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  • LambShanks
    LambShanks 14 seconds ago

    those posh boys wouldn't last 5 mins in a public school

  • Kenny Ken
    Kenny Ken 25 seconds ago

    Fu#k Saudis.. Pakistani Military will annex Kashmir and India Insha'Allah soon thereafter Pakistan will annex the entire Middle East including Israel Insha'Allah

  • Jay Claughan
    Jay Claughan 35 seconds ago

    What is the backstop it a made up thing by the EU to make things difficult to leave there trying to make out without a backstop there will be trouble in Ireland totall bullshit the EU know if we leave there fucked so trying everything to keep us in

  • 早 上 好 Guerilla Gorilla

    Without the direct use of Violence...against those who Do Not want to be a part of the Collectivist religion, it would wither and die.

  • What's This?
    What's This? 2 minutes ago

    Shouldn't surprise anyone that this comment section is toxic.

  • Arthur Giles
    Arthur Giles 3 minutes ago

    This Cameron chap looks bright enough to run a corner shop except that he wouldn´t know what the public wanted.

  • Hassan Yonis
    Hassan Yonis 3 minutes ago

    For the first time in human existence we witness a world where the atheist can oppress those who pray to god. China has crossed a line which was never crossed. The Chinese can worship their maw maw, but they have no business in denying people the right to follow their religion.

  • steve darby
    steve darby 3 minutes ago

    I thought British mps would be proud of their country but look like they prefer Brussels to rule. So if that right get rid of the mps if they whant to give power to eu then what's point in mp and parliment what's it for because uv we end up staying in we carnt do our own thing the Brussels has last a say

  • Chris Mahoney
    Chris Mahoney 11 minutes ago

    But but I thought the remoaners were the moaners? Look at all the little butthurt moaners in the comment section lol

  • sensible driver
    sensible driver 11 minutes ago

    He said he would get a better deal for the UK and if he didn't he would campaign to leave. He got nothing then campaigned to remain. I think the EU saw right through him like they did with May.

  • End zeit
    End zeit 12 minutes ago

    Stupid Zombies.

  • cheryl taylor
    cheryl taylor 15 minutes ago

    Good for Labour [Or as the Yankees say Labor ]....Stop Putting Tax-Payers Money Into Millionaires Schools

  • drew sale
    drew sale 16 minutes ago

    Looks like a mass psy-op.

  • Phil Johanson
    Phil Johanson 17 minutes ago

    Should public schools be abolished? Boris. Cameron. Gove. Hunt. Farage.

  • Henri Pelissier
    Henri Pelissier 17 minutes ago

    Looks like the interview was taken on a floor in The Shard (convenient metaphor for Cameron's reputation) ...

  • JM AF
    JM AF 17 minutes ago

    Would they ban home-schooling by tutors?

  • JM AF
    JM AF 21 minute ago

    Tax payers money will now need to be used to pay for the education of those that normally pay for their own education.

  • Gabbe Gubbe
    Gabbe Gubbe 21 minute ago

    why is Gov financial responsible for citizens Holliday ?? 😨

  • Nurse Ratchett
    Nurse Ratchett 22 minutes ago

    Labour will win, in year zero

  • Emma Peck
    Emma Peck 23 minutes ago

    Can we sort the Irish border with just South Ireland and not the EU? They seem to be milking this.

  • Slashley gibbins
    Slashley gibbins 23 minutes ago

    Ireland should leave the EU and have a sensible free trade arrangement with the UK. Problem solved.

  • Gabbe Gubbe
    Gabbe Gubbe 24 minutes ago

    Surrender Treaty is Not a good deal 😲

  • Phil Johanson
    Phil Johanson 27 minutes ago

    Be interesting to know the education of everyone on this feed. I’d guess 90% come from families that sponged off the state and taxpayer to get their education

  • Slone Smart
    Slone Smart 29 minutes ago

    *N O. O N E. C A R E S.*

  • На привале
    На привале 29 minutes ago

    Слава Ураїні! Смерть ворогам!

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan 30 minutes ago

    Israel was probably behind the strike.

  • elizabeth taylor
    elizabeth taylor 30 minutes ago

    A lot of shouting but little doing, the youth of today are the biggest polluters of the planet , mobiles , I pads , computers , the list is endless , will they give them up chance , and don’t get me stared on littering , climate change .....big hoax .

