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  • Sarah Batangan
    Sarah Batangan 2 days ago


  • Zushi Rsè
    Zushi Rsè 2 days ago

    I hope they could stay like this... being friendly and maybe close to each other but NOT SHIPPED... bruhh... in my eyes they looked like brothers and sisters


    dahyun is always smiling

  • BangPink ArmyBlink
    BangPink ArmyBlink 6 days ago

    they look so bored lol. rip to bangtwice shippers.

  • Pollapok ford
    Pollapok ford 10 days ago

    What is the name of the open music? 0:50-1:27 ha ha woo hoo.. 😂🤔🤔🎶🎵

  • Abid 2005
    Abid 2005 10 days ago

    Amazing song

  • Luclouwey Felli
    Luclouwey Felli 10 days ago

    Keep combine it

  • cwy_fkz
    cwy_fkz 10 days ago

    bts watching performaness of idols in normal mood y'all : they are tired i mean what you expect from them to do

  • Sther N_orem
    Sther N_orem 11 days ago

    i cant wait foe it 😢😢

  • john christopher
    john christopher 11 days ago

    please do not reprint,mix or mashup all the queens teaser drop im begging please delete this right now

    • yuguree
      yuguree 9 days ago

      Guys y’all don’t listen to John Christopher not only his comment made no sense he also steals others videos! Go look at his channel, he has stole a lyric video of BDZ from Jaeguchi

    • Nostalgic Irony
      Nostalgic Irony 10 days ago


    • Lin Nianzu
      Lin Nianzu 11 days ago

      luhk q This is his own problem

    • luhk q
      luhk q 11 days ago

      @Lin Nianzu it's probably because he wants all the views to be on the actual videos

    • Nostalgic Irony
      Nostalgic Irony 11 days ago

      Nan Des Ka?

  • Chou Tzuyu
    Chou Tzuyu 11 days ago

    Album of The Year let's go!

  • Singularity 134340
    Singularity 134340 11 days ago

    That actually look amazing and sound so cool I'm ready for twice

  • izan_chan
    izan_chan 11 days ago


  • Jessica Nayao
    Jessica Nayao 12 days ago

    what is love

  • 陶嘉淳
    陶嘉淳 12 days ago


  • Miftahul Jannah
    Miftahul Jannah 15 days ago

    Knp si g bisa d down

  • nikaidou
    nikaidou 15 days ago

    we really won

    JEON SO MI 15 days ago

    i love this presentation!

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker 16 days ago

    I thought Dubu was the funniest. She just smiling and pretending she's doing it right hahah.

  • だいふく
    だいふく 17 days ago


  • best. Kim
    best. Kim 20 days ago

    they look bored lmao



  • galaxy geriel
    galaxy geriel 28 days ago

    That's my girlfriends

  • galaxy geriel
    galaxy geriel 28 days ago

    Sarap sa eyes nang mga comments

  • KURO
    KURO 29 days ago

    Rewatching all their performance from mama 2016/17/18 and see how they improved each year looking forward this year my queens💗💗💗

  • Yaya
    Yaya Month ago

    Momo’s legs.

  • Mafer Macuri
    Mafer Macuri Month ago

    Why just Jihyo is singing?

  • jiminieee
    jiminieee Month ago

    twice can only dance to kid songs twice: hold my cuteness

  • Momi RK
    Momi RK Month ago

    Like for TXT n ITZY 💟

  • i purple you all
    i purple you all Month ago

    its like watching bts and twice😂😂😂😂

  • Leenaaa
    Leenaaa Month ago

    tzuyu: unnie what is laziness jihyo: something we don’t do

  • Jhoana Narag
    Jhoana Narag Month ago

    What episode is that?

