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  • tjflacid
    tjflacid 2 hours ago

    This dude is a disinfo agent. SHE FUCKING MADE A A POST SAYING SHE WOULD NEVER KILL HERSELF. Get all the fucking facts before you make a video about this shit. What the FUCK

  • NandiB.
    NandiB. 2 hours ago

    What about the guy that so called killed himself soon after in the same holding cell.

  • DonBonJovi 214
    DonBonJovi 214 2 hours ago


  • I Am Nebo
    I Am Nebo 2 hours ago

    My nigga rocking a Naruto shirt 😎

  • Evilempire1131
    Evilempire1131 2 hours ago

    When are you going to have Jason Miller on the podcast

  • tjflacid
    tjflacid 2 hours ago

    Come tf on

  • The Investment Guy
    The Investment Guy 2 hours ago

    I had to stop watching and listening to this interview because this dude is spewing complete bovine feces and I can’t fucking take it ...... that line of thinking is the issue ...FUCK !!!

  • Clutch4dub
    Clutch4dub 2 hours ago


  • Jonathan Padron
    Jonathan Padron 2 hours ago

    It’s called exatlon and it was shot in the Dominican Republic. I saw the first season with my mom which is the one Masvidal was in. They said he was an mma fighter “I don’t really watch it” so I thought that out of shape fat fuck couldn’t do much. He transformed in that show, I always rooted for him since he’s Cuban but that show made him drop so much weight. After that a saw one of his fights and was impressed with the changes he made

  • Preston Ledbetter
    Preston Ledbetter 2 hours ago

    That police officer doesn't know if she has something like pcp, cocaine or some type of drug shes tryna get rid of by ingesting it. Plus this happened in texas , that should be enough said right there. Sheriffs are no bullshit an if you show anxiety that will trigger them cause they are supposed to go off body language. An I use my blinker to pull off for emergency vehicles, plus it's a stop sign not a yield sign so you are to stop no if ands or buts. Joe you guys from California are fuckin idiots an this guys needs to get smacked the fuck up.

  • Anthony Efx
    Anthony Efx 2 hours ago

    yea but he has to remember someone that wouldn't pay in the first place for his album might download it for free and become a fan. then go to shows, buy merch and albums.

    • Anthony Efx
      Anthony Efx 2 hours ago

      look at post malone. he put out white iverson not expecting anything. most people listening to it with adblock no album and dude blew up from everyone becoming a fan

  • Clutch4dub
    Clutch4dub 2 hours ago

    That nigga Darnell ANNOYINY ASF dude need to shut his None funny ass up

  • ajsilva78
    ajsilva78 2 hours ago

    10 years ago Anderson could kill this guy...

  • Avni Alili
    Avni Alili 2 hours ago

    "Maybe I didn't have the right Jew-Tang Clan!"

  • Merle's Hand
    Merle's Hand 2 hours ago

    I thought it was because they always showed people dancing in their commercials

    STREET D 2 hours ago

    Joe rogan has the best podcast everything is fully natural I love watching

  • Gray Ghost Outdoors
    Gray Ghost Outdoors 2 hours ago

    I live down here and the girl committed suicide plain and simple. The cops definitely bully and abuse their Authority in Texas No Doubt. But living here you already know to say yes sir and no sir and don't give him a reason to do anything stupid. Get your ticket for the blinker and go down the road live to fight another day

  • cubsfantrey3
    cubsfantrey3 2 hours ago

    They definitely killed that woman. Found out she was an activist that has fought against police brutality of minorities for years and knew they were in trouble so they murdered her

  • Mate Kikabidze
    Mate Kikabidze 2 hours ago

    Relax guys, alcohol is not destructive. That's like saying hamburgers are destructive. You can you anything. And You can have a glass of wine for dinner, you cant have an injection of heroin for dinner, because it's a destructive drug. Retards use your brain

  • T. Scott
    T. Scott 2 hours ago

    The fact he says idk what could be going she's outta state and a young black woman ..why is that a form of threat they dont say he's out of state and a young white male/female how come they get the benefit of the doubt

  • The Maharani's Closet

    This Malcolm dude is an idiot. Sounds like he grew up indoors. Its a power trip. He enjoys when people are submissive to him, the bigger and more intimidating that person my be the bigger the rush the cop gets as he's hiding behind the badge.

