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  • MR. D1n0 Chicken
    MR. D1n0 Chicken 21 minute ago

    I love it!

    hOLA DE SALUDO Hour ago

    TheXvid me lleva recomendando esto desde que nací >8(

  • NekoEwwie
    NekoEwwie 2 hours ago

    Yooooo I need this songgg

  • StarzQatt
    StarzQatt 4 hours ago

    is that how flies were made?

  • Briana Hawkins
    Briana Hawkins 4 hours ago

    That looks incredible DragonFoxGirl. How's the MLP Re-Imagined? All that's left is: AppleJack and maybe add: Sunset Shimmer Spike Starlight Glimmer Zecora Cadence Luna Celestia Hope to see the rest of the Girls soon.

  • Joao Cunha De Morais Cunha

    Eso é lindo

  • DECAY 65
    DECAY 65 5 hours ago

    Wow, she has her father’s wings and hair thingy, and she has her mother’s body and wide eyes.

  • Sandy Kirschenman
    Sandy Kirschenman 5 hours ago

    She little confused but she got the spirit

  • John Salve
    John Salve 6 hours ago


  • Dorito chan cipher
    Dorito chan cipher 6 hours ago


  • Errror Fowx
    Errror Fowx 7 hours ago

    Ok! I clicked and watched it already, happy now youtube?!?!?!

  • Nicola Bielicka
    Nicola Bielicka 9 hours ago

    I love spiders🕷🕷❤️❤️❤️

  • Amy 737
    Amy 737 9 hours ago

    Español y/and inglish :D :''''D

  • Gacha Sunny
    Gacha Sunny 9 hours ago

    This animation is from you? 😳😱😰

  • Ash1bran
    Ash1bran 10 hours ago


  • Ash1bran
    Ash1bran 10 hours ago

    ;-; 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    OVERLORD GOMBOEV 14 hours ago

    Есть РУССИШЬ?

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko 16 hours ago

    patience “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.” Revelation 22:12 | Amen

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko 16 hours ago

    Jesus loves you god bless you amen seek the lord while he may be found isaiah 55;6 amen

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko 16 hours ago

    patience “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.” Revelation 22:12 | Amen

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko 16 hours ago

    Jesus christ is king !

  • Акбермет Асеинова

    Луна моя любимая почему она вы втерме а🤔😧

    Wolf-YOUTUBER 23 hours ago


  • PandaPasta 7676


  • Creepykid And Infinite Dreams

    So Beautiful.

  • Ailana Petrova

    Wow 😍

  • pedro veracierta


  • bɪngoat
    bɪngoat Day ago

    No way another

  • karenhgo99
    karenhgo99 Day ago

    Stop using copyright music

  • 솜하`{솜사탕들}

    모든 캐들 왤케 이뽀 ㅜㅜ

  • Its Coco!
    Its Coco! Day ago

    Legit the baby looked so cute- but don't bugs with wings need to wait for their wings to dry when they come out of the egg?? BC the wings are soft and wet...meh, still love the animation.

  • U M B R A
    U M B R A Day ago

    Если я увидел бы это в реальной жизни то я прихлопнул бы это создание потому-что это черт возьми летающий паук

  • nikole lodeon
    nikole lodeon Day ago

    Ship it 🙃

  • lazzy kingdom
    lazzy kingdom Day ago

    And she ate him

  • Rosy Rose
    Rosy Rose Day ago

    I bet you wont pin this

  • ꜱʏᴍʙᴏʟꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ


  • Potato Unicorn_games

    This is really cute ❤️ Ps sorry I’m like really late

  • hoa minh tran
    hoa minh tran 2 days ago

    the baby

  • Dias Daurenyli
    Dias Daurenyli 2 days ago

    I'ts so cool

  • ItzNightWolfie_chan

    Awwwww so cute

  • fictional situations

    its so good

  • Love Bites
    Love Bites 2 days ago

    Well this is not true

  • Love Bites
    Love Bites 2 days ago

    Oh God no!

  • Love Bites
    Love Bites 2 days ago

    Please don't kiss !

  • Love Bites
    Love Bites 2 days ago

    Stop the blushing stop! Now it's too much

  • YouKnow WhatIsWhat
    YouKnow WhatIsWhat 2 days ago

    Man this got me cryin over here but I'm still happy lol. Darn cute animation.

  • Maciel Cochachi ailas


  • LaKendra Carter
    LaKendra Carter 2 days ago

    To me flying spider equals kill with fire immediately

  • Christmas Caboose
    Christmas Caboose 2 days ago

    How about no

  • Kawii ChanIsLit
    Kawii ChanIsLit 2 days ago

    Wait do spiders kill butterflies..? Eh I’m going to spoil this..😐😐😐

  • Achmad Santoso
    Achmad Santoso 2 days ago


  • La gatita :V
    La gatita :V 2 days ago

    I hate the spiders but love this animation

  • SL3THPlayz And Vlogs

    Mom:What are u watching? Me:It’s hard to explain

  • KjaerNorway
    KjaerNorway 2 days ago

    sooo... do we want to fuck spiders now?

  • Nazifa Saiyara
    Nazifa Saiyara 2 days ago

    I actually cried while watching this 🥺🥺🥺

  • Brooke Coon
    Brooke Coon 2 days ago

    The only spider that doesn’t scare me 😂

  • Mr. Alastor
    Mr. Alastor 2 days ago

    7:55 Так вот как родились эти ебаные мухи!

