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The Rundown (Nov. 15)
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The Rundown (Nov. 13)
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  • Baltazar_official
    Baltazar_official 6 seconds ago

    Start of a purge

  • Zerbs
    Zerbs 19 seconds ago

    I wish his biological dad can kill the dude that tortured gabriel in prison

  • Lovely Warriors Of Friendship

    bullies must all be put to sleep and undiscorded!💖☂️

  • Kenneth Torres
    Kenneth Torres 4 minutes ago

    Why they don’t kill the mother???

  • One_Psychotic_Summer
    One_Psychotic_Summer 6 minutes ago

    The useless female is given a lesser punishment, what a surprise.

  • Caleb Mandrake
    Caleb Mandrake 6 minutes ago

    He dared him so the driver made good on the thief's dare.

  • J Bellfield
    J Bellfield 9 minutes ago

    With neighbours like that who needs to live in Mexico?

  • Bodacious Bruin
    Bodacious Bruin 11 minutes ago

    Good people keep their weapons locked up and out of the hands of teenagers who lack full brain development. It is time to be angry not all forgiving and nice.

  • SilverAshes109
    SilverAshes109 11 minutes ago

    I’m so completely frustrated with CPS and it’s social workers. I hear story after story of kids and teachers and neighbors reporting abuse, but CPS doesn’t do anything because “they have no proof,” or _worse_ the situation doesn’t seem “bad enough.” I know children lie, I know people discipline their kids in different ways, but when is “bad enough?” When they’re dead? Just because “nothing seems wrong” doesn’t mean something _won’t/can’t_ go wrong. That’s how abuse is: spontaneous. It just takes _one little thing_ to send these evil, awful people off the deep end. And it only takes one miscalculation to turn “punishment,” to turn abuse into _murder_ .

  • Billie Jo
    Billie Jo 13 minutes ago

    These people..What does he mean.." These people " ?.

  • Singular Mouth
    Singular Mouth 14 minutes ago

    This is why I hate this world

  • AntidoteX2
    AntidoteX2 16 minutes ago

    He and his sister were a part of the generation that destroyed America.

  • Andrea Danford
    Andrea Danford 18 minutes ago

    Spoken word I miss Nipsey so much you are so inspirational and talented very young individual with oh oh so you would think he's been here before🥰💪R.I.P ERMIAS

  • Lion Vlogs
    Lion Vlogs 20 minutes ago


  • Tanya Perrier
    Tanya Perrier 20 minutes ago


    PORTALPR1NCE 22 minutes ago

    I got "bullied" in middle school but I didn't see it that way, I just learned to stand up for myself, sure it sucked at first but I developed self confidence. Social media/ news media has ruined our youth. We need to strengthen our communities, turn the phones off. Be more involved in the real world

  • Scott Roxford
    Scott Roxford 23 minutes ago

    This is sad and all but why is this in my recommended when it's from a year ago.

  • Queen LiLi
    Queen LiLi 23 minutes ago

    Who still haven't tried the PoPEYES CHICKEN SANDWICH? 🤣✋

  • Queen LiLi
    Queen LiLi 24 minutes ago

    They laughing at y'all and the shit is embarrassing 😒

  • Greg Sieracki
    Greg Sieracki 26 minutes ago

    Someone didn't want to pay for there weed!

  • Jay Paul Mojica
    Jay Paul Mojica 30 minutes ago

    Popeyes flu

  • Scary Terry
    Scary Terry 31 minute ago

    never trust a black women to be able to act right in public, because they can’t. lmao god bless that white woman for taking those criminals down singlehandedly

  • Ace Destroyer
    Ace Destroyer 36 minutes ago

    This is why every woman should have a gun. Human trafficking is a huge problem.

  • Sara S.
    Sara S. 36 minutes ago

    “Trials are now planned for the social worker and their supervisor”. That sentence made me incredibly happy. It’s good that his mother and her BF will never see the light of day beyond prison and death but the social workers that should have helped that boy will also be held accountable for their negligence.

