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f(x) memories with Sulli
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  • Ryo Mateo
    Ryo Mateo 5 days ago

    Idk if I'm looking at it too much and is too delulu but when Amber spoke in chinese and Kyungsoo smiled Minseok looked at him and then just started smiling and giggling 😆

    MOODY SUNSHINE 9 days ago

    Who’s watching it in 2019 like amber left manager oppa

  • roshie nanda
    roshie nanda 10 days ago

    KIM HYANG GI😍😘😍😘😍😘

  • Lorna Duarte
    Lorna Duarte 12 days ago

    I ship her with park solomon.

  • chocochip xoxo
    chocochip xoxo 15 days ago

    Ive never understood why people freak out when they meet their celebs that their fan of, i like a few celebs too but im so busy with life that even if they come to a concert i cant go.

  • Soukaina Alaoui
    Soukaina Alaoui 16 days ago

    1:36 *^* hiiii kai

  • denny hilda
    denny hilda 16 days ago

    Saptai production kembali lagi nihh wkwkw

  • Someone its me
    Someone its me 16 days ago

    I want to be amber...

    BRILLIANT PRAKARSA 22 days ago

    I am spechless,it's hurt for me,but when i see D.O's smile i think i am gone be okey to see amber and D.O together,who am i ? D.O I LOVE YOU 💕

  • Tkai lelremruati
    Tkai lelremruati Month ago

    Plan my quiet adorable baby

  • k z
    k z Month ago


  • zahra ashraf
    zahra ashraf 2 months ago

    Heard abt this ship only today ...but this one is one of my all time fav

  • the secret PSYCHO !!!!!!!!

    1:23 booty touch

  • Margaret Bangtan
    Margaret Bangtan 2 months ago

    They look alike

  • zeydaaa_
    zeydaaa_ 3 months ago

  • Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan

    maap maap ni tapi saya tetap dukung krisber 😂

  • Widiya Lisa
    Widiya Lisa 3 months ago

    I LOVE YOU D.O EXO 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • นริศรา วงค์วิโรจน์รักษ์


  • Kpop신자
    Kpop신자 5 months ago

    i actually like Girls like amber more than these girly girls and i think a lot of boys too (not that the other aren't pretty but she is perfect)

  • Ivy max
    Ivy max 5 months ago

    She basically proposed 😁 jk

  • Channoides iel
    Channoides iel 6 months ago

    Gw kok nyasar disini lageeh :V

  • Shou_ Dazz
    Shou_ Dazz 6 months ago

    I'm jelaous but also happy

  • Celia Mendes Gomes
    Celia Mendes Gomes 7 months ago

    Cute there so cute

  • Aleyna Hircin
    Aleyna Hircin 7 months ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤Amber💖Minho❤❤❤❤❤❤I love you Amber and I love you Minho😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💖💖💖💖

  • Aleyna Hircin
    Aleyna Hircin 7 months ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤Amber💖Minho❤❤❤❤❤❤I love you Amber and I love you Minho😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💖💖💖💖

  • Marjorie Casrillo
    Marjorie Casrillo 7 months ago

    Amber is not the typical girl who is cutesy she's someone who is being her self and not like the other female idols

  • Fria
    Fria 7 months ago

    2:16 lol amber was look at luna because her sad face ,luna was crying ...

  • 향기품은보라색
    향기품은보라색 7 months ago

    복의근원! 보아씨 이게 무슨 말인지 아시나요

  • Aleyna Hircin
    Aleyna Hircin 7 months ago

    I love you Amber.😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗😘😗

  • Jay Zel Kim
    Jay Zel Kim 7 months ago


  • Jan CuzWeGetItBiss
    Jan CuzWeGetItBiss 8 months ago

    now he with NCT😭💚💚LOVE U MANAGERR

  • maxwell peter
    maxwell peter 8 months ago

    i see a montage of chester's life while listening to your song

  • UnchartedThoughts
    UnchartedThoughts 8 months ago

    The reason is unknown but it is still the best thing that happen to that song. No offense to Eric Nam's version.

