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  • Eric Harmon
    Eric Harmon 2 minutes ago

    I remember watching the alds of the Indians vs the Astros. By game two I told my wife, also an Indians fan, it's like they know what's coming. All season we played them like a different team at home. That playoff loss caused our owners to cut salaries and hit the reset, effecting the entire following season. Bauer might have had it right on how they were getting insane spin rates on pitches to. If you are gonna cheat, why not go all the way?

  • Evo C
    Evo C 2 minutes ago

    LMAO Bully's

  • Travis McDonald
    Travis McDonald 2 minutes ago

    Baseball fans are gullible. They’ll still by their season tickets, get MLB Extra Innings, and buy the overpriced jerseys and hats.

  • Carlos Lehder
    Carlos Lehder 6 minutes ago

    Joe Rogan looking like an older version of GSP... plus a few lbs..

  • Gavin Perryman
    Gavin Perryman 8 minutes ago

    I like the niners getting Delpit but he’s not gonna fall that far

  • Mitch Etling
    Mitch Etling 10 minutes ago

    *_The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth._* *Psalm 11:5* ---------- *_There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it._* *1 Corinthians **10:13* ---------- *_Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:_* *1 Peter 5:8* ---------- *_Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you._* *James 4:7*

  • Coyotes super fan HOWL
    Coyotes super fan HOWL 13 minutes ago

    Nah I think cardinals should pick WR CeeDee Lamb former teammates with kyler Murray they would have good chemistry

  • josh caputo
    josh caputo 18 minutes ago

    Offensive line. And dline someome to draw double teams away from AD. And if... If they can get brady on a discount and call Luke out of retirement they will WIN. Superbowl(s) until brady is done basically.

  • Benjah Lokeni
    Benjah Lokeni 19 minutes ago

    My raiders needs rugges.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 23 minutes ago

    Tap this timestamp👉 8:12 repeat.

  • 203 zilla
    203 zilla 28 minutes ago

    Warriors : 1. Trade DLo for Ben Simmons 2. Allow him to play with Steph and Klay *If Bens’ ceiling is this and no chip is won* 3. Acquire other antetokounmpo brother 4. Do a sign & trade for giannis when he’s a free agent

  • ThaTruth223
    ThaTruth223 30 minutes ago

    i miss this dude in the sidelines 😭😭😭

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 33 minutes ago

    feature the kid, let's here his picks, bet he can pick better than Prisco...ALSO!!! HOW'S PETE NEW YEARS SALAD RESOLUTION COMING?

  • Alex Hern
    Alex Hern 38 minutes ago

    The public should forfeit attending games and unsub from all MLB media until action is justified. You vote with your dollar!!

  • PDX / Donkey
    PDX / Donkey 40 minutes ago

    Yes we care.

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes 41 minute ago

    Get paid Cowboy.

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris 42 minutes ago

    Lawrence was anything but great in that game. What bullshit.

  • Daddy Ding
    Daddy Ding 46 minutes ago

    God I live these videos. Such a special moment.

  • Chris Li Loia
    Chris Li Loia 48 minutes ago

    1:01 - you don't have ANY WR's going in the top 10? Juedy? Lamb?... Nobody? You're crazy

  • Merc Zuckerborg
    Merc Zuckerborg 55 minutes ago

    Wrong. Chiefs are going to smoke the Titans.

