The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
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  • Eliabeth Pettit

    the kids finuelly got sarcasume tanks!

  • Paul Victor
    Paul Victor Day ago

    Reality is now so depressing that even regular comedy shows are too demoralizing. Jordan you're the only show that's dark enough for our times. Please keep it up!

  • M. Woofington
    M. Woofington 7 days ago

    Congrats on getting canceled! You should try a comedy format for your next show!

  • Scorpio81
    Scorpio81 8 days ago

    This dumb shit just got canceled. LOL BYE BYE

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    I hope your new show is less-biased than The Opposition.

  • Ian Falls
    Ian Falls 8 days ago

    is this faggot supposed to be funny?

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 14 days ago

    Am I the only subscriber?

    • M. Woofington
      M. Woofington 7 days ago

      Subscriber numbers are hidden because they don't want us to know how few people actually watch this show. And now it's been cancelled, lol.

  • Rodrigo Basoalto C.
    Rodrigo Basoalto C. 16 days ago

    Is this legit?

    • Roddy Cancio
      Roddy Cancio 16 days ago

      Yeah Comedy Central would take down a channel like this so quick if it wasn't. I think they(cc) responded to all the opposition fans who were saying they needed their own separate TheXvid channel from Comedy Central. It's still really new, so I think that's why it doesn't look fully polished and official.

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    It's very shallow and narrow-minded to assume you know what conservatives, or really what and how anyone else really thinks. With all due respect, you're part of the problem and you're furthering a divide in the United States, perpetuating vilification of other sides. Conservatives won, it is the liberals who in my opinion, need to change. The left has become narrow-minded, ruthless and dismissive of other views. You could help to change that. We need more liberals to support the Constitution, freedom of speech and real equality rather than just race-baiting and blaming the other side. We need to come together and your show and its downplay of radical left-wing groups is not helping. Liberals need to take accountability for their own mistakes, not just cast blame. I'm a Democrat and I voted for Trump.

  • Bill Fergus
    Bill Fergus 21 day ago

    I'm so glad Comedy Central came to their senses and finally gave The Opposition its own channel! And I loved hearing Jordan on Bertcast!

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 22 days ago

    Thank your Jordan and Team... Your work is so important <3 (and I hope some people, who take your character seriously, will be forced to reflect a bit :))

  • thegreatmonster
    thegreatmonster 22 days ago

    Jordan, team (team of Team-Jordan), congratulations on moving to your own channel.

  • imrickjamesbeeoch
    imrickjamesbeeoch 23 days ago

    Grats on getting your own channel Jordan!

    • first last
      first last 23 days ago

      Is this a real channel. At first I thought it was a fake, but now I don't know. kudos to jordan, if it's real. I'm - yeah, First Last is real! - a fan. (interestingly, youtube doesn't make it obvious how to report spammers)