love it 😍 such strong 💪🏼 people thank you for sharing stories You don’t know how much this will help so many people

  • rominejoshua87
    rominejoshua87 49 minutes ago

    they’re like complete opposites

  • Cindy may mcguire
    Cindy may mcguire 49 minutes ago

    My favorite girls!!

  • brosyonder
    brosyonder 51 minute ago

    I know this is from 2016 but I remember watching Zendaya on Shake it Up when I was like 10 & I remember being 13 and watching her speech on the 2016 kid's choice awards. It was such a moment when she thanked all of the parents for letting her be a role model for their children. It's nice to see that she took moral responsibility for being a figure on children's television.

  • Demian Riley
    Demian Riley 53 minutes ago

    Transgender witches.

  • chaunamac
    chaunamac 53 minutes ago

    lol lol 🤣🤣🤣Love This!!!

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn 53 minutes ago

    Charlize loves her Aussies!

  • Mint E Fresh
    Mint E Fresh 53 minutes ago

    Nick Cannon is living proof that you don't need great looks or phenomenal talent to become a huge success. He's a guy who charmed the right people, made a few really smart moves, and will probably become a billionaire from it.

  • 김영훈
    김영훈 54 minutes ago

    저는 한국 사람으로 그레이 아나토미의 the story부터 브랜디를 계속 좋아하고 있습니다. 그녀의 음악인으로써 성공 과정을 보는 것은 그야말로 뿌듯하고 자랑스럽네요