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  • Islam Mghaber
    Islam Mghaber 15 hours ago


  • Patricia  Gurwitz
    Patricia Gurwitz 18 hours ago


  • 로형제TV
    로형제TV Day ago

    Wow ㅜㅜ

  • Kim Richards
    Kim Richards Day ago

    Did they have their own placentas?

  • Ebinum Bright
    Ebinum Bright Day ago

    Nice one

  • phughesphoto
    phughesphoto Day ago

    ❤️ I had an epidural as well. I regret it but I was quiet until that last push . . . . 😘

    • phughesphoto
      phughesphoto Day ago

      Aleen Zahra Hi Alden, I felt that it was administered improperly. He began inserting on a contraction. Within 18 months after the epidural, I began having back issues. I’ve now worked my way up to the following. Oh and let me not forget the agonizing Sciatica that hurts ALL of the time. If I had a do-over, I go without! This MRI results are from early 2019. I hope this helps you in determining with or without! L1-L2: Mild bilateral facet arthropathy without significant spinal canal or neuroforaminal narrowing. L2-L3: Disc desiccation and mild circumferential disc bulge as well as mild bilateral facet arthropathy. There is resultant mild bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. L3-L4: Disc desiccation and mild circumferential disc bulge as well as mild bilateral facet arthropathy. There is resultant mild bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing and mild central canal stenosis. L4-L5: Disc desiccation with minimal focal left foraminal disc bulge. There is also moderate bilateral facet arthropathy with resultant mild right and moderate left neuroforaminal narrowing. L5-S1: Mild posterior disc bulge and mild bilateral facet arthropathy with resultant mild bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. I’m terrified of surgery; I watched a loved one go straight to a wheelchair after a back surgery! 😳 If a Spinal Doctor is reading this - what would you do to repair me?

    • Aleen Zahra
      Aleen Zahra Day ago

      phughesphoto may I know why you regret to have epidural?

  • Ayisha Reid
    Ayisha Reid Day ago

    I didnt see her push the baby born so quick

  • Imelie Burke
    Imelie Burke Day ago

    What a strong mama!

  • Cris Garcia
    Cris Garcia 2 days ago

    Wow you are soo strong!! I salute you

  • Cora Blah
    Cora Blah 2 days ago

    I don't understand🙄🙄 why would they induce you when you OBVIOUSLY weren't ready, your body was doing everything for you not to have these babies yet. Omfg. So happy I went to a birthing center

    • Cheyenne Pearson
      Cheyenne Pearson 2 days ago

      Because I had a previous stillbirth of a twin, and I had a life threatening liver disease ✌🏼 but OMFG So gLaD yOu WeNt tO a BiRtHiNg cEnTer 😘

  • Irenee Shubert
    Irenee Shubert 2 days ago

    Is 'outski' a new word?

  • Linda Curtis
    Linda Curtis 3 days ago

    OMG, I cried starting when you turned on your side! Congratulations on your babies!

  • Yeliah Button
    Yeliah Button 3 days ago

    I gave birth to my twins may 26, 2016. One born natural, 2nd born via c section.. nope didnt even feel any pain of pushing the baby out !took me 3mins Lmfao and had my 3rd (surprise baby) on July 24th of this year! Took me 5 mins to push her out. Yeah I said HER! I have 3 bb girls. ♡

    HABIBA AHMED 3 days ago


  • Maija
    Maija 3 days ago

    My son had/has reflux. He had meds 6weeks to 10 months, now 5 years old. I preastfed 3 years. I woulds say to advice, when you put new diaper on, use 30* angle and turn the baby, not lift from leg. And when you are carrying the baby, babys belly to where you are going, and back to your belly! We needed to stop using cloth diapers because they were so tight! I did put the regular diaper wery loose on. Babys will get better when they get longer! <3

  • Cathy Peluso
    Cathy Peluso 3 days ago

    This vlog was adorable ur kids r all so beautiful I just love watching them. My heart goes out to u for breast feeding it must b really hard n I get ur exhausted but ur such a good mom u got this. Thanks for sharing see u next time xxoo

    Asya KAFKASYALI 3 days ago

    WONDERFUL !!! ........

