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Sober Convos
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Views 2.4MMonth ago
My Video Making Process
Views 1.2M2 months ago
My Dreams
Views 2.7M2 months ago
Views 3.8M4 months ago
Views 3.6M5 months ago
Growing Up With Video Games
Views 3.4M6 months ago
Getting My Driver's License
Views 3.1M8 months ago
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Childhood Memories
Views 5M10 months ago
Dumb Arguments
Views 4.5M10 months ago
Fan Meetups
Views 2M11 months ago
The Art of Flaking
Views 4.8M11 months ago
Disney World
Views 4.4MYear ago
Breaking Up
Views 4.9MYear ago
Views 7MYear ago
Views 8MYear ago
The New Kid
Views 6MYear ago
Views 5MYear ago
Speeding Ticket
Views 6MYear ago
Back To School
Views 9MYear ago
Stranger's Thing
Views 10MYear ago
Growing Up Asian
Views 11MYear ago
Fan Interactions
Views 5MYear ago
Buying Used Things 2
Views 11MYear ago
Parked In My Spot
Views 6MYear ago
Buying Used Things
Views 19MYear ago
My B-Boy Days
Views 8MYear ago
Views 4.7MYear ago
Last Names
Views 10M2 years ago
Views 5M2 years ago
Views 7M2 years ago
Neighbours [Part 2]
Views 10M2 years ago
Neighbours [Part 1]
Views 9M2 years ago
Views 5M2 years ago
Am I A Cyborg?
Views 6M2 years ago
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Alumni Sticker
Views 2.8M2 years ago
Moving Out
Views 8M2 years ago
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Views 12M2 years ago
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Views 8M3 years ago
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Cosplay Shenanigans
Views 5M3 years ago
My Ancestry Results!
Views 2.7M3 years ago
Visiting Home
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Public Transit
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Time Waster of the Day 3
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High School Track Team
Views 8M3 years ago
Views 8M3 years ago
My Art Teacher
Views 12M4 years ago
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New Shoes
Views 7M4 years ago
Views 11M4 years ago
Views 6M4 years ago
ReTales: Closing
Views 9M4 years ago
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Pencil Lead
Views 7M4 years ago
Anime North 2015
Views 426K4 years ago
Group Assignments
Views 10M4 years ago
[Outtakes] I Don't Care
Views 3.3M4 years ago
I Don't Care
Views 11M4 years ago
Views 7M4 years ago
Draw My Life [Domics]
Views 9M4 years ago


  • Alle Candy
    Alle Candy 4 hours ago

    Everyone, you succ in your life from now on

  • Muhammad Mutasim
    Muhammad Mutasim 4 hours ago

    The 15% off because I use the Xbox line 🤯🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jolie K
    Jolie K 4 hours ago

    pang a ni ban

  • Cas Groenigen05
    Cas Groenigen05 4 hours ago

    do you play it still? because i am sill die hard 60 millon xp atm

  • Unison star
    Unison star 4 hours ago

    Vagina shorts???

  • Bang dead Apple
    Bang dead Apple 5 hours ago

    I can drive and I'm 12 but I'm only aloud to drive in my village

  • HaxAnimations
    HaxAnimations 5 hours ago

    I literally had the same flying dream for a week ago... 0.0

  • mats smaling
    mats smaling 5 hours ago

    If you kill a serial killer did you save lives or kill a person?

  • Fré
    Fré 5 hours ago

    7:35 Squeeze one more idiom in the there ay? _you suck_ rude slang To be very poor, inferior, or worthless.

  • Unison star
    Unison star 5 hours ago

    I am nine and I know what Fahrenheit is

  • Chinks R Cancer
    Chinks R Cancer 5 hours ago

    Sad. To bad my parents named me with this unfortunate name.


    Are u gaay

  • Laura II
    Laura II 6 hours ago

    What app is this?

  • Steve
    Steve 6 hours ago

    5:55 - 6:13 when the teacher asks for the homework and ur late but u see from the window before coming in

  • Rage Shield
    Rage Shield 6 hours ago

    I'm Vietnamese

  • katelyn edginton
    katelyn edginton 6 hours ago

    I looked away from the video for like two seconds and when I looked back Dom had a gun-

  • russel h
    russel h 6 hours ago

    Jomm should start his own youtube channel Jomics

  • Олег Баранов

    Greetings from Russia!

  • Leilani Miller
    Leilani Miller 7 hours ago

    Completely unrelated but you studied architecture so do you know what a pony wall is

  • Talea Bernal
    Talea Bernal 7 hours ago

    I'm the second tallest person in my class...

