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The Kick Off
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ChrisMD Q&A with True Geordie
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  • L R
    L R 19 minutes ago

    Silva looks like an early animated black haired mo from the Simpsons

  • L R
    L R 23 minutes ago

    If mendy compared barnardo Silva to a animation that he feels shares similarities with him would mendy be racist

    LORCAN DEVON 27 minutes ago

    Never have Hugh on again fucking mongo

  • Tevez Kelez
    Tevez Kelez 41 minute ago

    730K! Let's make it a million!

  • 499PUCK
    499PUCK Hour ago

    Need I recall what was said when we were down what was said on this channel? That are dreams are done. How did that work out?

  • Pony Boy
    Pony Boy Hour ago

    Ozil doesn't have any fight in him or play in the style Emery wants, whatever that is at the moment. Financial Fair Play! £350k a week could play for how many players?

  • Prophet Ascending
    Prophet Ascending 3 hours ago

    Hugh should be the God of All Football Discussions. He clearly cannot be wrong, ever, about anything, and as such nobody should ever argue with him. I am, of course, being facetious.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    You guys got each other off a lot. You don’t have to clarify every single point

  • David Hickling
    David Hickling 4 hours ago

    FUCK Ozil Im sick of these fans who don't forget that he's a PISSTAKER FOR YEARS

  • Excelsior32
    Excelsior32 4 hours ago

    This hasn't aged well already

  • Ronald J
    Ronald J 4 hours ago

    nonsense, hes disrespected himself! The way he strolled off that final is enough for me, his apathy is disgusting

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 4 hours ago

    Mate, Hugh, you are a melt. Salty Arsenal fan

  • dritan tahiraj
    dritan tahiraj 5 hours ago

    Not yet I’m not writing city out tho coz city are good team with great manager and great players it’s not done city are dangerous who ever thinks it’s done with are dumb

  • YellaYetti The Mythical

    This dude is on Ozil's shaft.. Don't forget that Forrest game when he came off. Speak objectively bro. Raul told you Emery picks players that perform in training.

  • Malligrub 1
    Malligrub 1 5 hours ago

    Hugh's had a brain explosion here. Complete and utter nonsense. All clubs spend large amounts of money, City spends on a different level- similar to Madrid and Barca. But Barca and Madrid have and will remain that way because La Liga is setup for them to make money to the detriment of the other clubs. The difference with Liverpool is they spend what they make on relatively affordable players at the average market rate just like everybody else, interspersed with the occasional gem like Roebrtosn. Salah, Mane, Firmino were all around the 30mil mark, Robertson only about 5, Trent through the academy, Milner on a free, Fabinho 40'ish, Van Dijk's rate was just the beginning of the standard rate now for top grade CBs. To be like Barca/Madrid/PSG a club would have to be splashing 100mil+ for multiple players whenever they need a role filled.

  • Manny Chatha
    Manny Chatha 6 hours ago

    I don't think the guy knows how investment works, that's money introduced to the business, net spend is therefore important when talking about investment as the sale of an asset is not the introduction of new money therefore isn't new investment, if a club spends 900 million, but 800 million of it comes from the sale of its assets that's not investment but using funds already in the business. Man is just butthurt that his club is headless while their rivals are climbing the football ladder in the correct way

  • Radi Yahya
    Radi Yahya 6 hours ago

    This season city will finish 3rd, dont worry PL still the best league in the world

  • Cobbster
    Cobbster 6 hours ago

    Arsenal front 3 is more expensive than City.

  • Cobbster
    Cobbster 6 hours ago

    LaLiga is not competitive, there's no even tv revenue split, no strong local fanbase SUPPORT, most of them support two teams , one real or Barca and another local team. Even teams like West Ham, Leicester may get into top 4 there , they have bigger crowds and more budget than many LaLiga sides.

  • syed hassan
    syed hassan 7 hours ago

    Ended up with Steve Bruce

    JED LON 8 hours ago

    Amazing how bitter these dimps are yet they support dead arse teams like poocastle utd,Man shited and Chelsea rent boys

  • Angel Bogdanov
    Angel Bogdanov 10 hours ago

    After watching this and some other podcasts about this, I start to understand why you voted for brexit...

  • Stuart Paton
    Stuart Paton 10 hours ago

    True Geordie is repulsive 😲

  • KoreanBritish
    KoreanBritish 10 hours ago

    Black and beautiful. Didn't the big guy on this channel laugh and tell jokes when connor McGregor makes slavery references towards jose aldo, anti latin comments towards Diaz and xenophobic comments towards Khabib. Now he seems to be concerned about racism. Interesting video.

