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  • Insfiring PoTAEto
    Insfiring PoTAEto 9 minutes ago

    It's funny because in LY era the second album in the series(Tear) also explored their dark side. And now the second album in MOTS might be into their dark side again. Sounds dumb😂 but welp.

  • Jacqueline Valdez
    Jacqueline Valdez 23 minutes ago

    Album is dropping on my birthday! 🥰🎁

  • Samanta_ Army
    Samanta_ Army 29 minutes ago

    What is suga name of song

  • imya ozukum
    imya ozukum 32 minutes ago

    I am truly amazed at how you people come up with all those theories . Now i really am doubting if i m a true Army coz i can't make out anything out of it . Lol

  • Erik 175
    Erik 175 35 minutes ago

    Not true

  • xsyfh._
    xsyfh._ 37 minutes ago

    I can say every happy Cuz Yoongi is my bias soooooo Yeah

  • Chayanika Ganguli
    Chayanika Ganguli 47 minutes ago

    What really got me even more curious and interested than i already was is that this basically means Taehyung is the dangerous one or he might be the one who holds the key to Jin saving the members in the storyline. He is also the one whose wings were cut in BS&T MV, the one who wears all black in performance of Singularity, the one who has the gun in the ARMY.ZIP, the one who kills his dad to save his sister, the one who sees the future of Jin saving the members in his dreams and he was also the one who whole all black in one of the concerts maybe( I don't remember and I can't find the video so... in that Jimin also wore half black and half white) and if you actually think about it, in the storyline, there have been many times that Taehyung has been indicated as the guy who in the end turns out to do something bad or damaging or is one of the most important ones in the situation.. And in the storyline in the SAVE ME webtoon, he also sees Jin's notes stuck on his car. He might be the one who helps Jin save the members, but that might not be because many people are saying that Jungkook is the one who asks Jin in his Epiphany ending "Hyung, is this all of it?" and that Jungkook is the child of Omelas(in spring day MV) but it might be Taehyung who asks Jin that and not JK because my mind has stopped working and I don't know anymore! T.T I don't know what I'm trying to say, just that this is what I can relate to. Does this even make any sense?

  • Shahana Ismail
    Shahana Ismail 57 minutes ago

    They're voices are like fire and ice, Jisoo: warm, cozy fire Chaeyoung/Rosé: cooling, fresh ice They sound soooo good!

  • I love BTS and ARMY

    Dolphin also reminds me of Idol mv

  • Jungkook Bunny Angel

    José, watch this video of Rosan. She explains everything about the constellation theory.

  • ox_ bina_ox
    ox_ bina_ox Hour ago

    Honestly by looking at everything they had shared wiv us to me it also seem like in their next album they will want to show us their dark side-they Flaws and imperfections as I sign of being equal and therefore want to be taken as equal.This takes me back to everything that they had gone through this/each year and being stalked and fallowed around, threatened,but also being mocked and taken piss out of... seems like they had enough of it and want to show that they can also be rough and not always the sweet and generous boys that they are - it kind of gives me shivers really excited and urged to hear it 💜💜💜💜🤔🤔🤔👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • HyunMi _Minnie
    HyunMi _Minnie Hour ago

    You see this? This is too trippy for my brain. Exams are coming up and I feel like if this was the topic, I’d fail miserably 😂 good job Jose!

  • Dani Kook
    Dani Kook Hour ago

    This snake. Reminds me of Harry Potter because in chamber of secrets Harry was fighting with a giant snake. He also can talk with snakes, so. Idk, im just saying randkm things 🤷‍♀️

  • Aprende coreano
    Aprende coreano Hour ago

    Un álbum si cabe más oscuro que Love Yourself: Tear? Póngame diez!!! :D

  • ຖēนkฯē໐ŞŞē໐ วk

    if I never clicked on this video I would have never known that this all happened and what's coming up next in the future

  • ᴍɪɴ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ

    Yoongi and Halsey's music will be released on Friday? * I found this news on Twitter *

  • I’m gonna steal ur cookies

    Yoongi x awards J- hope x Sprite Tae x Gucci Jungkook x banana milk Jimin x floor Namjoon x destroyed stuff Jin x food Pls don’t hate me 😔💜

  • michael b
    michael b 2 hours ago

    Poor Jimin.

