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  • Conquer Frost
    Conquer Frost Hour ago

    Vardon you are dum

  • Brittany2848
    Brittany2848 Hour ago

    If anyone can help I will spend the rest of my live giving back. gf.me/u/wnr89g I'd like to think that my efforts towards protecting the environment and helping save species will open people's eyes. They are in need. I am too. I seem to have no luck with my health. Autoimmune is a constant battle but I am trying to fight it. My current problem is keeping me from walking. the pain is gross and excruciating. I had surgery on my right knee last year. I had a double plica and I could not walk. I started seasonal work thinking I could manage my health in order to do a necessary job to save wildlife and educate the public but now my left knee is worse than my right and I need surgery. Not only do I have a plica but I have abnormal tissues getting stuck and a platella that is completely going out of place. Part of my job is walking miles of beaches surveying birds and reading bands as well as educating the public. We have lost 3 BILLION birds in North America. Birds are resilient but they NEED our help. I will devote my life towards helping save species in every way I can. Within the last year I have taken over 50 birds to the vet hospital that needed urgent care. I need help in order to continue in my path towards saving wildlife. I am currently working one full time job and 2 part time jobs and saving up all I can. I will give back to the world in every way. I have to wear a brace and still it gets stuck and at times I have to sit down and not move. Thank you.

  • Starae Beauty
    Starae Beauty Hour ago

    DAVID DOBRIK WENT TO THE COLLEGE IM APPLYING FOR!! u couldn't have waited like 2 years?😭

  • Karen Meenan
    Karen Meenan Hour ago

    I’d watch this movie

  • Conquer Frost
    Conquer Frost Hour ago

    Drake and josh

  • Simply Saenz
    Simply Saenz Hour ago

    Wait a minute this vid is longer than 4:20 it is 4:21

  • -cнιnoy-
    -cнιnoy- Hour ago

    Who's the girl @0:50

  • Ginger VS Ginger

    So now that Carly is single. Hi Carly

  • Nesto L
    Nesto L Hour ago

    They were drinking like crazy on the plane.... then they land and drive Ferrari’s and Lambos!? #DUI

  • Christopher Macpherson

    When Liza is surprised at the Tesla when there is a Bentley next to it and she doesn’t even care

  • Amy
    Amy Hour ago

    Dang they deserve a reward for longest prank

  • Alex Cisterna
    Alex Cisterna Hour ago

    Jonah's a pussy

  • Havanah Hughes
    Havanah Hughes Hour ago

    What even is this

  • ziggi zimbler
    ziggi zimbler Hour ago

    Love the snippet of Tom kicking arse

  • Massecurz -
    Massecurz - Hour ago

    Im jeleous

  • aaliyah blatcher

    Help me with my tuition 😭😭 my ig is liyahh_lovez

  • ash dove
    ash dove Hour ago

    You should go out in public on SF6.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez Hour ago

    I wonder how awkward those scenarios were without the music

  • Cursed. Komikaize

    1:59 Ngl Carly she is cute as fuck when she smiled ❌🧢

  • peggy K
    peggy K Hour ago

    Hi David. My name is Helli. This happened over a year ago and you guys are still in our hearts. I love both of you so much and I hope sometime soon you guys find your path back to each other. I watched this when it first came out and was so heartbroken yet I know that it was best for you guys. I watch all of your old videos, and the new ones. Your merch I bought came in yesterday! I loved it. I am so proud of who you guys have become, I love you both. - Sincerely, Helli :)

  • Thomas Lebllanc
    Thomas Lebllanc Hour ago

    Dude David’s 4th vlog

  • Kellen Zeller
    Kellen Zeller Hour ago

    Bruh why do they all have the same laugh

  • Beta
    Beta Hour ago

    HOW did ilya get dressed after his shower??

  • Viktor Smiljkovic

    Is that other girl Abigail Mac?

