YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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  • aryana palmer
    aryana palmer 4 seconds ago

    Is her back ok 😭😂

  • Keya Lasha
    Keya Lasha Minute ago

    okay but let’s talk about this “security”😂😂😂😂😂

    KYLE IS A BOT Minute ago

    He has the same Xbox controller as me

  • gouda grishhdoe
    gouda grishhdoe Minute ago

    Wtf am I watching

  • Joseph Gameplays
    Joseph Gameplays Minute ago

    the best shit

  • bella riggs
    bella riggs 2 minutes ago

    my husband’s music always slaps 🥰

  • KingFishshark Supernova

    Sounds like shit

  • Wo Man
    Wo Man 2 minutes ago

    I love this damn song

  • BSSP WatchYoSelf
    BSSP WatchYoSelf 2 minutes ago

    What the fuck is this shit?!? Oh my fucking goodness. Ol girl hid behind a lil bush as if she was in PUBG. Wtf bro

  • the grim sword
    the grim sword 2 minutes ago


  • Keisean Hoyle
    Keisean Hoyle 2 minutes ago

    Yb on god this shit suck you the goat tho

  • Repent, Ye
    Repent, Ye 2 minutes ago

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  • Keisean Hoyle
    Keisean Hoyle 2 minutes ago

    This shit suck 🤣🤣🤣

  • B2WavyYT
    B2WavyYT 3 minutes ago


  • HerosCrew
    HerosCrew 3 minutes ago

    Blow him mind

  • Misael Carrillo
    Misael Carrillo 3 minutes ago


  • Corey Pittman
    Corey Pittman 3 minutes ago

    I’m going to irritate every iyanna I know

    STAY WOKE 3 minutes ago

    thi different different 😂😂

  • Misael Carrillo
    Misael Carrillo 3 minutes ago

    Love you channel

  • momomonies
    momomonies 3 minutes ago

    This shit trash.

  • Roy Slat
    Roy Slat 4 minutes ago

    3:49 this addition to the song makes it so much better🔥

  • jefferson_ st.fleur
    jefferson_ st.fleur 4 minutes ago

    This man YoungBoy drew the sword ⚔️🔥🔥🔥

  • Patrick Salary
    Patrick Salary 4 minutes ago

    I like your song

    RIP JUICE WRLD 4 minutes ago

    Comment= this song is amazing Like= This Song Is Shit Sup= you are gonna be rich in two years

  • Killem Kaden
    Killem Kaden 5 minutes ago

    YoungBoy: Releases Dirty Iyanna Iyanna: Damn

  • Neshia TeaTime
    Neshia TeaTime 5 minutes ago

    YB say that he a free man 😂💯 he abou to write songs about how these bitchs be dirty 😂😂 Lord this video made my day

  • Takhi ransaran
    Takhi ransaran 5 minutes ago

    Nba young boy is a G.O.A.T

  • Marvin Franklin
    Marvin Franklin 5 minutes ago


    • Marvin Franklin
      Marvin Franklin 3 minutes ago

      Everybody must learn, sorry for being so judgmental.

  • get lost
    get lost 5 minutes ago

    Not sure how this is trending other than youtube put it here pushing this crap rap shit as usual...

  • abluemovie7 84
    abluemovie7 84 5 minutes ago

    I love hip hop but today's new rappers have the stupidest names. C'mon, nothing wrong with his real name "Kentrell Gaulden"

  • Fahd’s Vlogs
    Fahd’s Vlogs 6 minutes ago

    What. The. Fuck. Is this horrible pos?

  • Fuk Outta Here
    Fuk Outta Here 6 minutes ago

    This shit goofy as hell

  • Marquiss Lane
    Marquiss Lane 6 minutes ago

    This song ass 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ultimate Spider-Man
    Ultimate Spider-Man 6 minutes ago

    Number 1 on trending almost 3 days straight

  • Scott
    Scott 7 minutes ago

    This is his best song

  • Leabua
    Leabua 7 minutes ago

    Whats with all these weird mfs in the comments on everybody video talking about “Every like will add 5 inched to your peen”?

  • Ky squad Gods children
    Ky squad Gods children 7 minutes ago

    Dirty iyanna oooooonnnnnnnnn

  • JayBenjamins
    JayBenjamins 7 minutes ago

    Wow this is ass

  • Dont Worry
    Dont Worry 8 minutes ago

    This guy got so much haters shit is crazy

  • Tha Real Joliboy
    Tha Real Joliboy 8 minutes ago

    Im tell my kids this was Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana song 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Santiago Fabian
    Santiago Fabian 8 minutes ago

    Who here before tik tok steals it😎 ⬇️

  • Johnny The god
    Johnny The god 8 minutes ago

    Hood Micheal jackson

  • AStar ツ
    AStar ツ 9 minutes ago

    He is a FaZe Player

    TSO MAJOR 9 minutes ago

    This nigga beating Xboxs new console on TheXvid rn

  • Yung Ibby
    Yung Ibby 9 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson Young boy 👇🏼beat it!

  • Yung Ibby
    Yung Ibby 9 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson Young boy 👇🏼

  • Iliketurtles Hi
    Iliketurtles Hi 9 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but this sounds horrible I prefer “dirty Diana”

  • Adam Brzozowski
    Adam Brzozowski 9 minutes ago

    throw this song in the trash

  • Ladarrius Anderson
    Ladarrius Anderson 10 minutes ago

    Im making my stank face rn 🔥🔥🔥

    NLW SLIM 10 minutes ago

    Why everybody hatin on dis song?

