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  • Sepyas
    Sepyas Minute ago

    jesus christ chicharito is not even close to zlatan in terms of skill

  • Jona
    Jona Minute ago

    he will score way more

  • Paulius Prastienis
    Paulius Prastienis 2 minutes ago

    The solution is simple - qualify for the Champions League, and the amount of players wishing to join will increase tremendously.

  • manichispanic999
    manichispanic999 7 minutes ago

    How does Steve know this?HE HAS NO CLUE

  • RDH-D Alias JB
    RDH-D Alias JB 7 minutes ago

    Why would the Glaser's leave when the value of the club has doubled and they are putting £100's of millions in their pockets? Have they ever had a business this successful?!

  • Aszn
    Aszn 8 minutes ago

    Every single manager under Ed Woodward are puppets. These managers cannot do what they want to do because of the Glazers. We need to find another ownership real quick before next year

  • Yousef Ahmed
    Yousef Ahmed 10 minutes ago

    If Ed Woodward is a brilliant businessman then why does he not realise that success on the pitch mean more sponsorship deals and more money 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mohsin Ahmed
    Mohsin Ahmed 10 minutes ago


  • Rrezik x Kemo 412
    Rrezik x Kemo 412 13 minutes ago

    Ibra was 38 chichakakarito is 30 😂 thats a different number sir

  • Dawit Medhanie
    Dawit Medhanie 17 minutes ago

    Chip shot for ols words about liverpool 30 years waiting

  • Richard Cannon
    Richard Cannon 18 minutes ago

    Jesus christ, ESPNFC give us all a break and give us less Stevie. This is such an over dramatic exaggeration. Woodward's doing a great job.

  • Gero Nimo
    Gero Nimo 19 minutes ago

    Kindly keep him warm where he is🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gero Nimo
    Gero Nimo 19 minutes ago


  • Sabrin Islam
    Sabrin Islam 20 minutes ago

    Ed owns the ship, Ole's got the Wheel; I don't see any problem

  • xd_memezz
    xd_memezz 20 minutes ago

    Mo sala

  • Stephen Kinney
    Stephen Kinney 21 minute ago

    Doesnt matter who the manager is as long as this structure of the club is in place. It just doesn't.

  • mail me
    mail me 22 minutes ago

    Ole +Ed = dream team

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis 22 minutes ago

    SAS is paid to say the dumbest things possible that’s why he’s a rich man

  • ImMendota
    ImMendota 26 minutes ago

    Stephen A is just upset because Lamar Jackson (his boy) didn't make it after all his hype on him.

  • logirex
    logirex 26 minutes ago

    He is not scoring a goal per game on average like Zlatan. If he has a good season perhaps 0.5 goals per game.

    • Tevin Coley
      Tevin Coley 4 minutes ago

      It's mls look at vela score goals for fun

  • GJ1607
    GJ1607 27 minutes ago

    Im ole out but context is everything he has no midfielder's and rashford is injured

  • Ryan Pan
    Ryan Pan 28 minutes ago

    Steve just want Ole to stay because that way Liverpool will continue to win titles with one less potential rivals. Ole will stay till end of season, then Pochettino will come in. But it may not happen as we know how stupid the United Board can be. Problem right now is no one even wants to play for Ole (Erling Haaland's move says it all), but there will be players who wants to play for Pochettino.

  • Series X
    Series X 29 minutes ago

    Ole's absolutely clueless I'm afraid.

  • Simba King
    Simba King 30 minutes ago

    Welcome chicharito we stand behind u 100% lets score them goals!!!!

  • The Neophyte Journal
    The Neophyte Journal 31 minute ago


  • Manick TV
    Manick TV 34 minutes ago

    Steve Nicol sounds like Darth Vader

  • xX1Ns3RT C01NXx
    xX1Ns3RT C01NXx 35 minutes ago

    They're all doing a great job. Ole's at the wheel.

  • Robbo 98
    Robbo 98 37 minutes ago

    This is just awful punditry and they’re absolutely clueless when it comes to Spanish football, every job that setien has taken he’s improved their team and has played arguably the most exciting football in the league playing a high pressing dominating territory and possession game with brilliant football, sack these complete wankers please espn

  • Thomas Carlton
    Thomas Carlton 38 minutes ago

    What r these guys smokin, chicharito is utter trash

    RAUNAK BASAK 40 minutes ago

    ED Woodward in not the real problem, GLAZERS are......

  • Ifeoluwa Ella
    Ifeoluwa Ella 40 minutes ago

    We the fan can't take woodward or the glazers out of the club,what can we do to make them out of our club.I'm so sick of all this.

