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The Rundown (1/25)
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The Rundown (Jan. 24)
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  • radiosandrayguns
    radiosandrayguns Minute ago

    Flight path, flight metrics/speed/altitude and a Google Earth of that location show a quick descent with no leveling - that terrain may have surprised them on a descending turn and became a rise suddenly. Unfortunate.

  • Invention Reviews
    Invention Reviews 4 minutes ago

    Spinning uncontrollably. That’s the problem with the media these days. They were in a holding pattern, not spinning uncontrollably. What a dolt.

  • Grammy BernieBro
    Grammy BernieBro 7 minutes ago

    Go Cenk Go!!!!!

  • Guy Stuff
    Guy Stuff 11 minutes ago

    It was holding because of airspace. “Spinning uncontrollably” is just ignorant news people.

  • Teresa Chase
    Teresa Chase 12 minutes ago

    Why didnt Trump shut down plane's and more

  • Captain Hemmingsworth
    Captain Hemmingsworth 13 minutes ago

    Kobe is the King

  • Frank N
    Frank N 14 minutes ago

    That's not spinning uncontrollably. That's a holding pattern due to VFR restrictions.

  • David Fleming
    David Fleming 15 minutes ago

    I would thank this kid it isn't he who yelled at for what he did he caught the teacher berating our military who are fighting and dying to keep us free freedom is given to us with pride and even to think freely and to say noone should ever take that away from you

  • Topsu
    Topsu 15 minutes ago

    who cares if he's had a few drinks to dull the pain? the words are still genuine!

  • 86sith
    86sith 17 minutes ago

    Truth is the us military is an attack dog for that shit hole Israhell.

  • aariz baten
    aariz baten 18 minutes ago


  • Glenn Knauer
    Glenn Knauer 23 minutes ago

    She make a me wanna jacky my johnson.

  • Fahd’s Vlogs
    Fahd’s Vlogs 25 minutes ago

    Lakers need to win that championship this year for Kobe. LBJ and AD needs to bring that title home for Kobe.

  • Maikel J
    Maikel J 25 minutes ago

    Heartbreaking and devastating for all of us the Fans, and especially Mrs Bryant and other Kids..😣😔😔😭 and Bryant Families

  • Jervon Wilson
    Jervon Wilson 26 minutes ago

    Any hate comments I will report

  • Glory B
    Glory B 27 minutes ago


  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin 30 minutes ago

    I heard her say a GHOST pit maneuver he rudely ignored her ,

  • Kimball Farley
    Kimball Farley 33 minutes ago

    : (((((((

  • Zachary L. Miller
    Zachary L. Miller 33 minutes ago

    People mocking Jack’s voice in the call... (1) He’s 82. (2) he’s sad as fuck about Kobe, probably been emotional all day, tired. (3) if he’s drunk, who the fuck cares. Get a life. RIP Kobe.

  • Sravan Vedala
    Sravan Vedala 42 minutes ago

    What he did is completely wrong and inhuman, there is no two way about that. But why no one talks about what those kids did. Why no one condemns their act? For some people it’s not funny. Similar type of incidents happened to me also, I got so so mad, however I don’t believe in hurting people. Here my main point is, when you do pranks it may be funny to you but not for others. I hope media and people focus on the other side of the story also. At any rate, no one has right to take life of others.

  • Christopher Hueghs
    Christopher Hueghs 45 minutes ago

    Wish he could say it w/ the Joker voice...

  • smarlin tejadacastillo
    smarlin tejadacastillo 45 minutes ago

    Ever died someone famous,previaly,this Grammy i am so sick that tragedy

  • Mike White
    Mike White 46 minutes ago

    He’s slurring his speech. I hope he’s ok. One of my absolute all time favourite actors remembering and eulogising a truly great athlete. RIP Kobe & Gianna and the other victims of this terrible accident. Thank you for the memories.

    • Adam
      Adam 27 minutes ago

      Mike White what happens when you get older

    • Adam
      Adam 27 minutes ago

      Mike White he’s aging

  • Rick Warner
    Rick Warner 48 minutes ago

    Its bullshit seeing monitized adds in the videos honoring and remembering Kobe!!! Where is your compassion and respect, putting money ahead of the pain and sorrow the world is feeling after losing the Mamba, Gianna, and the others that died today? We lost one of the best to have ever put on an NBA jersey, R.I.P. Mamba💔, and daughter Gianna👼 who would have followed in her fathers footsteps, and using that to make money shows what kind of people you really are!!! And for youtube to put the adds in shows that they have no feelings either, so i have unsubscribed to all of my channels that have shown no respect by making money "honoring" Kobe. There are people that honestly care and are hurting from losing one of the best to have ever and that will ever step onto the hardwood. So we all say with heavy hearts and tearfull eyes... R.I.P. MAMBA YOU WILL BE MISSED BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 51 minute ago


  • JCTJR98
    JCTJR98 53 minutes ago

    Got love you some libtard City corruption! ... Great job!

