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Rambling bike ride
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Louis loses mind.
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Louis writes a letter
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Thank you part 2
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Funding of new store.
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Anel is back
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Fuck Apple, part 4
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DJI Tello drone review
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  • Ian McLeod
    Ian McLeod 3 seconds ago

    This is why i never owned anything Apple. I like to build and repair the things I own.

  • Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth Minute ago

    A good first step to put Paul in charge of the new store as long as you give him your complete and implicit trust that he will only make decisions in your (and the business best) interests.

  • Nohiro
    Nohiro Minute ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh a plushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

  • Devin
    Devin 3 minutes ago

    Louis was using a gaming style benchmark to compare a professional GPU (Quadro) to a gaming GPU (RX). The Quadro is so expensive because of the specialized drivers. Those drivers don't give it an advantage in gaming style benchmarks. It's fine though, he's not into building computers.

  • prallund feucht
    prallund feucht 6 minutes ago

    they seem to want to take the spot that Silicon Graphics (SGI/SGCG) used to have... sounds like they are about to phase out of the endconsumer market

  • Tarel sun
    Tarel sun 6 minutes ago

    Imagine when your desktop pc almost costs as much as a new Tesla. With so "little" Performance for so much Money.

  • jkc054
    jkc054 8 minutes ago

    Also here thexvid.com/video/ASkrBZidT4I/video.html

  • Country CycleCam
    Country CycleCam 8 minutes ago

    Looking through my TheXvid notices for something to just listen to. Enter Louis Rambles video!

  • plasmar1
    plasmar1 8 minutes ago

    thexvid.com/video/ATnpEOo3GJA/video.html << check this when you got 2 seconds(linus video)... this is probably why t2 came out; it isn't really anything new as esxi supported osx as a guest os and also supports pass through, it's just that consumer hardware is starting to support this level of virtualization more often..... this is where hackintosh and a regular computer nearly gets indifferent, no real patching required as the virtual hardware is fully supported:P

  • schmittie123
    schmittie123 9 minutes ago

    I feel like im getting pumped every time you say terabyte, ram, hard drive, motherboard, cpu. Tech buyers always BEWARE

  • jkc054
    jkc054 11 minutes ago

    Louis I guarantee you will learn a lot by following Mr Denninger at www.market-ticker.org

  • Nick Onofrio
    Nick Onofrio 14 minutes ago

    All the cars stopped in the bike lane is triggering me.

  • Cheepchipsable
    Cheepchipsable 15 minutes ago

    Coca-Cola will kill YOU and Everyone you love...! Now do Mountain Dew - ever seen Mountain Dew mouth?

  • Green-Pill Neo
    Green-Pill Neo 19 minutes ago


  • kyle-michael solomon
    kyle-michael solomon 19 minutes ago

    33:19 its not the cart lane lol

  • 0O00OO0O00OO0O00OO
    0O00OO0O00OO0O00OO 24 minutes ago

    Louis Rossmann I take double strength benadryl for my sleep and it works fantastic for that, if I'm not asleep in 10 minutes I take this pill and awayyyy I goooo nite-nite.

  • Miller Four
    Miller Four 25 minutes ago


  • GeoffHou
    GeoffHou 26 minutes ago

    I think this video is very applicable to your actual situation. Setting up a new store... Keep in mind to keep the environment neutral so that the people think it's clean but they are not paying a price just for a premium looking store. Keep it clean with good passage/flow and have enough storage space to keep things organised, so that things don't look cluttered. Some basic well organised furniture and good lighting can do a lot of magic. Your price is for your service. The store is a tool.

  • Kaze Kami
    Kaze Kami 28 minutes ago

    ... People buy Apple... why?

  • Sam W.
    Sam W. 32 minutes ago

    I am an Uber driver that will now be more careful b/c Louis (who is a good human being) rides a bike. 🀘🏾, scouts honor...on the internet.

  • BlackHoodProductions
    BlackHoodProductions 35 minutes ago

    Just did a liquid damage repair on one of those myself a few days ago. Funny!

