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Wahcapella: Doom E1M1
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baby waluigi
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Elgato HD60S Test Stream
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Beanary Announcement!
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That's How Wafia Works
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Phew, I'm Bout to Bust...
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Waluigi Delivers A Pizza
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Spooky Scary Waluigi
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  • Addison Greene
    Addison Greene 3 hours ago

    I am actually getting hypnotized by this

  • Addison Greene
    Addison Greene 3 hours ago

    You may now rise for the national anthem

  • Garnet
    Garnet 4 hours ago

    thanks failboat read brawl in the family it's good

  • Bonkley
    Bonkley 4 hours ago

    10:00:00 Wanna hear the 1,000 WAH

  • Acadia
    Acadia 6 hours ago


  • Marceline
    Marceline 7 hours ago

    the roaches under my fridge when I kick some dropped food under there

  • pizza roll
    pizza roll 8 hours ago

    When he said *WAH!* I felt that

  • darbington but better
    darbington but better 10 hours ago

    Thanks failboat

  • Thomas Laforest
    Thomas Laforest 10 hours ago


  • DarkraiGX gaming
    DarkraiGX gaming 10 hours ago

    Failboat watched your video, it's in his video!

  • Wolf Key
    Wolf Key 10 hours ago


  • Tina Tedder
    Tina Tedder 11 hours ago

    Donald Trump

  • tuprema mix
    tuprema mix 23 hours ago


  • Skyph FromYt
    Skyph FromYt Day ago

    When you grab the spray but it starts glowing green and look at the bottle and it says “febreeze”

  • Bob Kownacki
    Bob Kownacki Day ago

    The beginning is my favorite part

  • PhoenixFalco
    PhoenixFalco Day ago

    A time where thousands of people got pissed that day.

  • PhoenixFalco
    PhoenixFalco Day ago

    Lyrics: WAH! (x100?)

  • HashleyUwU
    HashleyUwU 2 days ago

    SANS!! What are you doing in smash?

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 2 days ago

    1:06 SING 🎵! 😡

  • Jose Luis Trejo
    Jose Luis Trejo 2 days ago

    Isn't that the glitch where players need to select the same character?

  • Boi Super Dupa Boi
    Boi Super Dupa Boi 2 days ago

    Everyone is thanos

  • Force AxioN
    Force AxioN 2 days ago


  • DJ Kent
    DJ Kent 3 days ago

    As of September 5, 2019... *_There's a chance._*

  • Kyle Maguire
    Kyle Maguire 3 days ago


  • Ms Magnezone
    Ms Magnezone 3 days ago

    Wait, so does that mean the clock is just a disguise and Waluigi has been there for the whole time?

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 4 days ago

    2020 aLibi in smash

  • Lloyd Secord
    Lloyd Secord 4 days ago

    I still can't believe nintendo rick rolled everyone

  • • Robot Freak•
    • Robot Freak• 4 days ago

    I knew there would be a wall-e meme of the dancing cockroach 😂 (I friggen love the movie aaaa-)

  • Meme-ish Channel
    Meme-ish Channel 4 days ago

    Capn crunch gonna be my main

  • Dillon Hall
    Dillon Hall 4 days ago

    Waluigi may not be in Smash Ultimate, but at least he has tennis legacy

  • Marc en FE
    Marc en FE 4 days ago


  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 4 days ago

    Big Waluigi's last Wahs

  • damian the retard
    damian the retard 4 days ago

    There is 69 likes

  • Tesco Meal Deal
    Tesco Meal Deal 4 days ago

    True art. I’m close to crying

  • 9bluewolf
    9bluewolf 5 days ago

    When you thought you killed the roach and it starts flying x___x

  • Mysterious Jerk
    Mysterious Jerk 5 days ago

    Bruh I was just watching a video on this

  • Dig Duke
    Dig Duke 5 days ago

    Skib bitty da doooo daaaah

  • I like to yell
    I like to yell 5 days ago

    Wrr Wrr Wrr wrrrrr doobadadooda

    CONNOR BLATCHER 5 days ago

    2 comments, 4 comments right now...... Is it me or is the cockroach making YT drunk

  • The Other Guy
    The Other Guy 5 days ago

    Thank you so, so much

  • TheGamingLion Pro
    TheGamingLion Pro 5 days ago


  • Unit One Alpha
    Unit One Alpha 5 days ago

    *_mexican music intensifies_*

  • Waluigitime4lyfe The head priest


  • king of games
    king of games 5 days ago

    If you see this comment all I want to say is 2:48

  • Jimmy Wright
    Jimmy Wright 6 days ago

    Where my a spoon mains at?

