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Fortnite At E3 2019
Views 544K2 months ago
14 Days of Summer
Views 8M2 months ago
Fortnite - Prop Hunt
Views 1.8M3 months ago
Fortnite - Horde Rush LTM
Views 2.2M3 months ago
Fortnite X Jumpman
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  • Dilcia lily vargas Vargas amador

    Tron bikes very fast very loww health like 200 or 500 hp

  • GamerBro14
    GamerBro14 4 hours ago

    Epic, please make a storm area 51 game mode and release it on September 20!!! And add a Naruto running emote.

  • alex garzon
    alex garzon 5 hours ago

  • Risfik
    Risfik 5 hours ago

    Batman skin please

  • Jellyfish Fields
    Jellyfish Fields 5 hours ago

    Lol, I remember when some people thought it was gonna be OP

  • Luis Felipe Rubio campos

    Me regalan una skin no tengo :'(

  • sap app ツ
    sap app ツ 5 hours ago

    So we’re gonna remove 60fps glitch on mobile, which did nothing to no one so now I have to play on 30fps. Well I guess I’m going back to anime

    KIROCK 5 hours ago

    Still looking for a 2014 comment

  • Toño Menera
    Toño Menera 5 hours ago

    Fortnite sucks

  • Benjamin Saavedra
    Benjamin Saavedra 5 hours ago


  • Horribal Memes
    Horribal Memes 5 hours ago

    Anyone watching in season 69

    RAPBOR MUKHIM 5 hours ago

    Ka ia bun nia kine te❤

  • Krishan Nimesh
    Krishan Nimesh 6 hours ago

    Fortnite season 11

  • Hameed Saad
    Hameed Saad 6 hours ago

    Me:i want to be in the cash cup The first one who died

  • get rekt faggot
    get rekt faggot 6 hours ago

    Season x anyone

  • Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado 6 hours ago

    Fortnite pls y want sezzle gts get skins pls

  • Zeus G
    Zeus G 6 hours ago

    Imagine qualifying but can’t enable 2 fac...😔

  • steeve robinson
    steeve robinson 6 hours ago

    Now spam creeper or minecraft we’re starting something more dead then the Area 51 raid

  • Blu Scythe
    Blu Scythe 6 hours ago

    What about greasy, huh epic?

  • Lil_murky20
    Lil_murky20 6 hours ago

    Make this blue if You Love These Video 👇🏼{I make Fortnite Videos🤗}

  • JNB217
    JNB217 6 hours ago

    12:59:59 (Tap On These Numbers)

  • ShutUp and eat a cinnamon roll

    Remove the fcking new fortnite lobby update,it takes soo damn long to play fortnite.

  • Mario Sanchez
    Mario Sanchez 7 hours ago

    Add penny wise

  • Random Killz YT
    Random Killz YT 7 hours ago

    When are ziplines coming back

  • Ana Rosa Mendoza Carrillo

    Porfa no cancelen la temporada 11 de fornite

  • DriftyZM
    DriftyZM 7 hours ago

    Fortnite's dead just give up Epic...

  • Spider brave
    Spider brave 7 hours ago

    Pongan una skin de batman

    ARI FLAMINGO 7 hours ago

    big suck

  • massive bot
    massive bot 7 hours ago

    Mechs are cancer remove them. So bad.

  • احمد ضيدان
    احمد ضيدان 8 hours ago


  • ヨッシー22%
    ヨッシー22% 8 hours ago

    nihonzin ⬇

  • dzrkvoid
    dzrkvoid 8 hours ago

    can we renew our refund things each season because i don’t want some of the skins i have

    PAVEL KING 8 hours ago

    Epic crate new game mod (just pistols please)

  • Bluzro
    Bluzro 8 hours ago

    lol what im winning west

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card 8 hours ago

    So I hear you have Batman?

