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SX Refuel: St. Louis
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SX Slow-Mo: Anaheim 1
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SX Profiles: Justin Barcia
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Thank you, James Stewart!
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  • Dirt4Ride
    Dirt4Ride 19 minutes ago

    American are salty bc of a french rider runs their sport

  • Dennis Baca
    Dennis Baca 20 minutes ago

    Ferandis is dirty.

  • Alan Matthews
    Alan Matthews 27 minutes ago

    Frenchy idiot it going to make a name for himself but I don't think he will like how things end up if he keeps riding like idiot. He said Craig didn't hear or see me....WTF-see you, you F-ing marble mouth mumbling and bumbling moron you ride like a idiot. If you can't pass anyone with out em taken then out get off the track. He is going to hurt someone and I hope the entire HRC team goes after his slack ass!

  • rcandminilover
    rcandminilover 28 minutes ago

    I,DON'T think Ferrandis is that guy.Look,at all the dirty ass move's...Team "KTM".Used,to make.Him,not being from America.Has,something to do also.Like,he said.

  • guyprojee
    guyprojee 28 minutes ago

    Eli was awesome to watch tonight!! Pulling for him to the end!!

  • moto37
    moto37 37 minutes ago

    Hartranft keeps getting gifted these podiums

  • muff issues
    muff issues 38 minutes ago

    BONEHEAD MOVE Dock him 10 points. Obviously there was no intent to take craig out, ferrandis made wreckless mistake and hurt another in the process clean and simple.

  • Danny Byrne
    Danny Byrne 40 minutes ago

    Team tomac !! Awesome ride , let's smash the rest of the season dude ;-)

  • koengixxer
    koengixxer 41 minute ago

    What about all bam bam's passes?

  • Thomas Curry
    Thomas Curry 44 minutes ago

    AMA pull your heads out!!! Ferrandis should have been penalized for the hit on Craig.

  • Chris Watts
    Chris Watts 44 minutes ago

    💕it!! Ferrandis was like f-you, I’m not telling you my secrets 🤣

  • CSRG M1915
    CSRG M1915 45 minutes ago

    Todays incidents remind me why nobody, including myself likes Dylan. The AMA are a joke to make an example out of him for this. Craigs career and possibly his life could have been over with that move.

  • Donovan Rodriguez
    Donovan Rodriguez 49 minutes ago

    I nebbber juant tuu meke hem cresh

  • nz bear
    nz bear 49 minutes ago

    Why do frenchies never take blame when they fuck up? Full of excuses instead of taking it on the chin. Much like Marvin on Tomac back in 2018

  • alan saks
    alan saks 50 minutes ago

    Crazy race!

  • Donovan Rodriguez
    Donovan Rodriguez 50 minutes ago

    Hie jus doesn’t heeeer miiii ooo ceee miiii

  • Donovan Rodriguez
    Donovan Rodriguez 52 minutes ago

    I peel bery geewd

  • krazymuthafukka
    krazymuthafukka 52 minutes ago

    fuk that thers no rules in supercross that was totally legal he was tryin to win that's all that matters

  • Patrick Katzmair
    Patrick Katzmair 56 minutes ago

    „This Guy long hair don‘t care Justin Barcia is the man of the night“ 😂👌

  • Donovan Rodriguez
    Donovan Rodriguez 56 minutes ago

    Delen Fewandes oie oie cent spek engwish werth ehhh shet.. bery gewd et meking peeple cwesh thewr dert bekes

  • Jason Roden
    Jason Roden Hour ago

    It's even worse how Fernandis recalls the incident! You were on the power when you made contact,if your losing the front you don"t get on the gas! what you should have said is "I stuffed up and i'm sorry" Sir deserve every single boo.

