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The Kick Off
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ChrisMD Q&A with True Geordie
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  • Rens Fontaine
    Rens Fontaine 8 minutes ago

    Don't wanna be on your mount... #🤣

  • Rens Fontaine
    Rens Fontaine 9 minutes ago

    Great episode 🤣🤣👌🏾

  • Toby G
    Toby G 16 minutes ago

    Hugh seems unhinged. Or it's just an act.

  • G Art
    G Art 44 minutes ago

    Should give the man a chance...

  • david clark
    david clark Hour ago

    The guy is an absolute scum bag.... glad he supports a toxic club..

  • amogh kaushik
    amogh kaushik Hour ago

    Hugh is literally the most annoying person in every video ever

  • amogh kaushik
    amogh kaushik Hour ago

    Hugh is literally the most annoying person in every video ever

  • Doron Berger
    Doron Berger Hour ago

    The reason why this ISN'T a La Liga situation is because the other clubs in La Liga can't even dream about matching Barca and Real in terms of spending. They simply don't have the resources, from the core. With the Prem you have clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, clubs that DO have the resources to match with LFC and City. Maybe not exactly to the same degree, but they are way more built to compete. It's their fault that they don't know how to spend their money.

  • HLW
    HLW Hour ago

    Wanna keep Iwobi... LOOOOOOOOL!

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    Hugh needs anger management therapy. Explodes if anyone challenges him Hugh has been proved wrong with Leicester this season

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    4:31 oh c’mon hugh. Wenger is an insufferable, stubborn, water bottle throwing, bad losing, “err I didn’t see the incident”, bag of sweets waving, Professor yaffle, French cnut.

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    3:01 that Lawrence look 😂

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere

    Hugh is such a bell end. Never shuts up about Chelsea spending money. Like its guaranteed that money = success. I'm a United fan and we've pissed away 900m and nowhere near winning the league (or even top 4). To say chelsea simply bought the league it's moronic

  • Boom FlexPlays
    Boom FlexPlays 2 hours ago

    Who would win in a brawl between Brian and DT?

  • Nigel Thorn
    Nigel Thorn 2 hours ago

    Rory "Who put this west ham man incharge"

  • wassupjg
    wassupjg 4 hours ago

    as an arsenal fan, this hugh wizzy seems a right knob

  • Jonah Tighe
    Jonah Tighe 4 hours ago

    Imagine calling a champions league tinpot because you’re so bitter that you’ve never won it

  • Thomas Standish
    Thomas Standish 4 hours ago

    Klopp everyday

  • Ed Warburton
    Ed Warburton 4 hours ago

    Really don’t like goldbridge

  • KnottysumGaming
    KnottysumGaming 4 hours ago


  • Ed Warburton
    Ed Warburton 5 hours ago

    Stop talking over each other

  • matthew knowles
    matthew knowles 5 hours ago

    Elite isnt not winning a trophy for years

  • matthew knowles
    matthew knowles 5 hours ago

    Wenger was good years ago klopp pisses all over him as a manager

  • Dexian Wang
    Dexian Wang 5 hours ago

    hugh wizzy acting like the bundesliga and borussia dortmund aren't things lol

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    sonaldo is the best

  • C Leong
    C Leong 7 hours ago

    Can someone throw some weapons and 👀 what happens 😈😱💩😂

  • Shay Campbell
    Shay Campbell 7 hours ago

    Wow, this must have gotten heated cause it is age restricted

  • James Tighe
    James Tighe 7 hours ago

    Rory was right 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shay Campbell
    Shay Campbell 7 hours ago

    My man thinks that top 4 is on parr with 8 finals in like 4 in 5 years, winning the champions league a europa league final twice, second place in the league on 97 points and are going to win the league this season and a champions league final

  • IamDanStokes
    IamDanStokes 8 hours ago

    Man, I feel Hugh. He’s channeling his rage of the current Arsenal situation into this debate and I feel every word he’s saying. You’re angry, upset and not making your point all that well Hugh but I feel you, my friend and I’m right there with you.

