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Camila Cabello - Liar
Views 67M3 months ago
Camila Cabello - Shameless
Views 75M3 months ago


  • samuel gold saint
    samuel gold saint 2 minutes ago


  • T m
    T m 2 minutes ago

    Camila : So am I Ava: So am I Me: Yeah ain’t true

  • ѕριℓℓтнєтєαѕιѕ

    Camila:”I’ve never sung in this high of a register before” Never be the same: Am I a joke to you!?

  • Iam ReRe
    Iam ReRe 10 minutes ago

    Ummmmm...? That's not Shawn Mendes!!!!

  • Bill TrayFour
    Bill TrayFour 12 minutes ago

    Camila Cabello is a Real Woman. She will forever be my Top Music Artist of all time.

  • Ninon W
    Ninon W 17 minutes ago

    Her songs scream LJ 🥀

  • samanta lakatosova
    samanta lakatosova 19 minutes ago


  • Tassia Nascimento
    Tassia Nascimento 21 minute ago

    Podia ter sido o Shawn né. Kkkkkk ameii 💕🌼🌸😘😍💖

  • YoItsHazy
    YoItsHazy 21 minute ago

    anyone realize that at 3:16 on the right side there's to guy dancers making love on live TV lol XD

  • David Salcedo
    David Salcedo 25 minutes ago

    I love the 90s vibes it gives me, especially the intro, uhh yess!!

  • Limugha V Zhimomi
    Limugha V Zhimomi 28 minutes ago

    "Always thought I was hard to love till you made it seem so easy" This song makes me want to fall in love so deeply.

  • Katniss Mellark
    Katniss Mellark 28 minutes ago

    is it just me who thinks the person in the video looks like Shawn Mendes as in she was talking about him

  • Cessy Luccia
    Cessy Luccia 28 minutes ago

    Somebody else in love with the backup dancer??

  • Katie Watkins
    Katie Watkins 30 minutes ago

    Movie, News Reporters or MV? 😂

  • Kishorekumar Sathishkumar

    the I in official music video is capital

  • Lelo
    Lelo 31 minute ago

    *Who came here from tiktok???* Lol

  • Aaron Mujica
    Aaron Mujica 31 minute ago


  • Aaron Mujica
    Aaron Mujica 31 minute ago


  • Aaron Mujica
    Aaron Mujica 32 minutes ago


  • Aaron Mujica
    Aaron Mujica 32 minutes ago


  • Kacper Kamiński
    Kacper Kamiński 32 minutes ago

    this song has everything : good ass lyrics, good ass voice and a good ass beat in chorus AND TF ITS UNDERRATED?!?!?!?!? shame on haters


  • Jesus Madrid
    Jesus Madrid 40 minutes ago

    The Girl can sing 😏

  • 5000 subscriber without video challenge - -

    The Lyrics 💔

  • Alpana Nath
    Alpana Nath 40 minutes ago

    Literally can't express how much this song relates to me and maybe to most of the lovers around the world . A huge thanks to Camila Cabello for this entire album ROMANCE because this is perhaps one of the most iconic albums I have ever been through.

  • Zacric parks
    Zacric parks 44 minutes ago

    This song and this album is her best yet! It makes me have feelings and want to just light up my blunt and dance around my house alone.

  • Arif Budiman
    Arif Budiman 46 minutes ago

    My father like this song

  • Sonia Mendes
    Sonia Mendes 46 minutes ago

    Camilla went to pick the rose that Lauren left

  • jugy
    jugy 51 minute ago

    It's so obvious this is dedicated to Matthew Hussey. He never posted about her, he kept her in the shadows, he didnt want to risk his business of love to be affected by his relationship with her and never committed. I'm glad she moved on to Shawn, she needed someone her age who would not be afraid to show his love. The only proof I have is that she mentions the 2 years relationship and she keeps saying "love" at the end of the sentences at the end of the song. "Love" is characteristically British, they say that to girls all the time, it's not an American colloquialism. Draw ur own conclusions

  • Letícia Silva
    Letícia Silva 52 minutes ago

    Socorro, adorei esse vídeo kdkksks

  • Clara Ferraz
    Clara Ferraz 56 minutes ago

    Sem dúvida melhor álbum internacional de 2019 Senhorita Liar Shameless This love Cry for me São verdadeiros hinos musicais!!