  • Yanti Lacsana
    Yanti Lacsana 8 months ago

    Yes, this the only female with whom DO seems to be comfortable with, share laughter, talk and hug in public w/o reservation. Bubbly Amber could be a good match for the calm DO..

  • Mj Marcos
    Mj Marcos 8 months ago

    I wish they appear in We Got Married and develop their feelings there. That's it.

  • Alexis Schmidt
    Alexis Schmidt 8 months ago

    “I want a man that like gives me attention when it need, but leaves me the hell alone” MOOD

  • Andreiy Jilly Orinday
    Andreiy Jilly Orinday 9 months ago

    Are theu official

  • WAWeee 19
    WAWeee 19 9 months ago

    I hope I have a flat chest too

  • أرياف ali
    أرياف ali 9 months ago

    عسيريه فديتها يالبى قلبش والله صوتش كأنك وحده من صديقاتي مرره مثل صوتها 😍😍😍

  • Janae Monroe
    Janae Monroe 9 months ago

    Just A Few!!!😊😊😊

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras 9 months ago

      Because too many her moments with boy idols sooo...hahaha

  • Itn Kny
    Itn Kny 9 months ago

    Rest in peace dear Chester... We miss you :'(

  • Itn Kny
    Itn Kny 9 months ago

    Amber has an angelic voice. I was happy to sing with her :)

  • Ranju Karki
    Ranju Karki 9 months ago

    what is the song name is it sang by amber or may be i am mistakem

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras 9 months ago

      Yes, thats amber's song. Three million years

  • bacon
    bacon 9 months ago

    I don't see anything wring with her appearance? what is she talking about? I don't get it.

    • Yolanda Bonise
      Yolanda Bonise 6 months ago

      You’ve got to be in her shoes to be able to understand what she’s talking about. Listen and understand.

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras 9 months ago

      It's her story what other people think about her back then. You can see full video on 4 things show

  • Ashley Perry
    Ashley Perry 10 months ago

    I like your video I think it's pretty accurate of what happened between them. Actually it's also confusing for me. I don't just think Keyber happened but other ships also. Well maybe they happened or they are just crush. Kaiber, Hunber, Xiuber,Taeber. I think these are the most authentic Amber ships. I definitely see it in all them. So my theory is maybe she dated him first, and maybe cheat with others. Or she cheat with him. Or these were all crushes, or casual relation ships that happened fast. Knowing how the industry is, and how idols are always working. They might not have much time to date. But I definitely see something in all these ships. There's too many things that don't add up or are odd. That's why I believe they happened. I'm not sure what Keyber is though. Friendship, Relationship, Casual relationship or crush? If they are only friends she could have done something to make him mad. I just know in your video you have clips of them from some event. The one where they wear all white. Well I think this was Everybody era for SHINee. Around that time he confessed. Did you watch the I like you Amber clip. It's weird cause also around this time I found a weird kaiber clip. I found it 2day but it's from that era. I kind of pieced it together. In that video where they all hold hands. At the end you're supposed to let go. But Kai holds her hand for too long, and it seems kind of possessive. I don't know what that was about. I'm just adding some sugar to the tea.

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras 10 months ago

      Wow thankyou for ur comment :) i've watched all videos amber moment with boys idol. And I always thought that she dating all the boys hahaha

    • Ashley Perry
      Ashley Perry 10 months ago

      I dont necessarily think the ships all happened at the same time. Who knows. Maybe one happened earlier and ended and Keyber happened. Or Keyber was first and then the others happened. Like all the guys could just have a crush and that's what I'm seeing. Or some had crush, and a few she dated. Or she could of had a timeline and dated them all at once. Or over time. Or they could just be sensual relationships that happened. That's just my theory cause all these ships look way too cozy to be friends. They look like either crush or lover based off words, body language. It stands out too much to be anything else.

  • 123456789 abcdef
    123456789 abcdef 10 months ago


  • Arora Lee
    Arora Lee 10 months ago

    When boy idol doesnt have gf..this is the closes they could get by hugging amber..

