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Was JFK a Speed Freak?
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  • Heathen
    Heathen 5 seconds ago

    The fear of death will make even the smartest minds believe in the silliest things

  • ckhang
    ckhang 11 seconds ago

    Joe is #YangGang. Andrew Yang blew his mind during the podcast and Joe knows Yang right on everything he says especially a lot of the folks that believe we need a UBI was previously on his show.

  • Jarett Bousquet
    Jarett Bousquet 13 seconds ago

    Hafthor is well over 400 lol

  • La'Keisha Where Art Thou
    La'Keisha Where Art Thou 17 seconds ago

    bro her arms look like she been diggin up an elephants asshole trying to find out why theres dark blood in it's stool.

  • C CX
    C CX 48 seconds ago

    Joe "YOU SAID HE'S BORING?!?" Rogan

  • Robbytheballer
    Robbytheballer 51 second ago

    In all honesty.. did anyone actually pause the video?? 😂

  • Heathen
    Heathen Minute ago

    So ghost have the ability to knock on things and flip tables but not write out who what and why they're there!

  • Gmailaccount Services

    I am just going to say it. Mike Tyson in his prime was a fucking beast, and yes he could not only beat a pro kick boxer but anyone that has ever been champ in the UFC as well. I don't give a shit about ground this, kicks that because I remember how he fucking destroyed great men in the first round, many of which in under 60 seconds. Takes an idiot to think it would be different just because of some bullshit. This generation doesn't know a god damn thing.

  • Samuel FdS
    Samuel FdS Minute ago

    nazi is an a.i hive created by draconians

  • Noka Oi
    Noka Oi 2 minutes ago

    It’s called “Gallo’s humor” ... police, fire & rescue, military can relate. It’s a coping mechanism, and psychologically, it is normalizing and a healthy way to cope. My husband and brother are both law enforcement, so holiday table topics can get pretty weird! My husband is going in year 28 with the department. He still can eat gravy to this day, due to one of the worst homicide scenes he ever went to... dude went crazy and had his wife’s body cooking in pots on stove and oven ! 😳😳😳🤢🤢 It’s been an interesting 25 years+, being married to him ! You so much tragedy and sadness, you have to come up with ways to cope. The public has to understand that they may have just come from a heartbreaking call ...,and then the next call is a perfectly normal citizen who wants safety tips for the best way to secure his home. 🤫🤔.... kinda messes with your mind!!

  • Dr Jones
    Dr Jones 2 minutes ago

    Im sure thiers a poor boy somewhere that would eat him alive even in a street fight or in a boxing ring

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas 3 minutes ago

    Social caste white Males have historically disenfranchised non-white people and their own women since America's inception. Therefore a Non-white American or Caucasian Female would be completely insane to vote for a white guy and expect that white guy to actually represent them. ...so she was correct. White males and are also the only terrorists in America... so...

  • Peter Flett
    Peter Flett 3 minutes ago

    everytime he says "talk about", i keep hearing "Taco Bell"

  • YourName
    YourName 3 minutes ago

    Sending good vibes to Sid! 3 From Hell was great, but I definitely missed Captain Spaulding.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 3 minutes ago

    I want to see Skylar Turden on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Gurpreet Digpal
    Gurpreet Digpal 3 minutes ago

    😂😂 straight Yorkshire 💯

  • Eldaras An
    Eldaras An 3 minutes ago

    JOE : i don't have an opinion on this topic also JOE : *asks 100 times the same question and does not give a shit about the lads point*

  • Justafollower
    Justafollower 3 minutes ago

    Laplace is fucking confusing

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 4 minutes ago

    I want to see Skylar Turden on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Random Hobbies
    Random Hobbies 4 minutes ago

    It's a club called religion to avoid the tax man

  • 121212
    121212 4 minutes ago

    Rico gonna fuck him up again

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien 4 minutes ago

    Be great if we could make contact with our other copies ;)

  • Asangla Kmc
    Asangla Kmc 4 minutes ago

    Doesn't he look like Brendan Rodgers

  • 121212
    121212 5 minutes ago

    Rogan cant handle people having a different dialect and using a different app :) kind of funny. For a guy talking about character all the time he surely acts kind of cocky from time 2 time

  • geno816
    geno816 5 minutes ago

    He didnt fight Tyson in his prime. I truly believe that tyson never reached his true potiential. Once his father figure died. He was done.