  • S S
    S S 8 hours ago

    Upload the wiggly wild lobby track

  • José Santiago Lopez

    El ingrediente batalla del movimiento es usando coraje pero

  • Osiris Gg Ghost
    Osiris Gg Ghost 8 hours ago

    Please make the Batman skin gift table

  • Its huxo
    Its huxo 8 hours ago

    Eliminate de robots plis

  • Denzel Brandon
    Denzel Brandon 8 hours ago

    Remove mech brute please please it is unstoppable i am about to start playing Apex legend

  • echoeee
    echoeee 8 hours ago

    I predict that this game will make its comeback in 5 years

  • alex Garcia
    alex Garcia 8 hours ago

    Fortnite fix ur game my mobile experience is going horrible and it is because the new update

  • Etintrof
    Etintrof 8 hours ago

    B.R.U.T.E : **Exist** Tilted Town and Junk Rifts: I’m about to destroy this whole man’s career

  • L3g0 D4R1U5
    L3g0 D4R1U5 8 hours ago

    I hope you all get good grades and have a good life

  • Sage Attic
    Sage Attic 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Shyowager: *HEYO.*

  • ch4tv
    ch4tv 8 hours ago

    Am I the most underrated Samsung smart fridge player😆

  • GRNGotGame
    GRNGotGame 9 hours ago

    skyla is the man, love his videos <3

  • iQuezz
    iQuezz 9 hours ago

    Like and u will get laid

  • OffezPlays
    OffezPlays 9 hours ago

    Hi guys I'm self promoting. Plz see my channel

  • Dux
    Dux 9 hours ago

    Lol imagine saying mmb wont win “these people are the best and dominate but we chose these runner ups”

  • Todu
    Todu 9 hours ago

    I’m just tryna reach 200 man like I’m not gifting you nothing I ain’t a S C U M but if I reach 200 that be cool 👍🏿✌🏿

  • Orzy
    Orzy 9 hours ago

    Let’s just be honest it’s gonna be mitro mongraal and benjy to win it

  • king الجووكر
    king الجووكر 9 hours ago

    الي يحب ببجي لايك 👍

  • Godzillakir 24
    Godzillakir 24 9 hours ago

    Bring back fishstick

  • Killerzach 174
    Killerzach 174 9 hours ago

    Hey fortnite fam mechs are still in the game and we are killing our own game.

  • 4121s Roblox
    4121s Roblox 9 hours ago

    Is YT KingFNoobs, Edgyboy or Twitch Ivyops In it?

  • Manuel curiao
    Manuel curiao 9 hours ago

    Where is balla?

  • icey pro
    icey pro 9 hours ago

    Fortnite is dead

    • Feros
      Feros 5 hours ago

      then why do millions of people still play it??

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 9 hours ago


  • Gooberking
    Gooberking 9 hours ago

    People actually care about competitive?

  • Alino Rivera
    Alino Rivera 9 hours ago


  • 2PieGamer
    2PieGamer 9 hours ago

    Im going to sleep. Wouldnt it be amazing if i woke up with 750 subs

  • Luis Gauto
    Luis Gauto 9 hours ago

    Number of noobs in your next game 👇 Dream 500 subs

  • dylan 459 9z
    dylan 459 9z 9 hours ago

    Metete el juego por el ****

  • The Brump
    The Brump 9 hours ago

    Next Update: vaulted Shock Waves

  • zinx slayerz
    zinx slayerz 9 hours ago

    Has the grand final happened yet

  • Agariani !
    Agariani ! 9 hours ago


  • Soundz
    Soundz 9 hours ago

    0:20 Season X DElIVerS a nEw EXpeRiEnCe fOR AlL pLaYErS tO eNJoY

  • Silly Squirtle Gaming

    Plz get party hub not just exclusive to mobile

  • Diverty _
    Diverty _ 9 hours ago

    fortnite u r the boss

  • Boazie123
    Boazie123 9 hours ago

    I’m so excited for the weekend, gonna be the craziest tournament so far!