  • allan rolfe
    allan rolfe 2 hours ago

    We are all in a simulation joe is in de Nile😂🤣

  • Jeff Caudill
    Jeff Caudill 2 hours ago

    WTF. JOE please You can't be doing these type shows with dumb people not knowing what they are saying. Listen to this crap..

  • Leandros Amarantidis

    Back when piracy was stills big, Netflix proved that people will pay for a fair service. Now in order to watch my shows and listen to my music i got to sub to a bunch of shitty services that are overpriced. Piracy will come back and it will decrease again when the industries will adapt. So rather investing money to artificially keep up fees and control the market, invest into new ways of offering your services.

  • A1tube _
    A1tube _ 2 hours ago

    This guy doesn’t know much lol

  • adam krajniak
    adam krajniak 2 hours ago

    Has anyone ever thought wolf dick aka dick wolf is most likely a predator mimicked then rapped and brutalized a real life reporter in his script

  • Damon Hair NYC
    Damon Hair NYC 2 hours ago

    I hate people who yells and scream when they talk . Calm your ass down. Geez!!

  • MrBLACKMAMBA305 shane

    Hey Joe, this guy is a moron, where did you get him from. Never heard of this idiot until u saw him on your show; you should have left him where u found him. MORON!!!! Doesnt have a clue what the fuck hes talking about.

  • Nathan Neering
    Nathan Neering 2 hours ago

    This man can fight no lie but he’s a huge fuckin asshole bitch

  • Rich Vuchetich
    Rich Vuchetich 2 hours ago

    There are so many fights that the UFC needs to make happen. It isn't about the belts...it is about matching up guys that make great fights, exciting fights.

  • Richard Depaola jr
    Richard Depaola jr 2 hours ago

    Napster did NOT found the technology...they made it simpler and popularized it. People were file sharing all the way back in the 1980s on BBSs and via the Usenet which had an estimated 34 million people downloading from it when Napster hit. 15 of the top 50 selling albums of all time came out after Napster. The problem is that the music industry waited until they were FORCED to start selling digital copies of music, they completely ignored that new form of media, a thing they never did before...I mean, these fuckers waited until just a few years ago to start counting TheXvid views before giving money to the musicians and it took Psy getting over 1 BILLION views for it to happen. It was 100% the fault of the industry.

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD 2 hours ago

    I hate it when people call weed "dope". That is so last century. It reminds me of all the really old guys my dad hung out with saying "dope". People that call it "dope" are dopes. And it's not a very dope thing to say.

  • Scarlett Toney
    Scarlett Toney 2 hours ago

    This happens ALL the time in religious communities. Only problem is that religious people think it can't happen, which only facilitates it happening more.

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 2 hours ago

    As a non-American it's really frustrating when for some legal reason Google Play or iTunes can't sell an album IN YOUR COUNTRY. It's there, but you can't buy it. I guess I could go to ebay to buy a used or mint-condition CD, but then I'm paying a fortune in shipping and that money doesn't go to the band anyway. So it's frustrating when you try to stay on the straight and narrow and not pirate shit, but there are no legit options.

  • Boatz N. Hoezz222
    Boatz N. Hoezz222 2 hours ago

    5:18 " and like the Pepsi dudes was the pepsi muthafucka.. they the pepsi niggas that get all the money to throw parties and shit"* Bruhh 😂

  • Μιχαήλ Μυλωνάς

    Jones is the biggest ufc fighter for 14 years..he beat the biggest guys of the competition rua,belfort,machida,dc,Gustafson.

