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Movie Sequels
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Talking to Strangers
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The Spiders and the Bees
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Christmas Carols
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Our Cats :3
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Tabletop Games
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Wrong Numbers
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Buying Clothes
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My Horibal Speling
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Getting Recognized part 2
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My Poetry Teacher
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My Teachers
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Harry the Moth
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Starting Conversations
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Getting Recognized
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Peeing Yourself
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a Q and A
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Sooubway Part 3
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Chaperoning 7th Graders
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Times I Plagiarized
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Our Hamsters
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Adventures in Cub Scouts
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The Indestructable Piñata
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My Thoughts on Roommates
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Garfild Comic Explained
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Laser Tag
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Happy Birthday Miranda
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My Thoughts on Sports
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Annoying Customers
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Work Stories (sooubway)
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I Read Fanfiction About Me
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My Thoughts on ASMR
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Reacting to my old art
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Pi Equals 4 Explained
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Reading Fables
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Tales of Donating Blood
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Physical Education
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Boy Were They Wrong
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My Collection: Day 16
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Stupid Riddles: Day 14
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Old Audio Files: Day 12
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Twin Life: Day 10
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Names For Your Kids: Day 9
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My Favorite Reptile: Day 7
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My Speech Impediment: Day 2
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  • Mila Sanderson
    Mila Sanderson 4 hours ago

    i know how santa does it he steals your key *evil laugh*

  • Sora PhantomGamer
    Sora PhantomGamer 4 hours ago

    Your not gonna say his race..... he's black ain't he

  • Talia :count
    Talia :count 4 hours ago

    America is 22 trillion dollars in debt That’s 10 trillion more than japan

  • Squish Gaming
    Squish Gaming 4 hours ago

    I know I’m a gaming channel but I’m writing a book and I called my dog floof in it so let me know if you want me to change it

  • TNT .l
    TNT .l 4 hours ago

    Roses are red ketchup is to I just got a like wait why is it blue

  • PS Imtheyoungest
    PS Imtheyoungest 4 hours ago

    Just use a normal TOOTHBRUSH

  • Lizard massive Ram
    Lizard massive Ram 4 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh a coyote

  • Lizard massive Ram
    Lizard massive Ram 4 hours ago

    I hit does the person that said

    SHADOWPLAYZ_ROBLOX 4 hours ago

    I did

  • Fortnite and other games

    Same I’m living it rn

    GABRIEL BURR 4 hours ago

    yes i did

  • Merecomet 540
    Merecomet 540 4 hours ago

    I loved that wonder girl show with the girl with the monkey and she gets the key to the city all the time

  • Belicia Pinkrah
    Belicia Pinkrah 4 hours ago

    James is a marvel fan

  • Valeria Cedillo
    Valeria Cedillo 4 hours ago

    Do you like number one or two

  • Jawanna Mygad
    Jawanna Mygad 4 hours ago


  • gachaツツEclair plays

    "They don't even have one eyeS" - James 2019

  • Briana Lopez
    Briana Lopez 4 hours ago

    U wanna know what i do with basketball cards stick them on the wall and arrange them

  • Miss Odd1
    Miss Odd1 4 hours ago

    My bff is giving me ur sooubway shirt for my bday!

  • Miss Odd1
    Miss Odd1 4 hours ago

    Ur my fav TheXvidr so I wuz wondering if u could gimme a shoutout on my bday. Its Nov 29 and I'm turning 11. My name is Audrey. Sorry bout my bad grammar. Its my social media talk.

  • Jack Harper
    Jack Harper 4 hours ago

    Jame's real name is Robert... has he been lying to us?

  • Jeferly Giraffe
    Jeferly Giraffe 4 hours ago

    Pros and Cons of living in Canada Pro: We have A&W Con: You're house can be buried by snow.

  • Dancing Lily
    Dancing Lily 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the awesome videos!! one of my pets died recently and your videos really cheer me up!😁

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 4 hours ago

    i hate caillou hes a brat

  • Gabriel Mcswain
    Gabriel Mcswain 4 hours ago

    When I got to 1:12 oh im that the Webelos corn

  • Benjamin Britton
    Benjamin Britton 4 hours ago

    3:03 are you tho???

