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Brian and You
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1997 Toyota Tercel POV
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  • Malchik Blue
    Malchik Blue 11 minutes ago

    Earth Dreams were Hondas most shittiest engines.

  • Ronnie Rodriguez
    Ronnie Rodriguez 13 minutes ago

    Have a 97 runs perfectly 600k Mike's

  • R.M.A.J Gaming
    R.M.A.J Gaming 53 minutes ago

    Masculinity and fuck right off. Miata being a feminine car and being superior is the best thing ever.

  • Nocturne Motoring

    Honda Shadow?

  • R.M.A.J Gaming
    R.M.A.J Gaming Hour ago

    wow something Mr Regular said that i can actually agree on what "men are" and "masculinity" (8:00 to 8:30) guys its ok to like cute pretty pink things. it doesn't make you any lesser. hating those who do and pressuring ones to conform to aggressiveness and masculinity just becomes toxic.

  • freshdirty27
    freshdirty27 Hour ago

    Still have my 98 5speed white bone stock...only driverside window works otherwise, body on car is mint not a scratch garage kept for years..just started taking it out again..

  • Krispin Wettig
    Krispin Wettig Hour ago

    Woof this one hit me right in the feels. It's 4:30 am and I'm having a debilitating bout of insomnia. I usually put on your videos to go to sleep, kinda like 2020 version of the weather channel. It just started raining and the nihilistic dread is setting in. Oh well. If you ever want to review a udsm NC mx5 I will gladly put my car up for it. I'm in Lancaster so as long as you reside in this landlocked death pit as well I'll probably be available. Godspeed

  • R.M.A.J Gaming
    R.M.A.J Gaming Hour ago

    a lot of zip ties and a Torx in the the engine bay??? sounds just like a normal Lamborghini... WWhaaat, i don't know what your problem is.

  • R.M.A.J Gaming
    R.M.A.J Gaming 2 hours ago

    hehe that bridge story thing explains EVERYTHING about Mr Regular and his personality. x'D

  • Jake Allison
    Jake Allison 2 hours ago

    Drive a first gen Scion xB. I prefer them to the Yaris

    SAMOA FOREVER 2 hours ago

    Is the 2010 Honda Fit support USB Port. I haven't heard anything in the internet. At all..

  • RedCrim Chan
    RedCrim Chan 2 hours ago

    A living legend car with label. " Perfect car exist "

  • Joshua Langhorst
    Joshua Langhorst 2 hours ago

    The Eco boost is the 3.5L, not 3.7

  • George Theodossopoulos

    as boring as my 97 corolla is, it’s still a great conversation starter and has so much charm in it

  • Garrett Mueller
    Garrett Mueller 3 hours ago

    Where do I get a set of those fogs with integrated turn signals like that?

  • Mike Bernardo FallRisk911


  • Stacy Nevitt
    Stacy Nevitt 3 hours ago

    Wasn't 2008 the year of cash for clunkers?

  • redsevenbox
    redsevenbox 4 hours ago

    "Tighter than a DCI snare line." Mmm good.

  • J Gray
    J Gray 5 hours ago

    7:00 the whole time i was like, man id like to see a black on black gen 4 SHO vid. I did not realize these things were G8's at all

  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 5 hours ago

    The first 3-4 minutes of this podcast are what I live for.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 hours ago

    49:32 Rutabega

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 5 hours ago

    Initial d made me LOVE this car

  • watsis buttndo
    watsis buttndo 5 hours ago


  • Iku Ze
    Iku Ze 5 hours ago

    ah yes the honda i beat my wife

  • Crimson Light
    Crimson Light 5 hours ago

    These little saturns were pretty badass in the 90s though while Honda civics and most other 4 cylinders were stock with only around 96 to 100hp these little saturns has over 130hp goes up to 150hp when you redo the exhaust I literally blew the muffler off mine just getting rid of the cat and putting a bigger throttle body on went to floor it and blew the connectors apart not bad for a 4 cylinder

    TASERFACE HAHAHA 6 hours ago

    I'm 20 and call them sodomites

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 6 hours ago

    I had a ‘58 Morris Minor 1000 years ago. 967 cc engine, front engine, rear drive. Looked like a shrunken old Ford. No synchro on 1st gear... very British. The owners’ manual was actually a complete repair manual. I sure miss that car. Carry on (British) Mini.

