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Cityzens Giving is Back!
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  • Pablo Do Conio
    Pablo Do Conio 6 minutes ago

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 YNWA

  • Andrew waldon
    Andrew waldon Hour ago

    Kyle Walker... Oh dear! Stick to defending :)

  • mithaq ali
    mithaq ali 4 hours ago

    Pep farted for the first time in live television.

  • theworldisnotenough
    theworldisnotenough 4 hours ago

    My first reaction was: Coach defense?

  • coatingthickness
    coatingthickness 4 hours ago

    Mario give a thousands euros to guy who put a scooter in the sea in Neaples AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 👍

  • Alexis Josue Contreras Ramírez

    We need Him at Barcelona 😫😩😢


    Baloteli brother tyrese Gibson .kkkk



  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan 7 hours ago

    Thats 787-9 dreamliner...u guyz have wrote A330-200

  • Alex Mrc
    Alex Mrc 7 hours ago

    SIT DOWN ..RELAX ....its show time..

  • Gotham 13
    Gotham 13 8 hours ago

    This guy not funny!

  • jose ordoňez
    jose ordoňez 9 hours ago

    Guardiola, en España no hay presos políticos

  • Max Reeve
    Max Reeve 9 hours ago

    3:15 3:14 3:16

    CHEB TARIK 10 hours ago

    MAHREZ the big boss

  • DM
    DM 10 hours ago

    kompany 90 overall

    ZECHARIYE ISAAC 11 hours ago

    Ali’s prime-time ? He won a French league title with Boardeaux.

  • Twellop
    Twellop 13 hours ago

    0:30 that timing though

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 13 hours ago

    These 2 make me p###.... Love it :)

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 13 hours ago


  • ROMEO Kulani
    ROMEO Kulani 13 hours ago

    I love Man cit they play a good football

  • the c.f.a.
    the c.f.a. 13 hours ago

    I was expecting it to be Kyle Walker in goal and Pep as RB.

  • Premier United
    Premier United 13 hours ago

    Ok why was sterling laughing?

  • MrNewrad
    MrNewrad 14 hours ago

    The greatest ever midfielder to play in the Premier League. The goal against Blackpool was just magical.

  • Ali Alali
    Ali Alali 15 hours ago

    Who else notices that the exercise ball keeps curving into the goalie’s hand

  • rita Opiyo
    rita Opiyo 16 hours ago

    The people who disliked are Liverpool fans

  • Roland A. Varnie
    Roland A. Varnie 17 hours ago

    Why Ederson allows most of the goals to be scored in training. It is that he doesn't take the training serious or what?

  • jonnyp awake and failing.

    Vinny is missed in more ways than one watching this a year after and you will see what he brought to the team. Vinny if you ever need a heart transplant mine is as blue and yours I will cut it out my chest myself for you. True blue. Ctid.

  • Dan corleone
    Dan corleone 17 hours ago

    Aguero silva and kompany citys best players of all time

  • MOBAD [all in one]
    MOBAD [all in one] 17 hours ago

    Wye walker played like this he's very weak

  • Charles Lenoir
    Charles Lenoir 17 hours ago

    I can't believe England have a young player like Ian , better not let that type of player go!

  • Tweneboah Koduah
    Tweneboah Koduah 17 hours ago

    This Is Anfied.The Spirit Stands Still 👍👌

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson 18 hours ago

    Pep needs to stop play CM players in CB roles, like man you have CB players on the beach and still your playing CM player why tho?

  • Danley Nuks
    Danley Nuks 18 hours ago

    !!!Crossbar Challenge!!!

    FOREXION # 21 hour ago

    Vartolu değil mi lan bu😂

  • David Pope
    David Pope 21 hour ago

    The players not really taking any notice! Says it all, the rocky road to disaster!!!

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon 22 hours ago

    Sit dooown. Nobody talk.

    MÁD MÂX 22 hours ago

    Teemu PUKKI best goals

  • Stefan Ciobanu
    Stefan Ciobanu 23 hours ago

    Who tf is at minute 8:00? So slow man, is he after injury?

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 23 hours ago

    About to lay a heavy beating on Chelski at the weekend, methinks...

  • Abdullah Ibrahim
    Abdullah Ibrahim 23 hours ago


  • Vishnu vk
    Vishnu vk 23 hours ago

    As a barca fan... I'm really excited about the way pep managing the team... It's really amazing... And he delivering a beautiful football to the city fans...😵😍 Please come back to barca pep... We are facing a critical situation....😷

  • Fernanda Rilo
    Fernanda Rilo 23 hours ago

    agarrate los huevos tranca pep! jajajajaa ❤❤❤

  • Small T
    Small T Day ago

    Walker training for Keeper at the end of the video

  • Mridul J dev
    Mridul J dev Day ago

    Mourinho might be seeing this video

  • Oslo MGTOW
    Oslo MGTOW Day ago

    Replay button for Micah's infectious laughter is here 👉 1:24

  • Sam Jegen
    Sam Jegen Day ago

    Pep did absolutely nothing...wasted 11 min of my life Thank you

  • farhan farhan
    farhan farhan Day ago

    Good luck Riyad

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Is he’s last season with city

  • housine algérien

    In the case of City's loss against Chelsea, I hope that the fans will demand the resignation of Guardiola because he has been providing negative results with the club and it is time for his departure.

