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  • The Technology Phone

    Crock Pot - Diamond Ortiz

  • The Technology Phone

    That Thumbnail Looks Like Daily News

  • Aja Moore
    Aja Moore 7 hours ago

    Jidoo literally gets everyone's hand-me-down lines , and nobody care . BUT I DO . Jisoo is very underated and YG always seems to shine most of the spotlight on Lisa , Jennie , and Rosé. Like it or not , they need a lawyer and go to court and get out of that contact . Get with a better more caring label . These talented beautiful girls deserve better , it breaks my heart to see them taken for granted like this 💔

  • DahyunTWICEloverKawaii Hello

    I don’t get why some people are HATING on TWICE.....?!

  • Fan base
    Fan base 10 hours ago

    she was never ugly...

  • army bts blackpink blink taennie


  • army bts blackpink blink taennie

    Nahhhh. I dont think kai is jennies perfect guy. I think taehyung is. Tae tae is sexy and hardworking. He is passionate and jennie is his ideal type

  • Rosie_ Petals
    Rosie_ Petals 10 hours ago

    #3 we all know

  • niiexact
    niiexact 10 hours ago

    You know...I just feel want to cry.. It was sad...I had no idea..the person that I'm interested in....Why...

  • army bts blackpink blink taennie

    But jennie broke that rule too. However Im glad jennie is still part of blackpink cause she is one of my bias. Hope they will be together till the end

  • joan Alonso
    joan Alonso 11 hours ago

    This is list is stupid and a click bait because some of this happened when they were kids

  • Kim Namjoon for president

    ... y luego estoy yo el doble de Dora la exploradora :"v *que triste*

  • Guinea Pigs
    Guinea Pigs 12 hours ago

    In Europe Is normal height in females: 160-185

  • ᴍɪss ᴍᴏᴏɴ
    ᴍɪss ᴍᴏᴏɴ 13 hours ago


  • Nichole Holmes- Mboko
    Nichole Holmes- Mboko 13 hours ago

    How dare they twice is the best

  • the kpop lover
    the kpop lover 14 hours ago

    As for Lisa and bambam.....I ship them....bamlisa 💗


    *I don't care if they debut or not , just sm pls don't forget about rv.*

  • kim Tata
    kim Tata 16 hours ago

    Okay but now WE HAVE TXT

  • Ana Aleksishvili
    Ana Aleksishvili 16 hours ago

    AY nobody messes with my chaeyoung

  • Pretty Nairah
    Pretty Nairah 17 hours ago

    Boombayah is debut song of BLACKPINK and the position of the dance of boombayah is like same on the poster because this is the truth and the poster is the first debut of BLACKPINK why position of boombayah because this is the debut song #BlinkForever #BlackpinkStayWithBlinks

  • JulesC TYChris
    JulesC TYChris 17 hours ago

    I love Lisa

  • Their_ gurl
    Their_ gurl 18 hours ago

    *You go through so mu-* Jihyo: *YESS*

  • Maria Ceci ÙwÚ
    Maria Ceci ÙwÚ 18 hours ago

    1:30 Son J-Hope y V no J-Hope y Jimin……… •-•

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 19 hours ago

    Add visuals from DNA MV too..🦋🔥

  • iiAesthetic Roblox
    iiAesthetic Roblox 20 hours ago

    How about JISOO? Her lips look so attractive either! 🖤💗

  • Lil Sunflower
    Lil Sunflower 21 hour ago

    Who bullied my *lil cutie!* if I FREAKIN saw the one who bullied my lil tae tae I will kick your ass *OFF* u better choice who u bullied for or even quit at it cause little do you know TAEHYUNG is famous and almost every armies bias! Go to trash *fucking bitches*

  • •Haily GachaYT•
    •Haily GachaYT• 21 hour ago

    *"D*mn if that fan dies I would think no one would attend to her/his funeral"*

  • Jennie Kim Is My Queen

    I want V and Jennie together.... V and Jennie please date with eachother...

  • xura AROHA - L
    xura AROHA - L 21 hour ago

    Oh really YG papa 😃😃😃😃i cant wait

  • Anastasia Kapetanelli

    OK so now I am scared.... I wanted to go to that company for audition...... Well OK thank you for telling me..... I guess...

  • Treshamae Mangubat
    Treshamae Mangubat 22 hours ago

    Jihyo is the best in twice group Don't embarrassed her in stage!!!!

  • Jacquilyn Cuyag Missiona

    Jin disliked this

  • Glenn Freo
    Glenn Freo 22 hours ago

    wait why does the title say "kjll this love"?