  • HiTechJ
    HiTechJ 12 hours ago

    Theses guys are just crying because Newcastle don’t have any money and United just mismanaged theirs. The thing about no history is just plain stupid. In 20-30 years from now, no one is gonna be saying “City have no history and and no legends.” No one is gonna care about that Argument.

  • eldiego68
    eldiego68 14 hours ago

    This ain’t it. The post is not even negative. He just saying he looks like the kid, no harm. Now, if he would’ve posted a picture of a chimp instead, then there would be a reason to be outraged. Yes. Racism in football and in life still exists, but this is not an example of that. If that were the case the the entirety of England should be banned for putting up pictures of Suarez and a bat side by side and pretty much making that comparison every day while he played for Liverpool.

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton 15 hours ago

    Do these guys remember last year? Where were Liverpool in December? It's not like Man City were 7 points behind them.. in 3RD PLACE! Nah... ofc not.. Calm down guys..

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton 15 hours ago

    Liverpool are winning the league? LOL

  • Raheeem Mahmoud
    Raheeem Mahmoud 18 hours ago

    Why are the people say the black color is racist why

  • Incognito
    Incognito 18 hours ago

    Ajax had a budget way waaaay over 20m

  • Ilija Strugar
    Ilija Strugar 19 hours ago

    I really dont understand why is it so hard to understand that other players deserve more to be in the squad than Ozil. Under Wenger, he had one good season in terms of assist numbers, but even at that time, he lacked something, he couldnt carry our team like a player with the wages he has, after that, his form was horrible as well as his workrate, passion and desire to win football games and that is also one of the reasons he is out of the german squad. I would much rather see Martinelli, Saka and Willock in my team than him and they are 10 years younger than him. Ozil out, end of discussion.

  • simon pieman
    simon pieman 19 hours ago

    no idea what they are talking about. casuals

  • JJ Bobbs
    JJ Bobbs 20 hours ago

    Hugh is one lost guy

  • Jason Glover
    Jason Glover 20 hours ago

    his touch is amazing.. his workrate, physicality, and athleticism are MILES behind most everyone else in the squad. For A 350k + man that just isn't gonna fly. body language and behavior speaks volumes and as a top class professional you can't mope around the field when you don't get the ball, not track back, then get mad when your subbed off. Maybe emry was giving him some "tough love" to see if he would rise to the occasion. Like many of our grass roots teachers did to us if they saw we had even the slightest bit of talent. But it doesn't seem he wants to rise, rather just pout.

  • Barnaby Chinnock
    Barnaby Chinnock 21 hour ago

    Hughs argument always changes when Lawrence gives an answer

  • Joydev Ghosh
    Joydev Ghosh 21 hour ago

    Ozil is useless ,always was useless,lazy , old, useless.

  • Rickey Shah
    Rickey Shah 21 hour ago

    Hugh is actually a massive baby. He’s 100% a virgin.

  • Dgsblx80
    Dgsblx80 22 hours ago

    i give props to Hugh for not slapping that twat Laurence... the lil twat was trying to goad him and im glad he didnt rise to it.

  • Bavumile Mkhonza
    Bavumile Mkhonza 23 hours ago

    This discussion would be 100 times better if you didn't have people screaming at the footy in the background.

  • Christo Christou
    Christo Christou 23 hours ago

    Choosing to have Erdogan as best man at his wedding says a lot about Ozil's mentality. His support for Turkish fascism can only cause unrest in the dressing room. Ozil OUT!!

  • canonogic
    canonogic 23 hours ago

    Loool Hugh chats absolute bollocks. Couldn't argue his way out of a paper bag

  • Benny B
    Benny B 23 hours ago

    Someone get the sand out of his knickers the sad tart he knows full well that 900m is over twenty odd years we haven’t spent our way to the top but he will keep saying it cos it makes him feel better that we are dominating European football at the moment it’s quite that simple jealousy at its finest

  • Benny B
    Benny B 23 hours ago

    I’m being attack from all sides boo boo hoo you little baby 🍼🤣🤣

  • David Apeji
    David Apeji 23 hours ago

    It's not about the chin. Ruiz hits the back of the head.

  • Benny B
    Benny B 23 hours ago

    Poor little jealous Hugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benny B
    Benny B 23 hours ago

    How insecure is poor little huw and why can’t the prick let someone finish his sentence

  • Olly Cross
    Olly Cross Day ago

    Poch lets walker go, then tripier..

