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My Video Making Process
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My Dreams
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Growing Up With Video Games
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Getting My Driver's License
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Childhood Memories
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Dumb Arguments
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Fan Meetups
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The Art of Flaking
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Disney World
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Breaking Up
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The New Kid
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Speeding Ticket
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Back To School
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Stranger's Thing
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Growing Up Asian
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Fan Interactions
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Buying Used Things 2
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Parked In My Spot
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Buying Used Things
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My B-Boy Days
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Last Names
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Neighbours [Part 2]
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Neighbours [Part 1]
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Am I A Cyborg?
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Alumni Sticker
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Moving Out
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Cosplay Shenanigans
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My Ancestry Results!
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Visiting Home
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Public Transit
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Time Waster of the Day 3
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High School Track Team
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My Art Teacher
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New Shoes
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ReTales: Closing
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Pencil Lead
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Anime North 2015
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Group Assignments
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[Outtakes] I Don't Care
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I Don't Care
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Draw My Life [Domics]
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  • Fin Bailie
    Fin Bailie 5 minutes ago

    I have a thing called small stature and this actually relates to me . 1 day I was playing afl and I land up on somebody who was also small you know what he said “I’m bigger than you” that same game we got into a fight but you now what my friends came in and both teams had all their players in in a huge scrap and you now what I was the only 1 who didn’t get hurt badly bc when ever somebody punched me they punched them I was never really bullied bc of my friends I think the way to get it around it is just to laugh and be funny 😂

  • _VideogamemasterVGM
    _VideogamemasterVGM 9 minutes ago

    "Let me just get Exodia's right nipple first" Lmao cuz im a Yugioh fan

  • איתמר ברצלבסקי

    your last name is not so hard

  • Kirk Dennis Bernabe
    Kirk Dennis Bernabe 25 minutes ago


  • wael zahr
    wael zahr 36 minutes ago

    I actually miss how easy high school was after one semester of getting my ass handed to me in uni ;-;

  • K - Nights
    K - Nights 45 minutes ago

    3:50 Ok..........ADORABLE ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Cascade Flims
    Cascade Flims Hour ago

    Am a Lee but we spell it like this"Li" so do I count?

  • Frost Luck
    Frost Luck Hour ago

    What if I don’t have someone to break up with

  • abigail Williams

    Omg when he flipped the cart and other people started looking! I couldn't breathe 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong Hour ago

    U’re note alone I got my pencil through my head in grade 5 and it’s still in my forehead

    BNEIL Hour ago

    For the people that isn't Filipino TAE means POOOOOOOOOOP OK

  • Metro Btm
    Metro Btm Hour ago

    In spanish these are tazzos

  • MindTech
    MindTech 2 hours ago


  • Mr Sarcastic
    Mr Sarcastic 2 hours ago

    Dom are you and Claire dating

  • vika vika
    vika vika 2 hours ago


  • Paisley
    Paisley 2 hours ago

    I’m too single to have a break up

  • Angeli Navarro
    Angeli Navarro 2 hours ago

    Cause i lives at the Philippines

  • Angeli Navarro
    Angeli Navarro 2 hours ago

    Hey domic are you FILIPINO CAUSE IM

    NYJA COGACOOL 2 hours ago

    I feel you, I also talk to my relatives in english while they talk to me in tagalog

    NYJA COGACOOL 2 hours ago

    WTF is with his middle name😂😂

  • HI Hi
    HI Hi 2 hours ago

    7:17 his face 🤣

  • Bia Tican
    Bia Tican 2 hours ago

    "My mom would stretch me out" *nostalgia intensifies*

  • Jonah Esco
    Jonah Esco 2 hours ago

    Just show her this video dom

  • (Jiajia) Jiajia Pantisoontorn

    I went on the tower of terror when I was 9 and I didnt cry I just had my heart stop , held my breath for the whole ride and had my face like this: 0-0

  • Toni P
    Toni P 3 hours ago

    6:48 oh my god I'm laughing so hard

  • Angelo Jimenez
    Angelo Jimenez 3 hours ago

    "back to prison" "back to school" Me:Do you mean hell?

  • Mark Manglona
    Mark Manglona 3 hours ago

    Jift.....its Gift

  • כליל שלו אלקין

    3:45 : youtube thumbnails in 2019

  • TTV_ Streamer_BTW
    TTV_ Streamer_BTW 3 hours ago

    Sooo its Domics Panganiban

  • Tfoltz YT
    Tfoltz YT 3 hours ago

    My friend pushed me into my crush and i accidently slapped her ass

  • halo3odst
    halo3odst 3 hours ago

    Do you like arcade games and/ or some of the best RPGs on the face of the planet? SEGA.