    • nz bear
      nz bear 51 minute ago

      Reminds me of Marvins move (and excuses) on Tomac a few years back

  • to777ti
    to777ti Hour ago

    Roczen can't win a championship even if he rides alone. He made his win for the season now waiting for his supercrash that will stop this season as every season. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Too Klingy
    Too Klingy Hour ago

    Fuck Dylan

  • crowbarstube
    crowbarstube Hour ago

    Ferrandis isn't a dog for that move you asshats geez,it was a square up race move that went a bit south,like he said he went in too hard and was 'crashing' when he hit graig,not intentional.......heat of the moment race move gone wrong,he crashed too,no one would do that on purpose ffs,hope he wins the title to make you idiots miserable ,well done done m8 ,regards from australia :).ps. bad luck Jet ,so close yet so far...chin up champ

    • mxmax914
      mxmax914 18 minutes ago

      @Shane Lizard First thing to know when you're in this position. Don't let the door opened ! Dylan made a mistake but Christian too with his experience !

    • Joe Leadbitter
      Joe Leadbitter 19 minutes ago

      With 2 Aussies racing in the 250w surely you’d be wanting one of them to have a crack at the title, not a dirty French rider you idiot.

    • Shane Lizard
      Shane Lizard 21 minute ago

      Your an idiot, for one that's not how you square up on somebody that's how you clean their clock, sure he didn't mean to take himself out but he was clearly intending on dropping Craig, everyone who has ever raced knows if your sick of someone cut across the corner and take that front wheel out, Ferrandis just didn't get there in the time he wanted to and fuckin t-boned him, what did you expect him to say? "Yeah I was getting impatient so I fuckin parked him and accidentally took myself out in the process, oh yeah then I got up and figured id try and kill his teammate to but had no such luck"

  • Moto3 oneone
    Moto3 oneone Hour ago

    AMA you need to DQ ferrandis and take his points !

    • Shane Lizard
      Shane Lizard 27 minutes ago

      @terry coby I don't see your name in any arenacross files, try again

    • Liam
      Liam 45 minutes ago

      Doesn’t deserve a DQ, that’d be too inconsistent with previous incidents with other riders. Dock him 5 to 10 points seems more fair in my opinion.

    • terry coby
      terry coby 46 minutes ago

      Like Justin Timberlake sang. .. cry me a river. Been hit harder in arenacross. This isn’t nascar ladies.

    • Donovan Rodriguez
      Donovan Rodriguez 53 minutes ago

      Moto3 oneone couldn’t agree more that little fucker has me pissed. He could have ended Craig with his horseshit move. Fuck that french bastard

  • Tide16nc
    Tide16nc Hour ago

    I can respect his apology. It was very aggressive, but surly he didn’t think he’d take himself out. But I think he gets what he did. And I can’t say anything bad about him when Zacho wipes Savagy a few years ago. 🤷🏻‍♂️ They either have to fix some of the rules are call it fairly against every rider.

    • moto37
      moto37 19 minutes ago

      What apology? And Zachs pass was for the championship. Last lap, last corner.

    • Peter Reefman
      Peter Reefman 40 minutes ago

      Agree. It's supercross.

  • Mc Mac
    Mc Mac Hour ago

    That’s racing folks 👍

  • ThisKid
    ThisKid Hour ago

    Ferrandis just lost a lot if not most of his fans. Wanna know how he did it intentionally? because the guy made an excuse and didnt even apologize to Craig. Dude should've been docked.

    • Townley 101
      Townley 101 31 minute ago

      Donovan Rodriguez seriously doubt you can speak in another language. Grow up.

    • Chris Watts
      Chris Watts 42 minutes ago

      I believe the actual words he used was “I apologize”. ☝️in this video.

    • Thomas Curry
      Thomas Curry 43 minutes ago

      Just like Marvin did on Tomac. F'ing Frenchys!

    • Donovan Rodriguez
      Donovan Rodriguez 54 minutes ago

      Delen Fewandes oie oie cent spek engwish werth ehhh shet.. bery gewd et meking peeple cwesh thewr dert bekes

  • Tokenn Moto 191
    Tokenn Moto 191 Hour ago

    Man that’s ridiculous that he even gets to sit up there.. AMA definitely messed up on that review 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • r f
    r f Hour ago

    Ferandis is a dog 👎

    • mxmax914
      mxmax914 21 minute ago

      Like your mum & dad !

