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  • Ruth Brent
    Ruth Brent 3 minutes ago


  • Shirley Schmidt
    Shirley Schmidt 4 minutes ago

    E boy check

  • Anjalina
    Anjalina 4 minutes ago

    I've had bangs since I was 5 and I'm 18 now and it's officially a personality trait

  • Agnes Mina
    Agnes Mina 6 minutes ago

    Clearly you were feeling extra, you were wearing a hat 😂

  • Agnes Mina
    Agnes Mina 7 minutes ago

    I thought you hated the terms "fringe" 😂

  • Vanessa Taylor
    Vanessa Taylor 7 minutes ago

    Yess! Please make a video on all your tips and tricks to really know if you should get bangs or if they’ll go with your face shape. I’ve been dying to know all these details. Thankyou

  • Miss Dee
    Miss Dee 8 minutes ago

    Brad: "And the world will still revolve" Also Brad: *shows a picture of the world rotating*

  • Ms. Moe
    Ms. Moe 9 minutes ago

    Brad has just validated my love for side swept bangs. Love that.

  • Elena
    Elena 10 minutes ago

    would a korean bang look nice on a rounded face?

  • BTS Army forever
    BTS Army forever 11 minutes ago

    He reminds me of oli London 🌚🗿

  • Larissa Hood
    Larissa Hood 11 minutes ago

    Ive been cutting my own hair for like 9 years now, I also do my friends. I've been doing bangs for 7 years now, it's difficult but if you take you're time you can cut your own bangs and have them look amazing

  • Hxn A
    Hxn A 13 minutes ago

    Okay I see why I don’t need that much shampoo

  • guusje vriezekolk
    guusje vriezekolk 16 minutes ago

    do the bang video!!!!

  • Ayo Bih
    Ayo Bih 24 minutes ago

    fly high juice wrld🕊😭

  • KajCe
    KajCe 26 minutes ago

    If I'm not supposed to use box dye, what am I supposed to use??

  • Amaya Heartfilia
    Amaya Heartfilia 28 minutes ago

    My mom actually cuts my sistersbangs and they look really good soo

  • SimonaLyne Enderz
    SimonaLyne Enderz 28 minutes ago

    I used Sharpies & Crayola markers on my hair in the 1980s! The only way I could change my hair color very often. I had dark brown hair that always looked dirty. I HAD to do something to cover it up. Hairdressers were all ladies over 50 and no concept of fun color except a "rinse". That faded after a couple weeks. Boring and costly. Their attitude is your weird. I looked at them with death stare eyes, "AND?!"

  • Natalia Herrera Arias
    Natalia Herrera Arias 29 minutes ago

    I want bangs so badly but I have to facts against me. I have oily skin and I live in a tropical country where the weather is always hot 🙁

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 30 minutes ago

    I have a fake bang toupè and i love it....bc i can rock a cute lil fringe but without the commitment

  • Elizabeth Dale
    Elizabeth Dale 30 minutes ago

    My fiances liberty spikes we use Elmer's glue and a blow dryer. Of course we straighten it. But like. Its soooo much fun. Brad mondo come on down and you can give his hair a try 😜😜😜😜

  • Alice Wonder
    Alice Wonder 31 minute ago

    When Brad is the only one to call you beautiful more than your significant other.

  • WebzyWongie 90
    WebzyWongie 90 32 minutes ago

    I have a potato head lol

  • Devinediva111
    Devinediva111 36 minutes ago

    Next time thinner sections and thinner color.

  • Hannah Woodson
    Hannah Woodson 37 minutes ago

    Is it bad to rub your ends with conditioner or coconut oil? Or should i just apply and comb through?

  • Nina
    Nina 39 minutes ago

    Omg you should do a review of this girl ...side note ILY 💙💙💙☺️

  • Stephanie Tangen
    Stephanie Tangen 39 minutes ago

    Heres a close up of my dry ends. Beautiful

  • Katherine Belina
    Katherine Belina 41 minute ago

    I had bangs since 3rd grade in various styles and would never get rid of them, let's hear it for big foreheads. Please make a video on different face shapes with bangs and whatnot!!

  • Melanie S
    Melanie S 41 minute ago

    I can never tell what my face shape is for the life of me. Like other people say oval but all I see is fat round and gross lmao.

  • Shai Cyr
    Shai Cyr 43 minutes ago

    would have been nice if you did the historical research on the use of henna for hair dyes. I know you're trying to react, but the cultural sensitivity ain't there boo 🥺

  • Jack Ames Filming & Editing

    TheXvidr: he- Brad: OHHH NOOO

  • danielle
    danielle 45 minutes ago

    i guess i do have a heart shaped face

  • lg mjz
    lg mjz 46 minutes ago

    I really wanted to see him cut the mannequin's hair and get all of those ends even 😭 if he hasn't already he should try the clippers with the comb to do the perfect straight cut, I know that's not what it's called but hopefully someone knows what I mean lol

  • Antwynnette Barnes
    Antwynnette Barnes 49 minutes ago

    not gonna lie, kinda want bangs now...

