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  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos Minute ago

    If this are the top rock songs of the decade then people who created this list are complete tone deaf

  • Mandy Snowman
    Mandy Snowman 2 minutes ago

    Someone's saids that pizzagate it's related

  • Zenith
    Zenith 8 minutes ago

    They're not that bad, they're just not a rock band. At all.

  • Kazmn DB
    Kazmn DB 16 minutes ago

    Darkness is like... All the good parts of revival eminem in one Song. I dig it

  • aye bro's
    aye bro's 21 minute ago

    Aye dawg I think you gone like woods to I fucked wit it

  • christian D
    christian D 22 minutes ago

    This list is even worse than saying the N word

  • todd mcGreen
    todd mcGreen 30 minutes ago

    Ayyyee acid bath is legit the only band that can be on repeat

  • WetToesAndSandscrapedKnees

    these generic political mass appeal pandering eminem songs aren't "meaningful"... songs like brain damage and legacy are.

  • Millyon Eyedeaz
    Millyon Eyedeaz 50 minutes ago

    this entire analysis is pretensious. Besides the fact its a worn out topic being framed as the opposite, its painfully obvious what the record is about. Same method Joyner Lucas used on Ross Capicchioni Okay song but the hype aint called for. This is hiphop, the same art form that gave the world "I gave you power" etc.

  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ 53 minutes ago

    Fantano fans post overused memes it’s kinda old now

    GAZMO 53 minutes ago

    Nice vid, bit weird how you called the audience the n word for 7 minutes. Kinda weird

  • Shreyas N
    Shreyas N Hour ago

    Holy shit I thought Thrift Shop being #1 was a hhcj meme but it's all real!!

  • Dom Snow
    Dom Snow Hour ago

    Isn’t the whole song about it being all a double entendre? The words he used to describe his life can be flipped to describe the shooter. Kill the show, shots, loaded, scope (alcoholics drink mouth wash when they can’t access any other form of alcohol), I know there are more, but you get the point

  • Ēnuff said
    Ēnuff said Hour ago

    anthony is a fckin dweeb *STR8 ↑↑*

  • Alpaca Boye
    Alpaca Boye Hour ago

    solid 7

  • anthony lakich
    anthony lakich Hour ago

    Ringo Star and Meg White are what drummers Need to be most Play when they need to play and Not Hot Dog Horse Shit..Job One Keep time. and they do it the best. i've been in Music for 25 years and i'll take a Ringo Star or Meg White over in Hot Dog Drummer.

  • josue moras
    josue moras Hour ago

    Shut up Fantano, Obama likes this

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 2 hours ago

    Uhhhh Sugar gay

  • NPC 86740296
    NPC 86740296 2 hours ago

    Why are you always fucking reccomended to me

  • ethan587
    ethan587 2 hours ago

    Listen to the song called Y.O.Y.O.Y by Chills it’s actually good

  • Marcel Hidalgo
    Marcel Hidalgo 2 hours ago

    Been watching NakeyJakey videos all day. Never knew my boi Fantano interviewed him.

  • nintendodungeon
    nintendodungeon 2 hours ago

    God, I wish I knew how to cry.

  • jay 2100
    jay 2100 2 hours ago

    U didnt like kamikaze?

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 hours ago

    Great MC Ride interview, Fantano! Insightful questions. Now Peggy interview when?

  • Snyde
    Snyde 2 hours ago

    1. Micro Machines commercials guy

  • Charley Brown
    Charley Brown 2 hours ago

    He would call eminem legend lol

  • Whylo Echodome
    Whylo Echodome 2 hours ago

    I had a crush on Billie when she first came out with music. Then as soon as I found out she was 16. I wanted to cut my dick off I'm 21 at this moment

  • tija1012
    tija1012 2 hours ago

    Me and Vaporwave are soulmates

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson 2 hours ago


  • Jesse Correll
    Jesse Correll 2 hours ago

    It was weird to me when fantano said "the shooting wasn't that bad" and later when he called Eminem "washed up but at least he's not black"

  • Doc McBungas
    Doc McBungas 2 hours ago

    Love Callinan

  • Jovereak
    Jovereak 3 hours ago

    Wario and waluigi just made dope beat

  • Ni9htRaid
    Ni9htRaid 3 hours ago

    Bruh STFU U STUPID FUCK!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Edit: i dont want it ever... it being u Fantano just get the fuck off of TheXvid I don’t want to see your shit on here EVER! Fantanos vid rating TRASH! COMPLETE GOD OFFER TRASH!!!

