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  • Maiah Radu
    Maiah Radu 4 minutes ago

    If you put captions on when its saying 1 2 3 funk the captions say 'wow to see oh.'

  • East96744
    East96744 15 minutes ago

    Full jump to belly

  • East96744
    East96744 16 minutes ago

    ya'll weak, I'll belly flop on that

  • Erica Hoole
    Erica Hoole 19 minutes ago

    Theres a random kid behind you guys the whole was kind of creepy

  • Ammar's channel
    Ammar's channel 30 minutes ago

    LMFAO RUG said pop out and he edited “at your party in it” you know the music lyrics 12:35

  • The youngest Maggot
    The youngest Maggot 33 minutes ago

    Adopt me and than I’ll be known has the kid who got adopted twice

  • It’s me sofie111 Makayla

    Omg all. Literally die of jumping or walking on legos I can’t even jump lol

  • Morrisa Loden
    Morrisa Loden 48 minutes ago

    shavwe shaver on the second try

  • Josh Kidder
    Josh Kidder Hour ago

    i need a phone mine broke

  • gabriela valencia

    It's in tijuana

  • gabriela valencia

    I already went there

  • Arturo Vergara
    Arturo Vergara Hour ago

    P Oools

  • Chastelle Bennett


  • Lauren Ortega
    Lauren Ortega Hour ago


  • Lilli Torrey
    Lilli Torrey Hour ago

    wubble but i am so small i wold get lost

  • akirah jhyn
    akirah jhyn Hour ago

    Not to be mean but it seems like thats easy😁

  • Hai & Hal
    Hai & Hal Hour ago

    I go there all the time omg I know where that is!!!

  • Jonathan Mancia
    Jonathan Mancia Hour ago

    Portable sloping sleds

  • L kat fox
    L kat fox Hour ago

    3 2 3

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 2 hours ago

    I've subscribed and turn on post notifications,also I've been watching for almost 2 years

  • olajide bello
    olajide bello 2 hours ago

    Who else is watching to see how Z did

  • jesse wydrin
    jesse wydrin 2 hours ago

    Do toys r us that would be amazing!!! Just trying to give among the toys would be hilarious

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 2 hours ago a kickball 2.go to Lamboorghini dealer shop 3.kick

  • The Challengers On YouTube

    #3 #2 #3

  • Andy Barrientos Hernandez

    hey faze rug on the 19 its my birthday can you come

  • Its Hearn
    Its Hearn 2 hours ago

    Just became a patreon ;) it’s lit bois

  • Lennon Ninemire
    Lennon Ninemire 2 hours ago


  • Joey mm
    Joey mm 2 hours ago

    My mom drives a BMW not like CAYPRENS car its a sports car

  • Triona Bason
    Triona Bason 2 hours ago

    #CapronFunk❤️ #CharlieOliver💚 #NickMoore😎 ##FlipZ✌🏽️ #CoreyFunk💙 #Chelsea 💜 #Billy 🤘🏼

  • Alexis Ruybal
    Alexis Ruybal 2 hours ago

    Legos are no joke. One time i was going to take a bath and i guess my little brother was playing with legos in the tub cuz when i stepped in, i stepped on a lego hair piece and the whole lego was in my foot. I didnt tell my mom right away cuz i was scared and by the time i went to doctors for stitches, they had to cut open my foot so they can re open the wound to get the piece out.

  • Triona Bason
    Triona Bason 2 hours ago

    #CapronFunk❤️ #CoreyFunk💚 #Thunder🐶💙 #Colby😎 #MamaFunk💜 #PapaFunk 🤘🏼

  • Christa Chartier
    Christa Chartier 2 hours ago


  • Sceptic Sniper
    Sceptic Sniper 2 hours ago

    More hid and seek with rug plz...!!!!!

  • Daisy Abarca
    Daisy Abarca 2 hours ago

    An add came up when da flip was gonna start ;-;

  • Codytuber
    Codytuber 2 hours ago

    All the dislikes are from “Bolt” .

  • YT RaGe
    YT RaGe 2 hours ago

    Love ur guy's content yall come so far keep up the good work

  • Elizabeth Gardner
    Elizabeth Gardner 2 hours ago

    They should get a car Name it molder if it is a boy and violet if a girl

  • Crazy Gachagirl
    Crazy Gachagirl 2 hours ago

    Killer wale / orca

  • mia tros
    mia tros 3 hours ago

    You should Seaway last to leave the pool with 1,000 balloon challenge

  • Becca Emerson
    Becca Emerson 3 hours ago

    Bro I flinched because of how hard he fell like the type of fletch your like 😬

  • gaming with alaska wolfalot

    I was so scard for you then I find out it's just a prank, a sad door gets broken and the end SPOOKS👌

  • Foxy Gamer
    Foxy Gamer 3 hours ago

    8:13 Welcome guys

  • Tomboy 89
    Tomboy 89 3 hours ago

    I would do that it looks like fun

  • melly ana
    melly ana 3 hours ago

    mama rug at 15:44 lol

  • Fatima
    Fatima 3 hours ago

    I love and Stan Delilah😍

  • John McManus
    John McManus 3 hours ago

    POol I did that with my nose

  • J Roko
    J Roko 3 hours ago


  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 3 hours ago

    That is hurricane harbor

  • Jes Jesus
    Jes Jesus 3 hours ago

    You chould costom one of the toy cars

  • ADKs games
    ADKs games 3 hours ago

    There is no sound right?