  • kpop girl
    kpop girl Month ago

    Twice is =🌈🌈🐰❤❤❤❤🐰🌈🌈🌹🌹🌹🌹💘💘💘❄❄❄❄😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐🌸🌸🌸💮💮🏵🏵🌼🌼🌼🌷🌷🌷🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍫🍫🍫🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍹🍺🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈 twice is the best female groupe in kpop

  • Worldwide Handsome’s wife

    Where can I watch the full episode?🥺

  • twice is life
    twice is life Month ago

    watching this and i really miss mina so muuuch

  • Bangtan PINK
    Bangtan PINK Month ago

    itzy have 6 members yeji ryujin lia chearyeong yuna and............................. momo

  • Elene Kaldani
    Elene Kaldani Month ago

    How is Mina so stunning?????

  • gacha irish Villarino

    Tzuyu Aw😍😍

  • gacha irish Villarino

    Bts is watch! 😃😰!!!!

  • Mayjune
    Mayjune Month ago

    lead dancer mina and main dancer momo~

  • Mark Johnzell Unabia


  • Khizar Hayat
    Khizar Hayat Month ago

    wait for fancy at mama

  • Kim isoone
    Kim isoone Month ago

    I miss minari 😢😢

  • lexii waxxii
    lexii waxxii Month ago

    JYP family. 👀💙

  • Kimberly Zavala
    Kimberly Zavala Month ago

    i see momo chaneke🤘

  • Hayat Omer
    Hayat Omer Month ago


  • syana tasnim
    syana tasnim Month ago

    They should give more spotlight to sana she’s so freaking adorable and she has the cutest voice ever man

  • momota yumkhaibam

    twice is so cute and preety 😍😍💕💕💕💖💖💖💋

  • Simona Hotel
    Simona Hotel Month ago

    they just have a pretty face.. lypsinc is a crime 😂

  • No one can tap my ass like JHOPE does


  • Minnie Nx1
    Minnie Nx1 Month ago

    DONI I-

  • Jessica 009
    Jessica 009 Month ago

    Why does it look like im watching a younger version of BTS and TWICE 😭😭 my heart so cute😭

  • Michael Phung
    Michael Phung Month ago

    That “ready action”😩😩😩

  • Iblame Doriane
    Iblame Doriane Month ago

    Its me or momo know every choreography ?? When she has the time to learn all of this ?? 😭

  • Honey10tion Up
    Honey10tion Up Month ago

    How cute!!

  • satori satora
    satori satora Month ago


  • Shalewa Koleowo
    Shalewa Koleowo Month ago

    Jeongyeon looks beautiful with long hair

  • Foluso Bolaji
    Foluso Bolaji Month ago

    Yess! I needed this😓💖💪

    TWICE Month ago


  • Park Jimin My little mochi

    Next generation Bangtwice

  • チーズチーズ
    チーズチーズ 2 months ago


  • I'm LikeTT
    I'm LikeTT 2 months ago

    JiHyo se ríe JAJAJAJAJ

  • Katherine Bautista
    Katherine Bautista 2 months ago

    Chaeyeon baila mejor

  • ekad4f YouTube
    ekad4f YouTube 2 months ago

    love blackpink and twice ,rv, somi

  • Yoojeongyeon Twice
    Yoojeongyeon Twice 2 months ago

    Jeongyeon beauty my god!!!

  • btsjassy fetiza
    btsjassy fetiza 2 months ago

    WHY IS THIS SOOO CUTEEEEEE?! OKAY I SHIP ITZY N TXT AS Best Friends I can imagine them play rock paper scissors shoe

  • Aeen Samp
    Aeen Samp 2 months ago

    2:49 Awww Army chhering for twice, happyyyyyyyy to be in this fandom #ArmyMeansFamily💜

