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JFK HEAVY at the TWA Hotel
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737 MAX ~ Will it fly again?
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Amazing 747 Wing Vortex
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LAX Trip - Back in the hood!
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  • Eden hazard Anderson

    Congratulations malaysia airlines

  • D J L
    D J L 6 hours ago

    Bit pricey this channel for what a times is boring . It’s all right at times but to pay for to put hi guys is a bit Shan and a 🤔

  • D J L
    D J L 6 hours ago

    Should put Andrew on one to the USA , dirty pedo..

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 7 hours ago

    You need to do John Lennon airport

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 8 hours ago

    Why do you not do Liverpool

  • Deano TheSaxman
    Deano TheSaxman 10 hours ago

    Gerry .... Motion Sim just down the road from Gatwick ... I'm prity sure that it's on the old Rediffusion flight sim sight where they used to produce the older flight sims ... ?

  • Good Citizen
    Good Citizen 11 hours ago

    Brought to you by the same people who hate cow farts

  • toyot034
    toyot034 12 hours ago

    Could this also be used as a hairdryer?

  • Jim Gemmell
    Jim Gemmell 13 hours ago

    17:20 Hit it Chewie. Flight no. YT1300 for Kessel

  • lσk tαmpícσ
    lσk tαmpícσ 14 hours ago

    I relised that the camera was shaking at full thrust

  • g4kfjve7kfj
    g4kfjve7kfj 15 hours ago

    Flybe /Government Airways ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Eddie Walder
    Eddie Walder 15 hours ago

    Lisbon, excellent. Used to travel there on business often back in early 90’s.

  • Eddie Walder
    Eddie Walder 15 hours ago

    FlyBe are dropping the Heathrow to Guernsey service in mid March. They may restart in the autumn.

    • Miles High
      Miles High 14 hours ago

      When i was a kid, I think it was BEA used to fly the 4 prop Vickers Viscount to Guernsey, where we lived, and Jersey! Took the trip many times!

    CASTELLA IGOR 16 hours ago

    The 777X was an incredibile

    CASTELLA IGOR 16 hours ago

    Hi jodi

  • Chippyboy 2003
    Chippyboy 2003 16 hours ago

    Who wanted to hear the power down ?

  • Linzylou 2
    Linzylou 2 19 hours ago

    Thanks Jerry, what an amazing video, I could watch it over and over 👍

  • Dan Quintyn
    Dan Quintyn 22 hours ago

    Gerry, Johnny wish I knew about this channel back in 2017, only discovered towards the end of 2019. Keen subscriber. Keep up the fantastic work. Oh yeah love the moves at 19:20 Gerry lol.

  • Dan Quintyn
    Dan Quintyn 23 hours ago

    Wow incredible. This channel is brill as I don't get much time due to work to plane spot at LHR so this is a big help. 2017 seems so long ago now.

  • Dan Quintyn
    Dan Quintyn 23 hours ago

    Wow where the live streams all began, big thumbs up!!!

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Day ago

    Nice job gents!! Cheers!!

  • InopGauge
    InopGauge Day ago

    Awesome video! This place has been on my bucket list since I heard about it a year or two ago.

  • cameraman655
    cameraman655 Day ago

    So, is this Observation deck open t the public or guests only? Checked the rates, not that bad, especially for a venue like this in NYC.

  • Colin Boneham
    Colin Boneham Day ago

    Visit this or poss another version many moons ago, but more technical nowadays, did notice the outer & outer wheel on the starboard wheels on the Lufthansa kite (time @ 5.06) look bit old n dodgy

  • Aztec01
    Aztec01 Day ago

    I've watched dozens of Miniatur Wunderland videos, hours of Knuffingen airport operation and this ranks among the best. Excellent!

  • Aztec01
    Aztec01 Day ago

    "Welcome to LittleJet TV, I'm your host... "

  • WeAreAllNeo
    WeAreAllNeo Day ago

    The down votes are from train set and warhammer enthusiasts

  • Wendy Anne Meredith

    All these lovely baby planes......why not call it Little Jet TV I could watch this for ages......thank you Jerry and Jilly xx

  • Cameron knights

    than thanks for another great edit jerry

  • gopher wiretap

    This definitely isn't London, there are no miniature guys throwing luggage around, taking 1 hour smoke breaks and it's not raining. Great vid though.