  • never care
    never care 38 minutes ago

    How come family are kill thier childern

  • any body
    any body 38 minutes ago

    His parents should be arrested.

  • trenell woods
    trenell woods 40 minutes ago

    Ppl are cannibals

  • I & J Lopez Zavala
    I & J Lopez Zavala 41 minute ago

    Bottom line here people..... we as parents need to be more diligent of our children. Plus "we" should be able to discipline our children. The moment the government takes that away from us.... we have lost. For decades home discipline worked... why not now? Not all parents abuse their kids. Few do and for that we have so much violence. These crusaders are not helping. When they attack and murder your family... then we will revisite the issue. Let's see if you feel the same? Right now it seems No one is safe. Walking, sitting, minding your own business can still get you killed. Thanks Omar and stupid clan.👏👏👏

  • What I Think Podcast
    What I Think Podcast 41 minute ago

    Check out my new podcast!!!@@@

  • Peak Bagger
    Peak Bagger 44 minutes ago

    youtube lets us all pretend we're morally pure saints, so let's shame her in our comments so that other anonymous youtube users can join us and make us believe that we are as righteous as we're pretending to be

  • Achhu uuu
    Achhu uuu 49 minutes ago

    I know I should be mad at the mother and the other bastard but the fact that the system failed this angel is what gets me even more mad.

  • Wes Watson's Dogg
    Wes Watson's Dogg 51 minute ago

    Thank god for California gun laws.. Other wise those poor kidnappers may have been injured or killed!..

  • Godofmischief
    Godofmischief 55 minutes ago

    He looks so much like my little god brother oh god

  • Mscutiepatootie13
    Mscutiepatootie13 57 minutes ago

    Whats going on with them? I would have ran in the street can tried to help especially with her husband around. Poor women, we failed her and she was screaming hoping someone would hear it and help her. Atleast get the plates of the car, something 😔.

    • Tim Tom
      Tim Tom 9 minutes ago

      Mscutiepatootie13 stop saying what you would or wouldn’t have done. These situations are scary for everyone.

  • Q. Alba
    Q. Alba Hour ago

    Culturally-defined reality is some kind of an intelligence test... and those who are joining are failing the test!!

  • Juan Elorriaga
    Juan Elorriaga Hour ago

    Now that is teacher of all time she cared about him beyond the job and yet the S workers messed up leaving him to get his skill cracked and shot with BB guns what sucks fucks do that let alone to their own kid?!?! And the mother reading her apology didn’t bat a tear she doesn’t give a fuck and her BF sitting there trying to show that tough guy shit yeah real tough beating on a little kid.A perfect he’ll for them would be getting the the same beating they gave gab but when they look up they see themselves from Gab POV and it repeats over and over and that would be true justice in agony forever

  • Brian Grier
    Brian Grier Hour ago

    You look great

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated Hour ago

    He was likely rebelling against the forced "diversity and inclusion" programming. Not every kid wants to be a limp-wristed rainbow club member.

  • cherry boy
    cherry boy Hour ago

    Jesus please help all of tham school kids and put a stop to this god bless you all

  • cherry boy
    cherry boy Hour ago

    Rest in peace fly with the Angeles peace be with you and your family and friends to

  • genius dork
    genius dork Hour ago

    On christmas, you're supposed to be given something special. Not getting someONE special taken away from you.

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated Hour ago

    Oh no! We're all going to die!! Oh well.

  • Regal Panda
    Regal Panda Hour ago

    Social services killed this boy as well. I don't know why they are so slow to act in this country. I personally know of multiple cases where children should be removed from their parents care and for years social services has done nothing about it. It really is shameful and our social service department needs to be completely rebuilt.

  • The Messiah KOI
    The Messiah KOI Hour ago

    The Big one will be triggered by Deep Earthquakes that form mostly near Fiji, Japan, etc. That energy than travels through the plates in waves. Pay attention to Deep quakes that are 500km deep and 5+ in magnitude. It's not rocket science. We can see when the large quakes are coming. The last 7+ shallow that hit near Indonesia was from a deep 6.5 quake 500km+ deep near by. Watch the strong DEEP quakes because they are coming and getting stronger now.

