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Fuck Apple, part 4
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New Store Search
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The video editing room
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Clinton the is a thief.
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Clinton the cat
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Thank you, everyone.
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  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 28 minutes ago

    He be trippin

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert Polkamp 29 minutes ago

    But Louis, your a millionaire!

  • Ailpein Lachlann
    Ailpein Lachlann 29 minutes ago

    NYC seems like one giant used car lot.

  • The Incandescent One
    The Incandescent One 30 minutes ago

    20k for that tiny place to be painted He painted with gold paint thats lined with diamonds?

  • David Manishewitz
    David Manishewitz 30 minutes ago

    cocaine is hell of a drug ...SMH

  • Odonnol
    Odonnol 31 minute ago

    No goldfish! LoL! Holy shit, you DO NOT want people bringing a goldfish into your building. What a nightmare! They look innocent, but don't let them fool you; goldfish are so fuckin dangerous. -sarcasm

  • Haydn Barker
    Haydn Barker 32 minutes ago

    Is that contractor Karens brother?

  • Wiztard
    Wiztard 32 minutes ago

    Buy a project sprayer and paint that shit yourself in an hour.

  • Robert Villafan
    Robert Villafan 32 minutes ago

    you called the lunatic on his bluff and then he start blowing more hot air than macbooks typical con-man

  • Emily Schwartz
    Emily Schwartz 33 minutes ago

    He sounded like a nervous wreck and pretty insecure . What he probably means by doing jobs in the millions is that he has probably worked on jobs in the price range as an employee/laborer for another company, and so he thinks he can do it on the side, but he is totally unqualified.

  • heystarfish100
    heystarfish100 34 minutes ago

    I 歹 New York ! 丹儭仄儭

  • osmacar
    osmacar 35 minutes ago

    Ok am merely IT qualified, but even i know CRAPTOP MANUFACTURING NEEDS HEATSINK ON FAN! It's worse than NCO's needing to tell recruits chest to floor for push ups

  • NextGenBen
    NextGenBen 36 minutes ago

    Tim cook can eat my ass

  • Xmetal
    Xmetal 36 minutes ago

    hmmm ... he is going to use iPaint directly applied to the walls by people from the Apple Store or some shit? ... good grief @ the pricing

  • gullerback
    gullerback 37 minutes ago

    lol i can get that ceiling and wall done for 2-3 grand. 150 thousand fucking dollars phfft

  • Odonnol
    Odonnol 38 minutes ago

    audio sync so far off it's unwatchable.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 38 minutes ago

    Louis quietly plugs taylor swift's new album.. lol, think thats twice he's said Death By A Thousand Cuts in a video recently. j/k btw

  • Jay Kaye
    Jay Kaye 38 minutes ago

    I guess the concept is tear it all down to the walls and re do it? Get new lights and want the fire system to be up to code. I'd look at everything.

  • Josh
    Josh 39 minutes ago

    Must be quoting on that special Apple paint, ie floors in space grey, roofing in midnight green using Apple authorised paint-brush's and certified technicians. Just the cost of exceptional QA, excellent support and good design.... it just works Going with an unauthorized third-party repairer would be wasting your money and the shoddy workmanship would probably lead to the store burning down

  • Clay
    Clay 39 minutes ago

    i got a feeling this crazy contractor is outsourcing his jobs

  • Sean
    Sean 39 minutes ago

    Im not a licensed contractor (Dont have the required time on the job), I'm new to the field, but I guarantee that I could do that shit (paint) for under 500$ Lol. To bad I'm on the west coast.

  • Maverick Wagner
    Maverick Wagner 40 minutes ago

    So 20k for electric, 20 k for the walls and ceiling, 20-40k for the floors, 10k for networking, 30k for hvac, 10k for storefront, and another 20k for furniture. So the 150k sounds right if it was the entire store and not just the front.

  • Xmetal
    Xmetal 41 minute ago

    not saying you WILL find the "Alan of construction" but just note ... IF YOU do ... you may have to get quotes from a few "Karens" first

  • ZenosOsgorma
    ZenosOsgorma 41 minute ago

    20k for paint.. What are they thinking lining the walls with marble.

  • Johnson McBig
    Johnson McBig 42 minutes ago

    More. Please!

  • TS
    TS 42 minutes ago

    The contractor and Karen. . . They must be more than friends.

  • Mark Lada
    Mark Lada 42 minutes ago

    I've drywalled entire houses, walls and ceilings, for a 10th of that price, and still made good money..

  • gatekeeper65
    gatekeeper65 42 minutes ago

    It's fucking scummy dishonest pigs like him that make it difficult for honest people in legitimate businesses

  • Ida H瓣gglund
    Ida H瓣gglund 42 minutes ago

    Thank you, TheXvid recommendations!

