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Indivisible: Pre Order
Views 9K12 days ago
Xbox Game Bar Overview
Views 82K20 days ago
Project Resistance Teaser
Views 22K12 days ago
GreedFall - Launch Trailer
Views 21K20 days ago
NBA 2K20: Momentous
Views 11K18 days ago
WRC 8 | Launch Trailer
Views 57K19 days ago
NBA 2K20: House of Next
Views 9K19 days ago
Views 20K27 days ago


  • Veseliyrodjer
    Veseliyrodjer 21 minute ago


  • Kapettaja _
    Kapettaja _ 34 minutes ago

    How can i download it to my xbox cuz it came out few days ago

    MADSAHAD II 54 minutes ago

    I love lil Wayne's version of the Leeroy Jenkins warcry

  • Traktori
    Traktori Hour ago

    Can i still get it ? :/

  • kenmaxboy
    kenmaxboy Hour ago

    0:25 In the left corner, pedestrians disappear before our eyes.

  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter Hour ago

    Really want them to add koenigsegg Jesko in this one.

  • TimmyHall20000
    TimmyHall20000 Hour ago


  • Darshay Frederick

    Please let us allow who we crossplay with and you know why 😣

  • Nilaksh Singh
    Nilaksh Singh 2 hours ago

    Button : 4:56

  • Michael Tite
    Michael Tite 2 hours ago

    0:54 that guitar though!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • jeff bryan
    jeff bryan 2 hours ago

    Okay this has the potential to be one of the absolutely most powerful buildups with one of the most EXPLOSIVE chorus' in the history of music if she did the rest of this song right....

  • Mi 27
    Mi 27 2 hours ago

    Привет я из России можете зделать субтитры на русском пожалуйста спасибо.

  • Paul Jayanand
    Paul Jayanand 3 hours ago

    Please decrease Xbox live gold price We should pay ₹699/month in India Decrease atleast ₹399/month

  • Sean Halo
    Sean Halo 3 hours ago

    Just completed it solo it's pretty epic

  • Anil ramachandran
    Anil ramachandran 4 hours ago

    I saw this trailer on the TV 🖥

  • SunSon29
    SunSon29 4 hours ago

    Question, if i have game pass, all those games are free to play ?

  • Star boy
    Star boy 6 hours ago

    Digital alarm clock gamers unite.

  • FNSquidy
    FNSquidy 6 hours ago

    Did anyone see the vehicles driving off the bridge at 1:09

  • Delta 1296
    Delta 1296 6 hours ago

    PLEASE add more! Legit willing to pay for this stuff.

  • Marsh Gaming
    Marsh Gaming 6 hours ago

    the people talking about The Xbox in this video dint seem convincing at all

  • SaftSchinken23
    SaftSchinken23 6 hours ago

    Can't wait to butter the bread in 4k 60 fps

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika 7 hours ago

    sorry but it remains the best

  • Manjunath PD ʍя ȼ๏๏l

    Still have to work on this game.

  • TheRankingNoob
    TheRankingNoob 8 hours ago

    Now i can make Minecraft cursed images in real life

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores 9 hours ago

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores 9 hours ago Sorry folks this as close as i can get yoy to this song

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores 9 hours ago

  • Galiad_exe
    Galiad_exe 10 hours ago

    I don't care what anyone says about this game, that scene was badass

  • Randi MacQueen
    Randi MacQueen 10 hours ago

    Really need this song!

  • ՇՐȝԹԵȝ ʍɿɿՏ 1331 / Եȝɧ404ʍɿɿ 1733 ツ

    im gonna quit xbox on the release if we lose our xbox accounts. i really hope that we can still use our old xbox one/xbox 360 accounts and not lose the offline profiles for xbox 360. :(

    ALEJANDRO ANGEL 10 hours ago


  • matt tartufo
    matt tartufo 10 hours ago

    I WAS THERE (in 2019)

  • RocketPlayz 58
    RocketPlayz 58 11 hours ago

    Cant wait for it on my xbox one to run it at 300fps

  • wyatt1606 Nunya
    wyatt1606 Nunya 11 hours ago

    Its like dark souls and doom but together

  • Jorge Zaldivar
    Jorge Zaldivar 11 hours ago

    The bosses are gonna be huge! It's been confirmed!

  • Off-road Outlaws Addict

    Still playing in 2019

  • its pizza time
    its pizza time 12 hours ago


  • Oʀʙɪᴛᴀʟ
    Oʀʙɪᴛᴀʟ 12 hours ago

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood!!!

  • Brother Rage
    Brother Rage 13 hours ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Tommy from Wii Sports
    Tommy from Wii Sports 13 hours ago

    rip 2k18 servers 2017-2019

  • zacharnold
    zacharnold 13 hours ago

    when does the preorder end

  • Auraxq Oof
    Auraxq Oof 13 hours ago

    I want it to be portable

  • Justin Floyd
    Justin Floyd 13 hours ago

    like to Welcome the Chief back.

  • SimulationEvolve
    SimulationEvolve 13 hours ago

    EFT - Console Peasant edition?

  • Brumpo Tungus
    Brumpo Tungus 14 hours ago

    How does this have so little views

  • Afr4id
    Afr4id 14 hours ago


  • Andrew Lehmann
    Andrew Lehmann 14 hours ago


  • Chris R
    Chris R 14 hours ago

    please don't let us down

  • Damon Wandler
    Damon Wandler 14 hours ago

    When I got the game pass ultimate. it cancelled my Xbox Live gold👎

  • Jackson Mitton
    Jackson Mitton 15 hours ago

    Looks like it's time to finish the fight, for those of us who haven't been online for 11 years.

