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  • Elliott Stensson
    Elliott Stensson 10 minutes ago

    6:54 we have already got him, we got him already, i have him in my transfer list ALREADY. 😂😂

  • mayukh kabir
    mayukh kabir 11 minutes ago

    Your shit at fut graft

  • Kenneth The Cokatiel
    Kenneth The Cokatiel 16 minutes ago

    Why does he's dog always get him Ronaldo, everyone that says they are the pack king are wrong is w2s's dog

  • Ernes Zukic
    Ernes Zukic 35 minutes ago

    Messi IS best

  • Sandra Blagic
    Sandra Blagic 36 minutes ago

    The best pack openig

  • liltom 155
    liltom 155 41 minute ago

    Where is the diss track you ment to put to deji after his first one I wanna hear it

  • Arin Reis
    Arin Reis 44 minutes ago

    2:14 WTF

  • Bobzy 1325
    Bobzy 1325 48 minutes ago

    No one: Literally no one: Harry: “93 chemistry and 99 rating” 6:24

  • Oladimeji•
    Oladimeji• 56 minutes ago

    Harry's mom a boomer dont get tiktok

  • Davincci Higgins

    I love his reaction to packs


    1:24 lmao

  • Julia Lewis
    Julia Lewis Hour ago

    Any body December 2019

  • Benjamin Dutton
    Benjamin Dutton Hour ago

    Is it just me or is Hazard almost as funny as Harry?

  • Yashvasin Girish

    Why u make dis track when u don’t even know to sing

  • SharkyPlayz
    SharkyPlayz Hour ago

    5:05 JJ?!

  • Arjun Kakkar
    Arjun Kakkar Hour ago


  • Pigheadedsnail
    Pigheadedsnail Hour ago

    WHAT x10000000000000 is this vid

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro Hour ago

    0:34 sex!

  • Vehli Janta
    Vehli Janta 2 hours ago

    i dont listen to ante up anymore i play harrys version instead .

  • Thomas Wynne
    Thomas Wynne 2 hours ago

    9:21 how yo win at basketball

  • Thomas Wynne
    Thomas Wynne 2 hours ago

    8:07 wtf

  • murloc
    murloc 2 hours ago

    his hand are so long lul

  • Steve Large
    Steve Large 2 hours ago

    Rosie needs a good seeing two, maybe a good spit-roast with two hung guys or two lezzies with strap-ons

  • Jaydn Mullery
    Jaydn Mullery 2 hours ago

    Harry picked her Bender and she was the one doing the dare ?

  • Jaydn Mullery
    Jaydn Mullery 2 hours ago

    Harry has autism she said left cb and he disgarded his right cb

  • Marcus Suurland
    Marcus Suurland 2 hours ago


  • DrownFN_ On YT
    DrownFN_ On YT 2 hours ago

    Can this comment get an odd number of likes

  • Samurai DerrIs
    Samurai DerrIs 2 hours ago

    How do you know do you no f2

  • Mohamed Eladl
    Mohamed Eladl 2 hours ago

    Who's here after sidemen draw their lives on moresidemen?

  • Robert Bell
    Robert Bell 2 hours ago

    Well actually I have watched this video already so I have seen this footage already.

  • Ali Bitar
    Ali Bitar 3 hours ago

    20:02 imagine the agent joined in the hug😂😂😂

  • minimakaji
    minimakaji 3 hours ago


  • Caden Dryden
    Caden Dryden 3 hours ago

    Harry and the sidemen are the best right

  • danielsito _11
    danielsito _11 3 hours ago

    Alguien hispanohablante??

  • Drago Galaxy
    Drago Galaxy 3 hours ago

    Fuck cheat

    FC BANCELONA 4 hours ago

    Anyone in 2019

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons 4 hours ago

    Harry doesn’t give a fuck

  • Kian Osborne
    Kian Osborne 4 hours ago

    At 5:04 is that ninja 🤣🤣

  • Jaydn Mullery
    Jaydn Mullery 4 hours ago

    It’s that saw-law lad 2016 in 2019 if he packed salah he would be going insane

  • Louis Wehbe
    Louis Wehbe 4 hours ago

    Swap kana byik with olsen

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 4 hours ago

    Harry my maths teacher was your best friend from nursery, primary and some of scindere school apparently

  • Sticky sticks234
    Sticky sticks234 5 hours ago

    Start uploading Harry again because you have good content

  • yahya abdi
    yahya abdi 5 hours ago

    This is so sad because I'm Muslim

  • Bobzy 1325
    Bobzy 1325 5 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Harry: “Sergio Mane”

  • Trav_69
    Trav_69 5 hours ago

    Tornanment time

  • Wizard -
    Wizard - 5 hours ago

    He cried what

  • R Stowers
    R Stowers 5 hours ago

    I hear a copy right strike on the game

  • Tomas Gaudi
    Tomas Gaudi 6 hours ago

    Spider man why do you not use your spiderwep 😂

  • Claire Jarvis
    Claire Jarvis 6 hours ago

    Harry: WHAT IS THAT? Me: What I think you meant to say is.... WHAT ARE THOSE!

