The Strange List
The Strange List
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  • Alex Gladiolus
    Alex Gladiolus 21 minute ago

    case number 10 the man is lying, his is just pretending to be a muslim to getaway with what he did, the muslim men are not allowed to have sex befor marriage, or dating women like he did.

  • Arisa 7
    Arisa 7 43 minutes ago

    Isn't it like sia?

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz Hour ago

    All spastics! Mostly keemstar he's a fucking talentless pedo

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 2 hours ago

    The fact that this video is monetised is disgusting

  • Alejandra Martinez
    Alejandra Martinez 3 hours ago

    I don’t like this voice it keeps saying GIRL WHAT. ITS ANNOYING

  • Liz Gacha
    Liz Gacha 3 hours ago


  • XImMathiii 06
    XImMathiii 06 4 hours ago

    You forgot a German TheXvidr called Katja Krassavice

  • Olivias fun stuff
    Olivias fun stuff 5 hours ago

    A sia copy

  • N.A.T
    N.A.T 6 hours ago

    13!!!! oh my goddddddd

  • Clara Hogan
    Clara Hogan 6 hours ago

    Omg! It’s Sami hahahahahaha i *hate* him! But he kindaaa reminds me of my brother...😅

  • Steven SteveO
    Steven SteveO 6 hours ago

    15:00 the pastor said sge owes him an apology. No sir. You owe God and that girl one for being a low life man of God.

  • GamingForGaining
    GamingForGaining 6 hours ago

    In today's world... Words are killing more people than bullets...

  • Shia dempsey
    Shia dempsey 7 hours ago


  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam 8 hours ago

    I wish cancer wasn't a thing or any other disease

  • Ghost
    Ghost 8 hours ago

    These people are just complete psychopaths. Best thing for them.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 9 hours ago

    Killing yourself over being banned from csgo trading. Sorry but that's pathetic.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 9 hours ago

    Sorry but the parents of that first kid don't deserve to have children at all.

  • XxKawaii katelynXx
    XxKawaii katelynXx 10 hours ago

    I hate jeans aswell

  • Gracie Anyan
    Gracie Anyan 10 hours ago

    Dude, why are you bashing her for being a normal person 😂. No one likes getting photos without consent, I don’t blame her. As for shutting her fan down, for saying I love you, that’s a normal reaction, most are not quite fond of being interrupted.

  • Heidi
    Heidi 10 hours ago

    Yelling at a fan just because they said I love you? Seems bratty to me.

  • Rude Tha Rich
    Rude Tha Rich 11 hours ago

    Black folks love drama.. until it hits home. Which it will eventually because you’re giving it too much of your energy. Random comment I know, but the ignorance/drama has completely taken over the black community and no one seems to see it.

  • Hi Jones
    Hi Jones 12 hours ago

    I never knew that total biscuit died 😓 I used to watch him a lot

  • Maddog74 M.G.D
    Maddog74 M.G.D 12 hours ago

    McDonalds babies are awesome.... Dime a dozen

  • Maddog74 M.G.D
    Maddog74 M.G.D 12 hours ago

    #6 look like BROTHER AND SISTER🤮🤮🤮

  • Happy Little Accidents

    Sammy's... not.... ANNOYINGG

  • Caileigh Guidry
    Caileigh Guidry 13 hours ago

    One reason why Melody has this child like Wonderland is because she likes being a child she adds pastel Kawaii colors you never see this in the artist you normally see this differently but you see this artist doing something I have so much inspiration from her I feel like when I grow up I could do the same and I mean like become an adult and get tattoos she is so much inspiration to me she doesn’t care what other people think about her and she just makes music and yeah I really hope I can post out my first song and she sees it and then she can

  • Just Mystic
    Just Mystic 13 hours ago

    That guy that lives in VA I know exactly where that is it's 1 county over

  • Gacha potato
    Gacha potato 13 hours ago

    I hate hate hate you why miranda my favourite TheXvidr!!!!

  • Wild- Energy
    Wild- Energy 14 hours ago

    i can feel the pressure they went through, the price of success is the risk of losing it, and living according to people's expectations

  • BaLrImNyK fan
    BaLrImNyK fan 14 hours ago

    My first word was shit. What’s yours?