  • Wrighteous
    Wrighteous 6 hours ago

    We had one of these in the family a while back. Put about 30,000 miles on it before a family member wrecked straight into a telephone pole at 40mph. Car crumpled and air bag deployed exactly as it should have, no injuries at all. Wish we still had the car, never needed any major work done.

  • Cheese Bob
    Cheese Bob 6 hours ago

    I knew a guy in the early 2000s with a 1.6l crx and he ran twin carburetors from a goldwing 1500gl... I wonder if anyone has tried to put performance bike parts on these since they're so small and the aftermarket parts selection is i am assuming slim to none..

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 6 hours ago

    Good song at the end.

  • jacob wanamaker
    jacob wanamaker 6 hours ago

    But the c3 had more curves than the back of your mamas legs.

  • Don Cox
    Don Cox 6 hours ago

    Wrong bumpers for a 90.. js

  • Ste Mir
    Ste Mir 6 hours ago

    Extermination. Extinction. Darwin.

  • MattShaggs
    MattShaggs 7 hours ago

    My dad actually bought a 1974 260Z new after waiting over a year on the order. He had wanted a 240Z but the wait for one was so long the 240Z wasn't going to be made anymore...hence the 260Z purchase. What did he trade in on this thing? A 1967 327 Camaro he had bought new.

  • jaydlytning
    jaydlytning 7 hours ago

    The convertible top was the main attraction for the old sebring. Without that, there was no distinction to speak of. They were good on gas on the highway though and offered a little bit of the traditional American road couch feel. I had an 05 convertible and enjoyed it while it lasted quite a bit. Anybody here driven the 5spd manual version of the sebring?

  • Gregory McDonald
    Gregory McDonald 7 hours ago

    Bo knows pegging in the back seat with brother while father drives for a 6 pack of natty ice while on the way to picking up a new set of urethral sounds.

  • kingkobra
    kingkobra 7 hours ago

    2800 stall is nothing

  • Mtndewgang
    Mtndewgang 7 hours ago

    That engine note sounds amazing. I wish more z's had the stock motor.

  • SRT_Thxnderbxlt
    SRT_Thxnderbxlt 7 hours ago

    And to think that the same company that made this lemon owns Jaguar Land Rover is astounding

  • Tommy Schnettler
    Tommy Schnettler 7 hours ago

    1v1 me bro (that vs a 1976 gmc)

  • Zachary Zoet
    Zachary Zoet 8 hours ago


  • JESUS way truth life Only one way

    UFO AT 3:28

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G 8 hours ago

    I have a fully loaded 1998 Ford Ranger. V6 with good power, Limited Slip Diff, cloth seats super comfortable. I've had few problems. Love it and wonder what universe the miscreant narrator flew in from.

  • akfinner1
    akfinner1 8 hours ago

    Its a highbread

  • Audiomancer
    Audiomancer 8 hours ago

    Cash for Clunkers, a prime example of government screwing average people in the poop chute, years after the fact. Bravo.

  • Philip Kinscherf
    Philip Kinscherf 8 hours ago

    Please please PLEASE do a Chevy Corsica!

  • Dr4g0nZ
    Dr4g0nZ 8 hours ago

    Dat shart lmao

  • Brian Shissler
    Brian Shissler 8 hours ago

    A video on a police vehicle is 9:11 long. I love it.

  • Jim Cypher
    Jim Cypher 8 hours ago

    Oswald read a good deal, said Powers, but "he would never be reading any of the shoot-em-up westerns or anything like that. Normally, it would be a good type of literature; and the one that I recall was 'Leaves of Grass,' by Wait Whitman." - Chapter 7, Pg. 386 of the Warren Report

  • Spermy the Nick Cur
    Spermy the Nick Cur 8 hours ago

    Chrysler Sebring: the car you get when you want a Mitsubishi Eclipse in automatic

  • John Bales
    John Bales 8 hours ago

    I was in college when I drove my first TR6. I had a friend who had one and loved it. Finally came across one on a car lot. It was in rough condition but drive-able, and after a test drive I was hooked. Unfortunately my parents weren't as enamored and I stayed in my trusty Ford XL for another year, after which they got me a used LTD to go to grad school. Moved to NW Arkansas where you have twisty, mountainous roads just made for cars like MGs and TR6s. As fate would have it, I ended up with a roommate who drove a TR6! Better yet, he didn't hesitate to pitch me the keys and let me take it out for hours at at time. I got to do some real driving in the hills and with the roof down, it was an experience I've never forgotten. Yeah, I'm a Boomer of grandad age now but I'd give willingly give my left nut for a refurbished TR6.