  • Ryan Woodcock
    Ryan Woodcock 6 minutes ago

    I'm pretty smart.... And I'm so friggin lost!!

  • J Rock
    J Rock 6 minutes ago

    Basically what Sean Carroll is saying is that so far String theory has only been partially right. As for dark energy maybe the theory is just wrong? The idea is that gravity is constant and if that's true then we're missing a bunch if energy that was predicted. There's several theories growing in popularity that do away with the idea there has to be a cosmological constant that we can't detect.

  • Ron Merkus
    Ron Merkus 6 minutes ago

    Life is an act of probability, you are always in a state of mind of choosing, eather being woke or asleep, chooose to live your life in the state of mind woke, and not asleep!!!!

  • Zachary's Vlogs and vids SEASON 3!!!!

    It's Sept 18 and a masseuse who accused Spacey of something has died... That "let me be frank" has taken on a whole new thing... Seems like this is a letter to Bill Clinton, I'm not suicidal.

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer 7 minutes ago

    Each particle has a wave. In that wave, we have branching representation. Plebeian guess. /shrug

  • the demigod requis
    the demigod requis 7 minutes ago

    Joe "favorite coyote death story" rogan

  • golgus 84
    golgus 84 7 minutes ago

    uuummm umm ummm, are FAGETS real? ... yes. their called Adam Con-over. straight up gay idiot.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 7 minutes ago

    I want to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Steverino
    Steverino 7 minutes ago

    Does this mean that I was likely created by another me, that made a decision?

  • Destroy Liberals
    Destroy Liberals 8 minutes ago

    I can’t wait until people just start shooting antifa members on site. They’ll deserve every round fired at them and it will be HILARIOUS

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 8 minutes ago

    I want to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 8 minutes ago

    I want to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • 1rickopotamus
    1rickopotamus 8 minutes ago

    She murdered bruce jenner and inhabited him. Call the fucking police

  • strix2035
    strix2035 9 minutes ago

    It would be interesting to see for sure but Mike was the tank I think it would’ve been hard to stop his power as fast as they needed to.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 9 minutes ago

    I want to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Esteban Cordeiro
    Esteban Cordeiro 9 minutes ago

    Se comió todos los guaymallen

  • Ismail Sahri
    Ismail Sahri 10 minutes ago

    You talking shiiiiit dud

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 10 minutes ago

    I would like to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Redmonk2
    Redmonk2 10 minutes ago

    Haha he described himself and said they looked like a maniac

  • Tatiana Lemos
    Tatiana Lemos 10 minutes ago

    How does flat earthers prove satellite phones??

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom 10 minutes ago

    What do you mean you didn’t think he was white? Define white you moron.

  • Austin Baxley
    Austin Baxley 10 minutes ago

    *sniff sniff.... Bald

  • Sewer Dragon
    Sewer Dragon 11 minutes ago

    I can't take anything Joe says seriously anymore. After all the censorship and the flat out lies. I learned a lot from his podcast but it's a different thing now.

  • sharon berget
    sharon berget 11 minutes ago

    I’m fat, but I’m honest it’s horrible it’s not ever healthy, it’s lazy, it’s out of control, it’s low self esteem. It’s gross.

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 11 minutes ago

    Dan is the man! Been a fan of his for over 30yrs. I have a few of his Crystal skulls👍

  • Cruyff1987
    Cruyff1987 11 minutes ago

    Rogan throws out comedy bro names like the people interviewing are supposed to know who they are.

  • Mill Soe
    Mill Soe 12 minutes ago

    8000 thumbs down from puppets who have their own worthless comments or opinions

    PRXJECT GXD 12 minutes ago

    A lot of people in these comments are like "I was left but they made me right" if that's the case then clearly you didn't have a strong foot in the left. If you look at the party and only think of the extremes then you shouldn't be republican either. Like their shit is damn near worse than whatever the left is doing. Convince me otherwise.

  • JesseFpv
    JesseFpv 13 minutes ago

    Joe don't let the bearded guy speak anymore lol makes no since just trying to promote himself.