  • Nathan Crozier
    Nathan Crozier 8 hours ago

    Hugh makes me not watch this man, can't argue a point without yelling it at full volume like child jeez man

  • Paul Tokjian
    Paul Tokjian 8 hours ago

    The difference between Klopp and Wenger is that Wenger never ever admits his mistakes while Klopp always progresses. Look at Liverpool in the last 4 years. Every year there is progress. With Wenger it was always the same, very stubborn in his ways. Thats what separates him from the other greats. Ferguson believed in evolving too. Look at Mourinho right now..he stopped evolving so he was left behind. Perfection is actually a big myth, its progress that matters more.

  • J
    J 8 hours ago

    That last point is bollocks. The only reason the thing with City's draws has come up recently is because it's only been a thing for 2-3 seasons. We got notoriously tough draws before that

  • dave126
    dave126 8 hours ago

    Klopp took Mainz from Devision 2 to the Bundesliga. Then he took over Dortmund, a team that was a midtable club at the time and turned them into two times Bundesliga winners as well as Champions-League finalists. He did so without spending much. He found gems like Lewandowski, Götze, Hummels or Gundogan an turned them into worldclass players. At the time, Dortmund was one of the top 5 teams in the world. He then took over Liverpool, who where again not even close to a top 4 spot and turned that team into the best team in the world right now, although his net spend has been far less than the likes of City, Arsenal, United and Chelsea. Klopp has increased his squads value the most out of every club around Europe by simple making players better. I am not disrespecting Wenger, but you can't ignore that Klopp is the best manager at the moment, and if he finally wins the Premierleague this season he will be above Wenger!

  • Jack Cadwell
    Jack Cadwell 9 hours ago

    4:58 brings up losing to united away They lose at home to city 😂😂

  • Asar Hussain
    Asar Hussain 9 hours ago

    Idk why rorys face pisses me off.

  • P Dark
    P Dark 10 hours ago

    Some fans just don't get it!

  • RossRed84
    RossRed84 10 hours ago


  • Adair manolito
    Adair manolito 11 hours ago

    That city guy should talk now after we beat them yesterday at Etihad. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • N
    N 11 hours ago

    Seeing lots of hate in the comments towards hugh wizzy. Wash your mouths out and put some respect on his name. He is a Football mastermind..go back and watch his goalkeeping performance in the Wembley cup and try and tell me this man doesn’t know his football..

  • RazBaybee
    RazBaybee 11 hours ago

    23 years in the CL and didn’t win. Chelsea won once. Klopps won it once

  • Alex Fitzgerald
    Alex Fitzgerald 12 hours ago

    Jesus Christ, Hugh Wizzy is a complete clown.

  • baltechsea23
    baltechsea23 13 hours ago

    Wengers legacy is vastly overrated.yes his teams played attractive Football which was entertaining.but that was only for a period of 5-6 years.the man never adapted to the standards of the modern game and his declining yrs were proof of that.great managers adapt to diff env.hence u notice after he has left Arsenal no other Big team has picked up the phone to give him a buzz.

  • Alex Dewald
    Alex Dewald 13 hours ago

    who scores 2 freeekicks in a game has anyone ever done that? Messi: im i joke to you?

  • Wasntthere 7
    Wasntthere 7 15 hours ago

    Wizzy is actually so annoying. Most of his arguments are “your club has been pumping money”.The other guy makes valid points

  • shankleythebest
    shankleythebest 15 hours ago

    Hugh is such a tool, screaming his point at the person he's talking too, only for his point to be completely wrong.

  • Hugh Jenas
    Hugh Jenas 15 hours ago

    He took a Europa league team to Champions league regulars on an almost championship budget

  • Tom Heaven
    Tom Heaven 16 hours ago

    Wenger bought players for cheap and created them into sensational players you can’t compare kloop and wenger

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 16 hours ago

    As lifelong Manchester United fan from Manchester I think Full Time Devils is "twenty times" better than The United Stand! Less glory fans on Full Time Devils!!!

