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  • Marjohn Cabigon
    Marjohn Cabigon 3 hours ago

    I think his right arm have a problem.

  • Marjohn Cabigon
    Marjohn Cabigon 3 hours ago

    Wow it is so nice fight. 💪

  • Hjj Tyu
    Hjj Tyu 3 hours ago

    When the thumb nails a checked kick you know it’s going to be a shit fight

  • S. P. E.
    S. P. E. 3 hours ago

    Larkin deserved that L for that God awful haircut

  • sea-snake83 1
    sea-snake83 1 3 hours ago

    beltran looks like his confidence is so low

  • Daniel Ubrych
    Daniel Ubrych 3 hours ago

    Respect for that guy 🥇

  • Jay Carlo Bulanadi
    Jay Carlo Bulanadi 3 hours ago

    He turned his handicap to his advantage. First is its a distraction, imagine fighting him, how can you not stare at it, next thing you know, he's all over you, with strikes and take downs. And the shorter arm makes for tighter choke grips.

  • Old Man Boxing
    Old Man Boxing 3 hours ago

    I'm new to MMA and I will be talking about you guys but YO as the commentator is saying look where he's at now about 15 secs later 4:45 I call it the sequence of DEATH !!!

  • Ĝ҉ Ǻ҉ Ӎ҉ Ế҉ Ʀ

    *у меня примерно такой же удар: если бью и попадаю - это сразу кладбище, если промахиваюсь - оппонент замерзает от сквозняка =D*

  • Allan Cervantes
    Allan Cervantes 3 hours ago

    His dragon was angry

  • Undying Crow
    Undying Crow 3 hours ago

    Bro machidas counter straight left is so fast man

  • Zygimantas L
    Zygimantas L 3 hours ago

    srsly one handed guy? 15 2? so staged... And so wrong for bellator leting him fight with 1 hand. Like if u win everyone gonna say wow u won against one arm good for you..

  • skeletron77
    skeletron77 3 hours ago

    Nick The Can Crusher Newell

  • Joy Balante
    Joy Balante 4 hours ago

    Because of being confident

  • Joy Balante
    Joy Balante 4 hours ago

    What more if he has the coplete left arm

  • Daniel Britten
    Daniel Britten 4 hours ago

    1:24 For The Final Pre Lim

  • Nyokap Lho
    Nyokap Lho 4 hours ago

    My son 7years of age can make u all hair style more better than Larkin... larkin What style its that, hahhaha i think his son drunk then shaved his head hahahhaah

  • noisy boy
    noisy boy 4 hours ago

    thats why i love this guy

  • Tonny Larsen
    Tonny Larsen 4 hours ago

    Safety first...I see, they both got natural airbags !! :-D


    I don't know that Post Malone also does MMA

  • Brandon Jae
    Brandon Jae 4 hours ago

    The Fuck outta here that nigga won on some lucky 🍀 shit,

  • The Mystic MacTAPPER

    This is the equivalent to getting beat by someone with one hand tied behind their back lol

  • Siji Falore
    Siji Falore 5 hours ago

    the amateur guy will beat this guy

  • fighting designer Jackson fury

    Roman reigns in UFC,how it is?

  • LegitSolutions
    LegitSolutions 5 hours ago

    Wtf is that 3rd judge is watching? 30:27? Really?

  • Ravel B T
    Ravel B T 5 hours ago

    People getting bored from this fight wanna see just fist fight and not MMA... they are smart, thats why they dont walk into punches and wait, this fight should be for 5 rounds because it would get even nicer. When you have brawlers is different, they just go for it, if you are looking for this, you have to watch bare knuckle then

  • Shannon Denham
    Shannon Denham 5 hours ago

    I respect Chael for taking that beating but come on, that take down didnt work the first time and the same thing happened the second time. Smh

    MMA PREDATOR 6 hours ago

    Nick in a really weird spot in his mma career because he can beat these cans all day long, but when he faces a high level opponent that arm becomes a big disadvantage.

  • Алексей Коштовный

    Боксёрская классика работы с левшой

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger 7 hours ago

    Why the hell did the ref stand them up lmao

  • andy elias
    andy elias 7 hours ago

    Men that other dude was a bum

  • BrandonAvery
    BrandonAvery 7 hours ago

    I disagree, Machida had that fight....landed more. The only reason why he was on his back was because of a landed kick then he fell back. Ripped off.