  • ATLala12
    ATLala12 14 hours ago


  • JustAnOreo
    JustAnOreo 14 hours ago

    Omg! I hate vegetables too! I only eat broccoli and carrot and potato ;-;

  • xXhoneybeeXx
    xXhoneybeeXx 14 hours ago

    I don't like jeans ethier :)

  • itzRainbowflash21 ;-;
    itzRainbowflash21 ;-; 15 hours ago

    How come Jake Paul wasn't on here?

  • Izzy Playz
    Izzy Playz 15 hours ago

    i LoVe MeLaNiE mArTiNeZ (but not her opinion about the jeans! I LOVE JEANS CAUSE IM A TOMBOYYYY)

  • Emma Gordon
    Emma Gordon 16 hours ago

    Honestly, I can't tie my own shoes either.

  • alex ginger XD
    alex ginger XD 16 hours ago

    What about angry grandpa he pass away :(

  • Jordan Morgan
    Jordan Morgan 17 hours ago

    Why would somebody post this

  • Zhara Cool
    Zhara Cool 17 hours ago

    Thx strange list i would've never knew this if you weren't here:D

  • •Quick does gacha •

    Melanie's tooth gap makes her special, same with her hair. She's a great singer,and I can't deny that

  • Kyra Jonovich
    Kyra Jonovich 17 hours ago

    We love you

  • Cambria Lynette
    Cambria Lynette 17 hours ago

    My friend died nov 4 2014 :(

  • Marlee Minick
    Marlee Minick 17 hours ago

    Yaaaaa very srangeeeee

  • Seth Aldana
    Seth Aldana 18 hours ago

    They need to redo this and add etika

  • Viktoriyah Casilla
    Viktoriyah Casilla 18 hours ago

    I have have a gap between my two front teeth. I can fit a straw between there. I can also fit sweetish fish in my gap.

  • Xobile
    Xobile 18 hours ago

    Rest in peace to everyone who died. Someone, if not everyone, misses you.

  • coolboy007666
    coolboy007666 19 hours ago

    The narrator definitely wants his D

  • Jaykwan McGowan
    Jaykwan McGowan 19 hours ago

    omg 12:20 is the best

  • John Mikula
    John Mikula 19 hours ago

    Kids suicide because of parents bullying and school those are the only reasons

  • FluxCptnDavey
    FluxCptnDavey 19 hours ago

    To Bad one of them was used by a Clickbait youtuber (who is somehow still alive)

  • SkelaDude
    SkelaDude 19 hours ago


  • Bee’s Hive
    Bee’s Hive 19 hours ago

    Oof it’s super annoying when he said adults don’t have thier baby teeth because so many’ still do

  • Sarah Eaton
    Sarah Eaton 19 hours ago

    Danielle was a freak!!

  • • Drippyy •
    • Drippyy • 19 hours ago


  • Keeping up with Marilyn Monrose

    Good lord why did i watch

  • Casey Loove
    Casey Loove 19 hours ago

    Hold up......... I swear she was vegan.

  • meadow marie
    meadow marie 20 hours ago

    i swear i never wear jeans they are so uncomfortable ughhh

  • Crazy Pyromaniac
    Crazy Pyromaniac 20 hours ago

    Some of these are understandable (the veteran and the kid) some are not. Some others are simply selfish.

    DOAMA 20 hours ago

    "Shot himself dead."... Well, no shit. You wouldn't exactly shoot yourself to life, would you?

    DOAMA 20 hours ago

    Lady Gaga got back to him just a bit too late. Maybe if she had actually cared in the first place, Jamey wouldn't be dead. Oh, but don't worry... She made damn certain to milk it for public and social brownie points after the fact.

  • Elaina Hudson
    Elaina Hudson 20 hours ago

    I knew 7/10 of these

  • john laterus
    john laterus 20 hours ago

    Why is cancer cannot be prevented? What do doctors do to protect us? Seems many people and institutions benefitted from the suffering of others. Innocent people stll dying while others lived with ears and eyes shut.

  • Mia Ramirez
    Mia Ramirez 22 hours ago

    The kid in the first one didn’t hang himself in his basement he hung himself in his favorite tree, the next morning his father found him. The basement was an attempt.


    Lol mel and I have that in common we hate jeans and obsessed with tattoos xD

  • Mayra Perez
    Mayra Perez 22 hours ago

    Paul is a fucken weirdo. Abby knew Wtf she was doing. Larissa and colt were a fucken joke.