  • Foxy Gamer
    Foxy Gamer 3 hours ago

    5:51 Now that to me is like a crash in need for speed🤣I feel bad for him

  • Star Salazar
    Star Salazar 3 hours ago

    We’re is faze rugs new dog at

  • Lisa Pack
    Lisa Pack 3 hours ago

    At the beginning it said that the vid was banned of sound

  • Angel Coleman
    Angel Coleman 3 hours ago


  • Jaxson Penkava
    Jaxson Penkava 3 hours ago


  • Layla Rydgig
    Layla Rydgig 3 hours ago

    Potable slop wnd slide

  • Isabella Rivera
    Isabella Rivera 3 hours ago

    I live in Riverside

  • Benjamin Ledesma
    Benjamin Ledesma 3 hours ago

    Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros Funk Bros

  • Debbie O
    Debbie O 3 hours ago

    Love hide & seek videos! No please.

  • Patricia and Lillie
    Patricia and Lillie 4 hours ago

    Super hide and seek

  • Fatima
    Fatima 4 hours ago

    Collab with Sam and Colby for a scary video

  • snow cone
    snow cone 4 hours ago

    I used oobleck as my project for the science fair in 6th grade and everyone was freaking out screaming "oobleck" the whole time i knew it as quicksand😂

  • Michayla Reed
    Michayla Reed 4 hours ago

    I love that when Corey first popped in the camera he was yawning

  • Softball queen Ava
    Softball queen Ava 4 hours ago

    I just started watching you guys and I didn’t know you guys could do flips!😜

  • little romans
    little romans 4 hours ago

    I ordered a shirt from you guys and it was terrible quality. Not worth the 25$ my son paid for his shirt. He was so excited to get it and was so sad with the garbage he received.

  • Ana Koch
    Ana Koch 4 hours ago

    I have a minor concussion

  • Fatima
    Fatima 4 hours ago

    Still kinda fucked up

    DM7 GAMEZ 4 hours ago

    Does grandmas toes are disgusting

  • alexander cepeda
    alexander cepeda 4 hours ago

    my bday is july 23 2:30

  • Reese Sorensen
    Reese Sorensen 4 hours ago

    I dare you to do 75 hours in Walmart

  • Trenton Hires
    Trenton Hires 4 hours ago


  • Mike Eaton
    Mike Eaton 4 hours ago


  • IT'S styles keaton
    IT'S styles keaton 4 hours ago

    I made it

  • Niayea Maynard
    Niayea Maynard 4 hours ago

    They should date i love yall

  • ZMO Zemex
    ZMO Zemex 4 hours ago


  • Am Ism
    Am Ism 4 hours ago

    You should do mouse traps

  • Dak Oscar
    Dak Oscar 4 hours ago

    You guys should go to the haunted tunnel with Rug like so they can see

  • Faith Knisley-wilson

    Dog toys

  • Caelan Carter
    Caelan Carter 4 hours ago

    # octopus

  • jesse wydrin
    jesse wydrin 4 hours ago

    I commented this before on the pause challenge for capron. But, we never got COREY doing the pause challenge, it's only fair

  • Celeste Rayne
    Celeste Rayne 4 hours ago


  • Aidan P
    Aidan P 4 hours ago

    HEY I IZ LITINO SO YAH I'm not yelling I'm trying to be funny but I'm not good at being funny so.. hi

  • Caelan Carter
    Caelan Carter 4 hours ago

    You should fill with orbies

  • Rylee Cortez
    Rylee Cortez 4 hours ago


  • Zomi Today Media
    Zomi Today Media 4 hours ago

    can you do this content: Making a bussiness in public . in the video:put some chairs and lets them answer 4th grade qestion

  • SlEePy ShIsHtEr
    SlEePy ShIsHtEr 4 hours ago

    ok i’ve been binge watching their videos and they are so positive it’s amazing 🥺

  • zBrUhZz
    zBrUhZz 4 hours ago

    Who else got a ad before the backflip

  • Salvador Garcjia
    Salvador Garcjia 5 hours ago

    Credit card you mean debit card

  • Hayleee S
    Hayleee S 5 hours ago

    wobble edit bit my mom wont let me

  • Brandi Watson
    Brandi Watson 5 hours ago

    Keep it

  • Korynne Shannon
    Korynne Shannon 5 hours ago


  • Caelan Carter
    Caelan Carter 5 hours ago

    Corey had the best hiding spot in the second round. Ceep up with the hide n seek vids👍👍👍

  • Cristobal Suarez Jr
    Cristobal Suarez Jr 5 hours ago

    Can I get free merchandise

  • Jeannie Frangos
    Jeannie Frangos 5 hours ago


  • Doris Fc
    Doris Fc 5 hours ago

    It felt like i was watching a faze rug video

  • Natalie Semanson
    Natalie Semanson 5 hours ago

    Portable slip in slide

  • Tristen Kerr
    Tristen Kerr 5 hours ago

    Do more collaborations with FAZE RUG

  • Cool Vibes
    Cool Vibes 5 hours ago


  • Laura Galindo
    Laura Galindo 5 hours ago

    Jason gg

  • Wyatt Shipes
    Wyatt Shipes 5 hours ago

    You guys are brave enough to drag a trampoline down the street