  • J LT
    J LT 7 hours ago

    It's Nick!

  • Deepak BehaL
    Deepak BehaL 8 hours ago

    Hats off champ... Salute to you

  • GOFUR purwanti
    GOFUR purwanti 8 hours ago

    Banyak lagu .mampus lo

  • Fuck  You
    Fuck You 8 hours ago

    But can he do the Stockton slap with his stub?

  • Panda Panther
    Panda Panther 8 hours ago

    Give him a place in ufc he deserve to be in it and prove to all naysayers....he is far better than many ufc fighters.... btw he looks like Drummer Dylan elise

  • Picogram
    Picogram 8 hours ago

    "Detached retinas are a big deal. Maybe he doesn't want to hurt his friend." **Lima throws devastating right high kick directly to damaged eye**

  • Marinus Scholtz
    Marinus Scholtz 8 hours ago

    Almost lost it! Close...

    SCREWSTON TEXAS 8 hours ago

    Umm what the Fuck

  • Patthana Sayaraj
    Patthana Sayaraj 9 hours ago

    Corey can go back to his seat and finish his beer now.

  • Bat Fink
    Bat Fink 9 hours ago

    Chael 'maybe he won't knee me in the head this time when i go for a very obvious takedown' Sonnen needs to hang the gloves up.

  • BoxinLikeABoss
    BoxinLikeABoss 9 hours ago

    I didn’t know lil mosey can scrap

  • Figueroa Rury Laquinta

    Sombody give this guy a hand .

  • Johnny Zhu
    Johnny Zhu 9 hours ago

    This is just weird because if you take a look at machida's performance since he returned from the suspension: derek brunson touched him, and he was out; he barely did any damage to eryk anders; oh, yes, he knocked out vitor, who looked an old man. And now he is in bellator and he turns out to be much more active than before. Weird.

  • Picogram
    Picogram 10 hours ago

    Mauro forgot the most obvious "red" tie-in, the fact that he is _literally_ calling his fight on the north banks of the Red River. I mean, the Red River is so close that you can drive a golf ball into it, but *_NNNOOOO_* cuz Mauro's gotta make red wedding jokes.

  • Axle Grind
    Axle Grind 10 hours ago

    very seldom does someone catch a knee standing in a straight up stance

  • V T
    V T 10 hours ago

    Newell just got charged with assault and arm robbery

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez 10 hours ago

    But can one arm guy beat a giid fighter??

    GOLDENCITY GANG 10 hours ago

    Chocolate pudding pie

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 10 hours ago

    came here to see how he fights so I can get an idea to how bad jake will be beat

  • Сергей Иванов

    В юфс ему надо

  • Сергей Иванов

    В мощности он набрал колоссально за последний год

  • Eduardo Martins
    Eduardo Martins 10 hours ago

    Tinha que sacaniar ele como ele faz com os outros lutadores! Porque ele não faz as gracinhas dele agora?

  • Michael VanGundy
    Michael VanGundy 10 hours ago

    Duncan Doughnuts vs Krispy Creams.

  • Juan Solórzano
    Juan Solórzano 10 hours ago


  • ZacharyHL
    ZacharyHL 10 hours ago

    man machida has a nice head of hair for a 41yo

  • MrCtop96
    MrCtop96 10 hours ago

    What a bozo ass referee. Does this know anything about grappling? He needs to be fired what the hell?

  • Steven Karley
    Steven Karley 11 hours ago

    If they'd have thought in silvers pride days what a fight though true warriors.

  • Thenose111 MSU
    Thenose111 MSU 11 hours ago

    I can't wait for him to fight someone that doesn't care about his nub. He's gonna get knocked the fuck out

  • loser 3009
    loser 3009 11 hours ago

    this fellow is a slap to problems

  • Ilija Radivojevic
    Ilija Radivojevic 11 hours ago

    What a warrior... Rory respekt🦁

  • MajinBoo BJJ
    MajinBoo BJJ 11 hours ago

    Wanderlei Silva tava parecia que tava sem gás tava morto.

