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  • Clovis de Cruz
    Clovis de Cruz Year ago

    This is a New Comment number 687.

  • Justin Render
    Justin Render Year ago

    Enjoying 30 days. No pressure but, where's the next video? ;)

  • G M. H.
    G M. H. Year ago

    I picked up my first fender when I was 5 years old after watching Tonight, Tonight on a small ass tv, Transported me into another world, and by the time I was 16 I learned every lick I could and Billy was my hero that guided me in a tourbus with 4 other dudes to play hard, write hard, push peoples buttons, and always keep outdoing my own music dreams & goals and to always enjoy the journey. Love you Billy Corgan. Your essentially the rock father I never had. Hope I get to shake your hand one day and thank you. Garrett M.H.

  • geesh
    geesh 2 years ago

    This band was always on the verge of something and always fucked it up....still Billy is amazing but they lost their way....pity

  • Lee camacho
    Lee camacho 3 years ago

    the pumpkins are on a small acoustic-electric set and I saw the show in MPLS and it was incredible I would have to say one of the best of their career just down right excellent.

  • Rope Kittens
    Rope Kittens 4 years ago

    Well, this place is dead.

  • BayviewFinch
    BayviewFinch 4 years ago

    That was really annoying to click on your Tarantula video and have it say that the video isn't available in my country (Japan). You don't want fans in Japan?

    • Ling-Ling
      Ling-Ling 2 years ago

      They also don't want fans in the United States.

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, James Joseph Chamberlin! ...and you too.

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 5 years ago

    911 TRUTH .ORG > on TheXvid .

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, D'arcy Elizabeth Wretzky. We miss you ...

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Nicole Fiorentino!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday William Patrick Corgan Jr. & Melissa Auf der Maur! (17.03.)/(17.03.)

  • evenness
    evenness 5 years ago

    love ur songs billy

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday Michael William Byrne! (06.02.)

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Jeff Schroeder! You are amazing.

  • NDa Land
    NDa Land 5 years ago

    Way awesome channel check me out sometime NDa

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy New Year guys! :)

    • Ling-Ling
      Ling-Ling Year ago

      I find that so heartwarming that you wished them all a happy birthday. Awwwww. :)

  • Silvina Garcia
    Silvina Garcia 5 years ago


  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 5 years ago

    Happy Christmas Eve, TSP!

  • SmashingPumpkinMarie

    I miss Pumpkins 1989-2000 :( but I am glad there is a Smashing Pumpkins once again <3

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    ''dead dad was i ever alive?'' ''i am ashamed of my name'' these lyrics are amazing. confused but with a message. its not an angry song. its a sad song. ''the night has come to hold us young'' billy is a god.

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 6 years ago

    the reissue of mellon collie & the infinite sadness is available for preorder on

  • Jeroen van der Felz
    Jeroen van der Felz 6 years ago


  • BayviewFinch
    BayviewFinch 6 years ago

    Not to happy about the Vancouver cancellation.

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 6 years ago

    I need to start checking the smashing pumpkins website more often, because I just found out about billy being on last call with carson daily tonight about 10mins after the show ended, I also didn't find out about the smashing pumpkins being on jay leno until a day after the episode aired, but I was still able to watch it on the nbc website.

  • ziggyzero
    ziggyzero 6 years ago

    make a celestials video!!!

  • CyberDreams
    CyberDreams 6 years ago

    Can't wait for the upcoming Milwaukee, WI show at the Riverside! I went to the one last year (it was around the same time, early fall) and was so good! This time, i'm getting right up front though, or hopefully a closer seat :) Second SP show but it won't be my last! I'm gonna listen to the SBD i bought from last years show just to get me pumped up for this show :) SP, you are the best! Love you Billy =)

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 6 years ago

    I hope the gap between oceania , and their next album isn't longer than 2yrs, 3yrs at the most. I just read on Wikipedia that their already planning a follow up album. and they have a title for it, but i'm going to look for other sources to confirm this imformation.