  • Darkatar
    Darkatar 42 minutes ago

    "You are NOT going to get it lower than that" "We're getting quotes from several contractors, it's only fair." *Voice pitches 3 octaves up* "Sure! (dog noises) Sure!"

    TONY BEALE 43 minutes ago

    I could fly over from the Uk first class, buy all the tools and materials required to do a complete refit, stay in a five star hotel and still make 50% profit on 150k !

  • Scot Inman
    Scot Inman 43 minutes ago

    Louis, you need to post the contractor name so people know not to use him

  • John Carr
    John Carr 44 minutes ago

    Pity you can't name and shame the first guy. Know it's not ethical or nice but still........

  • Twice The Mega Power
    Twice The Mega Power 45 minutes ago

    $150k... you can buy 150 iphone 11 pro's for that. Which would be just about enough spare parts to keep it running for a few years

  • fjhSB
    fjhSB 45 minutes ago

    Now we're hopefully gonna see Louis find the "Alan of contractors", maybe he'll make his own TheXvid channel as well! lol

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez 45 minutes ago

    "You are not going to get it for lower than that"... Sounds familiar?

  • Jeff DIxon
    Jeff DIxon 45 minutes ago

    My wife knows when Im full of it cause my voice gets high like that guy saying sure sure. To funny

  • Tom Losh
    Tom Losh 46 minutes ago

    I can remember the company I worked for "renovating" a white-box space they owned. Once the sheetrock was done they covered the floor with plastic sheet, taped down the edges, and two guys came in and airless spray painted the whole interior with some sort of thick off-white latex paint that seemed to dry almost on contact. IIRC the space was maybe twice the size of that "front room." Next day they put down the floor.

  • Brandon A Delgad
    Brandon A Delgad 46 minutes ago

    Any moment, that guy is gonna call to tell you SIKEEEEEE. Any moment... Wait for it.

  • Alexander Borsi
    Alexander Borsi 46 minutes ago

    We need shirts with "You are not gonna get any better than this!" and a large arrow pointing tastefully somewhere off the shirt.

  • Aaron Moody
    Aaron Moody 47 minutes ago

    This lives in dreamland

  • Anthony Efx
    Anthony Efx 47 minutes ago

    Do NoT remove ceiling tiles. If you remove ceiling tiles you will have to pay around 15 k to move sprinklers higher or you wont pass inspection. We owned a gym were we took off the ceiling tiles kept the grid painted everything black on top and got stuck with a huge bill

  • Kacey Smith
    Kacey Smith 47 minutes ago

    Is there literally a cop on every god damn block?

  • OmegaChar
    OmegaChar 47 minutes ago

    For what it's worth, contractors that are booked for months and/or don't really want to do something will often give ridiculous quotes. This way it's at least "worth their time" if they do end up getting the job.

  • Saheed Rosenje
    Saheed Rosenje 47 minutes ago

  • John Stutz
    John Stutz 47 minutes ago

    Con man

  • triguer1
    triguer1 47 minutes ago

    this is the type of contractor that picks up his workers at Home Depot parking lot.

  • chocolate squiggle
    chocolate squiggle 48 minutes ago

    What a complete waste of time. You guys are too polite :-)

  • tom walma
    tom walma 48 minutes ago

    was that a "guy who knows the guy"?

  • jocko john
    jocko john 49 minutes ago

    Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaah You could do a SNL skit on this $150k thing......that guy was on PCP.....Hire some guys from SoCal " Good Mexican Crew " and they'll have that whole place done for $50K.......NY bldg. contractors are clowns......Are they related to Trump & his "Good People?" It's a scam ..........

  • pm18r
    pm18r 49 minutes ago

    Had some crap like this once from an architect co. in Thailand, first thing they do is tell you your job is small money for them and then followed by their other clients never mention costs at all................total BS

  • Flojoe6274
    Flojoe6274 49 minutes ago

    Please don't take this place. Please. It's a bottomless pit

  • Mauricio Vasconcellos
    Mauricio Vasconcellos 50 minutes ago

    His tone of voice is arrogant, true side of a sociopath, specially cons.

  • David Nazzaro
    David Nazzaro 51 minute ago

    for FRACKS sake....that room shouldn't cost more than 60-80k for a basic business oriented aesthetic. Hell, my parents had their master bath and kitchen renovated...all new custom cabinets and granite countertops......wouldn't be surprised if these same contractors would say it would cost 4x what my parents paid.

    MIKAEL ATON 51 minute ago

    is this a broker? or a crACK HEAD hooker?

