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  • Marilyn Trigg
    Marilyn Trigg 3 hours ago

    megans dad is a dickhead

  • Robo Master
    Robo Master 3 hours ago

    This is why woman need a good beating once in a while

  • Peggy Rannick
    Peggy Rannick 3 hours ago

    MTF...She was one of the boys...

  • Lubbock 7
    Lubbock 7 3 hours ago

    Wonder if they could buy bullet proof umbrellas

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil 3 hours ago

    I can't get over the fact that something more happened behind the scenes leading up to this. I personally don't believe the full story is known quite yet. We just see the results of some unknown decisions behind the scenes that led to this decision. I wish there were greater details given... I sense too much murkiness about this process. It's not transparent enough and I have so many questions. If they had the option to stay, a fool would only depart from inherited wealth. The chances of being born into royalty is absolutely minute... I just don't get this decision. It's completely stupid to me.

  • Natasha Bennett
    Natasha Bennett 3 hours ago

    I feel sorry for Meghan! The queen paid Meghan's father and half - sister to lie about her, so they can use Meghan hide behind their SCANDALS. Mainly Andrew's ALLEGATIONS! They trying to use her to help make CATHERINE LOOK GOOD!!!!! IT'S SO OBVIOUS!!!!!! IT'S REALLY SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 3 hours ago

    Fellow Star Wars battlefront 2 player I respect ✊

  • Punani Tsunami 1312
    Punani Tsunami 1312 3 hours ago

    They look like ISIS terrorists

  • MsSparklesNGlitter
    MsSparklesNGlitter 3 hours ago

    No we don't want the American actress

  • Masada Judea
    Masada Judea 3 hours ago

    "Following World War II, the Lebanese capital became a tourist destination and financial capital, nicknamed “the Paris of the Middle East” thanks to its French influences and vibrant cultural and intellectual life." Then in 1975 the religion of peace started a civil war that has dragged on and off since.

  • Abu Bardewa
    Abu Bardewa 3 hours ago

    How is this newsworthy? It''s a red herring for Prince Andrew.

  • Bryan Arce
    Bryan Arce 3 hours ago


  • Mr. Alpha
    Mr. Alpha 3 hours ago

    So the Joker is designing planes now? What a shift in his career

  • Les Moore
    Les Moore 3 hours ago

    I'm not from the UK but I'd like to have Big Ben Bong just to piss off every leftist there.

  • TheAgukala
    TheAgukala 3 hours ago

    British media is fking despicable.

  • S
    S 3 hours ago

    Bless Wrong-Daily for just realising this. He was too busy speaking to the extremely aspirational tankie grifters on Twitter. Rachael_Swindon for example has paid off multiple credit card bills now thanks to Jezzer.

  • rich ernest
    rich ernest 3 hours ago

    Blue Waves knocking on the gates of hell.Guilty is the devil.

  • PTSD53 out n about
    PTSD53 out n about 3 hours ago

    Wish we were allowed to protect ourselves here in UK, its not fair😔, well, il do whatever i can to stand up for myself....😒

  • Duxitisation B
    Duxitisation B 3 hours ago

    "Corbyn did not speak to aspirational voters" What does that mean? How would have that made a difference with Labours policies, ideology and group of idiots that was their shadow front bench.

  • VALIS Machine
    VALIS Machine 3 hours ago

    In the pocket of the Israeli governement, friend of Epstein, and Trumps lawyer. Dirt bag top to bottom. He even plagiarised someone by stealing entire chunks of work in one of his books.

  • sreddi83
    sreddi83 3 hours ago

    This is going to end up like the Wire where Trump is Clay Davis and the Dems go what the hell just happened.

    P.K. SILVER 3 hours ago

    the governor should resign for his fear-mongering...

  • Rotor Head
    Rotor Head 3 hours ago

    We are NOT "Gun Lovers". We are citizens. The role of the Government is is PROTECT the RIGHTS of the Citizens. Northam is a DISGRACE.

  • Cody Barricks
    Cody Barricks 3 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure if all the carbon in the atmosphere couldn't be absorbed by plants then we would have been dead by 1960 we used to run lead gas out of no muffler cmon how was it less bad back then

  • Martin Britton
    Martin Britton 3 hours ago

    It is a very easy mistake to make. Anyone who has travelled the world knows this and has done the same thing many times.

