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  • Queen Taylor
    Queen Taylor Second ago

    Best part 17:16 😹💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Poppy Izzy
    Poppy Izzy 21 second ago

    I LOVE How He is so excited about the Rainbow hair

  • AG GG
    AG GG 21 second ago

    24 year old with virgin hair and plain $12 haircut 😭 but I love watching your videos

  • Megan Jackson
    Megan Jackson Minute ago

    Love Brad’s honesty. Always a laugh too!

  • •eH0E• •
    •eH0E• • 5 minutes ago

    Mrs QUEEN RAINBOW 💙 yoooo she hit that spot on she is a winner bring her on your channel

  • Maia Gilbert
    Maia Gilbert 5 minutes ago

    Yesssss i’ve been waiting for you to react in this video

  • Gabriella Hawk
    Gabriella Hawk 6 minutes ago

    Is anyone else here to just back up simply

  • Troodles Connor
    Troodles Connor 6 minutes ago

    Omg she's south African

  • Brittany Spicer
    Brittany Spicer 7 minutes ago

    My hair is curly, Wen I brush it it looks like it is damaging it and that it is frizzy, specially with ab bristle brush. Should Curly haired people be brushing all the time?

  • Aiman Mohsin
    Aiman Mohsin 8 minutes ago

    How are you so cute and original and extra at the same time. M officially in love with you. Keep entertaining us you Queen ❤️❤️❤️

  • Malinda Slabaugh
    Malinda Slabaugh 9 minutes ago

    I buy my shampoo at the dollar tree

  • Bianca
    Bianca 9 minutes ago

    This made me miss when I used to go full rainbow 😩😩 guess I need to make an appointment lol

  • ChyeTea
    ChyeTea 10 minutes ago

    Maybe I missed it in the video or someone else has already asked but what are your tips for conditioning your hair? How much should I be using and should I really not condition my scalp if I struggle with greasy hair? I loved this video and have sent the link to so many of my friend ❤️

  • Maryam Khalil Khan
    Maryam Khalil Khan 11 minutes ago

    How hard should we brush our hair after a shower? Or should we brush our hair at all?

  • Penny Grimm
    Penny Grimm 13 minutes ago

    I’m at work by 4am every day. I look nowhere near that stunning. Stunned is exactly what I look like. Lol

  • Anja Dumovic
    Anja Dumovic 14 minutes ago

    I love u and ur videos ure so positive and calming i dyed my hair myself and i alsways follow ur advices everytike tysm⭐️⭐️🌈

  • Kerrie Collins
    Kerrie Collins 14 minutes ago

    You should check out good dye young! Their semi permanent colors are INSANE and they make a product called poser paste that's basically hair makeup and it's so fun!

  • Brittany Spicer
    Brittany Spicer 14 minutes ago

    Would you be able to do a segment on dry, curly hair? I feel like sometime my curls trap in residue. Also, thank you for taking the time to talk with us about this, I appropriate your insight on this topic.

  • Ariel Frias
    Ariel Frias 15 minutes ago

    Ever heard of Poser Paste by Good Dye Young?

  • Alice
    Alice 16 minutes ago

    "what is thaaaat" *pterodactyl noises*

  • I got Two free tacos
    I got Two free tacos 18 minutes ago

    Omg can you react to the makeovers in Heidi Klums Model show.

  • Top popular words
    Top popular words 20 minutes ago

    hello to everyone please visit the water canal

  • CaliD0LL
    CaliD0LL 20 minutes ago

    Omgsh those were awesome results!!!

  • Mya Estrada
    Mya Estrada 20 minutes ago


  • karina
    karina 21 minute ago

    I used a men's dandruff shampoo because i had a little bit and it was cheaper and bigger than the women's. But i ended up having alot of dandruff all summer

  • Adrienne RB
    Adrienne RB 23 minutes ago

    *still wears sock buns* My hair is out of the way bro, it ain't for cuteness!!!!!!

  • Gecxid Rureel
    Gecxid Rureel 24 minutes ago

    @ or about 8:27 of the video.....does it not bother you that now you look like the girl friend of the whole biker gang ?