  • Hannah Warner
    Hannah Warner 51 minute ago

    “BOOM. Penetrated.”

  • Daniela Villagran
    Daniela Villagran 52 minutes ago

    What’s a good hair cut for oval or oblong face

  • Emilee Gibson
    Emilee Gibson 52 minutes ago

    me: never gonna get bangs also me: watches anyway

  • Picnic Lover
    Picnic Lover 52 minutes ago

    Please do that video on bangs x

  • Anna Arrigoni
    Anna Arrigoni 55 minutes ago

    This is great, now I don't have to buy so many bad dry shampoos because you're trying them for us!

  • valerie salas
    valerie salas 58 minutes ago


  • Alexandra Marinescu

    where can you watch this?

  • Savannah M
    Savannah M Hour ago


  • Christina N
    Christina N Hour ago

    Brad Mondo is my spirit animal

  • Desiree McCabe
    Desiree McCabe Hour ago

    what we truly want is a "what's up, beautiful" hoodie with caricature of a totally destroyed miss mani quinn it's what we deserve

  • Ada
    Ada Hour ago

    The black woman at the restaurant had some really good points

  • chanie fields
    chanie fields Hour ago

    Bradd is my gay husband I love you and u love the fact you kept it real ( I am using Jeffrey for views)

  • Yokkouu
    Yokkouu Hour ago

    please do a bangs video! I would love to see some advice!

  • Disiree Stephenson

    Love it how people think that olaplex is like a bandage. I like it how most people think that olaplex will save them, while in reality it is like having a salad on the side while you just binge eat a bunch of chocolate, chips and lollies and complaining that they are not loosing weight.

  • klance
    klance Hour ago


  • A for Asthma
    A for Asthma Hour ago

    Dude I thought heart was the goal, turns out I literally have the perfect haircut. Honey, what’s?👀😗

  • smotsy
    smotsy Hour ago

    Brad, such a great fun video. You're my favorite youtuber.

  • Grace ;-;
    Grace ;-; Hour ago

    I cant curl for the life of me

  • Grace ;-;
    Grace ;-; Hour ago

    Brad: Hi brunettes Me: oh im blonde guess imma head out now

  • whoisbillgates ?

    This video made me want to recut my bangs and everyone says I look fine with them (except my family of course) but I feel like I look terrible and they’re just saying that 💀😔

  • Chloe Pena
    Chloe Pena Hour ago

    Anybody else kinda shocked when he says you got banged

  • Kat Shorey
    Kat Shorey Hour ago

    Brad, please do the other video. I’ve been holding off on getting bangs and hoping that you’ll post something like that.

  • Anna D
    Anna D Hour ago

    Well all i know is i need a hair dye that is seborrheic dermatitis friendly

  • Ista Achi
    Ista Achi Hour ago

    I care about you

  • Nico Ryder
    Nico Ryder Hour ago

    i dont even need the dye, im already prematurely greying :/ ill be a legitimate grey head by 20 lmao

  • Christina Tryfonos

    If you cant love your self how the jell you gonna love somebody else . Can i get an amen ????❤❤❤❤Ru pauls drag race❤❤


    Its not its literally just a hairstyle a hairstyle doesnt have a race


      Its literally like calling black women who straighten their hair cultural appropriators

  • Roisin o Mahony
    Roisin o Mahony Hour ago

    My cat was watching this video

  • gypsyrose90
    gypsyrose90 Hour ago

    Was committed to full thick bangs for years. Now I’m growing them out and it is hell.

  • Hannah Warner
    Hannah Warner Hour ago

    I watched the second video to see how bangs would look on my hair. They’re cute no regrets

  • Dude No
    Dude No Hour ago

    He kinda looks like the joker but a gay version. He looks amazing tho 😂🤪

  • Essam S
    Essam S Hour ago

    Literally have bangs after watching this video

  • Daisy Warner
    Daisy Warner Hour ago

    Came here wondering what the hype was over JoJo Siwa ended up liking Brad Mondo instead 😆

  • Mikeera Dobson
    Mikeera Dobson Hour ago

    Make the bang how to video please!!

  • Vanessa Romero
    Vanessa Romero Hour ago

    It does look good thoooo

  • LaUrYn HoWiE
    LaUrYn HoWiE Hour ago

    SSSniperwolf has uploaded a hair vid and i think u need to react to it asap

  • kelleigh
    kelleigh Hour ago

    I used to call emo hair fringe and this is bringing back war memories

  • Sandra Madrigal
    Sandra Madrigal Hour ago

    I ordered Xmondo and it did not suit my hair well at all. I am trying to return it and get my money back and no one is contacting me back... does someone know how to reach him? @bradmondo

  • ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ'ᴍ ʀᴀᴅ

    I'm debating on getting bangs.