  • Steven Ratmansky
    Steven Ratmansky 8 hours ago

    I've been thinking about what my next bike should before a while, I don't want a typical sportbike, I don't want an inline 4 that has to scream to make power, I like low torque like a cruiser. I don't want a cruiser though because they're big and heavy and slow, they don't handle well and aren't really that fun to ride hard. my friend suggested an sv650 or something like that but they don't make that much torque down low like cruiser twins, I just wanted a sportbike chassis with a big lopey torquey v twin that makes gobs of torque pretty much at idle. then I learned about Buell and its everything I want.

  • Kyle Dupont
    Kyle Dupont 8 hours ago

    Wow I think I finally realized what you guys do here after watching almost every one of your car reviews

  • Kolateral
    Kolateral 8 hours ago

    Honda Beat my Meat

  • Jason Wilke
    Jason Wilke 8 hours ago

    You should get into relationship counseling because I’m going to use this logic I think it will work

  • Shλn
    Shλn 9 hours ago

    0:40 Driver: You are the Wheelman

  • Mattyew
    Mattyew 9 hours ago


  • sideshowtink
    sideshowtink 9 hours ago

    Absolutely hilarious review.

  • Triangle
    Triangle 9 hours ago

    Geesh his dash really shat itself after that paint job.

  • M 4 Mysterious
    M 4 Mysterious 9 hours ago

    I searched the definition of a "Candy Cane" and a "New Jersey Meat Hook"... I have never been this enlightened in my whole life

    CAVOK 9 hours ago

    Man, thats still a nice looking car.

  • Michael E
    Michael E 9 hours ago

    Other than the control arms, Forester rust can get a whole lot worse than this before it becomes critical. Just today I was inspecting a friend's '04 Forester (in Quebec) that revealed a left rear strut tower with a fist-sized hole along the front (near the seat latch) and a half-inch gap where it was starting to split under the window. Sixteen winters on salted roads will do that.

  • Andrew Macdonald
    Andrew Macdonald 10 hours ago

    In this bad-boy, you overlook all the Hummer H1's !

  • Robby Jay
    Robby Jay 10 hours ago

    Lol this guy is funny 😂

  • RussianBoss 037
    RussianBoss 037 10 hours ago

    idk man, my mom had a 99 toyota camry that somehow was a lemon. Something wrong with the car battery and it always needed to be jump started. We traded it in for a 09 Honda Accord and that thing is still running with 150k on the motor. However, I never knew they destroyed the motors of these cars. The Camry's motor was fine, it was all electrical problems. I'm kinda pissed that they destroyed the motor, especially knowing how valuable a 90s Toyota motor is today. However, we got the Accord late in the summer, so IDK if the motor was actually destroyed. i feel like scrapers would know the value of the kinds of stuff that comes in and would hold back on disposing of the more valuable parts, especially knowing the gov. wasn't paying out so fast. but idk thats just my guess

  • K S
    K S 10 hours ago

    Ok that's funny. The same area of the intercooler on my SI has a leaf stuck in it too.

  • Robbie's Incoherent thoughts

    The Fairmont has a huge following in the Foxbody community..... And it's deserving they are a fun car

  • Wayne Novotny
    Wayne Novotny 10 hours ago

    I bought a '74 Super Beetle new in '74. Yellow. Other than a faulty voltage regulator, never had any of the problems you describe. Car ran like a top.

  • Johnny Parker
    Johnny Parker 10 hours ago

    6-gated shifter is beautiful.

  • Tony
    Tony 10 hours ago

    Dude i felt for you on that Gran Turismo talk at the end. My little bro and i had GT4, and our first car was a first gen mazda miata, bright cherry red. Turbo charged the shit outta that exhaust, no weight management, didn't bother to balance the thing, nothing. Just stage one, stage two, stage three turbo chargers. Thing prolly had north of 300 hp. Thing couldn't handle for shit but could pass a stock mustang gt on the straights....Great memories.

  • Doosh Dashcams
    Doosh Dashcams 10 hours ago

    Y COAL IT DRIFT MODE [question mark]

  • ThreeLions
    ThreeLions 10 hours ago

    Well i thought that's like swedish version of Soviet UAZ van but driving an UAZ is certainly more like driving a tractor

  • Xavier Studios Sneak peaks

    Hey do you guys live in Philadelphia I live in Philadelphia and I’m a big fan because of a Pennsylvania license plate that’s why I think you guys live in Philadelphia

  • Jorge Mendez
    Jorge Mendez 11 hours ago

    lol, "Don't get a 15 year old Mustang." Me: daily drives a 1999 Mustang

  • talon55130
    talon55130 11 hours ago

    200ci inline = 150 HP? HAHAHAHA. Not even close, Maybe 90-100 on a good day and that's gross not net HP.

