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David Dobrik
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  • Paolo Pirrotta
    Paolo Pirrotta 4 hours ago

    How does anyone enjoy these fake laughs ? What the fuck is wrong with you people ?

  • Valentina Duka
    Valentina Duka 4 hours ago

    It can’t be David dobrik without cursing

  • Mr. Toxxic
    Mr. Toxxic 4 hours ago

    1:41 I f***ing love her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daisy O'Donnell
    Daisy O'Donnell 4 hours ago

    David my FAM and I got kicked out of our house to day so this is the last video I can see I think so thanks David I love u so much

  • dtdurke
    dtdurke 4 hours ago

    Gabbie faking injuries even before Ricegum

  • Kayleigh Wells
    Kayleigh Wells 4 hours ago

    it’s 2020 and i’m waiting for a “we’re back together” video

  • Giselle Lopez
    Giselle Lopez 4 hours ago

    Jake and tana are better.

  • IluvChunkyMilk
    IluvChunkyMilk 4 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed that every David Dobrik video is 4:21 long

  • Mishila Sotelo
    Mishila Sotelo 4 hours ago

    I just got that this is a little like the office

  • Julian Flores
    Julian Flores 4 hours ago

    I’m in the middle of fucking Disneyland and you just hear Trish yell “I LOVE INCEST”

  • Michael Liamero
    Michael Liamero 4 hours ago

    What song is that from the pussycats you used

  • Charlie Kirby
    Charlie Kirby 4 hours ago

    She’s in a stepsis porn videoz

  • erick gamer pros
    erick gamer pros 4 hours ago

    Porno agresivo

  • zack L
    zack L 4 hours ago

    Surprising SON with dream car. Holy shit i forgot David is Jason's dad now.

  • Donald L. Williams III


  • Jackson Salinas
    Jackson Salinas 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Charli: 😄

  • Luke Hurley
    Luke Hurley 4 hours ago

    Maybe don’t continue your stupid video on your dumb Instagram.

  • Username Invalid
    Username Invalid 4 hours ago

    Zane: gets shot Alex:This lasagna is so good

  • Adah Irwin Evans
    Adah Irwin Evans 4 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/264Ishw4ZZ0/video.html watch this vid So funny 😂

  • [TEK] Clouty
    [TEK] Clouty 4 hours ago

    Can I get more subs on my yt account it would mean a lot ☺️

  • Milk Shake
    Milk Shake 4 hours ago

    In the beggining of the video david said to tana get the fuck out of here And then at the end he said to nicole get the fuck out of here We found his new favorite saying

  • Sydney Danks
    Sydney Danks 4 hours ago

    Only David Dobrik would be able to shot gun a beer outside of a 7/11 and not get arrested lol

  • gtkid
    gtkid 4 hours ago

    Id do so many things to her

  • Joeynat
    Joeynat 4 hours ago

    bro what the absolute hell

  • Your Biological Father Who Left Years Ago

    Didnt that tiktok girl get her nudes leaked?

  • youtube is my life
    youtube is my life 4 hours ago

    David *internal screaming *

  • Dennis Fischer
    Dennis Fischer 4 hours ago

    I think it was the first time david got hurt by one of his videos

  • Zoyb
    Zoyb 4 hours ago

    buttfuck trump?

  • Vanna Marie
    Vanna Marie 4 hours ago

    David Dobrik is sooo cringe worthy! It’s disgusting the youth is more concerned about his videos than Jeffrey Epstein or other corruptions going on in our country. Therefore, Trending video are for suckers and sheep 💯 Sheep!

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son 4 hours ago

    Lmao I thought it was Charlie d Amelio, I was shook

  • Shelby Carney
    Shelby Carney 4 hours ago

    Jonah: whatches mentos fizz up and whatches David put them in then waits to react 😂😂

  • William Theiss
    William Theiss 4 hours ago

    Wtf these people act like they are 10

  • trakti0n laplosa
    trakti0n laplosa 4 hours ago

    Get THE FUCK out of here!

