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The Toyota Supra | Top Gear
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The NEW McLaren GT | Top Gear
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  • Evan Buckles
    Evan Buckles Hour ago

    Look at the brits, still pissed cause we won the war

  • Pliant Impala785

    Love the Supra, but the fanbase that dickrides the car is absolute cancer. Same with the GTR's

  • Henry Hoodrich
    Henry Hoodrich Hour ago

    Big body :-) love the color

  • David Paulo
    David Paulo Hour ago

    Greatest supercar rivalry of all time? Kinda like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird of NBA.

  • sparrow
    sparrow Hour ago

    You know us Americans we get one we mod it to have 700000 horse power

  • Sa yan
    Sa yan Hour ago

    People in school asked me when i was cheating in tests- why i was writing random wrong answers and taking so much time to finish the test... 😂

  • Sid Pandya
    Sid Pandya 2 hours ago

    4:45 damnnn, cars have come so far

  • Volkswagen FAN
    Volkswagen FAN 2 hours ago


  • Blotted
    Blotted 2 hours ago

    owning 900 acres in wales. thats not cheap

  • Robert Langham
    Robert Langham 2 hours ago

    Perfect. The best; more please. You've captured the essence of Revival & if I could give more than one thumbs-up I'd give 5 (out of 5) 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Collins Makau
    Collins Makau 2 hours ago

    2:06 Satisfying

  • forza juventus
    forza juventus 2 hours ago

    3:22 none of the stupid audience got the joke....they known 0 about cars

  • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
    Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes 2 hours ago

    To get 500 hp in Europe in 2009 cost a lot more than this bad boy.

  • blitz gaming
    blitz gaming 2 hours ago

    No one else notice the aliens theme in the background

  • Larry Tipton
    Larry Tipton 2 hours ago

    That m1 is like Begby in trainspotting.

  • anime nightcore
    anime nightcore 2 hours ago


  • Васёк Наташечкин


  • I'm a good guy
    I'm a good guy 2 hours ago

    I miss Jeremy, James, Hammond 😢❤️

  • I'm a good guy
    I'm a good guy 2 hours ago

    I miss Jeremy, James, Hammond ❤️

  • Nelly&Bert
    Nelly&Bert 2 hours ago

    Looks boring as hell, confused it with a Citroen. Those white plastics look really cheap.

  • Super Indian
    Super Indian 2 hours ago

    Learning 'How to drive' on this one seems to be a good option, Oops !! Sorry didn't see that red signal, Oh am I driving wrong way? is this suppose to be a one way route, sorry not anymore.. Just let me pass this time.

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Wow. "A win with a caveat". What a BIASED REPORT. This guy is carrying out his orders from his OIL and OEM masters very well. Disgusting. Tesla is PLAINLY the superior car in every way. A PROFOUNDLY important advancement in world history, and this guy is like "Well done, little Tesla, (Condescend much?)...and isn't BMW coming out with a new car soon? ...Yeah. Over to YOU, BMW" As if this complete and total humiliation to BMW's best car was just going to be a temporary blip until the NEXT BMW comes out. No, dude. This is IT: Electric cars are better than ICE cars.

  • Batuhan Aras
    Batuhan Aras 2 hours ago

    German cars England flag 😂😂

  • Fantusaurus
    Fantusaurus 2 hours ago

    Me when I crashed my Polaris RZR 570 XDDD

  • RadRich
    RadRich 2 hours ago

    No hug for you, creepy guy.

  • Ricochetrabitt
    Ricochetrabitt 3 hours ago

    I want one I want on I want one. As well as a GT3 RS

  • roger Rumble
    roger Rumble 3 hours ago

    Mrs Hammond doesn't like Clarkson. Did you see her face when they were sitting around the table when Clarkson was talking? A disapproving look if I ever did see one.

  • hovanti
    hovanti 3 hours ago

    There's a hamster on the pitch!

  • MrBlazeDemingo
    MrBlazeDemingo 3 hours ago

    but seriously VW, what is that black cladding on the hood for!? anyone have a guess? Could it be they try the integration of the A pillar?