  • walter parker
    walter parker Hour ago

    Happy to see Kroc performing

  • ดิลก มูลมณี

    มึงตั้งใจชนเขา ferrandis🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Brian Langlois
    Brian Langlois Hour ago

    DF fucked up, plain and simple, but he's just not admitting that it truly was poor judgement on his part in the race. He tried to pass in a bad spot while he was further behind than he should have been for forcing the pass. Instead it's just excuses. Not a good move for him

  • BrocMx786
    BrocMx786 Hour ago

    I HaTe FeRrAnDiS, hE iS DiRtY Snowflake

  • TheSpanishmuscle

    Music is too loud, hard to listen to the commentators

  • jjj023
    jjj023 Hour ago

    If Bob Hannah had gotten torpedoed by that dirty frenchy Ferrandis...well I KNOW what I would have done during or after the race one way or another....but use your own imagination.

  • kepler240
    kepler240 Hour ago

    I feel so bad for Jett Lawrence. Kid rode his ass off. He should have blasted Fernandez when he had the chance.

  • kepler240
    kepler240 Hour ago

    I'd like to punch Fernandez right in the mouth. Wins by taking out Craig and almost kills Lawrence when he's trying to jump a triple. I'm going to Atlanta and Indy so maybe I'll get the chance.

  • Marcus Fistarol
    Marcus Fistarol Hour ago

    Glendale will be interesting.......

  • Kevin Bodman
    Kevin Bodman Hour ago

    Remind me of that other French ridee taking out Tomac.I geuss thats the way they like to race.

  • Bill Rudolph
    Bill Rudolph Hour ago

    I hope BAM BAM keeps up the good riding. He is second in the points, and has proven he can ride with Webb, Tomac, and Roczen. YAMAHA RULES. 🤘🤘🤘

  • Imvura Imvura
    Imvura Imvura Hour ago

    🇫🇷 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • sammariel
    sammariel Hour ago

    Fernandis had some loud boos at the podium. Curious to see if the FIM thinks pass was clean or not. I wouldn’t say dirty but very aggressive. Gonna have some upset fans for awhile

    • Shane Lizard
      Shane Lizard 28 minutes ago

      @Townley 101 Yeah I would say the same thing if I was under review, definitely wouldn't go up there and say "Yeah I needed to get by him so I fuckin parked his ass, and then I proceeded to try and kill his teammate"

    • Townley 101
      Townley 101 32 minutes ago

      Personally think Ferrandis was just that much faster that he caught craig up too quickly and couldn’t stop. Ferrandis even said he thought Craig was slowing up for him

    • moto37
      moto37 40 minutes ago

      Wouldn’t say dirty... what? Lmao

    • guyprojee
      guyprojee 53 minutes ago

      MoTo 615 .... did Craig get hurt, not sure how that ended up..... didn’t look good to anybody and should have been addressed!!

    • Donovan Rodriguez
      Donovan Rodriguez 58 minutes ago

      Oie oie I am dlen fewandes oie I cent speck englesh

  • The Flersh
    The Flersh Hour ago

    BS what ferrandis did. Should of been docked or even black flagged. Real shame with what happened with Jett, really deserved that win. Craig better go out and serve ferrandis some 🥞 at Glendale

    • Donovan Rodriguez
      Donovan Rodriguez 44 minutes ago

      Ferrandis is so far in the wrong. He claims “ I wanted the inside, I revved and he didn’t hear me”. He clearly went inside to outside. Fucker should be docked as many points as possible. French bastard fucking up anyone in his way, just to gain some points. That mistake could have cost Craig his career, and that is not fair. Delen Fewandes should be punished for his pussy ass actions.

    • Brian Loeffler
      Brian Loeffler 58 minutes ago

      Ferrandis guaranteed that was not his intentions to take out craig and put himself at risk of not finishing the race. was it very aggressive, yes it was but when the leader is checking out. And other riders are slowing you down, you have to get aggressive. I think the majority of the people were upset with him because Jett pushed to hard and caused him self to crash and not finish the race so damn close to the finish. No rider that is in the championship points race. Is going put his bike into another riders bike intentionally as hard as Dylan hit him. went for it came in to hot and crashes happen. That was called digging deep having heart but yet making a mistake. I feel for craig I'm a D23 guy from mn. So im always hoping the best for Craig, A Martin, Robin and Chubs Martin!! SHNIT HAPPENS IN RACING. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE AMAZING ATHLETES THAT PUT THEIR LIFE ON THE LINE. EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY THROW THEIR LEG OVER THE SEAT. only sport I watch and have respect for the athletes. football baseball basketball just littered with punks just wanting a paycheck they dont deserve 100 million dollar contracts WTF and the first place finisher in a monster energy supercross race collects a $5000 paycheck. what a joke Feld entertainment is with their pay scale to the boys and men that make them millions!!

