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  • Jenny Chan
    Jenny Chan Second ago

    jordyn’s hate for Nina is almost as much as my hate for school

  • NRG Conk
    NRG Conk 30 seconds ago


  • CoveyFlush
    CoveyFlush Minute ago

    These kids are a bunch a city slickers that make me want to throw up

  • Tanya Curi
    Tanya Curi Minute ago

    Why do the pimples under his lip match his phone camera set😂😂😂 I love you tho, Ryan♥️😂

  • Brandon Lu
    Brandon Lu Minute ago

    Does everyone have this when I tap on the vid the title is diff

  • Rynkyj King
    Rynkyj King Minute ago

    i was just staring at that fidget spinner on your chin for the whole video tbh

  • Tris10
    Tris10 2 minutes ago

    Oh no i feel so bad jordin should have gotten it how is she gonna go to the bahamas thats way more important then insurance and getting to school

  • Izabella Angulo
    Izabella Angulo 2 minutes ago

    jordan was so confident in the one leg challenge because she mentioned how she does this everyday yet she lost and said it was unfair 💀

  • Reza Bayat
    Reza Bayat 2 minutes ago

    Ryan - "thank you so much for not thinking im weird" girl - "oh, I think your weird" rip Ryan

  • Mxvrd
    Mxvrd 2 minutes ago

    Life tip: only buy a textbook when you actually need it It'll save you a lot of money

  • Rahil
    Rahil 2 minutes ago

    So glad you made this video. They disabled comments so couldn’t take the piss out of it 😂😂

  • noa julie
    noa julie 2 minutes ago


  • alyssa lee
    alyssa lee 2 minutes ago

    ryan got da iphone 11 camera on his face

  • Ellen O
    Ellen O 3 minutes ago

    Ryans Face: 🛑 🛑🛑

  • Jordan Bergsma
    Jordan Bergsma 3 minutes ago

    Ryan's face lookin like the iPhone 11 pro

  • Beth Herzig
    Beth Herzig 3 minutes ago

    ryans chin be lookin like the iphone 11

  • JJG TheGamer
    JJG TheGamer 3 minutes ago

    Butter noodle

  • Malick O'Malley
    Malick O'Malley 3 minutes ago

    I love the energy Ryan!!

  • Mackenzie Mcleod
    Mackenzie Mcleod 3 minutes ago

    I’m so happy I waited to watch the video because this was my first time seeing it I probably would have skipped through the original vid

  • Isaac Tucker
    Isaac Tucker 3 minutes ago

    Not to be mean, but Jordyn must have undiagnosed autism or something. She ain't normal at all. She looked around the room like a scared cat the whole time and couldn't grasp her emotions. She must have retard brain or somethin.

  • Creamy Orange
    Creamy Orange 3 minutes ago

    They are all like me and my friends

  • Lala Land
    Lala Land 3 minutes ago

    The girl with black hair and the girl in overalls are both annoying as fuck.

  • Christian Soto
    Christian Soto 3 minutes ago

    Bitch I walk 1.5 miles to school everyday

  • Timpi Minecraft
    Timpi Minecraft 4 minutes ago

    Thats amazing!

  • —Gacha Wolf—
    —Gacha Wolf— 4 minutes ago

    I saw your second video on the fyp! But I just found ur account so I didn’t know who u were...🤭

  • I'm_ Concerned_very_concerned

    I’m early YASSSSS!!!!!!!

  • Falco
    Falco 4 minutes ago

    Haha, what a coincidence, my grandpa had a saying that went something like this: "Epstein didn't kill himself"

  • Eric Azorr
    Eric Azorr 4 minutes ago

    No One: Ryan: I lived off of 0.01 cents for 3 days

  • Malick O'Malley
    Malick O'Malley 4 minutes ago

    I ain’t even MAD!!

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 5 minutes ago

    Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce like 🙄

  • the greatest
    the greatest 5 minutes ago

    obama is his last name

  • Lovísa kristín
    Lovísa kristín 5 minutes ago

    I wanted nina to win

  • Malick O'Malley
    Malick O'Malley 6 minutes ago

    Bruh the girl should just take one of thos scooters you can rent.