  • Sol :3
    Sol :3 23 hours ago

    I was also cute like those cute kids when I was a child......

  • stays nctzen
    stays nctzen Day ago

    Daniel doesn’t looks like a foreign man????

  • Pynthor Club-III Mylliem

    Kai and Jennie are breaking up because of the public pressure

  • Wendel Remix2019

    I'm a cat

  • Eugene Teh
    Eugene Teh Day ago

    I'm biased towards Rosé but GOOOOOOOO JISOOOOOOOO

  • The Technology Phone

    Toe Jam - Diamond Ortiz

  • Jazlynn Rogel
    Jazlynn Rogel Day ago

    I'm going to cry 😭😭😭

  • Beez Saz
    Beez Saz Day ago

    it's this kind of attitude pointing out all these tiny details trying to make a huge thing out of them that shows just how mindless people really are. "oh no, one of the members got pushed by a fan, let's report that in a way that makes it like we really informed the world of a huge thing that happened"

  • Yuri Zsa
    Yuri Zsa Day ago

    Miyeon would be good for blackpink, she has a sweet personality and won't hog the spotlight, she'll neutralize the tensions between lisa rose vs jennie jisoo.

  • shiva pradhan
    shiva pradhan Day ago

    Twice is also a kpop group. If they was not giving respect to twice. Why they are going to fancams to insult twice members.

  • BlackBangTwice's OnceArmBlink

    Well..BlackBangtan forever!!

  • Muối :3
    Muối :3 Day ago

    These people needs PUNISHMENT!!! Ò ^ Ó Why do they have to do that?? Whyyyy???? Ó ^ Ò

  • Kim Tae
    Kim Tae Day ago

    Parang takot na tuloy sila sa pilipinas baka hindi na tuloy sila pumunta ulit mga bobo yung mga fans di nag iisip

  • Hanalei So
    Hanalei So Day ago


  • parkrokosmos
    parkrokosmos Day ago

    Jjong didn’t pass away in the apartment. He was found unconscious by police & rescue workers after Sodam called emergency services, worried he was going to commit suicide after she received texts from him.

  • marceus Alcius

    For me lisa is one of the most beautiful women in kpop

  • marceus Alcius

    I don't care what they say but I love lisa even if she is different every one is the same so stop the bad comments please

  • marceus Alcius

    Respect lisa because black pink can't be black pink without her

  • Yaniv Vins
    Yaniv Vins Day ago

    There is something twice Tzuyu does better than anyone else: Being a perfect human being!

  • Yaniv Vins
    Yaniv Vins Day ago

    Their thinnest reminds me of SNSD, I don't know why? 😂

  • Yaniv Vins
    Yaniv Vins Day ago

    There were like dozens of dangerously successful kpop idols who quit idol life, to carry on their own career and mostly in their own countries and in their own way. I feel happy for them, they realised that they had to do what they wanted and not be someone's slave. I really feel happy for all of those who successfully escaped this dark maze. Although quite unrelated, but Twice's Tzuyu's life story really made me realize how dangerous kpop actually is ( it even feels like most of the idols there are just surviving there ) no hate or the kpop world is bad, but, on an overall.....It is! I also feel bad for many of them who had to take their own life in the end, when their soul gave up! Those helpless people were literally eaten up by this K-Poison....

    • Yaniv Vins
      Yaniv Vins Day ago

      I've seen only a few, rare lucky or exceptionally emotionally strong idols who actually survived in it, or weren't involved so much in it! I'm all the time, just shocked by how fukced up this industry is.....

  • urmi samia
    urmi samia Day ago

    Imagine everyone getting this face done by surgeons nd end up looking all 😳 same

  • - taebokki
    - taebokki Day ago

    sounds like siri

  • Yaniv Vins
    Yaniv Vins Day ago

    We should burn those Jiyo haters alive! They deserve it!

  • zelis elif
    zelis elif Day ago

    While saying got7 he just said G o t7 What the actual frick-

  • Yaniv Vins
    Yaniv Vins Day ago

    To quote one of BTS's song, "Haters gonna hate, Players gonna play, live a life man!". Be strong and happy, Jiyo! Millions of true once are there, nothing else matters than that!