  • Tenzin studio
    Tenzin studio 11 hours ago


  • itscork
    itscork 11 hours ago

    “He’s the best fighter I’ve ever fought.....that DIDNT completely cave my face in.”

  • oneshot perrotte
    oneshot perrotte 11 hours ago

    Uncle chael. You already beat pitbull and silva as far as I'm concerned! Your dad can RIP brother! You're a champ imo!

  • Derek Gillette
    Derek Gillette 11 hours ago

    That guy deserves a hand, great fight!

  • oneshot perrotte
    oneshot perrotte 11 hours ago

    Draw at best!

  • Science Fiction
    Science Fiction 11 hours ago

    These guys are horrible by todays standards

  • King Phone
    King Phone 11 hours ago

    ??????? Wand the best

  • Len Xiang
    Len Xiang 11 hours ago

    Is that a NEW Tupac song at the end of this...??????

  • Len Xiang
    Len Xiang 11 hours ago

    It’s over for Mr. Larkin. Just don’t go to Bare knuckle Mr. Larkin....... PLEASE

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundir 11 hours ago

    can you have him fight Michael bisping one hand guy vs one eye guy. .

  • RBF must stop!
    RBF must stop! 11 hours ago

    steroids cause crying??

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 11 hours ago

    Gaygaurd lost

  • David Vega
    David Vega 11 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who think he would get wrecked in the ufc like max would be too much for him and Alexander and most of the top five and lightweight is even tougher

  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Go w

  • Bidin 1501
    Bidin 1501 12 hours ago

    Mampir woi channel guarantee Diam diam bae

  • Devin Beaudry
    Devin Beaudry 12 hours ago

    Holding it down for us CT boys with one fuckin arm. My mans a beast.

  • East end Kaykay
    East end Kaykay 12 hours ago

    Who’s here that bet on the second fight I took Rory

  • Taureanwarrior
    Taureanwarrior 12 hours ago

    Mayo needs a front thrust kick that she can recock. She leaves her legs OUT for her opponent. Got to recock immediately.

  • Senpai Satan
    Senpai Satan 12 hours ago

    The white guy was the winner in my eyes. Tough tough fucker.

  • Russian Bear くま
    Russian Bear くま 12 hours ago

    Бля мы в матрице , чувак без руки в профессиональном ММА !

  • Almon Joseph
    Almon Joseph 12 hours ago

    Am I the only one that will like to see someone attempt an armbar if his left arm ?

  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves 12 hours ago

    this event wins who lose ...

  • Scrapsteen Life In The Forks

    These two look like they want to fuck each other.

  • J Blank
    J Blank 13 hours ago

    That 2nd knee though

  • dave marks
    dave marks 13 hours ago

    Why does he have such short re... oh.

  • wepp31
    wepp31 13 hours ago

    I’m about to bang out 100 pushups right now This guy is amazinb

  • Charles Moura
    Charles Moura 13 hours ago

    A luta tem a seguinte regra...wand de costas no chao e sonney por cima

  • Howard Little
    Howard Little 13 hours ago

    Michael C. Williams is the William Shatner of ring announcers.

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 13 hours ago

    Rick Allen is fighting now too?? Shiiiiiitttt

  • Allothersweretaken
    Allothersweretaken 13 hours ago

    Wait until ufc introduces metal limbs 😎😎

  • Виктор Местников


  • NightTrain714
    NightTrain714 13 hours ago

    Steve Mowry is lucky to avoid get KTFO. Dude literally tapped the moment Steve got the double wrist lock. Abbey cant try to hurt someone bad with a KO then wimp and tap without trying to escape with technique or with none. Abbey lacks honor in my opinion. Big lame just lookin for the check an dip. Mowry the true worrier in the cage that night.

  • Harry Bawls
    Harry Bawls 13 hours ago

    Vaso is a funny down to earth guy, how can you dislike him? He just want to entertain us

  • Jim Everden
    Jim Everden 13 hours ago

    Short notice...give another chance and full camp, different story.

  • john pasche
    john pasche 13 hours ago

    What a lame fight.......seems they were just there for the paycheck .

  • adriano a lourenço
    adriano a lourenço 14 hours ago

    Essa luta parece que foi comprada. O lutador tá numa péssima forma, cansou rápido.

  • feel me
    feel me 14 hours ago

    Newell vs askren the kpop killer