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  • Gaming Friends
    Gaming Friends 2 minutes ago

    the first girl. The pile of hair is a full on fluff pet dog.

  • Brittany Ayala
    Brittany Ayala 3 minutes ago


  • CactusPlayz22
    CactusPlayz22 5 minutes ago

    Yall we need the 3 Gurls from the video in the comments where dey at

  • Foirelle
    Foirelle 6 minutes ago

    I agree with the notion of brown hair having more shine looking better than a straight-up matte color. However, that doesn't mean you have to dye or even highlight it. There's mousse, sprays, gels, and whatnot that gives your hair shine. My curly brown hair is the right amount of shiny once I put in a bit of leave-in conditioner. Though I will have to eventually invest into a light gel, the wind makes my curls frizz in the back especially. Note: I say "a bit" and "light" due to my hair being rather thin overall and thus more oily. It's down to my waist in length when wet and stretched out fully (curled and dried it's under-breast length) so I still need some kind of hydration for my locks.

  • All InOne
    All InOne 9 minutes ago

    Oh yeah, and Brad only likes blondes 😜

  • All InOne
    All InOne 11 minutes ago

    This is the first time I've ever seen 4C dreds be taken down and not cut off!

  • Nina minajj
    Nina minajj 13 minutes ago

    Dreads are not for white people stop it

  • ρυρρу fяιиʝα
    ρυρρу fяιиʝα 13 minutes ago

    Anyone else watching this having a mental breakdown and eating freeze dried strawberries Just me ....ok

  • Jjcmj 99
    Jjcmj 99 14 minutes ago

    I’m loving that sweatshirt 💗

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green 17 minutes ago

    I love how she called that routine "effortless" with about 20 brush ends wrapped in her hair. Looked gorgeous though.

  • Jasmine Ruiz
    Jasmine Ruiz 17 minutes ago

    8:30 is literally me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christina Renee
    Christina Renee 17 minutes ago

    Tbh I didn’t really like batiste bc its a strong smell and made my hair feel super powdery 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • roby oly
    roby oly 17 minutes ago

    You look Amazing in this video💖(i follow you from Rome)

  • Hanni Boar
    Hanni Boar 18 minutes ago

    I brushed out my dreads too because they were too heavy it broke my heart

  • Femke Fennema
    Femke Fennema 18 minutes ago

    I had dreadlocks too for 4 years. If you have them for a longer period you see them get mature, it really is a process and you have to be patient before they get how dreadlocks should look. So I think that is why it is a big thing taking them out. You can't really just take dreadlocks again because then you have to start again from the beginning of the process

  • A&T squad
    A&T squad 19 minutes ago

    I'd let you do whatever to my hair and not show me until your done!! Lol

  • Leila Taylor
    Leila Taylor 20 minutes ago

    Hey Brad! I’m trying to buy Prismatic Glow on your website but it’s not working :( I’m in Australia too.. do you freight here??? Xo

  • HEEL_Rollins
    HEEL_Rollins 20 minutes ago

    “I’m not obsessed with that” “Why are you asking for that” *cue weird angle* *cue sour face*

  • Jam Lee
    Jam Lee 20 minutes ago

    Yo I just found you and you're funny as hell lol

  • A&T squad
    A&T squad 22 minutes ago

    I'm mad you didnt include the pics they took in this video 😢

  • Savannah Bickell
    Savannah Bickell 24 minutes ago

    Yes Brad, you know we want to see you put in dread extensions now

  • Orania Hiccup
    Orania Hiccup 26 minutes ago


  • Imseneeme *
    Imseneeme * 26 minutes ago

    YT keeps changing my notifications to personalized and don't show any of Brad videos 😠 YT u beech leave my choices, i wanna stare on Brad 👀

  • Molly Domoney
    Molly Domoney 28 minutes ago

    P.Js are beautiful aren’t they?!

  • Maria Mehau
    Maria Mehau 34 minutes ago

    I have normal hair and now I wanna do dreadlocks, probably the same as Ashley as my hair can't be tease as some

  • Lenia Offermann
    Lenia Offermann 35 minutes ago

    i used to have synthetic dreadlocks and it took me 2 days to put them on, then after almost 6 months i took them off and on the same day i started doing my own hair dreadlocks. i left them for 1 year and took them off again! i loved them but I dont regret brushing them out!

  • Krisi ._.
    Krisi ._. 36 minutes ago

    19:30 that’s what my natural hair looks like every freaking day

  • Brittany
    Brittany 37 minutes ago

    The last girl out here lookin like Hagrid when she brushed her curls.

