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  • Noa Binnendijk
    Noa Binnendijk 2 hours ago

    They're so good at minigames but *so bad* at reading chat and they miss rules and goals and that's how they lose so badly

  • Joslin Baxter
    Joslin Baxter 4 hours ago

    I thought snowman loved warm hugs??

  • Vincent ZZ
    Vincent ZZ 5 hours ago

    Watching vikk makes me wanna puke

  • Joslin Baxter
    Joslin Baxter 6 hours ago

    MMR/ machmacing rating; based on this video: Vickklan: alive & mentioned Poofless: dead because Preston called Mich hotter than Rob Merome: damamaged because of Preston's comments about Mich being the hottest

  • Distant Button57
    Distant Button57 8 hours ago

    Both times Hannah says u got this in tnt run and then vikk falls 😂

  • Full of Aids
    Full of Aids 9 hours ago

    Left team mate out of description TOXIC

  • fleetato
    fleetato 9 hours ago

    hannah is a god been a fan of her since she was in a United UHC

  • Wendy Alexi
    Wendy Alexi 12 hours ago

    You should team with Hanna again, you two played great together.

  • Charlie Davies
    Charlie Davies 13 hours ago

    *Live stream silent* No one: Absolutely fucking no one: Vikk: *gulp*

  • Daniel middleton
    Daniel middleton 13 hours ago


  • Jordan Parlette
    Jordan Parlette 17 hours ago

    Yo why don’t you do another season of treasure wars

    • Addison Marriott
      Addison Marriott 12 hours ago

      Pretty sure they shut down the server feels bad😭. Loved that series so much

  • Sean Ryan
    Sean Ryan 18 hours ago

    Do the next tournament with og kenny

  • yeeticus
    yeeticus 18 hours ago

    Vikk, we honestly don't care who you play with or how well you play, we just want to see you compete and have fun.

    MYSTERY RIDDLES 18 hours ago

    1:15:50 aw vikks so nice ♥️

  • Daniel tab
    Daniel tab 18 hours ago


  • Alfie Sheahan
    Alfie Sheahan 18 hours ago

    Can you play more overwatch on other channel

  • Adam Elshafi
    Adam Elshafi 18 hours ago

    Grape is always Omega-Salt, F in that chat for le sweatz

  • Oscar Yim
    Oscar Yim 19 hours ago

    Speedsilver is a good uhc player, and he sounds funny too, go sub him

  • IDunno
    IDunno 20 hours ago

    Reminded me of RuneScape emotions ah good old times

  • Fantasy Gaming
    Fantasy Gaming 21 hour ago

    Their chemistry is great! Anyone agree?? Ship ship xD Like if you wanna see more videos with hannah!

    • Addison Marriott
      Addison Marriott 12 hours ago

      Totally agree with the ship too, but I think she has a boyfriend

  • Christina B
    Christina B 21 hour ago

    do another week

  • Christina B
    Christina B 21 hour ago


  • Mustafa Rashid
    Mustafa Rashid 22 hours ago

    Vikk , reply if you love your fans

  • J Hop
    J Hop 22 hours ago

    Lekker nummer echt geweldig

  • Miz Choco
    Miz Choco 22 hours ago

    Vikk I dont want to insult you but youre not as good at buildbattle than you think. so stop making everything so big. and then stop shitting on the other builders.

  • Millie Jackson
    Millie Jackson 22 hours ago

    I was absolutely screaming when Hannah didn’t get an apple from the swamp

  • Raahim Khan
    Raahim Khan 23 hours ago

    He missed a shiny lapras after leaving the boat!!

  • Everything_UK
    Everything_UK Day ago

    he always says thanks and goodbye b4 he does the superchat

  • Reciprocity of Rivendale

    Play with Hannah more, you too seem to work really good together. Like add her to skyblock or something

    • IDunno
      IDunno 19 hours ago

      He never reads the comments 🤷‍♂️😂

  • Nurywan Gaming

    Its time to learn minecraft now

  • M
    M Day ago

    Come on vik there’s gotta be another game over minecraft these days

    • Lauren Putty
      Lauren Putty 17 minutes ago

      M he has a channel where he plays other games.

    • FalseFaythe
      FalseFaythe Day ago

      You’re on a minecraft channel lmao

  • Adnan Khalil
    Adnan Khalil Day ago

    Next week do it again u and Hannah, great duo you guys need a shot at redemption

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Day ago

    what Vik thinks he is good at: - Finding Buttons - Building -TNT run what he is good at: - Yelling orders around what he is horrible at: - Finding Buttons - Building - PVP

    • IDunno
      IDunno 19 hours ago

      Max Davis he’s genuinely really not that good, he’s average compared to the years of games he has. He’s really ain’t good honestly.