  • xCyborg Ninja
    xCyborg Ninja 3 hours ago

    I would LOVE to get on that

  • Michael Ninian
    Michael Ninian 3 hours ago

    Only $415k new! omg

  • NiggaNiggaNi
    NiggaNiggaNi 3 hours ago

    "Have you ever been to Hammersmith?" -May, attempting to charm a girl in Monaco

  • Wallace
    Wallace 3 hours ago

    Supercars came back thanks to Russians with way too much money to spend....

  • forza juventus
    forza juventus 3 hours ago

    Mark was never in the same position as tom cruise not even close but he always tries to creat a beef with tom cruise but obviously tom cruise never responded to him ever...they are not in the same level...i know mark is a A-list but nowhere near tom cruise

  • Шу видео сьемка

    Mers s6.3 amg 🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎

  • Nigward Testicles
    Nigward Testicles 3 hours ago

    Those engines have to be producing like 80 hp at that altitude

  • Aismantas Mockevicius

    Brilliant. Original Top Gear 👍

  • Killa Bitch
    Killa Bitch 4 hours ago

    Peel p50 is a great getaway vehicle

  • TheLegendaryGSW
    TheLegendaryGSW 4 hours ago

    I’ve learned to embrace my toyota truck’s expensive gas price

  • David Jenne
    David Jenne 4 hours ago

    The scene where random dudes try to get in and start it is one of my favorites from all of Top Gear.

  • jameshisself
    jameshisself 4 hours ago

    Better in every way? Better on extended safari on the Serengeti?

  • Юра Юра
    Юра Юра 4 hours ago


  • Rocket Playz
    Rocket Playz 4 hours ago

    Video:Face vs G-Force

  • lucki 05
    lucki 05 4 hours ago

    Guys the Real new "Top gear" is now the grand Tour on amazon prime

  • bhonor12
    bhonor12 4 hours ago

    Gta online races in a nutshell.

  • john doe
    john doe 4 hours ago

    how much weed did these guys smoke to come up with these insane tests??????????????

  • celt67
    celt67 4 hours ago

    It was a good dry lap, yet 1:22.9 todays top laps are in the 1:18s region... its amazing to see the evolution of supercars.

  • DucksAreScary
    DucksAreScary 4 hours ago

    poor mr2

  • M1911jln
    M1911jln 5 hours ago

    That interior looks very cheap. I hope the production interior looks better.

  • Lindi Loo
    Lindi Loo 5 hours ago

    Mr. Beans' new car? LMAO

  • Ben Steer
    Ben Steer 5 hours ago

    Is that plastic from late 90s desktops on the inside?!

  • The Didact
    The Didact 5 hours ago

    Katie Price has to be the best example of a train-smash woman you'll ever see. Used to be hot, when she was 18 - then got progressively worse every year, and now looks like Joyce Wildenstein.

  • Randy Green
    Randy Green 5 hours ago

    Hands down the best Taycan review i've seen. This car is drop dead gorgeous! Porsche did an amazing job on this car. I can't wait to drive one. And all this praise coming from a Tesla owner, imagine that!

  • tommycorvette
    tommycorvette 5 hours ago

    no one cares what this failed actor has to say. he dont know shit about driving

  • lilsammywasapunkrock

    wait, so the lotus is way faster (4 seconds to 60 mustang is 5.2) way lighter and basically a go cart and the mustang hangs with it while costing about 1/3 the price. I really don't miss Clarkson shitting on every American car.

  • thelonelydriver
    thelonelydriver 5 hours ago

    Can't believe this video is 4yrs old now and im still in love with that alfa

  • Frostelious
    Frostelious 5 hours ago

    2:00 thank me later

  • Danny Joe
    Danny Joe 6 hours ago

    Imagine using dodge demon if the car being made in 3 or 4 years early...

  • franco420 lp
    franco420 lp 6 hours ago

    I still want a supra or a gtr.

  • Chino tapia
    Chino tapia 6 hours ago

    It's like christine (plymouth fury) Es como christine (plymouth fury)

  • 1986 Toyota Supra Mark lll

    *Hits a 15 degree turn and flips*

  • Alex Al
    Alex Al 6 hours ago


    BLOOD 6 hours ago

    The car stereo remote would not work from outside the car

  • Ronald K. Wiley Jr.
    Ronald K. Wiley Jr. 6 hours ago

    Chris Harris & 5th gear crew could be interesting...

  • Peter Cole
    Peter Cole 6 hours ago

    Was prob banksy in the tunnel..