  • Lyfe Behind Christ
    Lyfe Behind Christ 55 minutes ago


  • smoke14
    smoke14 Hour ago

    CEO of stuffing pictures down a ref's shirt. 😂

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Hour ago

    I think tua has been overated the entire time. I mean he literally got famous from 1 throw in a fairly bad half of play against Georgia. But because Hurtz was not getting it done and he came in and saved the day he litterly went from a 3 star backup that Nick hadn't even planned on ever starting. To overnight from 1 throw was the best QB college football ever saw lmao! Athletes are so overhyped today. That or there way underated like Joe borrow was. These days they don't judge the players for there ability or talent or what they can become. Instead they just go for the most winning hyped player on the best team. Which is kinda stupid. Yea it's the correct choice sometimes. Like Joe borrow you can watch him and see he is NFL capable . He has all the skills. But he is also a fast thinker. He has done if against even the best defenses. He also can do it whenever he is hurryed and rushed. But if you go back and watch tua. He has never been able to handle decent defense. If he gets a rush he panics 75% of the time. Most of his sucssues has came from bad teams with no rushing ability and whenever he has more than 5 seconds in the pocket. To me it's stupid to always draft the QB that was on the absolute best team that was stacked from top to bottom. Then think they can be good on the pro level on the absolute worst team. It's not that there isn't a lot of NFL QB'S in college. It's that there all getting overlooked because they are not on the best teams.

  • Bill Bull
    Bill Bull Hour ago

    Is Tony Dungy next but congrats to coach well deserved 👏🏈🏆

  • dfd surf
    dfd surf Hour ago

    2017 WS needs to be nullified, the series was won under false pretences. Same thing for 2018 WS. All of MLB is culpable and a clear message needs to be sent to MLB. Attending a MLB game is costly and ultimately based on seeing the best players in the world. Nullify, nullify, nullify and MLB can start living up to the hype and economics it is based on. The lie needs to stop today.

  • D Wixson19
    D Wixson19 Hour ago

    Jackson is better than mahomes

  • Jada Bergeron
    Jada Bergeron Hour ago


  • Scott McKee
    Scott McKee Hour ago

    Jordan Love is not going before Herbert!!!!!!!

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo Hour ago

    Astros starting lineup should be switched with their triple-A club for the 2020 season. That or every time an Astro gets hit by a pitch, it's just called a ball.

  • Ryan Spengler
    Ryan Spengler Hour ago

    The chin is in! Pittsburgh loves ya, Bill!

  • Fish.n.withJimmy

    As a steelers fan since Chuck Noll, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Mean Joe Green, Lynn Swan, Bill Cower deserves this. Congratulations coach, thank you coach for a great run from a steelers fan. you will be in Canton NOW for all to see what you did for the great team.. THANK YOU!

  • Kamel
    Kamel Hour ago

    This was a stupid stupid convo

  • TheBryanArnold
    TheBryanArnold Hour ago

    Joe is better

  • Y Not
    Y Not 2 hours ago

    Tennessee Vs Green Bay❗ Tennessee +13

  • Stephen Andrews
    Stephen Andrews 2 hours ago

    The minute Tom Brady leaves the Patriots, the Dynasty is over. Any good coach will be successful with TB on the team.

  • Malachi Gates
    Malachi Gates 2 hours ago

    We already have a QB Dak Prescott

  • Daniel Pacheco
    Daniel Pacheco 2 hours ago

    Bauer one of the strongest and conditioned arms in mlb

  • Shaun Campbell
    Shaun Campbell 2 hours ago

    i don't think many expected the 49ers to win more than 8 games. i wish i had the receipts. In reality we could have gone 16-0 as the 3 losses were in the last minute of those games (2 OT walk off FG and a last min TD vs ATL).

  • Mr. Husky
    Mr. Husky 2 hours ago

    Chiefs are CHOKE jobs. Lukcy for them the Texans choked even harder. Ya'll bout to meet TN power tomorrow, ya heard? Sad times for cursed KC fans.

  • boydnchrist
    boydnchrist 2 hours ago

    Henry bout to change this whole dynamic back to run heavy with big backs, before the Patriots started this passing heavy scheme. We gonna see LB looking running backs get more popular 😂

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 2 hours ago

    He's a class act because they lost, if they would've won he would be cocky and bragging like last year. He didn't make excuses that's a good thing

  • ijams sum
    ijams sum 2 hours ago

    The OL is on a respirator ! No blocking TE vs Receiving TE ,we have neither ! RB Guice is a real liability so draft RB and keep AP ! CB and safety ! Did I mention QB !

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 2 hours ago

    Clemson got they ass whooped

  • Joseph Graham
    Joseph Graham 2 hours ago

    He definitely deserves this. Such an awesome coach.

