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Fortnite - P-1000
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Fortnite - Zone Wars
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Fortnite At E3 2019
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14 Days of Summer
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  • I will supply Weapon 's for the war

    Me:Anybody got extra cash? Everyone else in the room: :(

    AYYAZ IHNAM 4 hours ago

    Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban jarvis Unban Jarvis Unban jarvis Unban Jarvis Unban jarvis

  • Fynatic
    Fynatic 4 hours ago

    Wow I've been playing 1 year, time has flown!

  • Sasha
    Sasha 5 hours ago


  • 中嶋隼人
    中嶋隼人 5 hours ago


  • Aqpdicjwj Qkfido
    Aqpdicjwj Qkfido 5 hours ago

    How could Fortnite remove launch pads?! It wasn’t broken or anything 😢😢 I came here to commemorate the launch pad...

  • NVP-oxa
    NVP-oxa 5 hours ago

    Save the world switch please

  • NVP-oxa
    NVP-oxa 5 hours ago

    Mettez sauver le monde sur switch silvousplait

  • Izaak Shaglof
    Izaak Shaglof 5 hours ago

    These are the MEGA OG'S

  • LimmyBoiii
    LimmyBoiii 5 hours ago

    2014- Defending The Fort 2019- Cranking The 90s

  • Sasha & Tofa
    Sasha & Tofa 5 hours ago


  • Sasha & Tofa
    Sasha & Tofa 5 hours ago

    Epic please give me back my Fortnite account it named :Anthony jabali

  • Beck Sholakis
    Beck Sholakis 5 hours ago

    Can you please refund the raven skin my name is Sxzzo

  • Erelny
    Erelny 5 hours ago

    Бл я когда вижу этот трейлер, у меня мурашки по коже (я в прямом смысле)

  • Maciek Markowski
    Maciek Markowski 5 hours ago


  • Maciek Markowski
    Maciek Markowski 5 hours ago

    Zgłośli mnie bo scelałem typowi chedy

  • Shaked Levi
    Shaked Levi 6 hours ago

    If you watch it in 2019 like this comment

  • Amanda Langdon
    Amanda Langdon 6 hours ago

    Make the characters talk by there voices

  • aziz urrahaman
    aziz urrahaman 6 hours ago

    Make a issue take that battle bus has break

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 6 hours ago

    Imagine this was season 2 chapter 2, just doing this and see who does the most confusing thing.

    TOM TIZIOH 6 hours ago

    Fortnite was good until season 8 Am I right?

  • May Chong
    May Chong 6 hours ago

    This game is great! For the developers

  • Moartea YT
    Moartea YT 7 hours ago

    Can you please for the love of god to make Fortnite no more BETA i really want to play it

  • Dhan Ramdam
    Dhan Ramdam 7 hours ago


  • Oscar gaming
    Oscar gaming 8 hours ago

    where is the save the world content?

  • Алексей Мирный

    Кто из 2019

  • Ariel Figueroa
    Ariel Figueroa 8 hours ago

    It's amazing the way how a video game can change a life. It's crazy.

  • Incredimixer Channel

    Me: this peely will be an selectable style? YA- Epic Games: bruh stfu we have other plans for this peely

  • Oof_ mlpv
    Oof_ mlpv 8 hours ago

    Bring food fight back

  • Athenaツ
    Athenaツ 8 hours ago


  • lilgamer adan
    lilgamer adan 8 hours ago

    omg already love it

  • Gael Salgado garcía

    Eso sí era de OG

  • Bintang Fitra
    Bintang Fitra 9 hours ago

    Restore Asia server

  • Bintang Fitra
    Bintang Fitra 9 hours ago

    Restore Asia server

  • CosmicBrick44
    CosmicBrick44 9 hours ago

    So glad they rereleased crackshot

  • らるっち【キル集投稿者】

    この頃に戻りたい‪( ´•̥ ̫ •̥` )‬

  • Heroville
    Heroville 9 hours ago

    More grind less fun!

  • Syrex廿戈
    Syrex廿戈 9 hours ago

    0;10 this is the skin of the battlepass season 11 ???

  • Master Piece
    Master Piece 9 hours ago

    Where’s orange shirt? (OJ)

    ATAPFILMS 9 hours ago

    Ooooooh this game looks cool I’ll check it out soon

  • Exalt Archer
    Exalt Archer 9 hours ago

    Unban Jarvis he wound not do it again pls or I’ll sue you

  • Charlie’s Channel
    Charlie’s Channel 9 hours ago

    Hey Fortnite can u add 60fps to iPad gen 6th?

  • xd snitch
    xd snitch 10 hours ago

    RIP atk

  • Mebagha
    Mebagha 10 hours ago


    XxHOLLYxX 11 hours ago

    Plz epic give faze jarvis account back

  • Plepore Gaming
    Plepore Gaming 11 hours ago

    This is the best season for me Like if is your 😉

  • Clay clan
    Clay clan 11 hours ago

    Amazing season amazing battle pass and amazing storyline I honestly will always have this season as 1 favorite

  • ima _monkeylol
    ima _monkeylol 11 hours ago

    1:11 yo he's a god at editing

  • Benfin
    Benfin 11 hours ago

    No launch pads no pach nots

  • zBL4CK-_-S1D3z
    zBL4CK-_-S1D3z 11 hours ago

    Kd os br porraaa

  • Squirtle
    Squirtle 11 hours ago

    Tomorrow is the year anniversary of this mode.