  • Rudy Santos
    Rudy Santos 4 hours ago


  • Henry Grant
    Henry Grant 4 hours ago

    Lol DHMIS reference

  • One Up
    One Up 4 hours ago

    Love it!

  • Yoyo the seal
    Yoyo the seal 4 hours ago

    And the good guys die when a bad guys dies UwU

  • Uni Donut
    Uni Donut 4 hours ago

    Why do I have the feeling that I have seen James when I was on a walk to the park... -_-

  • Yoyo the seal
    Yoyo the seal 4 hours ago

    When I was in firsts grade my dinner teacher let us Watch dis!

  • Red ghost
    Red ghost 4 hours ago

    Imma see frozen 2 tomorrow

  • Kaine Levering
    Kaine Levering 4 hours ago

    U should make more videos

  • Estudio Juridico Integral


  • Amjad Abbas
    Amjad Abbas 4 hours ago

    Dude I feel bad for you, not because of Subway it’s because your going to earn less money in Ad revenue which could destroy you (I would be crushed) because of COPPA.

  • cherry hurtado
    cherry hurtado 4 hours ago

    It is sad when pets pass away

  • Master Cheetah
    Master Cheetah 4 hours ago

    me: im 11 yrs old and im in 5th grade

  • Antonia Gastelum
    Antonia Gastelum 4 hours ago

    Can you do a video from all your friends and show them all their faces and TheXvid and do a challenge like who can like like stay in the longest or I don’t know the video that is cool and stay in the pool for 24 hours or I don’t know like a cool can you can make the most gold yeah not only got like do it thumbs up if you like it and yeah James I think you’re really cool and I love your videos and I follow you on my eye I subscribe to you and I think the bell yeah but I don’t follow you because I’m kid it’s all I Got James

  • Kylie Squad
    Kylie Squad 4 hours ago

    He is like my age, and i am young tbh

  • le oofers oof
    le oofers oof 4 hours ago

    Omg i still remember this was my first time watching the oddOnesOut video!

  • Sophia Wetherington
    Sophia Wetherington 4 hours ago

    Get roasted,HUNTER!

  • Allen Jiang
    Allen Jiang 4 hours ago


  • Beverly Faubion
    Beverly Faubion 4 hours ago

    BOI!!! IM 9!! I WAS 2 IN 2012

  • Pablo Martinez Guerra


    ROYAL WILLIAMS 4 hours ago

    32 sa's

  • Mason Robishaw
    Mason Robishaw 4 hours ago

    0:07 well I guess no more trick or treating

  • Nathan Malatesta
    Nathan Malatesta 4 hours ago

    I love you vids they are soooooooooo awesome

  • Erin Veazie
    Erin Veazie 4 hours ago

    If you love his vids like

  • uwu
    uwu 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much tysm

  • Litahni Romero
    Litahni Romero 4 hours ago

    YOU ATE ME!!!

  • RickeyMans Vlogs
    RickeyMans Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Bumbos are Abominable Snowman

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 4 hours ago

    I want to squeeze your pokemon drawings oddones they are too cute

  • Veronica Frechette
    Veronica Frechette 4 hours ago

    Why is the one who has red hair reasonable kinda weird ,just saying

  • Brandon Films
    Brandon Films 4 hours ago

    I can’t spell fourdy I know, wight

  • Deb Jones
    Deb Jones 4 hours ago


  • Kaine Levering
    Kaine Levering 4 hours ago

    My horoscope told me so

  • Shelley Boulton
    Shelley Boulton 4 hours ago

    I have also been stung by bees twice. Once on the ankle, once on the little, or “pinkie”, finger.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 4 hours ago

    1M likes...…….THIS IS NOT GOOD WE NEED 100M NOW!!!