  • A Beer
    A Beer 6 years ago

    Great album just like the others, maybe now everyone will wake up a bit and realise time moves on. Billy Corgan has to be my main inspiration for playing guitar, thank you for writing such awesome music, Good luck in beating the robot race. Kiss fm is poison to my ears! sorry for even mentioning it.

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 6 years ago

    I wonder after this album will the rest of the teargarden project by released a albums, or half free download or half full album. i'll buy all the teargarden songs when there released on muti disc cd box set. the last thing I wanted to ask is will the zwan cd be remastered, and re released because I think it might be out of print.

  • Mindy
    Mindy 6 years ago

    Can't wait for smashing pumpkins too come to new zealand <3 I'm sooo excited!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    The new CD is amazing. Thank you.

  • CyberDreams
    CyberDreams 6 years ago

    Oops, I meant "As Rome Burns". Sorry!

  • CyberDreams
    CyberDreams 6 years ago

    New album comes out soon! Can't wait! Just saw the Rock In Rio show on here (youtube)! It was awesome!! You guys brought back 'Neverlost', 'X.Y.U.' (which is one of my favs), 'The Beginning is the End is the Beginning', 'Ava Adore' and 'The Everlasting Gaze'!! Amazing!! Now if only i could here 'Where Boys' Fear To Tread' (another fav), 'Quiet' (another of my favs) and 'When Rome Burns' live again. BTW, are you guys going to record 'When Rome Burns'? You should, when you have the time. The live versions from 2008 are great! Keep it up! I love SP!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    hey guys come check out some of my new covers!!!! I did a sad peter pan one as well only true fans know how awesome that song is

  • Rugby
    Rugby 6 years ago


  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    ur the best of the best!

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 6 years ago

    so confused right now. whats up eith the cahnnel

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 6 years ago

    I haven't heard all the song from oceania, but from what I've heard panopticon is my favorite.

  • floatingphantomhead
    floatingphantomhead 6 years ago

    super duper excited for the new album. What are those pills Billy keeps popping?

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    nice! i love turquoise.

  • Tara Hendren
    Tara Hendren 6 years ago

    its too good to be true and U r too GWD to be TRUE!!!! REmember me and i will memoirs with you ask ... please ask... i cewd go on

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 6 years ago

    Hey, when are you gonna post another reissue thing? i have Nothing to do and I'm sick of listening to The Cure 27/7. i need a reissue video for inspiration!!! songs dont come out of nowhere!

  • Mariana Gabriela Fonseca

    The best band ever

    23DRACHEN 6 years ago

    i love youre voice is clear.......and i m happy you re be back......lets have fun!! luve ya...

  • Condesa Melancolia
    Condesa Melancolia 6 years ago


  • Tim McMillan
    Tim McMillan 6 years ago

    hey! for anyone interested check out the willy wonka theme/smashing pumpkins guitar vid (featured on my channel) cheers :)

  • marijan394
    marijan394 6 years ago

    WELL, if you , please see my disarm cover on ACCORDION...very unpolished but still unique, I think:)

  • marijan394
    marijan394 6 years ago

    great channel...ove all the new vids.

  • Gertlethaturtle
    Gertlethaturtle 6 years ago

    Hi Billy, Im a big fan from along time ago. I just saw your preview on prisonplanet and totally agree with what you say about the climate. I live in the desert in Australia and see what they are doing to the skies here. It makes me so sad. We have just had a week of freezing cold weather when the week before we were going through a heat wave and we are forcast 40deg again this week. And its warm again today. The cold was being forced up from Antartica and there was an earthquake this morning in South Australia of 6.2. I have been taking photos for the last 6 months or more of the trails in the sky and the stuff it leaves behind. The worst part is that Im a healer and I love this country. I practice an Austrailan form of therapy and get amazing results in healing horses and people. But how are we supposed to heal our skies? I look forward to your interview. G. M. aka Gertle Tha Turtle

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Watch my pulsezcar cover

  • evenness
    evenness 6 years ago

    is it you? billy

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    Happy birthday, William „Billy" Patrick Corgan! I'm your lover I'm your zero

  • ligiacalina
    ligiacalina 6 years ago

    Happy happy birthday !!! You has give me so much, thnks! MTV World Stage Mexico, was the best day in my life ;) my eyes i burn alive fly like a bird no more words just you and i high in the sky...