  • talon55130
    talon55130 11 hours ago

    $3,500 in 1978 was still a good deal. As long as it was reliable. If it was made today I'd buy one. A cars job is to take you from point A to point B and back, safely, reliably and economically. Power this and power that. Who cares? Cheap and it works? I'm happy.

  • Aixxad
    Aixxad 11 hours ago

    This is uncanny I was literally going to request you review this exact make model and year.

  • Kirt Ottosen
    Kirt Ottosen 11 hours ago

    Wouldn't a turbo do the same thing and allowing more air to go into the chamber hence better fuel efficiency and horsepower? I had both the Omni and the horizon. Great first cars.

  • Brett Voigt
    Brett Voigt 11 hours ago

    My first street bike was a 98' cbr 600 F3. Yes it has 95 hp and revs to like 13k... I lived in a rural area where I could get to really 'know' the bike. I'm in the greater NYC area now and that bike would kill most beginners.

  • Da Purple Shrek
    Da Purple Shrek 11 hours ago

    This bike is very similar to the cb750 nighthawk tbh. Just full faring not naked

  • Jacob Unger
    Jacob Unger 11 hours ago

    I can lookup parts for this at O Reilly's 🤷‍♂️

  • CPB1
    CPB1 12 hours ago

    My friend drove one of these in College back in the mid 80's. He had pranked my Boss and myself. Being determined to get him back my Boss sent me to the bait store and had me purchase 2500 crickets. Our goal was to have his car always sound like a summer evening...just really loud. Our mistake was placing all the crickets in the car in the morning, in the Summer, in Georgia. So yes by the time he got out to his car that afternoon many not all but many of the crickets had climbed to small hidden crevices and eventually died. While he got out many of the live crickets it was the dead ones that left the lasting impression. Did I mention Georgia Summer. He forgot to mention it was his Dads car and not his. Car stunk till he sold it and I am sure stunk many days afterward.

  • Luke Ellis
    Luke Ellis 12 hours ago

    I thought off throttle flutter was still bad ? your turbo is spinning trying to compress but there no air flow ?

  • Jon Lyons
    Jon Lyons 12 hours ago

    Blah blah blah...not to blah about the blah blah car...zzz.

  • Funnyman CLK
    Funnyman CLK 12 hours ago

    ¿Dónde Está El FOUR DOLLA TUBA?

  • limited
    limited 12 hours ago

    "Regular Cars"

  • David DeBergh
    David DeBergh 12 hours ago

    Regular Zombie Reviews?

  • Joshua Lave
    Joshua Lave 12 hours ago

    I was not expecting to hear a poem today.

  • Adam Lemus
    Adam Lemus 12 hours ago

    I like my bushings like I like my women, tight, well greased and overnighted from Japan.

  • Nakazul
    Nakazul 12 hours ago

    You could put a LS in a RX7, and destroy that excellent weight distrobution. If there was to be a engine replacment it would have to be a egine that weoght very little and not to high. The wankel sits close to the bottom of the car for better handling.

  • Blake Killion
    Blake Killion 13 hours ago

    Why is this the most E30ish. Cuz nowadays beams are 4 cyl. Sedans?

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 13 hours ago

    OK...2.87 liters

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 13 hours ago

    Those look like the Rocky Mountain Brakes. That's a good thing...especially in your case.

  • bcgrittner
    bcgrittner 13 hours ago

    Almost three liters. The T had an engine displacement of 176 cubic inches, 20 Horsepower on a good day.

  • Skitz
    Skitz 13 hours ago

    My dad had a Baja and he loved it and I wanted it

  • Cameron Washington
    Cameron Washington 13 hours ago

    It’s a 2007 because 2008 is the next generation

  • RoundenBrown
    RoundenBrown 14 hours ago

    The Subaru Fahhhrester.

  • scmclane
    scmclane 14 hours ago

    I must find out where these door mounted side mirrors came from

  • Elvis Depressly
    Elvis Depressly 14 hours ago

    2020 flint has not been fixed

  • DecentAsp TheGamer
    DecentAsp TheGamer 14 hours ago

    I love these detroit diesel 8v71s almost just as good as the 6-71s, those sound awesome