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  • tomas 1033
    tomas 1033 6 minutes ago

    I love those boots

  • tomas 1033
    tomas 1033 12 minutes ago

    I 'm a big fan from Neymar AND te Speedy that he have

  • Zhi Shan Teoh
    Zhi Shan Teoh 38 minutes ago

    Love the blend of orange and black along the sick upper. Would love them in size 6UK. Thanks!!

  • Osman Osman
    Osman Osman Hour ago

    Chunkz looks like his flirting with klopp😂😂

  • Osman Osman
    Osman Osman Hour ago

    Chunkz trying to keep a straight face while Klopp is talking!

  • takfi
    takfi Hour ago


  • Adam Mufc
    Adam Mufc Hour ago

    Alvaro has better English than Jamie Carragher. Lol

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G Hour ago

    Beth Mead my fav goonerette 🔴⚪️

  • The Hh
    The Hh 2 hours ago

    His hamstring 🤣

  • Mo Kamara
    Mo Kamara 2 hours ago

    heavyweight football - are you fuvking muaddd HAHAHAHA

  • The Hh
    The Hh 2 hours ago

    5:18 Man said "chat to him" 😂😂

  • Edgar
    Edgar 2 hours ago

    What a nice interview with such a nice guy. So down to earth. Amazing klopp

  • Karma Kills
    Karma Kills 2 hours ago


  • K !
    K ! 2 hours ago

    Who's here after the Sterling drama ?

  • lord chive
    lord chive 2 hours ago

    The future is bright for Liverpool....

  • lord chive
    lord chive 2 hours ago

    Am mighty impressed with Joe Gomez..... You have a good mate there as well YNWA

  • lord chive
    lord chive 2 hours ago

    As a life long Liverpool supporter, thanks for such a brill and interesting interview!

  • jonny car
    jonny car 3 hours ago

    Done all them fixtures to date, and won them all and drew 1 !!! YES KLOPP. Chunkz, cheeky lad play the kids against Arsenal, ha, we did and we we won .wish granted!!! YNWA

  • Harry Wright
    Harry Wright 3 hours ago

    He started the kids like he asked for, but they still won 😂😂

  • highfived
    highfived 3 hours ago

    Best Klopp Interview I have ever seen

  • Jamie Collins
    Jamie Collins 3 hours ago

    Good vid

  • Bromko 23
    Bromko 23 3 hours ago

    Thank you Jamie I really appreciate your help and I have seen the other videos too!

  • William Callaghan
    William Callaghan 4 hours ago

    These are hot size 8 us vision these have some killer boots

  • CTT LurzZ
    CTT LurzZ 4 hours ago

    Heavyweight football 😂😂😂😂😂

  • William Callaghan
    William Callaghan 4 hours ago

    Size8us these look like killers

  • CTT LurzZ
    CTT LurzZ 4 hours ago

    Klopp listened to chunkz by playing the kids against arsenal 😂😂😂

  • Waseem Abbas
    Waseem Abbas 4 hours ago


  • Shane Desouza
    Shane Desouza 4 hours ago

    Who’s here after sterling vs Gomez beef

  • Dean Kay
    Dean Kay 4 hours ago

    Let's get a scouser to interview Unai Emery as they walk around the pitch holding hands

  • M Yare
    M Yare 5 hours ago

    Heavy weight football

  • Mohamed Adami
    Mohamed Adami 5 hours ago

    He shouldve had a big chance at chelsea despite his form

  • nayal Las
    nayal Las 5 hours ago

    gotta love klopp and chunkz

  • SRB
    SRB 5 hours ago

    Can’t even tell what team chunkz is supporting these days uno

  • Will Conyers
    Will Conyers 6 hours ago

    Nice work Chunkz my man

  • CavalierValtz
    CavalierValtz 6 hours ago

    Klopp wearing NB ? Rip lfc's nike deal

  • khalid Jama
    khalid Jama 6 hours ago

    Quality vid

  • ALI khirkhaah
    ALI khirkhaah 6 hours ago

    Such an amazing human being. Love you Jurgen

  • ALI khirkhaah
    ALI khirkhaah 6 hours ago

    We gave you already Abumeyong 😂😂😂😂

  • ALI khirkhaah
    ALI khirkhaah 6 hours ago

    God has made this man to manage our beloved team.

  • bachajane logari
    bachajane logari 6 hours ago


  • ALI khirkhaah
    ALI khirkhaah 6 hours ago

    I love Jurgen I hope he stays in LFC for years and years.

    ZAP ZAP YEET 6 hours ago

    It's not The best english

    • Kyle
      Kyle 3 hours ago

      Not shit

  • itzsizahereTM
    itzsizahereTM 6 hours ago

    Asznee making moves

  • Terry Devanney
    Terry Devanney 6 hours ago

    Put on a few of Englands latest games that'll make them laugh

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 6 hours ago

    Chunkz: Baby face with a beard ;-) YNWA

  • Uros Smiljanic
    Uros Smiljanic 6 hours ago

    This should definitely be a series

  • Anas Er-ramy
    Anas Er-ramy 7 hours ago

    someone can tell me the background music on the video

  • Jurd P
    Jurd P 7 hours ago

    he started the kids and arsenal still lost!

  • Marcus Wesley
    Marcus Wesley 7 hours ago

    Size 7btw not that I'll win😅😅

  • Marcus Wesley
    Marcus Wesley 7 hours ago

    My fav the x and nemeziz

  • edun07
    edun07 7 hours ago

    could I get a pair please, size 11uk mens

  • Pro:Direct Soccer
    Pro:Direct Soccer 7 hours ago

    What was your favourite boot from Morata's collection? 👇

  • Dookey Pro
    Dookey Pro 7 hours ago

    I like the old tunas better😂

  • Abdi Sh Gaab
    Abdi Sh Gaab 7 hours ago

    Good job 👏 my Boy Amin from Somalia 🇸🇴 keep moving ma man

  • Fire Rap
    Fire Rap 7 hours ago

    He’s shit, only trash talks.