  • alonyaJ
    alonyaJ 38 minutes ago

    Brad, your own hair is amazing.

  • 사라_05
    사라_05 39 minutes ago

    Hey beaitiful!?!? I am in my unoform dude!!duhhhh!!!

  • Laura Castaneda
    Laura Castaneda 40 minutes ago

    Have you ever tried blue shampoo????

  • horrorghoul
    horrorghoul 40 minutes ago

    Oh when I was a teen I used finger paints so I could wash out colors and have a different one the next day.

  • Laura Castaneda
    Laura Castaneda 40 minutes ago

    Have you tried blue shampoo????

  • Riley Tiresius
    Riley Tiresius 40 minutes ago

    Lol he's reading all the letter "s" as the letter "f". I think it's just how they printed back then.

  • Rebecca Mallaburn
    Rebecca Mallaburn 40 minutes ago

    Last girl hair awesome, but why can’t they tidy their room before recording a video 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Bianca Reynolds
    Bianca Reynolds 41 minute ago

    You are NOT annoying in the slightest. You are the sweetest guy and I could watch you all day. Currently got my 3C/4A hair in twists and that's time consuming enough. Hat's off to anyone who has the patience and skill for locs!

  • Haya Syed
    Haya Syed 41 minute ago

    BRAD - hey Beautiful!❣️ Me - watching while being emotionally unstable. 😶🙃

  • Jessica And Rebecca
    Jessica And Rebecca 45 minutes ago

    Poor jojo almost balding because of this high, tight ponytail

  • chibitails
    chibitails 46 minutes ago

    Noticed something flicked in the air at 14:23. Couldn’t really tell what it was, but I had to watch it a few times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

  • yung j
    yung j 49 minutes ago

    daaaamn ur thumbnail lookin good, im here for it lmao 😂😍😍

  • Honeymoon Avenue
    Honeymoon Avenue 53 minutes ago

    Coconut oil is actually supposed to help moisturize your scalp from getting rid of so much dandruff and you should wash it out this was my experience with it if you can’t stand too much dandruff coconut oil helps it also helps your hair to grow but having dandruff when you’re getting out of the shower is normal dont expect all of that dandruff to fall out just showering once. However you want to do it is up to you after the second time I showered during the week the dandruff really started to reduce and decrease I loved the results I got idk why I explained that but maybe others needed this lol hope it helps haha Note: I did use shampoo 🧴 lol btw don’t come for me but because of the different texture of my hair I don’t like using conditioner because it actually dries my ends I tried different kinds I know what works for my hair so whatever works for your hair just do it I use essential oils it keeps my hair ends healthy I’ve had no problems but my hair has grown a ton you don’t have to follow other girls/guys hair tips or anything there’s really no wrong way

  • Daija Matthews
    Daija Matthews 54 minutes ago

    I feel like it’s crazy to put natural oils on hair when you’re about to heat style. Bc what does oil do when you heat it up? It fries. You are not making fried chicken sis. Try again. Also the first girl pointed the blow dry nozzle up which raises the cuticle. Keep it pointed down.

  • Nida Niyaz
    Nida Niyaz 56 minutes ago

    The 2nd girl's hair was AWESOMEEEE!!

  • count-on-me
    count-on-me 59 minutes ago

    only one of these girls actually had locs. there is a reason that locs are black hairstyle. the first girl talking about mold in her hair being one of them. bc naturally curly hair is so porous it absorbs all the moisture it can get. personally not a fan of white girls/people getting locs their hair just doesn't loc the way it should and they end up looking like matted lumps on their head. they don't understand the maintenance needed to have proper good looking locs, the hours needed to retwist the every month or more depending on hair growth, the time needed to properly clean the hair. To me it seems like they do it to be "edgy" and "alternative". I have yet to see locs on a white person that actually look good. also hate when they call them dreads or dreadlocks, I'm on Team Locs just bc the term dreadlocks is so loaded. In white media they like to use dreadlocks in a derogatory manner. while to Rastafarians dreadlocks are part a lifestyle not just a hairstyle.

  • Maryanne Moll
    Maryanne Moll 59 minutes ago

    I want to grow my hair to tailbone length. It is naturally straight and thick and it is now bra-length. Right now I keep it always in a simple braid down my back as a protective style for day and night. What other easy protective styles would you recommend?

  • Sumedha Sharma
    Sumedha Sharma Hour ago

    Last girls hair after she took out the dreads and groomed them😍😍😍

  • Kimberley Plumbridge

    React to ch527kerosene's dreads!