  • Pica Pollo
    Pica Pollo 2 hours ago

    Trevor bauer is a hater

  • Hurricaneplays
    Hurricaneplays 2 hours ago

    Outside box solution: Public caning for all involved, even those who didn’t cheat. And then caning for the Yankees and Dodgers, just because they suck and desrve it and are such cry babies! When they don’t every call their way, or every conflicted ruling from the Commissioner’s office in their favor, then they ball about others “cheating.” Hope yankees and dodgers lose 100 games each next year because they are so mentally weak and so depressed about losing in the playoffs to the bad bullies who cheated!!!! #rich, entitled crybabies!!!

  • Tereasa Carty
    Tereasa Carty 2 hours ago

    Going with my QB Tannehill from Miami D They always trade out and get rid of the best players !He deserves a ring

  • rluellam
    rluellam 2 hours ago

    Everyone keeps saying Henry can't be stopped, but they are ignoring the fact that the Denver Broncos stopped him in week 6 when they shut out the Titans. Oh, but that was before the QB change, people may say. But what does that have to do with Henry? As it happens, the Broncos forced both MM and RT to pass the ball because they stopped Henry and then took a 2 score lead. Also, I wish someone would give the KC defensive states for the last 7 games or so--ever since they lost to the Titans. Their defense has been greatly improved, including the stop the run part of it.

  • Edward Yamada
    Edward Yamada 2 hours ago

    Baseball is losing fans by the thousands. The game has no integrity and the hypocrisy is rampant. Nothing happens to the cheaters? But you keep Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens out while you let juicers like Pudge Rodriguez, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell in?? No wonder people are staying away. The problem are the owners who only pay lip service to integrity.

  • Jerry Rasbury
    Jerry Rasbury 3 hours ago

    Congratulations Coach, one of the best!!

  • Hayden Lassalle
    Hayden Lassalle 3 hours ago

    Where’s the outrage with the Sox? , oh right they’re in a bigger market , afraid to lose money , got it

  • who
    who 3 hours ago

    Way to cut the video off mid point CBS

  • Sylvio Fleurant
    Sylvio Fleurant 3 hours ago

    Kobe Bryant is the true king of kings.

  • Sharquanda Jackson
    Sharquanda Jackson 3 hours ago

    Dis be racist af!

    • Outlaws
      Outlaws 2 hours ago

      Sharquanda Jackson how..

  • Kenny
    Kenny 3 hours ago

    As a team that gave up ALOT to trade up to number 2 not that long ago, you HAVE to at least listen to offers. If you can get Miami's 5 and 18 plus more you have to take it. Young is good and I'm fine if they take him at 2 but draft picks are like lottery tickets and the more you have, the more you can hit.

    JG BLUES 3 hours ago

    The 49ers didn't have Alexander,Ford,Tartt,you don't think that will make a difference,you been drinking your bathwater,plus their healthy,you can't throw to Adams all DAY!!!

  • Red Kap
    Red Kap 3 hours ago

    Titans win

  • Mark Smith-Sams
    Mark Smith-Sams 3 hours ago


  • Charles Martino
    Charles Martino 3 hours ago

    Both home teams will win The 49ers will win the super bowl Bet the over

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 3 hours ago

    Jayon brown the best and fastest lb and was out against kc week 10 he's back and will cover kelcy this time. Yeah Chris Jones was out then and healthy now but so was jurell cassy dt for titan out week ten but back full health this week. 3 Titans defensive starters out last game but are back now

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 3 hours ago

    Under Ryan Titans are 33 points per game not 25.1 Titans 34-27 and if you look at all the body if work and stats under Ryan it eats up kc. Andy is 1-8 vs titans Kc has lost 4 straight They lost this year even with mahokes throwing for 450 yards Titans are #1 in yac better than hill and camp. Titans are #1 deep ball td in all nfl. Titans best the best and 2 mvp qb back to Gotta play the game and yeah kc is great but I can't find what favors kc in the body of work they both have. Only lc being #2 seed stands out .

