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  • Gringo
    Gringo Hour ago

    Scott, Angel and Jimmy are our way forward, 4-3-3 with Mason, James and Rashford/Martial up front. Harry and Axel with Lindelof are more than capable. We have an amazing RB but is burger boy Shaw enough at LB. Compared to Aron, he's solid but uninspiring. Let's forget any panic buying because it's not worked since Sir Alex left.

  • Genius Dominant
    Genius Dominant 21 hour ago

    This channel supposed to feel like shit when watching back after the match...

  • RogueDarkAgent Gaming

    True united fans know what Keane was to United Bang on Stephen

  • Desporto
    Desporto Day ago

    Gomes and Dalot, the portuguese speaking whizkids.

  • Hasanul Choudhury
    Hasanul Choudhury 2 days ago

    Demi Mitchell is Training again what does everyone think? I know he’s still got a few weeks until he’s fully fit but reckon he’ll be given a chance throughout the season?

  • Nathaniel Mguli
    Nathaniel Mguli 3 days ago

    Young's criticism is unwarranted. As a back up utility player, he's good

  • Dion Collins
    Dion Collins 3 days ago


  • jjsteer91
    jjsteer91 4 days ago

    Anyone who has turned on Solskjaer plays too much Football Manager, was born in 2007 and isn't a real fan.

  • Douglas Shield
    Douglas Shield 4 days ago

    Count me in for the Fantasy Lock-In :)pick your team, and you guys can post the standings each week until the season ends :)

  • bmcg8888
    bmcg8888 4 days ago

    "tell me something girl are you happy in this modern world" sang the bellend redkneck in that ad you just seen

  • Martin Darcy
    Martin Darcy 4 days ago

    boredom and a lot of travel😂😂

  • Everton Alfred
    Everton Alfred 5 days ago

    I wish to engage subscribers to discuss our manager Ole, I find him to be passive as the manager, now don't get me wrong I like the guy, good player, good personality, but he is always in public very accommodating in his comments, praising other teams and players. I would like him to be a little more demanding of his players, get off the bench and urge his players during the game. In the interviews let the fans know that you want more from the players. Now this is very different from throwing them under the bus. On the team, I love and will always be a manu fan, but if we are going to be scoring more that 1 and 2 goals per match the guys have to be more arrogant or purposeful in the final third of the pitch, over the pass 6 months our boys have become very static in and around the box, movement off the ball is limited, so the opposing defenders are having an easy time. The 3 penalties that we have gotten for the season have come from players moving off the ball and when they receive the ball have caused defenders to make silly challenges.

  • Hyperbolic Chamber
    Hyperbolic Chamber 5 days ago

    People who are not keeping faith with Ole really need to think back to 1986 a Guy called Alex Ferguson took over the management of the club after the sacking of Ron Atkinson. If it was not the fact we won the FA Cap in 1990 he would have been sacked. It still took 6 years at united before he won the league. Mourinho and Van Gaal were given 3 years each . I can see what he is doing, it will take a while to rebuild the squad. Please be patient

  • A s
    A s 5 days ago

    Stephen was getting READY for that Chinese

  • A s
    A s 5 days ago

    'the mold in the seas gets eaten by fish'

  • simon morris
    simon morris 5 days ago

    Jay defended Young everweek, DeGea has a bad run and he can’t defend him anymore.

  • Mogammad Abrahams
    Mogammad Abrahams 5 days ago

    I take it you completely forgot about Andreas? Or did you write him off?

  • john o shea
    john o shea 5 days ago

    United beat leicester because pogba was'nt playing

    • Mena Saad
      Mena Saad 5 days ago

      Man every one took it serious and matic should start the game lecister city had the but the had just 3 shots on target and just two of the were dangerous pogba has to play a CAM

  • bonesjuones melo
    bonesjuones melo 5 days ago

    The minute he said Rodgers isn’t better than Ole I turned this shite of

  • Next Level Vids
    Next Level Vids 5 days ago

    Absolutey love the channel but i don't think the guests should be body shaming our own players.

  • TheShizaarius
    TheShizaarius 5 days ago

    Don't be dissing Slovenia mate, our keeper is the best in the world ;)

  • Adnan J
    Adnan J 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Astana was in the CL a few years ago and beat Atletico Madrid at home. They had a decent stadium too.