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 3 hours ago

    Gun control is de-arming white people.

  • Kimberly Kardashian
    Kimberly Kardashian 3 hours ago

    Im proud to be an American! And I thank my immigrant parents who risk their lives to give me the chance for an opportunity to live freely. 🆓️☮🏳

  • Cody Barricks
    Cody Barricks 3 hours ago


  • MsWhoEverWhatEver
    MsWhoEverWhatEver 3 hours ago

    I am glad the UK has been outed for the racist country that it is. Maybe it will help to dissolve the commonwealth that helps to keep it afloat. The commonwealth is made up mainly of countries containing people of colour. These countries don’t need the UK. The U.K. needs them and the sooner they dump that blood sucking, leech of a country the better!

  • Picasso Kat Treasures

    There will be plenty of people willing to cash in on them. I feel a little sorry for William and Kate having to pick up all the slack .....I will bet good money that Meghan will be seeking the spotlight again soon.

  • Okan AM
    Okan AM 3 hours ago

    They have to because canada is english land and owned by her grandmother

  • one alleyway
    one alleyway 3 hours ago

    This is the funniest and the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen on the news.

  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong 3 hours ago

    Maybe they could start a charity to provide security to people in need, including themselves. They could use it as a vehicle to give people training in several areas of expertise, to help quality people who need career development.

  • Frances McGloin
    Frances McGloin 3 hours ago

    Well this ungrateful over indulged couple have left ‘toxic uk’ after spending millions of tax payers money. Good luck North America for whatever reason they can’t simply say Canada!

  • Lynn Sands
    Lynn Sands 3 hours ago

    If they want privacy why are they going to open a public charity?

  • Lynn Sands
    Lynn Sands 3 hours ago

    why does Prince Harry have a bouquet of flowers over his head?

    YUSKHAN 3 hours ago

    Over 100 AmeriKKKan troops killed and hundreds wounded 😁 😁 😁

  • wilr1000
    wilr1000 3 hours ago

    Everyone should be allowed a gun . Bring back the wild west .. YEEEE HAWWWW !

    BIG BOSS APPLESAUCE 3 hours ago

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Kaleb S
    Kaleb S 3 hours ago

    I’m not a big fan of press normally, but massive respect to the people covering this movement and going ons in Hong Kong. Very moving pictures. Thanks sky news.

  • N J
    N J 3 hours ago

    What about the Aborigines? How are they doing?

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 3 hours ago

    Alan derschowitz Epstein's lawyer and good friend also involved in the pedophille network

  • Omar 2412
    Omar 2412 3 hours ago

    The media: Im gonna pretend I didnt see that.

  • Tom Friel
    Tom Friel 3 hours ago

    Harry for Governor General

  • danny moon
    danny moon 3 hours ago

    The monarchy met ‘woke’ and got broke.

  • NPR Luis
    NPR Luis 3 hours ago

    Did they find Ramsey’s lamb sauce?

  • Begha Khodat
    Begha Khodat 3 hours ago

    حواست باشه ایندفعه شبکه قطع باشه ممکنه خود ترامپپ طنگ بزنه البته ببخشید ها بنده دیگه نمیگم حرامزاده مادر کونی 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 تو منو عقو کن 😆😂😂😂😂😂

  • Layla Ali
    Layla Ali 3 hours ago

    She looks like another resist white lady

  • Begha Khodat
    Begha Khodat 3 hours ago

    جانتو پیشا پیش قدم نورسیده مبارکه کانادا هوا چطور بود 😂😂😂😂😂 منتهی معما ایندفعه یخورده پیچده تره جا شما دو نفر بودن 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂فکر کنم کوجی یا کوش ایی بوده 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Barber
    John Barber 3 hours ago

    13 seconds in. I would have beaten that idiot to a bloody pulp. Pointing a handgun at me?. Nope.

  • An A-10 Warhog
    An A-10 Warhog 4 hours ago

    It's crazy cuz we don't think if this war with color and brightness I've always seen it in my mind as it always being dark and cloudy

  • Evie170
    Evie170 4 hours ago

    This could really damage the Royal Family, unless they cease all ties to Harry &Meghan, in a similar way to (former King) Edward and Wallis Simpson.

