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  • Dennis ufot
    Dennis ufot Day ago

    Great inspiration. Thank Ken

  • Guy Arnold
    Guy Arnold Month ago

    Great comment : 'you can do a paint by numbers approach to life, or you can choose to paint your masterpiece on a blank canvas'. This man not only speaks amazing sense, but also has the data to back them up! This could be compulsory viewing for anyone just about to leave college.

  • Cassandra Upham
    Cassandra Upham 2 months ago

    My professor had my class watch this video, I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated

  • suraj gaikwad
    suraj gaikwad 4 months ago

    The management guru...Jims collin

  • Modus Ponens
    Modus Ponens 7 months ago

    This dude's intense. Loved his book Good to Great.

  • SubwingOTR
    SubwingOTR 7 months ago

    16:40 Servant Leadership - For those who came here for that concept

  • SubwingOTR
    SubwingOTR 7 months ago

    9:22 Did he just say the N word????

    • DruckerInst
      DruckerInst 7 months ago

      There's an unfortunate skip in this audio recording. He said "naysayers," which begins with the letter N.

    • SubwingOTR
      SubwingOTR 7 months ago

      I'm guessing he said dump the "nay-sayers" but dang that was bad timing to have the sound cut out.

  • Lhacen BELHCEN
    Lhacen BELHCEN 11 months ago

    Thanks a lot. Inspiring.

  • Mitch Earleywine

    Can you imagine being allowed to board a plane with no identification but your picture on a book?

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee Year ago

    Peter Drucker was not a Christian by his own admission. What have you to do with anything that he helped launch? The Emergent church may very well be a big part of the Great Apostasy.

  • K Monae
    K Monae Year ago

    Great teaching for my leadership class, changed my mind & motivated me to really do better as a follower & leader!

  • Liege Lord
    Liege Lord Year ago

    I welcome you Jim Collins to my board of directors

  • Ci Si
    Ci Si Year ago

    This is a shift in mind

  • Brad Brown
    Brad Brown Year ago

    How does a secularist redefine ecclesiology? So now the Church is an organization? No longer the Bride of Christ.

  • Pedro Zaragoza
    Pedro Zaragoza Year ago


  • Clarence White
    Clarence White Year ago


  • Hania Krawczyk
    Hania Krawczyk Year ago

    I think this is great and funny video, thanks for posting this.

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 2 years ago

    Yeah management is the most important part of every business. and to manage my work and my organisation i used #OpusTime and i really helped me managing my business from client handling to record keeping. Highly Recommended for every business

  • zaidoun abuhassan
    zaidoun abuhassan 2 years ago

    This is just superb ! Amazing :)

  • Gary McNeely
    Gary McNeely 2 years ago

    one of the very best management videos out there.

  • Rakubu Sokana
    Rakubu Sokana 3 years ago

    Jim Collins wow....inspirational

  • Dr. Michael Henry
    Dr. Michael Henry 3 years ago


    • Alan Fox
      Alan Fox 2 months ago

      Why don't you go to the department of motor vehicles?

  • Abdo Zandani
    Abdo Zandani 3 years ago


  • ramesh sharma FB
    ramesh sharma FB 3 years ago

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    ramesh sharma FB 3 years ago

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    ramesh sharma FB 3 years ago

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  • Mary M
    Mary M 3 years ago

    Had to watch this for one of my graduate courses tonight--thouroughly enjoyed watching this man speak!

    • turbine
      turbine 3 years ago

      thanks for the tip

  • Michael Wren
    Michael Wren 3 years ago

    Ridiculous, Manipulative CRAP!! Don't be deceived tricked or fooled . . . . . . . "IT is NOT all about YOU!!"

  • adnel st clair
    adnel st clair 3 years ago

    The lake of fire is gonna be one big party!!! smh

  • Angela R
    Angela R 3 years ago

    Excellent leadership.... forget the rules, together we can do this, be passionate and provide servant leadership. You are here to serve others. That is our purpose! Self-worth should be in generosity, time, love and compassion vs. excessive financial gain.

  • Deezy24
    Deezy24 3 years ago

    Phenomenal speech!

  • EducationTV
    EducationTV 3 years ago

    Learn how to find your strength right now. Please help me with my new channel; I am trying to create as much value for you for free.

  • International Institute for Learning (IIL)

    Spectacular leadership story explained through a nice animation! Often more times than not, it will be the leader who makes the difference in any given situation.

  • Huntsville Barter
    Huntsville Barter 4 years ago

    Can anyone tell me what the key parts are in this video? I have a question for a class and do not have time to watch it.

  • saint polycarp
    saint polycarp 4 years ago

    "...Look at everyone through My Eyes Always look on your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues through My Eyes. Always look for the good side. Show love to them and they will feel My Presence. They will be drawn to you and won’t know why...." Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ -See more TheWarningSecondComing dotcom s

  • Timothy Phelan
    Timothy Phelan 4 years ago

    Greatest 1 hour spent learning from a true mentor of leadership. Thank you!