  • Henri Fourie
    Henri Fourie 13 minutes ago

    Egyptians aren't black

  • SPYKE357
    SPYKE357 13 minutes ago

    Yup. Dan is right. How does Joe not know about terpenes but Dan does? Terpenes are cannabinoid moderators. They definitely affect thc/cbd effects on the body/mind

  • Josip Hodak
    Josip Hodak 13 minutes ago

    would be amazing to see a podcast with Travis Pastrana or Matt Hoffman, maybe even Brandon Semenuk.

  • Medovukha
    Medovukha 13 minutes ago

    I'm a supporter of the second amendment but... Then you don't support the second, don't lie.

  • Allan Gilbert
    Allan Gilbert 14 minutes ago

    If there are infinate realities in infinite combinations. Why would reincarnation exist?

  • Fianna
    Fianna 14 minutes ago

    they already have robot wars, they are called drones

  • It's me So it is
    It's me So it is 14 minutes ago

    Forced adoption??

  • Jimmy McMuffin
    Jimmy McMuffin 14 minutes ago

    Artem Levin? Wtf joe, put some respect on the Goats name. I thought that alpha brain shit worked?

  • A Ron
    A Ron 14 minutes ago

    what if Maia flying knees askren

  • Michael Pierce
    Michael Pierce 14 minutes ago

    It's not promoted at all like ufc. Let's face it in terms of even MMA it's only the UFC that's has a super public eye

  • Raccia Crack
    Raccia Crack 15 minutes ago

    There’s this good short story; and I think it has a short film made about it on TheXvid. It is in a world where everyone is equal, but everyone is dumbed down.The smart have buzzers in their hears to prevent complex thoughts.Someone with a debilitating stutter is a newsman.The strong are given weights to make them equal.The beautiful are forced to wear masks. That is equity.

  • Big Pax
    Big Pax 15 minutes ago

    I agree with them both, difference between addiction and moderation

  • Blatio1
    Blatio1 15 minutes ago

    It's a "HE"! And anyone who openly says they are "...very political correct.." deserves to live in LA.

  • nocturnal hustler
    nocturnal hustler 15 minutes ago

    The color of Jesus don't matter imitate what he was about.

  • Warm Association
    Warm Association 16 minutes ago

    Teddy atlas is on POINT! That's why Ali is considered the Greatest. It's mostly got to do with a persons character. Tyson was dangerous, trained well but,.....

  • Jimmy Turner
    Jimmy Turner 16 minutes ago

    Wtf is he talking about college wrestling is popular?

  • OfficialGoodMannered
    OfficialGoodMannered 16 minutes ago

    Those types of male feminist are just like those types of female feminist, they don't actually want equality

  • Roger M
    Roger M 17 minutes ago

    UFC vs "B"ellator. If Ben losses...a strong argument could be made.

  • Street Cat
    Street Cat 17 minutes ago

    Tyson said he visualized bashing someone's nose so hard that it drove the nose bones into their brain. That's a Tyson quote. Who's bad ?

  • Choco Loco
    Choco Loco 17 minutes ago

    Badr hari would kill him if Badr was allowed to use is legs too, they both hit fucking hard

  • Anthony Montgomery
    Anthony Montgomery 17 minutes ago

    These fake teachers r going to get someone killed

  • Hardcore Edwin
    Hardcore Edwin 17 minutes ago

    Canelo was 22 when he fought mayweather... Alot has change since than... Now canelo is the one of the BEST!

  • ncat boiz
    ncat boiz 18 minutes ago

    People with half a brain would know tyson wouldnt stand a chance against any LHW/HW in the UFC.

  • rockstardj89
    rockstardj89 18 minutes ago

    The white man used smallpox to destroy as concur all these ancient civilizations

  • Chucky
    Chucky 19 minutes ago

    "I like reality, I like living in reality and I like experiencing it totally sober"

  • Wes Ossington
    Wes Ossington 19 minutes ago

    You should of asked him if he watched alot of battle star galactica. In the sense that he basically describes what ai will become is exactly like that Cylonsssssss. Neurallinked to a new body. He actualy said that.....

  • KA NoizeCovers
    KA NoizeCovers 19 minutes ago

    Ash Ketchum is a nurturing cartoon male character 😁

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 19 minutes ago

    The Resurrected. you can watch the entire thing on TheXvid.