  • Dusty
    Dusty Hour ago

    When I was 9 years old, My family and I traveled on the Queen Mary in October of 1963 from France to New York City.

  • Dusty
    Dusty Hour ago

    When I was 9 years old, My family and I traveled on the Queen Mary in October of 1963 from France to New York City.

  • Blu
    Blu Hour ago

    Wait, I don't get it, is it airborne or do you got effected by touching? Cause, wouldn't everyone on the plane be infected as well if it's airborne? That means there are a lot more infected.

  • Alex Hicks
    Alex Hicks Hour ago

    That is my school

  • Great Animal Kingdom

    Kobe needed to hear this 5 minute recording before he died...seriously: (800) 674-1176.

  • Vincenzo Foglia
    Vincenzo Foglia Hour ago

    Knew it wasn't gonna be long till idiots claim it was a setup. No one can ever die without every death being some sort of set up. Some are like; JFK and Epstein but kobe and his daughter. What for.what would be the reason to kill a basketball player and a child

  • Blu
    Blu Hour ago

    Everyone talking about Kobe, and I get that, but this shit is way more important. If this gets out of hand, there will be a lot more people dying!

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    CBS Los Angeles

  • Cory Griffiths
    Cory Griffiths Hour ago

    Another celebrity gone big deal we all die someday.

  • Deep South
    Deep South Hour ago

    Too bad no cops got shot

  • Jessica Nummy
    Jessica Nummy Hour ago

    It's sickening to look back now & know how Courtney Love has been trashed by the media & others for so long, when SHE was the only 1 brave enough to speak out & warn others about the sexual dangers of ppl like Weinstein, Brunell, Epstein, & Prince Andrew. ❤ to Courtney!

  • Bill Crawford
    Bill Crawford Hour ago

    There are very few single pilot Instrument Flight Rule certified helicopters because of the pilot work load during normal flight much less when your vision is obscured. I agree the reporter misinterpreted the Flight Aware data.

  • J
    J Hour ago

    Call police for help... let's start with the 10min on hold waiting for them to pick up the line.

  • E P Ramos
    E P Ramos Hour ago


  • E P Ramos
    E P Ramos Hour ago


  • Outrun3571
    Outrun3571 Hour ago

    California is full of immigrants that hate America, and I’m glad more people are seeing what’s going on with the liberal democrats in that state....much respect to that young man and his family 🙏🏼🇺🇸

  • Jeeta Singh
    Jeeta Singh Hour ago

    So sad rip 😭😭😭🙏🙏

  • E P Ramos
    E P Ramos Hour ago


  • Tailslandian Gardens Real Estate

    And that's considered raiding for "The End of the World", saying the 5-and-a-half-mile wide asteroid named 48178 Whiskey Hotel India Sierra Tango Lima Echo Romeo 46737 hitting our planet ending everything as we most likely know it. Signed, Angela.

  • No One
    No One Hour ago

    Oh my fucking god, I’m literally in the county RIGHT NEXT to Orange County.

  • Vanray Javier
    Vanray Javier Hour ago

    This reporter obviously didn't do his research well. They are not spinning. Zero visibility ahead so they're just hovering around and waiting for the fog to clear.

    • Richard Parker
      Richard Parker 40 minutes ago

      Ding ding ding..agree. I think orientation was lost by the pilot. Fog everywhere, no vis. Spacial disorientation.......crash.

  • News World
    News World Hour ago

    You can't calls he terorist ????? ???

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith Hour ago


    • AussieGirl
      AussieGirl 15 minutes ago

      Karen Smith - Nah, my username isn’t “Karen Smith”

    • Karen Smith
      Karen Smith 20 minutes ago

      AussieGirl I see you do .

    • AussieGirl
      AussieGirl 31 minute ago

      Karen Smith - Do you have brain damage

  • Sucks2suck S
    Sucks2suck S Hour ago

    If our military was that low. Kinda weird how we’re world war champs! Usmc 09-13. I’m a killing machine!