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Who the fuck are these DAFT CUNT there nobodies fuck sake

  • Mungo
    Mungo Day ago

    This aged well

  • Nathan Woodward

    Wiz out

  • klopp is a god

    30games to play come on now a lot can happen

  • Iain Stirling
    Iain Stirling Day ago

    A"comp", the "Prem". So many words spoken to say nothing but can't even say full words but have to create a abbreviations. No doubt talks about it being a 'pen'!!

  • gavin ellis
    gavin ellis Day ago

    Liverpool where 9 points in front of man city last season

  • Jj Levi
    Jj Levi Day ago

    Ozil had time enough to prove himself. Emery gave him chances previous season and he didn't take it. So there is no room to debate if emery isn't giving him chances. Ozil disrespected Arsenal time and time again. Just look at the europa league final. disgusting performance and when we were losing he decides to WALK of the pitch. Things like that and his body language just doesnt make any sense. He is 30 and he isn't getting any younger. I think he is a very lucky player to be on 350k a week because if it wasn't for the alexis sanchez transfer saga he wouldn't have got it just because Arsenal wanted to keep the fans happy and not lose 2 star players.

  • Melvyn Kenobi
    Melvyn Kenobi Day ago

    Lifelong Liverpool fan. This title race is far from over. We will drop points, but so long as we don't get too many serious injuries, we are good for our first EPL.

  • sourav deb
    sourav deb Day ago

    How much hate,Gordie fat guy have for pep guardiola is disgrace

  • Vykier
    Vykier Day ago

    Emery's contract runs out this season, he's not going to risk team success to massage egos, Ozil or whoever. Secondly, if Ozil is really as good as HW makes it sound, why isn't anyone else in the PL interested in him?

  • Halil Yorgandji

    That pronunciation was not the one 😂😂

  • tazman91
    tazman91 Day ago

    Hugh spoke such important facts and gave incredible insight. Please, people who are still saying "it's just a joke" etc, you have to get past that superficial opinion and realise the historical context of what Silva did. If you actually care about understanding the situation, educate yourself on the context.

  • robert Welsh
    robert Welsh Day ago

    Won the League in October Rory what world are you living in mate all that has to happen is a draw against United and a loss against City and lead is potentially down to 3 before Christmas and it won’t be because Liverpool have bottled it, it’ll just be because we’ve dropped points at a different time in the season to Man City and because delusional people like you think the league concludes in October

  • Pneumocystis carinii

    ME dictatorships should not be allowed to own football clubs.

  • James
    James Day ago

    All based on speculation, saying he's disrespecting Ozil when nobody knows what's happened or what his reasons are.

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Day ago

    City the greatest premier league side ever in some people eyes and over the last 46 premier league games Liverpool have 7 more pts . Our dream is far from fucking over . YNWA

  • Yusuf Jemal
    Yusuf Jemal Day ago

    unai is Really stupid

  • Lucas
    Lucas Day ago

    Arsenal has spent more in the past 5 years... I wish someone had told him that to shut him up.

  • TheMuzikall
    TheMuzikall Day ago

    Emery has to go....the Defence hasn't Improved a Jot....

  • Filip
    Filip Day ago

    Soft cocks

  • OPEFwhaat
    OPEFwhaat Day ago

    Laurence is spot on about people not being able to see criticism about their club and always trying get one up on someone

  • martin sheridan

    A room full of sausages

  • TheUltimatewomble

    Rory saying arsenal was abysmal against utd tell me again how did Chelsea do against utd

  • Solomon Margulies

    Thing is, Liverpool spent massively but also received a big income from selling players so net spending is quite small when compared to City and Utd. Net spending of Liverpool is probs less than even smaller big 6 teams like Chelsea and Arsenal.

  • awais is gaming

    Plus it's not ole fault it man utd squad need to be fixes

  • Steve Fisher
    Steve Fisher Day ago

    How much impact has the car jacking had on Ozil, is it a factor in what’s happened. We see Sead trying to fight them but Ozil nothing, not even backing up Sead. Has this finished him in England?

  • awais is gaming

    Conte in his first season managing chelsea he won the prem

  • David Morewood

    Emery has done this before when going into a club one player and its normally a star player its almost as if he goes in trying to show don't mess with me I'm bigger than you

  • Da Kalisni
    Da Kalisni Day ago

    Haha that guy is a massive joke.