  • The Spectosphere

    It looks like an abnormally large spoiler on the back. It also sounds like the girl from silence of the lambs.

  • jester
    jester Hour ago

    Adam Schiff's BUDDY.

  • jester
    jester Hour ago

    "He sure does go to Thailand alot"

  • Adrian Johnson
    Adrian Johnson Hour ago

    California is finished. It now looks like the Third World.

  • jester
    jester Hour ago

    Adam Schiff's BUDDY.

  • Rico Gutierrez
    Rico Gutierrez Hour ago

    Get the bums out of California. Go to ugly Las Vegas or Texas or Arizona

  • Angie Anne
    Angie Anne Hour ago

    Who’s giving these children guns?!? 😤

  • Ace R.
    Ace R. Hour ago

    Ban uber and lyft period from big cities

  • Ralph Buchwitz
    Ralph Buchwitz Hour ago

    Welcome to America! Hahaha... I'm so glad I don't have to live in the US. What a horror growing up with all this violence there! I could not live in constant fear.

  • Lauren-Kate Kush


  • EsotericOccultist

    Good thing she didn't have a gun right?

  • asia holden
    asia holden Hour ago

    This Shit Got To Stop ✋🏾

  • Russian Bear
    Russian Bear Hour ago

    Man.. if i was near when this shit happened i wouldnt just drag the moron away i would stomp him into the ground on spot

  • be·lov·ed Mceniry

    Something is injected in that meat. There's a always and agenda. This is not normal.

  • Doug Hendricks
    Doug Hendricks Hour ago

    He was skinny, and handsome - girls still wouldn’t go out with him?

    • hsun79
      hsun79 23 minutes ago

      Apparently you don’t understand English...

    • Kimberly Hung
      Kimberly Hung Hour ago

      they literally said he has a girlfriend

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Hour ago

    All this over a chicken sandwich

  • Ruby Redd
    Ruby Redd Hour ago

    I got a recipe off TheXvid for Popeyes chicken sandwich. I'll just be making mine at home.

  • Cyndi Roberts
    Cyndi Roberts Hour ago

    California has been waiting for the BIG ONE for decades and I believe this is true!

  • Tye Trejo
    Tye Trejo Hour ago

    This is why abortion needs to be a thing. Not everyone will put their children up for adoption. Some just keep em and abuse em because they never wanted them, but are forced to keep em. Sad.

  • Valkyrie
    Valkyrie Hour ago

    Shame on California for not protecting the second amendment

  • General King
    General King Hour ago

    American's love to watch but never help!

  • Small Dog
    Small Dog Hour ago

    Wtf they just stood on there front lawn.... people need to spring into action your just going to watch someone get kidnapped disgusting

    • Tim Tom
      Tim Tom 4 minutes ago

      Small Dog you’re an idiot.

  • Slow poke Rodriguez

    Recovering? Lucky bastard got off E Z

  • Inspector7I
    Inspector7I Hour ago

    So if this lady spoke up she could have saved alot of women...lesson of the story...women, report men like this.

  • Patrick Jordan
    Patrick Jordan Hour ago

    This is a joke I know something is in that sandwich like they in a crack line.

  • D Lynn
    D Lynn Hour ago

    I know it sounds totalitarian but I have always believed that everyone should be sterilized at puberty then required to APPLY FOR A LICENSE TO PROCREATE. Yes, it's drastic. But when the wrong people have kids, and it happens WAAAAAAAY too often in our world, the consequences are horrific. This garbage should never have procreated.

  • Rudy Ruiz
    Rudy Ruiz Hour ago

    gun grabbing agenda coming.... fake fake fake news... no blood no bodies. where's the suspect?

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez 2 hours ago

    Domestic dispute or a cat fish kid napping its victim a man was heard saying sorry so that's what led me to these conclusions

  • reefuno1
    reefuno1 2 hours ago


  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo 2 hours ago

    Over fast food...cook your own Damn food.