  • Frogy Princess
    Frogy Princess 11 months ago

    فجعتو مينهو يا بنات 😂😂😂 قاعدة بضحك متل الهبلة لحالي ومتخيله شعوركم يا الله شو محظوظين نيالكم 😍

  • Chanel Costello
    Chanel Costello 11 months ago

    This made my heart hurt lol knowing how minseok was close to amber

    • SlayErz
      SlayErz 9 months ago

      Yes you are right

  • Ileeni Pino
    Ileeni Pino 11 months ago

    Amber's voice is so chick!

  • kiera nastasya
    kiera nastasya 11 months ago

    I just wanted to let you know that amber is my mother

  • Emily huang
    Emily huang 11 months ago

    Can you link the whole vid

  • Hyphen
    Hyphen Year ago

    Where can i watch the whole thing?

  • EXO's ae-ri-ya
    EXO's ae-ri-ya Year ago

    Kai's reaction at 0:53 ... Don't worry Kai, Amber won't take D.o from you... Lol

    • EXO's ae-ri-ya
      EXO's ae-ri-ya 10 months ago

      @lotacky_ then I will support them they are just too cute

    • lotacky_
      lotacky_ 10 months ago

      Maybe she will XD

  • real _sfj
    real _sfj Year ago

    What song???

    D.O KIUNGSOO Year ago

    Era D.O. es de kai

    D.O KIUNGSOO Year ago

    A kai no le hizo ninguna gracia d.o es kai kaisoo forever

  • 잉정
    잉정 Year ago

    둘이 진짜 친한듯..엠버는 다친하더라 착한것같아ㅜㅜ

  • BabeeSophia
    BabeeSophia Year ago

    What song is used?

    • janidly_
      janidly_ Year ago

      three million years by amber liu

  • Keyosha Mitchell

    I'm a chansoo shipper but they look good together

  • Mifta Nur Halimah

    I really miss them :(

  • d.o Sarang
    d.o Sarang Year ago

    coz of this video..i wish for d.o. & amber become couple in drama...maybe kyungsoo as smart & shy student that always being bullied & amber as taekwando club president that protect him..... omg my imagination....

    • tracy tee
      tracy tee Year ago

      d.o Sarang sounds good to me haha 😂😂😂😂😂 but I do see that he is very manly when it comes to interacting with her 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Veny Zulviana
    Veny Zulviana Year ago

    Did amber mention d.o in her speech while winning on mama?

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras Year ago

      Nawwarah Zain don't know....

    • EXO's ae-ri-ya
      EXO's ae-ri-ya Year ago

      @Zarifah Nawwarah bcoz Amber have really good bond with D.o a bond of friendship.

    • Zarifah Nawwarah
      Zarifah Nawwarah Year ago

      Saptalia Saras why would they looked at d.o.?

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras Year ago

      No, when Amber speech in 3 languages, D.O smiles. and xiumin-suho look at DO, while Chanyeol look at Kai for Kaistal moment :)

  • sweet meat
    sweet meat Year ago

    I love kyungber. hahaha ❤️❤️

  • puppies101 hello world

    I am also late for this but THANK YOU!!!!

  • Annie Ho
    Annie Ho Year ago


  • Aniraz M
    Aniraz M Year ago

    The only female idol kyungsoo feels comfortable with.

  • Jenny Getalla
    Jenny Getalla Year ago

    Love it

  • Rosa Donoso
    Rosa Donoso Year ago

    Amber le da con Do Kyungsoo , qué tierno estaremos con una atracción entré esté chico y Do. Se vé muy cómodo , qué bueno .😁😄💖💞💕💝👌👏👏👣

  • Pinky7007 RA
    Pinky7007 RA Year ago

    She is so adorable. I hope she finds someone who loves her for her. 🎶😎🎧🌸✌🏻

  • denny hilda
    denny hilda Year ago

    2:10 kok baru liat yah wkwk sedam sedam😄

  • denny hilda
    denny hilda Year ago

    saptaiproduction comeback yuhuuu

  • Aimee
    Aimee Year ago

    Amber is mine

  • Alex Montemayor
    Alex Montemayor Year ago


  • Kartika D
    Kartika D Year ago


  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh Year ago

    is the subs real ?

