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We Broke Up.
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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Mitch White
    Mitch White 4 hours ago

    My preacher at my free will babtist church would have fun with Jeffry.

  • Shannon Silvers
    Shannon Silvers 4 hours ago

    Now I see, watching this again... Nate wants his love to respect him, help him join with him, showing no power with money.... Instead his love is to worried about her nails than to help the love love of his life..... Sometimes in life we have to walk away from things that we need to too get back to our normal self.... If it's ment to be it will be...

  • pernille Helø
    pernille Helø 5 hours ago


  • Making Kate
    Making Kate 5 hours ago

    Has she added to her line yet? Curious!

  • Cheyenne Lee
    Cheyenne Lee 5 hours ago

    Wow I feel like I was just broken up with 😭💔

  • Spider Foxx
    Spider Foxx 5 hours ago

    I hope you still get a lot of love from people in your life in general. Everybody diserves it, and break up is never a good state to get through. But it does get better. It's impressive to hear you saying positive words about him, eventhough you might be angry or disgusted or sad, I don't know. Lots of love and support from a new subscriber, who loves your makeup brand :) kiss xoxo

  • Yeori Kirishima
    Yeori Kirishima 5 hours ago

    Live for intro 💁‍♀️😂

  • Makeup Muffin
    Makeup Muffin 5 hours ago

    2:34 wouldn’t it be it’s younger sis

  • Erocs Orez
    Erocs Orez 5 hours ago

    jeffreestar..i miss you i like watching your videos..i just finished the Milani one, hope you are doing better, you are a strong btch 🤩

    XOXOXXXOOO 5 hours ago

    Looking back at this video. She was going through so much. Her issues with Nate didn’t start overnight. I love her. She still asked about us. She’s such an awesome human being ❤️❤️❤️

    LOUISA SHARON 5 hours ago

    When his voice started cracking in end...i cant🥺🥺😭

  • Zarrea La’cole
    Zarrea La’cole 5 hours ago

    That hair is EVERYTHING

  • Tbone Tbone
    Tbone Tbone 5 hours ago

    Hahah JEFF

  • Tbone Tbone
    Tbone Tbone 5 hours ago

    Haha what happened JEFF

  • Candy DeVille
    Candy DeVille 5 hours ago

    Says the King .. Queen? Of drama

  • Parzival Gripex
    Parzival Gripex 5 hours ago


  • Ania Czarnogórska
    Ania Czarnogórska 5 hours ago

    So sad, Be brave, be stronge like always, We are broken with You!

  • Parzival Gripex
    Parzival Gripex 5 hours ago


  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 5 hours ago

    Wish all your products that you throw it away... Give to me.

  • 5hallsLYKKK
    5hallsLYKKK 5 hours ago

    This was a beautiful look! Took forever to get my hands on this pallet and I have been loving it so far. I need more inspiration though...

  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 5 hours ago

    You very lucky.. To have a lot money to buy those make up.. I love make up. But can't afford it

  • Making Kate
    Making Kate 5 hours ago

    Jeffree, I have followed you since I was 14 years old! 14 years. I'm so sorry. People grow apart. Keep strong 💪

  • vm
    vm 5 hours ago

    i’ve loved and supported you since 2006, in the myspace days. sending you calm and healing thoughts, and so much love ♥️

  • Cherry Agcopra
    Cherry Agcopra 5 hours ago

    its so fun😂

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 5 hours ago


  • evalia santorski
    evalia santorski 5 hours ago

    I haven't heard this since I was 13 and i still know the lyrics

  • Kristina Trigiano
    Kristina Trigiano 5 hours ago

    Nobody is gonna y’all about the intro? 😂😭

  • Courtney Lovett
    Courtney Lovett 5 hours ago

    Hey jstar, I'll start with my arse sucking spiel.. I've loved you since I was a 13y.o emo kid. Good ol' 2004, Just to load a picture of you eating froot loops off the floor took 10mintutes on my awesome australian dial up. Years later (2015?) i thought hey what happened to my teenage idols? and gave you a Google. You had just started in cosmetics and beauty killer was being released. I still use Courtney every day :) I was so fucking excited to see someone rise from the early 2000s ashes and conquer. An alternative bad ass putting idiots careers to bed made me too happy. But on top if that all you stayed fucking real and no matter how different our lives could be I still felt your human. I know you are better than listening to shit gossip and I know how hard it would be to stay true to that with the evolution of social media and the state you're in. I haven't had the best mental health all my life and I guess that's why I'm commenting. Thankyou for being so honest to us even though we shouldn't need to know. You are more inspiring than you think. In the ways other wont get. You always rise above and that is the best thing about you. I feel heartbroken, but your words are so mature and real. FUCK anyone who wants to pry on your life. Stay strong my dear and thank you for being such a bad ass. Sending my love. Forever your friend, Courtney xox

  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 5 hours ago

    You have your own cosmetics... Its my first time here. Watching your blog. Love it so much..