  • Hamza Farah
    Hamza Farah 5 days ago

    This guy is so deluded overates all the players constantly and only scapegoats certain players bullshit

  • Nadjim TZT
    Nadjim TZT 5 days ago

    Lindelof was class

  • justonemorego
    justonemorego 5 days ago

    Defends Rashford saying the crosses were shit so not his fault and yet Fred did nothing when he cane on? Fuck right off with your BS!

  • Springtrap Lover2010

    The Ole haters make me laugh. If you judge Oles record from when he took over in December then only 2 managers have a better record than him. Klopp and Pep. But what has happened is a group of United fans want instant success and they ignore any positives.

  • Tony Barry
    Tony Barry 5 days ago

    We did the fantasy league lock in this year. 50 quid in and one transfer in Jan that’s it. Let it play out, much better way to do it. Believe it or not one lad has Pukki 😂

  • Tarun Robin
    Tarun Robin 5 days ago

    Man, sometimes I have trouble with your accent. Else, all's good

  • arch285
    arch285 5 days ago

    Like the comment on spice boys. Rashford is the new signing for the spice boys club. I see him being similar to lingaard. But i dont think pogba is a spice boy, he is just frank in saying he wants to go and with this shit around him he is right to ask out and look for a team that challenges titles than a ucl qualification

  • Shane
    Shane 5 days ago

    Hey Steve, for the fantasy pool you could set up an 11 player lineup with a maximum budget (or whatever value system you see fit) and only be able to change 2 players during the January transfer window. When you change players you lose the first players points and gain the new players. You could have a few specialty positions designated as well, for example: enforcer - player earns points by getting yellow and red cards; U19 player.

  • k dog
    k dog 5 days ago

    Stephen Howson: We are fucked Also Stephen Howson: Keep the faith in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  • proripp
    proripp 5 days ago

    3 seconds...saw manbun clicked off !

  • Aj S
    Aj S 5 days ago

    We as united fans just need to be patient. We are making very slow progress but it’s steady. We will see the reward in a year or so.

  • Chinweze Unamka
    Chinweze Unamka 5 days ago

    No truly great coach can have Mason Greenwood and Angel Gomes in his team and not play them regularly, these guys are natural winners that need to be developed. With them you will have a fierce attack and finish in the absence of support from the Glazers. Man United played lack lustre football and won by pure luck against Leicester.

  • TheRythmdoctor
    TheRythmdoctor 6 days ago

    Howson I sometimes watch your show mate and the content is pretty good but your language and analysis outside the stadium yesterday was shocking. Ya let yourself down dude ..

  • Les Silkowski
    Les Silkowski 6 days ago

    Rashford is a Spice Boy and he played!

  • Dee Mcclelland
    Dee Mcclelland 6 days ago

    I can’t wait too see the team ole picks for Thursday night United

    • I'm Watching YOU
      I'm Watching YOU 6 days ago

      Dee Mcclelland. Really sorry dude, i could only give that comment one like.👍

  • Scotti Kidd
    Scotti Kidd 6 days ago

    I don't think you guys would've keep the faith in Sir Alex at the time he had took over Manchester United. You would have sack him ten times or more.

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 4 days ago

      @Scotti Kidd I'm well aware... I'm wondering what makes you think I would have wanted him sacked?

    • Scotti Kidd
      Scotti Kidd 5 days ago

      @Stephen Howson check in the beginning of his first 3 years.

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 5 days ago

      How’d you work that out?

  • OsqaNageri
    OsqaNageri 6 days ago

    Fred got the midfield buzzing when he came on. Scot seemed to go up a level. I feel he felt more at ease with Fred than with Matic.

  • Anthony KImani
    Anthony KImani 6 days ago

    What is our style of play.What principles was Ole talking about ?

  • Cam 24fps
    Cam 24fps 6 days ago

    Ole is garbage. You need to learn more about football if you think manufacturing a soft penalty is a stroke of genius by Ole. You are a joke.

  • Cam 24fps
    Cam 24fps 6 days ago

    Deluded. Keep faith with Ole because we won on a very soft penalty. The game was crap, he still clueless.

