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  • GGN marley
    GGN marley 5 hours ago

    He was ok but he was hurt eddie hearn

  • Darren Watters
    Darren Watters 5 hours ago

    Jonny Nelson talking bollocks in the background 🥊🎅

  • Nathan Ricketts
    Nathan Ricketts 5 hours ago

    Win or lose I'm still backing aj for life an any other boxer from the uk, but that's not to say I'll put wilder down, I respect all but my loyalty just like that, just hope everyone is safe, take a loss u can come back, lose ya life,, they ain't no coming back

  • D3zMadre
    D3zMadre 5 hours ago

    He is going to eat AJ tomorrow too 😭😭😭

  • Koray Kaya
    Koray Kaya 5 hours ago

    Michelle loving the spotlight that’s why she took that interview

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 6 hours ago

    ggg would just mush im

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 6 hours ago

    canelo would flatline this dude

  • John Anthony
    John Anthony 6 hours ago

    AJ is gonna get beat up in this fight once Ruiz cuts the distance and them combinations start to flow

  • amadou sow
    amadou sow 6 hours ago

    Is he a boxer this guy?

  • YourSayUTube
    YourSayUTube 6 hours ago

    MJP is awesome, Radio Raheem and Kugan are the best boxing interviewers MJP is doing a great job don’t see many females doing what she does! Light work MJP

  • YourSayUTube
    YourSayUTube 6 hours ago

    Did he just call Ruiz, Louise? Andy Louise?

    UP NORTH BOXING 6 hours ago

    when was this done, i thought MJP was in Saudi.....

  • hyau23
    hyau23 6 hours ago

    But the guy wouldn't have been able to open the door mid flight due to the atmospheric pressure anyway...

  • Breaking the Safe
    Breaking the Safe 6 hours ago

    Great interview, Dean Whyte class, MJP classy and AJ cool dude

  • Citizen Smif
    Citizen Smif 6 hours ago

    Damn Michelle is fit !

  • John Jones
    John Jones 6 hours ago

    Lol no way is ruiz that heavy. He came in wearing a necklace, a sombrero hat, a tank top, trainers and trousers with his phone and wallet in

  • Rob S
    Rob S 6 hours ago

    not as embarrassing as the spelling ffs

  • John Jones
    John Jones 6 hours ago

    I find it genuinely amazing that people are once again suggesting ruiz' poor shape means AJ wins this fight when people said all the same things less than 6 months ago.

    • MrAdmvp
      MrAdmvp 5 hours ago

      damo 11 no hw doesn’t, he hasn’t been anywhere near that size for a decade

    • damo 11
      damo 11 5 hours ago

      100% agree, youd think people would have learned by now, Ruiz normally fights in the 280s

  • zakwan10
    zakwan10 6 hours ago

    Can someone please explain to me what this Floyd Mayweather tour is? He's just going to be in those places? 😄

  • Joe Eightys
    Joe Eightys 6 hours ago

    What's with the annoying music?

  • Gregg F
    Gregg F 6 hours ago

    Plane guy v Baby Ting ..... prediction, Pain

  • ryan white
    ryan white 6 hours ago

    she is smokin 🍆

  • Jamie McDonnell
    Jamie McDonnell 6 hours ago

    his names LEMAR SCOTT FFS

  • Thomas Newell
    Thomas Newell 6 hours ago

    Tbh Aj was winning the first fight until that awesome hook from Ruiz. AJ rushed in for the kill no defence swing wildly he should be much better if he boxes like before but doesnt rush in. The danger is AJ has lost weight he didnt need to.

  • Da Menace
    Da Menace 6 hours ago

    Dave INDIAN Coldwell

  • toki Popup
    toki Popup 6 hours ago

    that intro is more longer than the video dislike

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man 6 hours ago

    Sorry to break it to you but dill your brother

  • Nahida Fama
    Nahida Fama 6 hours ago

    I have mad respect for Dean Whyte.

  • Jatinder Phull
    Jatinder Phull 6 hours ago

    Eddie come on you dont need to be sucking Joshua off I understand he is making matchroom money but stop over doing it...Im going Ruiz nothing personal against Joshua just looking at it purely from a boxing match point of view...fact of the first fight Ruiz counter punching fast combos footwork judging the range and his chin and engine is all wrong for Joshua...Joshua will not keep Ruiz at bay for 12 rounds moving round stealing rounds off the jab...they will trade and Ruiz will land another shot and its over...Joshua stopped round 10 on his feet...Ill eat my words if Im wrong!!!!!!!

  • David Fitzmaurice
    David Fitzmaurice 6 hours ago

    AJ a perfect role model hahaha what about all the racist stuff he said and blamed someone else.