  • Sam Dyer
    Sam Dyer 5 hours ago

    What an absolute fucking creep 😂😂😂 if that was my son the cunt b up for adoption 💯 man up or get on the frontline WW3

  • Celine Neumann
    Celine Neumann 5 hours ago

    He smokes? Was that weed?

  • Lara Harrington
    Lara Harrington 5 hours ago

    Jeffree is the only one who can look good with no eyebrows

  • Georgina Györgye
    Georgina Györgye 5 hours ago

    Soo scared😥😥😥😫😫🤢🤢😈😈🤣🤣🤣😁😁not girl 🤣🤣🤣

  • Senpai Cookiez
    Senpai Cookiez 5 hours ago

    When the memories came. And her smile and she looked at me. That brought tears I. My eyes.

  • nini nana
    nini nana 5 hours ago

    omg noo 🥺 im getting soft look at how sweet jeffree is so sweet to his fans 🥺🥰

  • KyKy Zimmerer
    KyKy Zimmerer 5 hours ago

    im so sorry jeffre ❤

  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 5 hours ago

    195 is better look perfect on you.

  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 5 hours ago

    I like the other to. The most expensive one..

  • lehninger
    lehninger 5 hours ago

    i don't want to live on this planet any more.

  • Eddie Edmonds
    Eddie Edmonds 6 hours ago

    I've used make up 30 years never could get that man beautiful look till Jeffree. Never could afford high end brands lucky if I got a pans stick once a year. Love these cheaper brand videos ..

  • Zeb Eatz
    Zeb Eatz 6 hours ago

    So sad Jeffree, wishing you all the best - to both of you, Nate and you! ********

  • XenoGD
    XenoGD 6 hours ago

    Im straight but why the fuck do i feel offended when someone trashtalks jeffree like what the fuck? Ps i respect you and your content just live the way you do and be kind

  • it's not a phase, mom

    Wow... I don't watch Jeffree AT ALL.. i just got this in my recommendations and I'm GENUINELY sorry. I've seen them together in some vids .. goddammit 😭😭😭 I know this doesn't tie together or anything just wanted to mention. Nikkie came out while Jeffree got this

  • Eu Mexmu
    Eu Mexmu 6 hours ago

    OMG, whem you look at his friends at the party

  • Ellah Javier
    Ellah Javier 6 hours ago

    I use this foundation. 101 is mine.

  • Satan that's me
    Satan that's me 6 hours ago

    My house is actually smaller than his pool

  • Ansell Kilig
    Ansell Kilig 6 hours ago

    Like his style 👍🤩

  • NumberOther
    NumberOther 6 hours ago

    Sorry but I think Jeffree knew about this a long time ago. Nate had checked out long before the Shane collab - you can tell in his eyes and tone of voice. The move was to happen before the announcement so he doesn’t have to deal with memories. I get it all. I think it’s part of Nate leaving- he didn’t want to do the videos and play along with the lies and deal with the drama. Nate saw the real Jeffree behind ‘Star’ and couldn’t reconcile the two. Jeffree, you don’t have to curate your life to make it something you think we want to see. We just love you.

  • Moe Lol
    Moe Lol 6 hours ago

    i literally died when he was recording shane through the gas station window and shane gave him a death stare

  • John
    John 6 hours ago

    Whens the pink vault video coming. Surely its been recorded by now

  • WhoDey!
    WhoDey! 6 hours ago

    Tucker just doing this for veiws. Nikki tutorials had a 30 mil veiw he couldn't be topped

  • JLaw
    JLaw 6 hours ago


  • Malissa Curschmann
    Malissa Curschmann 6 hours ago

    “Almost died from infection” Jeffree: WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT?!?!

  • penny elford
    penny elford 6 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: No one in the universe: No one in the entire galaxy: Me: hey Siri put up google maps for my bathroom

  • Goldie
    Goldie 6 hours ago

    OMG how can this happen

  • Malissa Curschmann
    Malissa Curschmann 6 hours ago

    Anyone else dying while they’re going through the reviews and looking at the pictures.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jacqueline's Beauty
    Jacqueline's Beauty 6 hours ago

    I love you

  • Ema Okovic
    Ema Okovic 6 hours ago

    ur new palette should be named diamond like this coment if u like this idea

  • Chloe And Ariana
    Chloe And Ariana 6 hours ago

    Love you so much Jeffree. You make me laugh. I bout your brush set today and I’m loving it. Love you so much. Hope you see this 💖💖💖💖

  • Marissa Rossignol
    Marissa Rossignol 6 hours ago

    Also jeffree calling kats contour heaven killed me I spit out my coffee

  • Marissa Rossignol
    Marissa Rossignol 7 hours ago

    Who would give Jeffree getting ready with queens a thumbs down? Trifling

  • Leo ZoeySoon
    Leo ZoeySoon 7 hours ago

    Love you jeffreestar you for who you are...just keep being yourself...