  • Beast Daily
    Beast Daily 58 minutes ago

    Bllm KL., Prolly

  • YH C
    YH C 58 minutes ago

    camila is my real friend

  • zeina maulida94 Unyil inul

    I like this song incredible

  • vaneeza waseem
    vaneeza waseem Hour ago

    isn't it awesome ???

  • Sara Maio 33
    Sara Maio 33 Hour ago

    This song reminds me After.. 😍😂Hessa😍idk why... 🤣

  • mag. gi
    mag. gi Hour ago

    No one gonna talk about Keiynan Lonsdale?

  • Théo games
    Théo games Hour ago

    Sera que e so eu de brasilero

  • Love Turkish drama

    This needs a music video 🔥😭

  • Younes Abdellaue

    who came here after the comment in despacito´s music video?

  • فدرالي fdrali_1


  • Carmen Rivera
    Carmen Rivera Hour ago

    Can I get married with a song?

  • Mikail M.
    Mikail M. Hour ago

    Oh Wally, why are you messing with this timeline, hope Camila is worth it ;)

  • Elaine cristina
    Elaine cristina Hour ago


  • Jenny Mendoza
    Jenny Mendoza Hour ago

    2:30 empieza la música

  • Fionabebi
    Fionabebi Hour ago

    Camilla Cabello Is The Best Singer I've ever seen!! I Love Her songs!! like (senorite, bad things, havana,shameless,Easy,cring in the club,this love,Never be the same,Cry for me!) I LOVE YA'LL~!!! <3

  • qesa0000 js
    qesa0000 js Hour ago

    Came from the orginal music by donald trump, and I gotta say I'm disappointing by this copy version

  • Irtiza Alamgir
    Irtiza Alamgir Hour ago

    I love the fact that the grandma dances with the broom stick at the end lmao

  • Maine
    Maine Hour ago


  • Jelena Radovic
    Jelena Radovic Hour ago

    honeslty, cant decide which one i like the most, every single song is amazing

  • Summer Watermelon

    I was waiting for Shawn to appear this whole time

  • diyoni harisinghe

    My Oh My Camila just saw the First man ever. He called her Senorita and she had Bad Kinda Butterflies in her stomach. She Should've Said It, but she was Shameless and it wasn't Easy. She didn't want to Feel It Twice. This Love was getting nicer and she was Used To This. She said "I Dream Of You all the time" Then he broke up with her and he was happy. "Cry For Me" Camila said. "You are the Living Proof of my worst nightmare." he said. She called him a worthless Liar. The end. This is all of Camila's songs from her album put into one little story

  • Islame Bader
    Islame Bader Hour ago


  • Bekhedda Kader
    Bekhedda Kader Hour ago

    I like😍😍😍😍

  • Iris Rek
    Iris Rek Hour ago

    i whiri like this song camilla cabello sing's whiri good

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar Hour ago

    Please all the Camila Fans, MendesArmies and Shawmila Fans out there pleasee vote for them for The Billboard 2020.....We can vote for them a couple of times...💖💖💖😍😍💕💕💕😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar Hour ago

    All the Camila Fans, MendesArmies and Shawmila Fans out there pleasee vote for them for The Billboard 2020..We can vote for them more than once ......💕💕💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊💕💕💕

  • Bé Tí
    Bé Tí 2 hours ago

    Dc nhiều lượt xem quá

  • Alexander Valverde
    Alexander Valverde 2 hours ago

    This will be the next single!!!🔥🔥

  • shamsul Din
    shamsul Din 2 hours ago

    What the f*ck good song

  • Katrin n
    Katrin n 2 hours ago

    this song deserved to be the first single of this can literally lose yourself in it- a true camila masterpiece

  • Tudo Por Um Ideal
    Tudo Por Um Ideal 2 hours ago

    Hino injustiçado, nunca te perdoarei Camila

  • Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    Friend must be one in this world as for women she is truly free because she is way under valued for the greatness she has in her I serve god no other there for all turn against me by nature

  • Iwannadissolve
    Iwannadissolve 2 hours ago

    Camila whats going on with angels : Beautiful angel : I wont stop until the angels sing : to make the angels come through

  • Luda Lynn
    Luda Lynn 2 hours ago

    Mano, eu tô apaixonada por essa música. 😔

  • MN Dudes
    MN Dudes 2 hours ago

    Who gonna make a lie from india

  • Pc Tc
    Pc Tc 2 hours ago

    this song is not really about shawn tho

  • malik007
    malik007 2 hours ago

    0:51 *i sound like a dying bird when I sing that part*

  • 박혜림
    박혜림 2 hours ago

    so cute!