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Happy 45th Birthday Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scoffman5150
    Scoffman5150 6 years ago

    You know what i'd like to here? Spiders from the Ransom soundtrack. That would be awesome! Just like the Spider tease/jams that you guys used to do back in early '97. Btw, I can't wait for the Mellon Collie re-issue! Hopefully some demo's are on there too, probably remastered. And a live dvd, that would be awesome. I wonder what show it would be? Probably an ealier show from '96 or something right? I wonder if it'll be one with Jimmy or Matt Walker. They both kick ass! Rock on!

  • Scoffman5150
    Scoffman5150 6 years ago

    Happy Birthday Billy! Yours is one day after Wolfgang Van Halen's. Sweet! By the way, i heard that Oceania is pushed back until May. Is this true? I'm not mad, i'd just like to know. If it still needs some 'extra polish' thats alright with me.

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 6 years ago

    I forgot to say, i woke up in the middle of the night to be the first to post happy birthday. Then I remembered i had to restring my guitar. :P

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 6 years ago

    Happy birthday Billy!!! <3 ZeroThirtyThree033

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Happy 45th Birthday Billy have a great day, Your my idol so hopefully that counts for somethin Your Biggest fan Logan

  • Kakau Rodrigues
    Kakau Rodrigues 6 years ago

    EU AMO !!!!!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Hey guy i have alot of new videos Check em Out please And any requests comment

  • keelo
    keelo 6 years ago

    hey don't forget toledo, ohio we have always loved you !!!!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Check out my crush bury me and luna covers

  • Jella
    Jella 6 years ago


  • dedeyez
    dedeyez 6 years ago

    More webisodes! I really love hearing these songs with a little bit of story too. I always leave wanting more. Thank you for sharing Billy.

  • 7kopfDrache
    7kopfDrache 6 years ago


  • Donna Lange
    Donna Lange 6 years ago

    oh hell yeah. Pumpkin channel. I love you Billy

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    check out my rhinceros cover

  • MrJason1108
    MrJason1108 6 years ago


  • Rxnykurt
    Rxnykurt 6 years ago

    it'd be nice to someday see the lineup that made this 2 records, love you Billy!

  • Patrick Jansen
    Patrick Jansen 6 years ago


  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    check out my channel for 2 covers and my one music,Btw i hope to make more pumpkins covers in the future

  • Isaac Duberly Aquise Aranya

    Billy, please, Rhinoceros must be again played in concerts, it`s a very feeling and powerful song...

  • Kt Bunge
    Kt Bunge 6 years ago


  • 5thProjekt
    5thProjekt 6 years ago

    Hey Billy & friends! Love your music & sounds. You've been incredibly influential. Thanks for posting our cover of Soma! Love & peace, Sködt

  • Basil Paulus
    Basil Paulus 6 years ago

    Get the Original Lineup Back,,,

  • t murf
    t murf 6 years ago


  • marijan394
    marijan394 6 years ago

    im listed on "got you covered pumkins channel" & I would LOVE to be here as well!! "Disarm an accoion"

  • ZeroThirtyThree033
    ZeroThirtyThree033 6 years ago

    Where would I be without Smashing Pumpkins? Dead, gone, empty Luv ya SP! <3 ZeroThirtyThree

  • marijan394
    marijan394 6 years ago

    Enter "disarm an accordion" to hear my unique covers of this BAND that

  • marijan394
    marijan394 6 years ago


  • SebasCasco veejay
    SebasCasco veejay 6 years ago

    sois los mejores siempre !!!! return to spain please!!!!!!