  • Angel sighTV
    Angel sighTV Hour ago

    Ugghh putting the dreads back in...nooooo,why leave them out

  • Nara K
    Nara K Hour ago

    watch my hair journey by isabella demarko please

  • young fabulous and broke

    i love brad's hair color rn 😭

  • lilgaycuck
    lilgaycuck Hour ago

    why do yhite people get locs i don’t get it??

  • Mary Bateman
    Mary Bateman Hour ago

    That last girl looked totally stunning with corkscrew curls! It complimented her feminine and rounded face shape

  • Holly Fenwick
    Holly Fenwick Hour ago

    Brad... have you been fighting off bears? 👀

  • Rochelle Miller
    Rochelle Miller Hour ago

    This is weird I was literally rewatching this video 2 minutes before you had posted this😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lesley Joseph
    Lesley Joseph Hour ago

    1. I agree with you on coconut oil, I only use it to seal my hair after I have deep conditioned and moisturized it so that my hair doesn't dry out especially if I'm air drying my hair and it just locks in the moisture. 2. Again I agree with you on the concentrator nozzle because when I had relaxed hair I actually fried my hair because I did not use a concentrator nozzle and yip, just ended up with burnt hair that started breaking and dropping. 3. For me to blow dry my hair as straight as possible it needs to be wet, not dripping wet but at least soaking wet. 4. With the last girl, she's using what is called the tension method, I can't do this tho cuz it would never straighten out the curls. 5.Okay Brad this is one of my fav youtubers when I was learning about natural hair care so I gotta give you some background, she has a history with heat damage which is why she keeps her flat iron at a certain temperature to prevent it from re-occurring so its never a sleek look when she's done but at least she's happy with it. 6. I use a fine tooth comb because I get trouble with a brush. Thanks for the information

  • Colasante Venezia

    I bought loreal hombres for like 2 years.... 😑 😑 Oupsy guilty.. I stopped though

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan Hour ago

    I'm in so much love with barad mondo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarahclaire MUA
    Sarahclaire MUA Hour ago

    Brad ur channel makes me happy 😃 I have learnt soooo much about hair too

  • FaeBelle
    FaeBelle Hour ago

    Oof I had bangs for 17 years before I decided to grow them out- and that took about 4 years to do. 😂 They’re cute but whenever I want bangs again I use the clip in ones you can get from most websites that sell hair extensions cause I don’t want to go through that process again

  • LovesDarkBlue
    LovesDarkBlue Hour ago

    Eric’s natural look in the beginning gives me Danny Zuko vibes. Anyone else? Like his hair and face

  • Ann Thi Doan
    Ann Thi Doan Hour ago

    That is so true! I use to have an attachment to my silver/blonde for about 6 almost 7 years! But when I finally dyed my hair back to black, it was such a relief. 🤧

  • Yana Diachok
    Yana Diachok Hour ago

    Your natural hair 🔥

  • Sheera
    Sheera Hour ago

    Sweet ass hairdresser can tell his client be loving him

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green Hour ago

    The worst nightmare for anybody with dreadlocks: dreadrot Thank the hair gods I've here had it and never do have it.

  • Lakshay Kumar
    Lakshay Kumar Hour ago

    and i have so much Fuuuunnnnn watching your reactions every time 😄😄😄😘❤from INDIA

  • Morgana Cannon
    Morgana Cannon Hour ago

    Dude I'm living for your hair today Brad it's goooooorgeous. It's like you decided today was luxurious hair day and made sure your own hair matched 😊

  • sofie bay
    sofie bay Hour ago

    I love brown hair❤️😍

  • Amanda Macias
    Amanda Macias Hour ago

    Brad:You look ravishing Me on the toilet:Mhm but I'm poopin🤔

  • Gracianne Kirsch

    Brad nooo don’t be a white person with dreadlocks ur so sexy aha

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith Hour ago

    Brad I think your shirt is a little ripped 😂

  • Roman Arana
    Roman Arana Hour ago

    Admit he’s a pretty boy

  • Kloe Scott
    Kloe Scott Hour ago

    levels of female mental breakdowns: level one: posting “i don’t needa man😤” on snapchat for no reason level two: starts hanging out with people she used to hate level three: ditching her friends level four: coloring her hair like green or red at home level five: *warning, dangerous territory* bangs

  • rainbow wolf
    rainbow wolf Hour ago

    My mom wanted to get the gray box dye. She showed me(she has light brown hair) so I shut that down real quick before watching this cause I knew it would be a bad idea cause you can’t get to silver like that

  • Gizella Varga
    Gizella Varga Hour ago

    Post script-Brad:Lauren what the hell Me:bursting out loud and keep replaying it cause it's so funny post script(Again)-Its on 00:57 seconds Post script (Once AGAIN)-This is my 2nd day watching you and this is the best channel I have ever looked through and congrats on more than 3.7Million subscribers Post script(The billionth time)-Can you please do my hair?😂 Just kidding

  • becka xo
    becka xo Hour ago

    do a video of you getting dreads. 😂

  • Juliana Valderrama

    This one had me laughing out loud, so entertaining Brad getting mad is so relateable haha

  • Keri Nair
    Keri Nair Hour ago

    I don't know why no one is talking about how nice Brad's hair looks!! it really suits him. He looks so fresh!

