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  • Ben Solo
    Ben Solo 4 minutes ago

    That 10 year old video plays better than me

  • Nick Macik
    Nick Macik 16 minutes ago

    How I feel when I tell someone i’m decent at guitar and fuck up but they don’t realize it. It often keeps me awake at night because.....I KNOW I FUCKED UP

  • Jason Kyo
    Jason Kyo 25 minutes ago

    You actually scared me in the end

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 hours ago

    Sad he didnt get the zappa reference at the end

  • Asakura Joe
    Asakura Joe 2 hours ago

    One who love megadeth is type of guy who'll give other $10 even tho that's the only money he have 😜😆

  • IndomitusGaia
    IndomitusGaia 3 hours ago

    So apparently Steve is very important to the band

  • IndomitusGaia
    IndomitusGaia 3 hours ago

    gaming mouse ;D

  • Alocin
    Alocin 4 hours ago

    No way Yeah No way! Yeah we love music NO WAY!

  • Don Karim
    Don Karim 4 hours ago

    Dude, that's so amazing, can you play somthing elese?

  • xnake
    xnake 5 hours ago

    if Terminator were musician.

  • Igor Balaban
    Igor Balaban 7 hours ago

    Crazy!! 😅😅

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 7 hours ago

    I have never picked a guittar or done anything music related my whole life aside from music class in school, yet i've binge watched and continue to watch most, if not all of Rudy's

  • Mr Explosion
    Mr Explosion 8 hours ago

    When you're supposed to be an actor than a musician. Hmmn why not both, right?

  • Teilzeit Nerd
    Teilzeit Nerd 10 hours ago

    "Dont worry Billy we get them next time" -Mr.President Adobe 2019

  • anthonie angel
    anthonie angel 11 hours ago

    Hehe it came out on my bday

  • Calígula G
    Calígula G 11 hours ago


  • skate phalife
    skate phalife 11 hours ago

    "Yes habibi" lol

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 13 hours ago

    I love you

  • Matt Bolling
    Matt Bolling 14 hours ago

    never laughed so hard at a video before, it's so relatable its scary

  • Gear Gods
    Gear Gods 14 hours ago

    I was not expecting that AT ALL hahahaha

    DONNELL JORDAN III 15 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 keep it up 👍🏾✊🏾

  • Neurov
    Neurov 16 hours ago

    I'm 2 years into guitar and I feel attacked

  • Mustachio's Motovlogs
    Mustachio's Motovlogs 16 hours ago

    *S E N D T H I C C P I C C S*

  • resounder boi
    resounder boi 17 hours ago

    I play andy man

  • Cody Burgess
    Cody Burgess 17 hours ago


  • my curly sky
    my curly sky 17 hours ago

    If I ever go to a Hollywood recording studio, I would like to be good enough to be there.

  • pedro sabino
    pedro sabino 18 hours ago

    So... this is like a synth guitar?

  • שילה רוזנטל אלוני

    "I only use thicc pick now"

  • Jacob 66
    Jacob 66 19 hours ago


  • Guilherme Cardoso
    Guilherme Cardoso 19 hours ago

    I aspire to be able to play guitar with such a threateningly serious face

  • Eugenio Spagnolo
    Eugenio Spagnolo 20 hours ago

    *C:/Users/rudy>subscribe please*

  • Pen Stock
    Pen Stock 20 hours ago

    This can be applied to pen Spinning sooo much

  • Nickolas Fox
    Nickolas Fox 20 hours ago

    Ржал как конь просто. Very Hilarious :D

  • The Film Freaks
    The Film Freaks 21 hour ago

    where is your headstock

  • •Team Exo•
    •Team Exo• 21 hour ago

    So we've now added a dog to the Rudyverse?

  • •Team Exo•
    •Team Exo• 21 hour ago

    22 minutes of cringy memory flashbacks is all I can take right now. Bye Rudy

  • •Team Exo•
    •Team Exo• 21 hour ago

    I'm only 5 mins in, and your cat sounds like he's having an absolute field day

  • •Team Exo•
    •Team Exo• 21 hour ago

    Rudy Adobe for president 2020

  • •Team Exo•
    •Team Exo• 21 hour ago

    Plot twist: 0-3-5 shirt Rudy was just acting like he was sweep picking and SHURE shirt Rudy actually was the one who did it

  • Stratos _
    Stratos _ 22 hours ago

    Beginner: br0 Pro: br035

  • Devon Robinson
    Devon Robinson 22 hours ago


  • BunKnee
    BunKnee 23 hours ago


  • Podol Sero
    Podol Sero 23 hours ago

    my fart sound like this

  • Konstantin Pantelic
    Konstantin Pantelic 23 hours ago

    This is so damn accurate this is exactly what I say aheem used to say allways

  • Dumb Cunt That Watches HentaiHaven

    "The Stanley Kubrick of guitar" soo.. Samuel Kubrick?

  • beef nacos
    beef nacos Day ago

    Rudy, you are probably the only guy that can create such content and still have me watching.