    • Eric H
      Eric H Hour ago

      Yeah remember when Reed got black flagged for tipping Canard over after Canard landed on him? Comical shit..

  • Marcus Fistarol
    Marcus Fistarol Hour ago

    Kenny is riding very well finally

  • Gareth Hickey
    Gareth Hickey Hour ago

    Please please please show the race results and points standings at the end of these highlights.

  • Jonathan hamby
    Jonathan hamby 2 hours ago

    Damn Ferrandis rode like an asshole the hole race his pass on Craig was straight up dirty & then I thought he was gonna try take Lawrence out to, either Geico denied an insurance claim he made, or more likely he is just a giant douche!

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 2 hours ago

    Fernandis is the dirtiest rider ever and is a idiot

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid 2 hours ago

    Ferrandis Reminds me of the dirty riders in MXVsATV Can’t win outright prays for a misstate or bar bangs to the front Craig should smash him and crush the frog with his boot 🐸 🤛

  • sector888
    sector888 2 hours ago

    This is golden! Keep making these!

  • Marcus Fistarol
    Marcus Fistarol 2 hours ago

    Jett Lawrence will be having a lot of new fans after last nights Race, Ferrandis won't...

  • Ian Espinoza
    Ian Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Ngl I felt bad for Jett poor kid

  • William Seaman
    William Seaman 2 hours ago

    Jett had it won! He went crazy trying to beat Ferrandis. I hope he gets better soon. How long will he be out?

  • KZY
    KZY 2 hours ago

    I know this is 450 but still commenting DQ FERRANDIS

    • J WMS
      J WMS 45 minutes ago

      @Jim Lefebvre They aren't but okay...

    • Jim Lefebvre
      Jim Lefebvre Hour ago

      it's only cuz he is french, you wouldn't say if it was Barcia. just said what an intense block pass from Bam Bam Barcia. That's it. you like hatin on french as it was for Musquin cuz they dominating your own championship.

    • Fred Garvin
      Fred Garvin Hour ago

      Nah. Ferrandis looked like the only guy tonight who WANTED to win. As many times as Ferrandis made contact with other riders they were throwing it away without his help. The pass on Craig was a little rough.

  • Kevin Pilling
    Kevin Pilling 2 hours ago

    Roczen with the points lead, you can tell how much more mature he is right now, he didn’t even try to catch up to tomac, instead he let him take the W, very smart played, roczen is in a good spot rn last thing he needed was to make a mistake, go ken!!!

  • _pa0l194 _
    _pa0l194 _ 2 hours ago

    waking up today i just had a feeling lawrence would have the pace for a podium spot but his speed today really impressed me. glad it isnt worse. looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.

  • Jota Soares
    Jota Soares 2 hours ago

    This is some invaluable analysis!!! To have a former racer like JS and his knowledge and experience, is just gold!!! Thank you Monster Energy SX for doing this with James Stewart, take it all the way please!!!! The F1 did the same last year with former racing driver Jolyon Palmer, and I gotta say, it just works! Sometimes I'm even more excited for the analysis... :D

  • Aleks Nestserau
    Aleks Nestserau 2 hours ago

    The most interesting season as of lately. Everyone’s healthy and everyone’s pushing. Cianciarulo can forget his title ambitions. Those guys are not handing it to him, that’s for sure.

  • Mike&Blair Burkhardt

    I've been rooting for KRoc for years I'm happy he's putting it down

  • _Xx_Lxve_Scxf_xX _
    _Xx_Lxve_Scxf_xX _ 2 hours ago

    I am gonna kill ferrandis fuck french

  • Sam Black
    Sam Black 2 hours ago

    Where is Steve Matthes the fat wreck.. shouldn’t he be here throwing shade at a 16yo.