  • Elelyoneleven
    Elelyoneleven 2 hours ago

    This guy Donnel Rawlings is obnoxious,, let Rza speak for christ sake smh

  • Jill E Beans
    Jill E Beans 2 hours ago

    What I want to know is where is Jeffrey Epstein's female accomplice right now? the ugly one with the short black hair the one that was the procurer of a lot of these underage girls? we can't find her anywhere in the world? She's just hiding somewhere and there's nothing we can do to find her? Really?we need to find her ass and bring her back to the US so she can stand trial and give testimony regarding all of these people like Bill Clinton and prince Andrew etc . WTF

  • Hughes Enterprises
    Hughes Enterprises 2 hours ago

    There’s a reason why serious dangerous game guides in Africa and Alaska tell their customers to carry their rifle or handgun 24 hours a day for weeks before they go hunting. It’s not a fashion accessory or a macho symbol. It’s the only thing keeping a Cape buffalo from stomping you flat and unless it’s literally in your hands when you need it, you won’t be fast enough. That’s why dangerous game guns don’t have slings on them, it forces you to have it in your hands everywhere you go. It has to be second nature to have it in your hands, on your lap, in the holster on your hip 100% of the time.

  • Armando Alcazar
    Armando Alcazar 2 hours ago

    That foo in the yellow is fucking annoying lol

  • Paul Gordon Boyle
    Paul Gordon Boyle 2 hours ago

    I don’t care if they killed him or he committed suicide, he was a peedo, he is dead now and that’s a good thing him being dead. Now Prince Andrew should be brought to trial for his involvement

  • rough slugger
    rough slugger 2 hours ago

    Americans blaming Russians as theyre default answer again. Cia mossad involvement as usual.

  • Seth Skullsberg
    Seth Skullsberg 2 hours ago

    From her point of view: Car got towed and now it will be $200 a day that impound has it. Will be in jail for a month before I can go to court because I cant pay bail. That means I lost my new job. That means I lose my apartment. Car will be gone. In her eyes her life was over. She would get out and be homeless because she smoked a cigarette.

    COREY M 2 hours ago

    the cultural appropriation argument is so hypocritical. how can these people support different cultures but then get offended when you adopt those cultures. a basic example is rap, its considered black music but here comes eminem

  • Iman Dutta
    Iman Dutta 2 hours ago

    I had a pretty freaky experience with Facebook ... once i went to a antique museum of bikes with my friends .. and we got to talk about bikes.. which year it was made.. how it was used on world war stuff like that.. and not once i used google search or facebook ... So after reaching home i opened Facebook app on my phone and to my shock, it starts showing ads based on old bikes like Royal Infield (which is very popular and one of the oldest bike manufacturer in my country since 1901) I was like WTF.. my god.. its true.. i panicked and immediately removed all social apps. ..i am just a ordinary citizen.. i am nobody.. but facebook app must have listened to my conversation... Since then i dont use facebook app or any other social app.. The scarier part is that, these tech giants are spying on general public's identity and making millions of money by selling them .. basically we are just herd of sheeps...

  • Oystein Tiktaalikson

    I was born with a penis and I Identyfy as a male, and I watch Law and Order SVU. I also have a Law and Order tea-mug. Am I still a man?

  • E.
    E. 2 hours ago

    1) I've heard several American cops advocate for responsible gun ownership, so that is BS 2) don't tell me there is not a high gun ownership rate in rural Canada without statistics. I call BS. Malcom, write about high gun ownership rates in rural vs urban America (legal and illegal ownership). Compare rates of violent crime in those demographics. Explain the reasons for difference in rates. Here's a clu it's not poverty.

  • Haatchii
    Haatchii 2 hours ago

    The war of the roses wasnt in the first century. Wtf man.

  • Jay E
    Jay E 2 hours ago

    I don’t think alcohol makes the hippocampus shut down, rather the sodium which creates the electric stimulus between dendrites and axons to relay messages, is just severely numbed. Have an isotonic drink when you’re drinking and get that salt up to the brain, u will never forget nothing again

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner 2 hours ago

    The quantity is everything. If 15% of the population was smoking marijuana 10-40 times a day, that would be a pretty big problem. As it is, far fewer use and those that do typically use only occasionally. Similarly, alcohol would not be much of a problem if people used it like most use marijuana- a few percent of the population having one drink every week or two in a safe environment.

  • Tim O'Brien
    Tim O'Brien 2 hours ago

    Alcohol is absolutely awful but unsophisticated morons don't understand this because we are constantly bombarded by beer commercials which makes nitwits oblivious on how destructive this drug is.