    Cool video👍

  • Grandslam45
    Grandslam45 Day ago

    Been there it’s great! Well done and nice video

  • alfnsue
    alfnsue Day ago

    Fantastic the first time around, what a wonderful idea that was, loved the music as well

  • ross nolan
    ross nolan Day ago

    Wicked 😊

  • Withfor 09
    Withfor 09 Day ago

    Hello first

  • HRJ RoZ
    HRJ RoZ Day ago

    most part of FSX pilots be like: 2:57

  • Amanda Kleisnerová

    2:32:00 Mighty reversers ! 😁😲❤

  • Darrin Graham
    Darrin Graham Day ago


  • TheSmu8ajt
    TheSmu8ajt 2 days ago

    Plenty of armchair pilots on here, including the commentator. Completely clueless about piloting an aircraft. Thinks the pilot isn’t good at windy landings. Who’s to say the other pilot didn’t fly the second approach? Both approaches looked fine to me. There’s no accounting for wind shear - it’s random. There’s also no accounting for ignorance when it comes to TheXvid comments, it seems.

  • Rob Baez
    Rob Baez 2 days ago

    That distinct hum on start up is my favorite. I know a 777 is starting from a mile awa

  • Anthony Micele
    Anthony Micele 2 days ago

    Air Canada wants their paint back.

  • DIno777x
    DIno777x 2 days ago

    Wow that plane caught speed very quickly. Impressive reaction timing from the pilot and control surfaces


    This is a good video that you've done at Heathrow.

  • Harvey PRINCE
    Harvey PRINCE 2 days ago

    WOW !!!!!!!!! this is a good sales pitch !!!!!!!!!! if they could mass produce this idea in their fleet, I'M IN !!!!!!!

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher 2 days ago

    Enjoy watching the aircraft but can we have a little bit of info about the plane specs for those of us who may not know what plane we are looking at.?! For example aircraft model, seating capacity,take off/landing speed and cruising speed,max flying distance etc. It would make the video much more interesting instead of "Yeah and wow look at that".! It may be your style of presentation and that is fine,but more info please.

  • Teresa Martins
    Teresa Martins 2 days ago

    You can just tell that your camera is absolutely amazing, and my favorite airports are. Heathrow airport, Amsterdam airport and Newcastle airport great video once again.

  • Gordon Urquhart
    Gordon Urquhart 2 days ago

    Like the tech working on it with not one piece of PPE

  • Sean Moynihan
    Sean Moynihan 2 days ago


  • 7192179
    7192179 2 days ago

    So cool

  • W
    W 3 days ago

    6:21 copilot had to remind the captain not pull back on the stick - it must be a strange feeling not to do something so instinctive

  • dj paisa tamayo
    dj paisa tamayo 3 days ago

    Om just like to avianca

  • dj paisa tamayo
    dj paisa tamayo 3 days ago


  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 3 days ago

    Excellent edit there.

  • dapto234
    dapto234 3 days ago

    " ohh say can you see my eyes if you can then my hairs to short" ..courtesy of Hair The Musical lol to the tune of the US anthem

  • Ian
    Ian 3 days ago

    It's always reassuring when a flight is attol protected

  • Andrew Flyer
    Andrew Flyer 3 days ago

    Loved the dancing flaperon`s as she departed, great to see such beauty and advanced eco friendly technology in the Boeing family. To the two silly, confused and clearly delusional individuals who responded with big thumbs down ...............get a f***ing life ! The future`s bright, the future`s Boeing - and Airbus, aviation today is better then ever, we are so lucky to see such things.

  • diesel 13 13
    diesel 13 13 3 days ago

    Great show. Amazing commitment you going to Manchester this morning

  • Fluggesellschaft
    Fluggesellschaft 3 days ago

    very modern.

  • Radek AKA Ski
    Radek AKA Ski 3 days ago

    Hopefully You can go to Warsaw (Poland)Airport and make some amazing live videos...that would be sooo awesome...much Love from New Jersey USA Brothers

  • WeAreAllNeo
    WeAreAllNeo 3 days ago

    That livery's mint

  • alan6
    alan6 3 days ago


  • gopher wiretap
    gopher wiretap 3 days ago

    Awesome :)

  • Sam Beck
    Sam Beck 3 days ago

    Also the 777x is flying as we speak!

    • dcf4psu
      dcf4psu 2 days ago

      A much needed good day for Boeing.

  • Sam Beck
    Sam Beck 3 days ago

    Amazing colours!

  • Wendy Anne Meredith

    Did she get a Water Salute Jerry

  • kris14d
    kris14d 3 days ago


  • Johnny Daws
    Johnny Daws 3 days ago


  • sandy feet
    sandy feet 3 days ago

    Beautiful take off of the 777X this morning❗️❗️❗️

  • Miles High
    Miles High 3 days ago

    The Queens building at Heathrow with the visitors center. You mentioned a viewing balcony. I was on a viewing roof top deck back in 70's Saw Concorde from there! Wonder if its the same place I was at!