  • Graeme Walton
    Graeme Walton 31 minute ago

    The new tony Blair

  • I eat lefties 4 breakfast

    It's all filibustering. No one mentioned Ireland or Northern Ireland until Brexit now it's so crucial. The EU are just lucky they have the Irish/British border to use as a stalling tactic.

  • Graeme Walton
    Graeme Walton 32 minutes ago

    Worlds heading for big trouble.

  • jabba da hutt
    jabba da hutt 33 minutes ago

    Y did Saudis and/or the u.s. attack there own refinery? To make us think Iran did it n start a war. We won't be fooled again. Peace to all the world

  • Christopher Darker
    Christopher Darker 33 minutes ago

    The Royal Navy will prevail

  • yuri Lemming
    yuri Lemming 33 minutes ago

    Try doing these protests in Australia, try protesting at the airport, yep just try it.

  • abvmoose87
    abvmoose87 34 minutes ago

    Agent provocateurs?

  • Scumspawn *****
    Scumspawn ***** 35 minutes ago

    Get rid of the elitist training grounds for more generations of hoorah Henry's and Tory politicians who've never know a true days work.

  • She Gone
    She Gone 36 minutes ago

    This bloke is a tosser

  • frankie butters
    frankie butters 36 minutes ago

    guys they smash up places that surport the police. the police r corrupt theres video on my page on youtube of police attacking passengers on a train

    • Laura Shi
      Laura Shi 30 minutes ago

      Well, that's an incomplete piece. The protesters were destroying and harassing citizens on MTR. When the police got into the station, the protesters just changed their clothes from black t-shirts to ordinary ones. There are plenty of episodes online as proof of what I said. Be careful about the video, fake news everywhere, from both pro-democracy and pro China sides. Don't know who did this, which made the situation more completed and worse.

  • YKH Lee
    YKH Lee 42 minutes ago

  • Sepgorut
    Sepgorut 42 minutes ago

    Just another step in the bureaucratic take over of every aspect of private and public life.

  • YKH Lee
    YKH Lee 43 minutes ago

    The rundown of weekend riots: 1) peaceful protests indoors in the afternoon. 2) radical violence & sabotage in the evening. 3) false accusation of police using excessive force the next day.

  • WI NeveryTime
    WI NeveryTime 43 minutes ago

    I live on a council estate, work in a mid level job and private rent...I had a state education that was utterly useless! With all that said, banning private schools is utterly insane! Have these communists completely lost the plot?

  • Looking- Glass
    Looking- Glass 45 minutes ago

    Still absolutely no insight into his own errors in thinking - just defensive 😤

  • divinesleeper
    divinesleeper 46 minutes ago

    Wait... wait is this the guy who so tremendously misunderstood the political climate that he called a referendum against his own interests? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Mohammad Rahamatul Karim
    Mohammad Rahamatul Karim 46 minutes ago


  • Doug small
    Doug small 47 minutes ago

    So war woth Iran is the first option. Bear face liars these fankist Wahabist

  • James O'Gorman
    James O'Gorman 49 minutes ago

    Why is that complete and utter prat Femi even on this show? What has he even done? This is his first job

  • Mohammad Rahamatul Karim
    Mohammad Rahamatul Karim 49 minutes ago

    Millions of death in Yeman is nothing????

  • Thomas Moultrie
    Thomas Moultrie 50 minutes ago

    Scotland's fascists are British nationalists. They are religious bigots as well. The orange order.

  • marty lane
    marty lane 50 minutes ago

    Sky news more like Lie news the European union has accomplished what two wars did not.To give Germany control over Great britain and europe.

  • St Albans Tech
    St Albans Tech 50 minutes ago

    Put Jumping Jack back in its box

  • Aung Hein
    Aung Hein 51 minute ago

    This is unfair and very ugly. Red Chinese Army has no fear to get rid off anyone in HK. I support Democracy but unfair play is against my book.

  • JymLife
    JymLife 52 minutes ago

    The EU will only except a deal that leaves them better of than the UK remaining. It's a shame the EU is forcing either No Deal or remain. After all the money spent because of the result of the referendum it getting more likely that no deal will be the only route. They will extend and extend because it is the same as remaining and whilst we are still 'in' other countries are unlikely to opt out. Their biggest fear is that if a year or 2 on we a thriving other countries will leave.