  • hey yo bitch
    hey yo bitch 2 hours ago


  • Robert Rios
    Robert Rios 2 hours ago

    Take out quotas and have walkers on certain square feet and drivers drive around helping people. Stop looking for crimes because the crime has turned into looking for crime!

  • Queenofdacastle
    Queenofdacastle 2 hours ago

    Wow Rza must have stop blowing.. never seen him this chunky lol....he looks good though 😅

  • Historical Icons
    Historical Icons 2 hours ago

    The Sandra Bland case drives me bonkers. Make wants to slap the first white person I see.

  • Tony Seccia
    Tony Seccia 2 hours ago

    2:42 when you're baked af with the homies and someone drops a truth bomb

  • Shaw Mate
    Shaw Mate 2 hours ago

    Yoel would delete Israel tbh

  • Brian G. Bankston Sr.

    Also don't you talk no blaspheme about Jerry Orbach

    TETRAGRAMETATRON 2 hours ago

    Castration is the removal of the testicles not the penis.

  • Timikara Taurerewa
    Timikara Taurerewa 2 hours ago

    magic insights

  • atrocious _ pr0xy
    atrocious _ pr0xy 2 hours ago

    You see it all the time.. fighters having the right tools, but when it's time to show up, they don't use them or rely on the wrong ones. Masvidal has figured out what tools to use.

  • T A
    T A 2 hours ago

    She did not kill herself... Smh

  • clubber lang
    clubber lang 2 hours ago

    What bout a blind black panther who's white LMFAO Joe Rogan lost his way LMFAO 🔥🌿😤💨

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Interesting perspective and they’re both right. It’s ask, tell, make. AND he articulated what happened

  • 4p143m3
    4p143m3 2 hours ago

    Donnell remind me of the gooey raccoon. Good thing RZA too level headed to throw them bows.

  • Ktm Ziek
    Ktm Ziek 2 hours ago

    Same thing happened to me twice in the state of Nh. I was smoking a cigarette and the cops freaked out and told me to exit the vehicle then proceeded to search my vehicle without probable cause. Found some weed 800 dollar fine twice, 1600 to the state of Nh for the atm for cops.

  • SentientCentrist
    SentientCentrist 2 hours ago

    Nice. I’ll be talking about the hippocampus at the bar tonight....and will prob be called out by another person who watched this pod....

  • TK Moto
    TK Moto 2 hours ago

    Just because people ask him about Conor doesn’t mean he’s calling him out lol

  • Brian G. Bankston Sr.

    Joe "mmmmm... riiiight" Rogan

  • Alex Blanco
    Alex Blanco 2 hours ago

    Do people really don't realize the relation between alcohol being accepted in certain cultures and the fact that its part of the ceremony of Christianism? Its where it comes from, alcohol is the sacred drugs in Christian countries, that's why traditionally it has been less frowned upon or criticised.

  • Joshua Leasure
    Joshua Leasure 2 hours ago

    No doubt the trumps are on the tag just like the rest of them but his specific example of the hotel may not necessarily be bribery although it is egregiously inappropriate. I’m sure most major hotels in Washington DC do more than $300,000 worth of business in a year. Like Joe points out there’s operating cost there and the net profit on what could be normal business isn’t that much. I also agree with the other guy in that no president should be profiting in anyway from foreign entities and if they get caught afterwards giving consideration to those foreign entities it should be considered an offense. I would take it a step further and say all federal politicians should be held to that standard they should not make a dime more than their salary while in office because it should be considered a public servant Job and the implications to the rest of the country are too great.

  • Corey Bright
    Corey Bright 2 hours ago

    Thanks for calling him out on his bullsh. This guy says he went to the town once and knows how it is. This was a HBCU and the jackpot for the cop is only putting young kids at Prairie View in jail

  • TK Moto
    TK Moto 2 hours ago

    He never called our Conor

  • C. Kins
    C. Kins 2 hours ago

    Soldiers, fight on alcohol unlike pot.

  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan Baker 2 hours ago

    Hey she said we some confidentiality agreement. #ChuckDenver80/20

  • Ricardo Panganiban
    Ricardo Panganiban 2 hours ago

    I cracked up when Donnell started singing that old school tune lol

  • bimfred
    bimfred 2 hours ago

    Madoff, Trump...same difference.