  • kpgirl1
    kpgirl1 4 days ago

    Have you tried bottle feeding with breast milk? I have 24 week old b/g twins and have been exclusively pumping for about 20 of those weeks. Having my husband or other family members/friends help with the feedings has seriously saved my sanity! Without pumping I don't think I would have been able to feed my twins breast milk for this long.

  • natasha tyagi
    natasha tyagi 4 days ago

    It seems awesome but i think it's all done by epidural process

  • Majestys Journey
    Majestys Journey 4 days ago

    I'm addicted to your channel already sis! Awesome family to follow 🙏 love all the way from NEW ZEALAND 😁🤘

  • bella is awesome
    bella is awesome 4 days ago

    I think you may have had an epidural between 13:45 and 13:46 but if I had to push out two I'd maybe do the same! I don't think natural is the right term to use, but vaginal would be correct. Did you have an epidural? I've had four out of five babies with no epidural so I'm not speaking out of turn! Good job Mama!

  • Tara Plazek
    Tara Plazek 4 days ago

    Just added the baby monitor to our registry on Amazon! So excited to try it out! Always LOVE products you review 😊

  • vicky Greenhalgh
    vicky Greenhalgh 4 days ago

    Aww violet looks so cute

  • Lauren Slack
    Lauren Slack 4 days ago

    My milk actually dried up when I tried to breastfeed my twins bc I forgot to eat lol it’s definitely not for everyone and even tho I was DEAD set on breast feeding my boys the switch to formula after my milk dried up ended up being necessary anyways, but I still cried nonetheless lol Now they’re 2 year old raging toddlers & Idk how you do a toddler plus your twins! My boys are enough for me 🤣

  • Nicole McCarthy
    Nicole McCarthy 5 days ago

    Where did you buy the mesh wet bag ?

  • Perrone
    Perrone 5 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your videos!! All the best and good luck with growing your channel. Do you know about smzeus . c o m? It will really help you with growing your channel!!

  • McKenzie Cissell
    McKenzie Cissell 5 days ago

    Are contractions worse with twins or do they feel the same?

    SBUTTER 5 days ago

    Amazing...thank u for sharing

  • lurgurl
    lurgurl 6 days ago

    "Natural labor" does not include induction. Maybe you meant "vaginal delivery"? My twins were born vaginally via induction. Congrats!

  • Y&W Velez
    Y&W Velez 6 days ago

    God Bless 😇💯❣️😇

  • Myagmarsuren Ganochir


  • Lakhan Kaur
    Lakhan Kaur 6 days ago

    I love my mum ❤️

  • Majestys Journey
    Majestys Journey 6 days ago

    Awww the cutest chubby bubbies I so wanna cuddle them well done mama your doing amazing xx

  • thamila saadi
    thamila saadi 6 days ago

    Plutôt va t'épiler sous les aisselles

  • Mart Hamza Bogossa
    Mart Hamza Bogossa 7 days ago

    ليش ماعم تتالم بالله عليكم جاوبوني

    • Christiana kriso
      Christiana kriso 5 days ago

      لانها ماخده ابره منوم للضهر ضد الألم اسمها ابيدورال

  • Fadumo Axmad
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  • Айтоша Касымова

    Ей не было больно?

  • Puput Amalia
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  • Matty Peila
    Matty Peila 7 days ago

    Sorry for last

  • Thania Gustiani
    Thania Gustiani 8 days ago

    Indonesia🇮🇩 Mna nih like gr2 liat d beranda😂

  • fareme s,a
    fareme s,a 8 days ago


  • Sincerely Brooklynn

    Why did it look like she had no pain at all as she was giving birth

    • Imelie Burke
      Imelie Burke Day ago

      Sincerely Brooklynn I was thinking the same thing!