  • George wba
    George wba 6 hours ago

    I fucking miss these times

  • X Gamer100
    X Gamer100 6 hours ago

    Why you quick sell team of the year Ronaldo

  • Drizz Mcizz
    Drizz Mcizz 6 hours ago

    Crazy and noob

  • Aussie Cassowary
    Aussie Cassowary 6 hours ago

    That face 😯 at 1:57

  • Aaron Hepburn
    Aaron Hepburn 6 hours ago


  • Lazola Kopana Kobokoane

    0:42 since when was Harry in the Dakar rally ad? 😂😂😂

  • :D :D
    :D :D 7 hours ago

    *_Harry when he actually looked like Misha_*

  • Jenny Barr
    Jenny Barr 7 hours ago

    Do ronaldo

  • Gaming Is Pleasure
    Gaming Is Pleasure 7 hours ago

    The worst thing about this game is the dark background

  • Dragon Vlogs
    Dragon Vlogs 8 hours ago

    Is josh morgz

  • PacyBits20 sbc Solutions

    That was not ok especially the madalin Mcane one

  • jxson rolled you for your tns

    Who’s watching December 2019 cause w2s doesn’t upload much

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia 8 hours ago

    Song at 13:35??? PLEAAAASE

  • Remy Hollis
    Remy Hollis 8 hours ago

    What does 4:25 mean

  • Kev Wakerell
    Kev Wakerell 8 hours ago

    What country is this

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 8 hours ago

    Hey look it's Harry before the kettamine

  • Marc de Panafieu
    Marc de Panafieu 9 hours ago

    stop ravine and your crash!

  • Claire Jarvis
    Claire Jarvis 9 hours ago

    Harry: I'm getting the sausage. Me: Now that is something you don't hear everyday.

  • Claire Jarvis
    Claire Jarvis 9 hours ago

    Harry: Not Again! Not Again Me: Ah s*. Here we go again.

  • Alberto Alvarez
    Alberto Alvarez 9 hours ago


  • JackOryas
    JackOryas 9 hours ago

    What is the sad music called anyone know ?!?

  • Singing Channel
    Singing Channel 9 hours ago

    I’ve only got to score 1 decent goal and that’s challenge complete. “Scores a banger” “Keeps going...” We love it

  • nick keryakus
    nick keryakus 9 hours ago


  • easy game
    easy game 10 hours ago

    All: anyone 2019 Me: anyone watched too times?!

  • Wit It Filmz
    Wit It Filmz 10 hours ago

    Messi 6 ballon Dors he better than Ronaldo best of all time

  • GOAT
    GOAT 10 hours ago

    2:15 this video has me dead and rolling in my grave😂😂😂

  • Adam Shamekh
    Adam Shamekh 10 hours ago

    Please make a video back to Dubai I really want to meet u I’ve been watching since fifa 14

  • Adam Shamekh
    Adam Shamekh 10 hours ago

    I live in dubai

  • Moises Soto
    Moises Soto 10 hours ago

    Yep everyone would celebrate because Ronaldo hits the crossbar😂😂😂

  • Alrighty Aphrodite
    Alrighty Aphrodite 10 hours ago

    Still funny 🤣

  • Green Guy
    Green Guy 11 hours ago

    Traded his tv for Ronaldo

  • The Archetype
    The Archetype 11 hours ago


  • Chris_ Jagdhuber
    Chris_ Jagdhuber 11 hours ago

    goes crazy bout 50,000k packs

  • Wolf Real
    Wolf Real 11 hours ago

    9:02 why is that a pump sound it’s a heavy

  • xaanth0ny ree
    xaanth0ny ree 11 hours ago

    7:15 10 year challenge

    #JOUTINHO # 11 hours ago

    Van dijk 79 now 90 lol and matip

  • RedClapZ
    RedClapZ 11 hours ago

    FIFA 16 wasn’t bad, you’re just shit at every fifa

  • Bonjour•Lora
    Bonjour•Lora 11 hours ago

    Canadian team wassup 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • TheFartSmeller69420
    TheFartSmeller69420 12 hours ago

    Wtf is with all the terrorist comments

  • Bless Adi
    Bless Adi 12 hours ago

    I thought that was messi

  • XxxMadMaxxxX Max
    XxxMadMaxxxX Max 12 hours ago

    omg in the begging ksi murdered w2s RIP

  • MartinJr 1994
    MartinJr 1994 12 hours ago

    What’s Tobi’s song in 00:04

  • Sanya Andreyev
    Sanya Andreyev 12 hours ago

    Кто из 2019?

  • Santiago Romo
    Santiago Romo 13 hours ago

    Who's watching on December 2019

  • Charli’s Channel
    Charli’s Channel 13 hours ago

    Looked like Calfreezy when he was unconscious on the slingshot ride

  • Charli’s Channel
    Charli’s Channel 13 hours ago

    Harry and JJ on the slingshot

  • Miles HM
    Miles HM 13 hours ago

    We all know how one Polynesian would where their flag

  • Noor Clarke
    Noor Clarke 13 hours ago

    Dude I want 12M views for a 3:27 minute video