  • He Wi
    He Wi 7 days ago

    Nintendo Thano snapped Paper Mario

  • Fidel
    Fidel 8 days ago

    0:16 You predicted

  • Always number one _

    MKWii is the GOAT

    SEAN GRIGSBY 9 days ago

    What is my life? Why am I here? I was on Greatest Endings in NFL... ...And I ended up here...

  • Mr. Kiwi
    Mr. Kiwi 9 days ago

    The reason Waluigi isn’t in smash: he’s stuck on Mars fighting demons

  • Jakub Ziarno
    Jakub Ziarno 9 days ago

    Waluigi is fighting Sakurai's demons.

  • Stan Ley
    Stan Ley 9 days ago

    When you fail in life:

  • Lord Zekonas \
    Lord Zekonas \ 9 days ago

    real OGs have seen the deleted one

    • Rhett M
      Rhett M 9 days ago

      Only real real OGs were at work and couldn’t see it

    • The Beanary
      The Beanary 9 days ago

      But only the real OGs would have known what was wrong with it.

  • Bruhseph Jones
    Bruhseph Jones 9 days ago

    I seen deleted one

  • Thingy Nothingy
    Thingy Nothingy 9 days ago


  • T-9000
    T-9000 9 days ago

    Wah did you do this?

  • T-9000
    T-9000 9 days ago

    I have returned from the grave to over comment on everyone's videos

  • CountHomer69
    CountHomer69 9 days ago

    This makes me want to do the same but with Funky.

  • Joshua Korynta
    Joshua Korynta 10 days ago

    Epic gaming moment

  • Pac- Man K!
    Pac- Man K! 10 days ago

    Ctr does this better, but still cool

  • Cody the Dragon
    Cody the Dragon 10 days ago

    4 prs

  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship 10 days ago

    *_Top 10 Most Relatable Moments In Anime_*

  • gameboyzap gbz
    gameboyzap gbz 10 days ago

    This is fucking great.

  • Jordan The Gamer
    Jordan The Gamer 10 days ago

    Wait.. you can get an A in group assignments?!

  • Wario Garlic
    Wario Garlic 10 days ago

    When you get an F, waluigis sit in their car on top of a hill

  • Plub 64
    Plub 64 10 days ago


  • Waluigi's Taco Shack

    Epic shitpost

  • EndWolf
    EndWolf 10 days ago

    We want to see anime as a mii character

  • The Unusual Commenter.

    Wah'd, not weed.

  • Giselle Donegan
    Giselle Donegan 11 days ago

    still waiting for EVERYONE IS HERE part 7.

    • Lord Zekonas \
      Lord Zekonas \ 10 days ago

    • The Beanary
      The Beanary 11 days ago

      It was made... and so was part 8...

    WALUIGI 11 days ago


  • vevec sk
    vevec sk 12 days ago

    I have FN 0.008

  • Lukas Edman
    Lukas Edman 12 days ago

    I’m maining Mr Krabs,The gummy bear or Alosiyus O’Hare

  • Tago
    Tago 13 days ago

    become a member of imagine dragons I have, hmmm

  • nhan
    nhan 13 days ago

    imagine if ETIKA reacts to this

    • The Beanary
      The Beanary 11 days ago We won't know, but it most likely would have went like this.

    • SuperKarolinaB
      SuperKarolinaB 11 days ago

      @Keeper Im sadder then you infact ALL my memorys of etika Are gone. Redused to atoms

    • Keeper
      Keeper 12 days ago


  • Ivan Salazar
    Ivan Salazar 13 days ago

    so graceful

  • Gymnast & Gamer Jordan

    this funny XD

  • TheAwesome GN
    TheAwesome GN 13 days ago

    *S N A S*

  • Nina Draws 3.0
    Nina Draws 3.0 13 days ago

    we will all now gonna see everyone with a sans mii soon

  • Tesco Meal Deal
    Tesco Meal Deal 13 days ago

    The joke became a reality.

  • Agent 51
    Agent 51 13 days ago

    I can hear the pain in their voice

  • Always number one _
    Always number one _ 13 days ago


  • CountHomer69
    CountHomer69 13 days ago

    I CALLED IT! (Kinda)

  • shinysilverstardust
    shinysilverstardust 14 days ago

    No. The battle is over for Waluigi

    • The Beanary
      The Beanary 13 days ago

      @Certified Memelord If Waluigi could NEVER come to Smash, why did Reggie say that he would pitch the idea to Sakurai for the American audience to have their voice heard?