  • Mony Torris
    Mony Torris 6 hours ago

    I bet anybody £50 Dean Whyte becomes Leon Ruiz on Sunday. He's a pro boxers bitch 😂😂😂😂

    BIG LEN 6 hours ago

    Ruiz is always hungry 🍔🍔🍔

  • I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    Why do we keep calling him dean whyte?!?? Seriously this is sociopathy at its best

  • Ruslans Nikitins
    Ruslans Nikitins 7 hours ago

    Let's go Champion🎅

  • the artful dodger
    the artful dodger 7 hours ago

    Bet MJP was not happy by the comments about BJS. Likes the brits old MJP.

  • Reece Potts
    Reece Potts 7 hours ago

    Whose this bhenchod interviewer

  • L O L
    L O L 7 hours ago

    Who is that 😐

  • Nadav Drewe
    Nadav Drewe 7 hours ago


  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    AJ sounds like abig BABY LOL saying that . Hey wheather you win or lose it doesnt stop a person's legacy . Look at Manny Pacman , also Look at Canelo they have lost . So come on dude . Create a legacy in the life you live as a boxer win or loss

  • the brothers darke
    the brothers darke 7 hours ago

    she is dressed just like the resy of the abused woman over their,suppose it might stop her getting a gd lashing or gang raped

  • Tim Boland
    Tim Boland 7 hours ago

    Yes dean HOLD IT DOWN

  • stephan harrison5ih5ygt

    Hasn’t got a clue this lad delusional like his dad

  • Guidance & Gratitude

    did dean scott over react ? lol

  • T Higgins
    T Higgins 7 hours ago

    Came here to escape that shite fight before xmas promo that ifl are rinsing (this floyd one looks just as annoying) and also have some time away from kugan and his dog umar

  • Mr Glock
    Mr Glock 7 hours ago

    This fight = Anonymous decision and AJ wins

  • Mr Glock
    Mr Glock 7 hours ago

    Andy Ruiz comes back for a rematch if AJ wins

  • Jalali Ali
    Jalali Ali 7 hours ago

    You are very beautiful and lovely 😊 women

    • m m
      m m 7 hours ago

      She was until too much plastic surgery

  • bigdog scarborough
    bigdog scarborough 7 hours ago

    Dave coldwell couldn’t lace ruiz boots

  • Aaron Dawson
    Aaron Dawson 7 hours ago

    Think she nice and well spoken

  • kalunda
    kalunda 7 hours ago

    This guy is all hype. Got schooled by groves. Wish him well as a brother. But you ain’t good enough

  • Markeez Baroon
    Markeez Baroon 7 hours ago

    Michelle because you are in love with Hrga just be aware that he has a girlfriend and she is 10 times prettier than you (no plastic in her). But you are not so bad yourself ..Cheers.

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 7 hours ago

    Anthony joshua all the way Two time world champion 🥊🥊🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🥊🥊

  • M17 Mmz
    M17 Mmz 7 hours ago

    It's that pizza he had a few days ago

  • high calling
    high calling 7 hours ago


    • high calling
      high calling 7 hours ago

      BAD DAY FOR MATCH ROOM No Bad year 2019

  • connor w
    connor w 7 hours ago

    Hope the airline never charge him for a flight every again, and he gets to go 1st class.

  • Guidance & Gratitude

    did she just say his best friend oh brother oops lol

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores 8 hours ago

    The extra weight came from the sombrero and clothing that adds some weight

  • Vincent Benedict
    Vincent Benedict 8 hours ago

    Andy Louise?!!!! Haaaaahaaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sa Jones
    Sa Jones 8 hours ago

    Did Johnnie Nelson put lotion on his feet in the background? His feet looks like he ran threw flour before that interview.

    • LFC Shanks
      LFC Shanks 6 hours ago

      All black men have white souls and palms.

  • boxing corner
    boxing corner 8 hours ago

    Eubank us obsessed with Saunders. Get your phone own career.

  • The SuperBike Tour
    The SuperBike Tour 8 hours ago

    Dean 'Okay, Let's Roll' Whyte

  • Ragamuffin Hooligan
    Ragamuffin Hooligan 8 hours ago

    Can't get more Jamaican with 'hey big man!' Likkle more. 😉

  • Donnchadh Hourihane
    Donnchadh Hourihane 8 hours ago

    AJ going to lose again

    • Paul Harvey
      Paul Harvey 6 hours ago

      Yeah probably Joshua lose lose. If ruiz try ko him straight away and fights back will get put sleep. If trys box till ruiz get tired second half could get clipped and be on bambi legs like amir Khan

  • Yvng marshy Mellow
    Yvng marshy Mellow 8 hours ago

    They work hard the matchroom crew, no wonder they all look knackered ! Its the DAZN deal all the bk and forth to America thats fuckin wiv them, Eddie bin hanging out his arse for last 12 mthn !