    • Martin
      Martin 5 days ago

      Such a stupid opinion lol

  • The Bizness
    The Bizness 6 days ago

    Gomes really needs to start getting games otherwise he will be our biggest regret since letting Pogba go the first time.

  • gwl78
    gwl78 6 days ago


  • Joe Raynor
    Joe Raynor 6 days ago

    Back down to 5th good

  • Snaggle Tooth
    Snaggle Tooth 6 days ago

    Jesse Lingard, that’s a name that will haunt the club forever

  • Snaggle Tooth
    Snaggle Tooth 6 days ago

    Still a weak team, couldn’t score in open play and Rashford still thinks he’s Ronaldo.

  • lordborn
    lordborn 6 days ago

    If Ole keeps picking Matic, Mata, and stupid Rashford, then I'm Ole out.

    • I'm Watching YOU
      I'm Watching YOU 6 days ago

      lordborn. Nice to see you will stick by the club you support what ever, glory supporter at it's best mate.

  • Fabricio Alike
    Fabricio Alike 6 days ago

    Olle is bang average that is a fact

  • BarebackBarbarians - Podcast

    so when ole wins its "keep faith in ole" when you lose or draw OLE OUT and twitter goes bannanas.

  • Roland Lundall
    Roland Lundall 6 days ago

    Stepjen Howson don't take offence but you must have the biggest head I have seen on someone. Back to football. Ole will be successful because he is giving the youth a chance just like Fergie did and it just takes time about two years. Then we will win leagues again and with mostly players from our academy just like the Busby Babes and class of 92. Have patience.

  • jjohnsonsfg
    jjohnsonsfg 6 days ago

    The food channel guy in the redshirt there he goes again. You can always bet he will talk about food or beer that's it. I love you guys though.

  • Min Chu Tong
    Min Chu Tong 6 days ago

    to that mate who question Roy Keane. For fuck sake, if it's not Roy Keane and Scholes, United barely can reach the semi-final of the champions league in that treble season. He is literally the anchor and Juggernaut that makes United the best team and dominant team in Europe and in England

  • James Lambert
    James Lambert 6 days ago

    Crossbar challenge in Chernobyl? What next, the same at Auschwitz? Check your taste. If you go, don't be a disaster tourist. I'm sure you would show your respect, but a crossbar challenge? It's a sombre place full of ghosts (figuratively speaking). As a former serviceman (I am a Historian by trade myself) I'd expect more from you Stephen. Please, by all means visit Chernobyl, but just make a great documentary.

  • jasinow
    jasinow 6 days ago

    That was a out muscled win for United. Well done to the boys. We played harder and never let them really get a solid roll on. The team played hard and messy led by Young. They all nearly made great plays but sadly it hasn’t come together yet. We still are broken but like a guy said “a broken clock is always right twice a day” And that’s United at the moment. Just need a Ole the watch maker to fix it.

  • Brume Jabs
    Brume Jabs 6 days ago

    Delusional. Mbappe is not better than Rashford? What is Adam on?

  • Longjohnson Shagwell

    some of the boys put in a real shift against leiceceesceter but the chance creation was not good enough

  • daniel benavides
    daniel benavides 6 days ago

    Bring back the review using the average position of the team, possession, forward passess, etc! That's what made your channel special!

  • Taiyab Khan
    Taiyab Khan 6 days ago

    Perfect! Exactly what i think about fantasy football! I would love to join

  • Sverre Wegge Gundhus

    Lindelöf is great with the ball and play in front of him. However, I feel we would be tons stronger with an athletic CB next to slabhead. Still, feel Bailly has the potential to be one of the best CB's in the league. Axel is not far behind.

    • Lloydy0105
      Lloydy0105 5 days ago

      Sverre Wegge Gundhus I’ve always rated Bailly. Such a shame with his injuries

  • Jonathan Pegram
    Jonathan Pegram 6 days ago

    Holy shit is Lindeloff 24? That lad had a hard paper round back in sweden

  • Sverre Wegge Gundhus

    Howson - fully with you mate regarding Young and our LB position. To be fair, Young gave us something today in terms of grit and experience. I wouldn't normally say that but I thought he was decent today. We should be addressing our LB position though. Don't see why we shouldn't incorporate someone like Brandon Williams in that position. Not miles away from Shaw, tons of personality and leadership. Might be a future England captain.