  • Angelie Angel
    Angelie Angel 3 hours ago

    4:08 the captions literally said *recorder playing while domics goes insane* 😂😂

  • Qubed3
    Qubed3 3 hours ago

    Oh boi another hypodomical

  • Rahadian Fadhlurahman

    But ..I am Indonesian

  • fine. i'm
    fine. i'm 3 hours ago

    haha same

  • Angelie Angel
    Angelie Angel 3 hours ago

    "acts of douchery" 😂😂😂

  • chrisia siamjen paler

    hahahaha balut

  • mr ProAL29
    mr ProAL29 4 hours ago

    U know what the better way is to use a bime like save the environment #earth

  • Eiceah Moreno
    Eiceah Moreno 4 hours ago


  • Aatish Hake
    Aatish Hake 4 hours ago

    Okay Bitch Damn.

  • Jenny Can Create
    Jenny Can Create 4 hours ago

    Love your animations!! ❤❤❤

  • IDontKnowAUsername
    IDontKnowAUsername 4 hours ago


  • Luna Song Dotter
    Luna Song Dotter 4 hours ago

    I like ur name I don’t judge names 🦊 btw I did it

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 5 hours ago


  • Mad_ Ladz
    Mad_ Ladz 5 hours ago

    You did not mention Middle school like you said elementary highschool and the collage so MMMMHHHH

  • moonlxght _07
    moonlxght _07 5 hours ago

    F*ck Steve

  • Fox Animations With Gacha

    I'm British, live in Australia and speak Chinese and English. None of that Aussie slang.

  • JetSki Out of Water
    JetSki Out of Water 5 hours ago

    at 6:01 ,am I the only one who thought the nord vpn logo actually looked like a person's face with blue hair?

  • Hirohito Vete
    Hirohito Vete 5 hours ago

    Everyone meets the KINDERGARDENER

  • starZ
    starZ 5 hours ago

    I have two classmates who went to a Philippine school in Saudi Arabia... Must be the same school as yours.

  • Gobbles Gabberish
    Gobbles Gabberish 5 hours ago

    least of your worries... but you spend the whole day tryna pronounce it while your parents are like "what the fuck are you doing"

  • Tanée Boyd
    Tanée Boyd 5 hours ago

    Fruitbasket is Liiiiiiiife!!!!

  • ʚ pan pan ɞ
    ʚ pan pan ɞ 5 hours ago

    him: why are kids so immature when waiting in line ?! also him: *in line* wtf is it talking so long, i dont want to wait another 2hrs!

  • Just a kid Who likes sports

    *hard words have entered the chat*

  • SprintIce
    SprintIce 5 hours ago

    I love how this is Age-Restricted Video

  • InsanoOrange
    InsanoOrange 5 hours ago

    I'm 9 and I know what Fahrenheit means.

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo 5 hours ago

    I'm okay in Australia

    • Kevin Vo
      Kevin Vo 5 hours ago

      In Australia its summer and bushfires which made a droght

  • Claire Loprensa
    Claire Loprensa 5 hours ago

    Dude how do you think all of these? Especially that freaking ending.

  • Keishawn Begay
    Keishawn Begay 5 hours ago

    -15 degrees celsius that 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  • OTTO Rocket HD
    OTTO Rocket HD 6 hours ago

    How to give yourself a stick and poke

  • Oh me Oh my
    Oh me Oh my 6 hours ago

    I have lepidopterophobia

  • Lord Marcell
    Lord Marcell 6 hours ago

    Indonesia goooddd boooyyy

  • Bionix
    Bionix 6 hours ago

    I swear domics intro sounds so much like pornhub’s intro

  • Eva reimer
    Eva reimer 6 hours ago

    wow... makes you wonder how in the world the dude got stuck ' in a pickle'...

  • Zombie Zeek123
    Zombie Zeek123 6 hours ago

    My guy plays team fortress2

  • Eekim 0
    Eekim 0 6 hours ago

    Remember when he made a video about dumb arguments Uh hello?

  • Snek Snek
    Snek Snek 6 hours ago

    I love that there are people who beat their children with a back scratcher

  • Louva
    Louva 6 hours ago

    Obrigado por salvar o Tales.

  • Ana Leon
    Ana Leon 6 hours ago

    () () (°^°) (>♡<) v v

  • Gabby179 Evo
    Gabby179 Evo 6 hours ago

    I have tall parents... And I'm almost as tall as them.... And I'm eleven....

  • cool fefo
    cool fefo 6 hours ago

    its not a sandwich if its not a sandwich like if its not together its not a sandwich its just two pieces of bread and you cant say when its in your stomach its a sandwich because its just mush, you wouldn't call a piece of mush a sandwich it would just be peanut butter and jelly mush like with the cereal, cereal is regularly like not mushy but if you eat it by its self its saliva cereal dust and if you drink milk after its not the same because you ate dry cereal and drank milk you didn't eat cereal edit: am i only supposed to put a one line dumb comment to get likes like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hmmnm Yes
    Hmmnm Yes 6 hours ago

    My god it’s the radiance wouldn’t expect something of that game would come out of this channel

  • Sher Ali
    Sher Ali 7 hours ago

    My sister also went to ryerson what did u take at ryerson?