  • NINES nouni
    NINES nouni 2 hours ago

    The violon (tae) reminds me of the no mv where some people are holding violons

  • Katrina Walton
    Katrina Walton 2 hours ago

    When i seen the violin tae had i thought of awake from wings

  • Nishi Shah
    Nishi Shah 2 hours ago

    I like bts,but not with halsey😌😶

  • Jungkook
    Jungkook 3 hours ago

    I mean it was obvious that hasley was spending alot of time with suga as she was extremely savege in one of her interviews 😂❤️

  • kani karian
    kani karian 3 hours ago

    O my my my!!!!💜

    BTS GIRL7 3 hours ago

    I am really curious about the new Album but all of these hints and Storys is really too much for my brain😅

    BTS GIRL7 3 hours ago

    Could the next Single from Shadow be a Feat. With Khalid?

  • bts jeon jungkook
    bts jeon jungkook 3 hours ago

    Are you kidding? Suga and Halsey?

  • Nala OT7 Army
    Nala OT7 Army 3 hours ago

    I knew this VCR had smth to do with religious stuff after watching it 10 times :)

  • Sanchi JG
    Sanchi JG 3 hours ago

    🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😃😃😃🤓🤓😎😎💜💜💜💜 can't wait🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💜💜💜💜 so happy for him 😊😊😊😊😘

  • KarlaFM24
    KarlaFM24 3 hours ago

    Yes I agree with the dark theme in the next album, I really feel like it will be a callback to dark and wild or HYYH.

  • squishy yoongles
    squishy yoongles 3 hours ago

    As most army's know yoongi and namjoon suffered with depression, it was actually really severe, and Jimin had also struggled immensely with his weight and always hated how he looked. And All the other members also suffered with body image and never believed in themselves. Love yourself era was about how they're starting to love themselves has people. The hints that they've given for shadow says they're going back to the past, and in the past they all suffered a lot mentally. This point Is also backed up by the fact they added 'dangerous and scary' animals in the vcrs, this could mean the lyrics and style could be going back to when they were suffering a lot and fearful of themselves. This could be all of them opening up a bit more but also linking it with the love yourself era, telling us to love ourselfs no matter what we go through. Again this is a theory and not confirmed, this is how I interpreted it and comment what you think or if you agree, I purple you army 💜💜

  • Rare Face
    Rare Face 3 hours ago

    Ok I can't wait I literally screamed I'm soo excitedddddddddddd ❤️

  • tae you Very much
    tae you Very much 3 hours ago

    Sometimes, ARMY’s have to let them speak. When you go to an award show live stream like the AMA’s and MAMA’s live stream on YT, there will be constantly people spamming ‘BTS’. Okay we know but shut up please.

  • Ahmed Aazab
    Ahmed Aazab 3 hours ago

    ...well my therory was the album named shadow, the tour named journey to myself,the statues are their shadows or the 'still not loved' part if u get me, the song...Idk man I still am thinking of umbrella *and bs&t 2 but Ik its wrong and its only me* but hey... I am brain fried lol

    DIVE SINGS 3 hours ago

    My army friend : i am lesbian i don't feel attacked by BTS Me : * shows this video * Her : OwO

  • Caroline Manuel
    Caroline Manuel 3 hours ago

    JOSEEE!!!! During their N.O. performance, the vcr at the back showed the numbers "1001" and "01" and "10". And during Namjoon's Persona performance at the MMA 2019, there was 1/10 written on the wall at the back. Can you please look into it??

  • I Lovely
    I Lovely 3 hours ago

    This is so cool, it will be Suga's 1st contribution to International artist's album

  • Melissa Cadamuro
    Melissa Cadamuro 3 hours ago

    sooo, i was on twitter and i saw a tweet which shared a screenshot, took from mamas,which showed the number "1001". (you can see it on the big screens around 1:34 or earlier). 1001 could have a lot of meanings, but the first thing that came to my mind was January 10th, which is a friday. could it be a possible comeback date hint?

  • Rhythm Gupta
    Rhythm Gupta 4 hours ago

    Oh my god they are going to show us their vulnerable sides through music? SHADOW IS GONNA BE AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER YOU ALL KEEP THOSE TISSUES READY😢

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 4 hours ago

    The objects they hold I think represent things they like? Like hobbies? Yoongi time, Jhope memories?, Jimin taking pictures, Jungkook taking videos, Tae playing on his violin, Namjoon his music, Jin.... I'm not sure but it connects to the Bst mv. It could mean appreciation of art...