  • Jennifer Wade
    Jennifer Wade 7 hours ago

    The smashbox ombré lip was beautiful!

  • ReRe Rapunzel
    ReRe Rapunzel 7 hours ago

    Who fucking cares!

  • Zoe Hegar
    Zoe Hegar 7 hours ago

    jajaja love when she says Jesus take the wheels hahahahahha

  • Annabella Yost-Hinkofer

    Someone destroyed your palette lena slime

  • Kaitlyn Says hi
    Kaitlyn Says hi 7 hours ago

    I felt wild buying ten pairs of new boots this week, like I was doing well lol. Then I watched this video and never felt so poor in my life haha.

  • BlackDragon_gxf
    BlackDragon_gxf 7 hours ago

    Stop it. Get some help!

  • Megan Falke
    Megan Falke 7 hours ago

    I wonder.... they've said before that they have had threesomes with women before. Is it possible that Nate got a girl pregnant and is doing the mature thing and taking care of the baby moms? Maybe a girl got pregnant, gave birth,then took the paternity test and told Nate it's his. Maybe jeffree didn't want anything to do with a human child and nate, raised in Michigan, felt he had to step up.....

  • Eden Boyland
    Eden Boyland 7 hours ago

    we love you

  • Lorraine Campbell
    Lorraine Campbell 7 hours ago

    Who cares...... Probs a back together in 3 weeks...phewwwwww

  • pocketninja99
    pocketninja99 7 hours ago

    I love seeing him so hyped and excited seeing and trying new things

  • A S
    A S 7 hours ago

    Send ur all ur pr packages to us!(the leftovers) We'll obviously will receive it with open arms!

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 7 hours ago

    ❤🕊 I been through it I know how you feel

  • Faysto Love is love
    Faysto Love is love 7 hours ago

    Hi I love y so much 🤤❤️❤️😘🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿🇺🇸🇩🇿I really wanna meet u

  • craig stone
    craig stone 7 hours ago

    your kinda good at arms maybe you should start a asmr channel???? just an idea :3

    • craig stone
      craig stone 7 hours ago


  • craig stone
    craig stone 7 hours ago

    silly hate comments don't they know that jeffree is stronger now!

  • cerys207
    cerys207 7 hours ago

    i need your skills like now

  • cerys207
    cerys207 7 hours ago

    i copied ur cheetos pallet look because it looked so beautifullll😍

  • thescifichic
    thescifichic 8 hours ago

    I really hope you are feeling better each day. Don't feel bad if you go some steps back and on days fall in a heap either. You are human. Please take care girl! P.S bucket list for me would be to hang out with you and drink some cocktails by the pool. Your humor and whit is amazing and has me shook! xoxo

  • RBL
    RBL 8 hours ago

    How can Jeffree live in his mansion without the love of his life?

  • Gratitudian
    Gratitudian 8 hours ago

    Really? really? really? really? I can save you... its funny how life is you will watch this but you won't go to my channel and save your self from hell on earth??? really???? really? really? really?

  • Create With Shara
    Create With Shara 8 hours ago

    I think the dogs misses Nate, they're sad😭

  • just me and you
    just me and you 8 hours ago

    there'll be never ending works to be done, try to slow down a bit. take some time to rest and heal and it'll go a long way in the future. best wishes to both you and nate.

  • Fahim Daniel
    Fahim Daniel 8 hours ago

    Who loves these gays? Please come into the light of truth and justice! Don't support Gays! Nathan did the right thing!!!!

  • Lars Larson
    Lars Larson 8 hours ago

    Is this person a biological man? Please be kind, I’m from a small village in the North and don’t know and cannot tell.

  • banana kitty
    banana kitty 8 hours ago

    It is amazing

  • We all are brothers and sisters 😘

    Subscribe to my channel if u r true jefree fan

  • Paris 2412
    Paris 2412 8 hours ago

    Lots of love ♡♡♡♡

  • Stacey Janeway
    Stacey Janeway 8 hours ago

    This is one thing I am definately not gonna be able to get, I ordered 2 thirsty in afterpay, and wish I had just added 2 alien because I had no clue it would be discontinued. I love you Jeffree and also im so happy that MMMitchell is a true friend for you!!!

  • Firstantia Sari
    Firstantia Sari 8 hours ago

    Whaaaaaaatttttt????? 🤤🤤🤤 Is this fucking serioussss? Omg.. omg.. you both are soulmate.. in my eyes at least. I hope u both getting back together..

