Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking
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    MUHAMMED SHAH 31 minute ago

    Plot twist : the guy at the end is actually the it clown

  • Lea-Maude. Rosse. Nicolas, levesque.

    0:03 Wow if i was him i would ov slap her hand cus i would of tink it was a spider! just boop his nose not tickle his face. Maby it is 0:03 i have super bad timing

  • Sandor Orsos
    Sandor Orsos 39 minutes ago


  • Sandor Orsos
    Sandor Orsos 47 minutes ago

    Ýou are beautiful

  • 一年又一年晨
    一年又一年晨 55 minutes ago

    Hannah? S16Hannah?

  • C Smith
    C Smith Hour ago

    l love slime Hannah

  • Shyhrete Haliti
    Shyhrete Haliti Hour ago

    Hhahahahahhahahhahah i love this Video 😂😂😂

  • نصر الحكيم

    Am the I only one that is gonna talk about how she was using a fucking gameboy as a controller to play overwatch?

  • Joud 77
    Joud 77 2 hours ago

    Noor Stars she is Moon I love you 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Chloe Hsieh
    Chloe Hsieh 2 hours ago

    so the ex just like girls with big butt, i got it

  • Zaniyah Galarza
    Zaniyah Galarza 2 hours ago

    The guy kind of looks like the guy from Jessie

  • Maria Etienne
    Maria Etienne 2 hours ago

    At 153 the way how we just toss that phone i bet that it cracked

  • Almencia Charles geneus

    Titi Sowz sounds like Titi sauce😂🤣😂🤣

  • Betül Tekfidan
    Betül Tekfidan 2 hours ago

    5:16 😂😂😂

  • call of duty Jaden 77

    When my dad hears the word titi sauce on this video while I'm watching 🤔😐

  • VIP_Syrai EVO
    VIP_Syrai EVO 3 hours ago


  • Miley Hargis
    Miley Hargis 3 hours ago


  • sude memiş
    sude memiş 3 hours ago

    Pastaya üzüldüm ya

  • jely emil il
    jely emil il 3 hours ago

    Its so funny

  • Jialin Png
    Jialin Png 3 hours ago

    Nobody notices Lele Pons

  • Izzy G
    Izzy G 3 hours ago

    ❤️ how Hannah keeps using the 867530 niieenne 😂😂 I’m dead


    I’ve been using *wish* For so long 🤩 It’s amazing 😉 It gives u the best things for the cheapest prices 🥳

  • Jomark Manaloto
    Jomark Manaloto 4 hours ago


  • 》•ItzNmpMike25•《

    Lazy People: Only lives nextdoors but Jumps into a car. Hard working People: Lives 5km away but only walks. Lol...

  • Authentic Cover
    Authentic Cover 5 hours ago

    Me in the kitchen 0:54

  • GOVNO2 Riki
    GOVNO2 Riki 6 hours ago

    How i realized i was lesbian-

  • Sunflower XoXo
    Sunflower XoXo 6 hours ago

    Look a bit cold there at 4:09

  • Paul Oneill
    Paul Oneill 6 hours ago

    Gfh . ...fgjghuviggkjgkhh c jfu xx h ch xx y r vjgugg

    PRASAD PERERA 7 hours ago

    Ugly Islamic jihad pigs.

  • gaming pro 78
    gaming pro 78 7 hours ago

    A hot cleaner

  • gaming pro 78
    gaming pro 78 7 hours ago

    Why are you so so so HOTT!!!!!!

  • strawberryorangesauce

    I have to do 5 miles every monday and friday, but this still makes me laugh (I'm in middle school)

  • Jianna Reyes
    Jianna Reyes 7 hours ago

    Oh Hannah’s makeup is waterproof.

  • Mr comment need subscribers

    I love you Hannah stocking

  • miko jordan
    miko jordan 8 hours ago

    Hannah stocking have you ever gotten braids

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia 8 hours ago

    Hannah give a shout out plazas also your pretty

  • Lady Fortune
    Lady Fortune 8 hours ago

    Rude Sr enuff chuff gruff tunes herbs Tebow btw idc Hyde is na nada tnx U've hen cub . u r nd tv's fs hrs effect

  • Torzi Haynes
    Torzi Haynes 8 hours ago

    I see the string tide to the bag

  • Hazimin Haji hasib
    Hazimin Haji hasib 8 hours ago


  • Hazimin Haji hasib
    Hazimin Haji hasib 8 hours ago

    who is watching this at 2019 december

  • Lit Kai yew
    Lit Kai yew 8 hours ago

    I hate Tuan

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj 9 hours ago

    Who won Like for mom Reply for dad

  • french fry2324
    french fry2324 10 hours ago

    What The ACTUAL F-bleep

  • Amita Elangbam
    Amita Elangbam 10 hours ago

    Frnds: I don't think ur gf is beautiful The bf: if only u had my eyes u would have seen her beauty 🤣🤣

  • Jordana Cimber
    Jordana Cimber 10 hours ago

    Definitely mom is better

  • 형식김
    형식김 10 hours ago


  • Leslie Marquez
    Leslie Marquez 10 hours ago

    The dad is not very good dad

  • Dako Duck
    Dako Duck 10 hours ago

    Mr. Stealyogirl? Im ded

  • Matias Devesa Laux
    Matias Devesa Laux 11 hours ago

    Plot twist ;-;

  • Adeleplayzz
    Adeleplayzz 12 hours ago

    ITS HORSE (I loved the madea boo 2 with you and horse in it and a lot more of you guys in it!!)

  • Chris Danger
    Chris Danger 12 hours ago

    The tectonic plates Is The San Andreas Fault

  • Chu Eat Mah Chocolate?!?! :3

    Is it sad I was like preparing myself for them finding out about what Hannah was doing, -*then I chickened out of watching the video*

  • YvonneQuireMaster
    YvonneQuireMaster 12 hours ago

    3:53 “No no no no no” 🤣

  • Jose Manuel
    Jose Manuel 13 hours ago

    1 2 3

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 13 hours ago

    There’s always that girl and dad that would be the perfect family xD Then there is the people that don’t even care and would kill it 😂

  • Sophia Almeda
    Sophia Almeda 13 hours ago

    1:40 & 6:20 My favorite parts were when u turned around and ur sweatshirt either said “ I’m Good Thanks :)” or “ I’m Bad Thanks :(”

  • Maurique Johnson
    Maurique Johnson 13 hours ago

    I like rain 🌧🌦💧