  • MAD1981full
    MAD1981full 6 years ago

    Please listen my covered Pumpkins

  • JBest0
    JBest0 6 years ago

    hi..take a look at my SP covers on my channel ...there's some nice videos ;)

  • SurrealOfficial
    SurrealOfficial 6 years ago

    Hey there! I did a one man cover of all the instruments of 1979, and I'd love to be added to the covers section if you like it :)

  • G R E Y M O N
    G R E Y M O N 6 years ago

    Im Carlo im italian im 14 i love Smashing Pumpkins

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 6 years ago

    Gish And Siamese Dream Re-Issues Awesome Jesus Is The Sun Is Sick I love BILLY CORGAN

  • R Tait
    R Tait 6 years ago

    PLease don't fuck your videos up by putting them on bullshit Vevo.

  • black69sunablers
    black69sunablers 6 years ago

    Greetings from Poland...Pozdrowienia z Polski:) ~b69s

  • vTv
    vTv 6 years ago

    Happy new year pumpkins! You inspire us all!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 6 years ago

    Happy new year, The Smashing Pumpkins!

  • G R E Y M O N
    G R E Y M O N 6 years ago

    Smashing pumpkins forever.

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas, guys!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas Eve, Best Band of the World!

  • bellarina1294
    bellarina1294 7 years ago

    You guys are the total package!!! I ,.love you all. Cathrina

  • Roger Salazar
    Roger Salazar 7 years ago

    Greatest Concert at Razzmatazz! people got connected! Thank you for playing some of the good oldies!

  • vTv
    vTv 7 years ago

    Can't wait to get the reissues! Gonna order from the site, is it being released at stores? Went to Best Buy and wasn't even being planned to be sold there! Would rather buy at a store than wait for it to be shipped. Ohwell..... heard the demo of today and it's off the chain! Rocks hard! Need these new reissues!

  • Ivo Zoolsmusic
    Ivo Zoolsmusic 7 years ago

    hey !! i lov you.

  • Toby frohlick
    Toby frohlick 7 years ago

    love your songs pleas check us out just starting out thanks ;]

  • Scoffman5150
    Scoffman5150 7 years ago

    I remember reading somewhere that back in '91 or so, one of Billy's favorite Strat's was stolen and that he never found it. And i also remember that he put an ad in the paper or something around 2007 or so saying that he would like it back, no questions asked. Is this true. If so that really sucks. Guitars are definitely one of a kind and none play the same. I wish i could find it for him.

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Love Billy and the pumpkins getting deluxe Gish and Siamese dream for x mas. pisces mellon collie aeroplane flies high adore machina next cant wait love you billy your awesome

  • ryan locklear
    ryan locklear 7 years ago

    love it

  • vTv
    vTv 7 years ago

    Pumpkns! Love ya!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    nice! all new

  • mattmanoman
    mattmanoman 7 years ago

    Saw Smashing Pumpkins last night........what can I saw?..............Multiple Eargasms!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    The 'Mashed Potatoes' are amazing. I can't stop listening to it. 'Sookie Sookie' is a nice cover.

  • Kris Theckston
    Kris Theckston 7 years ago

    Billy Corgan- you have gotten me thru some rough times xoxo

  • noiseorsignal
    noiseorsignal 7 years ago

    SP welcome back again in Europe. Tour begins tomorrow....... Nov 25.....Prague = will be happy day :o)

  • Manuela Rocha
    Manuela Rocha 7 years ago

    I so miss you guys. Dont be angry for what im about to say: i love all your songs, but please next time you come back to Portugal (i was there in Coliseu do Porto) plz could you play Hummer and Mayonnaise? Ty. :) Best of love from Portugal

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Hey pumpkins love ya make me mile everyday its great 29th reissues right yay love Billy Jeff Nicole And mike

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    i love the video 'Happy Halloween from Billy Corgan' :)

  • barbara wright
    barbara wright 7 years ago

    I Love the Pumpkins!! I have always believed that those who Love the Pumpkins are special people. love this site!!!!!!!!!

  • Esther Anandi Adams
    Esther Anandi Adams 7 years ago

    Hi I like some of the new videos. Wanna watch my videos?

  • shatteringglass
    shatteringglass 7 years ago

    I was at the meetup in Boston where Billy showed up, noticed it was being filmed, I hope you will be uploading the video!!!