  • Philip Collier
    Philip Collier 6 days ago

    Chong looked decent when he came on.

  • Greg Hempsall
    Greg Hempsall 6 days ago

    I think Ole still needs time and a couple more transfer windows. My expectations are low for this season in terms of results and league position however I do expect to see progression and a clear style of play. My only nagging doubt with Ole is "Has he improved any player?" I can't name any player that has improved since Ole came in however the style of play has improved so far. I think (and this applies to any manager) the manager has to take what he has and polish that turd as best they can, engender positivity and see a different direction and style of play that enthuses the fans, buys him time and makes players want to come to united! At the moment I dont feel Ole is doing that but I'm willing to give him at least til next christmas.

    • Lloydy0105
      Lloydy0105 5 days ago

      Greg Hempsall mctominay has been much better under ole imo

  • jim Jimerson
    jim Jimerson 6 days ago

    What's Marcus's best position now because he does not look like a number 9.

    • The Bizness
      The Bizness 6 days ago

      jim Jimerson he’s just a forward. Not great in any position but he could be best on the wing.

  • graham smith
    graham smith 6 days ago

    Love the fantasy football idea. Hope you enjoyed the curry!!

  • stevefrompolaca
    stevefrompolaca 6 days ago

    I like food to, I refuse to eat anything else ';)

  • Ianmundo
    Ianmundo 6 days ago

    we’re starved for the creativity to create opportunities for goals in open play, when Fred and Chong came on it sat Leicester down. We’re really playing with fire by fielding Matic, we don’t need a bulky enforcer. I’d like to see how the team can play with Chong starting. For me McTominay is a younger fresher Matic and that’s why the midfield is dead when both are on the field

  • Benoit Kneel'ed
    Benoit Kneel'ed 6 days ago

    re. the fantasy football chat, it's called doing a 'zombie' team. there's loads of leagues where the rule is you're not allowed to make any changes.

  • no9scrum
    no9scrum 6 days ago

    How can you blame no completed crosses on the person making it?!?!?! James can put it in perfectly but if Rashford is pretending to be hurt on the halfway line how is that possibly his fault?

    • no9scrum
      no9scrum 6 days ago

      Stephen Howson what are you on about young for?? Young takes too much time and then puts a cross in that usually hits the first man or goes 4 miles too far for a goal kick, his crosses never get to a good position..there’s absolutely no cross over between Ashley Young and what James did James’s cross was under pressure and he had no time to stop and have wee a look for a striker so he did everything right and put it exactly where his striker should have been, had he not been taking 2 days to get up from a little knock

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 6 days ago

      no9scrum absolutely not. The same argument for Young just doesn’t wash. Those who are elite crossers never need that excuse.

    • no9scrum
      no9scrum 6 days ago

      Stephen Howson aw c’mon mate... he’s beaten a man and put a cross with his weak foot into the perfect position where Rashford should have been. If he’s miles from the box and has time to look for a player then yeh it’s his fault, but when he’s being forced to rush all he can do is put it where his striker should be. There is absolutely no chance that is on James, Rashford was 100% responsible there

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 6 days ago

      Because he’s the man in possession of the ball. He has to know his teammates and make better decisions

  • gal bal
    gal bal 6 days ago

    Gomes is going to leave, he is in his final year, yet in the pecking order he is so behind

  • gal bal
    gal bal 6 days ago

    lets be honest, Ole is not good enough. to me he is the 10th best manager in the league 1. Klopp 2. Pep 3. Poch 4. Nuno 5. Pellegrini 6. Unai 7. Rodgers 8. Daniel Farke 9. Marco Silva 10. Ole

  • Helgi Jacobsen
    Helgi Jacobsen 6 days ago

    playing like this not going win many matches a goal from trashford penalty

  • Julian Sammut
    Julian Sammut 6 days ago

    Cheers from Malta ❤️

  • Moath Herzallah
    Moath Herzallah 6 days ago

    I think Fred next to Pogba adds a little quality and bite to the midfield. But We should defenitely get someone in January the squad is too thin

  • Ari-Cane Ariana
    Ari-Cane Ariana 6 days ago

    Tuanzebe needs to start games in place of lindelof

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess 6 days ago

    Ole has not been backed.