  • Abdou Pato
    Abdou Pato Day ago


  • Brandon Sorto
    Brandon Sorto Day ago

    Bet they can't even go to the bathroom without being recorded

  • العبرة في الخواتيم

    ريااااض محرز 💪💪💪💪 is the best

  • Mm Seldom
    Mm Seldom Day ago

    0:58 that music is familiar to me

  • المحتوى الموثوق Watch this offer looked from this link

  • Grdj Grdj
    Grdj Grdj Day ago

    Riyad Mahrez

  • Mishel Serin
    Mishel Serin Day ago

    trent handballed twice in which it should have been 2 penalties. WTF Michael Oliver

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith Day ago

    What a boy! Amazing effort and absolutely no need to feel disheartened... A true inspiration to so many, chapeau 👏👏

    • Man City
      Man City Day ago

      Love that Max is inspiring a year on. 😍

  • Simeon Batchelor

    Is Kyle Walker trying to miss?

  • Reece Randle
    Reece Randle Day ago

    Liverpool beat man city lmao ynwa

  • Mahdi Mohamedsani

    Poor de Bruyne

  • This is Cricket

    Pep guardiola 😎

  • gearoid daly
    gearoid daly Day ago

    Pure gold 😂😂

  • Prince the humble begining

    long live king kompany

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Day ago


  • Ada Madjro
    Ada Madjro Day ago

    Let’s go mahrez

  • abdu solo
    abdu solo Day ago

    the best player is rayad mahrez

  • جزأئري و أفتخر

    This year 0 titles guardiola 😂 mahrez the best✌

  • Sidali Chelouche

    I hope that Riad Mehrez will leave this winter for another club because of racism

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott Day ago

    Shine his baldy head pep looks at klopp and calls him sir ha ha

  • realnesx
    realnesx Day ago

    Walker can't shoot 😂

  • Koukoua KOUKOUA

    It you vidéo yes

  • Carmen betts
    Carmen betts Day ago

    Zinchenko=getting roasted by supposed friends

  • Yames lfc
    Yames lfc Day ago

    Sterling over mane 😂

  • gamecale
    gamecale Day ago

    Fernandinho definitely plays ultimate team.

  • Gamer THE
    Gamer THE Day ago

    Premier leauge super 🌟 aguero

  • Ndy Permata
    Ndy Permata Day ago

    ederson fit?

  • Adz-
    Adz- Day ago

    Micah city legend

  • Tyrell Rollins

    They are lucky sane was not around. #alexander Arnold


    I was expecting the balotteli aguero thing to start. Kinda disappointed

  • ALI
    ALI Day ago

    4:51 IT'S OFFICIAL gareth bale is coming to City

  • ALI
    ALI Day ago

    this is the first time they have different color

  • A- wolvy
    A- wolvy Day ago

    Pep : 4:50 Bale : am in.

  • umaru yare
    umaru yare Day ago

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  • umaru yare
    umaru yare Day ago

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  • Jimmy white
    Jimmy white Day ago

    Good to see the european minnows back in training!!!

  • مسعود محمد

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  • mohamed firaq
    mohamed firaq Day ago

    Fabinho is the best player

  • Omaar Poiriez
    Omaar Poiriez Day ago

    This is pure gold. How I've missed these two :D

  • Moha Crazy dz
    Moha Crazy dz Day ago

    ترمتك يا ڨوارديولا Traduction : good job pep ☺

  • bbkangs
    bbkangs Day ago

    Micah laughs like that old guy from the Disney short who plays chess with himself

  • kojo wester
    kojo wester Day ago

    Best team in the world.. Let go beat Chelsea and start the winning run

  • Shrine
    Shrine Day ago

    Danilo vs Burnley, De Bruyne vs Chelsea, Aguero goal that gave him the hat trick vs watford? Many great goals in 17-18!

  • imam helmi
    imam helmi Day ago

    still lose to wolves

  • ابو الفتوح الشميري

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  • مسعود محمد

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  • marcel chalobah

    Is dat scott Carson I saw

  • Cringe but Funny

    Twice! Twice! 2019-442oons

  • وردة بيضاء

    Best player riyaaaad Mahrez 👏✊👌

  • adam jorden
    adam jorden Day ago

    Mahrez leave man city