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  • paul fernandez
    paul fernandez Hour ago

    This is a deeply moving documentary, so sensitively done. Sometimes extraordinarily expensive furniture's cost comes legitimately from extraordinary craftsmanship. I can't say that I'm in agreement with the design in terms of the legs and overall look of the desk, but that's not the point-the author of this piece has selected a design perfect for who he is, and the craftsman executed it exactly to his specifications. HOWEVER! what happened at the end!? Very little filming of the finished desk! The filmmaker should have, and still could, voice over at the end, his final thoughts while the camera pans over the top, sides, and bottom of this remarkable accomplishment. The desk itself should have been the star and the focal point of the end of this documentary, not the narrator.

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens Hour ago

      Paul It’s MY channel mate You want a different focal point? Go make your own video mate You’re welcome for the FREE content. If I wanted to show more of the desk I would have. Maybe next time learn to feel gratitude for what you’ve received in life rather than acting like people owe you something. Best of luck getting that entitlement under wraps!

  • Chelle Shu
    Chelle Shu 2 hours ago

    Editing always on point! Love your content :)

  • jj sc
    jj sc 5 hours ago

    Japanese produce very expensive, can I apply for investor visa to sell precious veggie?

  • Afrocanuk
    Afrocanuk 8 hours ago

    Regarding the walkie-talkie issue, practically in any country, you will be in trouble if you operate a transmitter that interferes with public broadcast & emergency frequencies.

  • George Lee
    George Lee 11 hours ago

    Have anyone been on the Yakatabune in Asakusa? Any recommendations there?

  • lifeinjenneral
    lifeinjenneral 11 hours ago

    new travel hack that i did not know ask about the un-used 1st class travel pouches!

  • Chris Scutt
    Chris Scutt 13 hours ago

    I am always humbled by these masters and their goals of perfection raise my level of appreciation for the art.

  • John Pernock
    John Pernock 15 hours ago

    I have watched a lot of videos from a few furniture craftsman in Japan and this is by far one of the best ones I have seen. I took my first trip to Japan in June for 2 weeks and Im already planning on doing it again next year. I wish I could have the ability to do something like this because the care / emotion that goes into a piece like this is priceless.

  • Russell Houle
    Russell Houle 17 hours ago

    I wasn't aware of the roller blades and was chased by Japanese Police in Peace Park while in Iwakuni in 1996 as a Marine. They never caught me and was able to take them off and put them in my backpack. Never used them again in Japan. I took off because they seemed really mad and didn't need the confrontation.

  • George Lee
    George Lee 18 hours ago

    Love your videos. Got hooked on them since I'm doing some homework for my upcoming travel to Japan. I'll be staying in Asakusa. Couple of questions. 1. Do you recommend the Yakatabune? 2. Where are some of the must eat places? I like going to traditional authentic Japanese food place rather than typical tourist spots. What are some of your recommendations? We plan on going to Tokyo, visit Fuji, do Akihabara, and just sticking around Asakusa. Only a four night five day trip. In December.

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 12 hours ago

      Great to meet you! Thanks so much for watching 😊 The good news is The answers to literally every single question you have asked are on this channel!! Hope you have a spectacular trip!

  • napalm
    napalm 20 hours ago

    82 oh come on...

  • Alex Won
    Alex Won Day ago

    What kind of bag/carrier is that at 11:07?

  • Shawn Crocker
    Shawn Crocker Day ago

    Dude, it's a desk. Do you actually like it? You didn't really even show much of it. Probably less than 10 seconds of footage encompass the assembled desk in full view. Why?

    • Shawn Crocker
      Shawn Crocker 19 hours ago

      @Tokyo Lens Thank you very much for the content. Just saying, all that great lead up and no desk. The appreciation for these things is what is driving my comment. The desk is in your office. Just show it too us? Please?

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens Day ago

      Welcome to the real world mate. Where shit happens. We lose footage and end up working with what we have. The story was more about the making of it anyway. Either way. You’re welcome for the FREE content. Maybe spend your time learning to appreciate things in life rather than acting so entitled. I recommend getting outdoors. Meeting people. Does wonders for depression 😊

  • Sea Serpent
    Sea Serpent Day ago

    The Gorgon’s Lair

  • G kilsetup
    G kilsetup Day ago

    7:03 he actually shows

  • Mr. x
    Mr. x Day ago

    in the end of the day you now if you go broke you can sell that and buy a car or something

  • Landril
    Landril Day ago

    This type of craftsmanship is a thing of beauty, and so hard to find now a days. I love knowing that there are still craftsman with that level of passion

  • Tunisianatheart

    Thanks for the ideas of hidden gems and secret places to visit, off the beaten track. I'm in the planning phase of an up owing trip to Japan and want to see the hidden Tokyo and some other non touristic places. Videos like yours and Tokyo Creative have been inspiring.