  • Mitcheru Gaming
    Mitcheru Gaming 52 minutes ago

    He must specialize in night clubs, Its the beard.

  • Dastardly Dave
    Dastardly Dave 52 minutes ago

    A business mentor taught me--"Early is on time, on time is late." I could count on him to be in the parking lot of my office around 15 minutes before an appointment with me.

  • 833616 _
    833616 _ 52 minutes ago

    Put as much care and effort into your response as he put into his bid, then move on.

  • Dan The Plumber
    Dan The Plumber 52 minutes ago

    10k to punch list his own fucking work ? GTFO

  • Richard Freeman
    Richard Freeman 53 minutes ago

    Professional painter and reasonably good drywaller here: $1200 for the labor + materials and paint (maybe 600-700?). But I'm in Buffalo, not NYC.

  • CacheRAM
    CacheRAM 53 minutes ago

    Wow, you can buy an entire new house WITH LOT for 150k in South Dakota. That guy was living in a fantasy world.

    • Lorenzo Versluis
      Lorenzo Versluis 37 minutes ago

      For that amount of money converted from dollar to the currency in India or China you can actually life 'sort of' a fantasy life. If you want to go even further, you could convert that amount to Zimbabwean currency and live like a King.

    STUPID TABLET 53 minutes ago

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers

  • sam oksner
    sam oksner 54 minutes ago

    Fly me out and put me in the Hilton, ill remove those tiles, drywall, do molding and paint for $10k. I'll even go to home depot and buy the paint!!

  • Mauricio Vasconcellos
    Mauricio Vasconcellos 54 minutes ago

    Never mind the contractor. Cons (meaning sociopaths) make for 4% of the worlds population. In your lifespan you may probably get to know from 1000 to 1400 people meaning, an an estimate of 40 to 56 will be sociopaths and about 10-14 true psychopaths (1%). Its staggering but statistically proofed.

  • voogru
    voogru 56 minutes ago

    Just paint the room Mr. Bean style. Stick fireworks in a can of paint, light fuse, and call it a day.

  • Lorenzo Versluis
    Lorenzo Versluis 56 minutes ago

    You notice how the contractor raises his voice and tries to make Louis believe his flawed logic? It's the call of incompetence, trying to be louder than Louis in the hope to sound smortier 'you know, it's a very simple job'.

  • MinuteMan23
    MinuteMan23 56 minutes ago

    I'll fly to NYC to paint for 2 days and I'll take the rest of the year off to relax. Make my entire year's salary in one trip

    • Lorenzo Versluis
      Lorenzo Versluis 30 minutes ago

      Nah, why do that, if you could make way more by just simply plugging a few cables and giving a random shopping list and being told you're a unbounded genius.

  • Xmetal
    Xmetal 57 minutes ago

    :) @ Alan ... not being pushy but feeling bad (to a point) and not wanting Louis to walk away something that MAY be the best thing for Rossman repair... I'd 100% want more stuff now after this ( knowing your willing to walk) .... like "ok we will give into this or that, since you are putting this much care and renovations into our space ... 'this much $$$, too' (of course))

    JETWTF 58 minutes ago

    I would have told that contractor to leave and stop wasting my time with bullshit quotes. How do they get away with that crap is beyond me unless there are allot of idiots needing a contractor and wont get multiple quotes.

  • zcribe
    zcribe 58 minutes ago

    You should probably confirm that you did not want to gold plate the place.

    • Lorenzo Versluis
      Lorenzo Versluis 44 minutes ago

      Nah, if the guy was planning to gold plate, least he could do is tile the floor with death MacBooks, so at least Louis can walk over the corpses of MacBooks everyday.

  • David Nazzaro
    David Nazzaro 58 minutes ago

    How does one go about applying for an apple support moderator position? For that money, I'd send my mom to the genius bar.

  • outseeker
    outseeker 59 minutes ago

    lol i love listening to the guy throwing numbers out there like he knows wtf hes doing at all :D

  • tohopes
    tohopes 59 minutes ago

    He's just making up random numbers for the different things.

    • tohopes
      tohopes 58 minutes ago

      You should start a construction contracting business after you're done setting up the new store.

    • tohopes
      tohopes 59 minutes ago

      Maybe he's in the tulip business.

  • 101Osprey101
    101Osprey101 Hour ago

    Holy shit dude, even people in my house that don't listen to your channel are watching over my shoulder and laughing at that fucked up quote. That is the definition of retarded. For less than that, I will fly from Oregon and do it.

  • Mike e
    Mike e Hour ago

    Some how I'm waiting to see property Brothers show up or Mike Holmes.. I don't know why..