  • Brody
    Brody 9 hours ago

    i definitely think shiroRz icedgreg and ll zizrow are gonna take na west

  • 75K Subs No Vids
    75K Subs No Vids 9 hours ago

    Hey Guys Its Stewie Griffin Here And Im Here To Explain The Joke.

  • Slow- steel
    Slow- steel 9 hours ago

    Vault b.r.u.t.e

  • AlphaQT 31
    AlphaQT 31 9 hours ago

    Need two decent players to fill up my squad with a mic and 16+ to grind with me and my friend. We get at least 3 wins a day. So let me know if anyone wants to grind and have a good time

  • zPrime
    zPrime 9 hours ago

    Y mi envoltorio?

  • SaRaDa AS
    SaRaDa AS 9 hours ago

    Juegas Fortnite y hablas español? Like= Si lo hago Ignorar= No te entiendo 💥💖💥💖💥💖💥💖💥💥💖💥💖💥💖💥💖💥💖

  • Dont Read My Logo
    Dont Read My Logo 9 hours ago

    Watch out soldiers many self promoters down there! 🥵🥵

    • M.S ReynDoggy
      M.S ReynDoggy 8 hours ago

      Wkey Travis on the fortnite channel and look at my comment

    • M.S ReynDoggy
      M.S ReynDoggy 8 hours ago

      Wkey Travis go to the video that was 2 days ago

    • M.S ReynDoggy
      M.S ReynDoggy 8 hours ago

      Wkey Travis he stole my comment

    • Wkey Travis
      Wkey Travis 9 hours ago

      Dont Read My Logo bro you literally are one smh

  • Bikoop
    Bikoop 9 hours ago

    We want good updates!!!

  • M.S Compost
    M.S Compost 9 hours ago

    Me: buys skin Also me: *well that’s $20 I’ll never get back*

  • Dont Read My Logo
    Dont Read My Logo 9 hours ago

    I’m I the only one that scrolls through the chat while watching 🤣??

  • Skills
    Skills 9 hours ago

    Make this blue if you love your dad 👇(Im gifting to my sùbscribers!)

  • TheGoldenEgg 4
    TheGoldenEgg 4 9 hours ago

    Anyone who begs for subs is worthless

  • FYS_Gaming Beast
    FYS_Gaming Beast 9 hours ago

    Checkout my newest video it’s litt!🔥

  • Silverskull718
    Silverskull718 9 hours ago

    I truly love fortnite

    • Silverskull718
      Silverskull718 9 hours ago

      Don’t you dare promote yourself in my comment

    • FYS_Gaming Beast
      FYS_Gaming Beast 9 hours ago

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  • King 24
    King 24 9 hours ago


  • Hi_u gbr
    Hi_u gbr 9 hours ago

    Nobody will see my comment

  • TSU Castle
    TSU Castle 9 hours ago

    How likes fortnite I am gifting my next 100 subscribers

  • Davontae Brown
    Davontae Brown 9 hours ago


  • Victoria Cooper
    Victoria Cooper 9 hours ago

    Fix your game plz

  • x Vertic-Ways x
    x Vertic-Ways x 9 hours ago

    If anyone sees this is it true that ghoul double pump is coming back to fortnite at like 12 am for naw

  • Hi_u gbr
    Hi_u gbr 9 hours ago

    Beep beep

  • Gerald The Kitten and Taz DemonShark

    Is Fortnite dying? Like-Yes Comment-No

  • Danaehi
    Danaehi 9 hours ago


  • rblit
    rblit 9 hours ago

    Fix the zones pros are going to stop playing the game now there losing money

  • Luis Galang
    Luis Galang 9 hours ago

    Why does Fortnite upload videos so fast?!?!

  • Davontae Brown
    Davontae Brown 9 hours ago


  • feña ignacio
    feña ignacio 9 hours ago


  • Rob Inferno
    Rob Inferno 9 hours ago

    We want batman