  • Tommaso Sirigu

    Finally a TheXvidr who spells Asakusa right. 👍 It's Asaksa not Asakusa. :D

  • Jesse Lafleur
    Jesse Lafleur Day ago

    That is a beautiful desk, the craftsmanship is impeccable I hope you get to enjoy it for a very long time!

  • Guillaume7372
    Guillaume7372 Day ago


  • Maryke Wiese
    Maryke Wiese Day ago

    isn't Fruit sauce more like Chutney?

  • Jos frost
    Jos frost Day ago

    the country looks great and fun. sadly i don't like crowded spaces and i don't like the nomikai after work. loud noises ,alot of smoke , alcohol , etc. so i would not want to work in japan , maybe if i had my own business , i don't drink at all and i Will not ever drink it, so i think alot of bosses will not like me. if i ever have the chance of going on vacation there since its pretty expensive for me. i will , because i do like the rest of the culture , alot of respect we don't have here in the netherlands, good vid Dude

  • nonp
    nonp 2 days ago


  • Alan Inu No Tomodachi

    Wow, thanks for the tour. I was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa Japan in 1985. I miss Japan.

  • Victoria Robertson
    Victoria Robertson 2 days ago

    The apple pie kit kats are amazing. I subscribe to Tokyo Treat and that packet was in the October box. They smell and taste like apple pie so badly

  • Eliezer Mendez
    Eliezer Mendez 2 days ago

    La cultura japonesa lleva ala perfección en alto nivel por la pasión el amor a lo que hacen que es parte de la vida 😭 increíblemente hermoso. Gracias por compartir el proceso con nosotros

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 2 days ago

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and for taking the time to watch~

  • homesteader downunder Australia.

    Great video love watching about Japan local stores and how people in Japan live. Thank you

  • waka youp
    waka youp 2 days ago

    wow what tool does he use @7:00? looks like pneumatic powered chisel?!

  • Josee Lanoue
    Josee Lanoue 2 days ago

    I'm so happy you got to visit Vancouver for a bit with Ki&ki. I'm also sad tho, you we're so close to where I live in Vancouver and I missed you. I'm a block down from the Orange structure XD. Hopefully you come back next year or I go back to Japan for another trip.

  • Kirstie Lush
    Kirstie Lush 2 days ago

    I love the first stop, Tim Hortons, next stop, also Tim Hortons. We know the coffee is crappy but we still drink it. True Canadian feels XD

  • komo
    komo 2 days ago

    I had a feeling this guy was a fellow canuck just on the accent, then when he mentioned tylenol with codeine at the end i knew he was for sure lmao

  • Kevin von NOLA
    Kevin von NOLA 2 days ago

    Norm: "...not every single day of my life is car drifting and meetings with GoPro..." Me: "Liar."

  • Brooks Northcutt
    Brooks Northcutt 2 days ago

    I'm a few DAYS late lol been addicted to the new Death Stranding game... That's so cool with the GoPro partnerships and all! I'm assuming they find you from the channel? Or is it your work with Yahoo and so on? Or probably both lol

  • Bigz568
    Bigz568 2 days ago

    Of all the vids I see of yours......"This" is the vid that got a subscribe from me?! HAHAHA! Great Vids man!

  • homesteader downunder Australia.

    Beutiful restaurant, food looks yummy.

  • TheGioBeast
    TheGioBeast 2 days ago

    Been living in tokyo for couple of months and I still finding out the spots you tell us!!!

  • homesteader downunder Australia.

    Hi thank you for shering love your videos. Is japen very safe I love moon pies. Do they have Bundaberg rum in Japan.

  • JohnLothe
    JohnLothe 2 days ago

    Something amazing about Japanese Craftsmen.

  • Seek Thuth
    Seek Thuth 2 days ago

    How tall are you?

  • Yuko Imaizumi
    Yuko Imaizumi 2 days ago

    I'm glad that you filmed in Aomori because I was born there.

  • Sara Murray
    Sara Murray 2 days ago

    So am I the only one that seen the live dog sign on the building? Not cool dogs are friends not food!

  • Stale Cheese
    Stale Cheese 2 days ago

    what *is* your job?

