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Advertising Unlocked 2018
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  • Ralf Parlour
    Ralf Parlour Month ago

    1) Kiss Ass 2) Agree with client 3) Lose backbone 4) Repeat

  • James Mulvey
    James Mulvey Month ago

    great insights, thanks gents!

  • jaduvalify
    jaduvalify Month ago

    I love Marmite. If people knew what to expect it to taste like, and how to consume it properly, before trying it, they would be more likely to enjoy it. I think if Marmite were to be marketed in other countries it would do very well. I am tired of having to order it online to get a good-sized jar of it.

  • tonywankenobi
    tonywankenobi 7 months ago

    My mentor for 7 years. Great to see him in action

  • MacGregor88
    MacGregor88 8 months ago

    This woman is just a straight-up sexist. Multiculturalism, diversity and feminism will be the downfall of western civilization.

  • a a
    a a 8 months ago

    utterly subversive. Feel sorry if one of her kids is a boy. She has utter contempt for men. Every time she says "male" her tone changes to disgust. Frightening.

  • Judicius
    Judicius 8 months ago

    This fine upstanding lady is responsible for the Gillette ad saying that all men are bad.

  • C C
    C C 8 months ago

    what a trash human

  • Titus OneTen
    Titus OneTen 8 months ago

    dumb feminist is out of touch with reality

  • Randy Leifer
    Randy Leifer 9 months ago

    Advertizing is a filthy racially and stereotypicaly driven world. First, look at all the good-looking people in ads....Chances are, that's not you or me. Lie #1. This video is from 2012....These days in America....over 85% of the TV ads contain people of color, and about 25% of those TV and print commercials are using people of color as principle actors or spokespeople. If a black family is shown buying a new Lexus outside their $1mil that somehow elevating the black community ? it representative of the black comunity overall ? Or is it saying something insulting like, "even black people can afford our Lexus cars" ? (I'd hope not) Blacks in the US are 13.4% of the population....but are represented in TV ads as more like 40%. People of color are over represented in the marketplace because Ad agencies overly promote diversity...either to make their customers feel like the product company is fair and sympathetic to social issues, and/or, so the ad agencies can pat themselves on their backs for being unique and not being racist. Remember....this is Advertizing....where stereotypes rule and reality takes a back seat.

  • robert monkhouse
    robert monkhouse 11 months ago

    Diversity is an anti white code word. ..

  • Aleksas Drozdovskis

    Marketers constantly wonder what is the bridge between creativity and effectiveness. Often it's fame. This case is still an amazing example.

  • Cat Shanu
    Cat Shanu Year ago

    Great talk! Would love to see more

  • Dominic W
    Dominic W Year ago

    Hi 471

  • almoravid almurabit

    Racist industry at the core

  • Account Manager Tips - Warwick Brown

    Account Managers have the most vital role... not just in an agency but any business. I love the idea of "buttoning down the basics" - so important to lay down the foundations to build trust and credibility - that's key to moving forward to more strategic (and profitable) value creation

  • Matt Palmer
    Matt Palmer Year ago

    Yo this guy is a clown. I'm an sjw and I'm taking the fucking Mickey out of this clown

  • Anna Nikitina
    Anna Nikitina Year ago

    brilliant! thank you!

  • Familia Morrissey

    hi amanda

  • a guy
    a guy 2 years ago

    never heard so many buzzwords and so much bullshit in 12 minutes. if you cut all advertising for sainsbury's then nothing would change and people would still shop there lol

  • Gilbz
    Gilbz 2 years ago

  • Neta Baughman
    Neta Baughman 2 years ago

    Over supplied and we want less "in your face" and more loving and caring. Show us that your business makes things less expensive, the more you make. No mark ups to make MORE profits. Price comes down the more you make, naturally.

  • Aline Augustine
    Aline Augustine 2 years ago

    this is the most useful info am glad i came across with..

  • SrananKing
    SrananKing 3 years ago

    This is very informative but the audio quality should be better, it's quite hard to comprehend at times.