  • Mandy Ruiz
    Mandy Ruiz 7 years ago

    got to love them :3

  • Heather Carter
    Heather Carter 7 years ago

    ok... love the fact that they have the fans comments... but where's the only videos?! get it I came to the channel for the videos!!!!!! ugh!!!!! Shut up!

  • dre106wiu
    dre106wiu 7 years ago

    @ tmollica1 ow burn. Age doesn't matter tho. Good music is good music.... and its your ears that should care man, not your eyes. But yes I hear you, I want to hear them play zero-esque songs too. They definitely have made an indelible mark on Alternative music.

  • Tiffany Mollica
    Tiffany Mollica 7 years ago

    i know everybody in the band is older these days but I would love to see smashing pumpkins do more hard rock songs like zero and bullet with butterfly wings... those songs kicked ass!!! Also, just my opinions, but what happened to Billy's hair?? I dont think you look good bald dude.. the mr. clean look doesn't work for everyone =( and i know ur gettin older but the start of a beer gut doesnt help your cliche sexy rocker image hahaha

  • Charles Porter
    Charles Porter 7 years ago

    help i play guitar and sing

  • Tomás Andrade
    Tomás Andrade 7 years ago

    The Best Band of the world!

  • Toby frohlick
    Toby frohlick 7 years ago


  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 7 years ago


  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark 7 years ago

    Trying to find the song Despite All My Rage video and can't! Could you upload it for me please?

  • Labornyot
    Labornyot 7 years ago

    whooohoooh! keep on rockin'!!! whoah! rock on!!!

  • promethus50000
    promethus50000 7 years ago

    is oceania going to be released on cd,or just mp3.

  • expobond
    expobond 7 years ago

    Aloha from the pacific north west! Sweet I've made on the official SP you tube channel!! It's a bit past the September 1st date any details on new releases?

  • Daniel Gardner
    Daniel Gardner 7 years ago

    How much are clothes in the matrix?

  • rosendo degiorgi
    rosendo degiorgi 7 years ago

    Y la Argentina???? Vamos Billy!!!

  • Scoffman5150
    Scoffman5150 7 years ago

    Awesome. The Pumpkins are one of my top 5 favorite all time bands! I can't wait to see them in concert in October!! It'll be my first SP concert and hopefully not my last.

  • Joe P
    Joe P 7 years ago

    BC! Found my bootleg VHS of your show at the Sunrise Musical Theatre in South Florida, May 6th, 2000. I bought it from some guy in New Jersey? Needless to say, it was awesome. My friend still has your twinkie. Thanks for everything! -Joe

  • diesixdie2
    diesixdie2 7 years ago

    Is there a channel even more "official" than this one where the legal choads at EMI haven't blocked the band's videos? I just want to watch "Tonight, Tonight" for @#$#'s sake. Is this kind of overly paranoid protection necessary? Does it even accomplish anything?

  • MrSimplejack09
    MrSimplejack09 7 years ago

    i cant believe you not coming to OHIO

  • andybertie
    andybertie 7 years ago

    Man he looks and sounds tired! Get some sleep dude!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Well Exited For Oceania Gonna be A blast from the bast hopefully the same deal with GISH and Siamese Dream Love You Billy Alot your my idol.You know whats fUnny i look just like you did in siva and rhinoceros Videos crazy im serious well keep rockin Love Logan

  • rockhoundmaiden
    rockhoundmaiden 7 years ago


  • 999getsome
    999getsome 7 years ago

    I love Smashing Pumpkins, the old stuff and the new, but honestly, you have different people, different sounding songs.... SP should be called something different now....

  • JB
    JB 7 years ago

    If you ever read this Billy, I want to thank you for all the great music throughout the years! I've got all your cd's, and cannot wait for the new oceania album! It just got confirmed that you're playing in Oslo Norway this November, and I'll be in the front row as usual! Like Ive been the last three shows in Norway. Machina, Zeitgeist and now the Oceania tour! Thank you for playing in Norway again! Much appreciated! Love you Billy! PS: I hope you arrange the "Special Viking Song", like you did in 2000 :D, it went in G and Dminor. Lyrics: (Once was a Viking, he met a girl to his liking. She said, what happend to your hair? dont you care...) youll figure out the rest while playing I guess! haha okay! C ya soon;)

  • Harlen Crier
    Harlen Crier 7 years ago

    I had accidently downloaded an acoustic studio version of 'Perfect' which I absolutely loved but had lost the mp3 a few mp3 players ago :P was wondering if it's available anywhere?