  • Matthew Burns
    Matthew Burns 52 minutes ago

    Ban private schools? Why? Yes, do not use government money to fund them, if that is actually even the case, which I don't know myself. I'm someone one would consider fairly poor, someone with 0 chance to go to a private school but that doesn't mean I begrudge those that can afford to go to those schools. If I had the ability and opportunity to go to a private schools I'm very sure I'd go to one because frankly state schools of full of goons who don't know what they are doing other than collecting their pay-checks and so many other problems besides that too.

  • Seb A
    Seb A 52 minutes ago

    David Cameron two months ago: ‘’It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to give a running commentary of a current prime minister, I fully support Theresa May. ’’ <- But now it’s boris trying to fix it, you can’t keep this guy off the TV. Another remainer hypocrite. 👌

  • zaid khan
    zaid khan 56 minutes ago

    It's been pre planed for Iran last resort to go to war

  • Nicholas Mills
    Nicholas Mills 58 minutes ago

    Saudi Arabia export their fundamentalism around the world. We’re only allies because they have oil. On a cultural perspective the west and Saudi Arabia are so far apart. We have unfortunately picked sides with the saudis. Not sure Iran is any better.

  • mc 007
    mc 007 59 minutes ago

    Labour and limp dems can now promise anything they like in the sure knowledge that they will never have to impercate them .

  • cary bary
    cary bary Hour ago

    There’s millions of people on the planet. A few loons in protest don’t make up the whole. That would be fake news.

  • John Young
    John Young Hour ago

    Even more fake new's and propaganda...

  • Jordan Whisson
    Jordan Whisson Hour ago

    Cameron is the fall guy he is a part of the plan. Brexit is all about the EU cracking down on offshore tax havens, and having companies and individuals pay tax in the jurisdiction it is earned in, don’t be fooled by any other excuse.

  • John Young
    John Young Hour ago

    Fake News as usual this is just more propaganda..

  • santino gazi
    santino gazi Hour ago

    This moon faces idiot infuriates me, if it wasn’t for him we won’t be in this mess.

  • Tea Lover
    Tea Lover Hour ago

    Smart move. Everyone on a balanced playing field and the best of the best gets to reap the rewards.

    • JM AF
      JM AF 18 minutes ago

      Tea Lover good in theory, but a little naive. It will just switch the focus to buying houses near the best comps and paying for tutors. Agree with the philosophy but - as is normally the way with JC - it’s pretty flawed.

  • Worldman
    Worldman Hour ago

    Hang this idiot.

  • Andre Pattin
    Andre Pattin Hour ago

    il a fait une allocution , il y a quelque temps a la tribune de bruxelles ou il a dit la haut ils nous regarde avec insistance , nous avons des comptes a leurs rendre ???? il a parler d ext t ? , il a bien dit la haut en levant le bras et le doigt en pointant ? ou alors des banquiers qui nous dirigent , mais ils ne ce trouve pas la haut , les députés qui étaient pres de lui ont été estomaqués . voila a quoi nous avons a faire. la franc maçonnerie a des lien avec qui ?????

  • MegaCsele
    MegaCsele Hour ago

    So basicly apartheid kept white people alive in South Africa.

  • John Young
    John Young Hour ago

    The people in the UK do not want a deal so he can stick his all his deals up his ar_e

  • Longam Tomba
    Longam Tomba Hour ago

    Where is human right here. Are they going to blame the police.??

  • MI YO
    MI YO Hour ago

    The people passing by on the side saw the yellow mobs fighting public facilities and ruining the national flag. They were all pretending to be dumb, indicating that there are many Hong Kong people who support violence. Let them suffer the consequences of violent riots. Hong Kong has become a three-tier city. Many Hong Kong people like the economic downturn and the people are not happy.

  • masterblackthorn

    Juckers cant disguise his glee , every time they try to push Britain into a tighter corner. Nasty, spite filled little man, who is not fit to run a car wash let alone be president. The sooner we are free of megalomaniacs like him the better.

  • ElectroSalvo
    ElectroSalvo Hour ago

    CIVIL WAR! FOR HONG KONG FREEDOM FROM CHINA! Its time to go all in and kill the CCP operatives! No MORE WAITING. They will come in with plain clothes, these are cops.

