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Deadpool vs Nerd Expo 2019
Views 430K25 days ago
Deadpool vs Sabakon 2019
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Deadpool vs Game On Expo 2019
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Deadpool vs Anime Expo 2019
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Deadpool vs FanimeCon 2019
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Deadpool vs LVL UP EXPO 2019
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Deadpool vs WonderCon 2019
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Deadpool vs AniFest 2019
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Deadpool vs Ani-Me Con 8.0
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Solaire Invades E3 2018
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  • Saganamy
    Saganamy 58 minutes ago


  • Forte UnScraven
    Forte UnScraven 2 hours ago

    I've been trying to find the exact music that was used for this video and i do see that it's in the details for the video but can someone supply the link for this exact version please??

  • Chany Chou
    Chany Chou 2 hours ago

    5:48 DNA uwu

  • Jonathan Phoenix
    Jonathan Phoenix 3 hours ago

    Lmao stabbing jesus

  • Chris the Legend
    Chris the Legend 3 hours ago

    I saw i this year

  • Chris the Legend
    Chris the Legend 3 hours ago

    Love from barbados 🇧🇧

  • Jonathan Phoenix
    Jonathan Phoenix 3 hours ago

    9:09 the victim gets all cringy 😂

  • Jonathan Phoenix
    Jonathan Phoenix 3 hours ago

    Lmaooo greninja as Naruto 😂

  • chris lowen
    chris lowen 4 hours ago

    Doesnt look anything like Wick

  • Babywolf Viviano
    Babywolf Viviano 4 hours ago


  • Gerardo Croce
    Gerardo Croce 5 hours ago

    Don't say that I like Kingdom Hearts

  • 緑谷出久
    緑谷出久 5 hours ago


  • abraham embila
    abraham embila 6 hours ago

    I love the blend of Harley witch her cosplay is dinky

  • Strike The Furry
    Strike The Furry 7 hours ago

    This is factually incorrect, snorlax should be sleeping in inconvenient places

  • Anton Teverovsky
    Anton Teverovsky 7 hours ago

    2:10 YOU IDIOT?

  • Hexagen
    Hexagen 8 hours ago

    N O P L A N T S W E R E H U R T I N T H I S V I D E O

  • Josh K
    Josh K 9 hours ago

    *Spots Elizabeth Rage, Nicole Marie Jean, Alicia Marie, Utahime* Me: "How many Patreon cosplayers are you friends with?" D-Piddy: "Yes."

  • Aaliyah got bored
    Aaliyah got bored 9 hours ago

    1:03 i guess dead pool got his gamble freak on

    SAMI BEDHIAFI 10 hours ago


  • Normal Person
    Normal Person 10 hours ago

    2:35 You're welcome

  • Happy Gacha
    Happy Gacha 10 hours ago


  • jcflores11
    jcflores11 10 hours ago

    2:34 If elizabeth rage was there where is heavenly controller?

  • Awkward Iris
    Awkward Iris 11 hours ago

    Imagine being on of those people just randomly getting stabbed Random person: Oh, let me just go on happily to my local anime expo with my brand new cosplay. *Gets stabbed by himiko Toga* Random Person: Not what I expected to happen.

  • XxalexlostingxX lost
    XxalexlostingxX lost 11 hours ago

    4:23 Mhm SIMBA

  • XxalexlostingxX lost
    XxalexlostingxX lost 11 hours ago

    2:55 Also ._.

  • XxalexlostingxX lost
    XxalexlostingxX lost 11 hours ago

    1:23 xD

  • Showcase Tea
    Showcase Tea 11 hours ago

    0:29 RIP Professor Snape

  • The Drawerian
    The Drawerian 12 hours ago

    7:10 allmight

  • Natasha Domingo
    Natasha Domingo 12 hours ago

    lol I noticed xD

  • Gero Go
    Gero Go 13 hours ago

    Kto iz 2k19

  • Mammal Studios
    Mammal Studios 13 hours ago

    Bro how he not popping a boner?

  • Youreverydaymemerm8
    Youreverydaymemerm8 14 hours ago

    Stop Spider-Man abuse 2k19

  • Youreverydaymemerm8
    Youreverydaymemerm8 14 hours ago

    I imagined that he would have a 2d waifu.... But i thought she would be a trap

  • Youreverydaymemerm8
    Youreverydaymemerm8 14 hours ago

    Someone get deadpool a corgi

  • Galaxy Nova
    Galaxy Nova 14 hours ago

    Nuu why would you stab Kanna? :,3

  • [Inoha]
    [Inoha] 15 hours ago


  • daren reyes
    daren reyes 15 hours ago

    why did waluigi not show up?

  • Doomed Phobos
    Doomed Phobos 15 hours ago

    A trap

  • Ōkama
    Ōkama 16 hours ago


  • Toni Tone
    Toni Tone 16 hours ago

    C2E2 appearance please 🙏

  • Fail Crazy
    Fail Crazy 16 hours ago

    Full volume i use earphone wkwkwk

  • Neppety Nep
    Neppety Nep 16 hours ago

    If I ever see you, in a con, ima walk up to you, put my middle fingers in the sign of the cross, and say Jesus be with you. Just a warning...