  • J S
    J S 19 minutes ago

    I "get" it. Apple needs to be open. But, then again they would be targeted anyway. Now, the tech of these types of batteries does make what Apple is "doing" (didn't say) IS true. But, also, the timing for the battery degradation is enabling of the conspiracies. Side note...I have both Apple and other devices. My iPads work forever...I guess bigger batteries and less degradation loads. My Pixel 2 was worked hard and slowed down drastically at the year mark. My Pixel battery degraded bad. Looking at engineering videos about Tesla batteries before buying one showed me the chemistry of battery differences. Long life vs performance vs sizing. So, the chemistry for a small phone has pros and cons. My wish: If phones would offer a larger heavier phone that is optimized for battery. I would not mind having an extra phone choice that has bigger, heavier, expensive battery chemistry. I know we can get charger cases etc. (joke name: iPhone Pro Max Plus just bigger battery)

  • Juan Pablo Saenz
    Juan Pablo Saenz 20 minutes ago

    It's the only flashback in the movie that's clearly portrayed from a character's point of view. Cliff's an unreliable narrator, this is how he remembers the fight subjectively.

  • Jim Pyre
    Jim Pyre 21 minute ago

    Jones is running on a tide of bullshit...

  • Xurace Bro
    Xurace Bro 21 minute ago

    Legend in music and film. Thanks Rob!👊👻💀

  • Cristos Blanace
    Cristos Blanace 21 minute ago

    I think atheists and theists alike are kinda dumb when it comes to "God". The thing is, "God" is not what we think "God" is, or what we have been taught by such things as polytheism or monotheism. Where theists seem to fail is making God material. Saying that God is a man, which is simple minded. Fractal geometry will tell you that God exists. It will tell you that God is essentially the universe, and the universe is living, just not on the plane of understanding that we see. This makes atheists close minded.

  • Luca Lucente
    Luca Lucente 21 minute ago

    "The weird thing is in Ex machina you want to fuck that robot...she is hot…" Yeah Joe, it's hot because that robot is Alicia Vikander, a hot woman and a good actress indeed.

  • Nicolas Luis
    Nicolas Luis 21 minute ago

    The LHC is actually a mega bong. Instead of using external combustion, they spin the bud at light speed and you get a 100% clean rip, no thc wasted

  • big nut
    big nut 21 minute ago

    K1 was way better than any gay ass ufc lay and pray fight

  • Assault Ctrl
    Assault Ctrl 22 minutes ago

    Joe needs to react to Felony Fights

  • BARUBAL Extra
    BARUBAL Extra 23 minutes ago

    Pacquiao always requires his opponents and himself for PED test regularly... still being accused of this.. he never went positive on tests tho... so, what else...

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 23 minutes ago

    I want to see President Trump on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • just another YouTube channel

    Yes. If he can close that distance, which is his best attribute, then he's getting that ko. Imo, all Tyson would need is his boxing and kick defense, and he could do great. I feel like he doesn't even need the kicks. In mma, no. Man had 0 grappling skill. I think, if he was 21 today, he'd be champion in the hw division of the ufc. He's not a natural born athlete, he's not a natural born martial artist, he's a natural born killing machine, who's only goal is destruction of whoever is in front of him. Tyson with wrestling and boxing kills someone in the ufc.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 23 minutes ago

    I want to see President Trump on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Sir Flatulence
    Sir Flatulence 23 minutes ago

    Fuck the Guardian. It’s a piece of shit socialist rag.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier 23 minutes ago

    I want to see President Trump on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  • Grinning Libertarian
    Grinning Libertarian 24 minutes ago

    see chael breakdown Mayweather. homeboy got more tomato cans than an Oliver Garden dry storage🍅🍅🍅

  • Billy Buckshot
    Billy Buckshot 24 minutes ago

    C’mon Joe , 33% of those kids aren’t related to the “parents”.

    • Billy Buckshot
      Billy Buckshot 21 minute ago

      Also Reagan was the first celebrity president.

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! 25 minutes ago

    It is true. I'm sorry some people aren't aware of what's really going on around them. All they have to do is look up all the time. Look up and constantly look around. They are here , night and day , over here and over there. Some pass by quite quickly. Some just hover for quite a few minutes , so you can get a better look. Some obviously are not good. People say the military is hiding evidence. But truly... They don't know how to defend or fight these beings. Not panicking people , has been the order of the day.