  • Amalia escalante

    I cried when I saw this This has to be a prank

  • Nat the Baby
    Nat the Baby Hour ago

    Who else saw sam at the end 😂 | | \/

  • Jake McMurray
    Jake McMurray Hour ago

    I literally have nothing but all I want to do this come watch you surprised somebody it's so amazing thank you so much for being what this world needs right now keep up all the great work and showing everyone that we all just need to come together and love each other

  • Memer Man21
    Memer Man21 Hour ago

    Ok boomer 2:57

  • Tanisha Guerrero

    ⚠️My opinion⚠️🛑❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ The challenge is cringeworthy 😬😐sorry

  • Madison Leon
    Madison Leon Hour ago


  • Owl Man gaming
    Owl Man gaming Hour ago

    Lmao they smell like weed xD

  • Lixdy -Fortnite
    Lixdy -Fortnite Hour ago

    Now I understand why David said Dima looks like a tiktok star, he’s secretly Caleb Finn.

  • Owl Man gaming
    Owl Man gaming Hour ago

    Does he TheXvid or something lol she is so dumb lol

  • Owl Man gaming
    Owl Man gaming Hour ago


  • hea
    hea 2 hours ago

    miss the old vlogs :((

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 hours ago

    And to think this was going to be his last vlog

    THE LEGEND 2 hours ago

    OMG David’s next video will have Billie Eilish in it

  • Jason Pham Basketball


  • Chantel Cain
    Chantel Cain 2 hours ago

    I cant wait for the E True Hollywoood story in 10 years.. I can picture it now "it was like we were superstars"

  • McKayla Parra
    McKayla Parra 2 hours ago

    scotty can get it any day PERIODt

  • Belem Gastelum
    Belem Gastelum 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song at 1:46

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright 2 hours ago

    you know smoking hooka for 1 hour is equivalent to 200 cigarettes (love your vids though)

  • samf1255 -
    samf1255 - 2 hours ago

    Look how long the video is

  • 3tap
    3tap 2 hours ago

    she's gonna do hella coke i could see her excitement

  • BigNose Olive
    BigNose Olive 2 hours ago

    Was under her dress blurred when Zane pushed Natalie in the water

  • Emily Maradiaga
    Emily Maradiaga 2 hours ago

    The good old days when Natalie had a boyfriend and no one was accusing David and Natalie of dating 👌👌

  • Gauvajuicegabe
    Gauvajuicegabe 2 hours ago

    “Why is nothing happening?” *famous last words*

  • Jadeee_
    Jadeee_ 2 hours ago

    g e t b a c k t o g e t h e r p l e a s e

  • Agc G
    Agc G 2 hours ago

    Jasons kermit laugh had me dead

  • yadier Rivera
    yadier Rivera 2 hours ago

    3:33 yea im the boss now now bend over

  • vSeen
    vSeen 2 hours ago

    thumbnail made me feel gross

  • Iann
    Iann 2 hours ago


  • Luna Perez
    Luna Perez 2 hours ago

    you should do more of these😂😂😂

  • Cyn Cyn
    Cyn Cyn 2 hours ago


  • maria gemini
    maria gemini 2 hours ago


  • giv cigrit pls
    giv cigrit pls 2 hours ago

    Jason said Corinna as his hall pass lol

  • kama leo
    kama leo 2 hours ago


  • Yesenia Reyes
    Yesenia Reyes 2 hours ago


  • Felipe24k
    Felipe24k 2 hours ago

    How does dom not have HIV OR HERPES

  • XTR_Bun
    XTR_Bun 2 hours ago


  • I
    I 2 hours ago


  • Gia Nk
    Gia Nk 2 hours ago

    David can I get 40 thousand dollars to make my two kids and mine Christmas a wonderful one please I really need it I also have a Easter egg hunt coming up that will benefit the American Cancer society that I need some help with out of that money please I love you David and Shalom I know your a good person

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez 2 hours ago


  • Haylee Machado
    Haylee Machado 2 hours ago

    Hey there is this girl on TikTok and her username is @yeetondabeet and she is trying to get you to come to her friends sweet 16,you have met her multiples times and she is a huge fan of yours make it happen,it’s great content and you would be doing somthing awesome!everyone in the comments spread this around and get David to look at her page and message her so she can surprise her best friend at her sweet 16 with David!!!!!!!