  • VladivostokGaming 244
    VladivostokGaming 244 15 hours ago

    Probably our monitor/TV will not support this console so idgaf!

  • Shleepy
    Shleepy 15 hours ago

    This looks co- *DID YOU SAY MEMES?!*

  • Imanol creeper
    Imanol creeper 15 hours ago

    Why age restricted

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N 15 hours ago

    How did the android AOE do? Was it any good?

    JTMAN X 15 hours ago

    Still have troubles with the party chat bit rates though.

    • JTMAN X
      JTMAN X 15 hours ago

      Plugging my headset into my laptop in party chat creates eerie noises for players on the other end, making it unusable with my specific headset.

  • Kufo TheCat
    Kufo TheCat 16 hours ago


  • Pedro Gamer
    Pedro Gamer 16 hours ago

    Gold free

  • Pedro Gamer
    Pedro Gamer 16 hours ago

    Please put free gold

  • liezaly chee
    liezaly chee 16 hours ago

    Ummmmmmm why do fornite downloads take so long

  • Leongeds
    Leongeds 16 hours ago

    Kvelertak - Evig Vandrar?

  • gabe pagan
    gabe pagan 16 hours ago

    Dopest promo ever

  • msi
    msi 16 hours ago

    Lets see if we will have any serious addon aircraft for this sim before 2024..

  • Hillbillytater
    Hillbillytater 16 hours ago

    why wont it let me stream off the xbox game bar ?

  • GoodKnight
    GoodKnight 17 hours ago

    Song name?

  • joanne murphy
    joanne murphy 17 hours ago

    2019 where's my games

  • Evo Josh
    Evo Josh 17 hours ago

    Name of soundtrack?

  • Kovoran Play
    Kovoran Play 18 hours ago

    Данный ремейк боевых лягух просто родное фуфло, смотря этот ролик, проблеваться хочется. Я играю сейчас в классику на NES и готов сказать: Данная версия полная ХУЙНЯ! 1) Сами лягухи выглядят очень глупо и непонятно. Кто там из рисует, пятилетние школьники? 2)геймплей не имеет духа старой игры, все мельтешится и очень медленное 3) ГДЕ БЛИН ТУРБОТОННЕЛЬ?

  • Alex Pro
    Alex Pro 18 hours ago

    Add xbox vr

  • ias eatsit
    ias eatsit 18 hours ago

    I LOVE THAT SONG IT PLAYS. What's the name of it.

  • Merna Hoareau
    Merna Hoareau 19 hours ago

    Fix ur graphics

  • Ashton Roblox Inc. 2007

    2015: Fast And Fuirious 2017: Hot Wheels 2019: Lego 2022: Disney Pixar Cars. 2024: French Car 2026: Nascar 2028: idk 3019: LegoFuture.

  • Nismo GT
    Nismo GT 19 hours ago

    False advertisers who advertise their Minecraft pe rip off: *it's free real estate*

  • Lukas S
    Lukas S 20 hours ago

    Will this game be downloadable? I heared it has the size of 4k TB, lol

  • zaNe tOmlinson
    zaNe tOmlinson 20 hours ago

    Fix this ad with the song Of the Dark Light by Suffocation.

  • Russell Pietsch
    Russell Pietsch 20 hours ago

    I’m only here to repeat that song.

  • Anas mirza
    Anas mirza 20 hours ago


  • DarkSky
    DarkSky 20 hours ago

    the recording kinda sucked with me

  • Knight Templar
    Knight Templar 21 hour ago

    Congratulation GUYS.. Welcome to ARKS.. - From your fellow ARKS Operatives in PSO2 - JP server.

  • Metta Alpha
    Metta Alpha 21 hour ago

    Xbox are your sales good?

  • Toast
    Toast 21 hour ago


  • Hessien
    Hessien 21 hour ago

    Reminds me of overwatch origin storys

  • RiderNexus
    RiderNexus 21 hour ago

    Will this be the first decent Terminator Game?

  • JavaFloof
    JavaFloof 22 hours ago


  • Talgat Khamit
    Talgat Khamit 22 hours ago

    graphics look like it's from 2010 or something

  • Luiz Carmo
    Luiz Carmo 22 hours ago

    Sound name please everybody

  • itsKeMonte
    itsKeMonte 22 hours ago

    Allow us to record game chat please without me having to unplug my mic, tired of recording voices in party chat 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 2 Nice
    2 Nice 22 hours ago

    Young Money Buggies Weezy speaking😂😂

  • sofi sofi
    sofi sofi 22 hours ago

    This like Vikings move

  • Танкист.ехе
    Танкист.ехе 22 hours ago

    Кто русский?

  • Radioactive Jman
    Radioactive Jman 23 hours ago

    Watched this 3 times already. Can't wait for this game!

  • Александр Сибиряк

    Чуваки умеют делать деньги из воздуха))!!!!

  • Josh 4
    Josh 4 23 hours ago

    Yea man

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M. 23 hours ago

    Those are elite controllers. The new new ones.

  • Fox McFog
    Fox McFog 23 hours ago

    I think it looks fine lmao

  • JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI

    Gears UE = Best Gears besides Gears 3

  • Jordan x
    Jordan x Day ago

    Best fifa yet 10p%

  • Mario Bruno
    Mario Bruno Day ago


  • Ciaran Martin
    Ciaran Martin Day ago

    I have over 500 cars on this game

  • WAFFEN-SS 1939

    Caralho que top, vou comprar esse mesmo minha TV não sendo 4K.

  • riyah navaro
    riyah navaro Day ago

    Forza and Battlefield! Thanks for sharing!