    • bella is awesome
      bella is awesome 4 days ago

      I'm almost 100% sure there was an epidural involved.

  • Eva banana
    Eva banana 8 days ago

    Congratulations!!!! In a nother video can u do their name raveil

  • Anih Ifeoma
    Anih Ifeoma 8 days ago

    Oh my God 😭You’re a strong and amazing woman

  • shyamala krishnan
    shyamala krishnan 9 days ago

    Me too twins mom

  • Duy Minh Nguyễn Năng

    Congratulation!!! But... how do u can push the baby out if u don’t...push?

  • xX Reverse Gaming Xx

    Didnt sound like it hert

  • Namira Dwi Wulan
    Namira Dwi Wulan 9 days ago

    Congratulation for your mom

  • W & W
    W & W 9 days ago

    My name is willow to

  • rebecca harden
    rebecca harden 9 days ago

    Wow awesome job!

  • clothy cloth
    clothy cloth 10 days ago

    You're making too much work for yourself! No need to wash in the bath first. Just do a short wash in the machine with a little detergent first. Some people choose to do just a "rinse and spin" with no detergent first. Then a long hot wash with the correct amount of detergent for your washer size and soil level. Detergent buildup is a myth btw, it can technically build up and cause say a rash or something but it won't cause them not to absorb, if it does then there are added oils/softener that shouldn't be in the detergent. Using the right amount of detergent and rinsing it out after won't lead to any issues. Its all a learning curve, I hope the extra work your giving yourself won't put you off in the long run but if you have that kind of energy for it and like it then I guess why not.

  • Aylin Acevedo
    Aylin Acevedo 10 days ago

    You posted this the day my twins were born!! 😊❤️

  • اشَشَشَ رَافَضَيَةة انَيَ A

    حامل وخايفة ادعولي دعوة الغريب مستجابة 💔

    • basemm mahmood
      basemm mahmood 7 days ago

      اشَشَشَ رَافَضَيَةة انَيَ A انشالله سهلة .وطبيعة...او ماكو خوف ..من الولادة .حتى لو اول حمل ماشي عيني

    • اشَشَشَ رَافَضَيَةة انَيَ A
      اشَشَشَ رَافَضَيَةة انَيَ A 7 days ago

      @basemm mahmood تسلمون الله يوفقكم خايفة لئن اول حمل الية

    • basemm mahmood
      basemm mahmood 7 days ago

      اشَشَشَ رَافَضَيَةة انَيَ A امين يارب العالمين ربي يسهل عليج الولادة الطبيعية وتكومين بالسلامه ان شاء الله. ليس هالخوف

  • virbahadur jain
    virbahadur jain 10 days ago

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  • faye shanahan
    faye shanahan 10 days ago

  • Cindy Halpern
    Cindy Halpern 10 days ago

    Deepest sympathy to you both!

  • C-low M.
    C-low M. 11 days ago

    I love your channel stumbled upon you and couldn’t stop💕new Subbie , please support my channel too💕

  • 11 days ago

    Wow happy moments🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌

  • Eryn McNeil
    Eryn McNeil 11 days ago

    Could you do a car tour and what car seats you have.

  • 陳品妤
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  • Mykky Family
    Mykky Family 12 days ago

    Damn women are trying.... hign respect for mothers not girls.

  • kow shi
    kow shi 13 days ago

    Twin babies oh my God god bless your child

  • Rojda Yay
    Rojda Yay 13 days ago

    İnterneti kapat

  • Maria Ferrell
    Maria Ferrell 13 days ago

    Very impressed with your delivery. Congratulations 🤗 the babies are beautiful. God bless you 🥰🥰🦸🧚

  • Amanda Harrison
    Amanda Harrison 14 days ago

    James And Jessica

  • Cleonice Araujo
    Cleonice Araujo 14 days ago

    Quê Deus ilumine essas crianças😘😘😍

  • Oski Haddad
    Oski Haddad 14 days ago

    I salute you twins that's something

  • Life of a Navy Wife
    Life of a Navy Wife 14 days ago

    Literally mom and dad of the year

  • Life of a Navy Wife
    Life of a Navy Wife 14 days ago

    I've always wanted to do the cloth diapers when I have kids one day. I think it's so great! And awww they are SO cute! And yes, you definitely deserve a medal. All moms deserve a medal!