    • Kritav Shah
      Kritav Shah 2 minutes ago

      Stop going to the games, but it won't happen, a worse owner in Stan Kreonke is getting away at Arsenal with the same problems but at an even worse level while charging higher for tickets but still the stadium is packed

  • terry phidaheights
    terry phidaheights 40 minutes ago


  • sonnyreddevil69
    sonnyreddevil69 41 minute ago

    Look at this bitter old man

  • Samuel G
    Samuel G 42 minutes ago

    Maybe this is an exaggeration, if the manager changes to someone incredibly good then there could be a chance, not likely though

    • Arun Hundal
      Arun Hundal 27 minutes ago

      They’ve already employed 2 managers who were really good....had European cup winners already as managers who have not come close to winning anything significant and the football was dreadful. The board needs to change before the manager full stop.

    • Sai Pitta
      Sai Pitta 36 minutes ago

      Neymar the golden boy stick to psg my friend

    • Samuel G
      Samuel G 36 minutes ago

      @Neymar the golden boy exactly, make fans feel proud of our football

    • Neymar the golden boy
      Neymar the golden boy 38 minutes ago

      It’s not all about winning the title, how about just become a good team again. That’s what another manager could do.

  • J040PL7
    J040PL7 44 minutes ago

    if vela can make Americas league look like a joke, chicharito will embarrass them.

    • Jbbjabbb
      Jbbjabbb 32 minutes ago

      Vela went from warming the bench in his last half season in La Liga for a midtable club to being Messi in MLS. Says it all really

  • kellz
    kellz 45 minutes ago

    zlatan can create goals for himself..hmm news to me

  • Slabhead
    Slabhead 46 minutes ago

    There is inconsistency because of the counter attacking football the players just sit back and hope and wait to get a chance and in some games you get more chances than others therefore inconsistency.

  • Ronaldo the G.O.A.T
    Ronaldo the G.O.A.T 46 minutes ago

    More like a century

  • Small Shaq
    Small Shaq 49 minutes ago

    Chicharito is awful Zlatan in his late 30s is a more prolific goalscorer than peak Chicharito. Zlatan atm is certainly better than Chicharito

    • Small Shaq
      Small Shaq 2 minutes ago

      @Joe Sawyer I compared him to Zlatan.

    • Tevin Coley
      Tevin Coley 2 minutes ago

      Its mls act like its a top league

    • Joe Sawyer
      Joe Sawyer 30 minutes ago

      @dequan Sealey just curious do you know what movement is?

    • Joe Sawyer
      Joe Sawyer 31 minute ago

      Um. Incorrect. During his peak, in terms of goals to minutes, he had a much better ratio than most players. Thanks friends.

  • Charlie Lee
    Charlie Lee 53 minutes ago

    Why are Americans so bad at football? Because they play soccer

    • Jbbjabbb
      Jbbjabbb 33 minutes ago

      Also because US Soccer loves to pretend that Bradley, Morris, Zardes, Arriola, Lovitz are gold players

  • R V
    R V 54 minutes ago

    Geez Alex now you can go to Puerto Rico and help them rebuild, pos

  • inter milan
    inter milan 56 minutes ago

    And the he will move to Serie a

  • bachajane logari

    Manchester united is a Disgrace ❌❌❌

  • Yastradamus smith

    He looks tired.

  • Cape United
    Cape United Hour ago

    Whoever reads this I hope u had a great day✊

  • Saswat Banerji
    Saswat Banerji Hour ago

    CR7 a legend a born leader ,messi lacks caracter said by Maradona

  • Dan Paul
    Dan Paul Hour ago

    Alex Smith DID have Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce AND Kareem Hunt, where was the big playoff run. There is ZERO chance Alex Smith takes the Chiefs to the AFC championship game either of the past two years, let alone get to the Super Bowl Yes, he did win one game, at Houston when the Chiefs ran the opening kickoff back for a TD, then the Defense took over and shut the Texans out. Pretty tough to lose when your defense pitches a shutout. Alex Smith - 2017 stats I never said Alex Smith could not make "A" play, I say he rarely made "THE" play that great QB's consistently make to win big games. THAT is the difference between Mahomes and Smith

  • Aditya Jaiswal
    Aditya Jaiswal Hour ago

    Both these managers will go faaar very faar

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird Hour ago

    Here's why your wrong Stephen A.