  • ediexoxo MSP
    ediexoxo MSP 22 hours ago

    4:28 No, she didn't say 'sorry im talking' to the i love you fan it was to people making fun of her in the back rows. Watch her interview it explains it

  • Fcutdlady
    Fcutdlady 23 hours ago

    Los detector tests are not 100% accurate. That's they aren't permissible in things like murder trials.

  • Juan M. Leon
    Juan M. Leon 23 hours ago

    Larisa had every right to complain.

  • Avery Littman
    Avery Littman Day ago


  • Avery Littman
    Avery Littman Day ago

    I love Miranda and Colleen! So stop hating!

  • Mona Cavaluzzo

    Well she can act like a baby but I LOVE HER I WISH I WAS HER

  • Melissa Ďurianová

    I miss McSkillet r.i.p.

  • Mona Cavaluzzo

    Woof woof 101 dalmations made me laugh

  • Dr monster productions

    My sister... committed suicide and she died and left her channel to rest. She deleted all her videos and left me to her channel, this channel

  • Ronny Mckindra

    Jesus Christ or God please bless these people in heaven

  • Alona Natad
    Alona Natad Day ago

    H NJ llm m L l k

  • Glena Forsat
    Glena Forsat Day ago

    3:25 I dont like to wear jeans too

  • MissAtari 2600

    I hattteeee fake ass youtube videos

  • e l i c a !
    e l i c a ! Day ago

    Melanie is queen

  • MissAtari 2600

    Narrator really pushes his T's lol

  • Iqra Anwar
    Iqra Anwar Day ago

    I don’t even own a pair of jeans as well

  • •• KrystalKrabby ••

    The line: there are strangers taking pictures of me and I ask “No more!” In show and tell and maybe that’s what number 6 comes from

  • Javed Ahmad
    Javed Ahmad Day ago


  • Sad Øreø
    Sad Øreø Day ago

    Video: 10 strange facts you didn't know about Melanie Martinez. Me: TRY ME BITCH

  • Lily And friends baby's nursery

    DanTdm will never ever die

  • Carmilla Ikis
    Carmilla Ikis Day ago

    Im 22 and if i get pregnant and not married my Mum would kill me 😂

  • Pansexual Princess

    When you and Melanie Martinez relate

  • Luna xOxO
    Luna xOxO Day ago

    Show and tell was for the fans 😂

  • Luna xOxO
    Luna xOxO Day ago

    I already know everything

  • A Blind Kid
    A Blind Kid Day ago

    What about ing Thompson?

  • the lame princess

    im like a mini melalnie XD

  • Sam Beyene
    Sam Beyene Day ago

    School and grades are one of many reasons

  • h._. yeet
    h._. yeet Day ago

    bitch don’t ever say to the banking queen an amateur you bitch

  • h._. yeet
    h._. yeet Day ago

    you forgot This channel

  • Gabby Smith
    Gabby Smith Day ago

    I love Melanie Martinez and her songs but I think that her and Billie Eilish would be great friends

  • Kishan Giri
    Kishan Giri Day ago

    ..... Llandudno

  • Khizma Cuevas
    Khizma Cuevas Day ago

    I will be the next to sucide tomorro septembe20,2019

  • Loumaryzz
    Loumaryzz Day ago


  • Sweet Pie
    Sweet Pie Day ago

    That actually annoys me so many rumours that don’t even matter just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean everything they do needs to be out in the public like Who cares if she doesn’t know how to tie her shoes I understand why celebrities get mad but still shouldn’t be rude to fans

  • Classic game XIX

    I'm doing the same thing next That's the only way that pain goes away😄

    • Classic game XIX
      Classic game XIX 6 hours ago

      Nayana Gugulothu next week I'm killing my self

    • Nayana Gugulothu
      Nayana Gugulothu 7 hours ago

      Nd y is it so? And if it so... Try to explore... People around you... There are lot more things to do outside rather dieing... May be you could find a reason to love yourself!

    • Classic game XIX
      Classic game XIX 7 hours ago

      Nayana Gugulothu but I hate myself

    • Nayana Gugulothu
      Nayana Gugulothu 8 hours ago

      Suicide is not a solution

    • Classic game XIX
      Classic game XIX 21 hour ago

      Nayana Gugulothu what