  • BC Bob
    BC Bob Hour ago

    Looks like Special Ed classes was cancelled today.

  • Ramadhan Athuman

    Ask him About when he will stop killing dozen of Yemen people for bombing?

  • Patricia Shaw
    Patricia Shaw Hour ago

    No deal is brexit let's get it done.

  • farah jawad
    farah jawad Hour ago

    I don't believe in that, that's only a drama between iran and us and also saudi arabia who's in power now the salman group.

  • Gandhiji Don
    Gandhiji Don Hour ago


  • F BN
    F BN Hour ago

    deep state is FRB

  • Silvia Pineda
    Silvia Pineda Hour ago

    I expect get pay for the humiliation of put me down and got my soul kill and 38 soul kill of my relatives!

  • james mcbride
    james mcbride Hour ago

    No a " no deal hard brexit" means a reunited united ireland. Us Brits sick of the place.

  • Jy Jym
    Jy Jym Hour ago

    The last time we listened to the whims of teenagers we ended up with Justin Beiber. On this occasion , its going to be huge tax increases and Elon Musk will be a very happy man.

  • Silvia Pineda
    Silvia Pineda Hour ago

    Stop said about division is just terrorist abuse of power and they never stop put me down!

  • Count Dooku
    Count Dooku Hour ago

    Cameron is the one responsible for us being in this mess. He should never have held the referendum. It's his fault that Britain has been in such a state of chaos for the past three years.

  • Silvia Pineda
    Silvia Pineda Hour ago

    Stop call me junker because this junker government got attention to my writing and they like and terrorist got down scare to get support by people they faith for the power!

  • ZnPZ / FEAssn
    ZnPZ / FEAssn Hour ago

    So tell me who is responsible for brutal colonial

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Hour ago

    Trade unions negotiate all the time and instantly take "no deal" (strike action )off the table, don`t they ??????

  • Silvia Pineda
    Silvia Pineda Hour ago

    What I going to do with my booklet!

  • Silvia Pineda
    Silvia Pineda Hour ago

    I going to live and move to Mexico and be free not one going to force me to make deal!

  • Seth C
    Seth C Hour ago

    Will private hospitals be next? /s

  • Marcio Silveira
    Marcio Silveira Hour ago

    What’s left from British empire is collapsing again, hospitals, education, transport and economy, blood brexiteer bojo Corbyn lets see what Britain is made of, beginning with Thomas Cook

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Hour ago

    "Knew nothing about it " if !!

  • Doug Chance
    Doug Chance Hour ago


  • LJ
    LJ Hour ago

    The mobs holding umbrellas to blocking cameras from taking footage of the badly beaten guy.

  • fender strat
    fender strat Hour ago

    Such a beautiful, peaceful religion.......ali akbar

  • Kev Jh
    Kev Jh Hour ago

    Convenient timing ,being that the people of the Usa and UK are unhappy with there respective political parties.

  • Apistogramma
    Apistogramma Hour ago

    David Cameron , the man who divided this nation into two

  • TheJet Jock
    TheJet Jock Hour ago

    I’ve never seen something so staged in all my life. Pathetic

  • 陈新虎
    陈新虎 Hour ago


  • Rio
    Rio Hour ago

    lmao, now even the white masters are fed up with hongkies bullshit.

  • Darryl Hewes
    Darryl Hewes Hour ago

    I voted for David Cameron. But on the subject of the EU i find i disagree with him . His renegoation was so bad he did not argue for it at the time.

  • Alan Harlock
    Alan Harlock Hour ago

    why is the back stop an English problem it should be the southern Irish problem,

    • Wizard of Oz
      Wizard of Oz Hour ago

      @Walter Rudich It's the EU that wants the hard border. The Eu want the hard border let them sort it out

    • Walter Rudich
      Walter Rudich Hour ago

      @Alan Harlock Then get yourself informed. The Brexit-madness has tipped the vote.

    • Alan Harlock
      Alan Harlock Hour ago

      @Walter Rudich the majority of people are protestant in Northern Ireland , and are Unionists who are loyal to being in the UK and to the Queen and do not want to leave the UK it only a small amount of people want to leave the UK ,

    • Walter Rudich
      Walter Rudich Hour ago

      Then let the Notrtern Irelanders have their Independence Referendum. Problem solved.