    • Max Davis
      Max Davis 23 hours ago

      Bailey Smith I mean he’s clearly not as bad as u say he usually ranks highly

    • Bailey Smith
      Bailey Smith Day ago

      Football Everyday, i never mentioned Parkour and TNT run is the one i didnt say he was bad at. he does well in the parkour runs and has some good tnt runs. but his PVP, Building and Finding buttons is just awful. especially finding buttons

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Day ago

    technology. everyone does memes and gets good, but the nintendo switches get bad

    • Max Davis
      Max Davis 23 hours ago

      Bailey Smith didn’t the switches win and get the most points that round?

  • Bennyb123 _
    Bennyb123 _ Day ago

    2020? Anyone

  • Rhys Shearer
    Rhys Shearer Day ago

    Grape always targets Vikk lmao

  • flawless chicken

    Hate the Voice of rednek

  • Lauren Rosales

    Hannah lagging out was so disappointing but ig it is what it is it’s just a game


    Is his server still up?

  • Rhys Shearer
    Rhys Shearer Day ago

    I would never have thought Vikk would’ve teamed with Hanna, a hypixel uhc player.

  • Michael Matuszewski

    Did vikk just say that the did the mike wasowski wrong like he’s not supposed to have 2 eyes? Has he seen the meme?

  • Joseph Rasely
    Joseph Rasely Day ago

    I feel like spleef is to op and is kind of dumb to watch so yeah rather it be replaced with find the button

    • Joseph Rasely
      Joseph Rasely 21 hour ago

      Ward Squid yeah ur right I guess but I still think they should lower the points you get

    • Ward Squid
      Ward Squid Day ago

      Bruhh no one wants find the button... Spleef is a good gamemode it's just that vikk is unlucky.

  • Shadow Maker
    Shadow Maker Day ago

    Petition for vikk to play this with technoblade

    • Fizzling_Fire12
      Fizzling_Fire12 8 hours ago

      Shadow Maker lol I liked it but ik it’s NEVER gonna happen

  • Helene Star
    Helene Star Day ago

    The fact you can hear the pain in Hannah's voice. That's heartbreaking. People are really toxic.

    • Abby Williams
      Abby Williams 8 hours ago

      @Xboy Like around 1:15:00 and on

    • Xboy
      Xboy 8 hours ago

      Abby Williams timestamp?

    • Something Something
      Something Something 16 hours ago

      Abby Williams dang, that’s such a virginy thing to do, (best word I could think of)

    • Abby Williams
      Abby Williams Day ago

      Basically her internet dropped a few times and she felt very bad about it. Then the ppl in Vik's chat were like she should pay for better internet and don't team with her again, which was toxic

    • Soccer Liam
      Soccer Liam Day ago

      Helene star what happened

  • coryswarmer
    coryswarmer Day ago

    Hannah rose sounds like a pornstar's name

  • Dark Spectre
    Dark Spectre Day ago


  • Clare McClarnon

    You have to play this again sometime. There's an update to it.

  • Santiago Reyes

    Yo, you and Hannah actually play off each other pretty well, you should play some more MC with her

  • Shypie 199
    Shypie 199 Day ago

    Well...I'm watching this in 2020 hahe yhhh missing the 7

  • stephen changoor !

    Vikk: shes got 22 ping Her router: nope

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper Day ago

    Would you ever do another series of factions vikk

    • Addison Marriott
      Addison Marriott 12 hours ago

      They shut the treasure wars server down I’m pretty sure

  • Savage JR
    Savage JR Day ago

    Why this only 480p

    • Donovan DeWhitt
      Donovan DeWhitt Day ago

      Savage JR that’s odd, it gave me the option to go up to 720, don’t even have TheXvid red

    • Marc Falkeborg
      Marc Falkeborg Day ago

      Just wait like 15-30 mins after the video has ben uploaded.

    • Savage JR
      Savage JR Day ago

      @Donovan DeWhitt there isn't the option to go any higher than 480p

    • Donovan DeWhitt
      Donovan DeWhitt Day ago

      Savage JR just change it to 720

  • Anico
    Anico Day ago

    Chat be nice to Hannah. The chat with Skeppy as a teammate: *Death*

  • Perky Gamer
    Perky Gamer Day ago

    Great video I also created a channel to I upload minecraft modded world and lot of other content check it out i will always reply and follow back

  • Dallas Adams
    Dallas Adams Day ago

    Do a h7m

    • Dark Spectre
      Dark Spectre Day ago

      Dallas Adams he tried but there isn’t enough active ppl to play

  • Yani2888
    Yani2888 Day ago


  • stephen changoor !