  • Zurali Radibah
    Zurali Radibah 4 hours ago

    These gave me goosebumps...gimme hobi water....

  • Gabriella_ est96
    Gabriella_ est96 4 hours ago


  • Labrant&Fisher Editss


  • Q u i n n
    Q u i n n 4 hours ago

    I think I might know why the dolphin is there. Back then, Dionysus got kidnapped by Tyrrhenian pirates. He wasn't supposed to be taken but when the pirates knew this, they decided to sell him because he's a god and maybe he'll cost a lot. Dionysus on the other hand has an ability to turn people into animals so he turned them into dolphins. Hope it helps!!

  • damn whyimsougly
    damn whyimsougly 4 hours ago

    Idk anything but when jungkook winked i was dead Maybe it's calling name lol Just a guess😂😂🤔 But i m serious

  • Raphaela Sfakianaki 05

    For the question you had ... Have you that about ancient Greece?? It might be a clue

  • Jayla
    Jayla 5 hours ago

    ok, the snake thing in relation to Tae really blew my mind because I think it's obvious at this point Tae always seems like he knows something we and the other members (except maybe Jin) don't. And with the snake guarding or hiding something kinda explains why when all the other members smile, Tae just looks off in this kinda more somber expression.

  • Manasa Kandula
    Manasa Kandula 5 hours ago

    What if Suga raps in English???!!! Me: Dead

  • erinda anya
    erinda anya 5 hours ago


  • Bts Army & Lisa
    Bts Army & Lisa 5 hours ago

    Jose thank you for making me so dumb😂

  • ArmYoongi Føř Łīfė


  • Crist C
    Crist C 5 hours ago

    I think that's a whale, not a dolphin.

  • Sleepy Juliet
    Sleepy Juliet 5 hours ago

    Based on the animal constellation they might represent the 12 zodiac sign and the snake is tide with the 13th zodiac sign which many ignore. But I could be wrong bc not all of the signs are represented by animals, for example Gemini is the twins (it could be Artemis and Apollo but I'm sure) and Libra is the only sign that's represented by an object (The scales of justice) but Libra is associated with time as well. I COULD BE WRONG! I love astrology and I know each and every zodiac by heart but I could be wrong. Aries, fire sign (1st sign) - The Ram Taurus, earth sign (2nd sign) - The Bull Gemini, air sign (3rd) - The Twins Cancer, water sign (4th) - The Crab Leo, fire sign (5th) - The Lion Virgo, earth sign (6th) - The Maiden Libra, air sign (7th) - The Sales Scorpio, water sign (8th) - The Scorpion or The Eagle Sagittarius, fire sign (9th) - The Archer or Centaur Capricorn, earth sign (10th) - The sea goat Aquarius, air sign (11th) - The water Bearer Pisces, water sign (12th) - The two fish

  • Princess Laurinaria
    Princess Laurinaria 5 hours ago


  • momo kashaf
    momo kashaf 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday jinnie oppa. May Allah bless you

  • wapis wali baji
    wapis wali baji 6 hours ago This is raisunds I make 8D songs of bts Pls support if you are a true army

  • wapis wali baji
    wapis wali baji 6 hours ago This is raisunds I make 8D songs of bts Pls support if you are a true army

  • Citralestari Citralestari

    Pasti ngepenzkan loe. Kepada bts..

  • Lesly Villegas
    Lesly Villegas 6 hours ago

    Yessss finally i was waiting for this

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    The "eternal journey" is related with TXT performance! They put the word "eternity" on their VCR so..... The universe *ARE* indeed, connected

  • Rena Drossou
    Rena Drossou 6 hours ago

    The animals can be starsign.

  • Sun NY
    Sun NY 7 hours ago

    SUGA’s Interlude relesing 2moro

  • Chimistu '
    Chimistu ' 7 hours ago

    2:41 jimin:hi me:VSAUCE MICHAEL HERE

  • Mayyah Aira
    Mayyah Aira 7 hours ago

    There is no differents between v and baby v..

