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Halsey - Graveyard
Views 20MMonth ago
Halsey - clementine
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Halsey - Nightmare
Views 77M6 months ago
Halsey - Without Me
Views 317MYear ago
Halsey - Alone (Audio)
Views 12M2 years ago
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 2
Views 312K3 years ago
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 1
Views 297K4 years ago
Halsey - Young God (Audio)
Views 18M4 years ago
Halsey - Haunting (Audio)
Views 16M4 years ago
Halsey - Drive (Audio)
Views 17M4 years ago


  • Monsta Reaction
    Monsta Reaction Hour ago

    Halsey amazing episode nice way of keeping yourself busy on the road

  • Sharon J.C
    Sharon J.C 2 hours ago

    I hope she stays blessed.......love her

  • Levi Haugen
    Levi Haugen 2 hours ago

    And they can take their MONEY with them to the GRAVE!!!!!!

  • Levi Haugen
    Levi Haugen 2 hours ago

    And they can their MONEY with them to the GRAVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh rich
    josh rich 2 hours ago

    Halsey immensely talented.

  • Ana karen Reyes fuentes

    No entien do la casion :)^-^:(

  • arinextlife
    arinextlife 2 hours ago

    I love it🖤

  • Chadd
    Chadd 2 hours ago

    I love this song... but, omg at all the product placement

  • Natalie H.
    Natalie H. 2 hours ago

    Reese and Halsey in one room? 😍

  • Dustin
    Dustin 2 hours ago

    I 💜 Halsey 😍

  • rep stan
    rep stan 2 hours ago

    Sis I need more singlesssss

  • Sara Shinde
    Sara Shinde 2 hours ago

    I only wish these could be longer. Can’t wait to bawl my eyes out crying when the album is released 😭

  • chandra reed
    chandra reed 2 hours ago

    You were so beautiful! If i had your voice i dont know if i would shut up your amazing.....

  • sanika sathe
    sanika sathe 2 hours ago

    I got a test in like 4hrs and this is me watching halsey!!

  • My Cheese Stick
    My Cheese Stick 2 hours ago

    Idk why but this song gives me driving in a city at night vibes lol

  • Aar Kay
    Aar Kay 2 hours ago

    *Why everything about her is so perfect?* 😍

  • Carrington M
    Carrington M 2 hours ago


  • camille
    camille 2 hours ago


  • Vivian Quinn
    Vivian Quinn 2 hours ago

    When it ended I was like, that’s it? Why lol

  • Don Ackerman
    Don Ackerman 2 hours ago

    This is fun! Thanks!

  • Jaimie Page
    Jaimie Page 2 hours ago

    Halsey and pink are so important to me, to see her chase her down and give her respect is SO perfect

  • Marcus Oakes
    Marcus Oakes 2 hours ago

    Don’t eat the poo Halsey!

  • Israel Soria
    Israel Soria 2 hours ago

    WAIT WAIT WAIT! Reese Witherspoon knows who Halsey is?!?!? That’s si awesome I would have never guessed!

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B 2 hours ago

    Wow! She Met P!nk‼️💟

  • Caitlin van Straaten

    So exited and proud. Manic is definitely my fav so far ❤️

  • brb247ful
    brb247ful 2 hours ago

    Women supporting women 💕 healthy female friendships 💕

  • 3RBiTube
    3RBiTube 2 hours ago


  • Rica May
    Rica May 2 hours ago

    I'm getting more excited!! 😍😍💕🦄

  • Lisa Blume
    Lisa Blume 2 hours ago

    She is so amazing ❤️

  • andrea ram
    andrea ram 2 hours ago

    Love u babe ❤️❤️❤️

  • ʙᴀᴇᴋʜʏᴜɴ ;;

    Dios halsey es hermosa uwu ❤❤

  • Ryan wiltse
    Ryan wiltse 2 hours ago

    I am so freaking happy she is so successful!!!!

