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  • PoE
    PoE 11 days ago

    Text to speech. Thumbs down

  • Vinh blabla
    Vinh blabla Month ago

    Hahahaahaha KARMA

  • ghie yuu
    ghie yuu Month ago

    Salah was tripped from the foot of number 12. I have reviewed the video and it was clear that there was a contact.

  • Ollie Phillips
    Ollie Phillips 3 months ago

    Guy mowbray is so good

  • Raja will
    Raja will 3 months ago

    Proverbs 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Proverbs 22:15 Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away. Proverbs 29:15 A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but a child left undisciplined disgraces its mother. Proverbs 23:13-14 NIV Young's Literal Translation 13 Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die. 14 Punish them with the rod and save them from death.

  • Mt. Zod
    Mt. Zod 6 months ago

    You know what else clears up acne? Face scrub!

  • Furniture Assembly Services

    Has he ever played for Mexico?

  • tamang Jamoh
    tamang Jamoh 6 months ago

    Every match we seen

  • Cremo_06
    Cremo_06 8 months ago

    Not my cup of pee!

  • Simplz
    Simplz 8 months ago

    Tell me why you Chanel name is Barcelona and your uploading man city stuf????😂

  • Caoimhe .m
    Caoimhe .m 8 months ago

    It’s pronounced golway I’m Irish

  • I am gay but
    I am gay but 10 months ago

    Ffs get to the point you twat

  • Rob Horgan
    Rob Horgan 10 months ago

    Jokovick lol

  • Moune_Leaf
    Moune_Leaf 10 months ago

    Damn so: You fucked your dog Drank her piss Fed her meat at three days old Attempted to pry her eyes open And did even more despicable thinks. You raped your friends dog, your dog, and who knows what the hell else. She died because of your bull shit. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope the favour gets returned one day. Bitch.

  • ComunidadAérea
    ComunidadAérea Year ago

    My gosh, Cibulkova said all that? What a basic English. Resumen: Umpire decision it was wrong.

  • Lloyd Gittens
    Lloyd Gittens Year ago

    Halfway and the fittest side in the league.

  • joey bagadonutz
    joey bagadonutz Year ago

    Try some putting some of the dog pudding on your face so we don't have to see your mug.

  • P Murf
    P Murf Year ago

    Bullshit. He plays for Everton. It's that simple. The media don't like Everton because we know they are all nonce facilitating pond life

  • fatwallet13
    fatwallet13 Year ago


  • Ultimate ROBLOX Doctor Who


  • Santiago Peréz
    Santiago Peréz Year ago

    Statitics dosn't say anything

    NANI DIAW Year ago

    No no

  • leolial
    leolial Year ago

    Mourinho out

  • ross fraser
    ross fraser Year ago

    NOEL !!!!!! Richard Ashcroft shits all over you musically in fashion in wiseness . YOU NEVER HAD ANYTHING ON HIM. He’s the conisures choice . You even sing his songs and write songs about him ..FUUUUCK OFF

  • Mike Zoom
    Mike Zoom Year ago

    but your showing photos from the europa cup final in basel 2016, how is this honest and respectful journalism????

  • Vamba S. Fofana
    Vamba S. Fofana Year ago

    We wish Naby Keita a speedy recovery.

  • HeCameFromFrance

    When are we gonna stop hiring defensive dinosaurs

  • Wa A
    Wa A Year ago

    Get rid of the rat. Fergie sniffed of one many years ago before anyone else could. Genius..

  • Yash Raj Khullar

    Sue der Spiegel . He can never do that.....

  • xbeanx3000
    xbeanx3000 Year ago

    Which is more strange, a stool or a commentator using Stephen Hawking's voice?

  • Truth Fullness
    Truth Fullness Year ago

    Sorry...I'd rather have a face full of zits before a glass full of piss..

  • Garrett O ' Rourke

    The THUG is back home where he belongs he will get on again so well with this scummy club .

  • the viper
    the viper Year ago


  • Sebastian Fogliatti

    jajaja LOL

  • Hamada Mounir
    Hamada Mounir Year ago

    Tht nevelle is a real asshole.. he should not be there in liverpool matches...his hate is so obvious ..

  • 2 1
    2 1 Year ago

    Heckingbottom is a fuckin idiot and knows nothing

  • Maximus Genatilia

    Stop stealing peoples shit and posting it..

  • THex548
    THex548 Year ago

    Hi should i keep zaha or take arnoutovic

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair Year ago

    Dr Rob Wilson, a sport finance specialist at Sheffield Hallam University, He-He , he isn't really, is he ,it's a wind up. No one can be that stupid to actually think that, never mind print it.