  • Abraham Smith
    Abraham Smith 4 years ago

    maybe awesome ]

    • Alan Fox
      Alan Fox 2 months ago

      Why don't you go to the DMV?

  • Theresa Ortega
    Theresa Ortega 4 years ago

    Wow, I'm just sad that, having read a few of his books in the 80's, I've NEVER actually seen him speak, live or on video. WHAT A TREAT!!! This guy rocks, he is so genuine. Love a few f-bombs here and there, it makes him very real, too.

  • Sachin Bhide
    Sachin Bhide 4 years ago

    Wonderful idea, thank you for sharing! My wife had introduced a 'power play' concept to her team. The idea was that in 'power play' hour team will not access emails and mobile phones.

  • Bhagavat Gita
    Bhagavat Gita 5 years ago

    Thank you

  • Mary Scaletta
    Mary Scaletta 5 years ago

    This is so good! Could you please fill in more information about this video like where was this given, and what was the exact date (the video makes it obvious that it was given on Peter Drucker's birthday but was his birthday on his exact birthday which would have been Nov. 19, 2009)? Thanks!

  • Pardon Kikiwa
    Pardon Kikiwa 5 years ago

    Thank you, and be blessed sir.

  • Hans Mandalas
    Hans Mandalas 5 years ago

    Yes... Humility is the key....Great Leader

  • Anod Gurung
    Anod Gurung 5 years ago

    inspiring and liberating. It's a blessing to have Jim in my Board of Directors ;) Thank you for wonderful advise.

  • huynh huy
    huynh huy 5 years ago


  • Manu Forster
    Manu Forster 5 years ago

    The market paradigm can be & has to be overcome and dissolved... we can interact productively and creatively without relying on the rituals of buying and selling. Market relations question, distort and corrupt our natural motivation to interact in solidarity as social beings. Economical deliberations, procedures and rituals create friction, complication and conflict. We will overcome our conditioning as market participants. We will overcome our socialization in rivalry and delimitation.

  • Fire Castle Channel
    Fire Castle Channel 5 years ago

    My prof in Principle of Management in hrm-111 brought me here :)

  • Afrikansuperman
    Afrikansuperman 6 years ago

    DruckerInst·thank u for posting this

  • Afrikansuperman
    Afrikansuperman 6 years ago

    THis is a man after my heart just watched it twice.. he is indeed wise

    SANGWOOK PARK 6 years ago

    I love him

  • george salano
    george salano 6 years ago


  • Monterious Phillip
    Monterious Phillip 6 years ago


  • John K Lindgren
    John K Lindgren 6 years ago


  • Jim Tayler
    Jim Tayler 6 years ago

    Great leader.

  • Henry Andrews
    Henry Andrews 6 years ago

    Great keynote address.

  • Shelly Bentley
    Shelly Bentley 6 years ago

    I liked this video because I think it showed what leadership really is, leading by example. The leader put himself right out front and made himself available. If the people in your charge are not operating smoothly and knowledgeably at their jobs, one does not tend to put himself out there. The leader also made sure that his employees knew not only their jobs, but all positions in case it was needed that they fill in for someone else.

  • Lisa Boyle
    Lisa Boyle 6 years ago

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  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall 6 years ago

    One of the best business leader speeches due to the variety of valuable lessons.

  • Franklin Minang
    Franklin Minang 6 years ago

    great obama

  • joe garbanzos
    joe garbanzos 6 years ago

    am a Drucker EMBA, class of '86... His age is surely showing but his ideas are timeless.

  • Kingsley Kwayisi
    Kingsley Kwayisi 6 years ago

    Very insightful. You cannot be too quick to judge until you have an understanding of the issues at stake. May we have the patience and humility to assess people without our prejudice

  • jk0man
    jk0man 6 years ago

    I can hear it very well. Its wonderful takl!

  • 黃麗伃
    黃麗伃 6 years ago


  • 黃麗伃
    黃麗伃 6 years ago


  • 黃麗伃
    黃麗伃 6 years ago


  • Scotty Newman
    Scotty Newman 6 years ago

    I find it sad that this man Rick Warren who so many follow was mentored by a man who openly declared that he was not born again. Yes I am sad but not surprised, seeing the apostacy embraced by Rick Warren.

  • green house
    green house 6 years ago

    you will be a good leader only when you could control your temper.

  • watcbd
    watcbd 6 years ago

    This is like saying “Why still buy body building books by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hes old and fat!” Yes, he is older and fatter, but at the time he was following the principals in the book he was one of the most fit people in the world. The same is true of the “Good to Great” and “Build to Last” companies. Today they may be “Older and Fatter” at the time they were analyzed for the book they were the most fit companies in the world and studying them at that point is of the utmost importance.

  • Ron Gurba, Jr.
    Ron Gurba, Jr. 6 years ago

    FIRE the VIDEOGRAPHER who can't figure out how to PAN and ZOOM properly. What a moron.

  • CaCh Attacks
    CaCh Attacks 6 years ago

    Walk the talk is key for it is much easy to tell people what you can not do...walk the talk is not easy but is the only way to teach people and to have a long lasting impact.