  • Liam97
    Liam97 2 hours ago

    I hate Ferrandis now. Hes just like Muscuin. Makes excuses when it was so obvious. And no apology

  • Shrimp Quarantine
    Shrimp Quarantine 2 hours ago

    That was a dirty move by Ferrandis. Forkner in the dirt again, just like in practice. Must suck to crash when you are getting gapped and going slow.

  • Sam Black
    Sam Black 2 hours ago

    Forkner is only fast riding way past his limit. He will have a run of injuries and disappear. Ferrandis should be black flagged. We don’t need that garbage, the sport is dangerous enough already.

  • lorelei whitcombe
    lorelei whitcombe 2 hours ago

    Finally tomac we waiting to see. Keep it up mate love from New Zealand.

  • justin cassidy
    justin cassidy 2 hours ago

    ferrandis was never going to make that turn and ran it right into craig,ferrandis is a dirty rider.jet lawrence should have took him high in that turn and make him wash all his speed back is coming at ferrandis

    • Andrew West
      Andrew West 2 hours ago

      justin cassidy I loved when everyone boooo him

  • Roman Cohn
    Roman Cohn 2 hours ago

    Kid is too young, but this will go down as a historical race of a teenager, amazing work even to come a lil bit short. A bright future ahead of him. Wish him nothing but success in this sport.

  • Monmamen
    Monmamen 2 hours ago

    Yes Ferrandis hahaha yamaha style i like it !!!!!

    • Bill Rudolph
      Bill Rudolph Hour ago

      That was BULLSHIT PUSSY RIDING, someone needs to take his ass out in the next race, and yes I'm a YAMAHA FAN .

    • Ian Kitterman
      Ian Kitterman 2 hours ago


    • R W
      R W 2 hours ago

      Monmamen racing dirty is Yamaha style?

  • Liam
    Liam 2 hours ago

    Welcome to the grub club Ferrandis, ya dirty dog.

  • Coolcat AMApro
    Coolcat AMApro 2 hours ago

    3 different winners I see a couple more before the end

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black 2 hours ago

      Yep, a lot of people capable. Webb and Anderson will almost positively be race winners. AC will put one together this year. Osborne is looking faster and faster.

  • r f
    r f 2 hours ago

    Ferandis is a dog👎

  • Roman Cohn
    Roman Cohn 2 hours ago

    So glad for Tomac, finally an amazing race, hopefully more wins are coming.

  • Ahmad Sujai
    Ahmad Sujai 2 hours ago

    Is the good whelli

  • Garage 69
    Garage 69 2 hours ago

    Commentators really spoil the race in these highlight videos

    • AKConnor49
      AKConnor49 2 hours ago

      Because it's a highlight video 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • MikeAbe100
    MikeAbe100 2 hours ago

    Between the crash of Jett with Dylan and the other crashes and my boy Austin Forkner when he crashed was scary too, My gosh what hard hits they had, But Jett had more bad hits!!! Glad that Forkner got back on his bike but with a lot of pain, But hope that Jett gets well soon, I felt those impacts too, It hurt me seeing him hurt, So get better soon Jett, We need you to be back soon!!! But first you need to heal up!!! <3

  • Martin Baxter
    Martin Baxter 2 hours ago

    Dick move from Ferrandis

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher 2 hours ago

    Dylan’s a bitch for that

  • can I get 1k subs without videos

    Fuck Ferrandis, that's all I've got to say

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez 3 hours ago

    😒 thanks for the nap Tomac I still hope Lawrence gets better

  • wuz352
    wuz352 3 hours ago

    Hope to see Lawrence back. Glad it wasn't worse.

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell 3 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • Zach 237
    Zach 237 3 hours ago

    Here comes Tomac!

    • Zach 237
      Zach 237 2 hours ago

      Sam Black 😂

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black 2 hours ago

      A win, that means next week he should run around 12th... 😂

    • Zach 237
      Zach 237 2 hours ago

      Somewhat Outdoorzie lol. He usually just doesn’t do super good for the first couple races then he finally goes for it and starts winning.

    • Somewhat Outdoorzie
      Somewhat Outdoorzie 2 hours ago

      Like last year? Or the year before? Or the year before that?

  • J WMS
    J WMS 3 hours ago

    Tomac will be Kenny's kryptonite.