  • PapaFeline 16
    PapaFeline 16 2 hours ago

    He was about to cry and you interrupt his crying🤣😂

  • Bink
    Bink 2 hours ago

    Right, spread mustard before you can spread mayo!

  • V.R. simplicity
    V.R. simplicity 2 hours ago


  • The nice Show
    The nice Show 2 hours ago

    4:13 seconds?!

  • Eli
    Eli 2 hours ago

    Just go visit the girl in the hospital. She really wants to see you. Just check TikTok.

  • V.R. simplicity
    V.R. simplicity 2 hours ago


  • Jade Bravo
    Jade Bravo 2 hours ago


  • Britney Bustamantes
    Britney Bustamantes 2 hours ago

    Zane is literally the dorkist but it's so cute haha

  • Small Pøtâtø
    Small Pøtâtø 2 hours ago


  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 hours ago

    I feel bad for Jonah when he’s talking about what name for his future son. And suzies like I don’t like snakes and while Jonahs talking about it the fricking predictable music plays and I’m like. “What’s the name pleeeeease, TELL MEEEEE”. Case closed.

  • Alex Shih Mendez
    Alex Shih Mendez 2 hours ago

    Did Natalie leave the bottle of champagne in the ocean

  • Acti4ist 808
    Acti4ist 808 2 hours ago

    Y’all just gonna let this nigga and his bitch be racist

  • Francesca and Evana
    Francesca and Evana 2 hours ago

    Is Vardan a blood?!

  • SpillTheTae
    SpillTheTae 2 hours ago

    Jason: My Ex wife and kids don't respect me! Crowd: YAY! Me: uM.... oKaY!

  • The Man
    The Man 2 hours ago


  • Billy and alex
    Billy and alex 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or has nick got skinnier

  • Sonia Garcia
    Sonia Garcia 3 hours ago

    What's that song when it goes la la la la la la respond to me if you know

  • megan alice
    megan alice 3 hours ago

    that officer was cute asf

  • dženi a
    dženi a 3 hours ago

    3:32 did NOTTT age well

  • Alwaysg03 Hp
    Alwaysg03 Hp 3 hours ago

    “We have to break a window” “We gotta do it”

  • HHD Henry Is Cool
    HHD Henry Is Cool 3 hours ago

    That fight started cause Todd had a lakers hat and the other guy wasn’t

  • I am Coltron
    I am Coltron 3 hours ago

    This is sorta douchey not the confronting part but when he was smoking weed and like drinking that was douchey

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 3 hours ago

    i’m still waiting for the day they get back together :(

  • chris hubbard
    chris hubbard 3 hours ago

    Get Juju smith from the steelers on your videos

  • Susey Soll
    Susey Soll 3 hours ago

    Issa fake

  • Tristan Mendez
    Tristan Mendez 3 hours ago

    wouldn’t know how to get through the days without these videos, ily

  • Erika Garibay
    Erika Garibay 3 hours ago


  • Escredle xoxo
    Escredle xoxo 3 hours ago

    My mom and I watching this video My mom: he should do this stuff outside! Me: omg so cool!

  • Princess Kelly
    Princess Kelly 3 hours ago

    LMAOO Jonah thug asf and he mad skinny here

  • YamaAgni
    YamaAgni 3 hours ago

    *Get you a friend that hires a PI to bring you on a trip!*

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 3 hours ago

    2:42 that's just a snack for Jonah

  • The Man
    The Man 3 hours ago

    3:22 David parked in a handicap spot haha

  • I!!uminati
    I!!uminati 3 hours ago

    Corinna is really crazy about money

  • kevo 2489
    kevo 2489 3 hours ago

    Her trowup look like a wendys milk shake

  • Beatriz You
    Beatriz You 3 hours ago

    The FUCKEN helicopter 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Ariana Garrido
    Ariana Garrido 3 hours ago