  • giovanna888
    giovanna888 7 years ago

    when will you play somewhere in south-eastern europe???

  • Videos Recicláveis
    Videos Recicláveis 7 years ago

    billy billy billy brazil

  • Hotte Bronkohonko
    Hotte Bronkohonko 7 years ago

    Wir warten auf euch in Deutschland...!

  • mig6776
    mig6776 7 years ago

    When will you play in Spain?????

  • SeekingNamelessly
    SeekingNamelessly 7 years ago

    I can't wait to see you in Tucson again, Billy. You guys were with me through high school, college, and beyond. Thank you.

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Well Billy Hope Ocenia Is Coming Out In September Or Thats Going to make me cry not even kidding Your my idol so yeah its cool to hear your new stuff Love ya Billy you rule

  • SpaggitSP
    SpaggitSP 7 years ago

    Great news, can't wait for the archive material!

  • invadersnow
    invadersnow 7 years ago


  • David Chamberlin
    David Chamberlin 7 years ago

    One day... I want to impress Billy Corgan with my music.

  • pampelonne63
    pampelonne63 7 years ago

    you guys rock! reminiscence of my youth, i was a punk in Amsterdam...:)

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    Nice! A new icon.

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    i think, the Owata video is good. It doesn't matter what people say.

  • Rob Hens
    Rob Hens 7 years ago

    any news on the European tour this year?

  • Void
    Void 7 years ago

    i love your channel!!!! the pumpkins are one of my favorite bands!!! billy is the greatest writer and composer alive today :D

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 years ago

    I love The Smashing Pumpkins and I love Teargarden By Kaleidoscope, but ride on motherfucker The Smashing Pumpkins "Owata (Music Video)" sucks dick like a champ.

  • Joe Alle
    Joe Alle 7 years ago

    can't wait to hear the new music coming out

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    AMAZING! lots, lots lots, lots thanks for the friendship acceptance! You're divine!

  • normando53
    normando53 7 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for the virtual friendship request accepted, gratitude and respect from Montreal!!!!!

  • dustyluckyblond Films

    I Been a fan of pumpkins for long time I love your songs and anything about them anyway just wanted show love and Support for you guys and take care

  • TruthRadiator
    TruthRadiator 7 years ago

    Alex Jones Interviews Matt Bellamy of Muse. search; alex jones + muse

  • vinofiamma
    vinofiamma 7 years ago

    Ciao from NY !

  • Iacopo Destefani
    Iacopo Destefani 7 years ago

    Siamese Dream saved my life :)


    Just heard one of your songs on TEEN WOLF, I knew i was missing something.

  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders 7 years ago

    Atlanta. I've never had the opportunity to see you guys live. You must come to Atlanta!

  • mike vee
    mike vee 7 years ago

    come to manila please

  • frickinlameo
    frickinlameo 7 years ago

    if you like the pumpkins, add me as a friend

  • PushStartVideos
    PushStartVideos 7 years ago

    Please do a UK TOUR!

  • Ghetto Barney
    Ghetto Barney 7 years ago


  • Matty Bee
    Matty Bee 7 years ago

    This drummer is legit but i want Jimmy back!!!!!!!!

  • darkstarskate33
    darkstarskate33 7 years ago

    HELLLOO can you please put tonight tonight by you guys on here to were i can download them on my i pod. i need the original video not live even thou live is great but original people will enjoy it

  • frickinlameo
    frickinlameo 7 years ago

    if you like Smashing Pumpkins, please add me as a friend :)

  • FrankieMcadams
    FrankieMcadams 7 years ago

    SP ;D

  • Nathaniel Allen
    Nathaniel Allen 7 years ago

    When I got my head shaved at school for "Balding for Dollars" my guitar teacher said I looked like Billy Corgan.. best compliment ever. On topic... I am looking forward to all the remastered catalog. Keep making great music Billy! I had a shitty Fall being in the hospital and Siamese Dream helped more than you can imagine when I was healing. MOAR Pumpkins please.