  • Joe Kahno
    Joe Kahno 37 minutes ago

    I hope all the disillusioned Apple users bought Teslas. I'm from the northern mid-west originally. Care to guess how far you're driving a battery powered vehicle in sub-zero weather?

  • Informedia Tech
    Informedia Tech 38 minutes ago


  • John Pienta
    John Pienta 38 minutes ago

    People just absolutely seem incapable of understanding what conflict of interest is and how it could have any meaning, one way or the other.

  • Paradise Alive Games
    Paradise Alive Games 39 minutes ago

    4:10 You, Louis, inspired me to get an electric bike, and seeing a cop actually pull back is astounding. What a lucky find you've got there. LMFAO great video, thanks for all your hard work

  • jkc054
    jkc054 41 minute ago

    Louis u really need to start listening to Karl Denninger at thexvid.com/video/yZpvuAUKrtI/video.html He reminds me of an older version of you. You will learn a lot from him. Trust me!

  • Tony Rule
    Tony Rule 42 minutes ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment regarding not being sure that a project manager is going to do their job properly, in line with Eli's house painting scenario. You certainly can't choose one based on how they dress, whether they have a flashy website, what car they drive, or the amount of smart sounding bulls#!t they can spew from their pie hole without taking a breath. Besides, you would have needed to have found one well in advance (before even looking for a store because then you can consult on-the-fly and gauge their willingness and readiness to assist in a timely manner) and you would, to be safe, have needed to find them by word of mouth from speaking with people you trust. So that is all quite a tall order.

  • Bitter Cynic
    Bitter Cynic 44 minutes ago

    I'd never go through a red light because of equality, I'd do it because I'm a free man and all those rules and laws are merely guidelines for me to follow or ignore as I damn well please.

  • jkc054
    jkc054 45 minutes ago


  • tactileslut
    tactileslut 46 minutes ago

    Rossmann Repair now hiring; no fatties. :)

  • Anidn Menoscwicz
    Anidn Menoscwicz 46 minutes ago

    is that.... a rotational hard drive??

  • KChicken
    KChicken 53 minutes ago

    It could be blowing up towards the back of the case therefore through the heatsink and out to nowhere

  • Robert Vantine
    Robert Vantine 55 minutes ago

    31:55 Use the flux, Louis...

  • Bassotronics
    Bassotronics 58 minutes ago

    No train race? I unsubscribed! Just kidding!..I loved all the commentary. Always spot on with the issues. Cheers!

  • DeadNoob
    DeadNoob 59 minutes ago

    Man i feel genuinely sorry for you having to sit in such a hellhole of a city.

  • Bruce Neely
    Bruce Neely 59 minutes ago

    I think putting Paul in charge means you have hired Paul as the project manager, since he's doing the job.

  • Darrell Sisson
    Darrell Sisson Hour ago

    Petting a cat on your lap is productive.

  • J. Pax
    J. Pax Hour ago

    The problem with the bathroom floor is that toilets sit at that height for a reason, it's comfortable for the average person to sit on. If they were skimping on the bathroom floor, it's because they didn't wan't to raise up the toilet bowl so you're not doing a slav squat while dropping a deuce. Keep on eye on them in case they just floor around the toilet bowl rather than raising it up.

  • thegrandfinale2
    thegrandfinale2 Hour ago

    Jeez dude you look so young here

  • Elliot Kaufman
    Elliot Kaufman Hour ago

    <3 my Hakko 808

  • William Petty
    William Petty Hour ago

    At 1:40 you pushed solder across two pins of that IC while measuring. If it is not shorted now, it might be the next thing to fail in the future.

  • Michael Aivaliotis

    It’s about time. You need to run your business. Not complain about floorboards.

  • Kathrin Anna Hausermann

    Excellent decision Louis making it Pauls project. He will get it done to your satisfaction.