  • billy b/s
    billy b/s Year ago

    First 😁

  • Khan MLBB
    Khan MLBB Year ago


  • M-n Stor
    M-n Stor Year ago

    No Özil should not be retire 😥😥


    mechta means dream in russia

  • RickOShay
    RickOShay Year ago

    The British are known as the worst sports in the world - 'their win at any cost' even if it means cheating or treating the opponent unfairly or making it difficult for the them to concentrate by heckling clapping when they make a mistake etc etc like they did when Murray 'won' Wimbledon seems perfectly acceptable behavior to the majority of the British people these days. You only have to look at their attitude after recently being knocked out of the world cup again - blame the referee - call for an enquiry, make demands of reinstatement etc etc etc. Such unbelievably bad sportsmanship - the British should be really embarrassed and ashamed of their conduct. And btw I'm British and really embarrassed by the way our country has become a bunch of petty, blinkered, prejudiced and small minded people squabbling over a game of football or tennis. Makes me utterly sick. And the British media are imo largely to blame for encouraging and condoning this behavior.

  • KMT HD
    KMT HD Year ago

    Hey great video I just subscribed to your channel can you sub back thanks

  • Boris Okuka
    Boris Okuka Year ago

    ooops.. :)..I guess your team is "coming home"

  • Conor Cooke
    Conor Cooke Year ago

    I met him in letterfrack last year with is brother and I went to school with a guy but he got home schooled his name is Ronan Kane he is so sound go harry

  • Kakinator
    Kakinator Year ago

    Really doesn't seem like you're putting much effort into these videos. -1

  • Vanguard Affiliates

    I feel sorry for Hsieh Su-Wei. To be honest, I am not sure if in the end she would have won this match, but clearly the HORRENDOUS call by the China Umpire threw her off her game. 1) the umpire totally blew the call in that Hsieh was able to successfully return the ball, but the umpire "forgot" how the rest of the point played out. This smacks of either incompetence, or worse - another example of a Chinese being a bully to a Taiwanese, and 2) Cibulkova exhibited the highest level of unsportsmanlike conduct by not calling the point as it was. The whole affair could have been resolved quickly if Cibulkova had told the umpire that the point did in fact go to Hsieh, but she kept quiet. Very poor conduct on both the umpire and Cibulkova's behalf. I doubt that Hsieh will protest, but she should have lodged a formal complain with the tournament officials. Neither are worthy of upholding the standard of tennis or the Wimbledon tournament.

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones Year ago

    In the next episode he'll say about Boris Johnson "doin' the slips.'

  • Union _23
    Union _23 Year ago

    Easy..... marketing

  • RossBayCult
    RossBayCult Year ago

    The Wimbledon crowd only cheer for Brits and Federer. Everyone else gets fucked

  • Eventdash01
    Eventdash01 Year ago

    C H E A T E R

  • xiaona Yang
    xiaona Yang Year ago


  • Remember White
    Remember White Year ago

    what a shit video

  • Yes Papa No Papa

    Where are the haters of fellaini hahaha

  • James Fox
    James Fox Year ago

    Do us a favour and get a proper job and stop making TheXvid videos, TMIA

  • Jack Morin
    Jack Morin Year ago

    What horrific 'audio'. This mechanical 'voice' can't pronounce half the words correctly. Get some quality where it counts.

  • Symptom - Matic
    Symptom - Matic Year ago

    1st like and 1st comment

  • Rocio Ramirez
    Rocio Ramirez Year ago

    Mark Geiger go back to work as teacher!

  • Junaid iqbal
    Junaid iqbal Year ago

    1st comment

  • Rodrigo Rodrigues

    No other angles

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985

    I'm a Leicester fan and was surprised he didn't take one. My guess is it is either through through a slight injury like you said, or that he was number 6 on the list. As you say Vardy smashes his penalties with pure power and is very hard for them to be saved.

  • Geoff Brown
    Geoff Brown Year ago

    This is fucking shit fuck off

  • Mohamed Aslam Asvat

    What's the song in the background?

  • Milton T
    Milton T Year ago

    They lost the game, but they don't lose their dignity and respect.

  • Matt Whitcher
    Matt Whitcher Year ago

    Shows what they know. Any keeper can make mistakes. 2 quality saves by Pickford.

  • Alex Spiegel
    Alex Spiegel Year ago

    As a German I have to say: Totally uncool of the German team's official. Karma strikes again and it's totally okay. Noone of my friends approve of that behaviour. Tauting after the close win is not fair and not what I call sportsmanship. Best of luck to Sweden!

  • Gambie Roussel
    Gambie Roussel Year ago

    la honte !

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Year ago

    speak with your own voice.... ffs


    is he any good

  • mickey munkchunk

    Rashford should play against Belgium in place of Sterling, a realist Man City fan.

  • mavis okine
    mavis okine Year ago

    Now that Serena is back and performing at her best that we all love and admire, some tennis pundits, organisers and former players are calling on GS orgs to seed her now when they should have done it earlier. They know serena will make their so called top players look amateurs if she plays them in the early rounds 😃😃😃. I remember when pvitova was asked if serena should be seeded at the French open, she said NO. Now in Birmingham she is saying a different story and whether they seed her or not she will make their top ten look amateurs( as I noted earlier ) if she ever plays them. You reap what you sow, thou sayest the Bible.

  • G Day
    G Day Year ago

    The most dumb ass goal keeper on earth

  • Alexey Souvorkin

    What is so f'ing "controversial" about this red card decision? It's as clear as day! Here's another thumb down for you for title click baiting.