  • DarjeelingJelly
    DarjeelingJelly Hour ago

    I cut my bangs and I didnt regret it; they didnt take years to grow back, they grew back in a few months. If I cut my bangs I have to repeatedly cut them every month because they will grow to my nose within a month; its excruciatingly annoying. Its why I stopped cutting them.

  • Ashiko
    Ashiko Hour ago

    *looks in mirror* ah yes I have oval face. or is it round?? maybe its square. no, definitely oblong. no, that can't be, its heart shaped. wait wait, no, it's diamond I think. oh no I have no idea (seriously it's either oval, round, or oblong, and I really have no idea what the difference is)

  • tenstepsgirl
    tenstepsgirl Hour ago

    Ok, definitely cool toned with a bit warm toned: darker brown hair, veins on wrist are blue, blue eyes with green (but more like a dark grey) and always rosy cheeks... Was a bit difficult to see, cause I get taned easily.. xD

  • Valentina Wolff
    Valentina Wolff 2 hours ago

    13:00 this literally made me cringe so much I got anxiety

  • Dude No
    Dude No 2 hours ago

    The second row in and he’s already having a mental breakdown and going insane 😂

  • December Darnell
    December Darnell 2 hours ago

    See, I’ve bleached my hair loads before and dyed it blah blah blah. It’s never fallen out and is quite healthy, I don’t use box bleach/dye and never start from the roots. Every time I watch one of your bleach fail videos I feel like I’m missing something 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • rujin oezen
    rujin oezen 2 hours ago

    wanna know my face shape? Its: egg lmao.. literally ;D

  • A e s t h e t I c L I f e

    PeOPle WItH banGs anD PEopLe WiTH NO BagS aRe TWo dIfFreNt SpEcIeS

  • Valentina Wolff
    Valentina Wolff 2 hours ago

    X: what did I just doooo??? Brad: you got banged gurl

  • Delilah Aleman
    Delilah Aleman 2 hours ago dyer hair

  • Shoshanah P
    Shoshanah P 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or can you tell he’s an American by the way he says terrible 😅

  • Donut 4765
    Donut 4765 2 hours ago

    I think it’s funny how that girl was crying over shaving a small portion of her hair professionally and I literally chopped of twelve inches of hair with craft scissors at one o’clock in the morning

  • Moe -
    Moe - 2 hours ago

    Yaaaaas Naomi 😍😍🥰

  • cupoftae _
    cupoftae _ 2 hours ago

    despite the fact that I have a mullet i'm watcing this video and i don't know why but I’m not complaining because I literally adore him

  • Acjc charlesworth
    Acjc charlesworth 2 hours ago

    I hate hair on my face. How do I wear hair up without looking like a potato Do a video on that

  • Esteph G. Lizardi- Brown

    “I consulted with cosmetologists” aka asked the girl at the counter at Sally’s

  • Snott 'n Frak Off
    Snott 'n Frak Off 2 hours ago

    Fringe!!!! For the Love of George and Mildred! The word is fringe.

  • Nazrin Hummatova
    Nazrin Hummatova 2 hours ago

    once i cut them and hated them so much i never ever opened them i just pinned them back. Like i didn't even open them once.

  • Alpha wolf Girl
    Alpha wolf Girl 2 hours ago

    Honestly I would buy the Revlon one as it looked better and for $13/£13 it's a win win, why would you buy a $200/£200 Straightner which seems to work worse than the Revlon one however it is your decision not mine

  • Marvelineous
    Marvelineous 2 hours ago

    i had bangs in like 6th grade and,,,,, it was awful. i dyed them. i had bright white-blonde curly hair and straight, too short pink bangs.

  • Lu
    Lu 2 hours ago

    Brad: talks about ideal bangs for diamond face shape Also Brad: shows the example on square face shape

  • King Eric Bush
    King Eric Bush 2 hours ago

    It's a vegan product mainly why people use it

  • Poppy
    Poppy 2 hours ago

    I still gave a thumbs up but it annoyed me knowing how long it took them to do it and how filthy their hair is with it like they look cool but it must be so unhygienic so yh i didnt find it relaxing haha 😂

  • Saundra Davis
    Saundra Davis 2 hours ago


  • MidNightChan gacha
    MidNightChan gacha 2 hours ago

    Yall need need to learn how to go to Sally's beauty And stop with the Fricking BOX DYE

  • Portia Pack
    Portia Pack 2 hours ago


  • LetYourLiteShine17
    LetYourLiteShine17 2 hours ago

    But Brad what are your options on curly bangs? I have 3c/4a hair

  • Shelby
    Shelby 2 hours ago

    Brad! Can you do a vid on cute fringe cuts for naturally curly/wavy hair? Obvi we'd have to do some serious styling, but I've always wanted bangs and been too afraid to commit with my curls. I'm afraid of it looking like early 2000s curly gelled hair with razor straight bangs. 😬