  • Magrin Barrie
    Magrin Barrie Day ago

    pep=king salman. spoon-fed. pep would bring a watford to league 2. i would win the league with city blindfolded with all that oil money. when will pep have the balls to take on a team that were not champions? fraudster. barca, bayern, city, next would be juve, psg, then retire with la galaxy or belgium. i hate the sight of him.

    CAMZAB Day ago

    I used to think Brian hated oil money. Now I’m starting to think Liverpool are his unofficial second team.

  • Daniel Mckenna

    Why yas all wearing headphones?

  • Tony Graves
    Tony Graves Day ago

    Is this prick all over the place 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • andre correia
    andre correia Day ago

    Does arguments are ridiquilous! Bernardo made a joke with his friend! No racism intended only facts! If u feel bad its your problem! U cant judge a situation if ur not even part of it! Mendy and Bernardo are like brothers! They joke around every time? Racism its what u kind of people do! Because if u call me "white boy" thats not racism? U guys need to open your Minds! U have no rights to get in a midle of a friendchip and Start pointing fingers ! If u feel bad thats your problem! End of story!

  • 40 Year Old Virgil

    2:34:35 didn't sign any one, fans had a meltdown, now we've won 8 from 8 and are 8 points clear of city. TRUST IN KLOPP and as Brian would say "PUT SOME RESPECT ON KLOPPS NAME" 😂😂

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Day ago

    That's like me saying the true geordie looks like another white person. Silva didn't say any racial slurs. it was just one person who said a black man looked like someone as a fucking joke. Grow up

  • fin 56
    fin 56 Day ago

    Fucking idiots

  • MrTibbso9
    MrTibbso9 Day ago

    Hi, thanks for uploading this video. As a Liverpool fan, I believe that there is a long way to go in this title race

  • GalaxyEmon
    GalaxyEmon 2 days ago

    Kept isn’t only the most expensive player he is a expensive manager

  • Kish Esprit
    Kish Esprit 2 days ago

    8:35 you summed up why özil should be starting. That assist vs Barcelona I spazzed hard, he has been the most influential player In the team for months when he plays...Emery is too fixed on intensity whereas to get the best out of the current team you need a balance between intelligence and intensity. Look at our previous title winning teams 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • muhammad40000
    muhammad40000 2 days ago

    It’s true though Liverpool have spent a lot of money but other clubs tried that but failed

  • R. H.F.
    R. H.F. 2 days ago

    cracking up at the united fan's pained screams in the background, average matchday activity for them

  • _ JahmidaH _
    _ JahmidaH _ 2 days ago

    11:50 Weird how the person who made that move was Kieran Trippier to Atletico Madrid

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith 2 days ago

    Now you're overdoing and exaggeration to the point that when we have to deal with real racial issues they get brushed under the carpet.

  • MIND THE gap
    MIND THE gap 2 days ago

    It was the other way around.. right? 👍😂

  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill 2 days ago

    would not say they have won it just yet we haven't done the crazy Christmas period yet

  • • Haze •
    • Haze • 2 days ago

    Why did this just pop back up in my recommendations 😂 It didn’t take long for this vid not to age well.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 2 days ago

    I think it was Roy Keane that said at the start of the season that the players threw Jose under the bus and they'll throw Ole under the bus too. The manager isn't the problem, it's the players. The players are the ones responsible for Man United's current form. People need to stop blaming the manager and thinking that a new manager will fix the problems. It's the players. They're a disgrace to that great club. I'm not even a Man U supporter either.

  • James Rigby
    James Rigby 2 days ago

    The problem with Allegri is also that he wanted to be part of the transfers, that's the reason why he left Juve in the first place because he wouldn't be part of the next chapter of the club, so unless Ed woodward wants to give his power to Allegri, you're not getting him.

  • Julian Elliott
    Julian Elliott 2 days ago

    How do you talk like this 8 games in ? boggles the mind

  • Ruan Singh
    Ruan Singh 2 days ago

    Hugh is useless at arguing a point🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Brian
    Brian 2 days ago

    You put Luis and Toriera in defensive midfield because they are both forward thinking players. Holing and Chambers in Central defence both young and Engilish. Bellerin as right back and Tierney left back. And Guidozi just in front of Luiz and Toriera protecting those two and linking up with the main three.

  • Brian
    Brian 2 days ago

    You cannot get a player to perform at his top level when he is not playing consistanly. The Manager is deliberately not playing Ozil, Emery clearly has an ego problem. Emery out!. Kloo would of got the best out of Ozil and play Toriera in central defence. He clearly does not know what he's doing, look at Xhaka, he should been a squad player or released.