  • Shreya
    Shreya Day ago

    I liked pair of B and B as Blackpink is queen and BTS is king of kpop 💞💕❤💚💙

  • Leverna Liza Gomez

    Well that girl is lucky cuz it's not the hyungs that were judging that her

  • zaina raji
    zaina raji Day ago

    Yeri like taeyeon litteil baby💖 (mom her baby )

  • Ishita Rastogi

    Why is jihyo being bullied...she's the leader of twice....😐😯🙁

  • Yesicha and Clarischa

    ‘Jin BTS is known as caring to the members’ Me: Have you heard or watch something called ‘Jin scolding the members’

  • Phenasia Soares

    My Top 4 would be 1. Super Junior - Kim heechul 2. Shinee - Taemin Ren 3. Nu'est - Ren 4. Seventeen - Jeonghan

  • Blink Jisoo Fan Girl

    Can somebody tell me how to put a profile pic !!! Please

  • TT SS
    TT SS Day ago

    Season 1 of Hyori's homestay is the best. It warms my heart to witness genuine connection between the guests, IU, Hyori, and Sang Soon <3 I hope they make a 3rd season.

  • JJ Syko
    JJ Syko Day ago

    Her real name is also Lim Ju Kyung. True Beauty is just a fanfic with herself inserted as MC. If only I had the talent to draw like that.

  • Da Cud
    Da Cud Day ago

    I love twice I fell so bad for them

  • Mulia Putri
    Mulia Putri Day ago

    I am so happy SF9 Rowoon is in first rank 😍

  • jam rose
    jam rose Day ago

    Twice viral queens

  • sad little potato

    I feel bad for them now:(💔🤕😦😭

  • 愛 ・「N̫єwCoм」


  • Lucky Tm
    Lucky Tm Day ago

    This is not good😭😭😭😭😢😢

  • Ethan Windsor XII

    Fear no death but dont seek one , sooner or later , eventually it will come . Should u really need to worry , its a limbo that u will experiencing until d intensity of ur energy wear out n become feeble before u ready for a next round of trial through rebirth ... Well , d wise choose to ditch d cycle n trenscend with the collective memory of d universe . To jonghyun - be it aeons , ull be here again someday . RIP maybe not a suitable word but i hope , next round when u finally ready to be here again , u will born in a good family , hv good health n live a happy life till d day this cycle come again ...

  • Blink 4life
    Blink 4life Day ago

    I hope jennie and kai dont have any feelings now

  • Blink 4life
    Blink 4life Day ago

    He is so rude. Poor yerin unnie.

  • Bella Donna
    Bella Donna Day ago


  • Felicia A
    Felicia A Day ago

    lol Nayeon is a flirt

  • Natsumi San
    Natsumi San Day ago

    I miss them 😭

  • khanh nguyen
    khanh nguyen Day ago

    Yaongyi just drawn herself, she’s so beautiful. And Jisoo is not similar as Jukyung [my English is not good]

  • tasneem prangon

    What where is kim taehyung

  • By Saeeda
    By Saeeda Day ago

    Yuju DOES look like a princess in it 😫 I also liked it on Irene wow 😳 where’s momo though I feel like she really pulled it off well too!!

  • umairah 06
    umairah 06 Day ago

    Well 2020 they will debut right????

  • Hannah Tanig
    Hannah Tanig 2 days ago

    She's already gorgeous in sixteen 💜 nothing has change. Just the make up because in sixteen they dont always wear make up

  • 西施小狗Ling Ling

    Cool! 😃🤪🤪🤪🎀😙

  • sais kh
    sais kh 2 days ago

    Seunghee 😍😍😍

  • GrilledCyanide
    GrilledCyanide 2 days ago

    Chewy not suyu wtf

  • Pink Lover
    Pink Lover 2 days ago

    She still smol in my eye 🥺♥️

  • Its about Kpop
    Its about Kpop 2 days ago

    sothe official name of itzy fndom said from it its midzy

  • Ana Colmán
    Ana Colmán 2 days ago

    guys, did u know that @tooiizchabu is a girl?

  • Ana Colmán
    Ana Colmán 2 days ago

    actually, a Jungkook lookalike is in a group. the thing is that i can't find it

  • 私の名前はシーナ

    If jisoo had no make up, STILL *FLAWLESS*

  • #ProtectNayeon JHope’s chicken noodle soup

    Theese are all fake cuz I see all of my idols eating theese foods sooo.

  • Queen MoH
    Queen MoH 2 days ago

    They broke up bcoz they have a contact na bawal mag GF/bf sa kanila 😭

    FOREVER GLOW 2 days ago


  • Marie G
    Marie G 2 days ago

    Why do we not forgive this but then we look up to Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish who talk the same way?

  • Crimsonyte21
    Crimsonyte21 2 days ago

    Weightlifter hahahaha, come on man that's funny af!

  • 大好き食べ物 が

    As for me 1- Chung ha Goddess 2- Chaeyeon Queen 3- Momo Princess Momo is a princess