  • shatrick pawpaw
    shatrick pawpaw 4 hours ago

    Again, what was Ed Sullian doing there?!?

  • Dylan Nichols
    Dylan Nichols 4 hours ago

    So why would Carolina grab a corner when we are gonna trade cam 🤔 makes no sense

    BREEZO 4 hours ago

    Draft chase young Upgrade at RB , TE , FS , CB & Beef the Oline will be ok

  • Caribbean Links
    Caribbean Links 4 hours ago

    a negative dude. he thought he was going to force nassir little to come back another year. he recruited a five star so he could sit on the bench and think other five stars didn't take notice.

  • Trent Glidewell
    Trent Glidewell 4 hours ago

    great show

  • CO5serious gaming
    CO5serious gaming 4 hours ago

    Raiders getting Kenneth murry at 19

  • Slim Shiii
    Slim Shiii 4 hours ago

    If i was simmons I'll ask for a trade.. His career needs it.. let the young man go to the warriors so he can fulfill his potentials

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 4 hours ago

    Tannehill scored three touchdowns last week. Two passing and one rushing. Maybe a garbage QB but not in this system.

  • Kaleo Delatori
    Kaleo Delatori 4 hours ago

    Prisco has that face you just want to punch 😂

  • Pete Solorio
    Pete Solorio 4 hours ago

    he says this isn't a good group of receivers moments after bashing Carr...GTFO I think this is a dink and dunk show...I'm outtt

  • outside the rattlebox

    JOE "my voice sounds like chalk on the chalkboard so i will just scream to emphasize it rogain" ROGAN

  • KJ Martin
    KJ Martin 4 hours ago

    Imagine that redskins Dline next year it’ll be crazy Johnathan Allen Daron payne montez sweat than kerrigan and ionadis

  • Rose Green
    Rose Green 4 hours ago

    Maycee was 5 yrs old when Roxy made her pro Debute lol. That's hilarious 😂. They should put this photos next to each other for the promo posters

  • Charlie Wilson
    Charlie Wilson 4 hours ago

    Bawahahaha. The loudest ones to Virtue signal on the left, fall the hardest face down and have the most to hide in the closet.

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow 4 hours ago

    Pathetic how some Sports Media thinks Brady needs to go somewhere else and PROVE himself at the age of "42"...And if he does not play Great somewhere else Sports Media will claim he got "Exposed"...How silly...Coaches dont need to worry about "Age"...Players do

  • Simo Harjane
    Simo Harjane 4 hours ago

    rip cowboy! his son gonna become an orphan

    • Mike A
      Mike A 35 seconds ago

      agree no way Cerrone taking this one. As long as Connor doesn't gas out.

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid 5 hours ago

    Lamar’s on the bench attitude tarnishes his good season...He sat there with a sour puss face and was not behaving like an MVP should. Mahomes deserves the MVP this year as well!!!

  • William Roberts
    William Roberts 5 hours ago

    Cora said that President Trump is a liar and a cheater,lol.

  • Robert Gates
    Robert Gates 5 hours ago

    I wrote off the NFL a few years ago and have never purchased NFL products or watched another NFL game since. For you to claim that people can't walk away from a sport or team because something finally crosses a line with them, then YOU, Jim Rome, are the one who is dead wrong. If MLB white washes this cheating scandal, then I may very well walk away from the MLB as well.

  • Rowen170
    Rowen170 5 hours ago

    This is the same guy that refused to go to the White House in 2018 after the World Series victory. his reason for not going is he said President Trump was a cheater and a liar. How ironic ☆☆☆☆TRUMP2020☆☆☆

    MATH LOVER 5 hours ago

    They make it seem like the Packers should win easy. The Niners are going to run play action early and often. Don't bite get run over bite get thrown over. The Niners have Kittle, Sanders and Deebo. Not to mention Juzcheck. The Niners D domined the game without Ford, Kwon or Tartt. I know the NFL love the Pack and the refs will give them the game if it's close but Niners are clearly the better team.