  • Life of a Navy Wife
    Life of a Navy Wife 14 days ago

    God bless you and your family, my love. Sending love to you!

  • Life of a Navy Wife
    Life of a Navy Wife 14 days ago

    @15:35 and I'm crying. Wow. Motherhood is so beautiful

  • Life of a Navy Wife
    Life of a Navy Wife 14 days ago

    Awww I'm late on this but congratulations love!!! We are all looking up to you hunn

  • Cailin Pendley
    Cailin Pendley 15 days ago

    i lowkey feel like it would be easier to have twins cuz the babies are smaller and you dont have to carry for the full 40 weeks but then again its 2 babies sooo

    • Haley Moon
      Haley Moon 10 days ago

      Yeah definitely not easier lol

  • Marilyn Cardona Lauzao


  • Lucia Santos
    Lucia Santos 15 days ago

    Muito tranquila

  • rissa .
    rissa . 15 days ago

    wow!! She did so good at pushing them out she was so calm .

  • Maiko Shokane
    Maiko Shokane 15 days ago

    Wow she's so strong

  • Nkem Nelo
    Nkem Nelo 15 days ago

    Wow and congratulations. They are so cute. My eyes are teary.

  • Amisha Jadaun
    Amisha Jadaun 15 days ago

    u didn't cry, with twins baby birth 😮

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 15 days ago

    Good job mom and dad enjoy

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 15 days ago

    Beautiful job mom

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 15 days ago

    Very good doctors and nurses so relaxed

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 15 days ago

    I guess a catheter won’t hurt too much if your numb

  • Alex Baines
    Alex Baines 15 days ago

    What gender were the twins xx

  • Tori B
    Tori B 15 days ago

    I’m tryna understand why she hurting so bad. With a epidural you barely feel anything

    • Priscilla Muloki
      Priscilla Muloki 12 days ago

      Tori B it was attached but it had no meds unit. They inserted the catheter just in case she ended up needing a csection

  • Yewande Koyenikan
    Yewande Koyenikan 15 days ago

    Did she have an epidural?

  • Angelique Brazeal
    Angelique Brazeal 15 days ago

    Great job

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 16 days ago

    Aww so cute dad was really good and chill too

  • ThatOneGirl Xo
    ThatOneGirl Xo 16 days ago

    The way his little chin quivers when he cries😭

  • Misty AJ
    Misty AJ 16 days ago

    Why is it all..white and pink? o3o just curious! I wanna learn!

  • Cathy Peluso
    Cathy Peluso 17 days ago

    This was such a beautiful vlog n I love the keepsake box just a clever idea!! Thank u so much for sharing this it was extremely precious💜remember she is always with u n watching over her siblings I also love the fact that U guys take her on vacation with u every year how special is that. God Bless her Always

  • Minory Caroline
    Minory Caroline 17 days ago

    Wow you are so brave 🤩

  • Kaiah Gray
    Kaiah Gray 17 days ago

    This is so beautiful Chey. I’m definitely dehydrated now from crying with you. Charlotte is so loved and she is so lucky to have you both as parents. 🥰

  • Bambarayon Studio
    Bambarayon Studio 17 days ago

    Hi im from malaysia Have a nice day with you family dan lovely kids

  • Deborah Davis-Presley

    Love the piggies in her hair!

    THE SIU FAM 17 days ago


  • Jas xox
    Jas xox 17 days ago

    wow, she wasnt screaming or anything lol