  • Ava Samalot
    Ava Samalot 4 hours ago

    Hi James I like your vids and your my favorite TheXvidr

  • Aqua
    Aqua 4 hours ago

    Hi! Someone on a popular kids website called scratch ( is impersonating you and saying he's you to manipulate people. Please stop this by saying that you don't have a scratch account, or if you do what it's actually called. Imposter is call theodd1sout_realdeal i think

  • taylor crawfishh
    taylor crawfishh 4 hours ago

    the more you talk about what sooubway you worked at i start to think its next to the 4 near me

  • Xx ZillaQ xX
    Xx ZillaQ xX 4 hours ago

    When I was in preschool I took a field trip to sobeys

  • moon
    moon 4 hours ago

    Hey I am a South America viewer :(

  • Draw Maw
    Draw Maw 4 hours ago

    did anyone else pause the vid to read the thought bubble at 5:17??

  • MR Gevis
    MR Gevis 4 hours ago

    C-save O-us P-all P-we are A-doomed

  • Spaghetti Eater 5000

    Notice me plz

  • Spaghetti Eater 5000

    Notice me plz

  • Spaghetti Eater 5000

    Notice me plz

  • Leonel Zavalza
    Leonel Zavalza 4 hours ago

    beuty and the beast we went for a field trip it was only for 2nd grade and it was a play and it was a sequal

  • masyn friedman
    masyn friedman 4 hours ago

    Lol I do all of that

  • LazyNarwhal R
    LazyNarwhal R 4 hours ago

    *thats why you never help scorpions* me: *thats why you always stomp on an insect*

  • Mena Williams
    Mena Williams 4 hours ago

    I love P. B. S. Kinds.

  • Taber Zakit
    Taber Zakit 4 hours ago

    Homework is scary Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  • x._.sting._ .ray._.x

    Connection I had to do 5 hypothesis today TwT

  • GeekOverdose
    GeekOverdose 4 hours ago

    Dude just celebrate Euler's number

  • Bennett Chason
    Bennett Chason 4 hours ago


  • E
    E 4 hours ago

    wHaT iF tHeY wAtChInG iT oUtSiDe;>

  • mbparsonmbp
    mbparsonmbp 4 hours ago

    I love chups

  • Jamie Miller
    Jamie Miller 5 hours ago


  • Jamie Miller
    Jamie Miller 5 hours ago


  • Bene Brawl
    Bene Brawl 5 hours ago

    It’s Been a month since this video (you know what that means!)

  • BlackoutRyan
    BlackoutRyan 5 hours ago

    I'm 7th Edit: the homework part I can't do bc I have not had homework since 3rd grade. All of my teachers don't believe in homework

  • Spaghetti Eater 5000

    It’s all right your hand writing is beta compared

  • i pande
    i pande 5 hours ago

    Make soouowbuay 5

  • So_We're_Doing_This_Again :P

    I have arachnophobia and I'm fine with a spider as long as I don't see their eyes I fine and if they aren't on me but I think this video is great

  • V Jerez
    V Jerez 5 hours ago

    i have to do my science fair and the whole school is watching

    THATS MINE OPINION 5 hours ago

    This one hunter at my school threatened to shoot up the school. I never talked to him, half because he was expelled and half because I didn’t want to.

  • Headlessaphid Gaming

    The villain is doctor Everett brown

  • Mayleah Bland
    Mayleah Bland 5 hours ago

    I had duplo too

  • Tye Kay
    Tye Kay 5 hours ago

    Are u a furry ???? I know ur secret

  • Michael Maxime
    Michael Maxime 5 hours ago

    I didn't do those because I'm homeschooled

  • Jay Russell
    Jay Russell 5 hours ago


  • Lily Hopeshire
    Lily Hopeshire 5 hours ago

    Wait! He watches Voltron too!?!?

  • Jefferson Recinos
    Jefferson Recinos 5 hours ago

    This video is still old

  • Patrick Loftis
    Patrick Loftis 5 hours ago

    I sang I aint gettin' nuttin for Christmas with my sister when we were little

  • Devonne Oliver
    Devonne Oliver 5 hours ago

    My teacher got fired for saying bad Words

  • Samuel Elam
    Samuel Elam 5 hours ago

    4:45 Did Floof really pee on the olives?

  • Pro Gamerz
    Pro Gamerz 5 hours ago


  • Elijah Game
    Elijah Game 5 hours ago

    Haha haha

  • Johnny Williams
    Johnny Williams 5 hours ago

    James I really like your videos and I hope you can give me a shout out one day😍😍😍😍😍😎 like your trigger word thing🤬🤬🤬