  • Maxi Czeranna
    Maxi Czeranna 24 minutes ago

    Hey Brad, I love this video so much, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!!! I recently got a pixie cut and I'm still learning how to manage it. Could you maybe do a video with tips on short hair (caring, styling etc.)? I'd love that💕

  • I am Hippo
    I am Hippo 25 minutes ago

    Brad...babe. I’m waiting for you to cut ur bangs....yea

  • Miss Viking
    Miss Viking 26 minutes ago

    You look like Joker. Lol 😂 hey at last you tried it !...

    UGOT NOJAMS 27 minutes ago

    While watching this i had an ad of daydream lol🤪🤪😂

  • Smellzke 209
    Smellzke 209 28 minutes ago

    Trending trash

  • Marcia Hacker
    Marcia Hacker 28 minutes ago

    Omg love you so much and the way you give people the benefit of the doubt and encouraging, but also facial expressions! My hair had 2 inches of medium brown growth, the rest was a professional light blonde with low lights my hair is past my shoulders! I thought well Hell in going to Walmart and buying Frost and Glow ( this is were things went south real fast) then had the bright idea why not just brush bleach on roots cap too painful! Long story short ended up with neon yellowish orange roots crying!!! It was soooo bad lmao!!!!!!!! Went to Sally's bought 20 developer and a beige blonde toner now love the color so shiny I freaked because hair was turning yellow washed out too soon! Now wondering if I use 30 developer and a beige blonde color on regrowth? You would have been so proud at end results but laughing you ass off at same to see what I put myself thru I was literally laughing and crying at same time!!! It's now all blended really well and a really light buttery blonde with touch of gold soft and shiny! So wished you lived in Ohio!!!! ❤️

  • Mother of Dragons
    Mother of Dragons 29 minutes ago

    now I know why I’m losing baby hairs at the top of my scalp, all those years of doing a hair turban 😂

  • Madison Pritchard
    Madison Pritchard 29 minutes ago

    Oh my god I love you haha

  • sabrina owens
    sabrina owens 30 minutes ago

    Brad Mondo i want you to do my hair so bad!!!❤❤❤

  • Abby Tietgen
    Abby Tietgen 30 minutes ago

    This one lady tried to strip the pink from my hair even though we were planning on dying it a darker pink. It did NOTHING (and they knew it might, they just wanted to test this new product on me) except damage my hair lmao... I asked them to cut half an inch of hair off and they did over three inches and she decided that she wanted to do layers but really now I just have chunks of hair that are uneven lol.. her shift ended and I left with my hair wet. It cost over $70

  • Glenn Long
    Glenn Long 31 minute ago

    Can you add a pump option to your shampoo line so it will distribute a “dime sized amount” on each pump? By the end of the bottle, people will become used to the proper amount and can shake out the remaining product at the right quantity. I reuse a pump from one shampoo to the next.

  • Uncreative Alien
    Uncreative Alien 32 minutes ago

    Dear brad some henna use is because of religions and personal taste. Love your video and you i just wanted to say.

  • Iris Vlinder
    Iris Vlinder 32 minutes ago

    What are good Shampoos or conditioners that aren't that expensive? (Esp in Europe)

  • thrash gordon
    thrash gordon 33 minutes ago

    Is this guy gay ? Lol

  • Love This
    Love This 33 minutes ago

    Awe ur intro made my day ily

  • Kailey Hamilton
    Kailey Hamilton 33 minutes ago

    I know you won't see this but if you do can you please reply to this telling my mom to let me dye my hair rainbow. It's already teal but I'm bored

  • Cerys Griffitjs
    Cerys Griffitjs 33 minutes ago

    Brad you help me alot when doing hair, because in college I'm doing Hair and beauty and I love doing hair

  • Noelia N
    Noelia N 34 minutes ago

    You're awesome with eyeshadow! It just makes the color of your eyes pop <3

  • Ice Turtle
    Ice Turtle 35 minutes ago

    Lmao I felt targeted when he started taking about plain brown hair 😂😂

  • Glam and Poppy-Ann
    Glam and Poppy-Ann 35 minutes ago

    I’m so glad you included her in this video I love her channel so much

  • Staci Thames
    Staci Thames 37 minutes ago

    Yes Brad. I NEED colored hair on my days off. Make some colors for darker hair too! I am running out of room for all of my cosplay wigs.