  • Park Jimin 제민
    Park Jimin 제민 7 hours ago

    Jimin's just in time haha Jikook is real!!!!❤❤

  • AnnE Cutis
    AnnE Cutis 7 hours ago

    ALL FBI Armys ( Federal Bureau of Intellectual Armys )Let break this morse code of BTS.

  • Maria J W
    Maria J W 7 hours ago

    Love it! 💜 when I was younger I loved to analyze movies, poems, pictures and stuff. I lost that when I became an adult with a lot of other stuff I used to love to do. Finding BTS and ARMYs and Jung is like to go on a journey to find myself again now as an adult. Love to you all lovely lovely armys.

  • Juliana Santos
    Juliana Santos 7 hours ago

    The hero's journey - Joseph Campbell

  • AnnE Cutis
    AnnE Cutis 7 hours ago

    Pdogg post in IG that they will more fishy things with Lumpens ( bts mv director ). Hahaha

  • Jashee Rain Lopez
    Jashee Rain Lopez 8 hours ago

    I'm excited for this! Go! Suga! Go! Halsey Go! Army!

  • s23 26
    s23 26 8 hours ago

    When you said that mikrokosmos make you think of a journey it made me think about the vcr at mama 2019 when they said "eternel journey"

  • Icenrium
    Icenrium 8 hours ago

    Jimin,Jin,Jungkook looked so cute. And Suga looked confused when it was his turn. And TaeTae is Harry Potter now.

  • duckii —
    duckii — 8 hours ago

    im so proud of him and happy for him that’s he’s living his best life! whatever he does with his body, ill support him.

  • Bibi Baepsae
    Bibi Baepsae 8 hours ago

    Maybe the chalice symbolize dionysus, the dolphin is apollo and the other animals symbolizes other Gods ......

  • Agnes Pimentel
    Agnes Pimentel 8 hours ago

    Wow ! that was a lot of explanation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻good job👍

  • Myriam 95
    Myriam 95 8 hours ago

    Gd will forever be THAT bitch !🔥

  • MissDark
    MissDark 8 hours ago

    No, it makes sense that it's "future meets past" , because in the future our present is the past. Also, about the veils, I think its because when you cover someone you get their shadow, like its shown to us. Once you take away the front they put up(by covering them) , you get what they try to hide(their shadow). I believe the next album will deal not only with the shadow but also fear, probably the fear of the unknown more specifically.

  • kaldunas 1
    kaldunas 1 8 hours ago

    I have a feeling that tae will hold a snake or have a snake in mv

  • 黑化肥揮發發灰會花飛OwO

    I'm totally a shipper and I really live the interaction between the members I do read fan fictions and even write BUT REMEMBER WE ALL DO SPECIFIC THAT THE BOOK IS A BTS AU so yeah I think that's acceptable? I dont actually know?

  • Ann 96
    Ann 96 8 hours ago

    I love it how everyone is making videos about that he ended all ships. It was only the business of Tae and Kookie. People who didn't seen the MV of "Make it Right ft. LAUV" should look more carefully. The story behind it is too beautiful. But before you really understand this you have to listen to another songs lyrics and watch another a MV. Then you may know what's really true. 💜 And this is not a ship. 🌌✨ I don't even dislike your videos because I really like to watch your reactions to the boys. Have a nice day 😊

  • Bushra Khan
    Bushra Khan 8 hours ago

    Wow is it true

  • Teomii92
    Teomii92 8 hours ago

    Another possibility fot the violin could be in blood,sweat and tears. Hobi plays there one in the pond. Thank you for all the theory updates :) i lost track a long time ago xD

  • 黑化肥揮發發灰會花飛OwO

    “I am NOT saying BTS is using religious imagery” Even the English auto subs emphasis NOT 😂

  • OdetteLeoni _
    OdetteLeoni _ 9 hours ago

    I thought the bull lion dolphin all those figures were constellations, and the bts simbol is a way to say “we have our own constellation”, but maybe there is a deeper meaning

    BRYNE GO 9 hours ago

    There were violins being played in the N.O MV!