  • bonny dwyer
    bonny dwyer 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this song is about Matthew?? Like the storyline doesn’t match her relationship timeline with Shawn. (from what we know went down) like when she said “baby he fell from grace, landed right in your place” and “someone else is getting all of me.” The only line that could be related to Shawn is the like about 2 years but that still doesn’t make much sense with the timeline. So to me, it sounds like she’s singing to Matthew about him trying to get back with her??? Just my opinion, don’t @ me

  • eyüp uzun
    eyüp uzun 2 hours ago

    No enes batur yes camıla cabello

  • Fame Star
    Fame Star 2 hours ago

    dear stranger whoever is reading this whoes parents live 💯years 😘😘😘😍😍😍😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🎉🎊 merry Christmas 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇

  • Erika Quiñones
    Erika Quiñones 2 hours ago

    This song hit me so hard

  • марат maratelo
    марат maratelo 2 hours ago

    да за чем мне танцы

  • Wezley
    Wezley 2 hours ago

    She's proofing that she can SING, Camila, Goodjob, and Thank you for ur music, it helped me a lot, LOVE you♥️🖤💋🎼

  • minmin lights
    minmin lights 2 hours ago

    Oh nononono.. 🤣❤️❤️❤️😘 Naughty naughty 🤣❤️😘

  • Dirlange Lemos
    Dirlange Lemos 2 hours ago


  • h al harbi
    h al harbi 2 hours ago

    Sometimes we say goodbye, because we know the end.... that love ends before it starts.... the unforgettable pain is that which is still stuck in your heart.... and it will remain stuck all your life!

  • Rick Oliver
    Rick Oliver 2 hours ago

    She's suddenly flopping

  • Dirlange Lemos
    Dirlange Lemos 2 hours ago

    ARIANA KEDUM 2 hours ago

    Totally in love with this song💜💜💛💚💗💘💝💙

  • jess FLORES
    jess FLORES 2 hours ago


  • Sarah Zahid
    Sarah Zahid 2 hours ago

    plot twist : camilla is the living proof 😍

  • Nikol Rakovic
    Nikol Rakovic 2 hours ago


  • saadlamjarred fans
    saadlamjarred fans 3 hours ago 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋

  • Rasha aldhanhani
    Rasha aldhanhani 3 hours ago


  • Mali
    Mali 3 hours ago

    Why did she not win the Best female Artist 2019 please?

  • Isaiah Tukuvaka
    Isaiah Tukuvaka 3 hours ago

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  • R Rajput
    R Rajput 3 hours ago

    I always cry listening to this song it's so beautiful I can feel Camilla' s emotion in this song. I wish I had a father who really loved me.

  • Elysia F
    Elysia F 3 hours ago

    Can someone please help me find this dress or a dupe bc I've been looking EVERYWHERE and I can't find it 😭 it's so gorgeous!

  • Risse Telorsh
    Risse Telorsh 3 hours ago

    Im waiting for the music video of this

  • Risse Telorsh
    Risse Telorsh 3 hours ago

    Im waiting for the music video of this

  • Jim bopy
    Jim bopy 3 hours ago

    Would of thought this was a Taylor Swift song

    RENAN FF GAMER 3 hours ago

    Suco de maracujá

  • Zul A
    Zul A 3 hours ago

    but I have that kind of hot guy and if he is rich, I would definitely go for it though!

  • Jessica Zplayz
    Jessica Zplayz 3 hours ago

    Lele🥰🥰 omg lol

  • real offical#
    real offical# 3 hours ago watch this girl doing extraordinary hot girl cute expression if u watch this link video put like for me guys

  • Salma Adham
    Salma Adham 3 hours ago

    wonderful lyrics

  • Mariah a hetera
    Mariah a hetera 3 hours ago

    my fav