  • Jamal Omer
    Jamal Omer 10 minutes ago

    Sad Song ‼😥

  • TheSexxylexxi
    TheSexxylexxi 10 minutes ago

    Nawl not my Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 10 minutes ago

    Number 1 trending💨

  • Donald Blunt
    Donald Blunt 11 minutes ago

    Me and youngboy got the same xbox controller.. We lit

  • BTN_TV_ 19
    BTN_TV_ 19 11 minutes ago


  • hildana y.
    hildana y. 11 minutes ago

    dirty dianaaaaaa! ooooOoO

  • Daja Dean
    Daja Dean 11 minutes ago


  • Tianna R
    Tianna R 11 minutes ago

    I’m calling Michael Jackson RIGHT FUCKING NOW 😭

  • Jay Smooth3x
    Jay Smooth3x 11 minutes ago

    How Does It Feels To Know Your Favorite Rapper Has A Xbox🤧🤣🤣?

  • LIL_guh ARIE
    LIL_guh ARIE 11 minutes ago

    Why y’all playin this song go hard fr tho 😂🔥.

  • Angel Villegas
    Angel Villegas 11 minutes ago


  • RMedium DunkNation
    RMedium DunkNation 12 minutes ago

    Nobody: Nobody at all: YB:DIE! 😂😂

  • Saniyah Raelyn
    Saniyah Raelyn 12 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson

  • King Herb
    King Herb 12 minutes ago

    This is shit

  • 50,000 subscribers with no video

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  • William Yarlett
    William Yarlett 13 minutes ago

    He dropped a bagg to get these masters

  • Rise Life
    Rise Life 13 minutes ago


  • Ricardo Rolão
    Ricardo Rolão 13 minutes ago

    What a disrespect....

  • xXWaviestFishXx -_-
    xXWaviestFishXx -_- 13 minutes ago

    This was posted my my birthday

  • life with Tay Hopkins
    life with Tay Hopkins 14 minutes ago

    This Michael Jackson shit

  • Luhbby Jay
    Luhbby Jay 14 minutes ago

    Bruh youngboy winnin rn‼️ Ong 😩😌

  • II Jay II
    II Jay II 14 minutes ago

    This song slap

  • Lakayla Winston
    Lakayla Winston 14 minutes ago


  • ToyPluto
    ToyPluto 15 minutes ago

    Iyanna was dummy thick 😍😍

  • Alan Cruz
    Alan Cruz 15 minutes ago

    Torneo de naruto tournament

  • mikesjunk00
    mikesjunk00 15 minutes ago

    gar bage

  • Hannah Leigh
    Hannah Leigh 16 minutes ago

    His voice annoying.

  • Tayedin Bartley
    Tayedin Bartley 16 minutes ago

    this nigga spits bars ali

  • Jason Cloer
    Jason Cloer 16 minutes ago

    I feel positive that the young man pictured in the thumbnail for this music video would benefit from a visit to a chiropractor...

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 16 minutes ago

    Is this dude tryna pull a Michael Jackson/The Weeknd????

  • Kevin Youngboy
    Kevin Youngboy 16 minutes ago

    Nba Jackson

  • Markiie Vlogs
    Markiie Vlogs 16 minutes ago

    Wassup Yall🤘🏼 This Yo Boy Markiie😎 I Would Appreciate🙏🏻 If Yall Check Out My Vlogs About My Daily Life An All The BS I Get Into. I Go Into A Lotta Of Adventures An Cant Wait To Share It With Yall. Its All Love Gang!!✊🏼💯💛

  • Cristian Dailyyy
    Cristian Dailyyy 17 minutes ago

    Hello Lola

  • D'Marion Dukes
    D'Marion Dukes 17 minutes ago


  • Terrell Finklea
    Terrell Finklea 17 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson dirty Dania remix

  • Jvlani
    Jvlani 17 minutes ago

    *Who else saw the memes about Michael Jackson and NBA Youngboy😂*

  • Linda Harris
    Linda Harris 18 minutes ago

    I was singing micheal Jackson instead of nba young boy song 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Too Easy
    Too Easy 18 minutes ago


    KEKS MAFIA OFFICIAL 18 minutes ago

    Think he watched ot genesis n decided to take that a remake of the king of pop dirty Diana it's an easy sell..

  • Omar Lachino
    Omar Lachino 18 minutes ago

    Y’all seriously listen to this shit?

  • Grim Reality
    Grim Reality 19 minutes ago


  • deewiththespeed on gang
    deewiththespeed on gang 19 minutes ago

    1 trending

  • Akgrad kuedituka
    Akgrad kuedituka 19 minutes ago

    Y’all should tapn with Rocky Badd Overdose Bstyle, she got stoopid bars 🤷🏽‍♀️🔥

  • Ervin Martin
    Ervin Martin 20 minutes ago

    Cant believe this nigga had the audacity to ruin a classic

  • Abed
    Abed 20 minutes ago

    Shit is TRASH

  • Steven Cardona
    Steven Cardona 20 minutes ago

    dirty ayana might be the girl who gave nba herpes 😂

  • SOB Hijo
    SOB Hijo 21 minute ago

    who else here while its still on number 1 trending song

  • zolf
    zolf 21 minute ago

    Assest youngboy song alive🚮🤦🏽‍♂️🤭

  • __SupaFaze__
    __SupaFaze__ 21 minute ago

    This nigga got Xbox🤦🏾‍♂️

  • George Blackstock
    George Blackstock 21 minute ago