  • avocado
    avocado Year ago


    • Jane Ryu
      Jane Ryu 4 months ago


    • Jane Ryu
      Jane Ryu 4 months ago


    • josel sanjuan
      josel sanjuan 8 months ago

      @Jane Ryu amber she is girl

    • Kihyun's Nipple
      Kihyun's Nipple 8 months ago

      @Jane Ryu calm down

    • naominett
      naominett 9 months ago

      @Jane Ryu key isn't gay

  • woojin is mine
    woojin is mine Year ago

    i like this couple 💖

  • Aly Kae
    Aly Kae Year ago

    Like I totally ship them 😍😍 fudge 😭

  • Aly Kae
    Aly Kae Year ago

    When I first heard Amber's right now i immediately thought that it was for kris 😭😭

  • rockthe _femme
    rockthe _femme Year ago

    I think its for kris and u made this.. thank u

  • jew tuso
    jew tuso Year ago

    waaah i dont even know why i cried

  • Channoides iel
    Channoides iel Year ago

    Duh saia baper, kangen mreka😱😱

  • Dewi Purwati
    Dewi Purwati Year ago

    👍👍 2 jempol buat lau sap .. keren .. Gw ngerasa suara cowo nya itu Kris masa ..

  • denny hilda
    denny hilda Year ago

    saptaiproduction gue suka namanya

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras Year ago

      belum pernah digaplok orang gila den? minta gaplok si riska sana

  • Widi Susari
    Widi Susari Year ago

    Good job sap 👍👍👍

  • Riska Rahayu
    Riska Rahayu Year ago

    Kesayangan gue💜

  • Karrel Ocfemia
    Karrel Ocfemia Year ago

    Where is she now? Does she have any projects? Am a newbie in kpop but i saw her in fx elec shock then i asked my daughter what is her solo song then she said shake that brass, i watched her and she is so cool in the mv ☺😊

    • elvenmagick
      elvenmagick 7 months ago

      She also did a song with Superfruit, just search Superfruit feat Amber, it should come up.

    • Tamara Smith
      Tamara Smith Year ago

      Her solo Beautiful is one of my faves, along with Crossing Borders. She's done several collabs in the last couple of years. I love Heartbeat & Lower with Luna, and Wave with Luna & R3hab for a fun one. She did a cover of One More Light (with Gen Neo I think) that's very moving. There's a lot more but those are good to start. For older stuff I like or love almost every single song from F(x), some just don't have official videos, you have to find youtube uploads of live performances.

    • Saptalia Saras
      Saptalia Saras Year ago

      go watch her mixtape! :D on her youtube channel.

  • sonali das
    sonali das Year ago

    Is amber minho's biological sister??

  • Sheena
    Sheena Year ago

    Surprise to see this but it's good.

  • SHINee girl
    SHINee girl Year ago

    Yesssssss They are brother and sister

  • Asma Bouaddouz
    Asma Bouaddouz Year ago

    مالكوم ازدتو فيها والله اووف بحال اشفتي شي واحد نازل من الفضاء ديور عقلكم

  • Choi Myuna
    Choi Myuna Year ago

    💙🙆🏻 يوم النا ان شاء مستقبلا تصحلنا هيج فرصة

  • ma ki
    ma ki Year ago


  • Amaal Hamed
    Amaal Hamed Year ago

    الله لا يبلانا بس

  • ريماس سان كيكات ريماس

    يقهررر صياحهن

  • Demi lavota
    Demi lavota Year ago


  • тae v
    тae v Year ago

    محظوظه حبيبتي مبارك..بس انا سمعت جيمين و جيمين مو موجود 😊

  • akaber Assam
    akaber Assam Year ago


  • julnar julnar
    julnar julnar Year ago

    الحفل باي ساعة ؟ اللي يعرف لا يغلس