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra 6 days ago

    Mctominay motm

  • Bassam Hakami
    Bassam Hakami 6 days ago

    The only thing that is worrying me that i didnt see much of "Ole style" in action

  • Matthew Micallef
    Matthew Micallef 6 days ago

    I was also at the Gary Neville soccer school, in 2001 :) greetings from Malta

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra 6 days ago

    Man Utd till I die

  • Ludwig
    Ludwig 6 days ago

    who is this shite yes-man...all sti's boys are yes men...gaz stood up to him yesterday

    • Alex Keenan
      Alex Keenan 6 days ago

      Yeah it's clear that the other guy disagrees with some things but dosent say it

  • Smudger
    Smudger 6 days ago

    Joe is the best you get on here, the two of you work well together More Joe Smith please

  • d s
    d s 6 days ago

    What manc calls a chip or sausage balm a muffin 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Stian Andreassen
    Stian Andreassen 6 days ago

    this fan base does not get the idea of a rebuild. Ive been supporting a hockey team that last won the title in 19994, buyut ave been close several times. The last 2 years hey even sent a letter out saying hey are rebuilding and they didnt even make the playoffs. but guess what, the fans are all behind it. Whats wrong with UTD fans, i think most of the critical fans are new fans who never were there before the glory days. The rest, olf fooks who drink too much and think sir alex came in like a messiah. It took time.

  • Casey Gayle
    Casey Gayle 6 days ago

    I would love to join that fantasy from Los Angeles

  • arch285
    arch285 6 days ago

    I was happy with the 3 points, but was disgusted to see how we are getting these points. Seems like we need to now accept that we are no more a title challenging team, we are just a mid table team. Lets forget UCL or even UEFA, i thinks we play like this we might as well get relegated. I am not against OLE, i love him. But he is bad in team selection, he could have gone with gomes today or fred in the starting 11. Lets see some progress than seeing these old idiots draging their carcass on the field. I know for sure that the below team would have got us 2 - 3 goals with more control on the game. james greenwood chong mctominay andreas fred young maguire tuanzabe wan-bissaka De Gea

  • I MattYbz I
    I MattYbz I 6 days ago

    Ole masterclass against Leicester

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 6 days ago

    Again Utd didn't create any chances, and De Gea had to make some great saves, same old same old... This team is going no where

  • Patrick Morgan
    Patrick Morgan 6 days ago

    You guys were at home Won 1-0 And your goal was a pen Literally penalty f.c Remember this is Leicester United's squad is worth a lot more So no, beating Leicester doesn't make Solskjaer better than Rodgers 🤣

    • H2 oH
      H2 oH 6 days ago

      Get out of here ya little shite bag

  • Link for Ched
    Link for Ched 6 days ago

    Mctominays played like that every game what’s everyone talking about?

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 5 days ago

      no, not at all. Pogba and Matic seem to subdue him, maybe he's in ore of Pogba, or expects more of him, so knows without the Pog he has to put a shift on. That was by far his best 90 mins, he did his damm best, thank god he did, otherwise, it would have a been a draw.

    • Springtrap Lover2010
      Springtrap Lover2010 5 days ago

      It's because all eyes are on Pogba and Mactomanay goes a little under the radar. He was our best player the last 2 months of last season and you can see he wants to win and it visibly hurts him when we don't win.

  • john
    john 6 days ago

    our standards are so low that we accept these trash players. no fans in the top 10 would accept the type of players we have. we even clap when a player misplaces a simple pass just because it was effort. open your eyes folks, this team is going no where. on the pitch they have no clue what to do, there is no fixed system. watch the games more carefully rather than expecting a goal from nowhere. every team in the top 4 has a system of playing. I cannot say what our system of play is....this is poor management. dont even get me started on how most of our players cannot complete a simple 10 meter pass.