  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson 38 minutes ago

    I use Arctic fox and I adore it. Really pigmented, lasts really well provided you take care of it as instructed, smells like berries and leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated. I haven't had many brands... But that's largely because once I found Arctic fox I stopped looking.

  • Zhala _6
    Zhala _6 40 minutes ago

    out of topic but he's so handsome n he reminds me of Damon Salvatore

  • Willy Violet
    Willy Violet 40 minutes ago

    Brad can u try the colour changing hair dye by using heat?

  • Oksana
    Oksana 41 minute ago

    shouldve watched Eve frsr’s rainbow hair videos, hers are sooooooo pretty

  • Gilles Bonneteau
    Gilles Bonneteau 41 minute ago

    obviously gay

  • Jessica Ann Bowman
    Jessica Ann Bowman 41 minute ago

    I loved the last look the most

  • Juwariah
    Juwariah 42 minutes ago

    Could you do a tutorial for us dull brown hair people on how to spruce up brown hair at home? or what dye products will make dull brown hair better

  • Hey It's Bk
    Hey It's Bk 42 minutes ago

    Brads intro just makes my day

  • Sheridan Jones
    Sheridan Jones 42 minutes ago

    you should try the dyson air wrap curler

  • Isobell Mahree
    Isobell Mahree 42 minutes ago

    I bet that you could work for somebody like Amber. She is a K-pop star and she used to work with each your kimchi and she seems really really cool and funny and I bet you guys would get along. I would love to see a video of you doing her hair and maybe you guys could jam out together at the end with some cool K-pop son I bet that you could work for somebody like Amber. She is a K-pop star and she used to work with eat your kimchi and she seems really really cool and funny and I bet you guys would get along. I would love to see a video of you doing her hair and maybe you guys could jam out together at the end with some cool K-pop songs forg karaoke for fun!

  • Oksana
    Oksana 43 minutes ago

    Yeah I had yellowish orange hair and tried dying it brown but it turned dark red

  • Cameo Middleton
    Cameo Middleton 44 minutes ago

    People cut their own hair cuz we're broke. I literally cannot afford a $20 haircut...😭

  • Hope M
    Hope M 44 minutes ago

    Why do they keep roasting that one girl for having boobs wtf 😟 they basically bullied them for their personalities and dressed them like Facebook moms

  • MaggieTrudeau
    MaggieTrudeau 44 minutes ago

    I wash my scalp with baking soda once a month, vinegar rinse every week or so followed by a cold rinse. How much does that horrify you Mr. Mondo?

  • Mayra Carrera
    Mayra Carrera 45 minutes ago

    && now I want rainbow hair 😩😩😩


    I love artic fox

  • Merlia Mae Hoshina
    Merlia Mae Hoshina 46 minutes ago

    Mine is also thin and up to my hips and I didn't have any plans of cutting it yet but now I suddenly feel like cutting my own hair 😂 but then again I don't know how

  • Simiyaahhh
    Simiyaahhh 47 minutes ago

    You should've done bambam's looks

  • Lyssy Jonas
    Lyssy Jonas 47 minutes ago

    Pleeeeaaassseeee get your stuff sold at Chatters or Sally’s or something 😭😭😭

  • Cameo Middleton
    Cameo Middleton 48 minutes ago

    Brad: Hi, Beautiful! Me: Awwww 💓💓💓

  • Freya the Gymnast
    Freya the Gymnast 48 minutes ago

    Wow 😍

  • beautyjunkie jones
    beautyjunkie jones 50 minutes ago

    She's one of my fav yters love that she's so adventurous

  • Simiyaahhh
    Simiyaahhh 52 minutes ago

    Mark looks so good😍

  • Stephanie Grow
    Stephanie Grow 52 minutes ago

    My mom taught me how to use rollers at a young age.. watching you use them is so nostalgic to me and now I want to call my mom 😂❤️

  • A
    A 52 minutes ago

    Unbelievable, super cool, outrageous, and amazing. Phenomenal, fantastic, so incredible.