  • CA
    CA 3 days ago

    Incredible video my man, but why the removable bow tie at the top of the desk

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 2 days ago

      Thanks so much It’s a cable pass-through!

  • J Grant
    J Grant 3 days ago

    Another reason to just stay away from Japan; just stay home and watch TheXvid.

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 3 days ago

      And very ironically Watch videos about Japan…

  • Mario Burgos
    Mario Burgos 3 days ago


  • Louis L
    Louis L 3 days ago

    I think I can get along very well with Alexander. He sounds like a very nice and shy guy.

  • Louis L
    Louis L 3 days ago

    You and your brother seem to have a strong bonding. Brotherly love.

  • Jennifer Huaman
    Jennifer Huaman 3 days ago

    You do music after the edits??? How do you get your shots to match so well?? I thought the music was preselected

  • TheAndySan
    TheAndySan 3 days ago

    Norm playing with the big boys! Did you get a chance to meet with Peter McKinnon? Or is that a surprise for another video? 🤫

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo 3 days ago

    Thanks for great video bro, I love woodworking. Been watching lots of American woodworking videos, but nothing like this. Amazing woodworking skills. Great video.

  • mrmatman
    mrmatman 3 days ago

    Ayeyooo another sick video norm! Keep it up man

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio 3 days ago

    I'd like to try alot of stuff there. Thank you for this. Lol Sharla's so funny. Love u girl

  • Tome
    Tome 3 days ago

    Beautiful, creative, human, touching, deep, amazing, I love wood. I have woodworking school behind me and I don't do antyhing with wood ... :(

  • Travis In Canada
    Travis In Canada 3 days ago

    Love Japanese craftsmanship and design

  • Sentimental Circus
    Sentimental Circus 3 days ago

    Do you only like shamisen music ? What other music för you like ? Ever heard a band called Juu Ichi ? (I only heard of them because of Rachel and Jun)

  • Sentimental Circus
    Sentimental Circus 3 days ago

    Hey Norm what do you think of Yoko Nagayama ??? Since you play shamisen ?

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 3 days ago

      Never heard of her 😊 You a fan?

  • joseph arthur
    joseph arthur 3 days ago

    Much respect to keep the traditions alive..

  • Nona Mackenzie
    Nona Mackenzie 3 days ago

    suddenly I feel weird all huddled up in bed when it's 12C. though to be fair, I live in florida so there's no heating in my house. It was better yesterday when I was out walking around.

  • Nicole Rybáková
    Nicole Rybáková 3 days ago

    all that unnecessary plastic (especially fruits a veggies)...sad

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF 3 days ago

    I love the sentiment of the woodworker, and the gratitude of the new owner. This is how life is supposed to be! Giving & appreciation.

  • Noahs Arkhive
    Noahs Arkhive 3 days ago

    wait, did i hear that right- you’re gonna run photo tours next spring? i don’t have instagram, do you have the infos for this somewhere else? i’ll be visiting japan next spring for the first time together with my mum n it’d be an honour and a pleasure to hire you! :D

  • Jos frost
    Jos frost 3 days ago

    and sushi is not common around the world to have it at a local supermarket, atleast not here

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 3 days ago

      That’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Glad you enjoyed it~

    • Jos frost
      Jos frost 3 days ago

      @Tokyo Lens i am from the Netherlands ^^ good video man was very entertaining .

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 3 days ago

      Oh that’s cool Where are you from?

  • RustyRoj
    RustyRoj 3 days ago

    I wasn’t expecting this video to end with Matti. That’s awesome you get to collaborate with those guys.

  • I love Taco's
    I love Taco's 3 days ago

    Toight vid! Was lit like a 🌮 !!! =D betcha can't remember the person sporting mutton chops! Made me smile! I've seen those donuts in some anime awhile back...can't remember for the life of me... Ooooh I can eat those and other "extremely" hot food stuffs without burning myself =D don't really like takoyaki that isn't still hot that there's no more steam when bitten in half....buuut have to try going to Japan just to see how it is "cold" or just warm... Paused and really liked the misspellings in the aunties hotel.... Menu reminded me when CDs DVDs was all the rage...and reminded me of my own aunt =D

  • Sweet Archangel
    Sweet Archangel 3 days ago

    Norm, Norm, Norm, you need to be more careful with your camera. Your track record isn't that great, lol. But the views were awesome ♥

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 3 days ago

      Lol l literally rewatched this trying to figure out if I broke anything in this vid 😂 I was Sooooo careful with my gear in this video lol

  • Raccoon Residence
    Raccoon Residence 4 days ago

    What did that poor instrument do to you? Why are you beating on it.