  • こうたのチャンネル ゆっくり


  • La Sam
    La Sam 7 hours ago

    phil is avatar

    INSERT NAME 7 hours ago

    Imagine 6.11M more

  • MR. Pikachu
    MR. Pikachu 7 hours ago

    Me and games GTA v 5000 hrs Csgo 6000 hrs Gmod 2000 hrs Pubg Pikachu exe.stop working due to technical difficulty

  • Cecille Balot
    Cecille Balot 7 hours ago

    wats with blank outro

  • Random Person
    Random Person 8 hours ago


  • Baram Hassan
    Baram Hassan 8 hours ago

    Why do his videos end with a white screen for like 15 to 20 seconds heheheh😂

  • Neydeck Gang
    Neydeck Gang 8 hours ago

    Dominic: Porn -e, p-p PORN GOD DAMN!! best part 🤣🤣🤣

  • faith over fear
    faith over fear 8 hours ago

    What I love about dom is that he is lowkey funny. Take maaz for example. He is over the top loud extroverted type funny. Dom is quiet funny. Like makes a joke and isnt as loud as some. Idfk my shower thoughtz.

  • Killerthezombie KTZ
    Killerthezombie KTZ 8 hours ago

    I’d have the power to think of any power and have that power boom loop hole

  • Grace
    Grace 9 hours ago

    I've never laughed so much Lol

  • Sokhorn Seung
    Sokhorn Seung 9 hours ago

    My name is sooaklsh

  • Survival Gaming
    Survival Gaming 9 hours ago

    500 Likes and i will tell u something about sleeping.

  • Anime Fuck you
    Anime Fuck you 10 hours ago

    even if you leave him, but smile. Humans are rich in feelings. When we are happy we laugh and when we are sad we cry. So cry. Don't cover your feelings with a mask of joy. always looking ahead because life is not waiting for the rain to stop, but its teaching us about how to dance in the rain good luck in your life Domz 😁😁

  • rikuu outodesk
    rikuu outodesk 10 hours ago

    Poor gingerpale xd

  • Marina Flor Nóbrega
    Marina Flor Nóbrega 10 hours ago

    Im not flaking :P im in vacation sooooo MORE DOMICS VIDEOS FOR ME >;3

  • ITZShray
    ITZShray 10 hours ago

    7:54 that mineta face tho

  • heiyin mak
    heiyin mak 10 hours ago

    Hi dom, I don’t think you would read this but I think it would help if the title of your videos can indicate what type of video it’s gonna be, eg story time or dumb talks

  • Smaran Tadepalli
    Smaran Tadepalli 10 hours ago

    Just via your surroundings by name, I found where your office is within a mile radius

  • Bait10112 StupidAwesomeBait101

    I'm 25 still single😅😅😅

  • Magic frog
    Magic frog 10 hours ago

    I'm in a wheelchair so?

  • Yeetin Freak
    Yeetin Freak 10 hours ago

    People actually hate shrimp chips

  • Yeetin Freak
    Yeetin Freak 10 hours ago

    We love da rice

  • Bmt Herald
    Bmt Herald 10 hours ago

    sup Domz we miss your videos these days

  • coolhunter matt
    coolhunter matt 10 hours ago

    All the dislikes are people named steve

  • Jason McCalip
    Jason McCalip 10 hours ago

    Me to its 5:19 and I can't stop

  • DashDestroyer
    DashDestroyer 10 hours ago

    MY GUY PLAYS TF2????

  • Ankiya Animations
    Ankiya Animations 10 hours ago


  • Ankiya Animations
    Ankiya Animations 10 hours ago

    Domics: You're In a healthy relationship or you are single. Me: ...or you are 13

  • Garnet
    Garnet 11 hours ago

    There Gems would get shattered tho.

  • Farid Rodriguez
    Farid Rodriguez 11 hours ago


  • Blond3 skickass1
    Blond3 skickass1 11 hours ago

    I’ve destroyed my grades with destiny 2 About 2000 hours wasted avoiding homework Help me I’m starting a living dex in Pokémon sun and moon with all forms including gender differences

  • ThaIronJack
    ThaIronJack 11 hours ago


  • Cioper
    Cioper 11 hours ago

    In next episode: boobs.

  • Manju Manoj
    Manju Manoj 11 hours ago

    I am gay a good coment

  • Jessy Tomanan
    Jessy Tomanan 11 hours ago

    err such a long outro

  • Farid Rodriguez
    Farid Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    My last name is Rodriguez

  • Hypo XP
    Hypo XP 11 hours ago

    I’m the flakiest flaker of all flakers

    • DeDeLuv2Draw
      DeDeLuv2Draw 5 hours ago

      Hypo XP you don’t need to go if you don’t want to but telling the person that is better than flaking cuz you’d be wasting their time

    • Hypo XP
      Hypo XP 7 hours ago

      DeDeLuv2Draw Yeah I probably should

    • DeDeLuv2Draw
      DeDeLuv2Draw 9 hours ago

      Hypo XP now stop being one

  • Girish P M
    Girish P M 11 hours ago

    What if you fast forward right when you die? Then you live longer?