  • Connor Bears
    Connor Bears 17 hours ago

    *Chelsea only became a top club because of Mourinho and Abromavic - end of* enough of this fake news. Premier league only has a few real true top clubs ever: Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Everton, Newcastle United

  • Lola Vanenburg
    Lola Vanenburg 17 hours ago

    Dizzy Hugh shouting thinks he’s right..ppl who shout their mouths off never get heard..All for the cameras ffs

  • Ed Briscoe
    Ed Briscoe 17 hours ago

    Wow the guy in the black hoodie is so dumb and cringey. Every episode.

  • naveen solo
    naveen solo 17 hours ago

    Hugh wizzy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌🏼👌👌

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple 17 hours ago

    When will Arsene get the respect SAF is getting

  • spinach-colour-Joey
    spinach-colour-Joey 18 hours ago

    Hugh is nearly always wrong in these types of confrontations.

  • Kobe Mead
    Kobe Mead 18 hours ago

    Rory: elite isnt finishing 4th!!!... savage 😂

  • Kobe Mead
    Kobe Mead 18 hours ago

    Rory annoyes me usually, but im with him, hugh in CL arsenal are not legendary.

  • Gameaholic3000
    Gameaholic3000 18 hours ago

    "Yeah exactly, exactly." If you're agreeing with him, then why attack his point?

  • Mo b Dick
    Mo b Dick 19 hours ago

    Joshua gave up aye ?

  • Roland Lundall
    Roland Lundall 19 hours ago

    Bullshit you lot don't have a clue what you talking about. Ole knows what it is like to win trophies and at the moment he is puttig the pieces together. He has only had one transfer widow and needs at least two or three before United will win again. He is a winner.

    • ุ
       Hour ago

      @Roland Lundall Well as long as there are no brexit transfers and Mandzukic, I'll be happy. We need midfielders, there doesn't seem to be any indication that he's looking at the right players.

    • Roland Lundall
      Roland Lundall Hour ago

      @ุ firstly he said he was happy with the three buys because the others players he tried to bring in wanted to be mercenaries. He said that in a press conference that when he heard them talk and their agents he decided to wait for the right type of player which is correct. Did Ole ever say it himself that he wanted long longstaff and Rice, no he never said it,it's talk from the media. He did not know that MacTommaney would become so good. Now he needs to get rid of Pogba and maybe Fred even if Fred had improved,his not suited to the PL. Ole will get it right we as fans need to trust him and give him till two transfer widows. There will be some up's and downs but he will get it right by next season's. Learn to trust.

    • ุ
       Hour ago

      @Roland Lundall He deliberately didn't buy enough midfielders, he said he was happy with transfers. He also said he wants Longstaff and Rice. Why do you want him?

    • Roland Lundall
      Roland Lundall 4 hours ago

      I just want you to remember that Leicester city won the title playing counter attacking football and Chelsea under Conti won the title playing counter attacking football. Learn the game bro.

  • Ivannah Humpalot
    Ivannah Humpalot 19 hours ago

    Hugh is so right !!!!

  • Tsar Nicholas II
    Tsar Nicholas II 19 hours ago

    Wenger is much better manager than klopp

  • Jackie Hwang
    Jackie Hwang 20 hours ago

    Who's here after AJ won?

    MYMUFC TV 21 hour ago

    I understand where Hugh is coming from here, Rory's taking the piss downplaying Wenger. You also have to remember, back in those days, English clubs weren't so dominant in Europe as they are now, even United was struggling with European football. Wenger fucking built his Arsenal team with some of the craziest youth signings the league has ever seen, nobody did it like Wenger in that sense (United fan)

  • Stephan Okaka
    Stephan Okaka 21 hour ago

    A lot of the time they finished 4th and in many other top leagues that wouldn’t get you champions league football, this entire argument is because he doesn’t understand that fact that in Europe Klopp has had a better record than Wenger! Too emotionally connected to see the facts. Emotion is why we love football but to not see that Klopp is better in Europe is just been silly.

  • f u
    f u 23 hours ago

    I lose respect for hugh every time he's on here. So childish

  • Cian Curran
    Cian Curran 23 hours ago

    Klopp is better than Wenger

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Day ago

    Hugh belongs on aftv not the kick off. Can't even have an intelligent conversation without yelling and acting like petulant child.