    • Certified Memelord
      Certified Memelord 13 days ago

      @Jose Luis Trejo Ah yes, the classic "I don't believe it's possible so you can't believe it's possible". I just want a character I like playable in a video game series I enjoy, no need to be a jerk about it based on your assumptions. No giving up here my friend. Good talking to you, and... have fun being rude to others online, I guess?

    • Jose Luis Trejo
      Jose Luis Trejo 13 days ago

      @Certified Memelord Still denying how right I am. You are dying to see a playable Waluigi right? Give up, he is an Assist Trophy, that's Sakurai's final decision on him and if you want a playable Waluigi, play Super Smash Flash 2 instead.

    • Certified Memelord
      Certified Memelord 13 days ago

      @Jose Luis Trejo Again, this is all speculation based on previous patterns and things said around the Smash 4 era. Sakurai doesn't have to adhere to arbitrary patterns. It's literally a fan-made rule. If he wanted to, he could make Waluigi a fighter and do whatever the hell he wants with the assist trophy, it doesn't matter. I can like Waluigi all I want my man. There's nothing I can do about getting him in his own game, as I'm only the consumer (not that that's necessary for his inclusion as a fighter anyway). Not sure what you want from me. If Daisy can get in, Waluigi certainly can. Fan demand is a powerful thing, and Smash Ultimate is catering heavily towards it.

    • Jose Luis Trejo
      Jose Luis Trejo 13 days ago

      @Certified Memelord The phrase: "Just because you try hard doesn't mean you'll make into the battle", means this: Despite Waluigi's massive popularity and demand by the fans to include him in Smash, Sakurai will refuse to put him playable by some reason. The Assist Trophy promotion only happens on a next Smash game. For example: Little Mac was an Assist Trophy in Brawl, but in Smash 4, he is playable thanks to his new Punch Out game for the Wii. It is possible for Assist Trophy characters to become playable characters on the next Smash game, in Ultimate, Dark Samus and Isabelle were the promoted ones this time. Maybe next time if you can do something productive for Waluigi like getting his own games first.

  • CGentilcore11
    CGentilcore11 14 days ago

    Congrats, old bean!

  • Samuffert
    Samuffert 14 days ago

    Little did you know the meme stopped being a dream

  • Kolby Miller
    Kolby Miller 14 days ago

    People who use mii gunner will be giving people bad times

  • Mateusz Baldowski
    Mateusz Baldowski 14 days ago

    • The moon has risen
      The moon has risen 11 days ago

      Mateusz Baldowski almost to 50,000 we need at least 10 million for Nintendo to notice us

  • Chilln0
    Chilln0 15 days ago

    1980: We will have Waluigi All Star in the future 2019: Flying Cars

  • Griffin Mahr
    Griffin Mahr 16 days ago

    Why does this only have 500 views

  • Brock Brock
    Brock Brock 17 days ago

    Oh its beautiful

  • Pedro Araujo Flores
    Pedro Araujo Flores 17 days ago

    who has headphones, CAUTION

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 17 days ago

    Could someone please make Waluigi's Mansion mods? Preferably the 3ds ones. And LM3 too of course when modding it is possible.

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 17 days ago

    I hope it's possible to remove him out of the assist trophy list. And maybe replace him with a new assist trophy or an assist trophy who didn't make it into Ultimate. Also change his primary spirit to a fighter spirit. Change the standard bike spirit battle. Change the Waluigi (Super Mario Strikers) spirit battle or make it an alt. He should have a Wario alt, and some of his oufits he has worn in sports games. The stage is Waluigi Pinball. A new music track could be Waluigi Stadium. And maybe before his reveal they would reveal a Waluigi game or Wario & Waluigi game.

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 18 days ago

    I was the 1k like 😎

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 18 days ago

    There is still hope!

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 18 days ago

    I'd love to see this! Even though I don't like star trek. Star Wars is way better. Wait no I mean Star Wahs

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 18 days ago

    Football Waluigi was too strong for my laptop. It just froze after a few seconds.

  • Jeike
    Jeike 19 days ago

    MO teaser but Galaxy music's played

  • Rc Tv
    Rc Tv 19 days ago

    0:24 ULTRA LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!