    • Mike e
      Mike e 43 minutes ago

      Not too hard to get license... Just like the one contractor in video obviously had no clue.

    • 833616 _
      833616 _ 56 minutes ago

      They are Canadian. They wouldn't be licensed to work in New York.

  • ben benz
    ben benz Hour ago

    Paul knows best he needs to do repair videos

  • Tom5tom Entertainment

    I'll paint one room for anyone, any color for $20K.

  • Joshua Burgess
    Joshua Burgess Hour ago

    I did new home construction for 10 years, and we just built a new house. This guy sounds like a tool. Any contractor that doesn't show up with a contract, and can't break things down, isn't worth the time.

  • 篧
     Hour ago

    may be they thought the body can transfer hits away and fan cool down the body as you know, it's bad idea and body always gets too hot to touch

  • Just A Man
    Just A Man Hour ago

    The right wall as you walk in seems like you could be touched up and just paint it.

  • Tom Losh
    Tom Losh Hour ago

    Was that Karen the Broker's husband ???

  • WixTheQwix
    WixTheQwix Hour ago

    Hire electrician, store front. Then paint the rest and call it a day.... removing drop ceiling gonna uncover more work probably $$$$$. Do it on the cheap. Employee paint party etc... or youtube subscriber paint party?? Lol

  • Marc Favell
    Marc Favell Hour ago

    trim on the floor should not be more then $7.00 a linear foot installation and materials for simple trim. I would do that whole job for 25k you buy materials and pay for my flight and passport you get permits (front room only) and it still feels like I'm ripping you off, but it a good deal, NYC standards 劾佞劾佞劾

  • firsttpt
    firsttpt Hour ago

    Actual complete build cost for 1500 sq foot homes, including the land, (in places which are not New York) are less than what he wants for an 800 sq foot room remodel... boggles the mind.

  • Jesus Rosendo
    Jesus Rosendo Hour ago

    It sounds like its really expensive in NYC, more expensive where I live which is California.

  • masterfubar23
    masterfubar23 Hour ago

    Lmao, should have laughed that contractor out of the store. 150k for the whole store? Maaaaaaaaybe, big maybe. 150 for just the front? lololololol gtfo.

  • MHTriBernard
    MHTriBernard Hour ago

    Did I hear $10k for a punch list? Do they mean the part of the project where you analyze the work of the contractor and generate a list of items not installed to spec (or correctly)? They're charging extra to check behind themselves and clean up their own shoddy work? I reckon it's part of construction management, which isn't always in the price, but it's still ridiculous to me, even as an architect, to charge so much for cleaning up their own mess.

  • TalentJams
    TalentJams Hour ago

    www.icpart.com/sell_search.jsp?sSearchWord=ISL9240 Hope that could be useful to buy some ISL9240, can use google translate if your cant read korean yet.

  • S4nari
    S4nari Hour ago

    Those must be SOME moldings... Good God.

  • thebad300
    thebad300 Hour ago

    he is way overpriced 10g on the floor shit more like 5k for a high end flooring

  • S4nari
    S4nari Hour ago

    Holy Mother of Overpriced Midtown

  • benjamin e
    benjamin e Hour ago

    Rounded up to nearest $5000 plus 15%(50%) markup to make sure it's worth doing. lol

  • LordNelsonkm
    LordNelsonkm Hour ago

    Unless there's something majorly wrong, I'd skip the floor. The existing has character.

  • EasyGameEh
    EasyGameEh Hour ago

    that's why you ask them to send you their offer with complete breakdown. not this random gibberish 20k here, 15k there. this amount of square footage of these specific work costs this. not from here to here is x grand.

  • big burt
    big burt Hour ago

    Rip on the guy all you want.... which is probably warranted...... but also you don't have a deal on this space. Who's wasting whos time?

  • John DeCumo
    John DeCumo Hour ago

    Its 150k because he wants it to be that. Not because there 150k worth of work or materials. He woke up came to the job and said to himself I need 150 for my house, car and bills I can get it off of this one guy. Websites are not expensive (especially those build your own site) and email site not expensive. He just didn't want to be tied to something. Should have avoided but hopefully you realize why who doesn't want to be professional (even with his time) won't be professional with his customers.

  • DannyWarlegs
    DannyWarlegs Hour ago

    Give me 150k, and I'll build you a fucking house, on 2 acres of land ffs

  • AJ Quick
    AJ Quick Hour ago

    I feel like this guy is gonna break your legs if you don't hire him.

  • Lorenzo Versluis

    There must be a cave with a 'Karen' type contractor spawner nearby, I recommend break it with your pickaxe or seal up the cave.

  • Mauricio Vasconcellos

    You guys made a wise decision giving yourselves and others a second chance.