    • Waza88
      Waza88 5 days ago

      @john yeah I know it's ridiculous I would have liked to seen Ben yedder even though he is 30 still a brilliant st

    • john
      john 5 days ago

      @Waza88 You let go of Lukaku and bring in James who crosses balls in that Lukaku was dreaming of last season. For me, Ole will get blame before woodward. There are somethings that are beyond Woodward's control. He had an entire preseason to sort his gameplans out and still stuck with the same attack that let him down...I know for a fact Callum Wilson would do a better job than Rashford and he's English which fits that BS policy we have

    • Waza88
      Waza88 5 days ago

      @john yeah some players haven't Improved but others have so we just got to bring in the right quality players, I totally agree with you that the club makes hundreds of millions and yet the don't invest in the team, man utd is a brand before a football club, it takes 3 years to build at team "quote AF" I don't think we've even had a manager for longer than 3 years since then but when you've got lukaka, pogba spitting there dummy out what chance have you got as a manager, when Jose got sacked and united went of that run of 13 games without loosing that was discracful they should be ashamed of the self's for that, I thi k ole would be shocked if he played gomes, greenwood, over mata and lingard its as though he's scared to try the youth

    • john
      john 5 days ago

      @Waza88 If we do not see progress this season, we will see next season. If we dont see next season, we will see the following? for me, this is the last season that I can wait to see some seriousness from this club and its players. Some players have not improved as footballers. Paying-fans are being cheated/scammed. This is a professional organization that is behaving like an amateur team. Fantastic social media, but tolerated players who cant control the ball. There is no way that after 7 years, we have lingard, perreira, scott, rashford, young, mata, matic starting in a United XI. We dont even have a philosophy of play on the pitch. The players just play as they want especially Rashford who is meant to be out main striker right? Manchester United is not entiled to titles, but the money fans pay needs to be respected by at least ensuring players can control the damn ball. Arsenal fans would not accept this nonsense, I dont know why and how ManUtd fans are so dull and accept this level of mediocrity. For the past seven years I have been sleeping in many games because our players have really failed to carry out coaches instructions. Most times we even signed the wrong coach...

    • Waza88
      Waza88 5 days ago

      At the end of the day the team was built by 4 managers so it's gunna take more than 1 transfer window to find a style of play

  • Rjb771996
    Rjb771996 6 days ago

    I don't know what some fans really want we have just sold lukaku,Sanchez and for the first time in last 3 years martial and rashford are given the main striker role and other players are very young (James,Greenwood,Chong,)this season hopefully some of our young players will improve and then we will add to this team imagine adding maddison,sancho,neves to this team we can easily have a good team if we give this lads some time stop being glory hunter guys.

  • Adam M
    Adam M 6 days ago

    Howson, would love to see you talk with some of the guys from tifo podcast

  • Green Goliath
    Green Goliath 6 days ago

    Matic was and is dog shite how can you say he had a good game? What did he do what was “good”? all I saw was a old man getting beat constantly chasing the player who just went past him, oh and don’t forget to mention how man times he gave the ball away 🙄

    MITCH 6 days ago

    Since when was Herrera a regular first team midfielder in his entire time here?

  • TheUltimoLee
    TheUltimoLee 6 days ago

    Team i expect for Astana Romero FosuMensah-Tuanzebe-Jones-Rojo Greenwood-Fred-Pereira-James Gomes Rashford

    • gal bal
      gal bal 6 days ago

      Chong for james, james looked exhausted, he should be rested

    • Isaiah Daniel
      Isaiah Daniel 6 days ago

      TheUltimoLee Fosu is still hurt but that’s a good general idea

    • Gary Shepherd
      Gary Shepherd 6 days ago

      TheUltimoLee Where’s matic

  • sk0nz
    sk0nz 6 days ago

    Lindelof<-> Matic, Lindelof pass and speed is miles better, and Tuanzebe/Magure at CB for the midweek game...just try it

    • Alex Keenan
      Alex Keenan 6 days ago

      No need for that Maguire and lindelof should get rested and give the kids a chance to prove themselves

  • Crispin
    Crispin 6 days ago

    I'm not even going to watch this video

  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan 6 days ago

    3 points and a clean sheet home against Leicester WITH injuries Can't complain much but does show weakness in certain positions 🤔