  • Honigmilch891
    Honigmilch891 53 minutes ago

    This was my first video of yours. I found it so entertaining and interesting at the same time. I actually learned something, I appreciate it 🙃

  • Beatriz Cat
    Beatriz Cat 53 minutes ago

    You're soooo funny lmao

  • Raja Rezzag Bara
    Raja Rezzag Bara 53 minutes ago

    your intro is the best seriouslyyy <3

  • Teraaj Digpal
    Teraaj Digpal 54 minutes ago


  • Alanca Abyssal
    Alanca Abyssal 55 minutes ago

    Yep, these were so cool 🌈

  • Miss Viking
    Miss Viking 57 minutes ago

    Can you do “pastel teal” hair color on you?. So teal but not bright...more like worn in and subtle. You should not be looking like cotton candy but it’s more sophisticated Ocean look. (Or Punky Lagoon but punky “never” washes off so I don’t recommend it ..) pastel teal by Overtone , will look amazing

  • Regina Joan
    Regina Joan 57 minutes ago


  • Thea McCarthy
    Thea McCarthy 59 minutes ago

    Would love to meet you! I’m in hospital and I would love to meet you!

  • Miz Choco
    Miz Choco Hour ago

    Ok to everyone who knows a bit about hair (maybe from Brad, maybe brad sees this, hi) but I wanna ask,, I have bleached one part of my hair awhile back and on the other side I put box dye in. When I did that (like 4 months back), my hair fell out and the bottom was damaged to hell, which I knew would happen kinda 'cause I used to dye my hair A LOT. Then I just used Directions so I could still change but it wouldn't all fall out. But I'm wondering, is there a way for me to ''heal'' my hair so I can bleach it again later? or does it just need to grow out? Sorry for this random message I just want to have bubblegum hair and one side of my head is dark brown atm I cri

  • Promotion
    Promotion Hour ago

    PLEASE ❤If you have a moment check this music out!!!

  • SashaxBelle
    SashaxBelle Hour ago

    sometimes i wonder if youre actuallu a hairstylist there are SO MANY products that allow you to have 1 day colored hair, without left over color.

  • Fairymoon71
    Fairymoon71 Hour ago

    Now we know why Marie Antoinette wore wigs. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali JC
    Ali JC Hour ago

    Me: covered in Cheeto dust at 9am at work on a holiday Brad: HEY BEAUTIFUL Me: DAMN RIGHT I AM!

  • Fairymoon71
    Fairymoon71 Hour ago

    Love to see you do a beehive. Lol.

  • Elizabeth Ewing
    Elizabeth Ewing Hour ago

    Hey Brad -- you need to make a random compliment app with your voice and cute pictures of you. Seriously the beginning of your videos make me SO happy <3

  • Haylie R. Wilson

    Your stylist is gorgeous

  • Millenia R
    Millenia R Hour ago

    Brad Mondo...I’m about to PUT YOU ON! Get HAIR PAINT WAX! It has all different colors, no damage, washes off😉

  • Seth Mazzuco
    Seth Mazzuco Hour ago

    Why is his intro me to my crush everytime I see them....

  • Akinyi Universal

    I love the watermelon 🍉 . It looked real good and showed potential

  • Shivangi Mehra
    Shivangi Mehra Hour ago

    Oh my God thank you so much! 💜

  • Exeggutor Senpai

    he is so annoying omg Brad is the beauty guru we deserve

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella Hour ago

    You’re a godsend wtf thank YOU

  • nnemfk H
    nnemfk H Hour ago

    I got my hair straightened with the Japanese treatment and I love it

  • Ana Rita Fonseca Teixeira

    my fkn shampoo costs 5€ and like i think its good cuz its l'oreal. its not me payung shampoo anyhow

  • I_amKeaton
    I_amKeaton Hour ago

    Brad should try hair paint wax in his hair

  • Laura Merétei
    Laura Merétei Hour ago

    the shirt was so vibrant orange that i thought green screen kicked in and projected onto the color or some shit

  • Fairymoon71
    Fairymoon71 Hour ago

    Wonder how many women lost hair... since their flat iron and curling iron got hot by fire. Lol