  • A-A-A _
    A-A-A _ 11 hours ago


  • The Last Astronaut
    The Last Astronaut 11 hours ago

    This now holds a special place in my heart. :D

  • Edward Martsen
    Edward Martsen 11 hours ago

    This Was inspired by a comedy film

  • gaming Boss
    gaming Boss 11 hours ago

    make fortnight for 4 ram mobile

  • The L0lb!t Sh0w !
    The L0lb!t Sh0w ! 11 hours ago

    I got it in season 11

  • Shadowslash
    Shadowslash 11 hours ago

    Jonesys bounty: 99999999$ reason: killed everyone with a flaregun. I didn't know flareguns were in fortnite.

  • Clément Thiriet
    Clément Thiriet 11 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this while chapter 2 season 1 is out

  • husky bro
    husky bro 11 hours ago

    free javis

  • Floame TryHard
    Floame TryHard 11 hours ago

    Why, Banned Jarvis for a life time, and only banned a hacker in the tournament for only 3 weeks like what the hell.

  • Benjamín Josue Aleman

    dormiré the X Minecraft trailer

  • all mighty Julian
    all mighty Julian 12 hours ago

    This kinda looked cooler but they should if make some of these survivors actual survivors

  • マインクラフトゆっくり実況者MYU


  • Benjamin Belanger
    Benjamin Belanger 12 hours ago

    The song for this?

  • Gage K.
    Gage K. 12 hours ago

    My shots have not been registering at all lately. It’s extremely annoying

  • vectia
    vectia 12 hours ago

    Hey at least the fov is 100 not 80

  • videos funny falls
    videos funny falls 12 hours ago

    That good channel is still like that friend .... I have a channel that I just started I would like to know your critics and thus help me grow every day

  • Jason
    Jason 12 hours ago

    Nooo! They removed the fat guy from the main game!

  • João Pedro nutela
    João Pedro nutela 12 hours ago


  • fabio segovia
    fabio segovia 12 hours ago

    Bring it back

  • علي احمد eali 'ahmad

    O people of God is one God alone with no partner blessings of God and peace and bless our Prophet Muhammad

  • Cristian Montiel
    Cristian Montiel 12 hours ago

    I must admit that the previous island is better than that of aurita, I don't want to play it anymore, it's already a dead game for me :(

  • Raze Rj1043
    Raze Rj1043 12 hours ago

    Only og players remember ninjahyper (but like watched the vid when it came out)

  • Alejandro Picon
    Alejandro Picon 12 hours ago

    i’m just trying to find a comment from 5 years ago

  • SwavvyZero
    SwavvyZero 12 hours ago

    The best season in my opinion

    NOOBIES BOI 12 hours ago

    This was like when the mc from 2009 was recommended to ppl

  • Ikonik_ 2nasty
    Ikonik_ 2nasty 13 hours ago

    Unban Jarvis

  • Ikonik_ 2nasty
    Ikonik_ 2nasty 13 hours ago

    Unban Jarvis

  • The WatBox Gaming
    The WatBox Gaming 13 hours ago

    Fortnite, bring back the bandage bazooka, I still need the toxin challenge to do,and you got rid of it😭

    MAX90908 GUCCI GANG 13 hours ago

    Can i get somthing to play Fortnite epic games plz like i phone 11 or ps4 or Nintendo switch 😭 like if agree plz EPIC GAMES and if u do not ur worst games 😆

  • Zenyt Hernandez
    Zenyt Hernandez 13 hours ago


  • Luis De la torre
    Luis De la torre 13 hours ago

    Again another reskins.

  • Maggie Ortiz
    Maggie Ortiz 13 hours ago


  • Nolan Milliken
    Nolan Milliken 13 hours ago

    is this real? i thought fortnite was 2 years old not 5! since when!

      NOOBIES BOI 12 hours ago

      It was made in 2011 how did u not know? Do u know stw?

  • Nena Garcia
    Nena Garcia 13 hours ago

    Hay you should make season 3 to make a

  • Brando L
    Brando L 13 hours ago

    Fortnite please unvault bandage bazooka to do the Challenge

  • Galluhg
    Galluhg 13 hours ago

    They should add a pink braniac for the people who owned him in season 6 I was very disappointed when he was rereleased after screaming I finally have a rare skin!

  • Tom Heisler
    Tom Heisler 13 hours ago

    You best unban Jarvis

  • Speedsterleo20 Flittons

    Ahah ahah!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Bryson Hall
    Samuel Bryson Hall 14 hours ago

    Put back in bandage bazooka😡

  • Xx GSAVAGE2123 xX
    Xx GSAVAGE2123 xX 14 hours ago

    Make a SLASH type skin form Guns n' Roses, for cheap. I'm a broke boy I would be most grateful

  • Ninja has ligma
    Ninja has ligma 14 hours ago

    Fortnite please read this and please bring the pump it up emote back I’ll do anything

  • Discurr
    Discurr 15 hours ago

    0:03 look at that fov from 5 years ago

  • alexis Gongoraxd
    alexis Gongoraxd 15 hours ago

    quien disparo?

  • Ezy Ezy_4_
    Ezy Ezy_4_ 15 hours ago

    Epic games can you please make me faster

  • Maverick_gaming232 _
    Maverick_gaming232 _ 15 hours ago

    Epic games,is the frozen legend’s pack returning.

  • jpmc 12
    jpmc 12 15 hours ago

    Memoryes ;)

  • Ethangaming P
    Ethangaming P 15 hours ago