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown 3 hours ago

    How the fuck did Eminem - Not Afraid not even get mentioned? #1 single, diamond sales, insane influence in hip hop, over a billion views on TheXvid alone

  • Hayden Crow
    Hayden Crow 3 hours ago


  • Henry VE
    Henry VE 3 hours ago

    “Bitch I wrote Venom”

  • amazing blog
    amazing blog 3 hours ago

    Pleas review the starbound soundtrack by Curtis Schweizer

  • Jayden White
    Jayden White 3 hours ago

    People are touching microphones and it's coming out good. 😏 Hello? Police? I've got a sex offender to shout out.

  • BelowTheClouds
    BelowTheClouds 3 hours ago

    The "Good News" is that Mac Miller cant make music anymore by virtue of being dead.

  • Purple Jett
    Purple Jett 3 hours ago

    I G O R I S B E T T E R

  • ChaoticKlutz
    ChaoticKlutz 3 hours ago

    La Croix tastes like TV Static

  • Edson cortes7
    Edson cortes7 4 hours ago

    What about maroon 5? They are far worse

  • Thomas Watson
    Thomas Watson 4 hours ago

    I live in Ipswich and the two biggest musical names to come out of Suffolk are Cradle of Filth and Ed Sheeran. How fucking lucky I am

  • Jen Marie
    Jen Marie 4 hours ago

    This whole album is a suicide note. He was trying so hard, but he was thinking about what was waiting for him on the other side.

  • Majin Juice
    Majin Juice 4 hours ago

    thanks for forming my opinion for me melon!

  • Brenden Decker
    Brenden Decker 4 hours ago

    You look like logic

  • Chase Null
    Chase Null 4 hours ago


  • RG
    RG 4 hours ago

    “Man I fkn hated Swimming” *Listens to Good News* *Cries* Loved this little track review, but come on. Swimming was incredible from start to finish. RIP Mac!

  • BlackVulcan22
    BlackVulcan22 5 hours ago

    Drake is the most influential? How so? I think you meant to say, "Drake rides 'the most influential' waves to stay relevent/at the top of the charts. Honest mistake. Or maybe you meant influential like his sound? But wouldnt it be more honest to say '40' is the most influential? Or the 'OVO sweatshop' is the most influential?

  • Southern Oracle
    Southern Oracle 5 hours ago

    Eminem is on the right side of history 💪🏼

  • The HolographicSweater

    squarepants is his god damn name not a description of how he looks like... did you think john brown was going to be brown colored!?...

  • VARice22
    VARice22 5 hours ago

    All music is just slowed down nighrcore

  • Metal Marauder
    Metal Marauder 5 hours ago

    So he just did the Vulfpeck thing except without the creativity

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 hours ago

    0:09 Anthony turned so progressively into Curly of The Three Stooges, that nobody noticed until now.

  • Mr. Arya Stark
    Mr. Arya Stark 5 hours ago

    Speaking of goofy!!!! Look at your outfit!!!

  • JLaviation
    JLaviation 5 hours ago

    Whoever said Plastic Beach let's get married

  • Victoria Bryan
    Victoria Bryan 5 hours ago

    I found waldo

  • Revenge from Space
    Revenge from Space 5 hours ago

    You just don’t get the lyrics man

  • Imaze GD
    Imaze GD 5 hours ago

    Does anybody know where we can argue our claims to Anthony? Great vid btw

  • Bernie Winn
    Bernie Winn 5 hours ago

    When Quincy Jones Passes. Ill😃👍

  • pooh nani
    pooh nani 5 hours ago

    Damn this vid wouldve been 6 or 7 minutes if it wasnt so slow and fluffed up. Shits almost painful tbh

  • Purremon
    Purremon 5 hours ago

    earl sweatshirt, li b, playboi carti, lil pump, chief keef being mentioned on this list just piss me off

  • Sad BOII
    Sad BOII 5 hours ago

    He looks like a rip off version of logic

  • Chief Musician
    Chief Musician 5 hours ago

    Ribbity dibbity ribbity dibbity ribbity dibbity triplet flows

  • Israel
    Israel 5 hours ago

    Wow I didn't expect to see crying at the end Melon...

  • Bakesale59
    Bakesale59 5 hours ago

    Whang is a goddamn dreamboat.

  • TD -
    TD - 6 hours ago

    11:23 Justin Bieber 2020

  • MatthewPritt976
    MatthewPritt976 6 hours ago

    My dude looking like a mix of Logic and Waldo

  • Ethan Vasquez
    Ethan Vasquez 6 hours ago

    Stadium Arcadium is their best album. That's a fact.