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up 2 months ago

    I was worried about chae's heels too😂😂😂

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up 2 months ago

    Aww that ankle must have hurt😭

  • s w e e t x c o t t o n

    Mina and Momo did good ❤❤❤

  • 早坂祐真
    早坂祐真 2 months ago


  • Maria Lourdes Barahona

    7:32 JIHYO VOCAL and 7:38 NAYEON VOCAL 😍😍💕 OMG 💕💕💕💕

  • BTS ARMY oppa JIN
    BTS ARMY oppa JIN 2 months ago


  • Mika
    Mika 2 months ago

    As expected from momo and mina ❤

  • S m o l
    S m o l 2 months ago

    This make me think who’s the smallest between Itzy,Twice,TXT and BTS😂💜

  • lay_lisaya Manoeban
    lay_lisaya Manoeban 2 months ago

    Bts is tired look at namjoon he shake her hands sorry for wrong grammar I'm not fluent in English

  • Edgar Go
    Edgar Go 2 months ago

    Gureneora Fancy You, keumchoreom haengbokwaedo dwae, cos i need you 9x

  • Joyaa Park
    Joyaa Park 2 months ago

    Momo is so powerfull 💕

  • Nikki Valenzuela
    Nikki Valenzuela 2 months ago

    Momo is so good

  • Nature Love
    Nature Love 2 months ago

    Momo stan what’s your problem with Mina ..Leave her alone please ..I’m really pissed of some Momo stan saying bad things about Mina’s dancing #dontTriggerMinaStan. we will fight for our precious penguin ..we never say bad things about Momo and yet some Momo stan stay hurtful words to Mina ..Stop and leave her alone

  • *앤기에
    *앤기에 2 months ago

    Ay y uno que quería que fuera txt y red velvet :"v

  • Zeus uwu
    Zeus uwu 2 months ago

    Yuna hair same with beomgyu

  • Henry Hui
    Henry Hui 2 months ago


  • J. Maccari
    J. Maccari 2 months ago

    dance machine momo

  • James Korean
    James Korean 2 months ago

    Sana the best cute, clumsy and no Sana no life

  • Gosha
    Gosha 2 months ago

    Could you imagine how much hormones are in that room jk

    Nik Z ARMYBOY 2 months ago

    Best Rookie Boygroup of the Year + Best Rookie Girlgroup of the Year..

  • Ardi Taiko
    Ardi Taiko 2 months ago


  • Ardi Taiko
    Ardi Taiko 2 months ago


    • un known
      un known 2 months ago

      @qwert zxcvb no, fck u.

    • qwert zxcvb
      qwert zxcvb 2 months ago

      Ardi Taiko OMG💆🏻‍♀️

  • Emo 180
    Emo 180 2 months ago

    Hola me gustan tus videos

  • Patricia Jonson
    Patricia Jonson 2 months ago

    my monster rookiesss 💖

  • Portia Bisnar
    Portia Bisnar 2 months ago


  • Dwi Vitri Bramanti
    Dwi Vitri Bramanti 2 months ago

    Wat? Its tommorow? 🙀🙀🙀 Thats cool chaeryeong... 👍👍👍👍

  • Q A
    Q A 2 months ago

    BTS弟分×TWICE妹分なんて これはまた貴重な映像になるのかなぁ まだまだ若くてかわいい✨✨✨

  • stan talent
    stan talent 2 months ago

    First interaction waahhh ROCK IT *MY ROOKIES OF THE YEAR*

  • ShanGaming
    ShanGaming 2 months ago

    9:47 Proof that Nayeon sang the high note that mouth though 8:00 REALLY SOUNDS LIKE NAYEON

  • Michaengie
    Michaengie 2 months ago

    Mina got 0% attention but she did it so good

    • Michaengie
      Michaengie 2 months ago

      @aDUBU thats true😅😂

    • aDUBU
      aDUBU 2 months ago

      She got 100% of Chaeng's attention.

  • Abdelkader Daoui
    Abdelkader Daoui 2 months ago

    Omgggg twice really i luv itt🍭🍭🍭🍬🍫

  • Shalewa Koleowo
    Shalewa Koleowo 2 months ago

    Jeongyeon is literally the modal material

  • 謝允安
    謝允安 3 months ago