  • pranav banerjee
    pranav banerjee 7 hours ago

    Aren't indians Asians

  • Blastoise 123
    Blastoise 123 7 hours ago

    No it is liebarbry

  • Wolfe ash
    Wolfe ash 7 hours ago

    I just recently end my relationship and even tho I’ve been thinking about it for awhile it kinda hurts but looking back at this video it’s just hits

  • Nutter YT
    Nutter YT 7 hours ago

    2:18 Really dom...those kids who get Lamborghinis will be like “This guy is actually insane” right?

  • LOOGIC Cooties
    LOOGIC Cooties 7 hours ago

    "Even if you're better at something, theres always that one Asian kid who's better than you"

  • Yeeter Sack
    Yeeter Sack 7 hours ago

    Need rice to live

  • Br0k3n s0ul
    Br0k3n s0ul 7 hours ago

    like i used to eat the shrimp chips too and this white kid came up to me and was like ouuuuu fries ( like the hot fries but the cheese ones) and i said no tf not it aint what you think its and said "sure sure gimme sum" and he threw up later.

  • F J
    F J 7 hours ago

    I hope this can get some attention

  • Wynn Quiana
    Wynn Quiana 7 hours ago

    6:44 boy don't you just hate it when a murderer twist your face

  • Leah Schneider
    Leah Schneider 7 hours ago

    I just clime the cnters out my houes or soming...

  • bulldog boy34
    bulldog boy34 8 hours ago

    worst thing about life: -finding the perfect girl -they seem fine but turns out they are completely different than you thought -having to find another perfect girl -building up the courage to ask them out -getting rejected -getting friendzoned

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 8 hours ago

    My dream: I was at a theme park and long story short ended up on a bridge and there were demons under me with a black fog. If you fell you died. Then these people marco and star from star and the forces of evil came out of a tube like the ones on henry danger, and I had my nephew with me on the bridge and my heart was skipping. Somehow it lasted a long time and no one helped us? Then demon hand started reaching for us, i'm pretty sure I woke up after that. It was a terrible nightmare, I wonder if they got me if I would be in hell. Another dream: Then takes place when me and my mom had to share a room in a apartment. When I was about 10-11 I had a out of body experience except when I was out I couldn't see anything and my eyes were closed, then random memories started coming to me. I felt like I was 8 somehow. Then I wake up in a cold sweat and not even kidding 2 seconds later I hear my mom choking on the cover. These are the only dreams I remember other then the trip to the bathroom,(Didn't end well). I think they were pretty weird.

  • Lily Chalumeau
    Lily Chalumeau 8 hours ago

    Once we I was with a group of 3, 1 girl I hated but I was nice anyway and she was a meanie and her quiet friend who I learned insnt as innocent as I thought, the assignment was on baby earth, like earths beginning, I did THREE slides, which doesnt sound like much but they did one that was barely full and took my name off all three slides and the title slide, I got scolded by my science teacher for not doing work, and at first I didn't realize I didnt get credit until I was doing makeup work that weekend, I discovered they stole my credit, cried, and sent my science a email (cause I'm too anxious to actually talk to him) and he never read it. And that's why I LOVE group work ouO

  • Briana Valles
    Briana Valles 8 hours ago

    My mother isn't around for me. She would beat me because of little things. Then her boyfriends would.... Harrass me.... Ever since I was in 2nd grade. She's had 4 children with 4 different men... But luckily, I was able to mature at a young age and not repeat her actions. Pretty much resulting... In me not having a childhood because I had to grow up to raise my sibilings. (I'm the oldest)

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 8 hours ago

    Wait so if you go to a toilet in your dream and your dream comes true and you pee in the bed, does that mean other dreams can also come true? :O

  • Ya Mama
    Ya Mama 8 hours ago

    Come on dog I made a new account to watch this lol

  • Just a regular Person In This World

    My grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren’s children

  • A Doge Boss
    A Doge Boss 8 hours ago

    Something George, figure it out

  • Amaru
    Amaru 8 hours ago

    When someone steps on you’re new shoes you go ultra instinct infinite

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson 8 hours ago

    This is exactly my life

  • cyber_ Action
    cyber_ Action 8 hours ago

    When I talk it's always necessary

  • Gabe Tatlock
    Gabe Tatlock 8 hours ago

    I’m from canada eh, we got some pretty nasty buggers up here though, one time I was just riding my moose to work eh and I got ambushed by skunks shooting maplesyrup flavoured snowballs at me almost died that day

  • Demilo Gibbs
    Demilo Gibbs 8 hours ago

    What did Steve do???

  • Felix Xu
    Felix Xu 8 hours ago


  • gigi and stuff
    gigi and stuff 8 hours ago

    I like your face 🙂

  • Janek Kowalski
    Janek Kowalski 8 hours ago

    One of peeves are annoying domics character voices except for him himself

  • gamer God blue jay
    gamer God blue jay 9 hours ago

    I'm sick right now but see ur videos make me feel better