  • breeze 147
    breeze 147 3 days ago

    doesnt have the wow factor like heathrow but still good

  • M.A Aviation
    M.A Aviation 3 days ago

    Was down by you guys on the hill gave you a smile as you were leaving and a wave! Great video and subscribed. Unfortunately I missed the Greenliner

  • joyoumay
    joyoumay 3 days ago

    oh i was busy today, and forgot this was on sorry Jerry Gilly and crew

  • Cameron knights
    Cameron knights 3 days ago

    id just like to say a big thank you for all the great shows you and gilly put om this week

  • ross nolan
    ross nolan 3 days ago

    awesome well presented 😊

  • Leona Gruszka
    Leona Gruszka 3 days ago


  • Shastri Habib
    Shastri Habib 3 days ago

    Malaysia n Singapore Airlines awesome✌😘

  • Philip Robinson
    Philip Robinson 3 days ago

    The youtube image tab for the show shows it lasts for over 3 hrs and yet when you play the replay it's just 2 hrs.

  • Philip Robinson
    Philip Robinson 3 days ago

    What's up with the replay no 787-10 showing, scrolling doesn't show what shows up in the scrolling forward image.

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 3 days ago

      It seems to be taking a long time to process the video, it always takes time to process when it finishes before you can watch the entire video again, and only shows part of the video, but it is usually done by now. We'll be uploading a video of the Etihad Greenliner soon, so you will be able to see that. If the full video isn't available to watch soon we can upload it again as we have the full file. Sorry for the confusion and inconveneince.

    • Tim Allen
      Tim Allen 3 days ago

      I'm getting that too, I think something went wrong with the upload because the thumbnail shows it to be 3hrs but the actual runtime is 2hrs. The timeline preview is on the original 3hrs video so out of sync with what's shown. Looking at the timeline and the original video that's shown it looks like the first 1hr 30mins is missing.

    ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ 3 days ago

    For extreme plane spotting, check out Saint Martin and Skiathos airport. You can be filming just 2 or 3 meters below the wheels of the landing gear. It cannot get any more extreme and spectacular than this, when it comes to plane spotting. It is safe too. You will not be decapitated by the wheels, don't worry... You will only get to see a passing aircraft from.... 10 feet or less. It is the ultimate plane spotting experience. There is also Phuket airport but due to a high fence and a long runway, aircraft will not pass extremely low above you, so I do not recommend that airport. Skiathos in Greece, Europe and Saint Martin, just outside the American continent are the best options for plane spotters and especially pro spotters.

      ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ 3 days ago

      @BIG JET TV Υοu don't have to be exactly under the passing aircraft. You can film from the side of the runway path to avoid jet blast damage. Regarding traffic, that is the only serious issue. St. Martin and Skiathos do not offer a lot of traffic. They are good for edited recorded videos, not live streaming.

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 3 days ago

      A lot of people ask about St Maarten, but there are 2 problems. The traffic is too sparse, and livesteaming would be an issue, the equipment is sensitive, the jet blast and sand would damage it.

      ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ 3 days ago

      @Miles High In the winter, flights are rare.... During summer, there are several flights per day.

    • Miles High
      Miles High 3 days ago

      Does Saint Martin have a lot of flights a day or just a few? Long way to fly to just get a handful of arrivals and departures. BUT i would love to be on that road just 10 feet under a landing plane!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 3 days ago

    1:03:12 😂 😂 the things this bloke comes out with, I love it.

  • Samuel Wright
    Samuel Wright 3 days ago

    Emirates A380 EA GP7200 turbofan engines

  • Putra Pratama
    Putra Pratama 4 days ago

    too much talking..!!! ...DISUBSCIRBE..!!!

  • Andrew Passman
    Andrew Passman 4 days ago

    No need to compare them to Rolls Royce anymore. They are probably built next door. I love Rolls Royce also. At least it is one of the few things not made in China.

  • Andrew Passman
    Andrew Passman 4 days ago

    My god. We can’t do anything in the U.S anymore!

  • Flight Plan Aviation

    Kids on the mic when playing games

  • Mamun Ellyas
    Mamun Ellyas 4 days ago

    I waiting Heathrow live

  • germany565
    germany565 5 days ago

    Can‘t wait for the Frankfurt stream

  • Ian
    Ian 5 days ago

    Looked like an issue with the flaps now we see it again

  • kaka sumi
    kaka sumi 5 days ago

    Was this inspired by Boeing’s “autonomous” dive landing features installed on their max.?

  • Helen Burman
    Helen Burman 5 days ago

    How can you call this live when it is a recording.Stupid like all English people are

    • BIG JET TV
      BIG JET TV 5 days ago

      It was live when it was live, which was on the morning of Saturday the 18th, 5 days ago - As stated on the video 'Streamed live on Jan 18, 2020' - Want to rephrase that comment?

  • Adam lee Wicks
    Adam lee Wicks 5 days ago

    That Airbus neo ba didn't have his landing lights on 40:07 to 40:52