  • stana7x
    stana7x 4 hours ago

    She looks 41.

  • Becky Swookies
    Becky Swookies 4 hours ago

    Why do I feel like David was on the verge of laughing during the photo shoot at the end

  • Salome Gaviria
    Salome Gaviria 4 hours ago

    i got chills, i’m so proud of what he’s become. he’s so pure and deserves it all!!

  • CCBear
    CCBear 4 hours ago

    Honestly although they aren’t together anymore this video was still very entertaining because I think they saw the positive side of it and yeh.

  • Lano Butler
    Lano Butler 4 hours ago

    David shooting himself this time.....🤣😂🤣😂

  • AMVH
    AMVH 4 hours ago

    That old dude is fucking disgusting. I can't believe everyone watching this is so blind to how disturbing and sick he is and everyone else in it. This new generation is completely brainwashed that do nothing but fill their minds up with these idiot's?

  • lil Dallas
    lil Dallas 4 hours ago

    If you pause the video at the right time, you can actually pinpoint the moment where David nuts while Nicole touches his face

  • Callie Blum
    Callie Blum 4 hours ago


  • Griffin Westlie
    Griffin Westlie 4 hours ago

    David has done the seeceek sponsor so much I lip sync to

  • Francisco Ramírez
    Francisco Ramírez 4 hours ago

    3:57 Here before he was on Jimmy Fallon this week

  • Corrni
    Corrni 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who whenever feels really down watches this vlog?

  • PetrifiedScrub
    PetrifiedScrub 4 hours ago

    *GETS SEPARATED FROM HIS LEGS* Dolan: It's free clickbait

  • Zozo
    Zozo 4 hours ago

    David, Corrina and Mariah said “two at once” 😂😂

  • Chris Andrioli
    Chris Andrioli 4 hours ago

    please be my hormone monster 4:15

  • ITS Rizen
    ITS Rizen 4 hours ago

    What was the name of the song

  • Keira's Kool Life
    Keira's Kool Life 4 hours ago

    zane bleeds for the video & doesn’t even make the thumbnail .. L

  • Aroura B
    Aroura B 4 hours ago

    The video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long


    I'm watching this on Martin Luther king day three years later


    My wife cried watching😢 Humanity♥️ thexvid.com/video/CxHbY43bHls/video.html

  • Melanie Maria Victoria Cortorreal

    This people are so messed up, and that makes me love the even more 😂

  • Lil Drunky
    Lil Drunky 4 hours ago

    Charli d'amelio can stab me and I'd say sorry.

  • Jasmine Carbajal
    Jasmine Carbajal 4 hours ago

    i’m wishing for them to get back together still🥺

  • sofia vergada
    sofia vergada 4 hours ago


  • cookies in my pocket YUM

    Damn I wish my dad would try to get me to meet Charlie

  • alleycat250
    alleycat250 4 hours ago

    Oh my god guys stop hurting yourselves in the vids we’ve seen too much blood 😂

  • Mattison Fellows
    Mattison Fellows 4 hours ago

    happy brthday you luky baster

  • Xeon Steel
    Xeon Steel 4 hours ago

    Nice, yeah shenlooka great for 41, but 50 and look 30's (as everyone tells me) so thanks dad and mom! tell nicole to come back at 50 and we can compare! 😁😁👍🏼👍🏼

  • Jules Glass
    Jules Glass 4 hours ago

    Love you Justin Bieber I sing your song every night

  • Larissa Tanibang
    Larissa Tanibang 4 hours ago

    I love Jason's reaction as he was watching for Charlie's reaction meeting Charlie.