  • Rinyapam Shatsang

    That USB dongle 😂

  • Jared Dines
    Jared Dines Day ago


  • soapy plains
    soapy plains Day ago

    get it, cause n00bs are g4y

  • Michael Rosen 2

    Rudy 1: * plays crappy version of 035 * Rudy 2: BRO THIS IS SO SICK

  • Noah Beaty
    Noah Beaty Day ago

    This is pretty accurate not gonna lie

  • Luka Chakhrakia

    omg! you clicked georgia! it's my country. and i am watching your videos.

  • Chef Shamsher
    Chef Shamsher Day ago

    Thick picks, saves lives.

  • Sara Ds
    Sara Ds Day ago

    1:10 i thought he was gonna plug his merch 😂

  • airwaydude '01

    The most epic transfer of funds ever.

  • Bibi
    Bibi Day ago

    1st time seeing rudy playing guitar for real

  • F F
    F F Day ago

    Газпром, национальное достояние

  • Jordan Wright
    Jordan Wright Day ago

    This is such dumb, cheap humour. But fuck me I always laugh. Fuck you Rudy

  • RoflCopter 2907

    this video felt like a sneeze, dath wont come out

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White Day ago

    When i startet to learn guitar around 18years ago, there was no youtube in the web.. you kids today really have luck with this

  • Piotr Gołacki

    I guess you already know it, but Portnoy did play on both hello kitty and pokemon drum kits.

  • Rick
    Rick Day ago

    Beginner won

  • Arshad Ahamed
    Arshad Ahamed Day ago

    So are we gonna just not talk about the fact that this man hooked up a double kick pedal to a fucking HELLO KITTT KICK DRUM

  • Adam Sunderland


  • Andrei White
    Andrei White Day ago

    Plot twist rudy is obama

  • Andrei White
    Andrei White Day ago

    I literally love you tbh

  • T034W4
    T034W4 Day ago

    I died

  • cc12_
    cc12_ Day ago

    What if you... Wanted to go to heaven... But God said... '035 joke' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  • Tiago Lageira
    Tiago Lageira Day ago


  • Jim Gatti
    Jim Gatti Day ago

    so good

  • Scarlett Ken
    Scarlett Ken Day ago

    Ruby: I like my picks .035 thick bro

  • Toby Sutherland

    But can you slap

  • D2ezbmu
    D2ezbmu Day ago

    Jared Dines vs Lucas Mann

  • rockgirl702
    rockgirl702 Day ago

    Bro, that's a good video, bro. Did you make that video, bro? Make something else, bro.

  • CynicFox
    CynicFox Day ago

    Hello shit. this video got me laughing the more i was watching.

  • thegoldenfret123456


  • Luiz___ MK
    Luiz___ MK Day ago

    youtube comments be like

  • l/l/ /-\ \-\ M E T T

    I also use gauge aids stings

  • RockNRollAllNight56

    The beginner player is every single one of my guitar students, but it was also me at one point as well, haha.

  • Subeg
    Subeg Day ago

    Best ad ever 😅

  • J Crowe
    J Crowe Day ago

    Honestly thought he was gonna go straight into tapping for the ONE solo

  • StUpidMonkeY_ 77

    Well...guess I’m subscribing.

  • Soldier1287
    Soldier1287 Day ago

    can’t headbang to it

  • Froggington Post


  • TheCrow5854
    TheCrow5854 Day ago

    _T H I C C P I C C Z_

  • Gitana Maldita

    No Freddie Mercury jokes yet? 😄🎵🎶🎵

  • IXIHybridIXI
    IXIHybridIXI Day ago

    Very accurate.

  • mooogg
    mooogg Day ago


  • TES
    TES Day ago

    I like the song you were playing at the beginning

  • Hanabi - Chan
    Hanabi - Chan Day ago

    Oh is that your shirt man? Take off something else bro

  • Mister Nani
    Mister Nani Day ago

    i've been playing for 4 years now and im still asking people to take off there pants!


    He is finnaly playing!! Playing reveal at 200k!

      PHILIPP_ONLINE Day ago

      Rudy Ayoub yyeeeeah! Congratulations! Will we have it on Apple Music or iTunes?

    • Rudy Ayoub
      Rudy Ayoub Day ago

      EP coming before 2020

  • dvysku
    dvysku Day ago

    Expectations: destroyed.

  • Alex Darko
    Alex Darko Day ago

    Rudy, you're the best person in the universe

  • Jack Meyer
    Jack Meyer Day ago

    I very rarely laugh a videos. I usually just blow air out of my nose. You’re a funny dude

  • Metal Thrash Man

    Man Glenn got so pissed he had to put his hair up before throwing him out

  • Salvador Morales

    I S T H I S A L L O W E D?

  • Thinus Kruger
    Thinus Kruger Day ago

    Order number 69420.

  • yoav madani
    yoav madani Day ago

    0:38 "what string gauge do you use?" Aides