  • Anmol Bhardwaj
    Anmol Bhardwaj Hour ago

    premier league teams should make an internal pact to play the second team or reserves ( U23) in the carabao cup. Will be a good sight to see.

  • Db 1138
    Db 1138 Hour ago

    No, give him more footballing decisions. The more the better

  • SS Tan
    SS Tan Hour ago

    Liverpool have good defence, So they settled a lot of 1-0 scores. Not every of their players will perform consistently but Liverpool managed to cross lines time and again.

  • Rashawn Campbell

    She has been losing a lot more after the drugs are no longer allowed

  • Mustafa 90
    Mustafa 90 Hour ago

    If salah scored all easy goals and tapins he will definitely win ballon do'r

  • Rashawn Campbell

    She has 1 Grandslam without drugs.

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Hour ago

    Tottenham was not selling to a league rival.

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Hour ago


  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Hour ago

    16 months is not enough time to develop a club that has been a turnstile of talent and management in recent seasons. Like Arsenal, the ownership is not passionate about the game.

  • Ryan Hollins G.O.A.T Take

    It's just a hot take order to create two sides to the argument. I myself was used as a pawn for ESPN and have done it many times

  • john gordon
    john gordon Hour ago

    He is doing a fantastically well! Give him the job for life! Solskier too!

  • Strollic
    Strollic Hour ago

    I never really liked Sharapova, but I'm not one to kick people when they're down. Though, with the trophies she's won and how much money she's made and is still making, it's hard to feel sorry for her.

  • Melek Melek
    Melek Melek Hour ago

    i still believe in her, she has the potential

    • Strollic
      Strollic 38 minutes ago

      @Melek Melek I think you're referring to the time when she beat Simona Halep in the US Open in 2017? That was an abnormality, Halep must've thought she was playing the doped Sharapova or something. She set it right in their next 2 matches though 🙃.

    • Melek Melek
      Melek Melek 50 minutes ago

      @Strollic she beated world n1 in aus open 18 without that med

    • Strollic
      Strollic Hour ago

      I think you're mistaken. Her 'potential' was a banned substance.

  • Grant Kruger
    Grant Kruger Hour ago

    Advertised question is at 0:52

  • abcd efg
    abcd efg Hour ago


  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley Hour ago

    Good to see him looking well.

  • Albert Dadze
    Albert Dadze Hour ago

    Let's be honest, Guardiola is upset that LFC won against these teams. He thinks LfC won't have won if Rashford and Kane were in their respective teams.

    • Adain Jarrio
      Adain Jarrio 45 minutes ago

      I mean looking at Periera and Le Celso's misses.

  • Marly Danitza Castillo Rodriguez

    Mohamed salah ❤❤❤

  • ZmayorTag
    ZmayorTag 2 hours ago

    4:38 MY EARS

  • Not MainManMané hth

    Players are not robots. Pep, Klopp every manager is right!!

  • Larri Lindsey
    Larri Lindsey 2 hours ago

    Why won't people place Jr at the last of Patrick name. Or the second. His Dad is clearly in his life

  • Lost Novel
    Lost Novel 2 hours ago

    Finally a legend on this show

  • hammill444
    hammill444 2 hours ago

    Uh, he's lying. Big time. He cares. A lot.

  • sangram0
    sangram0 2 hours ago

    These are very jealous peoples

    DARTH MALGUS 2 hours ago


  • Oopstoobad6275
    Oopstoobad6275 2 hours ago

    Don’t other top women take banned substances? Prednisone? Don’t remember the name but skanks at the top take that.

  • JanuMeza
    JanuMeza 2 hours ago

    “You have to answer” Jesse lingard: doesn’t answer half the questions

  • MS
    MS 2 hours ago

    I think its unhealthy but money talks and players are forced to play.

  • steel gamer
    steel gamer 2 hours ago

    3-1 chelsea tammy odoi and willian

  • Ehime Ilegbodu
    Ehime Ilegbodu 2 hours ago

    This podcast is terrible 😂😂 they just talking, let’s start a campaign in these comments to shut this podcast up!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 hours ago

    Golic, Sr. looks like an old Italian woman. Like one you would see an a meatball commercial. "Oh and by the way".... remember when Mike Golic took steroids and still didn't excel in the NFL?

  • Jonathan Ball
    Jonathan Ball 2 hours ago

    What has Ole shown us.... United spent £733MILLION on LVG & JM; what in that squad makes you feel like that's what has been spent? We've lurched from one ideology to another.... In 3 Transfer windows, so far, Ole has been backed with ONLY THREE signings.... That's one per window on average, in a process that keeps being called a 'Re-Build'!!!! In that time he's lost EIGHT previously first XI players!!! FFS.... talk about being set up to fail.....