  • Jenny Chan
    Jenny Chan 6 minutes ago


  • badvibesforever_v2
    badvibesforever_v2 6 minutes ago


  • Matt C
    Matt C 6 minutes ago

    You have to watch this or a prankinvasion playlist over and over again for 24 hours. CHOOSE YOUR POISON

  • Chase Steele
    Chase Steele 6 minutes ago

    Seattle has no public transportation

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean 6 minutes ago

    *swing those appliances*

  • Amelcja
    Amelcja 6 minutes ago

    I love This triangle That yours pimples made.

  • Muhammad Janjua
    Muhammad Janjua 7 minutes ago

    Ryan’s face be looking like the iPhone 11 pro cameras

  • Marv_bagley Fanpage
    Marv_bagley Fanpage 7 minutes ago

    Jordan is such a meme 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ghost
    ghost 7 minutes ago

    Jordyn was so annoying

  • Sophia
    Sophia 8 minutes ago

    the blonde girl's hair is at least $200+ she ain't struggling for money lmao

  • Chasinn loot
    Chasinn loot 8 minutes ago

    You are hilarious

  • Matthew Coffey
    Matthew Coffey 8 minutes ago

    Wow Jordyn was fucking annoying

  • LonelySkyClouds
    LonelySkyClouds 8 minutes ago

    bruh she got the money just because she cried. I thought that Nina, the guy with the green shirt and the guy with black and white deserved the money the most. The one who won does not deserve the money as much as others. I also don't like that she said "if he needs it for his girlfriend I think his girlfriend would've been a better candidate" on 8:15.

  • Maxtheawesomegamer
    Maxtheawesomegamer 8 minutes ago


  • Jaluba
    Jaluba 8 minutes ago

    Nina Nina NINA!!!

  • Jack Kaczmarski
    Jack Kaczmarski 9 minutes ago

    You should get 1000

  • Aiden Paciorek
    Aiden Paciorek 9 minutes ago

    Why are they so weird Except for EJ seem chill

  • Jaluba
    Jaluba 9 minutes ago

    You need to do more of these before I start getting sick because your not reacting to videos by cut also jubilee videos while your at it...

  • Scott Michael
    Scott Michael 9 minutes ago

    why did i watch again i already hated it the first time

  • Player Roblox
    Player Roblox 9 minutes ago

    I think she's lying About dr.phil

  • this is my channel
    this is my channel 9 minutes ago

    jordyn: yeah let's do the standing on one leg idea also jordyn: that was unfair

    • Phil Land
      Phil Land 50 seconds ago

      in the original video she said that she’s buddhist so she’s good at standing on one leg 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Gwyneth Baker
    Gwyneth Baker 9 minutes ago

    *demolishes like button with inhuman force*

  • this is my channel
    this is my channel 9 minutes ago

    nina was the star of this vid

  • Maia Duffus
    Maia Duffus 10 minutes ago

    Jordan is going to be a Karen one day

  • Landry D
    Landry D 10 minutes ago

    why is everyone talking ab ryan’s acne i didn’t even notice it until i read the comments

  • Teen camera
    Teen camera 10 minutes ago

    How tf does Jordan have friends

  • lia giu
    lia giu 10 minutes ago

    omg is it just me that wanted to comment the video and know what other ppl thought and was so pissed about the comments being unabled???

  • Evinina
    Evinina 11 minutes ago

    Why do you have the iphone 11 pro max cold sore

  • David Nejbauer
    David Nejbauer 11 minutes ago

    Part 2?

  • Sophia La
    Sophia La 11 minutes ago

    Lmao Jordyn is honestly a total bitch. :-)

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 11 minutes ago

    Lmfao the big plane just fell like a leaf in the wind😂

  • Landry D
    Landry D 11 minutes ago


  • Landry D
    Landry D 12 minutes ago


  • Maddie Bucci
    Maddie Bucci 12 minutes ago

    ryan: "these high school kids have the most maturity" jordyn: "guys hopping on one foot was not fair"

  • Camryn
    Camryn 12 minutes ago

    You should do the guess who isn’t vegan one

  • Acer BUMLAND
    Acer BUMLAND 13 minutes ago


  • Landry D
    Landry D 13 minutes ago

    well... jordan is honest, she really doesn’t need the money she just wants to go on vacation, at least she didn’t lie?