  • cynthia T
    cynthia T 3 hours ago

    When Halsey fanout I felt that😆

  • Juliana Joyce
    Juliana Joyce 3 hours ago

    Reese Witherspoon just casually appears, nbd

  • Starr Girl
    Starr Girl 3 hours ago

    HALSEY, I really hope u see this, this is your year, u gave me goosebumps when u sang on the cma’s, best performance, best unique voice, 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  • Joendry Vargas
    Joendry Vargas 3 hours ago


  • Nancy Espinoza
    Nancy Espinoza 3 hours ago

    People are saying how this would be great for Game of Thrones, I think it's more fitting for Throne of Glass Series

  • Breeze H
    Breeze H 3 hours ago

    That moment with Pink..was everything

  • Hajar Al-Zubaidy
    Hajar Al-Zubaidy 3 hours ago

    So inspirational 💖 halsey, always keeping me going when im falling

  • Matilda James
    Matilda James 3 hours ago

    Okay this was Incredible!!!!

  • Rickie
    Rickie 3 hours ago

    I can’t wait for the album!!!!

  • lustremyg
    lustremyg 3 hours ago


  • Fernanda :v
    Fernanda :v 3 hours ago


  • Andrea Vides
    Andrea Vides 3 hours ago

    she’s so precious💓

  • orange phoenix
    orange phoenix 3 hours ago

    I wish I could see her on tour so bad :(

  • Johnny
    Johnny 3 hours ago

    My god. Halsey & Pink would just create magic together in a collaboration.

  • sweetie vu.
    sweetie vu. 3 hours ago

    she yawn when she nervous omg she's too cute :'(((((

  • Anky
    Anky 3 hours ago

    Its funny how the warning signs can feel lile butterflies- 🥺

  • Udontknowme
    Udontknowme 3 hours ago

    Wait so the new music vdo was for the new song or the acoustic version of graveyard m confused

  • Anahi Mojarro
    Anahi Mojarro 3 hours ago

    within first 30 minutes

  • Brent Bergbauer
    Brent Bergbauer 3 hours ago

    these make me so f***ing happy!! halsey meeting pink is going to be me when i meet halsey (also sobbing while i speak) but i just need to figure out how to meet my girl H!! i f***ing love her to death!!! 😭❤️

  • Malachi Williams
    Malachi Williams 3 hours ago


  • SoMin ARMY
    SoMin ARMY 3 hours ago

    l love you so much You are beautiful.❤

  • Marie E.
    Marie E. 3 hours ago

    aww, P!nk and Halsey should sing together.

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 3 hours ago

    East or west we are the best

  • Udontknowme
    Udontknowme 3 hours ago

    So no one's gonna talk about that she just filmed a new music vdo???

  • micah david
    micah david 3 hours ago

    These snippets are SENDING ME. ugh I’m ready for this album!

  • ElvJG3
    ElvJG3 3 hours ago


  • Pleszz
    Pleszz 3 hours ago

    People in 2050 Will React And Decide To Make 2050 to 2019...🤔

  • Kara Becker
    Kara Becker 3 hours ago

    She is living her best life right now

  • Shar Smith
    Shar Smith 3 hours ago

    Loving the journey you are bringing us🔥

  • Kaylee Taylor
    Kaylee Taylor 3 hours ago

    welp tears starting forming in my eyes when i saw jagger so there’s that. 🖤

    MC ROB ORIGINAL 3 hours ago


  • Zuleica Ines Balam
    Zuleica Ines Balam 3 hours ago

    Sinplement perfect

  • Synder Rak
    Synder Rak 3 hours ago

    I love her look

    K.K ASAOTI BELOGER 3 hours ago

    Very. Nice. Ji

  • Amy nuckols
    Amy nuckols 3 hours ago

    I’m a simple woman. I get a Halsey notification and I click it - nothing else matters. 🦋

  • Snowy Chloe
    Snowy Chloe 3 hours ago

    Omg I am such a Fan of Halsey I love all ur songs

  • Tricia Hensley
    Tricia Hensley 3 hours ago

    It's nice to see you being a fan. Love watching these. Can't wait for your album!