  • Pete Palomo
    Pete Palomo 4 days ago

    Great video i like to see more master carpenters.

  • Bob Texan
    Bob Texan 4 days ago

    After seeing the child like wonder in your young eyes at this fairly simple and straightforward task of making your live-edge desk, it gives me thought to consider my last almost 35 years of being a custom furniture and cabinetry maker. Kids like you that have apparently never worked with your hands or used natural products, are part of the reason craftsmen and true artisans are so few and far between. Some even say a dying breed. There is apparently no interest in learning anymore if it doesnt involve internet and a keyboard. That saddens me to think a truly necessary craft is a dying lost art.

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 4 days ago

      You’re an asshole And what’s more... is you’re wrong. I was raised in a family of woodworkers. It’s why I have such an appreciation for the craft and passion/respect for the craftsman. But in the end it’s more simple than that... I’d rather be filled with “child like wonder” and positivity in my “young” life, than be an old, dried up, apparently-failing embarrassment, who blames the younger generation for being a failure at what I’ve done for 35 years. You boomer losers need to take stock of your life and learn to take some damn responsibility. (Why in gods name you would PUBLICLY advertise that you’re a failure in a craft that you’ve done for so long is beyond me...) I put 6 months of work and so much of my heart into this. By contrast; You, in an insecure little tantrum left one of the most pathetic comments I’ve ever seen in my time producing videos. (And this is bloody TheXvid, so that’s saying a hell of a lot) I feel sorry you “Bob” Very sorry for you. I only hope that you are less abusive to people around you than you are to people online. Maybe find a support group? Wishing you all the best of luck. Hang in there. And maybe consider changing trades with the few years you have left. With how much you whine, I’d suggest something like basic knitting. Good luck “buddy”

  • Doktor Qualle
    Doktor Qualle 4 days ago

    exspensive stuff...

  • Louis L
    Louis L 4 days ago

    Will Alexander visit Japan in 2020? I sincerely hope he will.

  • Yamino game
    Yamino game 4 days ago

    I didn't get your last three video notifs until a day later :( Get your act together, youtube! This is one of my favorite channels, so I will go manually look if I don't get one on Tuesdays or during the week.

  • Your Wayward Destiny


  • Nynke K
    Nynke K 4 days ago

    First time I didn't immediately think of the earthquake and the nuclear disaster upon hearing the name Fukushima. I just thought it sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place it... It actually took a look at the shinkansen (the type that goes north from Tokyo) and you mentioning it was a two-hour trip to jog my memory! A strange sensation.

  • Tabatha Carey
    Tabatha Carey 4 days ago

    LMAO crappy Tim hortons coffee! I agree cause. 3:49 am going to bed and up at 9am. You need more rest then that but I've gone worse during con crunch.... Yeah an hour or two of sleep to none leading up to a convention

  • nora kasanicka
    nora kasanicka 4 days ago

    No offense but if you want one craft person to make your desk from start to finish you don't need to go to Hokkaido for this. You can just ask any self employed joiner to do the job. You can be sure they will do it all including typing up the invoice for you! Big fan of Japanese joinery and their masters but no need to put them on a pedestal over our own proud joinery tradition!!!

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 4 days ago

      Yea.. I live in Japan bro So...

  • chris pease
    chris pease 4 days ago

    So excited for you, love when you include you or others playing in your videos, off to search for the next video to see how you went looking for your next instrument, have a beautiful weekend

  • tk91802
    tk91802 4 days ago

    Hey Norm, Awesome vid, i love your creativity and everything you do, you helped me get more into photography, you are a very busy person but i hope you make some time for yourself to relax even just for a day or a few hours. :)

  • gavinw20788
    gavinw20788 4 days ago

    What are you using to get those amazing shots of the drifting?

  • Joy
    Joy 4 days ago

    11:35 When you travel so much that you've got your suitcase tricks down!

