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  • Julian Bloedow
    Julian Bloedow 12 days ago

    We Need This Back

  • It's Pizza
    It's Pizza Month ago

    I'm not going to make an instant presumption, but isn't this Vekays Video?

    IPEE FREELY 2 months ago

    Top video mate,thumbs up.

  • *#Thanos#* IпfiпiтУ Clan

    Check my montage

  • Agency Raps
    Agency Raps 3 months ago

    hella ear rape damn

  • Feddy von Wigglestein
    Feddy von Wigglestein 3 months ago

    "He aint from Brooklyn he from Iowa" BAHAHAHA, good shit

  • Tyler loeffler
    Tyler loeffler 3 months ago

    Jeez I remember these days. Was back when gaming was really social and fun. Stuff like this doesn't exist anymore unfortunately.

    • tek O
      tek O 19 days ago

      @Spartan Fragged fuck pussies!

    • Spartan Fragged
      Spartan Fragged 20 days ago

      Ya cuz everyone likes to get so sensitive about it now. Fucking pussies.

  • Feddy von Wigglestein
    Feddy von Wigglestein 3 months ago

    Fuck fascistic and tyrannical political correctness. Here's to the new MW lobby chat hopefully bringing back the good ole days

  • caio vinicius
    caio vinicius 4 months ago

    my account is resetting how to solve

  • Gibson Smith
    Gibson Smith 4 months ago

    Dude fuck off

  • Meanmachine1298
    Meanmachine1298 4 months ago

    Ahhh yes gotta love that trash talk. Mw2 the birth of men and the death bed of feminism we need it brought back

  • Indy Fist
    Indy Fist 4 months ago

    funny af

  • TyZorahhh
    TyZorahhh 4 months ago

    Crazy how I remember 80% of these still so many years later

  • TyZorahhh
    TyZorahhh 4 months ago

    Nice vid thank you

  • Elixir 256
    Elixir 256 4 months ago

    Sucks how I was born when mw2 when it was losing popularity glory where ending and I only got a taste of the glory days I wish I can go back into the glory days and relive more of it but I can’t I’m stuck with fortnite and 6 year olds crying how the didn’t get a win in fortnite or how they didn’t get v-bucks for the birth day hopefully mw4 can make me feel like I’m a kid and got destroyed cause ima squeaker hopefully when mw4 comes out I can relive more of the glory days

  • Elixir 256
    Elixir 256 4 months ago

    Back when kids will only make intervention mw2 sniper montage

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 5 months ago

    Reported for hate speech.

    • Dad Eee
      Dad Eee 5 months ago

      Joe Johnson people just wouldn’t survive back then times have changed

    • Dad Eee
      Dad Eee 5 months ago

      Joe Johnson I’m rolling

  • Ed Bedhead
    Ed Bedhead 5 months ago

    This video sucked

  • RandomDude WhoLikesMusic

    Came from Act Man's vid, THESE were the days... Enjoy a sub from me.

    • Feddy von Wigglestein
      Feddy von Wigglestein 3 months ago

      The days when the majority of players used the default xbox mic...pretty sure they had a filter on all of them to make everybody sound like either a wigger or an 8 year old. Nowadays we all have our turtle beaches or whatever

  • D4W_Dirty
    D4W_Dirty 6 months ago

    This is gold man! You got another sub from me

    • Lopel
      Lopel 6 months ago

      Thanks homie!

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy 6 months ago

    You earn A Sub

    • Lopel
      Lopel 6 months ago

      Ayyy my third sub <3 Thank you

  • 中村りょうび藩
    中村りょうび藩 6 months ago

    Nobody likes yahhhh

    • Lopel
      Lopel 6 months ago

      Sorry m8 , this isn't the OFFICIAL MW2 Remastered . But it's defintely a form of a MW2 Remastered.

  • Orb Myizt
    Orb Myizt 6 months ago

    Hey Lush would you be interested of joining EmPluze we're a trickshotting team and currently looking for members.

  • TheGamingAlcoholic
    TheGamingAlcoholic 6 months ago

    I loved this! keep up the great work buddy =D

  • WX
    WX 6 months ago

    Nice video but its still going strong

    • WX
      WX 6 months ago

      Yeah but its still around and probably always will be until cod is done

    • Lopel
      Lopel 6 months ago

      That is true in a sense, but the glory days are over :(