  • Sed White
    Sed White 2 hours ago

    Sure. Same view you had on the amy Schumer Stealing jokes take

  • Angie Lagou
    Angie Lagou 2 hours ago

    It would take people to choose community over greed. Instead of only seeing black and latin ppl sit in jail we should also see white collar criminals to teach them that greed is a serious crime that affects everyone.

  • austin dillhyon
    austin dillhyon 2 hours ago

    This dudes an idiot. Turned this shit off

  • StoriesFromEarth
    StoriesFromEarth 2 hours ago

    Another conversation about Shkreli where nobody has any idea what they are talking about. Shame on Joe for not having him on the Podcast.

  • P110 K9 Solutions
    P110 K9 Solutions 2 hours ago

    Lolz. There are no quotas. There is a federal law titled Official Oppression that prevents police departments or police chiefs from assigning quotas to officers.

  • Edgar himself
    Edgar himself 2 hours ago

    Ya I was born in Mexico and paper white, how I don’t know

  • Herb Burnley
    Herb Burnley 2 hours ago

    I used to get the 100 microgram patches would cut them open snort all the juice inside then chew the patch. Im 6 years sober

  • adam krajniak
    adam krajniak 2 hours ago

    Two words wolf dick didnt even watch yet

  • wrestling with principalities

    "Can nobody hold ya down after that" 🙃 big truth

  • Ejx3
    Ejx3 2 hours ago

    i think a vegan diets results are very misleading, people think they're being healthy by cutting out meat but really they're cutting out bad foods in general like mcdonalds chicken nuggets and hotdogs. i would like to see a comparison between someone that actually eats high quality meats and a vegan. because the people who translation mostly ate like crap before anyway

  • Kila Lawak
    Kila Lawak 2 hours ago

    Poors dudes cant even finish their stories from the overtalking and interuptions.

  • Herman Boespinck
    Herman Boespinck 2 hours ago

    My grandma still called cornflakes "Post Toasties"

  • Javon Davis
    Javon Davis 2 hours ago

    This is the most bullshit nigga I've ever seen on Joe if you think she killed herself you probably think voting gone change something stupid fuckers nobody kills them self for outstanding tickets gtfoh

  • B-luv 707
    B-luv 707 2 hours ago

    Cops always seem to be "terrified" when they kill someone.

  • ben
    ben 2 hours ago

    Lol. Guy at Napster with billions, that is too much. This guy doesn't have a clue. Nobody was sending Napster money, lol. At least not when people still used it. The music business was a bloated industry of middle men that was too fat off the gravy train to recognize the distribution model needed to change. I remember $25-40 CDs in the 90s and they'd have only 3 or 4 tunes worth listening to, and the artists were going broke (before Napster). This is some guys partial recollection of his half-baked understanding of how his lawyer explained it to him. Lol.

  • Matt Johns
    Matt Johns 2 hours ago

    Joe messed up.."put it online"...rza"for free huh?"..oooppps

  • Matt Bosley
    Matt Bosley 2 hours ago

    It’s killing a baby, but I think it should be legal... Josh Zepps is a fucking idiot piece of shit

  • FURinTeeth
    FURinTeeth 2 hours ago

    ABOUT TIME!!!! Where's all the warnings for peoples beloved ALCOHOL! It harms, hurts and kills the most! PERIOD!

  • Joey Adcock
    Joey Adcock 2 hours ago

    He would of sprung any question to Trump though, that's just Noah he's a pussy

  • Josh Parsons
    Josh Parsons 2 hours ago

    This guy looks like ET

  • john misnik
    john misnik 2 hours ago

    Artie looks great. I love this guy, always have. I’m super excited to see him sober and looking positive. He’s an extremely funny guy and Artie I wish you nothing but the best. Be that turn around story. But if you run into Teddy beat that fuckers ass🤣

  • aurel
    aurel 2 hours ago

    Damn, he's an amazing storyteller

  • First Last
    First Last 2 hours ago

    Finally something real came out that nigga mouth.