  • ハロウィーンの時間!pumpkin_chan

    Is that a real knife

  • Dark Slayer
    Dark Slayer 19 hours ago

    0:03 why would you rather throw a unicicle instead of the wheel of the unicicle

  • francis Jimenea
    francis Jimenea 19 hours ago


  • Dani Collantes
    Dani Collantes 22 hours ago

    Darn if only i was there when you were present! I was dressed as Secco, and I was literally the only Secco there haha

  • Kommando293
    Kommando293 22 hours ago

    Someday me and my friend will finally get to meet this guy in person and it’ll be awesome...

  • agr0nianTV
    agr0nianTV 22 hours ago

    2:09 What character is she cosplaying as? 2:41 Thus scene was great 3:18 The old perv is at it again :3 That one girl at the end :P

  • Joanne Almonina
    Joanne Almonina 22 hours ago


  • Fandom Enforcer
    Fandom Enforcer 23 hours ago

    Dude I hope to meet you at a con someday! Also, Pink Zebra has good music for videos like these!

  • Esteban Liang Wu
    Esteban Liang Wu 23 hours ago

    Kakashi mission Los Angeles

  • Kurt Francis
    Kurt Francis 23 hours ago

    please try the mask from @pool_ppp_pool search him up on instagram

  • Marshmallow Gam3r

    You should goto toracon in new York the next one is 2020 its at RIT the college

  • Underrated Cosplay

    The kiss you gave me was indeed soft 😂😂 - The (2018) Michael Myers

  • Temmie has joined the chat


  • WILS0N
    WILS0N Day ago

    Watch out the huntress will though some hatches

  • fyz ent
    fyz ent Day ago

    I want your custom...plz give to me

  • Kazumi Puff
    Kazumi Puff Day ago

    D.va mains (like me) undercover 1:54

  • Siren Head
    Siren Head Day ago

    Joker would just shoot piranha plant and take his salad

  • MRfunnyordie3
    MRfunnyordie3 Day ago

    So, why was this video reuploaded? Was there a cosplayer that was too hot for youtube again?

  • Antonio Ayala
    Antonio Ayala Day ago

    Where was he!? I was there for all three days!

  • Vitoria Pereira


  • Derei Gacha
    Derei Gacha Day ago

    just making a replay button for myself uwu 0:56

  • Marshmello Forever

    Oya and nice way to draw a crowd lay down and do nothing

  • Marshmello Forever

    I feel everyone should know you and know your joke play antics . If I ever go to a convention I'm guna be looking for you D Piddy

  • Marshmello Forever

    Dude how do you afford to go to all these cosplay conventions . I'm very jelious of your Deadpool prowess . The world just seems like a better place when your behind a badass mask . Judgement is a bitch .

  • Floopy Slendy
    Floopy Slendy Day ago

    0:56 nuu kanna :(

  • hell fish
    hell fish Day ago

    Girl name 2:34

  • Mobu
    Mobu Day ago

    Kimetsu no Yaiba!

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Day ago

    *L E T T U C E S I M U L A T O R* Super smash bros edition

  • kola puppet
    kola puppet Day ago

    Vachium 9:30

  • empty girl
    empty girl Day ago

    R.I.P Anime And Gamez

    SR.POLLO Day ago

    Xdd ajjajajjajaja

  • ahmed abdelghani

    That defnetly made me laugh more than the original deadpool movie 😂😂😂

  • Toxic _ Swipe
    Toxic _ Swipe Day ago

    Good vid!

  • Daniel Gendelman

    I in this tshirt(Girl) My mom(Deadpool): 2:19

  • Max Bantai
    Max Bantai Day ago

    2:45 when jiraya sensei (pervy sage ) sees her that

  • kaltum ali
    kaltum ali Day ago


  • Jack Minks
    Jack Minks Day ago

    Who was your favorite Mine was Genji

  • Luciel
    Luciel Day ago

    I literally WHEEZE in this WHOLE FRICKING VIDEO!!😂😂

  • Þórhildur Pálsdóttir


  • kitch zmr
    kitch zmr Day ago

    Yes I am bajan and I want u back I narrowly missed you man

  • Nokki
    Nokki Day ago

    I hope you were able to get your sword back from that kid. >.<'''

  • Bright studio
    Bright studio Day ago

    2:42 the Boi be like I'm outa here!!

  • Bright studio
    Bright studio Day ago

    1:49 when people are being wierd on anime expo

  • Bright studio
    Bright studio Day ago

    0:52 lol is that Sasuke 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shy Pony
    Shy Pony Day ago


  • Tymoteusz Sowa

    what is it a cosplay of at 2:50 ?

  • Harly Patijaya

    D-P feat JOKER please...

  • Mihajlo Miki
    Mihajlo Miki Day ago


  • gaming sans hernandez

    2:38 She only taught you bad words in Spanish 😂😂😂

  • Karol
    Karol Day ago

    Hahaha Que amor

  • serbrightside
    serbrightside Day ago

    3:20 Alicia Marie is bae!😍😍



  • Karol
    Karol Day ago


  • Lonely Man
    Lonely Man Day ago

    2:45 Perverted Jiraya

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Day ago


  • Xoxo- GhostieAnna-Xoxo

    My hero academia Chasing kakashi XXDD

  • RealBlazecrafter yt

    5:36 what hell have I stumbled upon