  • h. ann
    h. ann Hour ago

    this video is somehow asmr and a vlog at the same time

  • HulluJanne
    HulluJanne Hour ago

    That through hole stuff was actually aggravating to watch. Though I understand the time constraint (still seemed to take ages to get the holes empty), but not the hate towards through hole. Funnily enough I think that a cheap spring actuated solder sucking thingy would've come in handy in this case. This part should be pretty pointless: (At some point, I would've snipped a little piece from that wick and stuffed it exactly to the hole with tweezers and also tried to keep the soldering tip as dry as possible so the wick doesn't suck the solder from the tip, but from the hole. Also when using the wick, keep it moving forward to an unaffected area because it wont suck any more once its "filled" and cut it if it starts to hinder the work. Been soldering through hole stuff as a hobby with kinda crappy instruments since like 9 years old.)

  • GingerBeardMan Dunn

    Got the notification earlier, had to put the little one to bed a bit early so I could jump on here and check it out. Love hearing my guy Louis tell things like it is!

  • PaPa-D
    PaPa-D Hour ago

    It's funny, Catalina runs SNAPPY and CLEAN on my 2009 Core-2Duo masterpiece. Thank you, Dosdude ;)

    CNN NEWS Hour ago

    I know why... because apple loses money repairing instead of selling crap

  • PaPa-D
    PaPa-D Hour ago

    7:09 I'm Dyin'! FREE entertainment! :)

  • DynVec
    DynVec Hour ago

    At the point you asked about it, there was barely any wind noise. In one of your previous video, it did have a lot.

  • cindy mananzala martinez

    Apple is corporate evil bully.

  • Ed Va
    Ed Va Hour ago

    Dead Cat worked wonderfully.

  • PaPa-D
    PaPa-D Hour ago

    wow... You'll work on such old stuff? I haven't sent mine in since you've said in the past how you won't... unless I've missed something... lol I should send in my mac with the 820-2883-A board ;) (well the price would be ridiculous and not financially viable for either one of us ... there IS that...) :)

  • acedotcom
    acedotcom Hour ago

    Real talk....I know you do repair...but why don't you do an e-bike build? I feel like your bike set up is reasonably priced and attainable, even though you aren't using the motor now I would love to see a decent build for something similar to something that you use.

  • Dwight Manne
    Dwight Manne Hour ago

    For a major city, New York is so dirty and smelly. I was so disappointed when I visited there.

  • Norman445
    Norman445 Hour ago

    Thanks realy enjoy the bike ramble.

  • Danny Di Giacomo

    Nice makeup. :P

  • Tom Z
    Tom Z Hour ago

    Wow! New York really loves their minivans, what's up with that? And, don't get me started on the lack of respect for the bike lane.

  • Justin Paone
    Justin Paone Hour ago

    I don't know about grades of osb, i do minor construction. know a little about alot. I know plywood is typically stronger and the sealant may help in the fact that osb is like a sponge. But at the end of the day, you payed for plywood. Pick your battles I guess.

  • zetsevs
    zetsevs Hour ago

    also those older appliances proubally last longer there from a time people built things to last or at least not to purposefully fail in a few years cycle

  • Gorgula
    Gorgula Hour ago

    I've listened to you say drivesavers charges 10-40x for months now. And now I've learned of your drive queue, and how you need funding. Why not up the prices and still be fair?

  • David Kiguradze
    David Kiguradze Hour ago

    Louis question, got MacBook Air Mid 2012, I got green light on the charger but it wont boot. at first I thought I was logic board but after a replacement from ebay the result is exactly same, green light, fan spins but no boot. could it be DC in board?

  • WitchidWitchid
    WitchidWitchid Hour ago

    I wouldn't give Apple a penny of my money. I have never owned an Apple product and I have no plans to own one anytime soon. Yeah, I know that other companies have similar tactics. Nut I try to select my equipmemt such that I have as much leeway and control over it as possible.

