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Talking to Strangers
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The Spiders and the Bees
Views 37M4 months ago
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Christmas Carols
Views 12M7 months ago
Our Cats :3
Views 31M7 months ago
Tabletop Games
Views 34M9 months ago
Wrong Numbers
Views 40M11 months ago
Buying Clothes
Views 46MYear ago
My Horibal Speling
Views 38MYear ago
Getting Recognized part 2
Views 31M2 years ago
My Poetry Teacher
Views 35M2 years ago
My Teachers
Views 39M2 years ago
Harry the Moth
Views 33M2 years ago
Starting Conversations
Views 25M2 years ago
Getting Recognized
Views 28M2 years ago
Peeing Yourself
Views 25M2 years ago
a Q and A
Views 12M2 years ago
Sooubway Part 3
Views 50M2 years ago
Chaperoning 7th Graders
Views 31M2 years ago
Times I Plagiarized
Views 32M2 years ago
Our Hamsters
Views 41M2 years ago
Adventures in Cub Scouts
Views 36M2 years ago
The Indestructable Piñata
Views 19M2 years ago
My Thoughts on Roommates
Views 50M3 years ago
Garfild Comic Explained
Views 10M3 years ago
Laser Tag
Views 41M3 years ago
James Plays Tetris
Views 9M3 years ago
Happy Birthday Miranda
Views 4.3M3 years ago
My Thoughts on Sports
Views 33M3 years ago
Annoying Customers
Views 56M3 years ago
Work Stories (sooubway)
Views 51M3 years ago
I Read Fanfiction About Me
Views 11M3 years ago
My Thoughts on ASMR
Views 24M3 years ago
Reacting to my old art
Views 19M3 years ago
Pi Equals 4 Explained
Views 4.4M3 years ago
Reading Fables
Views 15M3 years ago
Tales of Donating Blood
Views 25M3 years ago
Physical Education
Views 24M3 years ago
Boy Were They Wrong
Views 24M3 years ago
Unpopular Opinions: Day 18
Views 4.9M4 years ago
My Collection: Day 16
Views 7M4 years ago
Stupid Riddles: Day 14
Views 4.4M4 years ago
Old Audio Files: Day 12
Views 3.7M4 years ago
Twin Life: Day 10
Views 9M4 years ago
Names For Your Kids: Day 9
Views 3.5M4 years ago
My Favorite Reptile: Day 7
Views 3.5M4 years ago
Bashas' is the BEST: Day 5
Views 4.8M4 years ago
My Speech Impediment: Day 2
Views 4.1M4 years ago