  • Adam Ali
    Adam Ali 4 hours ago

    The Royal elites are murderers who killed his mother.

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 4 hours ago

    I want to do something about climate change but I want to keep driving my straight pipe Mustang which is really loud and gaseous. I am at an impasse

  • julio santiago
    julio santiago 4 hours ago

    46:06 Who is singing this "tears for fears" cover?

  • Victoria Clark
    Victoria Clark 4 hours ago

    What is the documentary piece that is being referred to here?

  • annkus3
    annkus3 4 hours ago

    It wasn't the police fault it was the bad protesters making trouble for the good ones. I think they forgot about what they are protesting about, dumbass.

  • Jersey Poodle
    Jersey Poodle 4 hours ago

    Dershowitz is a pedo. He was a logged visitor to epstein's island.

  • Jorden Belanic
    Jorden Belanic 4 hours ago

    What a funny guy, Putin is cool

  • Dru White
    Dru White 4 hours ago

    Bit too late lol

  • Dead0Fire
    Dead0Fire 4 hours ago

    Don't care.

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips 4 hours ago

    This story (albeit the reporter not so much) made me proud. Proud of my state capitol even though its in the wrong hands attm & proud of my fellow Virginian's for their acts today!

  • Andy
    Andy 4 hours ago

    How did your plan to get rid of the right wing conservatives go Steve? The country doesn't agree with your views Steve.

  • Charlie Bruce
    Charlie Bruce 4 hours ago

    Two money grabbing couple using the royal name .and trying to rubbish Britain with false racist claims.harry is so gullible he can’t see how she is manipulating him and it was her plan all along

      INTHE GENES 3 hours ago

      Well he will have a long lonely life in front of him while she goes off to do her 'negro single mother' thing and he can contemplate it then.

  • Shahrukh Rahman
    Shahrukh Rahman 4 hours ago

    i still love 737 MAX. They're very unique and equipped with the latest tech, only problem was lack of pilot training as they thought everyone knows how to control a 737, cause its a 737! Almost anyone can fly this super convenient aircraft.

  • Boba Fettish
    Boba Fettish 4 hours ago

    Such a trash story they couldn't even bother with stereo sound.

  • Agnes Johnson
    Agnes Johnson 4 hours ago

    This foolish man and her daughter samantha soo fools.he is digging his own holes.

  • Steven Bennett
    Steven Bennett 4 hours ago

    That piece of guido trash is a gun? I wouldn't have a POS Beretta for a boat anchor.

  • Constance Taylor
    Constance Taylor 4 hours ago

    They want happiness not a fairly tale life

  • Moon Shine
    Moon Shine 4 hours ago

    I believe , This lawyer must have got millions of dollar to save Mc Donald ?

  • Ian Tegrity
    Ian Tegrity 4 hours ago

    It's a farce. Trump has nothing to answer. If we had a real MSM this nonsense would have been over before it started. Sky is very much part of that Fake MSM.

  • Dandy 935
    Dandy 935 4 hours ago

    Femi is like a 4 year old explaining he wants to play outside

  • ronnie m
    ronnie m 4 hours ago

    Since when did they have a president in Russia. I always thought he was emperor Putin.

  • Jaya Kumar V
    Jaya Kumar V 4 hours ago

    Government: I'm inevitable Putin: I'm Vladimir Putin!

  • Mr. WrongUk
    Mr. WrongUk 4 hours ago

    Deport her of Africa for bants.

  • Sally Cook
    Sally Cook 4 hours ago

    Do people think it’s over the Prince Andrew debacle and Harry not wanting to be part of it .i.e standing his ground?

  • willy cowan
    willy cowan 4 hours ago

    when I see the word NEWS with sky it make me laugh

  • zippy blessed
    zippy blessed 4 hours ago

    He's a Good Dad I wish him long life and good HEALTH

  • Jaya Kumar V
    Jaya Kumar V 4 hours ago

    Imagine being a government and overpowered by one man! World's most powerful man they said, well said!

  • Dante Calabretta
    Dante Calabretta 4 hours ago


  • Dave Strider
    Dave Strider 4 hours ago

    if this happened in nyc they would be murdered if the train was held for 10 minutes

  • Charles Hodge
    Charles Hodge 4 hours ago

    I hate these two and i hate theyre getting all this coverage

  • RedBluePill
    RedBluePill 4 hours ago

    Taking away their guns means only the bad guys can have them. O and the police,,, or is that the same thing? lol

  • Louis Gui
    Louis Gui 4 hours ago

    Finally, a good joke.