  • Charles
    Charles 2 hours ago

    Stephen A. Smith is just looking for a hot take. There's no way he actually believes this, or he knows nothing about football. You can't measure leadership like stats.

  • Andrica Ion
    Andrica Ion 2 hours ago

    I said around the beginning of the season when Ron wasn't in a good form that until the end the season he will have scored around 40 goals for Juve, everyone was saying You are deluted You are crazy Don t think so.... But now who is crazy and deluted you idiots

  • FoshoGotFlow
    FoshoGotFlow 2 hours ago

    Stephen A Smith has the football brain of a kitchen table..

  • Gareth Keenan
    Gareth Keenan 2 hours ago

    We need to get Woodward out. We need social media pressure as big as the Wenger Out campaign from Arsenal fans.

  • Flyinspaghetti
    Flyinspaghetti 2 hours ago

    What's with the ESPN logo every 5 seconds?

  • Gary Ridgeway
    Gary Ridgeway 3 hours ago

    Mahomes gets waaaaaaay tooo much credit

  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid 3 hours ago

    stephen a said alex smith could have not definitely would have ......

  • Knight Oyin
    Knight Oyin 3 hours ago

    Opinions - Everyone has one.

    • Knight Oyin
      Knight Oyin 5 minutes ago

      @GOATZEL WARD BANDWAGON Exactly my point.

      GOATZEL WARD BANDWAGON 48 minutes ago

      And some opinions can just be flat out wrong

    • Knight Oyin
      Knight Oyin Hour ago

      @Big Virgil I won't shut up cos that's your opinion and I disagree. Thanks for proving my point.

    • Big Virgil
      Big Virgil 2 hours ago

      Wow well arent you just a genius. Shut up .

  • Gareth Keenan
    Gareth Keenan 3 hours ago

    I want the Glazers out but realistically speaking that's very hard to do. Getting Woodward out is more realistic but the Glazers love him so it would take a huge amount of social media pressure to get him out, it would have to be as big as the Wenger Out campaign from Arsenal fans. I'm not sure if the United fan channels are capable of that.

  • Rose Fendi
    Rose Fendi 3 hours ago

    What is hurting her at the moment is lack of Meldonium in her system otherwise all tennis players go through injuries e.g. Serena Williams have been through a lot and since she didn't rely on prohibited stuffs , she is still fighting and winning even after gaining weight. Maria is nothing without MELDONIUM.

  • Rohan Joseph
    Rohan Joseph 3 hours ago

    Sokratis owngoal hatrick..che-3 ars-0

  • Dia Egan
    Dia Egan 3 hours ago


  • Johnny Gleason
    Johnny Gleason 3 hours ago

    Wow Stephen A is actually spot on for a change. Shocking.

  • spencersandmark
    spencersandmark 3 hours ago

    Bs media love in with self entitled royalty as even their own fans would describe their team as this they are Nothing without VAR and scudamore and co helping them with fixtures and officials ..... Its a case of lets cheat in every way to win this prem league which is overdue lol

  • Oscar Svensson
    Oscar Svensson 3 hours ago

    Just the fact that the injury to Rashford is stress fractures is a dead giveaway that he is overused. At that age you should not have stress fractures (two) in your back, that's what you see in older players.

    • England FanTV
      England FanTV 2 hours ago

      Oscar Svensson not even older players, older people. In someone under 40 stress fractures mostly occur because of trauma

  • Abyss
    Abyss 3 hours ago

    The point of this segment was...? 🤔

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb 3 hours ago

    She just needs to find a new doctor who might know what to take............

  • NewBorn
    NewBorn 3 hours ago

    Tbh anything can happen because Chelsea are poor at home whilst we are poor away from home. It has been too long since we beat a top 6 side away from home

    • NewBorn
      NewBorn 52 minutes ago

      @Strollic The ref stopped us from winning, the penalty shouldve been retaken. Aubameyang didnt get the rebound because the bottlenham players were in the box before he took the penalty

    • Strollic
      Strollic 56 minutes ago

      Yes, but we should've have by now. If Aubameyang scored the penalty against Spurs at the end of the game and we took the lead twice against Utd last season too...point is, it will happen eventually.

  • Forward Slash
    Forward Slash 3 hours ago

    When some one is playing football for 200k a week is complaining about been over worked is news while nurses work 50+ hours a week for 20k a year isn't even blinked at. You know society is fucked.