    • Shauna Multipotentialite
      Shauna Multipotentialite 3 years ago

      I agree. The echo really gets in the way of hearing the audio clearly for the more soft-spoken people but the info is awesome. Definitely using this as an inspirational resource going into my new role at work.

  • Rich Hertz
    Rich Hertz 3 years ago

    so much wisdom crammed into three minutes and sixteen seconds. Amazing.

  • Joshim Uddin
    Joshim Uddin 3 years ago

    he sounds like ken Clarke.

  • laboomerang
    laboomerang 3 years ago

    I wish we didn't skip the ads... can I find the ads list somewhere to see them?

  • Dorothy Kilonzo
    Dorothy Kilonzo 3 years ago

    This short clip has explained alot on the roles of an account manager.Thanks Team DARE.

  • Credosys solutions
    Credosys solutions 3 years ago

    Didn't understand a thing....

  • Reticence9
    Reticence9 3 years ago

    Oh no: there's a Katie Hopkins video recommended on the related videos here: chalk and cheese.

  • Aaron cupp
    Aaron cupp 3 years ago

    count how many times he puts his drink down and picks it back up but NEVER takes a drink.

  • 1mbarriga
    1mbarriga 3 years ago

    I like how she adds the cellulite bit. It's true. Cellulite is not a big deal and it's crazy that it matters so much in mainstream media. We had a talk about how ridiculous this obsession with cellulite is in my sport nutrition class. It doesn't matter and shouldn't be seen as such a big deal.

  • Mark Woods
    Mark Woods 3 years ago

    For anyone else watching this, the first 20 minutes are complete drivel. After that, he relays some good concepts.

  • Andrew Hammett
    Andrew Hammett 3 years ago

    Great summary of a great campaign, thanks!

  • tezza jonno
    tezza jonno 4 years ago

    10 minutes in and NOTHING informative said. Jesus, cut the waffle and share something, there must be some inspirational words and knowledge you can pass on.

  • Kai Newstead
    Kai Newstead 4 years ago

    Load of shit

  • Will Webb
    Will Webb 4 years ago

    What a waste of 30 minutes

  • NQTMaria
    NQTMaria 4 years ago

    who can help me write down this talking :'( i cant listen to it... :( but i really need it's content T_T thousands of thanks for you T_T :'(

  • Mark Stone
    Mark Stone 4 years ago

    Is the slide-deck link available please?

  • Greta Drane
    Greta Drane 4 years ago

    I absolutely love how this is all about women, yet it is not called "how women can get ahead in advertising", its just about people who happen to be experts and happen to be women! Kudos!!!

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  • MegaMissfitz
    MegaMissfitz 4 years ago

    Just for tomorrow can we try a new venue!!!

  • Luke Stoic
    Luke Stoic 4 years ago

    Immersive digital - spot on.

  • Luke Stoic
    Luke Stoic 4 years ago

    Food for thought.

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  • Duncan Birch
    Duncan Birch 4 years ago

    Inspiring man

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  • Phantomwolverineghost Gulo Gulo

    We don,t want you.. go back en leave Tele2 please. Thank you.

  • Phantomwolverineghost Gulo Gulo

    Bla bla bla bla.. please leave Tele2! Go back to UPC.. bye bye..and never come back please..

  • Lennart Cok
    Lennart Cok 4 years ago

    tough croud

  • Lynn Micallef
    Lynn Micallef 4 years ago

    hmmm,,,,add shows the same poor dog alone out in the freezing cold snow, waters edge (usually even colder)and a huge great big warm house!! not animal friendly and a concern to the animals welfare!!! wheres the power of love in that! a Christmas stocking does not mean a single thing to that animal...a warm bed would!!

  • Dahlia House Bed and Breakfast

    Good info!!!