  • Obey Me
    Obey Me 13 minutes ago

    These last couple vids have been so awesome and funny keep it up

  • Mandy
    Mandy 13 minutes ago

    I agree with nina honestly..she was the most reasonable

  • Slayer 256
    Slayer 256 14 minutes ago

    Hello ryan you are cool

  • Exotic Butters
    Exotic Butters 14 minutes ago

    *when I say something in an argument that I knew I shouldn’t had said* : 3:49

  • Sophia
    Sophia 14 minutes ago

    i hate everyone in this video jesus

  • Topgunna
    Topgunna 14 minutes ago

    Jordan is such a bitch she wasted a spot just to go to the Bahamas

  • Blockcrazy12 _
    Blockcrazy12 _ 14 minutes ago


  • Angel Cerritos
    Angel Cerritos 15 minutes ago

    If you reasd this i hope you have a great day

  • Maddie Bucci
    Maddie Bucci 15 minutes ago

    "young, dumb, and woke" HAHAHA

  • Gladys Flores
    Gladys Flores 15 minutes ago

    Jordan is one of those people who are bossy until they win or get what they want

  • Panda Nation
    Panda Nation 15 minutes ago

    Ryan's face on the thumbnail got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Optimal Bean
    Optimal Bean 15 minutes ago

    Nobody: Ryan: *the therefore sign*

  • Mary M
    Mary M 16 minutes ago


  • Julianna Veliz
    Julianna Veliz 16 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but Jordyn just pisses me off

  • Ethan Mogendi
    Ethan Mogendi 16 minutes ago

    Ryan Trahans Acne near his mouth looks like iPhone 11 pro cameras

  • Em Inem
    Em Inem 17 minutes ago

    jordyn... she a cow

  • Cruella Dracula
    Cruella Dracula 17 minutes ago

    because I can't comment this on the original I just want to say that Jordan is so annoying BUT I'm happy the comments were turned off because shame.. the poor child was going to get shit on in the comments

  • Briella Blair
    Briella Blair 18 minutes ago

    rise and shine :)

  • Very Irrelephant
    Very Irrelephant 18 minutes ago

    At 0:32 is my face after seeing my math test score

  • Isabelle Aguilar
    Isabelle Aguilar 18 minutes ago

    Omg the short haired girl was so annoying 🤦‍♀️

  • Isaac Gee
    Isaac Gee 19 minutes ago


  • Flori SH
    Flori SH 19 minutes ago

    "High Schoolers have bigger problems than people twice their age, 😏Is Reallllll"😂😂😂

  • Rashid Muhammad
    Rashid Muhammad 19 minutes ago

    your going to be the next William Shakespeare

  • Iridescently Gacha
    Iridescently Gacha 20 minutes ago

    I hate the girl in the overalls shes so annoying and she makes my blood boil.

  • Nelly Moake
    Nelly Moake 20 minutes ago

    I just watched this yesterday after school, and I thought it was ridiculous how a couple of them acted... then I watched 7 strangers decide who gets a thousand dollars and the high schoolers somehow ended up being the more mature of the 2 video groups.

  • Nooby_Lemon
    Nooby_Lemon 20 minutes ago

    Sorry Ryan, but I can’t help but notice the iPhone 11 Pro camera underneath your mouth.

  • Joshua Liu
    Joshua Liu 20 minutes ago

    Has anyone seen the iPhone 11 on Ryan's face yet?

  • Tenyah Gates
    Tenyah Gates 21 minute ago

    I’ve seen this before but his reaction makes a difference 😂

  • Gotta Funny Jo
    Gotta Funny Jo 21 minute ago

    Ikr when I watched this I couldn’t even handle it, I was like wtf😂

  • megan buelna
    megan buelna 22 minutes ago

    I still don't understand how Jordyn suggested "who can hold their foot the longest" but then gets out and says that it was unfair, like you are the one who suggested it dammm