  • Girish P M
    Girish P M 12 hours ago

    Well I don't know about dom with jaiden legs..

  • Kaneki Gaming
    Kaneki Gaming 12 hours ago

    attack on slammers

  • • yoongi's youniverse •

    rip gingerpale

  • mondude123 mondude123
    mondude123 mondude123 12 hours ago

    Devilman crybaby

  • The Sentinel Of Abyss
    The Sentinel Of Abyss 12 hours ago

    Bro try working with a bunch of kyle....I hate group assignments 😤

  • Jonatan S
    Jonatan S 12 hours ago

    This is an amazing format

  • J Hamilton
    J Hamilton 12 hours ago

    I can relate.. 😅😆

  • Hanna Mori
    Hanna Mori 12 hours ago


  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen 12 hours ago

    F*ck you steve

  • hriati puii
    hriati puii 12 hours ago

    its just like me but im a girl but a boy in this video

  • Flower Audrey
    Flower Audrey 13 hours ago

    ok im asian but im tall for my agr

  • Navy Sealio
    Navy Sealio 13 hours ago

    holy sheet, was that a My Hero Academia reference at 6:00

  • Abood Bood
    Abood Bood 13 hours ago

    Letss go u hate LOL

  • Верёвка 228
    Верёвка 228 13 hours ago

    *ЧТО Я ТУТ ДЕЛАЮ* (I'm russian man)

  • Cristeta Ferrando
    Cristeta Ferrando 13 hours ago

    Americans: living without rice Asians: living with rice because its healthy

    SKULL KRUSHER'S AMVS 13 hours ago

    I also cheated in chunnin exam by my sand eye

  • Enzo Mariposa
    Enzo Mariposa 13 hours ago

    pilipino names aint hard bc im actually filipino and im actually in the philippines like bruh

  • Njomza Gora
    Njomza Gora 13 hours ago

    Play pokemon go

  • Jim_the _robot
    Jim_the _robot 14 hours ago

    *Before I talk about prison*

  • Kidawolfykins 23
    Kidawolfykins 23 14 hours ago

    Cutest thing ever

  • elPG BG
    elPG BG 14 hours ago


  • white roses
    white roses 14 hours ago

    Thank god

  • white roses
    white roses 14 hours ago

    Did he call a gift a jift?!?!?!?!

  • tabby cat
    tabby cat 14 hours ago

    Everyone you succ

  • DIO thE PotAto
    DIO thE PotAto 14 hours ago

    the worst dream i ever have is peeing......

  • Doni Ahmet
    Doni Ahmet 14 hours ago

    hi domisc i am watching your video i want to ask you to add subtitles in russian please thanks in advance)

  • Alex Baysic
    Alex Baysic 14 hours ago

    Napadpad ako dati dahil kila Kuya Asheteru (Ewan Kung Tama spell) at kuya Arkin BTW Ang ganda po

    • Alex Baysic
      Alex Baysic 14 hours ago

      Hi to all Filipinos out there🇵🇭

  • We_boO Mido_ri-ya
    We_boO Mido_ri-ya 15 hours ago

    Who got the tourism philipins ad

  • Enzo Gaming
    Enzo Gaming 15 hours ago

    domics: 7:19 dem Indonesians: *mentions it* me: I love democracy

  • tonyjr97
    tonyjr97 15 hours ago

    First thing I thought was, I’d go back a few hours after lottery is called

  • Maddy Oliver
    Maddy Oliver 15 hours ago

    "Kill or be killed." 🌼 *FLOWEY'S LAUGHING INTENSIFIES* 🌻

  • The Sentinel Of Abyss
    The Sentinel Of Abyss 16 hours ago

    I wanted to be a scientist.. Then i look at my grades and hahaha........ please kill me😔

  • Jacqueline Pavey
    Jacqueline Pavey 16 hours ago

    So true so true

  • P A N
    P A N 16 hours ago

    *"wHy are all thEse RaCCooNs BLIND!?"*

  • Anushka Sarkar
    Anushka Sarkar 17 hours ago

    I can't believe i just watched the entire video. I love Domics too much🤣👏🏽

  • Yes I am a Tokyo ghoul fan

    I want to know how this isn’t demonetized and WHAT THE HELL DID I WATCH

    INSERT NAME 17 hours ago

    So you can say your last name is danger while wall running on a building

  • Aden Carabajal
    Aden Carabajal 17 hours ago

    As you can see my last name is unique as well

  • harbinger of Payne
    harbinger of Payne 17 hours ago

    I’m not scared of the little fuckers, but if they’re as big as an eyeball im leaving the country.

  • Mad 1952
    Mad 1952 17 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about domic having a bootleg famicom?

  • Ronisha madhava
    Ronisha madhava 17 hours ago

    "Pieces of hair raining down along with pieces of my soul" WELL THATS DEFINETELY ME..