  • debra beyers
    debra beyers 9 hours ago

    🤗😘😍awe brilliant 😎✌for real

  • Keguri Lake
    Keguri Lake 9 hours ago

    Me watching this: IT ALL MAKES SENCE NOW! *guttural screaming intensifies*

  • Hirwa D
    Hirwa D 9 hours ago

    Those animals before Dionysus are zodiac signs .. That's what i can think

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 9 hours ago

    Wow wow wow I'm jungshooked

  • zeenat sheikh
    zeenat sheikh 9 hours ago

    Thnxx a lottttt for these amazing videos Jose !!!! U have done a great job !!! 👍👍👏👏💜💜😁😁 Thanks !!! Awesome ARMY !!!💜💜

  • MinSuga귀염둥이
    MinSuga귀염둥이 10 hours ago

    on one of the VCRs, Namjoon said "The past, present, and future eventually all exist in us". After that they show seven figures running which i'm not sure if they resemble BTS or not. During this, I saw that there were only two figures that were black and I also noticed that the figures were all different. For example, one of the white ones were kinda clear and another one had like bits of white pieces missing. I'm pretty sure they're all different because the BTS members all have different personas. Then in the end they come together to make one. Please help me with this T_T

  • Eni György
    Eni György 10 hours ago

    The Snake and the Bull is also connected to Dionysus.

  • SUGA tongue technology A

    Man !!!!! What a comeback ?!?!?!?

  • Min Yoongi My Heart
    Min Yoongi My Heart 10 hours ago

    The hourglass can also symbolize that time is running out, and we all sadly know that Jin soon has to enlist soon so maybe that mean that this album might be the last one before the members start enlisting. But what do I know, I don’t do theories, that’s your thing 😂🤷‍♀️

  • dae gu
    dae gu 10 hours ago

    And i love josh 💜💜💜💜

  • dae gu
    dae gu 10 hours ago

    My baby 😍 😘 😘 😘

  • Julia Reijonen
    Julia Reijonen 10 hours ago

    That's because Jin's shoulders belong to Rapmon😝

  • Vanshi _007
    Vanshi _007 10 hours ago

    There were violins in N.O. mv! Maybe Taehyung hinted to that era. 🤔

  • MsNomzie
    MsNomzie 10 hours ago

    Sorry this is kinda long : Connections I noticed thru the MMA that can match up to MAMA and the storyline. MMA : the very first scene, is a shadow'd figure with trees around them (similar to trees in the photograph of Jimin and J Hopes wings film) than an image of what i think is the Parthenon comes into view as the same time a bird is seen flying upwards and out of view. During the Awake wings short film RM states "Who would be born, must first destroy a world. The Bird flies to God." -- You see a bird flying upwards near the ruined image of the Parthenon. (Plus all the links in the storyline to a black crow) Then you have the lighter starting, connecting also to the scene with Jin in Awake. I want to specifically point out V and Yoongi, though all the boys are giving off the I Need U and Run vibes with there outfits, V and Yoongi are the only two wearing outfits that are almost identical to there I need u outfits. (Yoongi's red plaid shirt is hanging up in the room when he sets it on fire) When the shadows reveal themselves, Jin, Yoongi and V's are the only ones with direct sound clues from the storyline. Yoongi - Crackling fire, V- spray paint can, Jin - Passing train. If MOTS : Shadow is suppose to show the darkness, both V and Yoongi's storylines are the darkest, dealing with suicide and murder. (i know JK tried to kill himself, but his reason vs yoongi's are very different and yoongi's is much darker). Also i think it's worth pointing out that only J hope, Yoongi and V's shadows paused at there sleeping self. I feel like it's pointing that J Hope is the key to saving one of them because we know that Jin cannot save both. MAMA : If you pause during the hourglass cut scene, you get a list of numbers. 413, 3024, after some googling, both number sets are among the angel numbers, 413 speaks on teamwork, while 3024 speaks on following your dreams even through hard times. It also speaks to the storyline, in having each other to fall back on. The only other thing i wanted to point out is that the empty frame J Hope is holding, there is also an empty frame in Jins Awake short film leaning against the piano. So this is where i go off completely on my own. I think that Jin has a piano and an empty frame for a reason, that these two items are linked to the two darkest stories. V and Yoongi. In Fake Love Yoongi is again with his piano, and V is surrounded by empty picture frames. Jin knows he cannot save both, so I think by J Hope holding the empty frame it may mean that J Hope saves V while Jin saves Yoongi.

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 10 hours ago

    If ever he regrets having it someday, I mean he can always have it removed. It’s now possible guys 😁

  • Aki and kana
    Aki and kana 11 hours ago

    Rosé is my bias because.... *she loves food*