  • Michael Damon
    Michael Damon 6 hours ago

    I dont care what your lyrics say, if its not a good song its not a good song, if its a bad song, no one gives a fuck if you gave us this dudes fucked up bio and history, If I wanted just gossip I would read a blog, not jam a song

  • Overkilled
    Overkilled 6 hours ago

    I cannot name a Vic Mensa song

  • Daniel Mihalko
    Daniel Mihalko 6 hours ago

    I busted out laughing when you unfolded the case and he was laying like that

  • John Ohlin
    John Ohlin 6 hours ago

    Wow, melon actually liked a new eminem song

  • prod. jp
    prod. jp 6 hours ago

    I regret watching this video and learning that ye didn’t write it

  • GMan Baz
    GMan Baz 6 hours ago

    If you say something bad about one the fanbase be like: SO You've chosen DEATH

  • Brannon Cooler
    Brannon Cooler 6 hours ago

    Is this the original audio? Sounds dubbed over

  • Sam
    Sam 6 hours ago

    the entire song is a double entendre, its beyond impressive

  • Syed Asad
    Syed Asad 6 hours ago

    Chris brown should just diee

  • Ginger Overseer
    Ginger Overseer 6 hours ago

    I felt like the odd one out for not being able to listen to a song all the way through. Everyone I know either loves them or knows a few songs. My taste in music has always been weird though.

  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae 7 hours ago

    Can we bring Grunge back please

  • Aaditya Kumar
    Aaditya Kumar 7 hours ago

    But then why did u leave it off the list melon

  • Miles 0
    Miles 0 7 hours ago

    This is like 2 high school band kids smoked a joint they found on the ground but it was actually pcp

  • Og Bris
    Og Bris 7 hours ago

    he was finna get super violated

  • Heiro
    Heiro 7 hours ago

    mmm kamikaze was awesome fantano but yeah its a great track

  • Shrimpy 08
    Shrimpy 08 7 hours ago

    So I’m going to give it a light 11 it’s just that good that we need to go off the charts

  • queen elizabeth
    queen elizabeth 7 hours ago

    Cried 3 times in one day to true love waits. It is the pinnacle of depressing songs.

  • Arctic Raven
    Arctic Raven 7 hours ago

    Look up George Martin...he composed alot of stuff for them. I always wondered why they couldn't duplicate anything similar to what they wrote as Beatles...never added up why they didn't but the George Martin thing came to light. Jones makes this clear

  • FreeKekistan
    FreeKekistan 7 hours ago

    $10 million record deal, $20 million life insurance policy

  • Matthew Fodell
    Matthew Fodell 7 hours ago

    The New World Order conspiracy theory is BS (although Bush I & iirc Bill Clinton did refer to creating a New World Order, what they meant was a global US empire, basically the same vision as the neoconservatives’ “New American Century”), but let’s be real: Building 7 is a thing... I don’t know how that can be debated. Lol.

  • Tom Maloney
    Tom Maloney 7 hours ago

    mr jones writes and reads music, these people don't understand music that isn't. I'm not saying all but most people his age didn't get the Beatles. it wasn't how good they individually were but how they played and sang together. they sacrificed their individualallity for the good of the group. I think they all wanted to show the world they could rock as good as Americans, and then something happened. don't be jealous Quincy!

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia 7 hours ago

    I thought the song was okay. A little heavy handed with its message but I can see how people can enjoy that. Onto the album!

  • Og Bris
    Og Bris 8 hours ago

    this song got very annoying fast

  • Timothy Christian
    Timothy Christian 8 hours ago

    plz review flight319 by 070 shake

  • S2D tv
    S2D tv 8 hours ago

    Love the brave blossoms jersey

  • Matthew Fodell
    Matthew Fodell 8 hours ago

    I didn’t believe in the Illuminati but now I do. And Hopsin must be in the youth branch, because this is tame af, even compared to Eyes Wide Shut, which is already tame compared to the real Jeffrey Epstein-ass shit the elite get up to in their real secret societies/cults. Lol.

  • Nic Chris
    Nic Chris 8 hours ago

    That’s crazy she’s gonna stop making music bc white people like her music

  • tyler henry
    tyler henry 8 hours ago

    These comments hurt my head

  • SoutheastSneaks
    SoutheastSneaks 8 hours ago

    It’s tragic to hear Mac sing “There’s a whole lot more for me waiting” knowing that he never got to see it.

  • Seb Walton
    Seb Walton 8 hours ago

    I’m sorry I love you Anthony but I totally disagree with you saying that Dookie is a pop punk album :(

  • Sebastian Aviles Martinez

    Pizza Gate, Pizza Gate, Pizza Gate, this is not a song, it's a protest, Google Yummy Pizza Gate.