  • Stivi B
    Stivi B Day ago

    Wenger was a superb manager but he went to 1 only 1 ucl final with henry lehmann ashley cole fabregas pires known world class players. Klopp took dortmund a team of under 23 yr old players in a ucl final and liverpool with players that 1 year previously didnt play in ucl.

  • Open Mic Superstar

    Looking at Spurs overall performance since Poch left I feel has stock has suffered.

  • Jorgeyy Boyy
    Jorgeyy Boyy Day ago

    Aj isn't English

  • Jorgeyy Boyy
    Jorgeyy Boyy Day ago

    Aj is overrated

  • Fraser Connell


  • James Newstead

    Neither would help man u needs new fans

  • lee carroll
    lee carroll Day ago

    I think ole should be our director and poch manager

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United Day ago


  • Ewolo Ubama Eric

    Rory doesn't breathe oxygen

  • Mark Buckley
    Mark Buckley Day ago

    Jesus Christ Hugh is sooooo annoying

  • The Avid Liverpool Fan

    It's all good qualifying for the ucl for 23 years but did he ever win it? Exactly.

  • Help the needy Not the greedy

    I am an arsenal fan, but Hugh is totally wrong on this matter, being in the champion league for twenty years, doesn't count for anything, if you don't win the competition at least once. Look at the condition of the club now. Wenger has screwed with arsenal fans heads, most arsenal fans have become deluded and ignorant, as mulch as Wenger was. Look at Wengers legacy right now, arsenal are completely fucked, due to Wenger's incompetent. Hugh, shut the fuck up, you ignorant twat.

  • A H
    A H Day ago

    Klopp won titles with Dortmund why did hugh forget that? Took them to a ucl final aswell loool

  • George Mullens

    That city fan needs to piss off.

  • Blake the III
    Blake the III Day ago

    He got the job cus of his first 11 games, stop this 99 bs

  • Kwame Lewis
    Kwame Lewis Day ago

    Spurs paying pochetino to stay away from the premier League this season ,😂😂😂

  • Marco Gooner
    Marco Gooner Day ago

    City fan is dragging you down bro

  • Kane TechTips
    Kane TechTips Day ago


  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith Day ago

    I gotta say I'm really coming round to Rory

  • HTT 23
    HTT 23 Day ago

    Is that cunt Hugh still on this after shouting and swearing at a fellow podcast guest for 10 minutes? Dickhead, quick way to lose sponsorship that is ✊✊

  • DraughtKing
    DraughtKing Day ago

    Love how both are diverting to their own teams as a comparison to klopp but want to tell each other not to talk about there team and "respect".....

  • Niiayi87
    Niiayi87 Day ago

    Jesus christ'! Ok...calm...Kante is great at what he does. Viera was great in everything a midfield is capable of doing. Power, Pace, Tackling, Skills, Passing, Assists,Goal and leadership. There is not a position or role in midfield who could not play, he was everything! Indisputable . God i wish he played today. This is such a stupid comparison. Wasted words explaining the obvious.

  • Ben Harvey
    Ben Harvey Day ago

    Hugh wizzy is a right knob 😂😂😂 every single video proper gets angry funny tho , Brian Clough football genius 🔴⚪️ try back to back European cups

  • DailyBits
    DailyBits Day ago

    Rory is that guy who annoys ppl for the fun of it. You can just tell and it doesn't help he has a very punch able face

  • Baylisted
    Baylisted Day ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes the city fan

  • Gustavo Rosales

    Ruiz is not from New York, he's from southern California.

  • Richard Littlewood

    No, Moyes wasn’t still being paid by United until recently. He was paid off when sacked and has had several jobs since

  • macthemighty
    macthemighty Day ago

    Then less then 3 months later Emery is gone...flip flop aresnal fans

  • not Ibrahim
    not Ibrahim Day ago

    I hate when geordie just bitches out even though hes the biggest there

  • not Ibrahim
    not Ibrahim Day ago

    Rorys right, wenger in contast to klopp in europe is a no contest

  • Richard Littlewood

    It was sneaky downgrading Poch to a semi final...

  • Harry 0102
    Harry 0102 Day ago

    Yes wenger deserves respect but the most disrespect he ever got was off the arsenal fans