  • Corrosive Destruction

    Come to PORTUGAL!!

  • Lunartick
    Lunartick 7 years ago

    glad to hear about the digital remastery, excited that theres gona be more music. you know, after you split, years later it sunk in - no more new pumpkins songs to get excited about, and that made me sooo sad. i love the song pennies and would be very greatful if you could do something about the link, its saying EMI are dicks basicly- but i wanna hear it! All the love in the world Pumpkins! oh and come back to Glasgow! x

  • Elisabeth Wretzky
    Elisabeth Wretzky 7 years ago

    Go smashingggggggs!!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Yeah new album about time its probably been one off those wait and see things owata is a masterpice holy shit If it wasnt for the pumpkins i would have probably been sad forever thank god they make you feel better

  • d mason
    d mason 7 years ago

    Can't wait for the SP to tour the UK again; hopefully playing the whole of GISH and SIAMESE !!

  • evenness
    evenness 7 years ago

    Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time

  • Andrees1979
    Andrees1979 7 years ago

    Machina II mmmmm :)

  • Mike R
    Mike R 7 years ago

    Just when life couldn't get any better...

  • Jake Modica
    Jake Modica 7 years ago

    All great news. Can't wait for "Owata" and Oceania!

  • MegaNewsReader
    MegaNewsReader 7 years ago

    Geoengineering sucks. Please take the time to watch my short film; The chemtrail interviews. Sending out MEGA love to all in these times. Can't wait to hear the new stuff Billy. Thank you for all you do.

  • ZealotsofMercury
    ZealotsofMercury 7 years ago

    love the announcement william. good things coming from pumpkinland :)

  • aaron ballard
    aaron ballard 7 years ago

    no. the Black angel is sasha grey. the porn star.

  • AisforAd4m
    AisforAd4m 7 years ago

    back to my prior comment on EMI's removal of the vid's, I downloaded iTunes just to buy the Cherub Rock and other pulled videos, and they're not even on there... I hope oneday they'll at least be on your channel, itunes, or both

  • Witold Tomczak
    Witold Tomczak 7 years ago

    man as a bassists.... i know sth new. Darcy Wretzky was the first bassist in a band. The music makes me flyin'

  • Nick Kentsin
    Nick Kentsin 7 years ago

    We miss D`arcy.

  • AisforAd4m
    AisforAd4m 7 years ago

    Are you gonna upload Cherub Rock and Bullet With Butterfly Wings? b/c EMI is removing all those and other videos from youtube and it sucks.

  • Artbland2006
    Artbland2006 7 years ago

    All hail the greatness of the Smashing Pumpkins!!!!

  • Vladislav Yemelin
    Vladislav Yemelin 7 years ago

    Greatest! Simple Greatest!

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Billys Mom Died In 97 right before adore FOR MARTHA of adore is for is his mom

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday Billy Your Awesome

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday Billy Your Awesome

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    Happy birthday, William Patrick Corgan! I hope you celebrate well! :)

  • nurz33
    nurz33 7 years ago

    oh shit! i love u!!!

  • BioShockisAWESOME
    BioShockisAWESOME 7 years ago

    you inspired me! thank you for that! your music is so divine.

  • Bernardo.D
    Bernardo.D 7 years ago

    Smashing Hello again! Could you give me permission to audio from a drum cover of the song Dooms day clock? My channel is TheBernardotube! Thanks and greetings! I'll try till the end!

  • Bernardo.D
    Bernardo.D 7 years ago

    Hola Smashing! Queria pediros un favor si puede ser?. Podriais darme permiso para el audio de una drum cover de la cancion Dooms day clock? Ah!, cuando vengais a España ire a veros! que todavia no he tenido oportunidad. Mi canal es TheBernardotube! Gracias y un saludo!

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    grandi smashing!