    • Rob Wright
      Rob Wright 18 minutes ago

      @J WMS I hope so

    • Michael Blose
      Michael Blose Hour ago

      Always has been

    • J WMS
      J WMS Hour ago

      @Sam Black And if you look at 250s it's "Will Craig give Ferrandis a healthy dose of karma?"

    • Matthew C
      Matthew C Hour ago

      Tomac will also be Tomac's kryptonite.

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black 2 hours ago

      Next round will be super telling for a bunch of guys.. is Barcia going to do what he does and disappear into obscurity? Will AC be a mid pack guy from here in? Will Eli back it up? Is Webb in the hunt? Is Anderson in the hunt? Will Osborne keep running up front? Exciting season.

  • Zach 237
    Zach 237 3 hours ago

    Crazy night of racing!

  • Hegz
    Hegz 3 hours ago

    fuck ferandis the loser

  • Ion evansFn
    Ion evansFn 3 hours ago


  • mike rodick
    mike rodick 3 hours ago

    fuck ferrandis

  • Nicholas Wall
    Nicholas Wall 3 hours ago


  • KZY
    KZY 3 hours ago


    • Dean Sikorski
      Dean Sikorski 2 hours ago

      Disqualify him from this race and suspend him for next 2 races for dangerous riding.

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black 2 hours ago


    • Garrett Thompson
      Garrett Thompson 2 hours ago

      i hope they do he screwed the geico guys. atleast dock him 4 spots for the dirty move on craig

    MUSCOVY TRUST 3 hours ago

    THANK YOU JS7, for taking the time ans sharing your mindset with us, like only someone of your Talent can do. Cheers for the Neck Burns !

    MUSCOVY TRUST 3 hours ago

    Such incredible insight and spot on how KR style has changed, KR used to be a bit of a show off whipping it around then he got injured and had to reinvent his style and JS is right he was tight and now his style is the best of both words. KR doesn't collapse his suspension so your motion is more fluid and this makes anyone faster. JS, I took my son to watch you race 7 times and you got injured 3 times so we only saw you race 4 times but it was the best feeling I have ever had next to winning a race myself. IMO you and J.McGrath are the best the sport has every seen, and I know politics had a part in your racing just as we see the color of law is not the true law of the land. The truths are never seen by the general public, nothing is as it seems.

  • Thomas Partin
    Thomas Partin 3 hours ago

    This is fantastic! A legend giving his thoughts and insights with no distractions. Now I'm looking forward to hearing James point of view as much as the race every weekend. Thanks bubba. ✌️

  • nils4545
    nils4545 3 hours ago


  • Anton McCoy
    Anton McCoy 4 hours ago

    Ferrandis with no penalty? Are you fu*king kidding me? Some of the worst riding, Monster Energy Yamaha should be embarrassed! What a joke #fuckdylanferrandis

  • Dave Vowels
    Dave Vowels 4 hours ago

    JAMES IS BACK !!!! Thankyou!!!

  • Martin Stanley
    Martin Stanley 4 hours ago

    James your still young enough to come back.

  • ORiJiNaL GaMeSTa
    ORiJiNaL GaMeSTa 4 hours ago

    Monster Energy should can this dude and send his ass to the recycling bin. Dirty rider and gets no penalty,,,why,,,cuz he rides for the sponsor. No Monster for me ever again. Red Bull all the way

  • Royce Deaton
    Royce Deaton 5 hours ago

    The tracks are horrible.

  • ORiJiNaL GaMeSTa
    ORiJiNaL GaMeSTa 5 hours ago

    I’ll never buy another Monster Energy. Dylan Ferrandis gets nothing for bashing his way to the front? If he rode for Red Bull they’d penalized him. But he got nothing. Red Bull for me, Monster can suk it

    • Adam
      Adam 52 minutes ago

      ORiJiNaL GaMeSTa oh no this billion dollar company will be really upset by the knowledge you’re not going to buy a their drinks again. Could this be the end for monster energy????

  • Nate M
    Nate M 5 hours ago

    Dirty riders shouldn't be interviewed. The passes he did tonight on both Craig and Lawrence was bullsh#t. Take them out or chopping them is easier huh Dylan. It sucks you ride for my favorite brand of bike. You should go back to France.