  • Ivy ROSES
    Ivy ROSES Hour ago

    That is why white people should not get dreads.

  • Seek The Truth
    Seek The Truth Hour ago

    Yikes! Brad is a FREAK! Thumbs DOWN!!!

  • Martina
    Martina Hour ago

    Brad you should wear your hair like this more often. Lookin like a snack lol. No, but really😁

  • Hope Sunshine
    Hope Sunshine Hour ago

    Daddy Braddy 😂😂 sorry I thought of this because I’m sleep deprived

  • 0oohhhlala
    0oohhhlala Hour ago

    Thank you! I now don't feel bad when I take my braids down ever two months. I lose a bit of hair but to me it seems like a lot.

  • ruthitutitu p.
    ruthitutitu p. Hour ago

    why does he watch These Videos of two White Girls combing out her "locs" and ( i´m at Minute 10`45) NEVER talks About it being an extremly problematic and racist Thing? White People appropriating Black culture??? disgostang

  • brizzleyoh
    brizzleyoh Hour ago

    My dreads just hold a lot of energy and memories from over the years. I literally have a birthday for them which is February 5th! I can’t even imagine getting rid of them anytime soon. I totally relate to the girl crying when she took them out.

  • xXItzKashaGeeXx
    xXItzKashaGeeXx Hour ago

    *hey depression how you doing today? What you gonna do to me to make sure I ain't straight? What you gonna to make my heart ache? What you gonna do to me to make my self hate, huh?* It's been stuck in my head all day and I really like this like part of this rap.

  • Moonlit Witch
    Moonlit Witch Hour ago

    i remember when i had extensions to my ass and myhair was SO heavy, removed them and cut a lot of my hair off and it was so odd, i had an headache for 3 days and my head felt so light

  • Bobbi Cline
    Bobbi Cline Hour ago

    Sooo, last year my friend wanted green hair, and he was like dark brown hair and he didnt wanna bleach it. It practically was black for a week or so

  • Sexual Taco
    Sexual Taco Hour ago

    *Me watching this while eating ice cream and feeling like crap* Yes, I am beauty

  • nathan Fenty
    nathan Fenty Hour ago

    Yass first girl repping the geordie accent

  • millijames
    millijames Hour ago

    If you’re vitamin deficient then supplementing it will help. But you have to be very deficient for it to effect your hair. (I’ve had alopecia areata and tried EVERYTHING - the only thing that helped was controlling my stress levels)

  • Stephanie lomeli

    Dude, your shirt is ripped.

  • Ash Paterson
    Ash Paterson Hour ago

    Brads hair looking natural and great

  • Fahima Hussein
    Fahima Hussein Hour ago

    Brad: Hey Beautiful Me: *looking homeless and my hair doing up gang signs*! Love it

  • Sydney Grace
    Sydney Grace Hour ago

    Whoa, I LOVE that hair colour on you ! So hot ! My twin and I are huge fans of yours 😊

  • EpicEmilyy. Original!

    Now I want them 😭😭

  • Raven Gardner
    Raven Gardner Hour ago

    Logo on computer: Live life extra your Live your life extra Live extra life your Life extra live your

  • TheMadamDragon
    TheMadamDragon Hour ago

    Lauren Wolfe’s hair is all her own! They’re not extensions in her hair originally. She had way long hair to start and she has ausbergers so that’s why it’s taken such a toll on her. So glad you reacted to her video she’s super cool 😎

  • sindija leitmane

    20 sec add are u fucking kidding me

  • Kira Mirska
    Kira Mirska Hour ago

    Please take a look at Mörges hair colouring video, you will love it 🙏❤️

  • Tangerina
    Tangerina Hour ago

    Brad: "Hey beautiful, you look ravishing" Me, just woke up, flu and high fever, can barely get any voice out: "thank you" I took out 6 year old set of dreadlocks last summer, it was a really REALLY hard decision. It also took me a month because I'm lazy and took out 1 to 2 a day lol.