  • Melissa Brunet
    Melissa Brunet 3 hours ago

    A true star in the making. It's been such an honor growing up with her and watching her become the person she was always meant to be. We love you Halsey ❤

  • alex Zanella
    alex Zanella 3 hours ago


  • Luca Carol Hamilton
    Luca Carol Hamilton 3 hours ago

    Halsey tan hermosa y diva como siempre 💖 Amo su personalidad es tan increible ella es arte 💕

  • Willian Carvalho
    Willian Carvalho 3 hours ago

    Alguém do Brasil aqui apoiando essa rainha também aaaaa

  • Br Vs Brenda
    Br Vs Brenda 3 hours ago

    Te amo

  • fatimah Suraya Hashim

    IM BADDDD LUCKKKKK that's what i'm hearing... sooooooo....

  • Rebecca Aguilar
    Rebecca Aguilar 3 hours ago

    When she met p!nk 😭😭😭

  • Ishaq T
    Ishaq T 3 hours ago

    That moment when you met pink, my expression will be 100 times more if i meet you.

  • lock heart
    lock heart 3 hours ago

    Can this be a whole documentary? Id honestly watch 2 hours + of the creative process for the road to manic.

  • Darsh pavi
    Darsh pavi 3 hours ago

    Halsey songs is amazing and I like it

  • Maya Levy
    Maya Levy 3 hours ago

    All I’m wishing for during this New Year is that you come to Florida, even if your come to the other side, my mom said she’s willing to drive me all the way over there to see you in concert

  • Prasant Ghimire
    Prasant Ghimire 3 hours ago

    I love uh hasley😭😭❤

  • S.A. Rambu Ratu
    S.A. Rambu Ratu 3 hours ago

    *Wow your hair is growing! Beautiful! And this is my hairstyle atm! After I did half shaved & I've tried many kinda hair style afterwards & now short like **#Halsey**! I wanted my long curly hair so badly but I am just gonna enjoy & embrace this short hairstyle till it grow longer! Your so stunningly beautiful Dear! Keep shinin! Love from Bali!* 💚😘

  • Cailynne Graham
    Cailynne Graham 3 hours ago

    I love you so fucking much and can't wait to see what you do. You've helped me through so much through your music and your words. You are truly amazing and I can't wait to see what you do in the future. You will always live on in my heart no matter what you do. From your very first ep all the way through. Love you babe. So so proud of you.❤🙏

  • spacenerd23 !
    spacenerd23 ! 3 hours ago

    I know she doesn't like look and like the comments, but I just wanna say if you read this. It's an honor. Also your music has literally saved my life and I just want to thank you for that. Really. I was so depressed that I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning and your music helped me get up and do better. So thank and I love you. ❤

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 3 hours ago

    Halsey, you’re so inspiring, kind, and just over all amazing... you just make me so happy and you’re so relatable. Whenever I listen to your music I feel less alone, you remind me that everyone goes through hard times and that you just gotta push through. I love you Halsey, keep up the good work 💜

  • Miriam Israel
    Miriam Israel 3 hours ago


  • Amanda Leliever
    Amanda Leliever 3 hours ago

    Love that you sprinted to meet P!nk! I'd have died!

  • Naty Angel
    Naty Angel 3 hours ago

    Realmente me sorprendes te amo

  • Darsh pavi
    Darsh pavi 3 hours ago


  • Aline Schneider
    Aline Schneider 3 hours ago

    less than 5k views i literally never been so early

  • Oriana Lopera
    Oriana Lopera 3 hours ago

    Halsey come to Colombia please!!

  • Ingrid Mattos
    Ingrid Mattos 3 hours ago


  • lock heart
    lock heart 3 hours ago

    *sees notification Welp, time to drop everything

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh 3 hours ago

    I love you

  • Bangtan x Army
    Bangtan x Army 3 hours ago


  • Alessandra Vedder
    Alessandra Vedder 3 hours ago

    "it's taking forever" ...TRUST ME WE KNOW

  • mica reynolds
    mica reynolds 3 hours ago

    Halsey perfection😍🔥❤

  • Owen Teague
    Owen Teague 3 hours ago

    Halsey will be remembered a major idol for this generation

  • Mariana Holanda
    Mariana Holanda 3 hours ago

    she deserved a grammy :/

  • Karine Souza
    Karine Souza 3 hours ago

    Imagine watching a performance of her and P!nk omg... I WANT IT(bwl tone)!