    RICHY RICH 6 hours ago

    Now if I pull up to school in a dodge demon imma get all the hoes😂😂. Or my crush

  • michael thomas
    michael thomas 6 hours ago

    ART is an expression of appreciation...

  • Robert McGuire
    Robert McGuire 6 hours ago

    I guarantee that the camera cars for were were stock Land Rover defenders on street tires.

  • jason longsden
    jason longsden 6 hours ago

    they said it was going to be the largest rocket fired in Europe, but it doesn't look as tall as a German V-2 (14 meters/45 feet).

  • Champ2stay
    Champ2stay 7 hours ago

    can I have the sweater James is wearing? it makes him look so cozy.

  • jason longsden
    jason longsden 7 hours ago

    I wonder if its a coincident that they called it Geoff and then played Jeff Hardy's WWE entrance music at 5:24

  • levi sheppard
    levi sheppard 7 hours ago

    what is that song at 7:25 ? it a classical piece but its name escapes me...

  • Shaun Page
    Shaun Page 7 hours ago

    I gotta say... that looks fun as hell

  • yoboysavege_yt killer

    There boring

  • eaStudio HD
    eaStudio HD 7 hours ago

    0:51 such a shitty show

  • Will Carruthers
    Will Carruthers 7 hours ago

    Are you going to run all the homeless over in ex police vehicles next week too?

  • AHellReign
    AHellReign 7 hours ago

    I love all three of their cars

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel 7 hours ago

    Badass car!

  • Jasper Sihoe
    Jasper Sihoe 7 hours ago

    Wow a while back, I was thinking how ugly they look not realizing it was just covered up to keep it a secret.

  • Trey Enriquez
    Trey Enriquez 7 hours ago

    5:40 oh what

  • Nova Valentis
    Nova Valentis 7 hours ago

    He makes it sound like it has a better range than a model S, but it doesnt.

  • coin and ring guy brown


  • theninja001
    theninja001 8 hours ago

    No suv will ever beat an offroad bike’s time in an offroad race! Short of a dakar ready racecar

  • mfearme
    mfearme 8 hours ago

    Have use seen modifications of the gtr dam there quick and the mods don't cost as much as people think, worth buying a gtr then any European car.

  • StalledRain40
    StalledRain40 8 hours ago

    "The faster you go, the better it works" next time you ride with your parents or gf or whatever you have an excuse to speed 😂

  • desertbluesman
    desertbluesman 8 hours ago

    The auction of this car was just held and it was botched. I am not clear how it turned out. The hammer went down at 17,00,000 dollars (or pounds?) but the screen read 70M. Was it sold for 17M? Did someone bid 70M and think they should have it?

  • Mind & Spirit
    Mind & Spirit 8 hours ago

    Diesel Gate was" nonsense" according to this presenter. I learn something new every day !

  • ilan magen
    ilan magen 8 hours ago

    Let's not forget diselgate (yet)

  • ryan
    ryan 8 hours ago

    He brought a turd of a beamer 😭🤣 who brings a low ground clearance, road tires on low profile wheels off roading🤦‍♂️

  • Rentless f
    Rentless f 8 hours ago

    Once again comparing a AWD car vs a RWD car. Awd always wins the 0 to 100 battle

  • Exatamenty Zen
    Exatamenty Zen 8 hours ago

    Amo esse carro !! ⚘🌷👍👍🚗🚘🚗🚘

  • Mr potato
    Mr potato 8 hours ago

    Ricers dont exist in USA

  • The insane aerospace engineer

    impressive lap time from Gordon

  • Ferdie De Oliveira
    Ferdie De Oliveira 8 hours ago

    Puts leaf on stone....

  • gavrabg
    gavrabg 9 hours ago

    What a moronic idea.

  • Airbag1010674
    Airbag1010674 9 hours ago

    Looks like a Camaro that had bad plastic surgery

  • Karim K
    Karim K 9 hours ago


  • GTIguy 1998
    GTIguy 1998 9 hours ago

    u can hear the music track restart its loop at 5:18. come on top gear i expect better

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith 9 hours ago

    I really must say you three guys are the best to ever do it hands do I really appreciate the god times over the years 👌🏾

  • Thecrazygamer 09
    Thecrazygamer 09 9 hours ago

    I’d rather what her do that warm up then own a gtr