  • EpicLedger LLC
    EpicLedger LLC 7 hours ago

    Chunkz, in MY opinion, he's the BEST manager in the world, bar none!!!

  • Akai Peter
    Akai Peter 7 hours ago

    Donny is dead bring back Yung Filly

  • DizZ
    DizZ 7 hours ago

    Morata uno dem boots have bad luck

  • steel gamer
    steel gamer 7 hours ago

    Speaks better English then Harry Kane

  • SA 10th
    SA 10th 7 hours ago

    shouldve counted harrys 1

  • D Bassi
    D Bassi 7 hours ago

    You can just see the respect Chunkzsta has got Kloppo. You can just see Klopps personality is contagious, no wonder his players out perform for him game after game. Chunkz is an Arsenal fan(I believe) and looks like he’s just spent the afternoon with Henry and Berkamp.

    FOOD DWELLER 7 hours ago

    Klopp is the best manager in the world at the moment, no doubt 🔥❤️🙌

  • Farhan Farha
    Farhan Farha 7 hours ago

    I just love klopp from the core of my heart

  • somali stories
    somali stories 7 hours ago

    Klopp got irish accent😂

  • Ben Storm
    Ben Storm 8 hours ago

    The best team in Europe. Klopp is such a humble person. The best manager in Europe! Come on SUPER LIVERPOOL !! YNWA

  • Ahmed Nani
    Ahmed Nani 8 hours ago

    klopps talks bareee :D

  • stroke hamilton
    stroke hamilton 8 hours ago

    Chunks showing everyone that one flug free kick 🦵 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • stroke hamilton
    stroke hamilton 8 hours ago

    Maybe heavyweight football

  • Anders Johan Sperre
    Anders Johan Sperre 8 hours ago


  • Anders Johan Sperre
    Anders Johan Sperre 8 hours ago

    Pretty much the sea ass the first color

  • BlindedIV
    BlindedIV 8 hours ago

    He really did start the kids.

  • Martial Matters
    Martial Matters 8 hours ago

    Best klopp Interview

  • Алексей Пуртов

    Does he suppirt the Arsenal?

  • Fressivoir
    Fressivoir 8 hours ago

    Chunkz never takes filming serious

  • TheGreat Dyke
    TheGreat Dyke 9 hours ago

    Who's here after Gomez's fight with Sterling?😂

  • Ridwan Patel
    Ridwan Patel 9 hours ago

    Imagine if he did one with Jose. That would be sick.

  • Kaleab Alebachew
    Kaleab Alebachew 9 hours ago

    doesn't seem forced let's go chunkz its only up from here

  • TheGreat Dyke
    TheGreat Dyke 9 hours ago

    My captain💗🔥🔥

  • Epic Gaming21
    Epic Gaming21 9 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even you: Klopp: *speaks* Chunkz: *YEA YEA YEA*

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 9 hours ago

    Klopp is such a likeable character.. its impossible to dislike him no matter which team you support!

  • That Guy Who Needs 1k

    0:08 Klopp you monster 😂😂

  • Andriy Yarmalenko
    Andriy Yarmalenko 9 hours ago

    This Abdi, receeding hairline, looking dumb with mouth open, Somali is really annoying!!!

  • Isares Archvarin
    Isares Archvarin 9 hours ago

    Jordan lets his football do the talking.

  • IlhaanBlueAce
    IlhaanBlueAce 10 hours ago

    Raheem sterling ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE HIM *THICC*

  • haih sapik
    haih sapik 10 hours ago

    so i watched this ep after i watched the Joe Gomez one...feeling a bit weird tho lol

  • The Hop
    The Hop 10 hours ago

    Klopps thinking oh god more of these bull shit questions. Get me outta here!

  • mintyjake
    mintyjake 10 hours ago

    We won every fucking game 😱

  • Flexer
    Flexer 10 hours ago

    These comments aged well😂

  • FCHS Student
    FCHS Student 10 hours ago

    The way he fully played kids against us like Chunkz asked and still fucking won looooool we are a joke 🤣

  • Phanarat Phanthong
    Phanarat Phanthong 10 hours ago

    Handsome man 😘😍

    INVISIBLE THOUGHT 10 hours ago

    It's very hard to dislike Klopp. The man is charismatic and warm. Liverpool FC and Klopp are a great match.

  • Green Ijau
    Green Ijau 11 hours ago

    Demm.. my anni falls on Singles Day 😂😂🤭🤭. UK 8.5

  • Fender Tremolo
    Fender Tremolo 11 hours ago

    Fat dude was nervous af lol bare awkward

  • Green Ijau
    Green Ijau 11 hours ago

    Adidas pride? Lel

  • Abu Musa
    Abu Musa 11 hours ago

    Chunks say: im a arsenal fan so do me a favour and play the kids 😂 Klop: does exactly that and still wins 🤫😂😂

  • 31 m
    31 m 11 hours ago

    I love it... uk size 6 1/2

  • Abdalla Noor
    Abdalla Noor 11 hours ago

    Andres Valencia?i thought Filly himself is Somali

  • The Blue
    The Blue 12 hours ago

    Pulisic Next

  • fernando amraan
    fernando amraan 12 hours ago

    Hol tight Asznee

  • Kobz
    Kobz 12 hours ago

    I was smiling throughout the whole video. What a great guy