  • Jeannie Reynolds
    Jeannie Reynolds 4 hours ago

    Her Dad and Sister are part of and feeding on the media trouble for self gain.

  • i a
    i a 4 hours ago

    00:29 Which "few habitable places"? Where would they be? The place where my family lives now will become a desert.

  • RedBluePill
    RedBluePill 4 hours ago

    'The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a M18 Claymore' I need to get some more M18 Claymores

  • JO
    JO 4 hours ago

    Harry's gone to Canada but for how long, everythings fresh to him at the moment but when the novelty of being an aristocratic peasant has worn off he'll be going back to the palace to convince granny to reinstate his titles and his status. Just watch the fun and games when the inevitable fallout happens and they end up playing pass the baby between Canada and Britain.

  • Lorene Daniel
    Lorene Daniel 4 hours ago

    Harry - I saw a cat with green eyes in my garden. Media - Coward Harry saw a lion and was running for his life , the lion had orange eyes with sunglasses and three legs. This is Megan‘s fault as she wanted to live in Buckingham Palace and not Frogmore cottage. Basically every single thing Harry or Megan says or does will be misinterpreted to suit press desire to mislead.

  • Bart Schwartz
    Bart Schwartz 4 hours ago

    No more than 12 hours per day or 60 hours a week. It’s brutal and yr average is clocked by computer and ur manager cos his laptop all shift. Bathroom is go do yr business and back to work. No chatting just work. I take 600-1.200 msg gel caps per day for 4 days. U ear work sleep then 3 days off. U plan doctor vist on days off. U work for every penny-pincher minute.

  • Richard Laub
    Richard Laub 4 hours ago

    I have watched so many videos about them leaving and I think the only real issue is how the media is losing their "whipping boy and girl". The media seems very angry to lose their meal tickets in regards to Meghan and Harry. The media's behavior has made the decision easier for both of them. Britain's media really like to go after those that can't really protect themselves. I see them as bullies looking for an easy target and they found one in Meghan and knew she could not refute innuendo and petty criticisms. Those all add up to them wanting to leave. British media seems very petty and all they want is more headlines and money. They push people into mistakes then jump on their backs or kick them while they are down. Now they will have to contend with the rest of the Royal family which is not that interesting to the rest of the world or to Great Britain for that matter. I watched Piers Morgan talk about how he met Meghan and they hit it off, then she ghosted him after meeting Harry. Did he think she was going to continue to be in his circle after meeting Harry? How stupid was he? Did he think she would be a spy for him and get dirt on the Royals? She had to ghost him because she was now loyal to harry and the inner circle. He seem like a bitter old man to most of us in the US. I wonder if after all he has said if he will ever work here again. What a jerk. I also notice all the old men that commented about racism in regards to Meghan have said, "There was no racist comments". They need to get in touch with the year 2020 not 1920. Will never visit Britain again.

  • Manoo42
    Manoo42 4 hours ago

    If we in the UK never see these 2 leeches ever again it will be too soon....but I certainly DO NOT want to be coughing up £millions/year for security for this idiot and his gold digger.

  • Hair R US
    Hair R US 4 hours ago

    Glad Antifa didn't show up.

  • Esther Mccrea
    Esther Mccrea 4 hours ago

    Listen its because of the constant media and attention let the be and get on with their life's

  • Simon Ci
    Simon Ci 4 hours ago

    They can clean toilets in pubs, if they need to earn money

  • Scott Stooksbury
    Scott Stooksbury 4 hours ago

    Yes, TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 4 hours ago

    Free immigration advisor consult them

  • ZorroIsGod1
    ZorroIsGod1 4 hours ago

    media spin doctors..... with a trojen horse renting mom owns all imposing grafiady rant gang stickers on the Indian trade wampum treaty police.....Turtle Island

  • Bonney Dahlquist
    Bonney Dahlquist 4 hours ago

    Europe should pay attention.

    • 13
      13 4 hours ago

      To what?

  • Vib Biv
    Vib Biv 4 hours ago

    Bright. Now that I answered your question, go give some attention to the pedo prince.