  • Amir Lindao
    Amir Lindao 4 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed his vids are 4 mins and 21 seconds

  • Austin Cayer
    Austin Cayer 4 hours ago

    Lll ya okay you got offered 10m they would never recoup that money famous pornstars dont even make that

  • Mr. Snuggles
    Mr. Snuggles 4 hours ago

    Also the push cat chick is so old

  • Mr. Snuggles
    Mr. Snuggles 4 hours ago

    I don’t get this it’s so boring

  • treeno
    treeno 4 hours ago

    I swear that ginger at 1:02 look like my middle school band teacher

  • Clint Stapleton
    Clint Stapleton 4 hours ago


  • Ethan Boekeman
    Ethan Boekeman 4 hours ago


  • jasmin is a clown
    jasmin is a clown 4 hours ago

    ugh imagine being friends with david dobrik

  • Saya Guest
    Saya Guest 4 hours ago

    Uh oh..... it’s about to get WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fortnite Pugs
    Fortnite Pugs 4 hours ago

    Someone:am gay David: u deserve a car good job

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 4 hours ago

    😂🤮 that night black chicks pussy would be a improvement on Trisha’s

  • JenniferA Z
    JenniferA Z 4 hours ago

    I thought it was kim Kardashian West in the video 🤣🤣💀

  • Samantha Mendes
    Samantha Mendes 4 hours ago

    Okay it's January 2020 and I should be wayyy over this by now but for some reason here I am crying watching this

  • follow me on Roblox sskyhani oOp

    Why am I watching this 😭😭

  • Finn Mathew
    Finn Mathew 5 hours ago

    Do the roar

  • NotHectic -yt
    NotHectic -yt 5 hours ago

    I love your videos and I am very sick

  • GoatTvStatus
    GoatTvStatus 5 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/apJF_vI4e8A/video.html 🤐

  • Vlogs with Cian
    Vlogs with Cian 5 hours ago

    Tana be like touch my heart in her mind just touch my tits

  • Ethan Boekeman
    Ethan Boekeman 5 hours ago


  • Dana Bonner
    Dana Bonner 5 hours ago

    I never thought id say this but Justin Bieber here is giving me Dom vibes in like the worst way possible

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 5 hours ago

    Wow that last woman is a dead ringer for that pussy singer girl.

  • Tristan Railey
    Tristan Railey 5 hours ago

    Charli didn’t say a single word in this lmao

  • Lilyst
    Lilyst 5 hours ago

    0:25 hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and I’m going to jump over the LA river

  • Rosy Enge
    Rosy Enge 5 hours ago

    I just realized I was nuttin when he was in pain🤭

  • Alyssa Ferguson
    Alyssa Ferguson 5 hours ago

    I would die if I saw HIM IN REAL LIFE

  • Ethan Boekeman
    Ethan Boekeman 5 hours ago


  • James Erecha
    James Erecha 5 hours ago

    I loved that dude he’s the best vlog squad member

  • Rosy Enge
    Rosy Enge 5 hours ago

    NUT. Ngl when he was screaming and his vain piped out😩🤤

  • Glory
    Glory 5 hours ago

    2:36 was that Kanye West in the back

  • Neto Life
    Neto Life 5 hours ago

    I’m seeing this video again and I just realized tod go get those girls now

  • Mark French
    Mark French 5 hours ago

    I like how david acts the same to fans as he would to his friends

  • Jaleen Ortiz
    Jaleen Ortiz 5 hours ago

    can someone please tell me where natalie got her t shirt?!!

  • Robbie Shells
    Robbie Shells 5 hours ago

    Not sure who the hell you guys are or why this video was recommended to me but you guys have to be the biggest fucking DOUCHEBAGS I've ever seen.

  • Bella Ramirez
    Bella Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Omg I love Justin beiber I wish to meet him one day but thats obviously not going to happen since my family can't afford it or very wealthy omg it would be a dream comw true to me but I can't get my hopes up but I love you David dobrik your videos are amazing I wish I was as lucky and wealthy as you. You seem like a nice and chill person.

    • Bella Ramirez
      Bella Ramirez 5 hours ago

      Wait your not chill your crazy but I love that hype 😂

  • Jeremy Blanco
    Jeremy Blanco 5 hours ago

    Jonah fucking useless

  • Mister 30579
    Mister 30579 5 hours ago

    That magician sucked I literally saw every move

  • Xannipedia
    Xannipedia 5 hours ago