    • Joy
      Joy 4 days ago

      @Tokyo Lens I can only hope to someday achieve that level of mastery

    • Tokyo Lens
      Tokyo Lens 4 days ago

      Lol can’t help it sometimes lol

  • bitfreakazoid
    bitfreakazoid 4 days ago

    I love those one cup coffee things.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 4 days ago

    I've used the 5 Black and 7 Black for a while to generate content (usually from lecture theatres - where the light is often not ideal; and then walking around campus - yes, I am academic these days, generating lots of course content for online)... I actually bought an 8 Black this last week for next year (and because I am determined to start doing some YT stuff too); haven't played with it yet tho They're not the perfect Vlogging cameras: *lack of granular FOV control makes shot composition slightly harder sometimes; *the required Audio Interface to use an external mic (where as the DSLR has a 3.5 jack I can just plug into), is an added cost: *the tightness of the external case makes doing a battery swap in the cold an often painful experience! On the other hand they are: *super light, super tough; *the iPhone App is awesome (I run them off my mobile phone, which I also find better for composing, than using a flip up screen like on the 8 Black); *the 'waterproof-ness' is great - I had no fear walking around with the 5 Black in Japan earlier in the year, in the rain. My DSLR stayed wrapped up in my bag ;) - I've also had it out in -22degC without issue! *GoPro branded extra batteries are reasonably priced (and generics are even cheaper); *the GoPro fast charger is awesome, in that it holds two batteries securely, and is no bigger than it needs to be; *The sheer number of accessories is astonishing (both generic and GoPro)... Congrats however on the GoPro deal - I am envious, and wish they'd have given me an 8 Black! ;)

    • Dan B
      Dan B 4 days ago

      Oh, and I have consistent, minor driver issues with my PC (windows 10), in that I have remove the thing from Device Manager every so often - no idea why, but it returns to normal the next time you plug the GoPro back in. It seems to be fairly common for Win 10 users who use the cable to connect - apparently not an issue for Mac and BT users, or if you use your iPhone to sync everything (which my partner does). I'm old fashioned - I like cables ;)

  • Shanise
    Shanise 4 days ago

    The car drifting bits gave me sweaty palms..Loved the video though! It was interesting to see what kind of stuff you do in a week ^^

  • khyezr
    khyezr 4 days ago

    Matty and Peter!!! That's awesome Norm! 😄😄😄😄

  • Patolog
    Patolog 4 days ago

    Japan........ then rest of civilizations

  • Satyasya Satyasya
    Satyasya Satyasya 4 days ago

    Well, I'm late to comment because life likes to get in the way like a Snorlax and I don't have any kind of flute sooo, yeh. Anyways, obligatory comment to help you out and I'd like to offer my sincerest reaction in the form of a GIF, which I can't do on youtube so like a terrible retelling of a joke, I can only describe my feelings when your good self uploads: *Avatar the Last Airbender GIF of hysterical fan foaming at the mouth and collapsing.* And with that, I shall bid thee adieu. x

  • jamie goosney
    jamie goosney 4 days ago

    This is post apoplectic.

  • Pheng Ov
    Pheng Ov 4 days ago

    Nice vlog, it looks very busy. 😃

  • A. Takahashi
    A. Takahashi 4 days ago

    大変ですね。お疲れ様です! When you give up trying to say chrysanthemum so you just....菊

  • Stale Cheese
    Stale Cheese 4 days ago

    this video just made me feel so calm and peaceful. i’m so happy this was in my recommended

  • Genetonic
    Genetonic 4 days ago

    I cant wait to finally see you hit 100k. Its been so long.

  • Diane Chaniewski
    Diane Chaniewski 4 days ago

    Thanks Norm. You are blessed man! It seems like even an ordinary/not-so-ordinary week in your TheXvidr life is pretty awesome. I loved the view from your hotel room-that was gorgeous. Remember to put the equipment down every once in awhile and take it all in--that's so important! Hope you have (had at this point, right?) a great time back in Canada. :)

  • N H
    N H 4 days ago

    Ultimate TheXvid crush 🤤

  • Cat Meowb
    Cat Meowb 4 days ago

    Hi! I was just wondering what the name of the hotel is you stayed in?

  • Tom Welfringer
    Tom Welfringer 4 days ago

    Hey Norm! Do you have a link to your photo tours?

  • Jeffrey Ong
    Jeffrey Ong 4 days ago

    Thanks for the video, Norm. Must be a terrific amount of work to piece together all that footage. How do you find the discipline to keep editing hour after hour?

  • Colette
    Colette 5 days ago

    Running your own photo tour sounds really exciting. Congrats on that. I might have to check it out 😉

  • Come2Japan
    Come2Japan 5 days ago

    I would love to go out there!!!! looks awesome!! but at night though......maybe not! loved the vid!

  • Dysautonomic Ang
    Dysautonomic Ang 5 days ago

    Loved a behind the scenes look at your week Norm! Well, who would have thought that your first stop when you hit Toronto would be Tim Hortons! lol :) The cold weather stinks, hopefully you get a few days that are on the "warmer" side. Enjoy your visit with your family and friends. Also, try to get some down time as well. :) Take care!!