  • Sketch Artist
    Sketch Artist Hour ago

    I can't believe it a big shock r.i.p Kobe Bryant in his daughter in the in the other who was killed in the crashes

  • Jeremiah Papa
    Jeremiah Papa Hour ago

    Military RECUITERS are POS

  • damien Smith
    damien Smith Hour ago

    The cartoon, Legends of Chamberlin Heights, predicted his death. Check out this cartoon from 2006. Kobe's death was predicted a long time ago.

  • JuLiEtTe Certorz

    She's my bff from school ❤️

  • News World
    News World Hour ago

    Brutality life with Guns

  • Junior Cruz
    Junior Cruz Hour ago

    Is that really Jack Nicholson? He sounds different

  • Sketch Artist
    Sketch Artist Hour ago

    Rest in peace to Kobe Bryant in his daughter in the other who die

  • AirJordan5 Yes
    AirJordan5 Yes Hour ago

    Somebody playing plague inc fr tho

  • Muddy Water
    Muddy Water Hour ago

    If anyone bothered to listen to the audio recording of the flight control centers involved ....that is not spinning ......that aircraft was holding position ,until cleared to the next air traffic handler ......they were in a holding pattern for 15 minutes..... the condensed version on your video looks like it's spinning ....THATS FALSE....SHAME ON THE NEWS REPORTER FOR INTERPRETING THAT. THAT'S HOW FAKE NEWS STARTS!

    • Jeff Bommarito
      Jeff Bommarito 50 minutes ago

      @The Lord is Good All The Time Doesn't work that way. Weather moves fast and it likely was clear before they departed.

    • The Lord is Good All The Time
      The Lord is Good All The Time Hour ago

      I’m wondering why in the heck did the plane take off considering how foggy it was? Something is not adding up. Was it his normal pilot or a rookie?

  • YT Anonymity
    YT Anonymity Hour ago

    Wtf ?!! This is such a SHOCK news !!

  • EvilEast
    EvilEast Hour ago

    This is fucked up man... RIP to Kobe and his Daughter. Smh


    ????? 1:11 ?? december 19? ? ? ? ? ?


    Thank you Kobe for all the great memories, rest in peace brother

    • Calvin Sampson
      Calvin Sampson Hour ago

      BENJAMIN DOVER Yes . He was my idol. I play basketball, and still chasing the dream of going to the NBA

  • James Gotti
    James Gotti Hour ago

    RIP kobe love you bro 💯😥😪

  • Frank piknimena II

    I cant help but think,what were you thinking, Mr. Kraft???

  • Queen Dom
    Queen Dom Hour ago

    We wake up everyday like it's ordinary not knowing it could be our last moments of living. Prayers for all those that parish and their families.

    • Robert Rios
      Robert Rios 4 minutes ago

      I feel you! It's moments like this that people should reflect and on that whatever beef we have with someone weather it's family, friend, neighbor or whatever it just doesn't mean nothing it really doesn't matter. We are here right now but God knows where we'll be in the next few hours. Every time someone passes alway it reminds me of my own own life that I lost my mother and father and now I see myself as an adult and with kids of my own and believe that I wish I could've made peace with them when they were around. So I guess what I'm trying to say is make peace to those people you haven't made peace with cause no one knows the day that we are going to meet our maker.

  • Lion King 1M
    Lion King 1M Hour ago

    They were scared as fuck in the last minutes of their lives, I wish they had landed right away after all of that spinning. Fucccck

  • Fenian Bhoy
    Fenian Bhoy Hour ago

    My point is strengthened by claims furry was bidding little girls,we know that's b.s but you & your family would be executed in Palestine off them just for that allegation, BACKED BY THAT GREAT LAND OF THE FREE ,🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    #YAJAMALU4U Hour ago

    Where is the real news talking about all of had die? Not one or 2. Give names. How many in the helicopter? Some says 5 others 7 plis 2. All are important.

  • Fenian Bhoy
    Fenian Bhoy Hour ago

    The lies the Jews tell to tryn jail him,shows you how they act in Palestine as it's the jews who have the tech & are believed,we've saw their lies,on tape,what chance not on tape

  • Fantastic Adventure

    I am here to pray that they parachuted out the freaking helicopter at 0:16. PLEASE, Kobe, you can't go like that!!!!!!!!