  • Firstantia Sari
    Firstantia Sari 8 hours ago

    Jeffreeeeeeeee.... please.. please... pleaaaseeeee..... Review this pallete call "the needs". From focallure n tasya. Cause that is the FACE PALLETE. Need to know from your honest lip. 😘

  • Stacey Janeway
    Stacey Janeway 8 hours ago

    This is my absolute favorite look on you Jeffree!! MMMitchell is so completely amazing and he shows so many new techniques, I hope I xan somehow recreate thus look. I learned with MMMitchell that being east us actually best, and brushes are ok. Thank you so so very much for this video, it's downloaded! I have noticed I press way too hard in my skin (not my eyes) but on my face for foundation, but also because I never feel like my makeup is actually "not there", as far as foundation goes. So was no finishing spray used? I felt like my problem was not looking good becayse if no setting spray, but after watching this, I completely see what I gave been doung wrong, and it's just basically beating my face to death with a beauty blender 😆, so thank you @JeffreeStar and @MMMMitchel for teaching me, it's ok to not do that, actually better, and Jeffree your makeup look is completely fucking slayed by him. As far as 19 year olds, compared to James Charles, well their is no comparison. Sorry, not sorry James. Like sister no you are not comparable to this MMMMitchel! And I can't believe the talent I habe seen unfild qnd I never thought if mixing the 2 lip shades, he truly knlws what je is doing. Yes, Jeffree is def the Queen of the beauty Industry but I feel that MMMitchell is definately so completely under rated at the rime of this, and im so happy that you 2 made friends and I also hope that he does for sure becime a part of the Star Family ❤ 🌟. Also, Jeffree I am fighting colin cancer and you inspire me every single day. I know this comment is so late, but I always find another video and I totally regret how long I put off watching thus because it's 5:07a.m. and I am wanting to just try to revreate this look right now. ❤ Jeffree also if you ever see my comment.. I am so happy to see you happy and you continue to take your time and heal. Because you deserve that. I can't wait for you to be back on camera,.im super ezcited for the blood sugar 3 reveal. Alot of ppl are thinking that it's either gonna be purple or green. I have used different theories, like we'll, red+blue=purple, and is it gonna be that because I know that you are the best in the industry, hands down, and you said purples were so much more difficult to make and I know you are up for that challenge. If it's green, well all I know to say is, if you do green, it will be ANAZING EQUALLY! red, blue, and then green. Then what's next? Spook ready for the reveal, you to heal, and I pray I can meet you at Dragcon this year. Also if you have a code, please let me knkw. Praying my operation im.still trying to come up with the money for (no insurance) will heal me because they will stop my bleeding. Currently have a gofundme for it, if anyone has read this that far, and if the bleeding can be stopped and the implants of chemo and radiation be put in as planned (God willing 🙏) I must definately can possibly heal. Without the surgery, idk it's not looking good. But my main goal is to regain my health and sanity and let you knkw Jeffree Star that you gave absolutely inspired me so so much every time I just want to give up. You are my go to for a pick me up. Wind down, you are my drug Queen!! Please, if you ever did reach out to me Jeffree, I would for sure be deceased. Cremated! I have so much love for you, currently wearing your pink puffed heart t-shirt, it's so soft with my High, how are t's on top getting treatment, so you send me so much warmth you just have no clue but may be one day you will. Also a special thabks for getting Lewis onto the PR list. We both share soooooo much love for you!! 💕

  • Sarah Arellano
    Sarah Arellano 8 hours ago

    Imagine home many people would’ve been waiting if Jeffree returned for the 8pm appointment. Word gets around quick.

  • rock greg
    rock greg 8 hours ago

    I guess Nate dosent like dream house

  • SHM H
    SHM H 8 hours ago

    That's my closet with my clothes and I all ways think who the hell stealing my socks then i go oh there they are in the corner.

  • Universul Gacha
    Universul Gacha 8 hours ago

    Hello i soy Romania 😂

  • cheap
    cheap 8 hours ago

    This is Garrett's chance

  • M Martínez
    M Martínez 8 hours ago

    Jeffree star: Falsely accuses James Charles of sexually assaulting a man even though Star is literally seen groping a man without consent in a video, and could have been charged for defamation Shane Dawson: stays quiet after instigating the whole thing. Tati: Ruins James Charles’s credibility for the sake of gaining more money and could’ve also been charged with defamation James Charles and the boy who was involved: explains everything Tati & Star: Make an apology video while Shane stays quiet Their stupid blind fans: “WE STAN!”

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson 9 hours ago

    Hope each day is getting easier for you & i also hope you're doing well too darlin 😁 Sending you lots of 💖 to you both Love from one of ya poor basic Melbourne bitches 💋 xoxo Ps, Just wanna say thank you to you to Jeffree. As you're words have been helping me getting though a really tough time that i have been stuck in for soo long i can't remember. Thanks again beautiful 💋