  • zetsevs
    zetsevs Hour ago

    can you still make videos on the stuff going on? it still interesting to see the process and story of it all and I like hearing your opinion just now that pauls in charge of the things you dont have to listen and take advise from the comments just give you thoughts like ideally Id love to just see pauls point of view but I know he hates being on camera and im sure you couldnt push him to make the series for you now :P

  • Kick Toy
    Kick Toy Hour ago

    Dude, I've been a music artist ever since I joined youtube and they STILL can't tell me why I can't have an artist channel. But other people got.one day one. Question: I work for a very large cell phone insurance company, and I've been sending people your way with macbook and iPhone issues. I've assumed you do Android data recovery as well, am I correct or is there another person you'd recommend? I hope they're calling you when I send them, and being nice about it.

  • The Ultimate Computer Scientist

    I just wana know, whats with the blue bikes that tones of the other cyclists seem to be riding?

    • Dragon Neptune
      Dragon Neptune 55 minutes ago

      Those are citi bikes. They have kiosks that you basically go there, pay for one, take it out and return it to another kiosk near wherever your destination is. So that way you dont have to own a bike. Its pretty convenient. But the bikes are kinda meh if you've ever gotten semi seriously into biking. At 39:18 you can see one of the kiosks. i guess its more like a locked rack.

  • Norman445
    Norman445 Hour ago

    Hi L the sound was very good . How did you cut out the veh sounds? ps no wind sound untill you went over 30 mph.

  • nilson benavides

    I remember fixing my iPhone's batteries, cracked screens or even antennas back in the day, now I'm in the Samsung game so don't worry about that anymore.

  • Ash
    Ash Hour ago

    Some say the end is near , some say we'll see Armageddon soon...

  • Exoplanet Research
    Exoplanet Research 2 hours ago

    I walked out on a 3500 job once because he was an ass hole because I woke him out of bed to service his clients house to get us in to their house.

  • Π”Π΅Π²ΠΈΠ½

    The "Asset Crash" will come. And people are going to lose their tiny ignorant minds.

  • EvFlp
    EvFlp 2 hours ago

    I greatly enjoy these, amongst the other vids

  • mrWhiskerssss
    mrWhiskerssss 2 hours ago

    If you’re so caught up on proving you have integrity why not charge 20$ for a 10 minute repair? That’s still 120$ an hour but much cheaper than the 100’s of dollars you said yourself you charge. Plus everyone who knows how media and publicity works knows negativity sells way better than positivity or neutrality ever would. You generate more views and more money on these videos being negative than you would simply being informative and neutral or positive.

  • Chad D.
    Chad D. 2 hours ago

    20:32 - Very few plans survived contact with reality..

    • tactileslut
      tactileslut 10 minutes ago

      "The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley." (misquoting as my parents used to.)

  • Engineerisaac
    Engineerisaac 2 hours ago

    If she gets to go through a red light so do I fuck it equality

  • James Palylyk
    James Palylyk 2 hours ago

    Outsourced to Paul? Sounds like a step towards sanity.

  • Otto Olsen
    Otto Olsen 2 hours ago

    Why do apple use stone chip paint on their board :-) there is uv solder mask paint out there, do they use fiberglass boards

  • brian olson
    brian olson 2 hours ago

    This is why I’m changing over to Samsung. Tired of apple ripping off their customers just so they have to buy another $1000 phone. When this iPad gets so called out of date/apple kills it via back door sabotage again so it forces you get get a new phone/iPad I’m done with this fascist company. So goodbye apple you did it to yourself πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • Alexander Moreau
    Alexander Moreau 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of that gag in arrested development where they show the mothers ID and its horribly overexposed so 'she doesnt look as old' And all spot on.

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 2 hours ago

    Oooo, change of heart... let's deprive Apple of $1300. Yup.

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 2 hours ago

    accept campus cash with 30% handling fee. so if a student has only that he can still pay you

  • Ra SenchΓ©
    Ra SenchΓ© 2 hours ago

    31:12 hands on the grips of the bycicle, helps with not dieing. it does indeed, found that out the hard way. still most Teenagers in the netherlands learn to bycicle handsfree though, in my time it was just for fun and keeping busy, but now it seems there just doing it to mess with there phones. for me i ended that idea after the saddle pin on my racing bycicle broke off, flew into my back wheel and made me do a flip with my bycicle and some spins on the floor afterwards when going over a speedbump.