    • Chongo Bongus
      Chongo Bongus 52 minutes ago

      @Fantastic Adventure man has passed on the other side. I know what its like to be in denial, but try not to let it completely destroy you when it hits, it wont be any easier 😔. Stay strong my friend 😢

    • Fantastic Adventure
      Fantastic Adventure 58 minutes ago

      ​@Chongo Bongus I wish this speculation could be something more hopeful, I don't want to accept what has happened.

    • Chongo Bongus
      Chongo Bongus Hour ago

      It wasn't spinning out of control at that time. They just sped up the flight pattern for times sake

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange Hour ago

    Jack Nicholson sounds horrible. Is he sick?

  • Jared Farley
    Jared Farley Hour ago

    To many cowards stand around with phones out recording. Anyone that post things like this should be charged with a crime

  • ANTI-SATAN pro-life RTMI

    Cry a river

  • Jackie
    Jackie Hour ago

    If we get so surprised about Kobe dying just realize how surprised we will be when we die or when Jesus come s? Does it take tragedy to make us realize how precious life is????? Live content, do good to others and know that your life belongs to God.

  • Joemama6969
    Joemama6969 Hour ago

    You can tell he’s been crying

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 hours ago

    God why please bring him back please just take jake Paul and Logan Paul and give us back kobe my lord 👑

  • Legend K.
    Legend K. 2 hours ago

    The military industrial complex is pure Evil. Eisenhower warned us. President/4 Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • XavierThings
    XavierThings 2 hours ago

    wait i heard this

  • Alicia Gutierrez
    Alicia Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    Y'all it must be someone from Irvine. It's polluted with all type of foreign Chinese people.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 2 hours ago

    My condolences to his family. Life is a tragedy and we always come out stronger. Because that's our nature, to rise up.

  • California Guy
    California Guy 2 hours ago

    lets not remember the rape ...get real, he played a freaking game, thats all.

    • Adam
      Adam 28 minutes ago

      California Guy he actually did more. You’re just a heartless fool

    • Adam
      Adam 28 minutes ago

      California Guy you mean the one where the woman lied

  • Mr Rager
    Mr Rager 2 hours ago


  • Christian Orr
    Christian Orr 2 hours ago

    ‘Ding dong ditch’ is not punishable by death....

  • valerie foster carter

    I can imagine koby hugging gigi as the crash i would if i had a love one along with me in such devastation lord my love for families.

  • HipHop and Politics
    HipHop and Politics 2 hours ago

    Most loyal laker fan to ever live‼️‼️‼️

    • Angelino Rider
      Angelino Rider 2 hours ago

      If i had the money and time I would be too.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 2 hours ago

    I hope Kobe & his daughter were embracing one another. This sucks.

  • Emilio Javier
    Emilio Javier 2 hours ago

    Never ever get into a vehicle with an Italian American or Sicilian American coach. My former tennis coach Gerletti or Garletti from Los Angeles Woodrow Wilson High School is a sex offender child molester. Might as well join creepy old ass, Applewhite, in his spaceship ride! High humidity and very little visibility, heavy fog was the cause of the Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter crash. Blind coach!

  • Yelyto_ _44
    Yelyto_ _44 2 hours ago


  • Ashley Green
    Ashley Green 2 hours ago

    I Did it

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey 2 hours ago

    Who were the other souls lost ?

    • Bailey Narjes
      Bailey Narjes Hour ago

      Dee Dee Winfrey a baseball coach at a local college, his wife, and their daughter as well as unconfirmed others

  • random user
    random user 2 hours ago

    That's not how boys think... there not just gonna say "Hey i'm sorry I hope this will never happen again"

  • Yelyto_ _44
    Yelyto_ _44 2 hours ago


  • Jeremy West
    Jeremy West 2 hours ago

    You really think a death cult of satan worshiping narcissistic child raping pedovors giving awards to each other care about Kobe? No they will be doing drugs and going from orgie to orgie in between ancient cult rituals

  • Garth Algar
    Garth Algar 2 hours ago

    How about the other f**** NORMAL ppl that died?

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 2 hours ago

    The Fear.

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris 2 hours ago

    KING!!!!! 💙💙💙

  • Yelyto_ _44
    Yelyto_ _44 2 hours ago


  • BIG SEXy goat
    BIG SEXy goat 2 hours ago

    Jack sounds like he's doing an impression of Jack Nicholson

  • Wicked Witch
    Wicked Witch 2 hours ago

    He doesn't sound drunk... He sounds like he is aging. He's freakin 82 years old. Cut him a break. It will happen to all of us.