  • Jesse Lin
    Jesse Lin 6 years ago

    What a great man! I'm honored by listening, learning from this speech. Thank you sir

  • dmartingti
    dmartingti 6 years ago

    Good point. The core strengths in those companies as put forward by Collins had been eroded by the time they got into trouble.

  • Douglas Dutra
    Douglas Dutra 6 years ago

    Perfect !!!

  • thlu
    thlu 6 years ago

    I totally agree with fiveonenine68. Jim's findings are based on empirical data. But past performance does not guarantee future results. If a successful company stops adhering to the core values that made it successful in the first place, it will tank. Just look at Apple after Jobs left in 1985 and before he returned in 1997. It almost disappeared.The fact that Jim's business ideas are "blatantly obvious" makes them more credible. I believe all great principles should be fundamentally simple.

  • Doanh Do
    Doanh Do 6 years ago

    can you share that paper?

  • wm Sulaiman
    wm Sulaiman 7 years ago


  • Paul Lyons
    Paul Lyons 7 years ago

    Job description - To reorganize the department on a moment to moment basis depending on the citizens need. Great quote.

  • Roy Barden
    Roy Barden 7 years ago

    I was one of those lucky students sent out into the world by Charles Handy to write down what I saw - over 20 years ago. I still have the paper and refer to it now!

    • Ugo Chukwujiaka
      Ugo Chukwujiaka Year ago

      I'll like to hear about your experience and read your paper if you are willing to share. Exploring inquiry based learning.

  • MovieBookTunesGirl
    MovieBookTunesGirl 7 years ago

    I was busting a gut! This was hilarious! It's like one of those after-school specials, except that the main character wasn't a fake, superficial idiot! Although, the girl knowing about the five steps was almost unrealistic, but it did make me snicker! This was eally funny! Informative, too, if you're into that. ;)

  • mklik4
    mklik4 7 years ago

    I don't mind the animation, but why the noise?

  • ppfuchs
    ppfuchs 7 years ago

    Gail is terrific in her general way of expressing things!!

  • james loh
    james loh 7 years ago

    just delete it..cant hear.wasted.

  • altaskier3
    altaskier3 7 years ago

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  • Salisbury2015
    Salisbury2015 7 years ago

    What an excellent presentation. It really reminded me of what's most important: serving others. I'm hoping to one day be the kind of servant leader he describes. It's not always easy, and sometimes we can get caught up in the "thick of thin things." This is a helpful reminder of where our true priorities should be.

  • crashdoyle
    crashdoyle 7 years ago

    Very inspirational speaker, great stories. I could listen to him for longer.

  • Paul Mudd
    Paul Mudd 7 years ago

    The one minute series of books would have to be one of the best series of books. In truth anything this man has had any hand in writing is a great teacher.

  • acefljo
    acefljo 7 years ago

    In 9:21, who did he say you have to dump (negative people) in your life?

    • DruckerInst
      DruckerInst 7 months ago

      There's an unfortunate skip in this audio recording. He said "naysayers," which begins with the letter N.

  • g
    g 7 years ago

    poor audio quality

  • David Kirzner
    David Kirzner 7 years ago

    Excellent. Not only for kids but also for grown-ups. Congratulations Drucker Institute on this wonderful initiative. Management principles are useful for everyone no matter how old you are. I wish I have had seen cartoons like that when I was a kid!

  • TV 2 FILM
    TV 2 FILM 7 years ago

    I Really Like The Video From Your Drucker on Competition

  • TV 2 FILM
    TV 2 FILM 7 years ago

    I Really Like The Video From Your Drucker on Competition

  • Kwame Rubadiri
    Kwame Rubadiri 7 years ago

    Absolutely inspiring and full of simple life-affirming truths, Charles Handy beautifully traces a path to effective leadership at a time we desperately need it. An excellent lecture.

  • Derek Williamson
    Derek Williamson 7 years ago

    @MrREH1962 The fact they went bankrupt does not debunk anything he has talked about in his books. In fact, if you look further into WHY these companies failed and the type of leadership at the time of failure, it likely reaffirms his findings.

  • Sano Vita
    Sano Vita 7 years ago

    I love your channel

  • Robert H
    Robert H 7 years ago

    People are still listening to this guy? Two of his "Good to Great" companies have declared bankruptcy and one required $25 Billion in bailout funds and few of his "Built to Last" companies actually lasted. He is a master at getting people to buy his books and worshiping his blatently obvious business ideas.

    • sama jahanpour
      sama jahanpour 11 months ago

      What i got from his book is that if you stop following good principles, regardless of your previous success you will fail. Success is not a destination rather an ongoing process

  • David Sunn
    David Sunn 7 years ago

    I think you've got some great stuff here.

  • عبدالله ال محيا

    Three circles 40:00

    • M S
      M S 8 months ago


  • عبدالله ال محيا

    built to last 36:00

    • M S
      M S 8 months ago


  • عبدالله ال محيا

    Stockdale Paradox. 32:20

    • M S
      M S 8 months ago


  • عبدالله ال محيا

    Good to great 21:12

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      M S 8 months ago