  • Rey Agaoglu
    Rey Agaoglu 5 hours ago

    The Titans are coming to take Patrick Mahomes's lunch money :)

    • Alex Hillsman
      Alex Hillsman 4 minutes ago

      Rey Agaoglu jokes on you, lunch is provided.

  • Brian Haskins
    Brian Haskins 5 hours ago

    C H I E F S 💵 C H I E F S

  • Coach Craig
    Coach Craig 5 hours ago

    Great coach,great timing.Jimmy Johnson should have been in 20 years ago though.Most coaches coach.Jimmy actually did alot for the sport as well which other coaches don't do.Between 1965-1988 there were 7 trades in the league.Jimmy executed 51 between 1989-1992.He took the draft from a sleepy meeting in a room somewhere and an article in the back of the sports page,to a pretty big deal.He even got together with a math teacher at Texas A&M to come up with the value card for draft picks that's still universally used today.Between Jimmy and Tom Landry football would be a very different thing without their efforts.Like I said most coaches just coach

  • Darron Nelson
    Darron Nelson 5 hours ago

    #rowtheboat #skiumah #gogophers Gophers ‘20 is going to be a lot of fun.

  • Delton Coakley
    Delton Coakley 5 hours ago

    TITANUP 💪💪 22👑

  • evil e
    evil e 5 hours ago

    Don’t be fool by a one year wonder who was shit! The previous four years.

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow 5 hours ago

    Very Sad and Cringeful when you have Teammates acting like childish clowns hyping up their QB and talking about him like he is GOD and he immediately SHTS THE BED in the Playoffs...(AGAIN)

    • Willie Carraway
      Willie Carraway 5 hours ago

      He did better then every qb in the lead it was the coach play calling so respect Lamar y’all respect Tom Brady cheating ass

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 5 hours ago

    Boy there really is a good chance this can be a good fight Good luck boys Leave it in the ring

  • xd swaggersdaddy 06
    xd swaggersdaddy 06 5 hours ago

    Why the hell wouldn’t the lions pick odudah or Simmons with the third pick

  • Pansy Blackwell
    Pansy Blackwell 5 hours ago

    Go, Titans! fans from Northeast, Arkansas, That's located, right across the river from Memphis.

  • BK Playz
    BK Playz 6 hours ago

    Are you all on crack

  • 혼잣말의세계
    혼잣말의세계 6 hours ago

    look how bigger the arms of mac are than cowboy's

  • Tony Sahatjian
    Tony Sahatjian 6 hours ago

    Josh Allen at 3 what are you smoking

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 6 hours ago

    Anyone who has a major issue with this scandal is both gullable and petty. "IF YOU AIN'T CHEATIN......YOU AIN'T TRYING"!

  • scaligula
    scaligula 6 hours ago

    pricso is an idiot

  • Derek A
    Derek A 6 hours ago

    Chiefs can't win in Ohio, Pitt, Chiefs always Choke in Playoffs -- blah blah blah.... This is the Mahomes era, the past is in the past. To all the haters, keep hating - this team is on a mission. The Chiefs dominated the Titans during the last meeting throughout, in Tennessee, with a non 100% Mahomes, Fisher and Tardiff was out, Cam Irving is a disaster in his own right and still managed to find a way to be worse, Chris Jones was playing end, Clark was playing through an Injury and the Defense was suspect at best. The only reason the Titans won the last 3 meetings was due to stupid penalties and special teams errors. Keep sleeping on KC -- I don't care what the couch GM's think. I drove to Arrowhead last week to witness one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the NFL! Keep hating, keep living in the past! #Kingdomwithoutborders #ChiefsKingdom

  • K.M. Dodd
    K.M. Dodd 6 hours ago

    Remember Kansas city has beaten the Pats, and Ravens this year as well. Titans barely got past Pats, save for that stupid play in the red zone by the Pats

  • Kurt Diamond
    Kurt Diamond 6 hours ago

    I cant stand Conner or MMA. These ARENT Athletes .Where do they train, Saloon's? Just look at them ,They sure dont look like The BOXERS I grew up watching in the 70's 80's and 90's.These are IDIOTS .