  • Greg M
    Greg M 2 hours ago

    Thankfully its not a residential renovation where parts have to be ordered sometimes months in advance if it is a specialty product.

  • wkg19591
    wkg19591 2 hours ago

    Louis, you often say that you're not super smart, etc. But see, you have a situation where you know enough to know when you're not an expert on something, and so you put someone who is in charge. Smart. Very smart my friend.

  • billyhatcher643
    billyhatcher643 2 hours ago

    what my parents do when we had to get the house repaired after hurricane harvey my parents stay home to monitor the guys who repaired our house and they made sure that they did things right and at the end of the projects they did really well

  • hypurban
    hypurban 2 hours ago

    PayPal is cancer.

    THE HIPPI GEEK 2 hours ago

    HaHa gotta catch them all with 200 subs well you caught a mil bro.

  • Christoph Rackwitz
    Christoph Rackwitz 2 hours ago

    36:50 look up "fiat money" and then talk about real money again

    BIRTHDAYFACE046 2 hours ago

    Rule of Acquisition #57: Good Customers are as rare as Latinum. Treasure them.

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 2 hours ago

    Any new york girl wana marry a dirty mexican? I need greencard dont want to go back

  • Brian Kent
    Brian Kent 2 hours ago

    Got a lot of impressions watching this video. What stood out for me (a personal perception) is your lack of the use of profanity while conveying your message. LOL Not withstanding, I am grateful for your presence as an inspiration and example to others in a world where entropy reins unchecked. Some believe in the adage, What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,people but this is not true. There is always a cost. The real value is finding a balance you can live with.

  • billybbob18
    billybbob18 2 hours ago

    New York has awesome bike Lanes. How far is that commute?

  • billyhatcher643
    billyhatcher643 2 hours ago

    thats fucking awesome that u fixed a ssd that got burned and it still works which is amazing

  • nematube
    nematube 2 hours ago

    Wah... the Nutella café at 36:07 [🚨WARNING: TOTAL REGRESSION MODE ACTIVATED🚨]

  • dedlos
    dedlos 2 hours ago

    Your sound is fine. Real enjoyable listen and ride. Cheers:)

  • Metalb00
    Metalb00 2 hours ago

    they have the right application, i used the cheapo solder sucker on original xboxs to clear the lpc to install a pin header.... but that was also 15 years ago and i was pretty broke and didnt know much lol

  • Taylor Sharp
    Taylor Sharp 2 hours ago

    better than no deadcat, but it leaves a bit to be desired. Get a tactical throat mic

  • RagnarokDel
    RagnarokDel 2 hours ago

    I'm in QuΓ©bec, I put oil on my chain before leaving the last time I used it. I looked at it today, it's dry AF from the slush and there's no oil to be seen. Thanks winter.

    • Alexandre Couture
      Alexandre Couture 2 hours ago

      I'm in QuΓ©bec and I broke my elbow by slipping on iced concrete 3 weeks ago. Merci hiver!

  • marscruz
    marscruz 2 hours ago

    Paul in charge of contractor: YES! they will respect his knowledge TheXvid commenters knowledge: see Dunning Kruger Effect: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning-Kruger_effect Dead Cat on Mic: really helps, not purrrfect, not so good at higher speeds Professional Design/Architect: they put their "Diversity hire" intern on the job Bottle of Chardonnay for craftsmen: they drink beer and whisky, don't give them whisky People in bike lane: they want you to stop for them --> 'cuz they're narcissistic Bikers that don't oil chains: raised by single mothers... mantle covered with participation trophies Cost of University indoctrination: the cause of the next financial bubble pop Thanks for fixing the camera mount rattle. Much appreciated.

  • Lots of Hair but No Money

    The NYC real estate market won't last forever.