    Vikk pls shag her

  • DiNo
    DiNo Day ago

    Vik man quit playin with these kids, link up with Pete to slap them ass cheeks

    • Dman
      Dman Day ago

      DiNo ise your brain lmao

    • Noobmaster69
      Noobmaster69 Day ago

      These "kids" are better than both Vik and Pete at pvp but he should team with Pete because they work really well together.

  • XimerTracks - Sub To Me


  • adam sierocuk
    adam sierocuk Day ago

    What server is this under?

  • Mysterious Singh

    Lazarbeam has more subs shut up (I don't mean it I just wanted to make a comment)

    • Dman
      Dman Day ago

      Mysterious Singh what

    • name
      name Day ago

      i have more subs than you shut up

  • kingbaco 123
    kingbaco 123 Day ago

    it starts at like 15:30 the earlier stuff was vikk changing settings and the rules and talk

    • Anna C
      Anna C Day ago

      kingbaco 123 thank you didn’t feel like wasting 15 minutes of my life

    • Alexx432
      Alexx432 Day ago

      kingbaco 123 thanks my guy

  • Bilal Bazmi
    Bilal Bazmi Day ago

    VIK IS THE MANNNN!!!! I’ve taken all Viks advice jumped out my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make my dream come true!!!! Just created my TheXvid channel to follow my progress. My live reaction has dropped. I would love some support some feedback/ so please hit subscribe and check it out peace.

  • MSH
    MSH Day ago


  • Goofy Payload
    Goofy Payload Day ago

    U r actually a GOD ! 👌🏻

  • AVFC Sam
    AVFC Sam Day ago

    Please do egg wars

  • Harut Meseldzhyan

    Icky vikky

  • rit plays
    rit plays Day ago

    Wow like this for no reason pls

  • Epicbanana1111

    Like my comment if you think he is bad at combat

  • Phon Thav
    Phon Thav Day ago

    Kid: *sings and is now more famous* Him: I hate him...

  • Arched Angel
    Arched Angel Day ago

    Bro in 2020 and this is this a Banger than most songs and Most rappers

  • Shypie 199
    Shypie 199 Day ago

    Lol its 2020 4 me but when vik says 4 crying out loud its 2016 lol seems like so long ago

  • KawaiiGaming
    KawaiiGaming Day ago

    No one Vik: hE’S aBOuT tO DrOp tHe tWo PoInTeR! (No hate intended just thought it was funny) 😂

  • tom smith
    tom smith Day ago

    2020 anyone😜😜

  • penguin
    penguin Day ago

    Preston used to be good he was funny now hes for like little kids

  • Seyi B Apata
    Seyi B Apata Day ago

    Preston you need to watch this

  • Alfie Collins
    Alfie Collins Day ago

    3:30 pokemon sleep he predict future

  • Joseph Marsello

    Vikk you should add a donation chest for us to give things to you

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 2 days ago

    I guessed 256 but if you don't count the 15 I'm right,right?

  • Obzear
    Obzear 2 days ago


  • Kry V
    Kry V 2 days ago

    Oo lol your layout is from PaulsLey's starting tutorial. Looks like a good start

  • extreme blibz
    extreme blibz 2 days ago

    I wonder if it supports vorpx

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 2 days ago

    Side gave you that win!

  • higher gamer
    higher gamer 2 days ago subscribe for this channel If you like vikkstar gameplay

  • higher gamer
    higher gamer 2 days ago Subscribe for this channel If you like vikkstar gameplay

  • Saim Daim
    Saim Daim 2 days ago

    I miss this intro so fkn much

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 2 days ago

    16:22 I can relate to that.

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 2 days ago

    I hope you learned not to favor bitches.(I mean sisters)

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 2 days ago

    Yo they totaly stole that mimic from terarria like 100%..... Vikk are you planing to letsplay terarria one day,you know cause of pewdiepie.just sayin'.

  • Charles Lanohan
    Charles Lanohan 3 days ago

    Does anyone still watching this in 2020?

  • Charles Lanohan
    Charles Lanohan 3 days ago

    2020? Anyone?

  • LosT Frisk
    LosT Frisk 3 days ago

    Imagine the mobs ACTUALLY PUTTING UP A FIGHT

  • Max Lam
    Max Lam 3 days ago

    22:40-22:44 the security is chasing a thief

  • MrEventss
    MrEventss 3 days ago

    Yo geez don’t let KSI get you down I know you’re probably scared of him in some way or another but try and put your foot down to him probably

  • Jason Reburn
    Jason Reburn 3 days ago

    Lachlan teleports and a zombie freezes

  • A random boi
    A random boi 3 days ago

    I'm just here for the Nostalgia

  • Ishaaq Malik
    Ishaaq Malik 3 days ago


  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 3 days ago

    U like curry

  • Sadvise
    Sadvise 3 days ago

    2020 gang ?

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz 4 days ago

    Hey hold on to those