  • Lil Wolfie
    Lil Wolfie 2 days ago

    The child had the mothers dreams and had the fathers looks

  • Gemelyza Primrxse
    Gemelyza Primrxse 2 days ago

    aweeeee cuteeee

  • Didi Sadieh
    Didi Sadieh 2 days ago


  • Desiree Fedrigo
    Desiree Fedrigo 2 days ago

    ed è così che nacquero i ragni volanti

  • Anik the king of demons

    You make me cry.this is heart touching story😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • LizardVideoDude
    LizardVideoDude 2 days ago

    Watches short: Awwwww, so cute. Sees flying spider at end: O.O *terrified*

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz 2 days ago

    *Its worth it tho*

  • Buttondefine
    Buttondefine 2 days ago

    Mm, Chicken

  • All about ᗰE!!
    All about ᗰE!! 2 days ago

    This is soooooo adorable! Unfortunately i am happy that flying spiders don’t exist. If they did i would have already jumped out of the window.

  • Keimon Crosby
    Keimon Crosby 3 days ago

    I wish my life was like that😭😭😭😭

  • Eduardo Enamorado
    Eduardo Enamorado 3 days ago

    And this children is why to never merge a spider with a butterfly

  • Isabele Gonçalves
    Isabele Gonçalves 3 days ago

    Lindo demais! Tanto a arte quanto a história ❤

  • Chocobear_ plays
    Chocobear_ plays 3 days ago

    My two thoughts of this video 1)this video is beautiful 2)the spider is hawt

  • Sierra Withers
    Sierra Withers 3 days ago

    How do you speed up your videos when you make speed paints? Beautiful art style.

  • Karni BS
    Karni BS 3 days ago

    I was just listening to the original song and I got a very vivid memory of this video and now I'm here. The singing is genuinely so good

  • Yazidi Love all
    Yazidi Love all 3 days ago

    I can fly 😂😂

  • Sarin
    Sarin 3 days ago

    baby spider: *borns* Also baby spider:*flies to sun*

  • Carie Robinson
    Carie Robinson 3 days ago

    DA LITTLE SPIDERFLY IS SO CUUUUUUTE!!! Also her parents remind me a bit of Spider Error and Butterfly Ink cuz its the same two species.

  • Nương Lão
    Nương Lão 3 days ago

    Ý nghĩa :>

  • Shadow Hound
    Shadow Hound 4 days ago

    This animation made me cry at the end. I am not use to crying but I don't feel sad. I feel happy yet I am crying.

  • army louca Queiroz
    army louca Queiroz 4 days ago

    Spiderfly ❤

  • MyDuck IsOnQauck
    MyDuck IsOnQauck 4 days ago

    Yep, pretty gay

  • MyDuck IsOnQauck
    MyDuck IsOnQauck 4 days ago

    I haven't watched the video yet and i can ready tell this has the big gay

  • Daniel Romero-Gomez

    No man can walk out on his own story

  • bffs dentro do gacha loko ;3


  • Funtime galaxy The fox

    The spider and the butterfly made me cry so cute

  • Sunil Kaboto
    Sunil Kaboto 4 days ago

    Hart touching

  • mary 303_
    mary 303_ 4 days ago

    7:24 so much *cough* cutnessss..... *dies*

  • Z gamer Lacambra
    Z gamer Lacambra 5 days ago

    3:22 Me: aight imma headout

  • Lagartija Math
    Lagartija Math 5 days ago

    I plan on committing suicide soon

      SIR NIGHT 8 hours ago

      Don't worrie just be happy

    • starie moon
      starie moon Day ago

      bro please dont

    • Lagartija Math
      Lagartija Math 2 days ago

      @Luka tnx vro

    • Luka
      Luka 2 days ago

      Ight then do it bro just saying the people ik who almost did regret trying. I don't know your life so I don't know what's up. Do whatever makes you happy

    • Luka
      Luka 3 days ago

      Don't fam trust me it won't help

  • Christopher Angel
    Christopher Angel 5 days ago

    Mama soy famos tengo un like ...espera porque el boton esta azul?

  • mami's games Santos


  • christian jaye
    christian jaye 5 days ago

    This reminded me of a manga named (i'm a spider so what) also wouldnt kids love flying spiders? You know kids catch them and such right?

  • Faizul Mohamed
    Faizul Mohamed 5 days ago

    Nothing is perfect in this world without your friends because we know your relationship,wisdom and responsible is the choices to build a world better place no matter bad happened.

  • 지혜[원스]
    지혜[원스] 5 days ago

    Flying spider? *no way*

  • chat gacha
    chat gacha 5 days ago


  • Jemily Blanco
    Jemily Blanco 5 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Mike Madrid
    Mike Madrid 5 days ago

    Beautiful story omg I loved it!!!

  • Sofía Franco Gómez

    How beautiful is the video

  • Xezerik
    Xezerik 5 days ago

    [insert insect mating scene]

  • Kiddie Gamer Sam
    Kiddie Gamer Sam 6 days ago

    It's kinda sad they don't get to see their daughter

  • Adilmara Souza
    Adilmara Souza 6 days ago

    Art is amazing !