  • Jeonghan’s judging face

    her makeup makes her look like a clown but her actions tell us shes something far worse.

  • Sandy
    Sandy 2 hours ago

    Have you ever been so FRUSTRATED that you end up crying? That’s me right now. I hope they rot in prison while still being alive so they can experience the torture that they so much deserve.

  • doczilla
    doczilla 2 hours ago

    looks asian to me

    GOOKHYPE MEDIA 2 hours ago

    His motive was his shitty cultural assimilation. His dad is white, had record of beating up his asian wife, and probably didn't allow his son to take in his asian side.

  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 2 hours ago

    False flag

  • DoNDiPzOsH
    DoNDiPzOsH 2 hours ago

    Because LAPD is lazy af

    GOOKHYPE MEDIA 2 hours ago

    The dad is a white male who has an asian fetish, beat up his wife, and his kid is depressed from seeing that shit

  • freezerburnonmymeat
    freezerburnonmymeat 2 hours ago

    Black culture is worthless notice how there wasn't any white people doing shit like this?

  • L C
    L C 2 hours ago

    Sad, might be connected to a potential kidnap that happen a month ago in front of my house. Have the video with two suspects putting a girl in but havent had time to go report it.

  • Nancy Patrick
    Nancy Patrick 2 hours ago

    It's not about a chicken sandwich. Its about uncivilized people..

  • Sagar Jung Kunwar
    Sagar Jung Kunwar 2 hours ago

    This is so sad :(

  • Pink Mouse
    Pink Mouse 2 hours ago

    Who tf dislikes something like this, this is an emotional story and you're just gonna dislike it likenit was nothing

  • blackham7
    blackham7 2 hours ago

    Why is the same guy always speaking about him. Is he an actor?

  • Ant
    Ant 2 hours ago

    Bruh clearly this shit that good

  • A Teaching Moment
    A Teaching Moment 2 hours ago

    This child had to suffer some serious child abuse to kill students and himself on his birthday. No way in hell somebody didn't notice this child suffering. The parents, teachers and social worker's should be held accountable for not helping this child. The more you allow these rapists to rape children and ignore the children crises, it's going to grow and the victims are going to unite to kill more people. It is pure evil that these people (parents, teachers, social worker's, politicians) want protect the children. Rape destroys a child soul. There is no coming back. They use to kill themselves (internal pain) but now days they kill other's (externalize their pain) where will the evolution of child rape take us???

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 2 hours ago

    Why did the women get life when the man got death ?

  • jonny s
    jonny s 2 hours ago

    white people these days,

  • Judy Haynes
    Judy Haynes 2 hours ago

    Could the male have accidentally hurt the female and the male is taking the female to the hospital?

  • leotube39
    leotube39 2 hours ago

    The suspect is a half-white and white-Asian. What's wrong with saying the suspect is a white-half and half-Asian?

  • Levi Peterson
    Levi Peterson 2 hours ago

    There should be a penalty beyond the death penalty where both of them and people like them should be torched to death

  • The Rock
    The Rock 2 hours ago

    Of course it’s black people

  • DEploribus Unum
    DEploribus Unum 2 hours ago

    I notice you never showed the picture of the guy with the sword.

  • fro k
    fro k 2 hours ago

    It was his birthday so he wanted to do something big.

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 2 hours ago

    Why is this the only video of her screaming in the car. No one else got this on tape. Have the police checked all nearby traffic cans for a license plate WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO FIND HER?!?!?!

  • Dezire FourLust
    Dezire FourLust 2 hours ago

    It's always the quiet ones to watch out for. I'm starting to believe that something around the fathers death might be off.. seems fishy... father dies.. mother was abused by father fast forward son does this..idk but seems the mom might have something she might want to confess to. Kid knew something and wasn't telling.

  • shadowlaw809
    shadowlaw809 2 hours ago

    The justice in the USA is about making money for the system they could careless for the victim or the criminal