  • Robert Barrows
    Robert Barrows 4 years ago

    They should have been showing the dogs some ads for dogfood...I'd love to run an ad that says "Don't buy the dogfood they taste test on strays...Buy _____ dog food." -Robert Barrows, R.M. Barrows Advertising & Public Relations, San Mateo, California

  • Carlos Grande
    Carlos Grande 4 years ago

    Still washing the scent of Schmackos off my second best jeans!

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  • Greg Dooley
    Greg Dooley 5 years ago

    How this articulate account of one of the most creatively fascinating and culturally significant media campaigns of the last decade has only 850 views, without likes or dislikes, is truly surprising.

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  • Tim Gow
    Tim Gow 5 years ago

    I was at this IPA talk, was first time I'd seen Dave Trott speak - he was brilliant.

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  • Angela Howard
    Angela Howard 5 years ago

    This is such an amazing video! The UK is finally getting hold of this stuff :D

  • SMG4LIFE01
    SMG4LIFE01 5 years ago

    Was supposed to be on this last year

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  • Ian Edgar
    Ian Edgar 5 years ago

    "The best thing about the IPA effectiveness awards is it's not about subjective opinion, it's about objective opinion."

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  • polorider9
    polorider9 5 years ago


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  • Doug Bratman
    Doug Bratman 5 years ago

    There's a video at 7:35 into this piece that's absolutely the essence of content marketing from real experts.

  • david22142214
    david22142214 6 years ago

    Great workshop!

  • English Tidpeek
    English Tidpeek 6 years ago


  • max firth
    max firth 6 years ago

    Who are these good looking people, they're so natural and at ease with the camera - they must be actors surely??

  • Lindsay Partridge
    Lindsay Partridge 6 years ago


  • Fael Nunes
    Fael Nunes 6 years ago

    eu <3 recife !

  • Dhebora Giardini
    Dhebora Giardini 6 years ago

    I'd love to go back to Rio for the 2016 Olympics Games

  • Daniel Glassman
    Daniel Glassman 6 years ago

    Good eager happy graduates

  • Daniel Glassman
    Daniel Glassman 6 years ago

    These videos are great. Concise, light, and informative

  • dyream
    dyream 6 years ago

    lot of dudes working in digital...

  • Niki Schafer Interior Design

    Vulnerable and powerful at the same time - great role model

  • AnimalisticMeasures
    AnimalisticMeasures 6 years ago

    I fell in love with this when we did it as part of a marketing moule in Uni. I decided to pick gorilla as a subject of a project management assignment. I ruined this for myself!

  • Harry Welsh
    Harry Welsh 7 years ago

    janet! Whooo

  • Nick Bradley
    Nick Bradley 7 years ago

    Absolute Ledge.

  • Hamish Pringle
    Hamish Pringle 7 years ago

    Just over a year ago and still a video I really appreciate, and will always. So many people were so kind in participating and organising this great send-off.

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose 7 years ago

    This is an awesome little teaching resource. Using it as a case study for A2 Media Studies - thanks very much for the upload!

  • Twee Vue
    Twee Vue 7 years ago

    Love Your Channel TheIPA Keep Those Videos Coming. People Want To See.

  • Maurice Bigmo Flynn
    Maurice Bigmo Flynn 7 years ago

    Great Channel. You did a great job!

  • ysssuhi
    ysssuhi 7 years ago

    2nd chic is so hot

  • Wilma Smythe
    Wilma Smythe 9 years ago

    Like your thinking but one important comment is when you mentioned that Behavioural Economics was reputable and implied Psychology was not. I am a Psychologist and I just wanted to remind everyone that Behavioural Economics IS Psychology, purely - all the rules of thumb in Behavioural Economics have been borrowed from Psychology... and essentially re-branded as Behavioural Economics. Psychology is reputable due to the use of the scientific method (yes, maths and models involved), like economics.

  • Andrew Yakovlev
    Andrew Yakovlev 9 years ago

    hear, hear, mr sutherland, good points and on much more then behavioral economics

  • Keno
    Keno 10 years ago