  • MrNizzle666
    MrNizzle666 8 hours ago

    I wanna know what keeps getting his attention to his left aha

  • FezDsizzle
    FezDsizzle 8 hours ago

    Birdie num num

  • Steve Mcgrath
    Steve Mcgrath 8 hours ago

    Agggh !!!! clickbait have to be a hearing specialist to hear that , on a sidenote I'm feckin sick of the mayweather adverts on every intro

  • Hawk
    Hawk 8 hours ago

    Yep Omar from ifl tv is definitely not interviewing Eddie ever again

    • jamesmmu
      jamesmmu 7 hours ago

      Umar might do though

  • Aaron Dawson
    Aaron Dawson 8 hours ago

    Billy Joe Saunders is far to good for you

  • Rich j
    Rich j 8 hours ago

    Joshua and Whyte's best friend

  • reynaldo ruvalcaba
    reynaldo ruvalcaba 8 hours ago

    He said he hopes it slows Andy down lol

  • Kevin Musiol
    Kevin Musiol 8 hours ago

    Passenger 57

  • Lee Somerville
    Lee Somerville 8 hours ago

    Eubank has a great engine and a very good chin (like his Dad) but what does he fall back on once these attributes inevitably decline? The ability to take a punch is always one of the first to go and Eubank doesn’t have the defence to compensate. His fundamental boxing skills are not good enough for top level fights.

  • lee laidlaw
    lee laidlaw 8 hours ago


  • mario cardoso
    mario cardoso 8 hours ago

    It's a shame his fight gaming doesn't match his talk game.

  • Devout Sceptic
    Devout Sceptic 8 hours ago

    Molina to be knocked out within 40 secs of first round.

  • David Bell
    David Bell 8 hours ago

    hehehehe... quit? Soul removed because of Ruiz' body shots.

  • akbar Mohammed
    akbar Mohammed 8 hours ago

    Deans on steroids why did u give dillian a shot

  • Fabio Steez
    Fabio Steez 9 hours ago

    He had gold on his hat

  • jack masters
    jack masters 9 hours ago

    He loves that brown belt, its the one that got away couple years back

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin 9 hours ago

    Swear he wants to deepthroat billy , can never stop chatting bout him Jeeze

  • J ,
    J , 9 hours ago

    Set up

  • Basim Al Lawati
    Basim Al Lawati 9 hours ago

    Michelle Joy phelps you look great with ABAYA and Scarf :) ...

  • alida flus
    alida flus 9 hours ago

    Baby ting for hero award by her majesty the Queen!!!🥇

  • martin walker
    martin walker 9 hours ago

    Daves worried,

  • Don Cuadrado
    Don Cuadrado 9 hours ago

    MJP......adding to the glamour out in Saudi Arabia. I think you're enjoying your trip 24 hrs before the action starts. Look forward to your post fight reports/interviews.

  • Sporting Icons
    Sporting Icons 9 hours ago

    MJP won’t like Eubank talking bad about Billy lol

  • Uber BARBIE
    Uber BARBIE 9 hours ago

    Fury wins easily to Klitschko. Aj has a battle with Klitschko. Do the maths jr ya bum

  • Star Tsar
    Star Tsar 9 hours ago

    Baby ting big D!

  • Aa Ron
    Aa Ron 9 hours ago

    Why is he constantly talking about Saunders? Literally every interview I’ve seen of this guy he mentions his name it’s weird, I think Eubank needs Saunders but Saunders doesn’t need him now as he’s got a belt and lined up to get the huge fights

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 9 hours ago

    If AJ does what he does .................against who mate ???????????? If he does what he does, and that's the only one thing ha can do, he will be knocked out again ! FLUKE

  • KronickZz 94
    KronickZz 94 9 hours ago

    Would tongue punch her fart box 👅

  • the artful dodger
    the artful dodger 9 hours ago

    MJP bent over last night by at least one of these pair...

  • Al Bert
    Al Bert 9 hours ago

    He looks a mess, come on tea boy, should scrub up

  • Dayton Best
    Dayton Best 9 hours ago

    They should turn this plane saga into a short film!

    • alida flus
      alida flus 9 hours ago

      Just imagine her getting spitroasted by those two haha

  • chris collins
    chris collins 9 hours ago

    man the fix is in!!!! Hearn is waaaaayyyyyy to confident!!!!!

    • SCFC47
      SCFC47 6 hours ago

      Sadly , I have to agree with you .

    • Wayne
      Wayne 7 hours ago

      Why there was no fix I the first one Dummy?

    • SuperMillwall1885
      SuperMillwall1885 8 hours ago

      chris collins No fix will be needed if Joshua knocks him out

    • Mike Collins
      Mike Collins 8 hours ago

      Only in america !!

  • Gabriel Mzomkunda
    Gabriel Mzomkunda 9 hours ago

    I want fight with MJP ...please if anybody can make it I will appreciate

  • Lalene Rose
    Lalene Rose 9 hours ago

    May the best man win

  • B Box
    B Box 9 hours ago

    This guys a prick...bjs would smack him up

  • nicholas john
    nicholas john 9 hours ago

    Amazing what a win over a washed up james degale can do to your head, lol